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Korean Typical Charater One Eduholic General Symptom Social Symptom Cause

Korean Typical Charater Two Rushaholic General Symptom Social Symptom Cause

Korean Typical Charater Three Megaholic General Symptom Social Symptom Cause

ne O r te c ra a h C l a ic p y T n Korea

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on ss e s a b c c i ro e l u v o o to Ed d h n e u ot

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Have you heard that there is a very good math teacher at Seoul institute, I think let my son apply for the class.

Actually, I feel sorry to my daughter, but I cannot stop it. If I stop now, she will feel being behind, as everyone is doing exactly same things.

My son only got the second place at last English exam, so I think he needs to go one more English institute.

I know someone who teaches math very well, what about making a small students group and having home tutoring?

cted n Sele rmatio info

You don’t need to waste your time to find a certain information that you need, such as last exam papers or the criteria of the exam. All you need to do is sitting at the computer and take what we give to you. How easy!

There are a lot of virtual learning services as well as institutes in Korea. Student can watch it again and again through the computer until the contract expired. Therefore, Korean students tend to take a easy way to learn, being taught and memorising, rather than study for themselves.

Severe Acute Kangnam Syndrom Severe Acute Kangnam Syndrom is describing the eagerness of the people want to move to Kangnam, Seoul because it has high quailty institutes. So, it is being a ‘Seoul of Seoul’, and most of the convenience facilities are centralised in it.

Because of the ‘Severe Acute Kangnam Syndrom’ the rent of Kangnam is getting higher, so only the wealthy people can afford to live there. Finally, there is a ‘social hierarchy’ of people; who are living in Kangnam, who are not.

The students who are living in Kangnam can get a higher quality education more than others, so they have more opportunities to get in to good reputation Universities. Therefore, they may have more possibilities to get higher earning jobs; then the social social hierarchy is difficult to change.

Korea does not have enough natural resources, so, naturally, human resources is really important. Koreans are eager to see the result, whatever it is, as soon as something is finished even though it is impossible. So they convert the result of education to a percentage value and tend to obsess over it. In fact, the result of education cannot be seen until some time later, but Koreans have a tendency to think the percentage value reflects every single aspects of the result of education. Although education is not simply for getting a higher mark, Koreans think to get a higher mark is the main purpose of it.

wo T r te c ra a h C l a ic p y T n Korea

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the ven le i h w g n i o d e What is h essing? c o r p s i e n i h c ma

ing vend t a ffee ir co e h t for ss. wait roce p o t e teal gh th tend be s lics hrou t o o t h p a u ac ning Rush reate lding h o t h s e i whil eone hine som f as i mac as offee ure. c em c e e r s s i the p it They y kee drink e h o t t e, so ager coffe ust e j r i e e r th ey a ough r, th , alth e r v e e h s How h fre . muc ished s i n fi e is coffe as it tter o h soon , said e. they n e chin a v E m e coffe tant s n i an it is

tching the a w e h s i s e m i How many t time?

fer to eat pot Rushaholics tend to pre oked in just 3 minutes; noodle, as it can be co e to cook. sag noodle needs more tim ient enough to However, they are not pat g for water itin wa ly, ual wait even 3 minutes; act it. wa to e tim to be boiling is enough we can see inthe They have no patient as tle’s handle, watching pictures; holding the ket cted very easily. the time, and being distra ling water, stir Therefore, pour the boi n start to eat, the s, and wait about 30 second is still hard and chunky even though the noodle as it is undercooked. better, as the They say that is much noodle is crispier.

To be ho nest, it very addic is true t tive, so hat the when pe help eatin noodle is ople sme g it, imm ll it the ediately! y cannot

How many tasks is he trying to do at once?

Rushaholics tend to do more than one task once to save their tim at e. Of course, the ef ficiency is rather less. Rushaholics can poop while they are brushi ng their teeth, and even reading newspaper. They look very busy, as they have not enoug hands to do everything h although there is more haste than speed. However, they say it is not only for saving time, but increasing bodily coordination.

There was an intensive street surpport for Korean football team during the Worldcup 2002; the mass of surppoters call themselves the ‘Red Devils’, and everyone wear red T-shirts printed with the slogan; ‘be the red’. Therefore, around Gwanghwamun, where the biggest screen was set up, was filled with red. Moreover the big screens were installed in several more places; so the satellite view of Korea looks like flames of fire all over the country.

However, just after the Worldcup, people totally lose passion for football, even more it is almost empty at the Korean national football match nowadays. People tend to lose their interest very quickly, but get it again when a certain event happens, such as the Olympic.

We call this ‘Na symptom mbi (po ’, as it t in Kor burns u very qu ean) p and c ickly. H ools do owever, the quic wn if we co k burnin ncentra g up, it as being t e o n c ould be dynamic interpre . ted

According to history, Korea once suffered from wars for a long time, as its geographical condition; Korea is located between China and Japan which are powerful countries especially in ancient time. Moreover Korea was once a former colony of Japan for about thirty years. Besides, just about five years later being released from Japan, North Korea forced the Korean War in 1950 and Korea has been divided in two; South and North as a result of it. Even though Korea had never ever attacked other countries, but it had been under war for a long time.

The Korean speedy nature can be regarded as the one of the will to live under the war. People need to be aware of the circumstances, as they should escape before the enemy attack their village. Moreover, Korean had been under war so many times, so they just wanted the war finish as soon as possible with fatalistic resignation neither struggle against the enemy nor look upon the macabre side of life. In fact, this would be a main reason why Korean likes quick and rapid in general. Korea has been developed very intensively, that could be a reason why people lose their interest pretty quick. In other words, within 50 years, Korea had a lot of changes which are very innovative; constructing motorway and apartments in the very rural Korea. In fact, when people are watching new events, they hardly feel interests; if they were interested in something, they may lose their interests very quick. Koreans are, sometimes, like a goldfish known as just 3 seconds memory because they fly into some event very easily, following the majority, and losing their interests within 3 months.

Three r te c ra a h C l a ic p y T n a Kore

c i l o h + c i a l g o e h M ega =M

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t end t who k. e l p ran o r e p he hig are e s h t ic or hol a e g z i e s *M ger g i b the

ss bse


High brands, such as Rolex and Chanel are even more expensive in Korea than other countries because of popular demands of people. In face, according to a survey, the price of a small handbag of some Italian brands is almost double in Korea. Because the importers can determine the price by estimating the demands and the brand value, the price can be higher from its original. However, people struggle to purchase due to minimal amount of stock and they are expensive.

Skyscrappers originated in western countries, but they became extremely popular in Korea. Most of apartments are at least fifteen stories high, and can increase to sixty nine. Now, Seoul is full of high buildings, as the construction companies may think the higher building would reflect their advanced technology and identity.

Fu ll Wo Go rl spe d ra l Ch nk ur 1s ch t

g sun ngu y M rch Chu th k 11 ran d l Wor

ch hur C th ah 20 luj lle rank a H rld Wo

Jesus of Assembly God k World ran 2nd

It is a common to see red neon crosses at night across Korean city skylines. Visitors may think Korea is a christian country but, actually, it is not. However, ironically, the world biggest church is in Korea. Also five mega-churchs* out of ten in the world are in Korea, too. Korean might think the size of church shows their commitment to their faith.

* Mega-church The church which has the big-sized places of worship.

oi Min ho, Ch g) k 0 6 Judo (-

Dong min, Cha Taekwondo (+80kg)

Soo jun g, L Taekwo im ndo (-5 7kg


, Jin Jong oh tol s 50m Pi

Tae jin, Son ) Taekwondo (-68kg

Tae hwan, Park Swimming 400m Freestyle

13 10 Jae hyuk, Sa Weightlifting(77kg)

ng Mi ran, Ja g) ing (+75k t f li t h ig We


Korea is the only country that siver medalists are never happy because all the people admire the first prize. Many of shops offer special discount when Korean athletes get gold medals at the Olympic, They want to reward of the efforts the first place winners, but none celebrate for the silver or bronze. Therfore the gold medal is like a discount voucher.

Even more, Korean was once former colony of Japan and still has some vestiges of Japanese imperialism in Korean heritages. Korean have had to deal with a lot of war throughout years, as Korea was the weakest country amoing the countries around.


Moreover, Korea is the only country which has been still divided because of the war.

Korea has been developed intensively for past fifty years and nowadays the quality of life is far better than before. Korea once held the Olympic in 1988, and Worldcup in 2002. These were good chances to intrduce Korea to the world.



These noticible events make Koreans proud of their country. However, the other side of their pride, there is still a complex in most of Koreans’ mind from shadowy history. Although Korean has overcome the war and the history, still they tend to over-show up to conceal their complex.

These are all based on my personal interpretation, and I obtained some ideas from a book, ‘Korean code’ by Junman Kang. If you want to talk with me with any subjects, please E-mail or call me. :)

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