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Meidad Marzan Portfolio

UrbanTiles Graduation Project Urbantiles deals with the re-use of light and exploiting the solar energy in order to create a new aesthetic opportunity in an urban scale.

Urban values I chose to express:

Grid & Chaos – Referring to the architecture grid trying to discipline the chaotic human behavior. The city & its buildings are epic light objects that emit light energy as far as the outer space. That, while in daytime the city absorbs great sun energy not being used at all. The cycle of light & lighting in the urban space made a design intervention, that along with other urban values, stood in the basis of this project.

Indoors & Outdoors – Disappearance of the indoors and outdoors borderline.

The object is a window blind (architectural detail) with OLED on the one side, and photovoltaic panel on the other. In daytime it absorbs the sunlight, in evening time enlighten the indoors, and in night time it turns to the city and share the light it took at daytime. UrbanTiles changes the city scenery and the relations of the indoors, outdoors and the humans living in them. It uses the light as a material subjected to recycle and create canvas for images of all kinds.

Wall Interface gestures

PV Panel


Busbar Axis



Busbar & Lid Adapter

For the project video please refer to:

Original Aluminum Profile

Mechanism Blowup

Materials: Original aluminum profile, perspex, LED, Servo engines, Stainless Steel Technology: CNC, Vacuum Forming, Extrusion, Arduino programming Course: Final Project with the guidence of prof. chanan de-lange

Servo Engine

Faucet & Dish rack

The Faucet and dish rack were inspired by the nature usually seen from outside the kitchen window. The uniqueness of the faucet comes from unifying the body with the faucet handle using a mechanism I developed specifically for this project. Lifting the faucet body open the water stream.

Form development

Materials: Plastic, Aluminum, Wood Technology: CNC, carpentry Course: Studio, 4th Semester

Fully functional mechanism

Graffiti Fan “A souvenir from Berlin”

Berlin streets are loaded with graffitis and paints, some famous enough to symbolize Berlin in time & spirit. The idea behind this souvenir is “Take the street home with you” and celebrate Berlin scenery in your own streets by duplicating famous graffitis & visuals. The chosen Image was taken by Helmut Newton, and was streched on his museum facade, which I used to see on my way to school every morning.

First mockup

Materials: Stainless steel, plastics Technology: Laser cutting, Turning Course: “Souvenir”, 5th Semester at the UdK Berlin

Kreuzberg, Berlin


String Energy Into Light

Vibration is all around us - train stations, pedestrian bridges, staircases & floors, all vibrate constantly and invisibly. Using the handrail as a vibrating interface, I created a light fixture, hung from a string. Whenever the string vibrates the light is being spread to space. For the working model & mockup please refer to:

Natural energy transformation as inspiration

Materials: Aluminum, string, Perspex Technology: Turning, C Programming, Arduino Course: “Lichten�, 5th Semester at the UdK Berlin

Vision - Jerusalem tram bridge

In association with Spectral

Modular Light Fixture

A commercial design project as a designer for Arik Ben-Simhon. I Took major part in the design, production & assembly process. Both the table lamp & chandlaier are composed of 3 modules being assembled differently. The light fixtures were introduced at the exhibition: “The LAB Experiments & Mistakes�, at HATACHANA complex, Tel-Aviv 2010.

Materials: Aluminum, Plastics Technology: CNC, Laser cutting, Anodizing Commercial Project for Arik Ben-Simhon

0 ~ n ~ 1 A set design project What Defines a set? Usually a set is being defined through an action that requires several co-operating objects. Sometines, a set could be defined through a situation, scenario or location.

The morning scenario holds another key value: Duration. The duration between the sleep & awake modes was the concept for designing the interface of the 3 objects.

In this project I chose to focus on the morning scenario as it unifies many objects. I chose to design a set of an alarm clock, lightswitch & kettle, objects we interact with in a linear way through the morning timeline.

Through the research I made on buttons and handles, I found some interesting daily interfaces that fall between the two distinct categories of binaric buttons and analog handles. Interfaces that holds continuity & duration between the 0 / 1 modes.

Materials: Palstics, Polyurethane, Tyvec, Aluminum Technology: CNC, Vacuum Forming, Casting Course: Studio, 6th Semester







Morning Set








°¢¡°¡³ž¢œ¢ ¦¢±ž³­¤ž











0 Time

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The prickly pear harvest tool is inspired by the prickly pear’s development from flower to fruit. The stainless steel catcher remains closed by the spring wrapped within its leaves.

Carnivorous plants - Morphological Inspiration

Materials: Wood, Leather, Stainless steel Technology: Laser cutting, carpentry Course: Studio, 3rd Semester


Inner Tension

Creating a structure based on inner tension principles using no glue or connectors of any kind.

Materials: Metal, wood Technology: Carpentry Course: Studio, 2nd Semester

Negative Spaces Examining the negative spaces and boundries of a standard school chair.

Light Switches

The “Helior” lightswitch is a local design icon. The disassembly & reassembly of the switch components created new relationships between the switch, screw & circle.

The Original “Helior”

Materials: Plastics Technology: Cast into CNC molds Course: Studio, 3rd Semester

CAD Sketches

Lamp No.4

A study on reflectors brought up the use of water as a light filter. After countless experiments in shapes, lighting methods, and configurations, the right composition was found. Vibrating the string creates ripples of light and give a sense of relaxation. For the working model please refer to:

Light Experiments

Materials: Stainless Steel, String, Perspex Technology: Welding, CNC, Vacuum forming ,LED Course: Studio, 7th Semester


Sketching Skills

Solidworks Skills

Arik Ben-Simhon Studio

0 ~ n ~ 1 Kettle CNC Molds

Faucet Mechanism

Faucet CAD

Born 1983 B.Des Bezalel Academy of Art & Design Industrial Design Dept. 2011

Meidad Marzan Portfolio  

Industrial designer

Meidad Marzan Portfolio  

Industrial designer