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Infrastructure & Environment Keeping Singapore’s Waterways Sustainable Water and Energy Efficiency Strategies for AIA Sathorn Tower, Bangkok Tanjong Agas Development, Malaysia A regional centre serving the Oil & Gas, and Maritime industries Transport planning for National Highways in India IDEAS: Meinhardt’s thought-leadership forum







ISSUE 03 / 2012 / SOUTH ASIA


Regional CEO Message


The impact of rapid urbanization and climate change are major issues that are facing urban planners today. With the need for increasing infrastructure support and pressure on limited resources, it is ever more vital that we incorporate integrated solutions early into the planning process, and future-proof designs by considering the entire lifecycle

Keeping Singapore’s Waterways Sustainable

Dams in Singapore Pass Safety Checks

Seen @ Singapore International Water Week 2012

Meinhardt wins contracts for National Highways in India

Tanjong Agas Supply Base & Marine Services, Oil & Gas Industrial Park & Maritime, Malaysia

costing. This issue of SHAPING highlights Meinhardt’s experience in dealing with these urban challenges. Projects concerning the environment and infrastructure development are featured in the following pages. Just recently at the Singapore International Water Week, one of the pinnacle water events of the

John Pollard

year, the Group has also signed

Regional CEO, South Asia

Nanyang Technological University

(NTU) to set up a water training

a Memorandum of Signing with

centre in Singapore. By tapping on Meinhardt’s technical proficiency and NTU’s expertise in management practice, the training centre aims to nurture and develop leaders for the global water industry. Our endeavors to share knowledge do not end here. IDEAS@Meinhardt, which was launched in May as a microsite to house our creative

AIA Sathorn Tower, Thailand

Redevelopment of Changi Airport Terminal 1, Singapore

Nam Fung Portal to Aberdeen Channel Bridge, Hong Kong

Building on IDEAS

thinking, continues to reflect the wealth of expertise and practical imagination we have across the Group. The site is designed to stimulate debate on design and technical issues. Visit the site today we will like to hear your thoughts too.

Meinhardt’s quality work scored an award for DAMAC’s Ocean Heights


Keeping Singapore’s Waterways Sustainable “Meinhardt has been a strong partner to PUB in the rehabilitation of our drains and canals. Their experience and service capabilities has enabled them to take on more consultancy roles in the upcoming islandwide drainage improvement program.” PUB, Singapore’s national water agency

Building A Sustainable Environment Separately, Meinhardt has been tasked to address the drainage inadequacies in 26 locations across the island. The remit involves feasibility study, capacity checks, drainage design, project and

To support its storm water management strategy, Singapore’s national

A combination of excavation methods – the backhoe and the hydraulic

water agency, PUB, has engaged Meinhardt to provide consulting

dredging – will be used to remove the silt layer from the bed level.

services to improve its secondary canals and drainage systems. The

These dredging methods are chosen for their practicality and efficiency,

The environmental team has since conducted initial field investigations

team was recently awarded the contracts to supervise the dredging

and are least invasive and damaging to the shorelines. Dredged

to evaluate the drainage capacity and to determine the infrastructure

of four canals located in the western watershed, and the drainage

materials will be dewatered and dried on site before being trucked off to

which needs to be improved and upgraded. In the next stage of

improvement program that will be implemented in 26 locations across

the infilling sites for other land reclamation uses.

work, the study will involve an environmental impact assessment

the island.

construction management.

covering different aspects from geology of the area to the surrounding

Enhancing Flow Capacity The four canals selected for dredging are Sungei Peng Siang, Sungei

Approximately 46,000 cubic metres of sedimentation will be removed

structures, terrestrial system and the traffic flow. A context-specific

at cost of S$17 million. This project is expected to complete within two

approach will be undertaken for each distinct site, and Meinhardt’s


diverse experience in the subject matters and skills as a project

Tengah, Sungei Pandan and Sungei Ulu Pandan. Meinhardt’s role in the

manager will be instrumental in meeting the different objectives and

project covers principally site survey, design of temporary works and


removal facilities, contract administration and supervision.

Arsad Hossain Director, Environmental Engineering Singapore

Team leader, Arsad Hossain, said:

“Improved drainage is an important element in building a sustainable environment, and our key project delivery here will be to enhance the drainage flow capacity, and also eliminate potential flood occurrences and vector breeding sites.” The project will also introduce a communication plan and a Customer Relationship Management system which will ensure the timely release of information and construction updates to the local communities and provide a channel for public feedback.


Seen @ Singapore International Water Week 2012 “Clients need to surround themselves with good advisors who can deliver timely and quality completion…a consultant who can look at the entire lifecycle costing and not just immediate benefits to meet the budget. ”

Dams in Singapore Pass Safety Checks The dam safety inspection program was successfully implemented by Meinhardt and Mr David Morris, a UK registered dam inspection specialist with over 40 years’ of geot echnical experience. The engineers inspected seven dams and reservoirs.

Dr S. Nasim, Global CEO, Meinhardt Group (third from right), at the CEO Roundtable discussion on India’s water infrastructure developments.

The inspection sought to review the integrity of the dam structures such as the embankments, conduits, spillways and dykes, and the hydraulic conditions. Other aspects such as the current operating process and reporting practices were reviewed during the inspection. The inspection verified the dams to be structurally sound, in good operating condition and met the safety standards even in extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfalls. Ensuring the safety of the dams will continue to advance PUB’s strategic objectives for water management, flood protection and the transformation of the blue spaces for recreational activities.

Esteemed speakers at the India Business Forum CEO Roundtable included top guns from The World Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Ion Exchange (India) and Confederation of Indian Industry among others. An engaging dialogue ensued between the speakers and the audience during the event held on 3 July 2012.

Meinhardt and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) signed MOU to lift the skills of water practitioners Mr Omar Shahzad, Deputy CEO, Meinhardt Group (fourth from right) and Associate Professor Chung Lai Hong, Associate Dean, MBA Program, NTU’s Nanyang Business School (third from right), signed the MOU at a special ceremony held during the Singapore International Water Week 2012. The Meinhardt Water Training Centre will be set up to help drive professional competence in the water industry through hands-on training and attachments, and to create a networking platform for sharing of ideas and best practices. Experts from PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, will also conduct some of these courses. For more information on the courses, download the brochure here.

Jan Kamer Technical Director, Environmental Engineering Singapore



Upping the Cool Factor: AIA Sathorn Tower goes for LEED Gold

“Through an innovative wastewater treatment strategy, the site-wide water consumption is less than half of a typical building; scoring full points for LEED’s water efficiency category as well as additional points for innovation in design and regional priority.”

LEED (CS 2009) WE:Water EA: Energy MR: Materials EQ: Indoors ID: Innovation PR: Regional Target


AIA Sathorn Tower Bangkok, Thailand A joint effort of a multidisciplinary team, the AIA Sathorn Tower will go for LEED Gold certification by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). The tower will be filled up with 24 floors of office space and is targeted to deliver 20% energy savings and utilise zero potable water for toilet flushing and irrigation. Matthew Silvester, Executive Engineering Coordinator, explains how the team innovates and collaborates.

Client: American International Assurance (AIA) Architect: Steven J Leach + Associates Project Manager: Langdon & Seah

/01/ What is the single most challenging aspect of this project?

/02/ Other innovative strategies that have qualified the building for a high LEED rating?

With floor to ceiling windows and no external shading devices,

The entire building is designed to clean water and either reuse it on

the building is essentially a 27-storey greenhouse. To mitigate

site or return only tertiary standard effluent water to the local systems.

thermal conduction and solar radiation gains, we incorporated high

All waste water is channeled to the treatment system comprising

performance low-e glazing with targeted performance characteristics

an anaerobic filter tank, an aeration and sedimentation tank, and a

to the building design. A hybrid of energy conserving solutions such

filtration system. The effluent is then disinfected to Class A+ standards

as a carbon dioxide demand controlled ventilation and heat recovery

(Queensland Water Recycling Guidelines, 2005) and used for irrigation,

system, a thermostatic zone control air-conditioning system, solar

toilet flushing, outdoor hosing and wash down. To close the loop to

thermal collectors and high efficiency water chillers, are employed to

the sustainable design, we conceived a flood protection strategy where

minimize the overall energy use reduction. These have resulted in an

all pipe work and underground conduits are either fitted with sluice

estimated overall energy savings of 20%.

gates or sealed to prevent the ingress of flood water following the catastrophic floods that happened in Bangkok in 2011.

Matthew Silvester Executive Engineering Coordinator Thailand

ESD, MEP, Civil, Structural, Façade and Lighting Consultants: Meinhardt


Tanjong Agas Supply Base & Marine Services, Oil & Gas Industrial Park & Maritime Pahang, Malaysia

Meinhardt handled the engineering design for the main infrastructure works costing RM450 million in construction. The team is currently working on the next design and construction phase comprising a 20-acre oil drilling platform and a 150-acre tank terminal.

Quick Facts •

The Tanjong Agas development will provide modern docking and repair facilities for the Oil & Gas and, Maritime industries when it commence operations by 2015.

The development site rests originally on a coastal plain that is mostly

alternatives such as modern piling which would require heavy

swampy and flat, with ground levels varying between RL1.4 metre and


RL 4.0 metre above sea level. During the site study, further analysis

Core amenities planned include a shipyard, a fabrication yard, a logistics base, a vessel lay-up area, a dockyard, repair and

using the Standard Penetration Test (SPT 0) revealed a poor soil

The PVD technique causes minimum disturbance to the sub soil as

maintenance facility, dry and liquid bulk terminal. Other key supporting

condition containing soft marine clay and alluvium properties.

water is being drained away. The method coupled with the surcharging

facilities include a five-star mariners’ centre, a Oil & Gas college, a

technique where sand and other inert materials were added to

business park and a helicopter base with mutli-modal connectivity.

In order to prepare the site for construction, the team had to establish

strengthen the soils, allowed the compression of the soils to develop at

the soil improvement method to use. The prefabricated vertical drain

a faster rate. As a result, Meinhardt was able to handover the site within

(PVD) and the surcharging techniques were eventually selected for their

a short timeframe to the contractors.

Total construction cost for the entire development is estimated to be RM 3 billion

effectiveness and sensibility as compared to other soil improvement

Main Infrastructure

Ir. Mohamad Sobri Bin Abd Ghani Deputy Managing Director Malaysia

Tanjong Agas Supply Base & Marine Services, Oil & Gas Industrial Park & Maritime Pahang, Malaysia

16 km dual lane highway

9 bridges post-tension beam

16 km water mains pipeline of 900 mm diameter

4 km sewerage reticulation of 225 mm to 600 mm diameter

Treatment plant serving population equivalent (PE) 30,000

Clients: Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Pahang (PKNP) & Tanjong Agas Supply Base & Marine Services Sdn Bhd Contractors: Package 1-Arus Widuri Sdn Bhd-PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd (JV) Package 2-Ibra Construction Sdn Bhd-Putra Perdana Construction Sdn Bhd Civil, Structural and MEP Engineer: Meinhardt Meinhardt Team: Ir. Mohamad Sobri, Balqis, Isaac Chua, Nor Hidayah


Meinhardt wins contracts for National Highways in India

“A key challenge in road planning was in adjusting the right-of-ways alignment so as to minimise the impact on land acquisition and resettlement.” Rajesh Srivastava, Country Director

Transport specialists and engineers from Meinhardt undertook the feasibility study and preliminary design for two major highways in India. The scope of work covered among others, geotechnical investigations, environment and social impact assessments, traffic studies, cost estimates, pavement evaluation and bid documents for tender purpose.

Solan-Shimla Section along National Highway 22 Part of the National Highway Development Phase III, this project involves the conversion of the existing two-lane highway to four lanes.

Patna-Bakhtiyarpur Section along National Highway 30

The expansion encompassed two major intersections, 11 minor

Situated in the central part of Bihar on the south bank of river Ganges,

over Bridge.

the project road connects with four national highways (NH-83, NH-19, NH-30A and NH-31) providing vital interstate linkage. Under a DesignBuild-Finance-Operate scheme, this project involved the expansion from four to six-lane along the Patna-Bakhtiyarpur Section of NH-30 (from 181.300 km to 231.950 km).

Rajesh Srivastava Country Director India

junctions, a 3-span bridge of 40 metres at the Punpun River (one of the tributaries of the Ganges), 11 minor bridges and a flyover cum Road

The road alignments were designed in such a way that bare minimum structures would go under land acquisition as the stretch passes through terrains that are used mostly for agriculture. Total construction cost is approximately US$96 million.

The project stretches from Solan (106+000 km) of NH-22 to Shimla (156+507 km) of NH-22 section along the State of Himachal Pradesh and falls on a mountainous terrain. Under the road development program, the existing ROW (right-of-ways) measuring 12 metres to 24 metres will be widened to 45 meters. There will be new tunnels at four locations, 14 bus bays, a toll plaza and two trucks lay by that will be added. Presently, there are 185 culverts and

this will be eventually increased to 240 with additional 22 viaducts. Two bypasses have also been proposed at the major habitations of Kandaghat and Shogi-Shimla-Dhalli. As the UNESCO World Heritage railway line runs very close to the project road, cautious planning and considerations were taken to the widening of the existing roads to four lanes. Approximately 800 trees can be saved from being felled in the road improvements work as a result of this proposed design plan. To increase the road efficiency, two twin tunnels measuring 780 metres to 1100 metres have also been proposed in the preliminary design. Total construction cost is estimated to reach US$391million.


Redevelopment of Changi Airport Terminal 1, Singapore Refurbished at a cost of S$500 million, the grand old dame at Singapore Changi Airport has finally lifted its curtains after almost four years of upgrading works. Based on the ‘Tropical City’ theme, improvements were made to the façade of the terminal and airport facilities were enhanced to improve the overall airport experience for passengers to Changi. Redevelopment of Changi Airport Terminal 1, Singapore

New architectural elements done as part of the upgrading included a terminal-long sky roof with colour-changing LED lights and louvres control, and an iconic 204-metre long canopy at the departure

Client: Changi Airport Group (CAG)


Architect: Woodhead & Architects 61

Taller and unobstructed glazed walls were incorporated into the architectural design to support the sky roof which allows more natural

Contractor: Takenaka Corporation

daylight into the terminal building. Open spaces are further showcased in higher-glazed glass walls, allowing clear views of the aircraft and runways due to the 35-metre extension of the terminal towards the

Facade, MEP, Civil and Structural Consultants: Meinhardt

airside. To refresh the arrival immigration hall, a 12-metre high glass façade has been introduced to the building. This allows natural lighting to stream into the terminal and passengers will also be able to enjoy the lush scenery, typical of a tropical city.

Peter Bouras Associate Director Thailand



Nam Fung Portal to Aberdeen Channel Bridge Hong Kong (Contract 903) Forming a vital component of the South Island Line (East) development, Contract 903 covers a 1.8-kilometre elevated viaduct, two elevated railway stations at Ocean Park and Wong Chuk Hang and a new 247-metre cantilever bridge over the Aberdeen Channel among other associated works. This project brings together a collaborative partnership between Meinhardt as principal designer, Flatiron the bridge construction specialist and Leighton Contractor. Innovative solutions were developed to overcome challenges

Use of INFOWORKS and GIS softwares to assess the impact of

related to working within live roads and marine networks,

the waterflow during wet and dry seasons on the temporary works

managing public and stakeholder interfaces and traffic

along the existing waterway (Staunton Creek Nullah).

management issues, and working around and over water courses. Meinhardt supported the project through several

critical aspects including: •

Alternative design to the foundation which brought down the

Implementation of a comprehensive traffic management plan and utilities diversion schemes.

Design of the haul-road systems along the steep slopes combined with pipe-piles and soil nail stabilization systems to ensure efficient

number of bored piles from 108 to 40.

construction. •

Use of BIM for precast deck and substructure which allowed early detection of potential clashing of rebars and ensured fast turnaround of shop drawings.

Detailed environmental assessment to reduce unnecessary deforestation.

Use of specialised softwares such as MX-Road and MC3D to control the geometry and accuracy of the segments during production at the casting yard.

Reuben Pui-kwan Chu Managing Director, China - C&S, I&E, Atech Hong Kong

Francis Kung Regional Director - I&E Hong Kong



Building on IDEAS Visit IDEAS, our new microsite that contains technical papers written by our engineers and case studies of our most acclaimed projects to date. The site aims to set out and generate discussions on trends, innovations and issues affecting the industry. Join in the conversations today because we want to hear your thoughts too!

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Meinhardt’s quality work scored an award for DAMAC’s Ocean Heights Ocean Heights in Dubai, a Meinhardt project, has won our client DAMAC Properties the “MEED Emirates Steel GCC Building Project of the Year 2012” award. Ocean Height stands at 84 storeys tall, with a distinctive twisting architectural design. At the peak of its construction, there were 2,000 staff on site daily. The MEED awards recognize excellence in project delivery in the six countries that make up the GCC and promote the highest standards in all parts of the project supply chain.

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