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EVP message: Our drive for positive change As I look at the calendar, I can’t believe it’s already September. I know people say this all the time, but this year has truly flown by. Yet, in this short time, we have already accomplished so much, and I couldn’t be more excited to unveil the things we have in store for you. Over the last nine months, I’ve had such vibrant and thoughtful conversations with so many of you. Your passion and energy for your profession and for MSV inspire me every day. I feel energized to work with you to empower MSV to be dynamic, thriving and successful so that we can continually look for ways to better serve you and to simply raise the bar. In our conversations, we’ve taken a deep dive into what we think MSV should be known for and the kind of environment that must exist in order for us to achieve success. You have been incredibly supportive of our “True North” of elevating the value of physicians, empowering you to lead and define health for Virginians in a rapidly evolving landscape. You have given me every reason to believe that these goals are within reach and together, we will RISE to that position of strength. Now is the part that I find the most exciting: Deciding on how to get there. In the next year, I hope you’ll continue to play a crucial role in this journey toward becoming the organization that is the most meaningful to all Virginia physicians,

no matter what phase you are in, in the professional lifecycle: medical student, individual/private practice, group practice, employed or retired. We are developing value and offerings that are specifically geared for each segment and significant for their intended audience. We are working hard to create an industry-leading member experience, diligently evaluating every interaction you may have with us and examining how we can enhance each experience. We have already started by completely redesigning all our marketing materials and investing in a sound IT infrastructure and new database system. In the coming year, you’ll also see many improvements to our new member welcome experience, events and Web site as well as the addition of relationship managers, an ambassador program, business development training, networking opportunities and a new MSV marketplace. We’re also developing and reengaging partnerships with other businesses and organizations that will help us create value and drive growth. Everything we are working on is about you and it is for you. No stone is being unturned as we assess every move we make in order to make things as quick and easy as possible for you. We want to best serve you to enable you to drive positive change for your profession and for health care in Virginia. Every decision we make



Save the date: 2016 White Coats on Call


New MSV ICD-10 readiness program is here

07 11 12

The life you live now President’s message: Focus on Foundation Sync Leadership Institute - It’s time to sign up

is done to ensure we are geared to recruit new members, build better relationships or shape business development opportunities that continue to project us forward. We are passionate about you, our members. I hope everything we introduce reflects our intense desire to help you achieve your personal and professional goals. We respect quality health care as much as you do, and that is why we are making our organization the best one to serve you. I look forward to seeing you next month at our Annual Meeting in Chantilly. I welcome you all to attend our open forum where you’ll have a chance to ask questions to me and MSV President William C. Reha, M.D., M.B.A. See you then!

MSV leadership

Officers, Board Members and AMA Delegates Medical Society of Virginia 2924 Emerywood Parkway, Richmond, VA 23294 800 | 746-6768 •


Immediate Former President

Speaker of the House

William C. Reha, M.D., M.B.A.

Sterling N. Ransone Jr., M.D., FAAFP

Kurtis S. Elward, M.D.

President Elect

Secretary - Treasurer

Vice Speaker

Edward G. Koch, M.D.

Bhushan H. Pandya, M.D.

Arthur J. Vayer Jr., M.D.

Directors John F. Butterworth IV, M.D. Sandy L. Chung, M.D. Sheela R. Damle Clifford L. Deal III, M.D., FACS Byrd S. Leavell, Jr., M.D. Stuart F. Mackler, M.D., FACS Ibe O. Mbanu, M.D., M.B.A., MPH

Larry G. Mitchell, M.D. Patricia Pletke, M.D. Pradeep K. Pradhan, M.D. William S. Prominski, M.D. Timothy L. Raines, M.D. T. Joey Tiwari, M.D. Alan L. Wagner, M.D., FACS John D. Ward, M.D.

George L. Weidig, M.D. Alan H. Wynn, M.D. Associate Directors Michael S. Amster, M.D. Teresa W. Babineau, M.D. Joel T. Bundy, M.D. Trevar O. Chapmon, M.D.

Ehsan Dowlati James R. Dudley, M.D. Jacqueline M. Fogarty, M.D. Michael S. Martin, M.D. S. Hughes Melton, M.D. Jonathan T. Schaaf, M.D. Richard A. Szucs, M.D. Chi Young, M.D.

AMA delegation Chair Carol S. Shapiro, M.D., M.B.A. Vice Chair Randolph J. Gould, M.D.


Delegates Claudette E. Dalton, M.D. Edward G. Koch, M.D. Hazle S. Konerding, M.D. Mitchell B. Miller, M.D. Lawrence K. Monahan, M.D.

Alternate Delegates David A. Ellington, M.D. Thomas W. Eppes Jr., M.D. Russell C. Libby, M.D. Bhushan H. Pandya, M.D. Sterling N. Ransone Jr., M.D.

William C. Reha, M.D., M.B.A. Cynthia C. Romero, M.D., FAAFP

Advocate for my profession

White Coats on Call Days are coming! Mark your calendar now to join us in January or February to meet with your legislators during our White Coats on Call Days.

WHY SHOULD I GO? • • • • • • •

MSV will help schedule your appointments with your legislators (registration required). Special guests, including elected and administration officials, will offer their perspectives on the legislative issues affecting medicine. Great partnerships with local and specialty societies. The location: the Hilton Downtown Richmond (formerly Hilton Garden Inn), conveniently located just blocks from the General Assembly building. Issue and bill briefing from the MSV lobbying team. Breakfast and lunch to fuel your day. The price: FREE to all participants.

Be on the lookout this fall for more information on how to register and make the most of your time in Richmond.

SAVE THE DATE! Jan 19 – Physician Assistants’ (VAPA) Day 1 Jan 20 – Leadership Day Jan 20 – Medical Students’ Day Jan 21 – Orthopaedic (VOS), Plastic Surgeons (VSPS) and Anesthesiologist (VSA) Day Jan 26 – Richmond Academy of Medicine (RAM) Day 1 Jan 26 – Eye Physicians and Surgeons (VSEPS) Day (afternoon) Jan 27 – Physician Assistants’ (VAPA) Day 2 Jan 27 – Psychiatry (PSV) Day Jan 28 – Pediatric (AAP-VA) Day Feb 2 – Radiology (VC-ACR) and Surgeons (ACS) Day Feb 4 – Internists (ACP-VA) Day Feb 4 – OB/GYN (VACOG) Day Feb 9 – All Call Day Feb 9 – Richmond Academy of Medicine (RAM) Day 2

Remember, if the scheduled day for your specialty or MSV district doesn’t work for you, you can join us on any other day! Contact Sara Rose Wells at with any questions.

September 2015 3


As the nation’s largest physician-owned


medical malpractice insurer, we have an unparalleled understanding of liability


claims against otolaryngologists. This gives us a significant advantage in the courtroom. It also accounts for our



ability to anticipate emerging trends and provide innovative patient safety tools


to help physicians reduce risk. When THYROIDECTOMY

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insurer can give you the assurance that today’s challenging practice environment


demands—The Doctors Company. To learn more, call 888.896.1868 or visit WWW.THEDOCTORS.COM.


Source: The Doctors Company




New MSV ICD-10 Readiness Program is here

As a member of the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV), you are eligible to take advantage of a powerful new member service— MSV’s ICD-10CM Readiness Program. This program helps you address and resolve problems with insurance carriers pertaining to ICD-10CM.

MSV is here to help and provide assistance for the following: General ICD-10CM coding questions

MSV Hassle Factor Log/Inquiry Form*

When you’re not sure which code to use

For claims denial and assistance with carriers not paying claims or retracting funds

*Please note: A completed MSV Business Associates Agreement is required for Hassle Factor Log/Inquiry assistance.

Once this information is received, MSV will: 1. 2.



Evaluate each report received and enter the information into MSV’s secure database. If action is requested, we will contact you or your representative within 1-2 business days for discussion and to collect additional information. After reviewing the problem with you or your representative, MSV will determine the best path for addressing the reported concern(s). Please be advised that MSV may share the information we receive from your organization with the insurance carrier, relevant state agencies or other parties to expedite resolution of your problem. MSV staff will follow up with you or your representative to discuss the outcome of your report. MSV’s ICD-10CM Hassle Factor Log program is offered as a member benefit at no additional cost to individual MSV members and group practices with at least fifty percent membership.

To learn more about the MSV ICD-10 Readiness Program, visit us at: ICD10.

Physician Assistants provide high-quality, team-based, patientcentered care. TO LEARN MORE, GO TO ` WWW.VAPA.ORG Physician Assistants are essential members of the teambased approach to patient care, and Physician-PA teams add versatility to any clinical setting. Trained in the Medical Model, PAs practice in all medical settings and specialties. They are bridging the gap created by a growing provider shortage and Physician-PA teams are improving access to care. There are four PA programs in Virginia. Nationwide, more than 6,000 individuals graduate from accredited PA programs in universities and academic health centers each year. PAs are keenly adapted to preventive care with their general medical background. When is the last time you considered hiring a PA?

September 2015 5

Manage my practice

Termination of the patient-physician relationship Health care providers have the right to terminate relationships with patients for a variety of reasons, but there are several things to consider. While the relationship between a physician and a patient is an “at will” relationship for the patient, physicians must always be mindful of allegations that the patient was abandoned. Regulations of the Board of Medicine (18 VAC 85-20-28) state that a physician “shall not terminate the relationship or make his services unavailable without documented notice to the patient that allows for a reasonable time to obtain the services of another practitioner.” This letter should be printed on office letterhead and be sent by first-class mail or certified mail with a return receipt. As provided in § 54.1-2962.2 of the Code of Virginia, a practitioner shall not terminate the relationship or make his services unavailable without documented notice to the patient that allows for a reasonable time to obtain the services of another practitioner. For more information, the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) created a resource, including a template letter that can be adapted for use to discharge a patient and permanently withdraw as the patient’s physician.

Summer clearance blitz – Get 4 coding books for just $100 The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) is currently running a summer clearance blitz for its 2015 coding books. Get four coding books for just $100! The books included in the bundle are: • ICD-10CM - 2015 - International Classification of Diseases • ICD-9CM - 2015 - International Classification of Diseases • CPT 2015 - Current Procedural Terminology • HCPCS 2015 - Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System If you have any questions please call us at 800 | 746-6768 ext. 1060.


Manage my practice

The life you live now This article was submitted by Matt Brotherton of 1752 Financial. Many people purchase life insurance and then never look back. However, life changes occur every day and what made sense for you then may not make sense for you now. Life insurance policies are now better and available at lower costs than ever before. This is why you should take a moment to review your current policy to see if it still fits your life the way it did when you originally purchased it. Chances are you’ve experienced life events – like a job change or marriage – that could have a big impact on your life insurance.

It’s worth a look Life insurance is one of the most important decisions you make. Have you done everything you can to ensure you’re protecting everyone in the life you live now? Contact Matt Brotherton, president of 1752 Financial, at 1752 Financial, at 804 | 283-1920 or mbrotherton@1752financial. com. He understands the life you presently live as a practicing physician, and he will review your current life insurance policy to make sure it fits your specific needs.

About Life Insurance Awareness Month Held each September, Life Insurance Awareness Month is an industry-wide effort that is coordinated by the nonprofit LIFE Foundation. The campaign was created in response to growing concern about the large number of Americans who lack adequate life insurance protection. Roughly 70 million adult Americans have no life insurance, and most of those who do have far less coverage than most financial experts recommend. For more information on life insurance, visit LIFE’s Web site at www.

Digital Benefit Advisors – Is Level Funding in Your Future? Click here to find out. MSVIA partners with Digital Benefit Advisors to offer Virginia physicians access to a range of employee benefit products for groups and individuals including medical, dental, vision, life, disability and more. Click here to view the Digital Benefit Advisors newsletters to learn more.

September 2015 7

Care for My Patients

evolve™ wins national education award With the landscape of health care changing dramatically, the Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (MSVF) saw a need to help transform clinical groups from traditional ways of operating to collaborating as an interprofessional team to achieve the best patient outcomes. It created evolve™, a groundbreaking program designed to provide clinical teams with leadership, business and innovation skills needed to be successful and sustainable in today’s health care environment. At the 2015 American Association of Medical Society Executives (AAMSE) Conference held in July, evolve™ was recognized as the sole recipient of a Profile of Excellence Award in the Education category which recognizes outstanding achievements in development and implementation of programs dedicated to the education and professional development of physicians and other health care professionals. “We’re thrilled to have this recognition for our efforts in designing a meaningful

curriculum for physicians and their health care teams,” said MSV Executive Vice President Melina Davis-Martin. “We are here to help Virginia physicians serve their communities and are always working to find new ways for them to influence positive change.” MSVF created evolve™ in 2014 through a grant provided by The Physicians Foundation to implement a leadership program and provide a new model for clinicians and health care professionals to work as high functioning, diverse teams addressing health care delivery challenges with innovative solutions. Clinical teams of providers worked together through four classroom sessions and an ongoing project throughout the period of five months, focusing on the key areas of leadership, innovation, human-centeredness and clinical excellence. The teams also selected a project focused on a challenge they face in delivering care and created and tested innovative solutions to address the

challenge. As a result of the success of evolve™, MSVF is expanding its physician leadership program by partnering with the Virginia Healthcare and Hospital Association and the Virginia Nurses Foundation to further expand the concept and reach of the program. Sync – Transforming Healthcare Leadership is a new program being launched by the groups in October 2015 and further emphasizes interprofessional team collaboration to solve current issues and engage emerging leaders. AAMSE, a professional association of over 1,300 medical society executives and staff specialists with more than 300 member organizations, presents the annual awards to recognize medical societies for making positive impacts on their members and in their communities with programs and campaigns that advance the field of organized medicine. Awards are given for four categories each year: advocacy, communications, education and membership.

“We’re thrilled to have this recognition for our efforts in designing a meaningful curriculum for physicians and their health care teams.” - MSV Executive Vice President Melina Davis-Martin. 8

Care for my patients

Heart of Virginia Healthcare Opportunity for primary care practices The Heart of Virginia Healthcare is one of seven cooperatives funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) EvidenceNOW initiative aimed at helping smallto-medium sized primary care practices improve their patients’ cardiovascular health. Through this $10.6 million grant initiative, selected Virginia practices will have the opportunity to participate in a prestigious learning collaborative to improve quality, team function, satisfaction and revenue. Click here for additional information or to apply by Oct. 1. This is a physician-directed initiative produced by a partnership between four of Virginia’s schools of medicine, the Virginia Center for Health Innovation, VHQC, George Mason University, and Community Health Solutions. There is no cost to participate.

Benefits include: •

One-on-one practice coaching

Being prepared to participate in existing and future payment models

Part IV Maintenance of Certification

Increased satisfaction for yourself, your staff and your patients

Reimbursement for completed surveys and reports

EvidenceNOW and Heart of Virginia Healthcare offer support, resources and the latest knowledge to you and your team to help you deliver quality care that results in optimized outcomes for your patients and your practice. Primary care providers are the new prime movers in population heart health. Apply today so you can feel secure that your team can continue to thrive in this changing environment!

Eligibility: •

Primary care practices with 10 or fewer clinicians (DO, MD, NP, PA)

Utilize EHR

Be ready for positive change!

September 2015 9

Care for my patients

Change lives – Volunteer at a Free Clinic By sharing your time and expertise, you can help empower your community. When you become a physician volunteer, you not only help revive your passion for medicine, you also find personal and professional fulfillment. Not sure how to start? The Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (MSVF) has partnered with the Virginia Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (VAFCC) to provide physicians a way to volunteer at free clinics and give back to their communities. “Volunteering at the free clinic allows me to do what I went to medical school for—helping people, most of whom live with multiple chronic diseases with no other means for health care,” said John W. Knarr, M.D., MSV member and

volunteer with the Free Clinic of Pulaski County. “Each patient I treat is grateful for the help they receive.” Consider volunteering for at least a few hours per month at a local free or charitable clinic. VAFCC represents 60 clinics, offering quality health care to around 72,000 economically disadvantaged individuals in Virginia. Clinics provide an array of services, from medical, dental, pharmaceutical and behavioral health care—so volunteers from all specialties and geographies are appreciated. More than 3,800 physicians and physicians assistants volunteered in 2014. Learn more about volunteer opportunities at volunteer/physicians.

Free opioid pain management seminar in Salem The Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (MSVF), through a grant from the Physicians Institute for Excellence in Medicine and in partnership with LewisGale Medical Center, will host an educational seminar entitled Extended release (ER)/ long acting (LA) opioid risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS)—Achieving safe use while improving patient care in an attempt to tackle the growing opioid addiction problem. This seminar will be held on: Thurs., Oct. 29, 2015 Program: 5:45 p.m.-8:45 p.m., Registration & light dinner: 5:15 p.m.-5:45 p.m. Education Center Auditorium 1900 Electric Road, Salem, VA 24153 This is a free seminar and open to any interested participant. Led by Mary McMasters, M.D., FASAM and Sarah 10

Melton, PharmD, BCPP, CGP, FASCP, this educational session offers (3) credits of continuing medical education (CME) for physicians and continuing education (CE) for nursing and dental participants. It covers the appropriate prescribing and safe use of ER/LA opioid analgesics as specified in the US Food & Drug Administration’s Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) blueprint and offers informational tools for patient assessment, risk evaluation, prescribing best practices, ongoing therapy management, patient and caregiver counseling methods and general and product-specific drug information concerning ER/LA opioid analgesics including identification of adverse effects. Seating is limited and registration is required. Click here to register or contact Krista Cole at 423 | 439-8027. Other questions can be directed at the MSV Foundation office at 804 | 377-1053.

MSV news

President’s message: Focus on Foundation Our Medical Society of Virginia Foundation (MSVF) is involved in such vibrant and exciting work under its President Alan Wagner, M.D., FACS. In this column, I would like to highlight all they are doing to give well-deserved recognition for their accomplishments. I want to begin by congratulating MSVF for receiving the AAMSE Profiles in Excellence Award for its groundbreaking educational program, evolve™. More details about this award are highlighted in this newsletter, but I thought such a worthy honor deserved another mention. This truly demonstrates MSVF’s dedication to the education and professional development of physicians and other health care professionals. I believe this is just the beginning for evolve™ as its previous students are already moving onto bigger and better accomplishments, including Centra, whose capstone project was just presented at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Heart Failure Society and at the American Academy of Heart Failure Nurses Conference. MSVF is now embarking on a new strategic plan with two main imperatives— to empower both physicians and the community at large. Under this strategic plan and leadership of MSVF PresidentElect Cynthia Romero, M.D., FAAFP, I have full confidence that the Foundation will continue to innovate and serve both the profession and our patients. Other notable accomplishments include: • Being awarded a $150,000 twoyear grant by The Physicians Foundation to support physician led interprofessional clinical team leadership programs. • Starting the Healthy VA initiative,

which is intended to become a universal brand signifying healthy habits, behaviors and activities endorsed by physicians to promote healthy living and wellness of Virginians Co-creating SYNC leadership institute to strengthen physician knowledge and skills in leading interprofessional teams in the changing health care environment Continuing the successful opioid safe prescribing workshops held throughout the state Carrying on the growth of the Doc Rx program, which exceeds its yearly goals in patient numbers and medication requests. Almost $14 million in medications have been distributed since its inception in 2007 Utilizing MSVF as a maintenance of certification (MOC) sponsor organization to run and approve quality initiative projects that are

both meaningful and relevant for physicians We have so much to celebrate thanks to MSVF and it’s becoming a supporting organization to the MSV. I hope you will all join me at this year’s Physicians’ Foundation Gala, “Rebel with a Cause”, a 1950s themed event. At the gala, our newest Salute to Service Award winners will be announced. This will be a great way to top off an already remarkable year. Bring your dancing shoes!


William C. Reha, M.D., M.B.A. President, Medical Society of Virginia

September 2015 11

MSV news


Transforming Healthcare Leadership Joint Partnership of VHHA, VNF & MSV

SYNC leadership training – Sign up now Interprofessional leadership development is vital in health care. In order to make sure your health care team possesses the skills it needs to succeed as leaders in the field, sign up now to take part in this first SYNC leadership institute offering from the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV), Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association (VHHA) and the Virginia Nurses Foundation (VNF). These three organizations recognize the need to teach health care teams strategies to better serve their communities, lead their colleagues and improve as effective leaders. The program, SYNC - Transforming Healthcare Leadership, engages emerging leaders in collaborative leadership development.

learning and discussions and capstone project completion.

Program topics and expectations: •

Learning objectives: SYNC is open to health care teams with up to five members, which must include a physician, a registered nurse and other clinical leaders. Program instruction will focus on developing collaborative teamwork and leadership capabilities among participants through four in-person training sessions, online 12

The changing landscape of 21st century health care and its implications for health care leadership and strategy Why interprofessional collaboration is an essential strategic response to the new health care Applying design thinking as an important tool in enhancing collaborative leadership and strategy Leveraging personal leadership fundamentals as a starting point for effective collaboration Employing these concepts in the development of a practical capstone project

Learning sessions: Participating teams commit to attend four in-person sessions in Richmond from Oct. 2015 to March 2016.

Each two-day session is scheduled for a Friday afternoon (1-5 p.m.) and a Saturday morning (9 a.m.-1 p.m.).

The dates are: •

Oct. 16-17: An overview of the importance of collaborative leadership in 21st century health care Dec. 4-5: An examination of how collaborative leadership promotes clinical excellence Jan. 22-23: An evaluation of how collaborative leadership enhances organizational excellence March 11-12: A collaborative teach-back session where participating teams become the teachers for the day

Tuition: Enrollment is $5,000 per team. Tuition assistance is available. Visit for additional information and to register.

MSV news

Time to comment on proposed MSV policy The virtual comment area for Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) resolutions is now open! Visit the site to provide your feedback on resolutions that were submitted for consideration by MSV members. We are looking for you to share your opinions on the potential positions on various issues about MSV policy. This site is a private members-only forum, and the deadline to comment is Oct. 16. •

Click here to view the guidelines on commenting on resolutions.

Click here (login required) to visit the Web site to comment on resolutions. To comment, click on the link to the appropriate resolution and enter your feedback in the text field at the bottom of the page.

A summary of comments will be provided to each reference committee at the Annual Meeting. For additional information about resolutions and the Annual Meeting, visit


• Committee nominations deadline – reference, rules, tellers, and credentials

• Informational reports submission deadline Oct. 1 • Hotel reservation cutoff date for discounted rooms • Inaugural ceremony participation confirmation deadline

Oct. 9

• Delegate/Alternate name submission deadline • Resolutions, informational reports, and delegate handbook posted on the MSV Web site Oct. 16

• Meeting and events registration deadline

September 2015 13

MSV news

Countdown to Annual Meeting

RE MEMBER MSV 2015 Annual Meeting

The Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) is just one month away. If you haven’t yet registered for this event, please visit and do so now as important deadlines will be here before you know it. We’re trying several new things at this year’s Annual Meeting that you will not want to miss, including:

Whatever the answer—join the medical student section for a casual evening of microbrewery tastings with local experts who will serve small craft beer samples to go along with your dinner. With more craft breweries popping up every day, this is your chance to sip on some of Virginia’s best local concoctions.

MSVPAC karaoke and cocktails Keynote speaker – Steve Bedwell, M.D. Steve Bedwell M.D. will help you enhance your leadership thinking and emotional intelligence, providing you with a science-smart approach to successfully handle the rapidly changing health care environment. He will help you tackle your workplace challenges by showing you new ways to come up with solutions.

Practice and business manager educational session

Due to the popularity of last year’s first Karaoke and Cocktails event, the MSV Political Action Committee (MSVPAC) is again hosting this soiree. Come ready to sing your heart out and remember to make a donation (starting at $1.00) to MSVPAC to sing or not sing, have someone else sing—you will even have the chance to stop a poor performance! All funds raised will benefit MSVPAC.

Stretch and breathe - yoga session

For the first time this year, practice administration professionals are invited to join us and enjoy the keynote speaker, network and take part in an educational session on risk management with electronic health records (EHR) and employee embezzlement. Please encourage your practice administer to register and attend!

Did you know our very own Chris Li, third year medical student from Virginia Tech Carilion (VTC), is also a certified yoga teacher (CYT) at the 200 level? Join him as he leads a yoga session and guides you through some poses that will help you increase strength and flexibility and manage stress. Please come dressed comfortably and bring your own yoga mat.

Casual dinner with microbrewery tasting and music

Open forum with MSV leaders

Do you like your beer high on hops or malt, foamy, creamy, light or dark? 14

We are holding an open forum with MSV President William C. Reha, M.D.,

M.B.A. and Executive Vice President Melina Davis-Martin so you can learn more about the MSV strategic plan that we’ve been designing to shape the future activities of MSV and offer your feedback.

Integration of care MSV is partnering with the Psychiatric Society of Virginia (PSV) to hold an all-day education session on integration of care. Moderated by Charles Curie, principal and founder of The Curie Group, LLC, a management and consulting firm specializing in working with health care leaders, the session will start with a presentation on legislative and policy issues surrounding integration. Presentations will also be given by: Cynthia C. Romero, M.D., FAAFP, Sterling N. Ransone Jr., M.D., FAAFP, Kent McDaniel, M.D., Deputy Secretary of Health & Human Resources Jennifer Lee, M.D., Kathy Tierney, DNP, director of the Richmond Behavioral health and Eliot Sorel, M.D. This session is open to physicians of all specialties.

Narrative medicine – A solution for physician burnout Terri Babineau, M.D., assistant dean for student affairs at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), will share why narrative medicine is such an important topic in medical education and

Continued on page 18




Presented by:

September 2015 15

MSV news

Congratulations, 2015 photo contest winners! With more than 15 entries for the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV) summer photo contest, we received more entries than ever and the competition was close! Congratulations to Helen Foster, M.D., whose photo entitled, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dolphin,â&#x20AC;? was the big first place winner. Thank you to everyone who participated this year!

September 2015 17

MSV news

Welcome new members Annandale

Mc Lean



Ellen C. Vaughey, M.D. Srikrishna Vemana, M.D.

Stuart Robert Stark, M.D.

Richard David Kauffman, D.O. Jeffrey M. Preuss, M.D., FACEP

Edward Follett Morris, M.D.



Virginia Beach

Elizabeth Munter Lavery, M.D.

John R. Janes, Jr., M.D. Peter Jon Rosenbaum, M.D.

Salem Anthony Louis Dragovich, M.D.

Robert C. Blackwood, M.D. Benford O. Nance, Jr., M.D.





Ismat A. Asad, M.D. Arthur Clifford Ernst, M.D. Jennifer Lee Sheehan, M.D.

Matthew Paul Shapiro, M.D.

Ahmed M. Hegab, M.D.

Manassas Ashley Morgan Poe, M.D.

Countdown to Annual Meeting

Verona Thomas A. Zumsteg, M.D.

Kevin Charles McCarthy, M.D. William L. Simpson, M.D.

Wytheville James Christopher Zwanch, D.O.

When you need it.

continued from page 14 training. Learn how teaching more humanities can help prevent eventual physician burnout because it encourages medical students to better understand their patientsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; stories and therefore improve their ability to do things like medical interviewing, patient centered care, self-awareness and reflective practice. This event is sponsored by Capital Area Health Education Center.

ICD-10 Check-in How has the transition impacted your practice? MSV will host an open forum discussion facilitated by Lesley Wagner, MSV Practice Advocacy Manager, to check in and see how you are adjusting.

PSV/MSV resident and medical student session

Medical professional liability insurance specialists providing a single-source solution

There will be a breakout session for residents and medical students with Susan Motley, former Executive Director of the MSV Foundation, as she gives tips for writing resumes and updating Curricula Vitae (CVs) so they get noticed. Ann L. McNary, J.D. will review negotiation tips for that first employment contract.


Member resources

Member resources G

et the most out of your involvement with MSV by taking advantage of our many valuable resources, publications, educational opportunities, professional services and practice management tools. Most of these services are available to only MSV members so please join today to enjoy these exclusive benefits.

Free resources



• Member helpline 800 | 746-6768, EXT 1060

• Grassroots action center

• Coding webinars and classes

• Member information center 800 | 746-6768, EXT. 1050 for questions regarding membership

• MSV Legislative Updates, MSV E-News, Virginia Medical News, Practice Services Updates

• Local consultation

• Regional staff • JobBoard • Physician Directory • Health plan hassles

Leadership • Committees and task forces • House of Delegates and Board of Directors • State leadership opportunities

• Issue backgrounders • Knowledgebase

• Discounted coding manuals

Additional services • Property & casualty insurance • Life & health insurance • DOC Rx Relief

Events • White Coats on Call lobby days

Vendor partners

• Advocacy boot camps

• Total Merchant Services

• MSV Annual Meeting

• Digital Benefit Advisors

• Medical student section events

• 1752 Financial

Education • evolve™ • SYNC • Free CME/Opioid education September 2015 19

Who better to help you? Each day thousands of physicians treat their patients with confidence in knowing that MSVIA is their ANNIVERSARY insurance partner. Building on the Medical Society of Virginiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s legacy of caring about Virginia physicians, our team stands ready to support you with unbiased guidance and exceptional service. Request a quote at

Virginia Medical News - September 2015  
Virginia Medical News - September 2015