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Front Cover: Dan Juarez carries the ball for the Engel & Vรถlkers Polo Team at Polo Noir. Photo courtesy of 503 Media & Events.


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S HOP O VE R 3 0 0 B R AN D S I N-S TO R E & O N L IN E 2 4 / 7 / 3 6 5








The Hidden Creek Story Hidden Creek Polo Club started with a vision: polo grounds and stables, an elevated viewing area, seating for spectators, and immaculate fields that would draw international polo players to Portland to compete. Sean and Gretchen Keys began transforming that vision into reality in 2005 with the purchase of 88 acres of land in the beautiful rolling hills of West Linn. The Keys’ looked to a series of professionals and experts for guidance with the Hidden Creek Polo





advice from renowned polo pro Graham Bray, who has played at clubs around the world for more than three decades. They also consulted Mike King, who had years of experience with golf course construction and management. With hard work and guidance,




Creek fields began to take shape, and in 2007, a group of eight players gathered for the first home game. Times changed for the polo club when the recession struck in 2008, and all games and site work came


Hidden Creek is more than just a polo club… it’s a venue dedicated to raising money for Portland charities. to a halt. It would take five years for work to restart at

But Hidden Creek is more than just a polo club: it’s a

Hidden Creek, but by 2014, the stables, roads and viewing

beautiful outdoor destination for guests and visitors to

platform were complete and players were once again

enjoy. More importantly, it’s a venue dedicated to raising

enjoying polo games in Portland. Dick Fluter of Pacific

money for Portland charities. In 2016, a series of events

Sports Turf played a role in rejuvenating the polo fields

at Hidden Creek raised almost $1 million dollars for local

after years of dormancy by specifying the types of grass

charities, and in 2017, the club will again partner with

present and advising the club on how to bring them up

Classic Wines Auction to raise money for Metropolitan

to top condition. This attention to detail really paid off.

Family Service, YWCA Clark County, and Albertina Kerr.

Fluter suggests that “Hidden Creek is now known for having the nicest polo fields in the Northwest, and the

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Portland, Hidden

quality of their grass, fields, and facilities is really putting

Creek is a private venue that is open to the public for

them on the map.”

weekend polo games during the summer season. Visit the club’s website to find out more about watching a polo

Today the club hosts a series of games and events

match or purchasing tickets to one of this season’s polo

throughout the summer season, July through September.

events: hiddencreekpoloclub.com.

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A 7-1/2 minute period of play; there are 4 or 6 chukkers per game.


A goal judge who waves the flag above the shoulders when a goal is scored, or below the waist if no goal is scored.


Any infraction of the rules of play.


The rating assigned to players on a scale from -2 (beginner) to 10 (the best in the world!).


The left-hand side of the horse, or the side “nearest� to the player when they mount up.


The right-hand side of the horse.


The person who organizes and funds a polo team.


A mounted official on the field, responsible for enforcing the rules.


A referee on the sidelines who the umpires consult if necessary.


Teams line up at center field for the umpire to throw the ball into play.




In inches, the diameter of a hard plastic polo ball. Polo balls were historically made of wood, but were replaced by plastic to avoid splintering.


The number of players on an outdoor polo team.


In minutes, the length of time permitted between chukkers (to switch horses and rehydrate!).


The number of football fields that fit inside a polo field.


In minutes, the length of regulation half-time.


In yards, the width of the polo field.


In yards, the length of the polo field.


Divot Stomp

Most of the whistles you hear in the polo game pertain to

The half-time divot stomp is one of the oldest polo

the most important rule in polo: the line of the ball. After the

traditions. Spectators are invited onto the field, often with a

ball is struck, an imaginary line is created by the direction of

glass of Champagne, and are expected to replace the grass

the ball’s movement. The player approaching the ball along

divots created by the ponies’ hooves. The divot stomp

this line (or at the narrowest angle to it), has the right-of-way.

improves the field surface for the second half of the game.

If another player impedes this right-of-way, the umpires will blow the whistle and award a penalty to the opposing team.

Goal Ends Teams switch goal ends after each goal is scored. It’s easy

Bump (or Ride-off)

to keep track of a team’s goal direction if you watch the

Don’t be alarmed if you see ponies and players making full

throw-in at center field, when teams line up towards their

body contact at a gallop! It’s all part of the game. A bump

own goal end.

is a defensive maneuver whereby one player rides his or her pony’s shoulder into the shoulder of an opponent’s


pony, in the attempt to win the right-of-way.

A set of short wooden boards frame the outside of regulation polo fields. If the ball goes over the boards, a


mounted umpire will perform a throw-in to resume play.

A defensive tactic that involves impeding the mallet swing

Ponies, players and polo balls often go over the boards

of an opponent, in an attempt to block his or her shot on

(i.e. outside of the field) during the game, so keep your

the ball.

eye on the game and stay a safe distance back.





Polo is one of the only sports in the world where men

There's more to attending a polo match than just watching the

and women compete with and against each other! The

game. Polo is a fast-paced sport and is best seen from a safe

numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4 assigned to players, as represented on

distance. During the half-time divot stomp, spectators can walk

their team jerseys, define their responsibilities throughout

the field and experience its impressive size firsthand! When it

the game.

comes to meeting ponies and players, feel free to approach those on the field at half-time for photo opps and some face-

Player #1 assumes the most offensive position on the team,

to-face time. As for the ponies on the sidelines or at the horse

working in the zone closest to the team’s own goal. On

trailers, always ask their care-givers before approaching them,

defense, this player typically marks the opposing team’s

to be sure they are open to visitors.

player #4. There is no formal dress code at most clubs on the West Coast Player #2 makes quick transitions between offense and

(polka dots are optional!), but there are a few soft rules to follow:

defense. Player #2 is expected to score goals and feed the

• Dress comfortably, and weather appropriate: Sun, wind, cold

ball to player #1, while also marking one of the best players

weather… the game goes on. Plan to bring an extra layer, or

on the opposing team.

don a layer that you can easily remove. • Choose footwear wisely: Ladies, do not wear spikey heels!

Player #3 is often the highest-rated player on the team.

When it comes to the divot stomp, you will have no luck at

Responsible for field advantage and game strategy, player

all. Flats or wedges are very popular amongst polo-goers.

#3 must make long passes and cover a lot of ground

Gents, some laid back leather loafers, driving shoes or boat

throughout the game.

shoes are great options. • Go hands-free: Unless you are hosting a field-side tailgate, try


Player #4 is primarily a defensive player responsible for

to keep large bags, totes or other accessories to a minimum.

preventing the opposing team from scoring. This player

When it comes time for the half-time divot stomp, you will

controls the back portion of the field, allowing the other

need one hand on your glass of bubbly and the other free to

three players to commit to offensive plays.

pet ponies, greet new friends or embrace old ones.

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Game Essentials


3 4 6 5 7


1. MALLET: A flexible cane shaft measuring 49 to 53 inches in length, with a hardwood head that is often decked out in team colors and players’ initials. 2. HELMET: Essential head protection from swinging mallets and polo balls. 3. BRIDLE: Leather strapping and a copper or metal bit that allows players to maneuver and stop their pony. 4. BREASTPLATE & SADDLE: Flat, leather saddles are secured closely to the pony's back, and are attached to a leather strap across the pony's chest (breastplate) which prevents the saddle from slipping backwards during the game. 5. LEATHER BOOTS & KNEE PADS: Traditional zipper-front polo boots are made of reinforced leather. Leather knee pads provide further protection during game play, especially ride-offs.

6. PLAITED TAIL: Ponies' tails are braided and secured to avoid getting tangled in mallets during the game. Similarly, their manes are clipped so that they don’t get caught up in the player's reins. 7. POLO PONY: Most polo ponies are thoroughbred or part-thoroughbred horses with great intelligence, speed and agility. It generally takes two years to train a horse to become a polo pony, and training starts around the age of three years old. 8. POLO WRAPS & TENDON BOOTS: Polo wraps provide support for the ponies’ lower legs and the tendon boots are placed over top of the polo wraps to provide protection from contact with other ponies, mallets, and the ball.



The Man with the Mic

Who is that fun, friendly man with the microphone talking his way through each polo match? That’s Tony O’Billovich, former Oregon State and CFL pro linebacker. Tony landed the polo announcing gig at Hidden Creek Polo Club by accident. They had a PA system rigged up, a crowd ready to watch and learn, and no one prepared to fill the role of

Polo is so much more than a little horse logo on a collared shirt.

game announcer. That’s when Tony stepped in. Tony and Sean have worked on presenting polo differently at


Tony’s years of experience with the sport of polo come

Portland, moving away from the traditional mold of polo as a

by way of his long-time friendship with polo club founder

high-brow affair involving dignitaries and fancy sandwiches.

Sean Keys. Tony and Sean have shared a fundamental

Their goal is to make polo into a social and sporting event

agreement in life since they were 5 years old: have fun! And

that is accessible to all. Boisterous songs are played over the

at each polo club event, that is exactly what unfolds. “We

loudspeakers as the polo teams enter onto the field (Enter

don’t want people to come out and have a nice time. We

Sandman, Darth Vader’s Theme, or the Chicago Bulls theme

want them to have the time of their life!” insists O’Billovich.

song), and local craft beer and food trucks are onsite. Visitors

are made to feel welcome, even if they know nothing about the game itself. And for those polo newbies, Tony takes on the role of spirit guide when he picks up the microphone. This helps spectators understand what is happening on the field— how the plays are unfolding, why the whistles are blown, and

On top of all the fun and festivity, Tony also hopes to impart

some of the basics of the game… like changing ends after

in guests an appreciation of the athleticism involved in

each goal. At the same time, he throws out fun facts and jokes

polo. Having been a professional athlete, he understands

in a way that only Tony can.

the level of commitment and training that is involved for players and ponies: “Polo is so much more than a little horse

And while they are determined to bring polo to the Portland

logo on a collared shirt. These horses are in peak physical

public in an exciting new way, the club still respects a few

condition, and the players practice every day. There are so

historic polo traditions that are crowd favorites. Like the

many intricacies to the sport, on top of the fact that they are

Divot Stomp, where guests are invited onto the field at

running at full speed and trying to hit the ball!”

half-time to enjoy a glass of Champagne and the chance to replace divots torn up by the horses’ hooves. Adding to the

Look for Tony on the viewing platform throughout the 2017

experience, Portland players bring their friendliest ponies

polo season. He loves the sport of polo but has no plans to

onto the field, so guests have the chance to meet the ponies

join the action on the field, “My talents are on the sidelines

and players up close, ask questions, and grab a few photo

not in the saddle… with the mic in one hand and a cold beer

opportunities with their new polo pals.

in the other.”



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Cotterel Polo Farms Declo, Idaho JUNE 1 - SEPTEMBER 1, 2017

Featuring: 3 Polo Fields, Exercise Track, 140 Box Stalls, 25-Room Lodge on site For more information, please contact: Francisco Benardoni @ 303-325-6972 Jennifer Luttrell Benardoni @ 303-549-9610

Giving Back Presented by the Classic Wines Auction, the Oregon Polo Classic brings together the excitement and sophistication of polo with an exceptional two-day food and wine experience. Back for a highly anticipated second year, this event includes a Family Day on Saturday, July 22 and a 21-and-over Championship Day on Sunday, July 23, where guests can enjoy exciting polo matches, delicious food, wine tasting and more! Proceeds from the 2017 Oregon Polo Classic will benefit Metropolitan Family Service (MFS), YWCA Clark County, and Albertina Kerr. Collectively, these three organizations are assisting over 30,000 children and families in Portland that are suffering from physical, mental, behavioral, socioeconomic and other challenges.


Since 1950, Metropolitan Family Service (MFS) annually helps more than 13,500 children, families and older adults in the greater Portland metropolitan area who face challenges that affect their lives in significant ways. With a mission to help people move beyond the limitations of poverty, inequity and social isolation, MFS delivers proven programs to help people succeed at home, in school and in the community. Through a focus on prevention, MFS develops solutions that bridge gaps, support equity, and demonstrate value for every person. By joining forces with partners from education, healthcare, business and government, we empower people across their lifespan to realize their full potential.

Since 1907, Albertina Kerr has strengthened Oregon families and communities. Today, we provide programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, empowering them to live richer lives. We’re building an army of angels. A community that stands together. Where we challenge the norm to create a society that has no barriers. Where people who face developmental disabilities and mental health challenges are included and empowered. Where families are supported and children have reason to smile. Where everyday people reach out to the most vulnerable and give back to their community.

YWCA Clark County is on a mission to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. YWCA Clark County began as a lunch counter for working women and today offers five core programs to more than 12,000 people, serving survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, as well as advocating for the welfare of children in the foster care system. YWCA programs provide tools and support to heal, build self-esteem, foster positive life choices, and change lives. YWCA celebrates diversity, respects differences, and recognizes the dignity of each individual. Working as a team to achieve a shared vision, YWCA Clark County is a leader of high-quality, innovative services offered in HIDDENCREEKPOLOCLUB.COM a caring and compassionate environment.


OREGON POLO CLASSIC 2017 Oregon's Premiere Polo Event SATURDAY, JULY 22 | 12PM-4PM A casual, family-focused day with activities for kids and families, including polo games, face-painting, art projects, pony rides, games and more.

SUNDAY, JULY 23 | 12PM-5PM Sunday is a 21+ event for a more formal crowd with activities geared towards adults, including polo games, a Champagne Divot Stomp, a Whiskey & Cigar Lounge and more. Images by Andrea Lonas Photography

FOR TICKETS VISIT OREGONPOLOCLASSIC.COM The Classic Wines Auction is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for local nonprofit organizations benefiting children and families. Recognized as one of the top ten charity wine auctions in the country by Wine Spectator Magazine, the Classic Wines Auction and related events have raised over $40 million for Portland area non-profits since its inception in 1982.

Meet the Pros Dan Juarez In the sport of polo, its commonly agreed that 80% of your success on the field is determined by the ponies you play. Training an excellent polo pony takes great skill, dedication and patience. Then there is the unspoken, visceral ability to communicate with horses that defines a trainer’s success. Think Hollywood blockbuster: The Horse Whisperer. One of the best polo horse trainers and players in the Portland area is Dan Juarez. In his own words, “I am a horse trainer first, and a polo player second.” Yet his career proves that each talent is not mutually exclusive: his horse training abilities make him a great polo player, and vice versa. Dan grew up riding horses on his family ranch in White Swan, Washington. By the age of 5, he was moving cattle and spending as much time in the saddle as possible. Dan came by this passion for horses honestly: his grandfather,

gone on to amazing polo careers. One of the stand outs is

Harry Kwak, was a respected player on the Washington

a mare named Noticeable, who he purchased as a 3-year-

circuit; and his dad, Dave Juarez, was a self-taught

old in British Columbia: “She was athletically gifted and a

horseman and player who learned to ride horses the hard

natural to train. She grew to be a 1,200-pound powerhouse,

way—by falling off them.

yet always maintained a quiet, gentle disposition. I put little kids on her and she was the last horse my dad sat on

In his younger years, Dan learned about horses and polo

before he retired from riding.”

neighbor. Dan also remembers looking up to professional player Mark Daines when he was young: “I didn’t know much about the game at the time, but I knew I wanted to play as fast as Mark did!” As Dan’s polo progressed, he was lucky enough to work with talented and respected players

Photo by Topher Riley

from his father as well as Hal Kent, a great family friend and

on the West Coast, like Graham Bray and Mike Conant. Then in 1993, his good friend Susan Stovall, manager of Eldorado Polo Club in California, invited him to play for the winter season. And his professional polo career was born. Dan reached a handicap rating of 4 Goals and has played professionally since the early 90s. At the same time, he has trained close to 100 polo ponies, several of whom have Dan playing Noticeable at San Diego Polo Club


I am a horse trainer first, and a polo player second. ladies and gentlemen, he just scored his 10th goal of the game.’ I was in the zone, and it took me a moment to realize that Alex was talking about me.” Recently, Dan has developed a real appreciation for polo at Hidden Creek: “What’s not to love? The fields are amazing and the facilities are top notch. There is music playing, crowds gathering, and great local food trucks and Noticeable and Aldolfo Cambiaso at International Polo Club

beer. The summer days are long and most of the time the weather is great.”

Dan sold Noticeable as an 11-year-old to one of the best polo players in the world, Adolfo Cambiaso, and she has achieved great success in a series of high-goal tournaments, including the U.S. Open and the Argentine Triple Crown. Dan also trained a mare named Empress who is the famous dam to Chocolate, one of the most recognized international polo ponies of the past decade. As his training career evolved, so did his polo game and his awareness of all the elements that contribute to a win: practice, horse talent, team planning, game strategy, personal mindset, and a little bit of luck. In some games, Dan’s struggle is real: “I can be near the posts all game, but I can’t seem to find the goal mouth with the ball. Like I couldn’t find water if I fell out of a boat. When you are losing you have to learn to adjust—change your approach, the line-up, your strategy—whatever it takes to stop the bleeding.” And then there are those games when everything goes right. Like the 2006 Officer’s Cup Final in Indio, California. Dan was playing with Graham Bray, Sean Keys and Bill Freeman. They were connected as a team and had a great

Dan Juarez wins the Best Pony Prize at Hidden Creek in 2016 with his mare A.P.

tournament win. Moreover, Dan had the game of his life: “I remember yawning before the game started. I was at

Look for Dan on the polo field and sidelines this summer,

peace, feeling good, and locked-in for the win. Half an hour

ask him about the ponies he just played, and grab a photo

into the game I heard announcer Alex Jacoy say: “ ‘Well

opp with Portland’s very own #horsewhisperer.



Graham Bray New Zealand-born Graham Bray is an imposing and talented polo professional with decades of polo experience and a nononsense approach to the game. People love to play with him, and they hate to play against him. Get to know Graham off the field, however, and you find out what he’s really like: a loyal friend and family man; a hard-working polo manager who cares about club members; and a man with a respect

Hidden Creek is a special place. Polo players have more fun here than at any other club.

for horses that transcends winning and losing games. And does your daughter also play? How did you get involved in Hidden Creek?

Mia is a great rider and she likes to come out and play for

I met Sean Keys when he was down at Eldorado Polo Club in

fun. Last year she played in the Oregon Polo Classic—it was

California. I am the polo manager there in the winter season.

a fun game with lots of people coming out to support the

Sean invited me up to Portland to get involved in a new club,

charities involved.

and the rest is history. It must be fun to see the success of polo in Portland over the What was your first impression of polo in Portland?

past few years, considering that you were involved from the

I came to see the grounds before the Hidden Creek fields


were levelled and construction began, it was probably

Hidden Creek is a special place. Polo players have more fun

2004. Sean was so excited to show me the land. We got

here than at any other club. Sean and Gretchen are always

there and he asked right away “What do you think?” and my

great hosts, and I don’t know anyone who gives as much

immediate response was… “How come it’s not flat?” But by

back to the community.

the time I came back in 2007, there were three perfect fields and we played our first game. How often do you travel back to New Zealand? I have been back on several polo horse scouting trips with Sean over the past years. We always have a great time. I met my wife Deb there, and my son Jesse was born there so it’s always nice to visit. I like to return to play, but more importantly to look for horses. The calibre of their polo ponies is very high. Your son followed in your footsteps as a polo professional? Yes, Jesse is currently a 5-goal rated player and is based out of Wellington, Florida and Santa Barbara, California. He started playing when he was very young and when he turned 12, Sean put him on a team and got a pro to work with him. I think Sean had a lot to do with where Jesse is today, as a professional player. He gave him great opportunities to learn and play.


Right: Deb, Mia and Graham Bray at the Oregon Polo Classic 2016

Tomas Reinoso This season at Hidden Creek Polo Club, 5-goal rated Argentine-born Tomas Reinoso will take the reins as Games Manager. On top of playing, he will take the lead in organizing teams, tournament games and visiting players from across the Northwest and beyond. Having played polo internationally for the past 12 years, Tomas brings all sorts of experience to the local polo community and looks forward to committing to a polo career in the U.S. for the long term. When and where did you learn to play polo? My dad taught me everything I know about polo. I grew up on our family farm in Argentina, where my dad was a horse trainer and 6-goal player. He put me on a horse at a very young age, and I have played polo ever since then. Where has your polo career taken you so far? I have been lucky to play in the U.S., Argentina, France and Pakistan. I really enjoyed playing in St. Tropez and Deauville, France where they have really great polo clubs. How did you come to play polo in Portland? I met Sean Keys and his family in France, when they were there for a vacation. Sean and I had a few stick and ball sessions and practice games together, and we got along very well. He invited me to play at Hidden Creek in 2016 and I thought it was a great club. It’s a new club but has a great base to grow on. The fields are very good and there is plenty of space for the horses. What is one of your fondest polo memories? I don’t spend time looking back at polo games, I am happy in the moment. I always look forward to the next polo game. I have my wife Gisele and son with me, and we make happy memories wherever we go.

I always look forward to the next polo game…


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The sport of kings, the music of legends, and the nectar of the gods; rarely does this divine trifecta grace our lives, let alone take place in Portland’s backyard. Polo Noir unites these forces for two hours of polo, three hours of live music, and all-day world class Willamette Valley wine. Entering its second year, Polo Noir continues to cultivate its cultural contributions to the community. With local favorite, Redray Frazier & his band, opening for three-time Grammy award winner Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers, this year’s lineup serves as a triumphant follow-up to Ben Harper’s performance at the 2016 edition.



But the day isn’t just about appreciating the finer things – the event also raises money for the Children’s Cancer Association & Harper’s Playground, both of which seek to enrich the lives of children through inclusive play and joy. With special thanks to Gretchen & Sean Keys and the team at Hidden Creek Polo Club for hosting us at this one-of-a-kind event. There is nothing like it in Pacific Northwest!



Portland Singer Songwriter REDRAY FRAZIER BAND


The Highlight of Summer BENEFITING





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• 4 Goal, 6 Goal, 8 Goal & 12 Goal Leagues • Weekend Pro Pool - Junior Polo • Onsite Polo & Riding Academy • Cantina Bar & Restaurant • Sunday Polo Events www.eldoradopoloclub.com | 50950 Madison St Indio CA | (760) 342 2223 | eldorado@eldoradopoloclub.com

Longley Stables

A premier equestrian estate in Coachella Valley Property Features

Once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase lot in 2 lot subdivision on a stunning 20

acre parcel. Build your dream home, barn

and arena. Property comes with the use of a private polo field and state of the art exercise track.

Property will include a private well, lake

and site improvements such as landscaping,

corral fencing and utilities. For more information, contact jessica@localdevgroup.com

SOCIAL GALLERY HIDDEN CREEK POLO 1. Sean Keys and Graham Bray play giddy-up! 2. Nick Berube and Jason Ditri 3. Guests get up close and personal with the ponies 4. Matthew Juhren and Ashley Roach 5. Portland Beach Polo 6. Junior polo allstars: Ella, Campbell, Quinn and Ulysses 1






OREGON POLO CLASSIC 1. Miss Oregon 2016 Alexis Mather leads the anthem 2. Matt Felton and Tara Kinateder 3. Mary Lou and Tony Bonanzino 4. Dan Juarez, Alexis Mather and Tony O’Billovich 5. Lisa Bergeson and Gretchen Keys 6. Guests prepare for the Hat Parade and Competition 1






POLO NOIR 1. The winning Engel & Vรถlkers team 2. Ben Harper 3. Marcey Erikson and Stacey Evridge 4. Gery and Suzanne Warner 5. Reegan and David Rae 6. Ladies enjoying the Divot Stomp








Good Luck to All Teams this Season Go Dad!






Love Campbell & Scarlett & Bernadette




Wishing all teams at Hidden Creek Polo Club the best of luck in 2017


For novice and first-time players Never sat on a horse before? No experience is required to enjoy a polo lesson! Our coaches will provide structured instruction on safe school ponies. You will be successfully riding and hitting the ball in your very first lesson!

For intermediate and experienced players Practice makes perfect! Join us for specialized private or group lessons, or weekend clinics. Or learn more about rules and strategy in Coaching League.

A Polo Experience Host your next corporate event at the polo club! We welcome players of any skill level in groups of up to 16 players. Make a day of it: enjoy a lesson, take in a tournament game, and enjoy lunch in the Cantina or Club House. Let us personalize a Polo Experience for you.

Your Pony is Waiting Ponies, polo tack and equipment included. Lessons range from 1 to 1.5 hours in duration, and pricing starts at $85. There are a variety of school horses to suit players of all levels, or you are welcome to bring your own seasoned polo horse.

Polo Lessons available December 1 - March 31 Instructor: Kyle Fargey | E: kyle@eldoradopoloclub.com

Game Face Brent Keys took up polo in January. Since then, he has

process of a 6-month treatment program of chemotherapy.

endured six months of riding lessons in Portland and a

Despite this health issue, I am loving polo. I ride five days a

grueling six weeks of polo training in California. And more

week—it’s a great distraction and I truly believe that polo is

recently, cancer. Brent’s determination is everything: he

positive for my healing.

plays polo five times a week, and takes treatment on the side. Turns out, polo is good for the soul.

What advice do you have for others who want to take up the sport?

Why did you decide to take up polo?

Get professional help. I spent over a month in polo training

I have always been drawn to horses and polo. Recently I

at Eldorado Polo Club this past winter. I rode twice a day,

made some lifestyle changes and felt that it was time to

every day and got instruction from professional players

do what I always dreamed of… play polo! Polo is also my

and knowledgeable instructors. It made a huge difference

brother’s passion, and I wanted to share that with him.

for me.

What challenges have you faced in learning polo?

What are your future polo plans and who is your polo

In the beginning, it was difficult to just stay on the horse! I

‘Dream Team’?

am a decent skier and I thought I had balance, but learning

I’m already on my Dream Team! My brother Sean, Tomi

stability on a fast-moving animal was an entirely new skill set

Reinoso, or Francisco Guinazu.

for me. Now that riding has become almost second nature, I find the hardest part of the game to be strategy. Anyone

My goal for the next year is to ride and play in low-goal

can ride a horse in a straight line, but to be on the field with

tournaments and spend the winter playing in California. By

seven other players, all running, turning and stopping at

next summer in Portland, I want to be playing 8 to 10-Goal

speed… you really need to figure out what position to play.

polo… and kicking my brothers butt while I’m at it.

You have to get your shit together. Game face required! Look for Brent on the field this summer season. The Hidden On top of all the challenges of the game, I was recently

Creek polo family is behind him 100% as he overcomes

diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and am in the

cancer and continues to shred on the polo field.









Julio Arellano, 8

Francisco Benardoni, 1.5

Segundo Bengolea Lalor, 2

Graham Bray, 3

Mia Bray, B.5

Juan Curbelo, 5

George Dill, A

Catlin Dix, A.5

Ulysses Escapite, 4

Gaston Gismondi, 1

Francisco Guinazu, 3

Glenn Hart, B.5

Daniel Juarez, 3

Brent Keys, B

Sean Keys, 1

Eliot King, 1

Virgil Kyle, A

Jason Larvik, 1

Jennifer Luttrell-Benardoni, A.5

Nicolas Maciel, 3

Chris Maloney, 1

Tomas Reinoso, 5

Ryan Robertson, A

Lee Robinson, B.5

Sheryl Sick, A.5

Randy Thompson, A

Joe Vaughn, B

Gery Warner, A


Images Courtesy of The Oregonian

Players take to the field at Oswego Hunt Club in the 1950s

The real innovation in local horsedom… was a game of polo, the first ever played in Portland, between the Portland Polo Club team… and the Oregon Freebooters… Equipped with long-handled mallets, the players assailed a small hardwood ball, trying to place it between the lines on the painted wall. After a great deal of exciting play… the score was: Portland Polo Club, 5; Oregon Freebooters, 0.

The Oregonian reported on one of Portland's first polo games in 1911.


Well-known Portland player Harvey Dick, c. 1935

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