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Today we are going learn about‌

Using commas after introductory words. Using commas with noun in direct address.

Words such as yes, well, and no are called introductory words when they begin a sentence.

No, I do not like Justin Beiber. Yes, I do watch American Idol.

ALWAYS use a comma after an introductory word.

Well, will you with basketball with us? No, I will not play basketball with you.

The name of a person who is spoken to, or, addressed, is called noun in direct address.

Use a comma or commas to set off a noun in direct address from the rest of the sentence.

Laura, did you read the Hunger Games? I saw the movie over the weekend, Kelly. Yes, Michael, I will go see the movie again with you.

Lets Practice! No Mom I will not make my bed. No I will not make your bed either Hayley.

Dad please wash my car. I will pay you to wash my car Michael.

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