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J U LY 2012


D elta A ssociat i o n o f Realto rs 速

This means that we will, all too soon, be transitioning to next year with our

So excited to see that we have a full

Strategic Plan in place and guiding

slate of candidates for Officers and

us forward. We are volunteers who


are working hard for you. We need your input, support and continued

In a small Board this is always a

engagement in what is happening at the

challenge. And, I think, we have very

local level so that we can provide what

qualified candidates for all of the

is relevant and act as a resource for our

open positions. So your vote counts.


Normally, we have

With that in

less than 150

mind, just got

people making

back from

a decision for a

an industry

Board of over 700


members: this is

and no

just over the 15%

surprise we

quorum required

were told that

and we seldom get

the economy

over 20% of our

may be getting

members voting.

better but

Just like in our

not to expect

national elections, it

any sudden

is important to vote.

changes or

Also, it is important that you take the

improvement. Inventory levels will be

time to get to know those people you

about the same with maybe an uptick

do not know and to ask whatever

in the 4th quarter, after the National

questions concern you as to the

Election, and then level off again.

direction of the Board as well as any concerns you have about relevancy,

It was interesting, several of the asset

policies, etc.

management companies, hedge funds and investor groups were also there

Please note you will also be voting on

looking to buy homes or even the notes

a change to the by-laws and pros and

for their investors. Everybody wants to

cons will be provided.

buy a house or discounted loan‌. So the beat goes on!

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J U LY 2 0 1 2 D A R P re s i de n t C E C I LY T I P P E R Y •


Elections Coming Up!

John Bedford, Secretary


Delta Currents is the official

MaryJane Dukellis

monthly publication of the Delta

Scott MacIntyre

Association of Realtors速.

Ramesh Suman

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made to ensure the accuracy and

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thoroughness of this publication,

Errol Mooney

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JULY 2012 Delta Association of REALTORS速 3428 Hillcrest Avenue, Suite 200, Antioch, CA 94531 Phone 925 757 8283 Fax 925 757 8393


new 2012 DAR hours:

Tuesday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm DeltaCurrents Monday 9:00am - 5:00pm


H old i t at the D elta A s s oc i at i o n o f R E A LT O R S 速 . C all 9 2 5 7 5 7 8 2 8 3 f or deta i l s .


Discovery Bay/ByroN Marketing Meeting & Tour 1st and 3rd Tuesday Board Walk Grill at the Marina, Discovery Bay 9:00am • $1 For more information call LeeAnn Seamann 634-2224 at Marples & Associates Group does use Paragon to schedule homes on tour. Tours are Caravan and must be in by Noon on Monday.

Oakley/Bethel Island/ BRENTWOOD/KNIGHTSEN Marketing Meeting & Tour Every Wednesday Black Bear Diner, 3201 Main Street, Oakley • 8:30am • $2 For more information contact Dan Barnes, Tour Coordinator, 759-4648. Group will use Paragon to schedule homes on tour.

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New Members Orientation Wednesday, July 11, 2012 8:30am – 12:00pm To register call DAR office 757-8283 EBRDI Paragon Training Free to MLS Subscribers Steven Pean, Instructor Wednesday, July 25, 2012 9:00am – 12:00pm Paragon 5 Essentials (Lecture) 1:00pm – 4:00pm MORE 2.0 and RPR(Lecture) To register call EBRDI at 363-2333 Or logon to

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EBRDI Paragon Training Free to MLS Subscribers Steven Pean, Instructor Wednesday, July 11, 2012 9:00am – 12:00pm Paragon 5 Essentials (Lecture) 1:00pm – 4:00pm CMAs, Listingbook and Cloud(Lecture) To register call EBRDI at 363-2333 Or logon to

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2012 C.A.R. President’s Regional Lunch honoring

LeFrancis Arnold Tuesday, July 17, 2012 • 11:30am – 2:00pm $ 40 Craneway Pavilion 1414 Harbour Way South, Marina District, Richmond Buffet luncheon serving cheese raviolis and Mary’s herb roasted chicken, BoilerHouse salad, rolls with butter Non-alcoholic beverage station and assorted baked cookies for dessert RSVP Sherri 510 233 1152



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WCR Luncheon: What Kind of 1st Impression are you Making



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Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

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Budget & finance Meeting

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July 24

Education Committee Meeting




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Bylaws Committee Meeting

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EBRDI Paragon MORE 2.0 & RPR

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Board of Directors Meeting

9:00am - 11:30am

August 7

Risk Management , Shannon B. Jones

10:00am - 12:00pm

August 8

New Members Orientation

8:30am - 12:00pm

August 9

Local Government Relations Committee Meeting

11:30am -

August 14

Business Technology Committee Meeting

10:00am - 11:00am

August 14

Public Relations Committee Meeting

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August 16

Executive Committee Meeting

12:00pm -

August 16

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting

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August 20-21 Leadership Summit Meeting Chicago



August 21

Membership Committee Meeting

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August 21

Delta Realtor Community Service Foundation

1:30pm -

August 28

Budget & Finance Committee Meeting

10:00am - 11:00am

August 28

Education Committee Meeting

2:00pm -

August 29

Bylaws Committee Meeting

10:00am - 11:00am

August 30

Board of Directors Meeting

9:00am - 11:30am

East County Insurance Agency, Inc. Antioch 925 757 4208 2738 B W. Tregallas Rd. Brentwood 925 240 1330 6440 Brentwood Blvd.

3:00pm 3:00pm

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The Delta Association of REALTORS® Education Committee Presents

Risk Management Seminar Tuesday, August 7, 2012 Instructor: Shannon B. Jones Partner/Owner Shannon B. Jones Law Group Hear from a top Attorney! She will cover: Short Sales REOs Inspection and Disclosure issues Agent trouble issues And More. Where: Date: Time:

Delta Association of REALTORS® 3428 Hillcrest Ave., Ste: 200, Antioch Tuesday, August 7, 2012 10:00am – 12:00pm

Shannon B. Jones is a Partner/Owner in the Shannon B. Jones Law Group and Diablo Mediation Services – She represents parties in litigation and transactions with a particular emphasis in real estate and general business. She specializes in representing real estate agents, brokerages and parties in real estate transactions and disputes, including general counseling and dispute avoidance. She currently represents over 6,000 real estate agents in the State of California. Additional experience includes: commercial litigation and transactions; construction defect litigation; premises liability; unlawful detainer actions; insurance litigation; and partnership and corporate disputes. Ms. Jones is approved by the California Association of REALTORS® as defense counsel for real estate brokerages.

(Reservations are required; contact the DAR office at 757-8283) DeltaCurrents



From Association Executive John Bedford Realtors® will be voting on two separate issues beginning on Thursday, July 17, 2012. You’ll be voting for three director positions on the Board of Directors, along with a President-Elect and a Treasurer for 2013. And you’ll be asked to vote YES or NO on a proposed change to DAR’s bylaws. Here’s some background for you: DAR bylaws allow the board of directors to amend the bylaws under most circumstances. There are some exceptions where bylaws changes require a vote of the membership, for example; a change affecting the membership rights as to voting, dissolution, redemption , or transfer of membership. Members were previously informed that the Board of Directors had amended the bylaws to remove verbiage that limited the number of persons serving on DAR’s board of directors to no more than two persons from any one real estate office. In other words, the recommended change would allow more than two persons from any one office to serve on the Board of Directors without limit. Subsequently, a petition was turned in requiring this matter to be placed on the ballot for eligible members to vote YES or NO on the issue. If you vote YES, you will be approving the action of the Board of Directors to remove provisions that limit the number of directors to be elected from any one office to two members so that more than two from the same office could serve on the board. If you vote NO, the bylaws remain unchanged. Please note the Arguments in favor and against the bylaws change.

CHANGE REGARDING ELECTION OF MEMBERS TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS WHICH WOULD RESULT IN MORE THAN TWO MEMBERS FROM AN OFFICE BEING ON THE BOARD. The reason that this clause should be removed from our current bylaws was brought about because a member of DAR’s Board of Directors moved to an office that had already had two other Directors from the same office. Although the clause specifically mentions that Directors cannot be elected from the same office, our Association attorney ruled that the intent of the clause was to in fact limit the fact that only two Directors from any given office could serve on our Association Board. In practice, many members have not chosen to move offices because we interpreted this clause to mean that only two MEMBERS per office could serve on the Board. The discussion at the by-laws committee and at the Board of Directors indicated some trepidation to remove this clause as one office could then “dominate” the Board. This was countered with the idea that DIRECTORS are there to represent the interests of all members and that any loyalty to a particular office would be secondary. In addition, the consensus was that the Board, no matter how many members were from one office, would represent our constituency. Note that approximately 50% of our members are from eleven larger companies and it could happen that one or more Directors would be elected from one particular office. Finally, we discussed fairness as to limiting a member’s right to do business in the office of their choice, in essence, to limit possible income, training, well-being or happiness, because they choose to serve on our Board. In a climate where offices are merging and we are looking for volunteers to go above and beyond to improve our Association, many feel that this limitation would be unfair. A survey of other associations’ bylaws conducted by AEs illustrated wide differences in how other

associations deal with limits on the board. Some have no limits, and others run the gamut from 1 to 4 or more. I urge you to vote YES to remove this clause from our current by-laws as outdated and unfair. Thank you. Cecily Tippery, 2012 President, Delta Association of Realtors® IN OPPOSITION TO THE PROPOSED DAR BYLAWS CHANGE REGARDING ELECTION OF MEMBERS TO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS WHICH WOULD RESULT IN MORE THAN TWO MEMBERS FROM AN OFFICE BEING ON THE BOARD. Having a diverse Board of Directors is important for the Delta Association of REALTORS® in order to adequately represent all of its members. There are more offices which have a small number of agents/brokers than there are offices with a large number of agents/brokers. It is important that the needs of both large and small offices are understood and considered by the Association’s Board. The large offices currently have a majority of members on the Board (9) with small offices having 4 members. Removing election limits to the number of Board members an office may result in crowding out representation from smaller offices, giving large brokerages (or one or two large brokerages) the potential for too much influence over the affairs of the association. DAR has observed, in practice and custom, the spirit of not having more than two board members from one brokerage office, but the current Bylaws do not prohibit more than two board members from one office. The Bylaws only address a situation where an election would result in more than two board members from one office. Nothing in the current bylaws prohibits a Board member moving to an office which already has two members on the Board, thereby resulting in more than two Board members from one office. In fact, this situation exists today. This proposed change is unnecessary and could create other problems down the road. VOTE NO. Thank you. Ralph Garrow

On line Voting Begins July 17


meet the c

I am privileged to have been part of

With years of marketing and training

the Delta Association of Realtors for

experience in the corporate sector for

8 years. Now it is my time to give

one of the fastest growing retailers

back. I welcome the opportunity to

in America I’ve had the opportunity

serve the DAR as a member of the

to participate in board meetings with

Board of Directors. My experience

members of some of the largest

as a Real Estate Agent and Grievance

retailers on earth. Combine that

Committee member gives me the

experience with my years of teaching

wisdom to address the myriad of

both at the middle school and college

complex issues facing the Board of Directors in an independent

levels and I feel highly qualified to be an active member of the

and fair minded way.


I can add to the strength of the Board by providing insight, sound

After leaving the corporate sector I decided to direct my passion

business judgement, and strategic direction. I know that being a

and enthusiasm for business directly toward Real Estate. In

member requires lots of hardwork and commitment. I have the

the past five years I’ve been both honored and blessed to work

tenacity to spend the necessary time to research and understand

very closely with several tremendously effective agents and

the issues that come before the Board. In addition, I possess the

brokers. In that time, I’ve learned some unforgettable lessons

needed leadership qualities of a Board member including initiative

in effectiveness and efficiency. With that in mind, I feel humbled

and the ability to take decisive action. Reliability, excellent service

when I hear that that many of those same agents have learned as

and ethical standards must be part of the ongoing commitment

much from me as I had from them. Becoming a board member

of the Board and are the values I have embraced throughout my

for the Delta Association of Realtors will not simply broaden the


scope of my exposures and experiences, but will be a venue to

I believe that relationships are very important, and I have

share an alternative, youthful, and enthusiastic point of view. My

established good working relationships with members. My honesty

communication and negotiation skills are sharp, and my purpose

and integrity in my business and personal dealings have never

keeps me focused. The outside experiences and skills that I’ve both

been compromised. I understand that the members expect and

endured and acquired give me the unique ability to find those much

deserve our very best efforts at all times, and I value their ideas

needed “outside of the box” solutions…without forgetting first to

and support.

look inside the box. Thank you for your consideration.

I ask for your vote for the DAR’s Board of Directors on July 17, 2012.

Rena Acasio, Realtor Broker Associate

14 DeltaCurrents

Andy Blasquez

candidates I am currently the Treasurer at DAR. I

There have been numerous changes

have previously served as a Director

in our association since 1979 when

for 3 years and also Education Com-

I entered the real estate market as

mittee Chair. I offer myself again as

a realtor, became a broker-owner of

a candidate for the position of 2013

Dukellis Real Estate, managed an

DAR Treasurer. Let me start off with

office in Pleasanton and Brentwood

how I am attempting to differentiate

and property managed 147 properties.

myself from other candidates for

Short sales, reo’s, and learning

Treasurer. At C.A.R., the position of Treasurer is a 2 year com-

“Equator” are requiring us to retrain and refocus.

mitment. At DAR, since it is a one year term, I am running again

We must commit to:

since I would like to continue to focus on the position of Treasurer,

a. Educating ourselves on changes in our market

to ensure the fiscal viability of The Association and that it will

b. Educating our clients on the ever-changing real estate market

continue to thrive and serve for years to come. Having participated

c. Creating an environment that promotes the highest standard of

as Treasurer in one budget process, and reviewing the monthly

ethics and fair dealings so that we can be proud to call ourselves

progress with regard to meeting or not meeting budgetary issues,

“real estate professionals”.

I feel I am in a stronger position to forecast for the coming year. I am also acute aware of the need for DAR to increase revenue from

My experience includes:

non-dues areas. I believe a firm grasp of the financial position of

a. a business owner

DAR is crucial to increasing member benefits and moving DAR into

b. a past president of another association of realtors

a new position when technology is rapidly taking the place of tasks

c. a CAR Director for 12 years, having sat on a number of

that were previously people-only. I bring a desire to make sound

committees and served as Vice Chair of MLS and Chair of

fiscal decisions as well as move The Association forward. I ask


for your support as I offer myself as a candidate for Treasurer for

d. serving as a CAR Instructor


e. having served on NAR’s Habitat for Humanity Committee f. presently serving as DAR Director and sitting on the following

Experience: DAR Treasurer 2012; DAR Director 2009-Present; Bud-

Committees: Budget and Finance, and Installation

get and Finance Committee 2010-Present; President of NAHREP

g. having sat on the DAR Education and Bylaws Committees.

Contra Costa-Solano Counties 2010-2012

h. Working in my community as a Lion, as a Team Captain in Relay for Life, and in supporting legal issues that promote protection of

Background: Third generation resident native of East Contra Costa


County. Realtor® since 2006; prior to real estate-elementary school teacher

I have a genuine concern to see that all our members are offered the utmost education regarding technology, disclosures, and

Education: B.A., Saint Mary’s College of California ; Saint Mary’s

market knowledge. My commitments, experience and concerns

College of CA Graduate School of Education. In real estate, I hold

will help me in serving our association, our profession and our

the designations of SRES, SFR, CHS.

community. I humbly ask for your support.

James Britto

Mary Jane Dukellis continued

meet the c I am on my 2nd term as a Director

ranks, up to the Presidency, which I

for theh Delta Association of

currently hold. WCR and DAR have had

Realtors. I would like to finish out

a prosperous and enjoyable professional

my obligation that the members

collaboration for many years. Several

elected me to by heading the

DAR members belong to WCR, and many

Board and continue the forward

have climbed the leadership ladder with

movement for our Association.

one or both organizations throughout their careers. I feel that I have the skills

The industry has been very trying

to contribute toward the continued

the past few years and we need

success of DAR. With the guidance of those who have come

to continue to work to provide the best in tools and support to

before me, and those that I have met along the way, teaching and

keep us up to date and competitive. Over the last 5 years I have

encouraging each other is the key to everyone’s continued success.

gained a very good understanding as to the inter-workings of the

I understand the responsibility associated with this position and

Association and the wants of our Members. As a full time agent I

humbly ask for your consideration as a Director for DAR.

feel it is my obligation to contribute to the industry in a positive manner. I encourage anyone in the Association to step forward and play a leadership role for the good of all. If you have a strength, be it accounting, technology, marketing, etc. we would love to have your input & participation. Therefore, with your confidence I look forward to the role of President-elect and President 2014 for the Delta Association of Realtors.

Scott MacIntyre

As a REALTOR®, there is a great sense of pride when you help clients get into the home of their dreams. I believe that continuing education, training, and mentorship are essential for us as REALTORS® to ensure that we conduct ourselves in a positive and ethical manner. The programs implemented, proctored, and maintained by DAR provide these services and helps guide local REALTORS® in their business dealings. I have had the fortune to have taken advantage of these programs and have benefitted from the mentorship and guidance of DAR members and current directors, and feel it is time to give back. I became involved with Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR) several years ago, and have worked my way through the leadership


candidates I’m a native Californian, having

]Hello, please allow me to introduce

been born and raised in the Los

myself; I am Gerald (Jerry) Soto,

Angeles area. My youth was filled

Broker/Owner of Primo Real Estate.

with extra-curricular activities

Since becoming a member of DAR

and organizations centered on

I have had the opportunity to serve

school and church. I graduated

on the Finance Committee and

from Verdugo Hills High School

most recently on the newly formed PR committee. As our industry

in Tujunga, California. I graduated

continues to be affected by the world economic conditions DAR’s

from Glendale College and Saint

board of directors needs to not only have a true sense of the

Mary’s College with degrees

industry and the highest ethical standards, but also have business

in Business Management. My advanced studies were at the

experience in order to steer, grow and make our association

Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. I worked for Pacific

stronger and a leader of our industry.

Telephone and its successors Pacific Bell, SBC and AT&T in both Line and Corporate Management. In Corporate Real Estate, we

Over the past 5 years I have gathered a wealth of experience

maintained Pacific Bells/SBC’s/AT&T’s Real Estate portfolio of 1756

while serving on the finance and Public Relations Committees,

buildings throughout the State of California.

additionally my 30+ years in corporate; finance, marketing and senior management experience have combined and prepared me to

I was Vice President of Operations for Prime Services Group. They

serve DAR’s Board at this time.

provided Telecommunication Equipment and Services to Regional Telecommunications Companies. (Pacific Bell, Nevada Bell, SBC,

I ask each of you for your support by voting for me. I promise to

Ameritech, etc.) I was elected to the Board of Directors and elected

constantly support you and our association by offering a constant

to the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial

flow of cohesive yet out of the box ideas.


JERRY SOTO Military experience included four years in the United States Air Force. Was elected to Quartermaster for Post 10789, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Brentwood, California. Member and Director of the Discovery Bay Chamber of Commerce. Member and Director of the Delta Association of Realtors. Member and Director of the East Bay Regional Data, Inc. (MLS for Alameda and Contra Costa Counties). Current hobbies include model railroading, traveling and boating. Having lived in Discovery Bay and Contra Costa County for over 35 years, I have seen the area grow and prosper. I am dedicated to using both my personal and business experience to serve my clients and associates, so they too, can grow and prosper.

errol mooney



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75 50 35 20

1-5 months

90 70 40 25

NON-MEMBER RATES (per month) Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Business Card

6-12 months

1-5 months

100 80 55 30

110 90 60 40

3.5 x 2

DeltaCurrents is published for the Delta Association of REALTORS® by MICHELLE MANOS DESIGN. For advertising information, contact Michelle Manos at 831 869 5084

deltacurrents T H E O F F I C I A L P U B L I C AT I O N O F T H E D E LTA A S S O C I AT I O N O F R E A LT O R S ®

A D V E R T I S I N G C O N T R A C T & S PA C E R E S E R VAT I O N ADVERTISER Address City, State, Zip Contact Office Phone Mobile Phone

agrees as follows: Today’s Date Fax Email Website

BILLING CONTACT Address City, State, Zip Title

Phone Mobile Fax Email

SPACE Ad Size/Color Placement Request Notes Cost per month

# of months Beginning issue Ending issue Contract Total

TERMS • This agreement is subject to these terms and conditions. The Advertiser has read and understands this Agreement and has received a copy. This constitutes the complete Agreement between Advertiser and Publisher. Verbal representations and promises made by the Publisher and/or her representatives are not binding or valid. • The Advertiser understands and agrees that the advertising placement contracted for is immediately reserved for the Advertiser by the Publisher upon execution of this agreement. Cancellation of this agreement cannot be accepted in lieu of payment. • The Publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising for any reason. The liability of the Publisher for any error or omission or delay for which the Publisher may be held legally responsible shall not exceed the cost of the space or placement paid for by the Advertiser. • This agreement is with the named Advertiser. Change of ownership or management will not dissolve Advertiseri’s obligations. • Artwork created by Michelle Manos Design is for the exclusive use in its publications. Consult Publisher for rates for other use. DEADLINES Space reservations and artwork are due by the 25th of the previous month. The previous issue’s advertisement will be published unless the Publisher is otherwise notified and new artwork received by the Publisher. We are pleased to assist our advertisers with preparation of their advertisements at no charage. PAYMENT We accept PayPal and checks. MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO MICHELLE MANOS DESIGN. Payment must be made within 30 days of invoice date to receive contract discount. No cash discounts are offered. Advertiser agrees to pay a finance charge of 1.5% per month (18%) on amounts 31 days or more past due and agrees to pay reasonable attorney and court or collection click to pay charges. No advertising will be permitted for accounts 30 days past due. First-time advertisers must pay in advance for ads. A 15% commission is applicable for recognized advertising agencies. ADVERTISER APPROVAL PUBLISHER Authorized Signature APPROVAL


Authorized Signature


DeltaCurrents is published for the Delta Association of REALTORS® by MICHELLE MANOS DESIGN. 6/01/12 For advertising information, contact Michelle Manos at 831 869 5084.

Delta Currents July 2012  

Delta Currents July 2012

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