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In order to have access to the Beauty & Spa facilities of Villa Padierna Medical Wellness Institute, do it through the bathrobe in your room or if you prefer you can find bathrobes and slippers in the changing rooms. Arriving five minutes before is recommended in order to register and begin the treatment on time. Please contact with the Director or receptionist of the Centre before booking the treatment if you have high blood pressure, allergies, any physical problems or if you think you may be pregnant. You can bring your own underwear or use disposable one that we offer. If you wish to change the temperature of the room or volume of the music, please let our therapist know. We recommend you to leave valuables in your room. If you arrive late, the duration of treatment is reduced. The treatment will finish on time in order to continue with the next client. However, if there is no other client with reservation, you may continue your treatment completing your scheduled time. The selected treatment is reserved specially for you. There will be a charge of 50% if not cancelled within the four hours just before the agree service time. The Centre’s environment is peaceful and relaxed, and we would appreciate if you avoid using mobile phone in the facilities. Thank you

Ask by phoning extension 5900 or +34 952889150 from external call or



TAKE CARE OF YOU TABLE OF CONTENTS Villa Padierna Hydrotherapy...................................................................04 • Aromatic Thermal Bath Circuit............................................................04 • Baths and Body Wraps...........................................................................04 Villa Padierna Spa.....................................................................................06 • Massages..................................................................................................06 • Rituals.......................................................................................................09 Villa Padierna Beauty................................................................................11 • Facial Treatments....................................................................................11 • Free informational consultation with our Cosmetic Doctor............14 • Free informational consultation with our Vascular Doctor..............14 • Free informational consultation with our Podiatrist.........................14 • Body Treatments.....................................................................................15 • Beauty Services.......................................................................................16 • Oxygen Bubble Treatment.....................................................................17 • Mani-Pedi Nail Bar.................................................................................17 • Makeup....................................................................................................17 Villa Padierna Beauty & Spa Packages ...................................................18 Villa Padierna Detox Bar..........................................................................19 Villa Padierna Fitness...............................................................................20

VILLA PADIERNA HYDROTHERAPY AROMATIC THERMAL BATH CIRCUIT Hotel Villa Padierna’s thermal bath circuit includes eight steam and aroma rooms, which makes its aromatherapy and chromatherapy bath circuit one of the most complete in all of Europe. Our specialised therapists prepare the aromas each day by manually combining different natural essences. BALI STEAM (38ºC): Combination of coconut and vanilla essences to create a relaxing, anti-stress and balancing effect. INDIA STEAM (42ºC): Curry, ginger, cinnamon, lemon and orange essences to give energy, stimulate the senses and improve blood flow. SALT STEAM (45ºC): Mix of highly concentrated mineral salts with an exfoliating, cleansing and relaxing effect. HAMMAM (48ºC): Eucalyptus and mint essences to create a feeling of relaxation, as well as a purifying effect. GREEK SAUNA (45ºC): Rosemary and thyme essences to clear the respiratory system and relax the muscles. FINNISH SAUNAS: With lemon essences to relax the muscles and improve blood flow. LACONIUM (37°C): Scented with ylang-ylang essences, it provides a place for you to relax and calibrate your body temperature after the steam baths and before entering the relaxation room.

BATHS AND BODY WRAPS ALL BATHS INCLUDE A 25-MINUTE MASSAGE* CLAY BODY WRAP WITH BULGARIAN ROSE Feel as your body becomes hydrated while you enjoy the exquisite aroma of the Bulgarian rose. Your skin will regain its shine and moisture, and the wrap will provide you with a feeling of freshness and rest. Recommended for dehydrated skin, as well as skin that is sensitive, delicate, or has been damaged by the sun. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 110 € CLAY BODY WRAP WITH CACAO Delightful body wrap with pure cacao that has an anti-cellulite effect that reshapes and sculpts your body’s contours and improves the texture of your skin. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 110 €


SALT PURIFY BATH + ALGAE BODY WRAP* Salt bath to clear our airways, eliminating fatigue and providing a great relaxing effect. The marine algae boost the metabolism and stimulate blood flow. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 120 € “CLEOPATRA” NUTRITIONAL BATH* Nutritional milk bath that envelops the skin, giving it a velvety and pearly touch. The skin becomes moisturised and perfumed. Includes a scalp massage to improve the comfort and well-being of the body and mind. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 90 € FLORAL BATH (TUBEROSE, ROSE AND JASMINE)* Relaxing bath made from pure essential tuberose, rose and jasmine oils. The body recharges itself with a new feeling while the mind relaxes as you receive a scalp massage. Duration: 45 min. / Price: 90 € CHAMPAGNE AND ROSE BATH* Pamper yourself with the soft caress of a relaxing bath with antioxidant properties. Contains green grape, which nourishes the skin, and magnolia oil, which provides a pleasant and relaxing feeling of well-being. Duration: 45 min. / Price: 90 € INDIAN BATH* Bath with lovely and intelligently combined essential oils. The whirlpool bath jets are designed to give you a toning and pleasant massage. You will enjoy a scalp massage as well, which improves comfort and well-being in the body and mind. Duration: 45 min. / Price: 90 € REVITAL ACQUAMASSAGE Underwater massage ideal for purifying the body, working the muscles and reaffirming tissue. It works especially well to prepare the body and tissue for increased effectiveness in the rest of the treatments. Duration: 45 min. / Price: 90 € REVITAL JET Water jet therapies (cold, hot, or in alternating baths) are able to increase blood flow in specific areas of the body, which is why they are especially effective in patients with circulation or heart problems or sleep disorders, as well as for treating muscle contractures. Duration: 20 min. / Price: 30 €



A TOUR OF FIVE CONTINENTS ENJOYING THE BEST MASSAGES IN THE WORLD MASSAGES WE BELIEVE IN YOUR RIGHT TO FALL ASLEEP DURING THE TREATMENT REVITAL MASSAGE This massage represents the foundation of all of our treatments, since we use it to achieve the most absolute relaxation and we purify the body, thereby giving it an indescribable feeling of well-being and relaxation. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 110 € MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE (VODDER METHOD) Gentle manual technique that stimulates vein and lymphatic flow, eliminating toxins and harmful substances. Ideal as a complementary treatment for people who suffer from liquid retention. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 97 € SPORTS MASSAGE Sports massage that eliminates muscle contractures. Intense massage technique that helps to liberate muscle tension and alleviate pain. The muscles oxygenate and relax, leaving the body with a pleasant feeling of well-being. Duration: 25 min. / Price: 65 € Duration: 55 min. / Price: 110 € CRANIOSACRAL MASSAGE A special treatment inspired by ayurvedic medicine based on the energy points on the head and neck and which uses surrounding and relaxing steps. Especially recommended for people with energy imbalances, states of tension, congestion and rigidity. Induces deep oxygenation with a purifying and stimulating effect that helps the neck and face muscles. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 97 € REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGE Relaxing massage on the soles of the feet. The strategic points associated with the organs are delicately massaged. The acupressure provides a complete feeling of well-being. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 97 € 6

SERENITY AND AROMATHERAPY Relaxing, anti-stress massage. The rhythm, movements and carefully selected aromas will provide you with a deep feeling of well-being. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 97 € Duration: 85 min. / Price: 150 € REIKI SESSION Ancestral oriental therapy that harmonises body and soul. Balances inner energy and frees the body from physical, emotional and intellectual fatigue. A true caress for the soul. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 120 € “ZEN STONES” MASSAGE Joins the relaxing effect of a massage with the benefits of hot and cold volcanic rocks. Channels energy and releases tension. An overall feeling of liberation, well-being and comfort. Duration: 120 min. / Price: 200 € “ABHYANGA” MASSAGE Traditional Hindu massage with special oils formulated for each “dosha” (“pitta,” “kapha,” and “vata”). Helps to achieve and maintain general balance in the body, as well as a feeling of well-being. Tones muscle and nerve tissue, thus reactivating vital energy, improves joint function and favours emotional release. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 100 € SHIOBHYANGA MASSAGE Cranial massage originating in India that alleviates stress and anxiety, helping to release tension in the neck. It has an incredible effect on scalp health, and it alleviates mental and muscle tension and anxiety, in addition to clearing and revitalising the mind and improving concentration. Balances the entire body, providing a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 100 € THAI MASSAGE This massage consists of interactively using the hands to do passive stretching and create pressure along the body’s energy lines, increasing flexibility, working on muscle chains, and balancing the body’s energy system. The result is at the same time relaxing and stimulating. The strong stimulation that this massage causes is much greater than that of other more traditional massages, but deep relaxation is achieved at the same time. The therapist presses throughout the entire body, using his or her fingers, hands, elbows, feet and knees to work on the muscles. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 110 € Duration: 85 min. / Price: 150 € LOMI-LOMI MASSAGE Originally from Hawaii, with a tradition more than 4,000 years old. A deep and tender massage, effective at both preventing and curing pain and injuries. Its movements work the entire body, from the structural part to the emotional part; they renew memories of what the body considers to be painful or 7

pleasant and dissolve tension to the rhythm of the heartbeat, with the hands, forearms, acupressure, ancient techniques and healing melodies. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 97 € Duration: 85 min. / Price: 150 € TRADITIONAL SWEDISH MASSAGE Developed by Henrik Ling in 1830, it is a body massage technique that involves the systematic handling of the body’s soft tissue, with the goal of toning the muscles and providing well-being. Combination of oriental and Western traditions; Japanese “shiatsu” techniques and classic kneading techniques. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 90 € GOLFBALLS: SWING MASSAGE A specific set of muscles and tendons receive significant stress when playing golf. For this reason, we offer a therapeutic massage, lasting approximately one hour, to stimulate and relax those specific muscles, combined with acupressure points in the tension areas, to make your golf matches a more pleasant experience and to avoid injuries. The therapy involves using hot golf balls to help perform the massage, and it has been proven that this eliminates the tension that golf players have after playing a round. The movements are based on four basic foundations: relaxing, heating the muscles, treating specific areas and improving flexibility. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 90 € MUM TO BE MASSAGE To help future mothers beginning with their second trimester to take care of themselves and their baby, this body massage provides the great benefits of natural products, together with great relaxation using specially designed techniques for these women. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 97 € 4 HANDS MASSAGE Delight in one of the most relaxing massages in existence, performed by four hands that are experts in the best techniques. Allow yourself to be taken away into the silence that your mind so longs for. Allow us to fill your entire body with energy. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 200 € SHIATSU Therapy originally from Japan whose activity focuses on preventive health, increases vitality, alleviates fatigue, and stimulates the natural self-healing process by applying pressure to key points on the body. Additionally, its work methods offer warmth. Duration: 85 min. / Price: 170 €


RITUALS BODY RITUAL WITH SPICE AROMAS Exfoliating treatment with spices that stimulates, invigorates and awakens the senses. The concentrated cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper elixir bath combats fatigue. The treatment is complemented by the feeling of well-being of the scalp massage and bodily moisturising. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 110 € BODY RITUAL WITH SEMI-PRECIOUS MINERALS AND GOLD NUGGETS Exfoliating body treatment with semi-precious mineral rocks. Removes dead cells that prevent the skin from breathing, and purifies the skin, brightens it, and leaves it soft and velvety. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € SOIN MINCEUR ‘TOUT EN FINESSE’ A personalised body treatment to achieve the perfect silhouette. After a draining exfoliation, the skin is covered with lipolytic substances to stimulate the lymphatic system. The anti-cellulite movements relieve tissue pressure to regain a refined shape and combat cellulite. Following a treatment regimen is recommended for obtaining visible and lasting results. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € “SILK SKIN” BODY RITUAL A very complete, Mediterranean exfoliating body treatment using aromatised olive pits that eliminates dead cells that prevent the skin from breathing, purifying and brightening it. Includes the application of a lovely soft and velvety silk body wrap. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € “TIRED LEGS” BODY RITUAL Exclusive treatment for tired legs and circulation problems. With the help of a massage and the application of cold bands, return circulation is stimulated and the feeling of heaviness is eliminated. Your legs will be left feeling alleviated and light. Made with menthol and gingko biloba. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 110 € SPECIAL LOCALISED BODY RITUAL FOR CONTRACTURES AND CIRCULATION Specific treatment for sore or tight muscles. Sea mud is applied to the body in a steam room. Next, you choose between a back massage that relieves tightness or a delicate massage to boost blood flow in the legs. You will come out feeling completely renewed. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 120 € 9

“KO SAMET” BODY RITUAL Oriental body ritual that helps to reestablish vital energy and rebalance physical, mental and emotional aspects. It combines a massage with pindas (little bags filled with aromatic herbs), lomi-lomi massage techniques, and passive stretches that allow us to regain flexibility and achieve very deep relaxation. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € “MYSTERIES OF THE INCAN WORLD” BODY RITUAL A mystical and relaxing journey to the heard of the Peruvian Andes through exotic, organically grown natural aromas that captivate the spirit and comforting textures that gratify the skin. A unique experience for all of the senses. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € “100% ARGAN” BODY RITUAL Exfoliating and relaxing combination. Cleanses the skin of all the impurities it has accumulated and the “liquid gold” of beauty is applied to it. Ideal for skin that is dry or lacks firmness. The skin is oxygenated while receiving a nourishing Argan oil bath that gives it back its softness and natural colour. Its high vitamin E content is ideal for fighting premature aging. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € “JOURNEY TO THE AMAZON” BODY RITUAL Immerse yourself in a long and relaxing tour of the aromas and sensations of the Amazon rainforest, accompanied by a satisfying massage that will envelop your entire body. You will feel that your skin is more elastic, radiant and silky. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € “HEAVENLY CHAMPAGNE SENSATION” BODY RITUAL Complete body and facial application of the different grape derivatives and their components to achieve relaxing, rejuvenating, draining and moisturising benefits. Soft exfoliation using grape seed extract; a toning wrap that nourishes your skin and gives it elasticity and firmness; a relaxing massage using magnolia oil; and lastly, the application of a facial mask that completes the feeling of relaxation and well-being. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 €


VILLA PADIERNA BEAUTY FACIAL TREATMENTS WE BELIEVE THAT PERFECT SKIN IS ALWAYS THE BEST ACCESSORY Facial treatments at Villa Padierna Medical Wellness Institute are completely personalised and designed for you. What’s the biggest difference? An accurate diagnosis, expert hands, and of course cutting-edge equipment combined with the best products. BEAUTY BASIC FACIAL Includes double cleansing, exfoliation, extraction with oxygen, facial massage and mask with specific products for every skin type. Benefits: cleansing, intense moisturising, luminosity and vitality in the face. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 100 € EVE LOM FACIAL CLEANSING Possibly the best facial cleansing in the world. A total classic, exclusive at Hotel Villa Padierna. The foundation upon which this treatment rests, like the entire Eve Lom philosophy and the rest of their products, is cleansing, an essential act of beauty that unblocks and exfoliates the skin to keep it healthy and pretty for a long time. The first essential and charismatic step of this process in the room is to apply the revered cleansing Eve Lom balsam with an exclusive massage ritual. Later, when the skin is free of blemishes, liquid paraffin containing a formulation of essential oils is applied to the entire face. This step is truly seductive and relaxing, since it is done in several slow motions, covering the face with several layers of hot paraffin. The aroma of the essential oils does the rest. Camomile, clove, eucalyptus, camphor…are the key ingredients in this ritual that manages to unblock, purify and tone the skin all at the same time. Benefits: this ritual rebalances the skin’s functions, calms irritation, closes the pores and regulates skin oil, revealing clear, soft, fresh and very bright skin. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 100 € Duration: 85 min. / Price: 120 € BEAUTY CURE ANTI-AGING FACIAL Over time, skin is not what it used to be, but with this exclusive anti-aging treatment, we will feel a noticeable change. Double cleansing, a deep peel made with diamond dust, and a facial lifting massage with specific products 11

for damaged skin, working the expression lines in specific areas like the forehead, around the eyes, and the upper lip*. Benefits: Expression lines, marks and scars fade, and the result is skin that is fresh, polished, smooth, regenerated, reaffirmed and completely renewed. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 100 € *Depending on the diagnosis prior to the treatment, ultrasound or radiofrequency technology may be used to complement the manual treatment. DESENSITISING COOL & CALM FACIAL Treatment specifically for sensitive and delicate skin with red spots. We create a calming and moisturising cure that helps us to rebalance the skin. Ideal for skin that has been damaged by the sun. Benefits: the skin is moisturised and softened and protects itself. Thanks to a powerful sensitivity regulator, red spots and irritation are calmed and alleviated. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 100 € LIFTING EFFECT FACIAL Treatment with bipolar radiofrequency, using specific products in the process to achieve an immediate tightening effect. Benefits: reaffirms and tones skin with problems of looseness; reshapes the oval shape of the face, neck and neckline. Moisturises skin deep and increases its density. Duration: 60 min / Price: 150 € LIGHT AND BRIGHTNESS FACIAL* Deep peeling treatment, with ultrasounds and oxygen therapy, targeted at skin that is dehydrated and stressed, weak and lacking shine. Antioxidant treatment with high vitamin C content. Very moisturising and regenerating. Benefits: repairs skin damaged by the sun, improves its texture and provides a lot of shine, encouraging cell regeneration. Gives an immediate flash effect. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 € *We can also perform this treatment with glass cups for a facial lymphatic drainage effect. EXCLUSIVE PURIFYING FACIAL Balancing and regenerating treatment for stressed, weak and intoxicated skin. The Chenot method involves applying different essential oils to the meridians and energy points on the body through a manual massage and glass cupping therapy which creates a light absorption and dispersion of the tissue. A bioenergetic treatment based on oriental medicine and applied to aesthetics. Benefits: eliminates toxins from the body, as well as dead skin cells, closing dilated pores. Creates different shades of shine and promotes microcirculation, unblocking tissues. Surprising results in the bags under the eyes, in addition to eliminating the double chin. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 120 €


REVITAL ‘MICHELLE OBAMA’ DELUXE Enjoy the “Obama experience.” This is the facial treatment that the First Lady chose during her stay at Villa Padierna. Dermabrasion, triple oxygen, radiofrequency and muscle stimulation in just one session. It is a unique treatment done with caviar, white truffle, and gold which deeply regenerates cells, providing lots of brightness, reshaping the oval shape of the face, reaffirming the tissue immediately thanks to the radiofrequency, and toning the muscles thanks to electrostimulation. Spectacular and instant results in the short and long term. Duration: 120 min. / Price: 250 € SCULPTOR MARÍA GALLAND Classic mask from Maria Galland that Coco Chanel fell in love with. A total icon in French beauty. It treats the skin’s need from the inside, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, providing youth and shine. Surprising results in just one session. Three masks to choose from:

• Hyaluronic Acid: it is one of the primary components of the dermis and

the corneal layer. It is highly permeable, combats dry skin and retains the skin’s water. Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin. Provides a lot of brightness.

• Vitamin C: helps pores to become as small as possible. Controls acne,

dilated pores and oil production. Regulates fat and provides lots of moisture and brightness, especially to skin with dull tones.

• Caviar extract: boosts cell regeneration, the metabolism of the epidermis and tissue oxygenation. It has calming properties and increases skin elasticity. Intense rehydration of the skin.

Duration: 60 min. / Price: 120 € RENEW PEEL Achieve the desired “brand new skin” effect of a cosmetic medical peel without the aggressiveness that they entail. A natural process with formulas containing different vitamins that adapts to the needs of each complexion, improving everything from spots and expression lines to looseness, pores and acne marks. Skin renovation without side effects. Perfect for that special day. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 160 € CELL RECOVERY FACIAL (INDIBA METHOD) Treatment that increases facial temperature, providing oxygen to the cells and thereby obtaining younger, firmer and brighter skin. We will used personalised product depending on your skin’s diagnosis. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 150 € WHITE FACIAL Promotes the elimination of sunspots thanks to the application of whitening products using advanced equipment and a deep peel that we perform with specific products. Improves skin’s texture, moisture and brightness. Benefits: surprising results for hyperpigmented skin. Clear and smooth skin, a defining factor for better texture. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 150 € 13

PRE-PARTY FLASH FACIAL A party? An unexpected date? We will eliminate signs of fatigue, clear up the area around your eyes, moisturise, oxygenate, and give your face a spectacular look of brightness using advanced equipment and specific products. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 150 € AREA AROUND THE EYES SPECIAL Exclusive treatment for the most delicate area of the face. Makes expression lines fade, unblocks and smoothes the area around the eyes. Provides a lot of brightness, elasticity and moisture. Ideal for bags and rings under the eyes. Duration: 40 min. / Price: 60 € FACIAL AND BODY DOUBLE Deep lymphatic drainage treatment using the Chenot technique, a well-being programme combined with glass cupping treatment. Promotes the elimination of toxins, boosting blood flow and regenerating cells to achieve the energy balance that our body needs. This treatment is performed using cuttingedge equipment. Duration: 120 min. / Price: 200 € JUST FOR MEN FACIAL Treatment created especially for men who like to take care of their skin and feel it fresh and clean. Combines the best skin products with the most relaxing massages. Especially recommended for bags and rings under the eyes and double chins. Duration: 55 min. / Price: 100 €

FREE INFORMATIONAL CONSULTATION WITH OUR COSMETIC DOCTOR Complete facial rejuvenation, botox treatments, hyaluronic acid, medical peels, facial mesotherapy with vitamins, slimming and reaffirming body mesotherapy, and other treatments. Request it now by phoning extension 5900, or from external call by phoning +34 952889150 or

FREE INFORMATIONAL CONSULTATION WITH OUR VASCULAR DOCTOR Treatment of varicose veins and tired legs. Request it now by phoning extension 5900, or from external call by phoning +34 952889150 or

FREE INFORMATIONAL CONSULTATION WITH OUR PODIATRIST Request it now by phoning extension 5900, or from external call by phoning +34 952889150 or


BODY TREATMENTS WE BELIEVE THAT SELF-INDULGENCE SHOULD BE ACCEPTED AND EXPLORED We design completely personalised treatments and we use the most advanced non-invasive technology combined with manual techniques. Get the body that you’ve always dreamed of in record time with our “express” treatments: centimeter reduction, loss of volume, body sculpting by area, elimination of cellulite, firmness, toning… The real alternative to surgery with painless, relaxing techniques. Ask about our personalised packages. REVITAL LYMPHO-ENERGETIC Purifying technique performed using glass cupping equipment combined with the application of different essential oils by means of a manual massage on the body’s meridians and energy points. Stimulates the metabolism and eliminates toxins by means of natural active ingredients. Bioenergetic treatment based on oriental medicine and applied to aesthetics. The body is revitalised and finds its energy balance again. Treatment appropriate for eliminating liquid retention. Duration 75 min. / Price: 130 € REAFFIRMING TREATMENT WITH RADIOFREQUENCY This is an intensive programme with cutting-edge equipment that provides firmness, elasticity and moisture to tissue that is loose or hanging. Radiofrequency is a technique that facilitates the creation of new collagen and elastin fibres. Duration 75 min. / Price: 120 € SLIMMING EXPRESS The real alternative to liposuction. Eliminates fat cells and decreases the most rebellious cellulite in a completely painless way. Lipocavitation allows for working on six areas of the body at the same time. Improves circulation, eliminates fat, tones muscles, eliminates toxins and tightens the skin. Achieves loss of volume, reduces cellulite and reaffirms. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 120 € LEG SLIMMING TREATMENT This treatment is ideal for getting slimmer, lighter and more toned legs. Specific programme for toning the buttocks. Helps boost blood and capillary flow and to eliminate liquid retention. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 100 € BREAST PUSH-UP Chest sculpting, reaffirming and toning treatment. Improves skin firmness and elasticity, helps to tone and strengthen the bust as well as the neckline. It is very regenerating and nourishing. Combines manual techniques with cutting-edge equipment. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 120 € 15

ANTI-CELLULITE SPECIAL Treatment against cellulite in localised areas. We have cutting-edge technology to eliminate cellulite in the abdomen, sides or arms. Firm and more even skin after the first session. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 120 € BEAUTY COMBO Treatment with personalised diagnosis where we combine varied equipment and manual techniques to drain, reduce, sculpt and tone any part of your body in record time. Stimulates cellular regeneration, evens out cellulite, and improves tone and elasticity. Skin is reborn smooth and soft. Duration: 120 min. / Price: 200 € JET LAG SPECIAL Face cleansing, oxygen, massage and cold mask. Leg massage, reflexology and craniosacral therapy. We alleviate the symptoms of fatigue. Skin appears stimulated, moisturised and more comfortable. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 80 € SELF-TANNING CREAM AND MORE A body exfoliation is performed using salt from the Dead Sea and Damask rose oil, and then the self-tanning cream is applied to the entire body in a relaxing massage. Products from the Rodial line are used. We achieve a very natural, luminous tone. Duration: 60 min. / Price: 75 € BODY CELL RECOVERY (INDIBA METHOD) Treatment that increases body temperature, eliminating fat nodules and reaffirming tissue. We use reaffirming and sculpting products, according to the diagnosis. Duration: 75 min. / Price: 130 €

BEAUTY TIPS EYEBROW DESIGN We design them individually, taking into account the facial features of each person and the thickness, shape, length and size of their eyebrows, since they are a feature that drastically modifies the facial appearance. Price: 40 € HAIR REMOVAL Hair removal using hot or lukewarm wax. Price: Varies depending on the part of the body. Ask by phoning extension 5900, or +34 952889150 from external call or 16

OXYGEN THERAPY This treatment provides several benefits. It deeply cleanses the skin, removes dead cells, oxygenates, moisturises, and boosts microcirculation. Recommended for the most sensitive and delicate skin. Price: 30 € VIBRATION THERAPY We apply a low-frequency vibration to the skin, which transmits the vibrations to the rest of the body. The vibrating massage relaxes and removes tightness from the muscles. It increases skin temperature and improves peripheral capillary circulation. Energetic and deep massage. Price: 50 €

OXYGEN BUBBLE THERAPY Oxygen is the basic element of life. In our bubble, you can breathe air that is 99.99% pure. There are no contaminating particles, bacteria, allergens, or viral agents of any kind. It produces high levels of cellular oxygenation which enables greater benefits in the treatments that we perform inside the bubble. Ideal for people with respiratory problems, allergies, migraines, or insomnia. Duration: depends on the treatment, or 30 min. if used alone / Price: 30 €

MANI-PEDI NAIL BAR Manicure bar with exclusive American OPI products. More than one hundred different colours and ergonomic spa chairs for pedicure rituals. Treatments for chewed nails, filing and polishing, spa and express manicures, moisturising and depigmenting hand treatments. Manicure: 45 € Pedicure: 50 €

MAKE UP We have expert make up artists to do different types of make up: express make up, wedding make up, day look, special night… We use the fabulous Chanel colour line, among others. Price: Varies depending on the part of the body. Ask by phoning extension 5900, or +34 952889150 from external call or


VILLA PADIERNA BEAUTY & SPA PACKAGES “THE ART OF LIVING” Personalised beauty and well-being. Dedicate the necessary amount of time to taking care of your body. We will provide you with a therapist for 3 hours who will diagnose and treat the needs of the skin on both your body and your face. All the necessary techniques, processes and cosmetic products are combined, offering you absolute relaxation. You provide the time and we’ll provide the rest. For 2 people in the Spa Suite (two-person room). Duration: 3 h. / Price: 250 € “WHIM FOR A DAY” • “Silk skin” body ritual. 50 min. • Massage Serenity and aromatherapy. 75 min. • “Drink Bar” breakfast tasting. • “Hydra Expérience” facial. 50 min. Duration: 3 h. 30 min. / Price: 380 € “SPA DUET SÉLECTION” FOR TWO • 2 pax x Entry to aromatic water circuit. • 2 pax x Zen massage with volcanic rocks. 75 min. • 2 pax x “New Skin” treatment. 50 min. • 2 pax x Glasses of champagne, chocolate and strawberries. Duration: 4 h. / Price: 520 € “GLAMOUR GIFT” FOR TWO • 2 pax x Entry to thermal bath circuit. • 2 pax x “Journey to the Amazon” body ritual. 75 min • 2 pax x Serenity and Aromatherapy. 50 min • 2 pax x Glasses of champagne, strawberries and chocolate. Duration: 5 h. 30 min. / Price: 520 € “PAMPERED AND BEAUTIFUL” Includes 80 minutes of a treatment of your choice (massage or facial), and a Spa manicure and pedicure. Duration: 3 h. 30 min. / Price: 200 €


“DEFINITIVE SATISFACTION” Includes 50 minutes of your choice of massage, 50 minutes of your choice of facial, and a Spa manicure and pedicure. Duration: 3 h. / Price: 250 € “TOTAL BEAUTY IMMERSION” Includes 80 minutes of your choice of body massage, aquatic massage with green grape, 80 minutes of a personalised facial treatment, and a Spa manicure and pedicure. Duration: 5 h. / Price: 500 € “HARMONY WITH A PARTNER” Enjoy 50 minutes of a massage in our harmonious two-person room, 50 minutes of a facial treatment, and 2 Spa manicures. Duration: 3 h. / Price: 450 € LUMINOSITY AND BEAUTY FOR BRIDES Includes personalised facial treatment, a ritual of your choice, makeup, hairstyling, and a Span manicure and pedicure. At the client’s request, it can be done in the room for an extra fee. Price: 500 €

VILLA PADIERNA DETOX BAR The Villa Padierna Medical Wellness Institute has a Drink Bar that offers the following healthy and revitalising products to its clients: • A complete selection of natural juices (tangerine, carrot with ginger, lemon with mint…). • A selection of infusions from all over the world (red tea, tea with jasmine, green te, Moroccan tea, Indian tea…). • Fruit salad, crudité platters, pure cacao, champagne…



Personal trainer: • Ask about your needs and goals. • Bioimpedance body analysis (BIA). • Morning exercise sessions and outings on our gold courses. • Physical therapist • “Aesthetic fitness” programme • “Get in Shape” programme • “Sports Recovery” programme • “Golf Fit” programme Physiotherapist Osteopath Pilates Yoga Nordic Walking Prices: ask by phoning extension 5900, or +34 952889150 from abroad or


Carta de Tratamientos Marbella 2013_Inglés  

Carta de Tratamientos Marbella 2013_Inglés

Carta de Tratamientos Marbella 2013_Inglés  

Carta de Tratamientos Marbella 2013_Inglés