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1 a manifesto

Walk the labyrinth, quiet your mind and brace yourself, you are about to hit your blisspoint.


There is a place your soul longs to be, a land of limitless possibility, a wonderland of abundant fun. Glen Ivy is a utopian expanse under a vast open sky, nestled in a valley beneath the Santa Ana Mountains. A mere 50 minutes, yet a land apart, from the big c ity. Here you let go, breathe deep, giggle and open your heart to your self and the huge diversity of kindred spirits. This is a place that feeds your soul, nourishes your spirit, rejuvenates body and mind, and will leave you longing to return again and again.

With 19 pools, our signature red clay and grotto experiences, 61 treatment rooms, 9 mani/pedi stations, two savory eateries, and 17 acres of meandering garden pathways, Glen Ivy is one of the largest spa wellness destinations in America.

2 timelessness

AGELESS BEAUTY Generations of Native Americans soaked in these mystical waters, as have countless travelers since 1860. Today 170,000 people a year enter our grounds to heal and soothe soul, spirit and body. COLD


Laps, cold plunge, hot pool; these are your only decisions for the day. What will you do next?


Nature’s magic conspired here to create an ecotone, a sweet spot of two converging, distinct ecosystems, where nature’s abundance — an astounding 250 species of birds, animals and plants — thrive unlike anywhere else. So it goes with their human counterparts: WKULYHïRXULVKUHQHZ$IXVLRQRISDVW and present, Glen Ivy is ageless beauty.

3 inclusiveness

Swim laps, take an aqua class or sit in the quiet tranquility of the naturally thermal mineral baths.

6 OF CONNECTEDNESS Feel the energy and hear the song of birds when you walk the lush, verdant grounds. 6SODVKWRXFKLPPHUVHZDQGHUïRDWVODWKHU taste, sip and restore a feeling of connectedness to yourself and to friends in a veritable playground of bountiful options. We’re all in this together. Embracing life and one another is somehow easier here, where ancient voices resonate in a wondrous palette of nature. Soaking in the mineral-rich thermal waters and red clay mud baths is a tradition practiced around the world since ancient times.

4 healing

SAVOR THE RITUAL The ancient rite of healing recalls a deeper part of one’s self. Whether you are drawn to a therapeutic massage or a thick tribal-like smear of red-mineral clay — baked warm in the sun — you are encouraged to savor the rituals of healthy joy here. Deep in the Grotto, in this darkened cave, delight in being painted from head to toe with a delicious mix of hydrating aloe, shea butter and coconut oil. The RSWLRQVDUHERWKLPPHUVLYHDQGRYHUïRZLQJ7KHUHªV no end to the delight you’ll feel both on the surface and deep inside, here at Glen Ivy.



We use only products that boast nature’s best and highest-grade ingredients to detox, moisturize and replenish you and the skin you are in.

Hidden at the outermost edge of the sanctuary is a place where solitude and quietude reign.

5 services


Paradise bar, paradise pavilion, paradise falls – are you catching a theme here?

2XUXQLTXH\HDUURXQGZHOOQHVVH[SHULHQFHLVRǺHUHG under a boundless, brilliant sky. Enjoy an outdoor massage beneath the shade of anc ient oaks or “om” in the cool reserve of comfortable cabanas. Whet your imagination with 17 acres, 19 pools and spas, including naturally thermal mineral baths, a cold plunge and a saline pool. Our fruit and herb-infused organic facials, body treatments, manicures/pedicures and massages nurture wellness and health. Daily classes include our very own JoyFitness yoga, tai chi, aqua aerobics and workshops to inspire. The open grounds beckon you to discover and rejuvenate. The goal here is simple; awaken your bliss.

Our indoor-outdoor open DUFKLWHFWXUHRǺHUVURRP to breathe. Unlike most spa experiences we invite you to roam freely to discover your delight.


Serious business In pursuit of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, recognizing performance excellence in the U.S., Glen Ivy is in the process of securing it’s ISO TXDOLW\FHUWLÎFDWLRQ*OHQ,Y\ represents the highest caliber of standards and practices in the industry. Your experience here will tell you that the facilities, people, training, services and equipment have met and regularly exceed the highest expectations of a discerning clientele.

a destination

Cuisine Two restaurants on the property provide ample seating and delightful alternatives to nourish the day. Choose from CafÊ SolÊ’s Mediterranean and World Style cuisine to

fresh daily musings of 6XQĂŻRZHU Sushi. Our celebrated, awardwinning Executive Chef, Bill Wavrin, KDVFXUDWHGDPHQXRIĂŻDYRUVWKDW are as imaginative and varied as they are delicious.

The partnerships There are endless ingredients that go into your Glen Ivy experience. From the organically grown and locally sourced food, to the salves and creams, muds and anti-aging elixirs that comprise our treatments, premium quality is standard. And we are proud to partner with Primavera, 6SD5LWXDO 1ĹĽ)$&( &ODULVRQLF and Jane Iredale in the packages of SDPSHULQJZHRÇşHUDQGVHQGKRPH from our gift shop.

The pedigree Over 450 of the most highly trained and accredited therapists, intuitive VHUYLFHVWDÇşDQGGHYRWHGPDQDJHment with long-standing hospitality experience contribute here. A diverse set of complementary skills empower us to serve a remarkably diverse clientele in both a seamlessly consistent and powerfully positive way. Just read our reviews on the Internet. The future 83 acres, the hot springs, a historic ORGJHERWDQLFDOJDUGHQVFHUWLĂŽHG organic farm, orchard, and the myriad of its component parts are ripe for development, growth and expansion. Just imagine the possibilities.

who’s who

THE POWERS OF ATTRACTION Glen Ivy is the sum total of its people and parts; devotion and experience that are brought to bear over every expression of the customer experience. We’ve made bliss an art-form.

Jim Root CEO/President CEO and President Jim Root graduated from the prestigious Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, launching a 36\HDU FDUHHU GHYRWHG WR UHĂŽQLQJ KLV Spa and Hospitality management instincts at such world-renowned spas as Rancho La Puerta, Miraval, Meadowood Napa Valley and Sea Island Resorts. ,QKLVĂŽYH\HDUVDW*OHQ,Y\5RRW envisioned and championed Glen Ivy’s transition to distinct holistic philosophies and a culture of soc ial “Spa-ing,â€? in turn, boosting visitor attendance to over 200,000 annually and amassing numerous top local, regional and national awards for both the Hot Springs and Glen Ivy Brea.

A grapefruit tree stands proudly at the center of the property. Grown from a seedling over 100 years ago, it still bears fruit.

Root is a past Chairman of the International Spa Association, the leading worldwide Spa Professional Organization. Known for employee team building, Root envisioned and directed the organizational and operational change at Glen Ivy creating memorable, life-changing experiences for Spa guests.

Cristen Stier CPA, CFO Cristen Stier is an accomplished \HDUYHWHUDQRIÎQDQFH administration, and public accounting in hospitality, manufacturing and agriculture. Ms. Stier’s expertise boosted and improved Glen Ivy operations, spiked business growth DQGPD[LPL]HGSURÎWVWKURXJK DVWXWH ÎQDQFLDO PDQDJHPHQW internal controls and pinpointed HǸFLHQF\ LPSURYHPHQWV Ms. Stier’s considerable contributions to strategic planning, development and corporate leadership has had enormous positive impacts on Glen Ivy, a $24 million Spa and Hospitality Company with two locations.

Bill Wavrin Executive Chef A celebrated chef, noted author, television personality and food columnist. Chef Bill has 35 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, earning top national recognition for crafting delectable, seasonal selections of locally-sourced cuisine into his healthy menus. Chef Bill authored a James Beard Award-nominated cookbook and is a three-time award recipient for best destination spa cuisine from Conde Nast and Travel + Leisure. A triple-crown winner among culinary intelligentsia for his work at the three top spas in the world: Miraval, the Golden Door, and Rancho La Puerta, Chef Bill is a popular TV guest and host, featured on The Today Show, Food Network, A&E’s “Great Spas of the World� and Discovery Channel.

Daniel Silva Executive Spa Director Executive Spa Director Daniel Silva oversees one of the largest spa operations in the US directing Front of House Operations including Spa Services and Food and Beverage at Glen Ivy. Silva is a master at building cohesive employee teams and ensuring that Glen Ivy’s diverse range of guests are the top priority. Silva oversees a program that includes 50 hours a year of continuing education for ALL HPSOR\HHVLQFOXGLQJFHUWLÎHG NCBTMB massage therapists. Silva values maintaining a high level of employee satisfaction to ensure that our high quality employees enjoy long and fruitful careers within the fold.

7 happiness


Ah, the lounge pool. A center of conviviality and the heart of the hot springs, expressed as a gorgeous hub of humanity.

With a hunger to live your very best life, a place dedicated to the pursuit of happiness is just the distraction you need from all of life’s commotion. We believe in happy. And we believe that true happiness begins with these simple truths: awaken your senses, feed your soul and just be among IULHQGVLQDKHDUWÎOOHGSODFH:HKDYH unlocked a power like no other. And we dedicate our great passion, our deep experience and an insatiable devotion to your enjoyment of life and an unforgettable day at Glen Ivy.


Glen Ivy is ageless beauty.


Glen Ivy is ageless beauty.