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If you fall sick quite often than others, then it is important to know how you can improve your immunity to overcome it. Check out six reasons to know why do I keep falling sick all the time and how to fix them.


01 You do not have a seasonal diet

04 Your Vitamin D levels are extremely low

02 You are overcaffeinated

05 You do not wash hands properly

03 Your belly fights a losing battle

06 You do not sleep early

01 YOU DO NOT HAVE A SEASONAL DIET Try to eat fresh foods depending on the season to overcome deficiencies. For example, Vitamin A is a common deficiency and found in orange vegetables, squash and pumpkins. It rebuilds mucosal immunity thus, keeping the immune army in the sinuses and gut wall strong and impermeable during winter. The Fix: Follow an inherited approach by eating seasonally. Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots and squash are rich in immune-boosting Vitamin A. They are a great veggie option for lunch or dinner or you can prepare soups to warm up and remain cold.

YOU ARE OVER-CAFFEINATED Your busy work life and family schedule prevents you to have proper sleep and eat quickly. Thus, like most people if you are feeling sick and tired all the time, you might think that a cup of coffee is what can help in this situation. This makes you fall sick often with colds or the flu.

The Fix: If you are not feeling good, reduce the intake of coffee. If you drink one cup in a day, take 1-2 days off per week to give a break to the nervous system and recharge the immune system. Drink your last cup before noon so that you don’t fall sick.

YOUR BELLY FIGHTS A LOSING BATTLE Stress, hectic schedule, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and the environment can disturb a healthy gut thus, making you to fall sick.

The Fix: Add Paleo-friendly fermented foods such as kimchi, kombucha tea, yogurt, sauerkraut and tamari sauce to get your daily dose of “good” bacteria. If you’re feeling down, add a probiotic supplement to prevent bacteria from staying on mucous membranes and penetrating immune defenses.

YOUR VITAMIN D LEVELS ARE EXTREMELY LOW Vitamin D is an important factor to maintain good health and fighting against cold. It up regulates key antimicrobial proteins that enable bacteria and viruses to stay away. Unfortunately, foods like fish, eggs, pork and mushrooms have vitamin D that is not sufficient to maintain blood levels above 30ng/ml. The Fix: Add a Vitamin D supplement (2,000-4,000 IU daily) to maintain the level during winter months. If you’re supplementing, get the levels tested in every 8-12 weeks. Also, include vitamin D-rich foods and Paleo staples such as fish, eggs, pork and mushrooms to fight against seasonal decline of Vitamin D.

YOU DO NOT WASH HANDS PROPERLY Often you do not wash hands before having your lunch or enjoying evening snacks. When you shake hands with your business partner during winter, chances are germs spread easily if you do not wash hands properly before eating. The Fix: It is advised to wash hands always before you eat. If you do not want to use soap and water often, use an antimicrobial hand sanitizer.

YOU DO NOT SLEEP EARLY Most people sleep for 6-7 hours at night which is less than 7.58.5 hours according to experts for proper rest and relaxation. Does this mean you require more sleep? Well, not exactly. The answer actually depends on the season. The Fix: Go to bed early during winter to feel energized and prevent illnesses. If you sleep for less than 5 hours at night, there are higher chances of catching cold or flu. Visit a walk in clinic in London and talk to doctor for fighting off colds and flu by not falling sick in the first place.


6 Reasons You Fall Sick Often and How to Overcome It  

If you fall sick every now and then, see a doctor to know the symptoms. This way, you can improve your health condition and lead a better li...

6 Reasons You Fall Sick Often and How to Overcome It  

If you fall sick every now and then, see a doctor to know the symptoms. This way, you can improve your health condition and lead a better li...