How to Use Melanotan Injections for Tanned Skin?

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How to Use Melanotan Injections for Tanned Skin? Melanotan 2 injections are the safest way to get sunless, bronzed skin. These injections are easy to use if you follow the directions correctly. Here is your guide about using the Melanotan injections at home:

Things you need for Melanotan 2 injections: • •

• •

Melanotan 2: glass vial containing 10 mg of synthetic hormone powder Sterile water: plastic ampoule containing 5ml of water which is sterile and safe for injections. Once all unused water is to be discarded, do not keep the open ampoule for later use. Insulin syringes: 1ml or 100 IU syringe with a fixed needle Alcohol swabs: pre-injection alcohol swabs are used to wipe the skin’s injection site and Melanotan 2 vials rubber top.

Process of Injecting Melanotan 2: • • • • •

Melanotan 2 should be injected into a fat layer of skin. Most commonly, it is registered in the belly button area. It is supposed to be completely painless if done properly. Open the alcohol swab sachet and wipe your injection site and Melanotan vial’s rubber cap. Insert an insulin syringe into the Melanotan vial. Now turn it up and down to withdraw the liquid by pulling the plunger down. Insert the syringe into the area and push the plunger

After that, place the Melanotan 2 vial in the fridge, do not freeze the liquid.

You need to Follow the instructions correctly to get the desired bronzed skin. So, shop for Melanotan 2 starter kit at the Megatan website equipped with Melanotan injections vial and syringes. Visit our website for more detailed information.