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June 2011 • Vol. 3, No. 6

In this Issue Community Poll: Do you want a car show on Market Street?

By Anne Driscoll |Community Council

Spotlight On: Emergency Response Plan


Marketplace News


MSC Spotlight


Enhanced emergency response plan ensures preparedness New dentist at Market Street Dental gives you reason to smile What’s in a name? Tom’s Thumb named for local climber

DC Ranch Food Circle sphere of influence benefits Foothills Food Bank


As the saying goes, “Waste not, want not.” And DC Ranch resident Karen Ginsburg has turned the axiom into action with the DC Ranch Food Circle. The idea for Food Circle is simple. Residents who are moving or going on vacation and would otherwise be throwing away household and food items, including frozen food, can donate the goods instead. Ginsburg invites residents to drop off items at either community center or her Columbia Villas home in the Country Club village. She will even go to residences to pick up items if that is easier for the donor. On Friday, Ginsburg then delivers collections to the Foothills Food Bank in Cave Creek. “It seemed like a great fit,” said Ginsburg of DC Ranch’s existing relationship with Foothills Food Bank. “I have both the time and a renewed commitment to community service now that my kids are grown.” In the first week of the program, Ginsburg collected 40 pounds of food, much to the delight of Pam DiPietro, executive director of the Foothills Food Bank.

Family & Healthy Lifestyles 8 Get the most from your Internet searches about medical advice

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The Playhouse announces auditions for winter production


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Gin Blossoms scoop ice cream for NICU DC Ranch resident Lisa Kasanicky is the original Arizona Spa Girl Copper Ridge teacher attends prestigious summer program

Spring events included Bark in the Park, Eggstravaganza, and Unhappily Ever After

Featured Meetings & Events Monday, June 6

The results of the 2011 Ranch Association board of directors election were announced April 18 at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting. The new directors who

Trailblazer Walks

Desert Camp Community Center 7 a.m. See Events Pg. 7

Photo: Veronica Aguilar

Saturday, June 18


Food Circl e | Page 14

By Ranch News

The Homestead Community Center 5:30 p.m.

The Homestead Community Center 6 p.m.

“It’s perfect,” said DiPietro. “In the summer months our food donations drop dramatically, but of course the need does not. We have never had an established, organized program

Ranch Association welcomes Sheldon Rubin and Norm Schuminsky to board of directors

Ranch Association Board of Directors Meeting

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Ginsburg collects items and delivers donations weekly to the Foothills Food Bank. “We all throw food away, but instead you can turn that into an opportunity to do good and feel good.”

Sheldon Rubin, left, and Norm Shuminsky, right, are the newest members of the Ranch Association board of directors. The Country Club village residents began their two-year terms on April 18.

will fill four seats on the board and serve two-year terms are Dominic Barone, Fred Green, Sheldon Rubin and Norm Schuminsky. Shawn Seaton will continue as board president and Joe McGarr as treasurer. The board elected Dominick Barone as vice president and Fred Green as secretary. The candidates elected to fill the two seats vacated by Tony Prutting and Kris James are Sheldon Rubin and Norm Schuminsky. Learn what experience and attributes these Country Club village residents will contribute to the board. Sheldon Rubin Sheldon Rubin and his wife Jane were among the first DC Ranch residents when they moved to the community in 1999. An Ohio native and 35-year computer industry professional, Rubin was attracted to DC Ranch because it was one of the only communities offering Internet connectioin at the time. Rubin & Schumin sky | Page 14

Photo: Anne Driscoll

Get Connected

Pre-Sorted First Class U.S. Postage PAID Permit #992 Phoenix, AZ


Get Connected

June 2011

Find it on RanchNet

Need phone numbers for DC Ranch staff or service referrals? A staff directory on RanchNet lists contact information for all members of the Ranch Association, Community Council and Covenant Commission teams. Residents can also check out the service directory for a list of vendors in the DC Ranch area offering assistance with anything from accounting to window washing.

Facebook Conversations: Short-term rentals in DC Ranch

In April several neighbors shared their thoughts about whether the Ranch Association should allow short-term rentals within DC Ranch. Here is what they had to say: My feelings are that they should be allowed, but with an additional monthly premium. — FG My preference would be no rentals. I believe rentals detract from the community. If rentals are allowed the minimum time period should be 1 year. — MBS In this economy I believe rentals should be allowed. Six months seems like a reasonable commitment. I do not believe they would detract from the community as anyone who would be able to afford to rent a house in our lovely community would most likely be a respectful person. — KKC

Ranch News

May poll results: What do you think of the Community Council’s adult program offerings? The graph to the right reflects poll results. All residents are encouraged to send specific feedback to

This Month’s Community Poll Question As events like the Run for Ryan House and Scottsdale Cycling Festival have shown, Market Street in DC Ranch is an ideal place for the convergence of sports enthusiasts. With its fountains, green space and ample parking, it also makes a lush meeting spot for gatherings of all kinds. The DC Ranch Community Council and commercial partners want to know what kinds of open-to-the-public activities you would like to see on Market Street. For example, would a classic car show appeal to you? Specific feedback about this or other activities is welcome at Would you attend a classic car show at DC Ranch? • • • •

 classic car show sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon on Market Street. A If it were happening, I might swing through on a whim but I would not seek it out specifically. A classic car show does not appeal to me, or if it did I have other venues where I can go. I would avoid attending a class car show on Market Street.

Luxury Homes, Quality Living...that’s my Specialty! Join in the conversation at

Find Community Poll on RanchNet.

Spring Cleaning... 4 Buying q 4 Selling q 4 Renting q 4 Investing q M

Call Marnie for help 480-298-2971

arnie Rosenthal


Silverleaf and DC Ranch Specialist CDPE i ABR i CNE i CSSN i SFR i GREEN Land i Investment i Home Closed



Silverleaf 1.06 Acre Lot

Windgate Ranch $1,100,000

Pinnacle Peak CC $625,000

New Leased



Grayhawk $1,850,000

Camelot Haciendas $8,000


Grayhawk $1,212,000


The Country Club at DC Ranch is pleased to announce an innovative marketbased approach to Golf Equity membership sales. Market-Based Pricing, by denition, allows Members to set the selling price of their own membership.

In essence, the “value” of the membership is ultimately determined by what a Member is willing to sell for and what a buyer is willing to pay. We cordially invite you to participate in this excellent opportunity.

For further information, please contact The Club at 480.342.7246 or The Country Club at DC Ranch continues to be North Scottdale’s premier club offering an exclusive yet inviting lifestyle, social and sporting opportunity for couples, families and professionals. The Club prides itself on its unprecendented calendar of social, golf and tennis events for all ages.

Bulletin Board

June 2011

Best Practices series aims to help residents

Impact of new legislation to be reviewed by Ranch Association board

In May, Governor Jan Brewer signed six bills into law regarding the powers and limits of homeowners associations. The six bills pertain to signage, political activity and transfer fees; and go into effect in July. The new legislation, which has implications only for the Ranch Association, will be discerned and clarified by the board to ensure proper adoption of the rules. Bills regarding how associations may regulate parking on public streets within communities, however, were discussed only in legislature committees and were not ratified.

Ranch Association approves assessment and violation policy amendments

At the April board meeting, minutes of the Ranch Association board of directors March 7 meeting were approved. A reduction of the Market Street Villages assessment to reflect updated insurance premiums was approved. An addendum to the violation policy extending the period of time for compliance for violations predating the delegation of responsibility for that violation area to the Ranch Association from the Covenant Commission was approved. All Meeting minutes are available on RanchNet after they are approved by the Board.

Spotlight On: Ranch Association emergency response plan Summer is sure to bring more than just vacations. After a dry spring, fire season is upon us. The Ranch Association is more prepared this year than it has ever been. Last year, the Patriot Fire provided a good opportunity to use the DC Ranch emergency response plan and to see where it can be improved. A number of changes were made to ensure staff can work in a quick and efficient manner should the community be faced with any kind of natural disaster. This year, the Ranch Association has worked to fill in details regarding communication, potential traffic issues and information-sharing. In March, the Association and Trident Security moved communications between the security operations and the Ranch Offices to two-way radio communication which is more effective when attempting to communicate from remote areas of the community. All gate houses, patrols and security managers, and the Ranch Offices, are equipped with these radios. This allows staff to have continual communication regardless of location or whether communication services such as phone lines may be down. Essentially, a ground control can be run and communication can be maintained with as much as six miles between communication points. The Association is working to create evacuation routes that can be communicated to residents and managed by security, police and fire should the community be threatened with evacuation. This will help residents get out of the community quickly and in an organized manner. Relationship-building with city departments and other organizations are important. The Ranch Association has established contacts with such departments so that in case of emergency, the most up-to-date and accurate information is received. A solid emergency response plan has many working parts. If you have any questions about the plan or would like further information, please call Community Manager Vanessa Torre at 480.419.5304.

Community Notices

June meetings notices Ranch Offices and The Homestead closed July 4; Desert Camp open

In observance of Independence day on Monday, July 4, The Ranch Offices on Market Street and The Homestead Community Center will be closed. Residents will have key-fob access to restrooms at The Homestead. Desert Camp Community Center will be open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in conjunction with Summer Sizzle. Residents will have key-fob access to Desert Camp’s restrooms, fitness center and pool during non-business hours. Regular business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 5.


• The Ranch Association board of directors will meet Monday, June 6, at 5:30 p.m. at the Homestead Community Center. • The Ranch Association budget and finance committee will meet Monday, June 20, at 3 p.m. at the Ranch Offices on Market Street.

Staff anniversaries

The following DC Ranch team members celebrate an anniversary in June. Please join us in thanking them for their service to DC Ranch. Community Council Genna Barela-Robinson, 1 year, Accounting Team Tempe Ligett, 2 years, Lifestyle Event Coordinator Ranch Association Michael Harjung, 5 years, Facilities Maintenance Manager Flor Mireya Trevizo, 4 years, Landscape Team Esperanza Urbieta, 2 years, Facilities Maintenance Team

The Ranch Association will roll out a Best Practices series this summer. The Best Practices series is a bank of articles that will educate residents on various topics such as how to improve the appearance of turf or submit a home modification request, and how ideas become Association policy. The series is a collaborative effort by Ranch Association staff and will be posted to RanchNet or available at the Ranch Offices. If you have an idea for an informational guide, please call Veronica Aguilar at 480.419.5308.

Photo: Jon Carlson

Ranch News

Pool restoration complete

The restoration projects at the pool, including the deck, at Desert Camp Community Center are complete. An acrylic sealant was placed over the paint to prolong the life of the deck. This is repeated roughly every three years due to sun damage. Help us keep the pool deck looking great by avoiding sliding chairs and tables across the surface. And remember, skateboards, bikes and similar recreation equipment are always prohibited at Desert Camp pool.

Community crime log

The following incidents were reported to the Scottsdale Police Department in the month of April: A residential burglary in the Horseshoe Canyon neighborhood in Silverleaf; and a theft from a home in the Courtyards at Desert Parks. All residents should secure access points at all times. Further information may be obtained from the Scottsdale Police Department at events/crimeanalysis.

Contact information

Community Council: 480.513.1500 Community Centers Desert Camp: 480.342.7178 The Homestead: 480.585.1641 Ranch Association: 480.513.1500 Landscape & Maintenance: 480.585.8654 Community Patrol Country Club & Desert Camp Villages: 480.338.8477 Silverleaf & Desert Parks Villages: 480.338.8478 Covenant Commission: 480.563.3284


June 2011

Ranch News

Dr. Steve Nguyen joins Market Street Dental team By Ranch News

Dr. Steven Nguyen graduated from New York University Dental School and completed residency at the VA Manhattan Hospital. After living in New York for 11 years, he and his family decided to start a new life in Arizona when he joined Dr. Christine M. Kopsky-Samuel at Market Street Dental in January. Learn why he enjoys working on Market Street and why he hopes to one day make DC Ranch his home.

What drew you to Arizona from New York?

My wife and I visited a few times because my best friend from dental school was living here, which made the transition much easier. Arizona is paradise compared to the weather back East. I am an active person and enjoy tennis and the outdoors, so this lifestyle is very attractive.

How do you enjoy your experience at Market Street Dental so far?

I work with a fine group of people who believe in providing patients methods for preventive care. In May our office incorporated CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) a machine that makes restorations and crowns in one visit, eliminating the need for multiple appointments. In addition, we also have digital x-rays that emit less radiation than traditional x-rays.

What do you love most about working in DC Ranch?

You can’t compare DC Ranch to anywhere in the country. My wife and I hope to purchase a home within the community someday. I also enjoy working with our patients. They’re very loyal.

What makes you passionate about dentistry?

Part of the joy of being a dentist is being able to take away the patient’s pain or to restore their confidence. I also love delivering beautiful smiles to patients.

Dr. Steven Nguyen of Market Street Dental provides a variety of dental services, including implants, root canals and Invisalign teeth straightening.

Dental Fun Facts

 lossing every day can add seven years to your life. F Oral cancers often start as a tiny, unnoticed white or red spot or sore anywhere in the mouth. An estimated two out of three Americans have one or more missing teeth, which can be restored with dental implants. Frequent snacking increases chances for cavities. Fruit juices containing sugar are equally bad for teeth as soda pop drinks. Routine Dental Radiographs (x-rays) may be an effective tool in preventing strokes. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children begin dental visits at age one. Market Street Dental is located on Market Street and open Monday-Friday. Call 480.563.0069 for an appointment.

Photo: Krista Hinz


Ranch News


June 2011

Beat the heat on Market Street and DC Ranch Crossing In anticipation of triple digit temperatures, here are some fun ways to stay cool this summer in DC Ranch. Remember your DC Ranch Loyalty Card to take advantage of generous offers and discounts from participating merchants.

Chill out under the misters

Did you know the evaporative effects of patio misters have been known to reduce temperatures by as much as 30 degrees? Dine al fresco on one of these misted patios: Beauregard Food Co. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar The Herb Box West Addison Lushburger

Check out Sunology No, it’s not an astronomy course at ASU. It’s Market Street’s hottest new boutique, packed with gear from head to toe, for the most avid sun worshiper. Sunology carries designer sunglasses by Tom Ford, Oakley, Ray Ban, Smith and Maui Jim. Kick back in cool flip flops from Reef, Rainbow, Crocs and Molokai. Sunology is expected to open mid-June and will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and is located at 20789 N. Pima Rd., Suite 120.

Quench your thirsty skin For a summer refresher, try the signature Lemongrass-Ginger-Bamboo Scrub experience at Par Exsalonce Day Spa. The combination of crushed walnut shells and bamboo blended with the oils of lemongrass, lavender, and ginger creates the ultimate in exfoliation. The result is deep pore cleansing and cell renewal. After exfoliation, rinse in the gentle rain of the Vichy Shower. A luxurious lotion of lemongrass, lavender, and ginger balanced with Shea butter is applied to the skin to calm and hydrate. | 480.860.0717 At Hydrate Salon and Day Spa at DC Ranch Crossing, there’s nothing quite as revitalizing as a tempting selection of facials that leave your skin silky smooth and naturally refreshed. Choose from Signature, Gentlemen’s, Anti-Oxidant, Deep Pore Cleansing, Anti-Aging or MicroZone treatments that key in on problem areas. | 480.656.5911


17895 N 95th Street $820,000

9550 E Mountain Spring Rd $769,900

9280 E Mountain Spring Road $1,000,000

9290 E Thompson Peak Parkway #134 $1,290,000

Jump for joy indoors During the late afternoon doldrums, drop off your kids at Maui PlayCare at DC Ranch Crossing for hours of affordable, energetic play. They’ll get great exercise in the large jumping castle, on slides and climbing structures, along with exciting activities from the movie wall to unique toys, face painting and more. Maui Playcare is open MondayThursday; 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday and Saturday 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.; and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m..

Don and Jenny Matheson Scottsdale’s Top Real Estate Team

602-694-3200 or 1-888-656-4830 Want to know the value of your home? Visit

RE/MAX Fine Properties 21000 N. Pima Road, #100 Scottsdale, AZ 85255



Where Learning Comes to Life Now accepting applications for preschool through high school • 480.385.3673

June 2011 Lower School Campus (PS - 4th Grade) 4800 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. Middle and High School Campus (5th – 12th Grade) 3939 E. Shea Blvd. finanCiaL aid and sChoLarships avaiLabLe

Ranch News

Named for local climber, Tom’s Thumb offers stunning views By Jace McKeighan | DC Ranch resident and MSC Steward According to the Brothers Grimm, a poor woodsman and his wife so desperately wanted a child that they proclaimed they would be happy even if he were no bigger than a thumb. Their wish was granted and they named him Tom Thumb. Charming as it may be, the Grimm story and the boy have no connection to the Preserve’s Tom’s Thumb. And the formation is not named so because it appears as though it is giving a “thumbs up” to the Valley below it, either. Our Tom’s Thumb was named after a local rock climber, Tom Kreuser. In the 60s, Tom and his climbing companions referred to the formation as the Thumb, and it became known as Tom’s Thumb. More than 45 years later, the name and the formation still stand. Two primary routes lead to Tom’s Thumb, from which the views are worth the effort. First, Tom’s Thumb can be accessed from the Gateway. It is about

12 miles round trip with an elevation gain of nearly 2,000 vertical feet. On the way, you will cross the Preserve’s only continuous water source, a spring that seeps right across the trail. You can also access Tom’s Thumb from the North Access area, located off of Dynamite and 128th Street. From here, Tom’s Thumb is only a 4.5-mile round trip beginning nearly 1,000 feet higher than the Gateway. While it is quite steep in places, the ridgeline can be accessed in less than an hour. One of my daughters hiked this route in less than 45 minutes when she was 5. Once there, you will experience a completely different ecosystem from the one you left behind at the Valley floor. At nearly 4,000 feet, the top of the McDowells may seem far away and inaccessible. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s waiting for you, right at your very fingertips. Just look for the Thumb. For more information, go to

The CounTry Club AT DC rAnCh #621

9820 east Thompson Peak Parkway 6,469 sq ft • 5Bdrm • 5.5 Bath lease Price $9,000

When it snowed on Feb. 27, it took MSC steward Jace McKeighan and his “team” shown above including daughters Rachel (left) and Sarah (right) along with family friend and DC Ranch resident Ron Gordon, about 45 minutes to get to this spot at the base of the Thumb. “It’s only a couple of miles, but the first mile or so is steep - and on that day snowy and slick,” said McKeighan. “My children have been up three or four times in the last couple of years.

Allan MacDonald Your REsource in DC Ranch 480.220.9724 DC rAnCh homesiTe #831

Located on Market Street Since its Beginning! 20789 North Pima Road, Suite 250 Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 • 480.282.5656 •

9820 E. Thompson Peak Parkway 1.1 Acres • $799,000 Information herein is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be verified. If your property is currently listed, this is not meant as a solicitation. Prices and property availability remain subject to change. © 2011 DMB Realty Network, LLC. The DMB Realty® name and logos are registered trademarks of DMB Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

The McDowell Sonoran Conservancy (MSC) champions the completion and sustainability of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve for the benefit of this and future generations, connecting the community to the Preserve through public and private partnerships, environmental education and stewardship. For more information about MSC activities, events and programs, please call 480.998.7971 or visit

Photo: Jace McKeighan


Ranch News

Monthly Planner

June 2011


The following is a list of events and activities at DC Ranch this month. Some activities and events may have a fee or admission. Refer to RanchNet for more information and an up-to-date list of activities. Don’t have a RanchNet log on? Go to and click the register button.

Adult Social Clubs & Activities Summer Programs Social Bridge Club

Wednesdays | 12:30 to 4 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.513.6296


Tuesdays | 1 to 3 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.585.4513

Intermediate & Duplicate Bridge Club Tuesdays | 1 to 4 p.m. The Homestead Community Center 480.585.4699

Yoga Flow

Mondays | 8 to 9 a.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.628.3012

Child & Youth Activities Mondays with Mommy

June 6, 20; July 18 | 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. The Homestead Community Center 480.538.3583

Morning Storytime

Thursdays | 9:30 to 10 a.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.538.3583

Afternoon Storytime

Wednesdays | 4 to 4:30 p.m. The Homestead Community Center 480.538.3544

TGIF Tween Night & Little Wranglers Poolside Carnival Friday, June 10 | 6 to 9 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.342.7178

DC Ranch Swim Team

Mondays and Wednesdays 6 to 7:45 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.585.7684

Little Fins Swim Lessons

Mondays and Wednesdays 10 to 11:30 a.m.; 4 to 6 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.585.7684

Desert Kids Camp

Monday-Friday | 8:30 to 3 p.m. (Half Day until 12:30 p.m.) Desert Camp Community Center 480.585.7684

Kindermusik Summer Camp

Fridays | June 3-24 9 to 11:45 a.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.860.0169

Abrakadoodle Summer Camp

Monday-Friday | May 30-June 4 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Homestead Community Center

Junior Summer Camp

Monday-Friday | June 6-24; July 11-29 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The Country Club at DC Ranch 480.342.7201

Youth Day Camps

June 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Silverleaf Club 480.515.3200

Village Summer Camp

Monday-Friday | 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Village Health Club & Spa 480.502.8844

Broadway Stars Camp

Monday-Friday | May 30-June 10 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Performance Saturday, June 11 The Homestead Community Center 480.538.3542

Broadway Stars Camp Take Two

Monday-Friday | July 18-22 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Performance Saturday, July 23 The Homestead Community Center 480.538.3542

Workshops for Youth & Families Summer Programs

Sunday-Friday June 12-17; June 26-July 1 July 10-15; July 24-29 The Homestead Community Center 480.567.0298

Activities with Pets Puppy Prep School 

Monday, June 6 | 6 to 8 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.766.1781

Rally O! Puppy Prep School

Wednesday, June 1, 8 | 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The Homestead Community Center 480.766.1781

Doggy Prep Mini Classes

Mondays | June 20; July 11, 25 Desert Camp Community Center 480.766.1781

Community Events & Activities Summer Sizzle

Saturdays | June 4, 18; July 2, 23 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.342.7178

Daddy–Daughter Dance

Saturday, June 18 | 6 p.m. The Homestead Community Center 480.538.3583

Summer Sizzle & Patriotic Barbecue Monday, July 4 | 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.342.7178

Trailblazer Walks

Thursdays | 7 to 8 a.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.538.3583

Trailblazer Breakfasts

VOICES Studio Summer Acting & Music Workshops Call for full schedule or visit RanchNet 480.905.4102

Thursdays | 8 to 10 a.m. Desert Camp Community Center 480.342.7178

• Lunch and Dinner served daily. • Best Happy Hour in Scottsdale 3 - 7 daily • Monday: Half Priced Bottles of Wine and $30 Prix Fixe: any small salad, any entree, 1 scoop ice cream • Tuesday: Tacos and Tequila!!

$3 Tacos and $5 Margaritas all day

• Wednesday: Happy Hour priced drinks

Quality, Farm Fresh, Healthy You will taste the difference!

and $19 “Lunch Fish” all day long

• Thursday: Half Priced Bottles of Wine and $19 Pork Roast entree

• Sunday: $5 Bloody Marys and

$30 Prix Fixe: small salad, any entree, 1 scoop ice cream

Become a fan of our facebook page for specials and discounts.

18221 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85255 | 480-502-0325 |



Family & Healthy Lifestyles

June 2011

Ranch News

Keep your head above water when Feed those in need, attend a surfing for health information complimentary baseball game

Photo: Courtesy SHC

By Melanie O’Hara | Scottsdale Healthcare

Do cell phones really cause brain cancer? Does deodorant cause breast cancer? What about artificial sweeteners? These days, there are a plethora of questions about what does and doesn’t cause cancer. And it’s oh-so-easy to turn to the Internet for the answers.  I work closely with cancer patients to help them understand their diagnosis and find resources, and I frequently find that they have misinformation or confusion because of something they’ve read on the Web. That’s why I recommend looking at who or what O’Hara, RN, MSN, OCN, is a Cancer Care Coordinator at the organization or interest is behind the website Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center offering the information in order to differentiate at Scottsdale Healthcare good information from bad.  So does the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. In one of its fact sheets, the NCI suggests looking at the following aspects when evaluating Internet information:

Who runs the website? This should be easily identifiable. Keep in mind that a commercial site (.com) may have different goals and present information differently than a government (.gov), educational (.edu) or nonprofit (.org) site. What is the original source of the information? Some sites just collect information and post it, whether it’s accurate or not. The original source should be clearly identified so you can consider whether the information is trustworthy.

How often is the site reviewed and updated? This information should be posted so you can ensure you’re reading current information. The credentials of the individuals who create or review the information on the site also should be listed. These same recommendations—assessing the source of the information and whether it’s up-to-date—also apply to evaluating health information offered by newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Of course, it’s always good advice to talk with your physician when you have medical questions and need answers. In case you’re still wondering, according to NCI fact sheets available at cancer. gov/cancertopics/factsheet, there is no research showing a conclusive link between the use of antiperspirant and breast cancer or a consistent link between cell phone use and cancer. There’s also no clear evidence that the artificial sweeteners available in the United States are related to cancer risk in humans.

To reach a Cancer Care Coordinator at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare, call 480.323.1255 or email

DC Ranch residents are invited to fill a block of seats at Chase Field in a suite located above the Diamondbacks bullpen in left field on Wednesday, June 15, at 6:40 p.m. when the Arizona Diamondbacks play the San Francisco Giants. Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet with nonalcoholic beverages. Residents are asked to support the DC Ranch Food Circle by donating one bag of non-perishable or frozen food items in exchange for two free tickets. The DC Ranch Food Circle benefits Foothills Food Bank. Drop off your bag of food and pick up your tickets at Desert Camp Community Center. Tickets are on a firstcome, first-serve basis; open to all ages. Tickets will be distributed when donation is received; the DC Ranch Community Council is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Please note that Community Council staff will not be present at this event, so parents will need to accompany children on this outing. Call Taylor Tobin at 480.538.3583 for more information.

Coming soon to a pool near you Vote for the Dive-In Movies you want to see

Wipe out high temperatures in the Desert Camp pool while enjoying a series of sports movies on a full-scale outdoor screen. Wear your swim suits and bring picnics, blankets, towels and summer spirit. Cool treats and movie munchies provided. The Dive-In Movie Series is offered Friday nights at 7 p.m. For more information contact the DC Ranch Community Council at 480.342.7178.

Vote on RanchNet for the sports-themed movie your family wants to see. Movies are rated PG or G. July 15 – Football Little Giants Remember the Titans Air Bud: Golden Receiver Rudy July 22 – Basketball Air Bud Space Jam Like Mike Hoosiers

July 29 –Multisports Kicking and Screaming The Mighty Ducks Cool Runnings The Karate Kid Aug. 5 – Baseball The Sandlot Angels in the Outfield Rookie of the Year The Bad News Bears

yes, e r u yo es to vered. m o c u co n it Whe e got yo We’v Scottsdale’s optical and sunglass boutique

Sunglasses available with or without prescription lenses. Eye exams available by appointment only:

Steven Checroun, MD

Board Certified Opthalmologist,

Gina Simmons, OD Optometrist

Located on the NW corner of TPP and Hayden 7970 E. Thompson Peak Parkway, Suite 102 | Scottsdale, AZ 85255 | 480.874.3937 |

Ranch News

Family & Healthy Lifestyles

June 2011

Fourth of July festivities offer fun for the whole family

The Fourth of July would not be complete without food, fireworks, friends and family. Celebrate Independence Day with some of these Valley-wide activities offering fun for all ages.

Musical performances and July 4 fireworks display Enjoy concerts by Plain White T’s, Chester French and others at the W Scottsdale July 2-5.

Community Picnic Attend a community picnic at Scottsdale Stadium on July 4 from 4 to 6 p.m. Complimentary grills, old fashioned games and crafts will be available.

Lecture series, movies, music and fireworks Enjoy American classics such as Singing in the Rain, Old Yeller and Meet Me in St. Louis at the Arizona Biltmore July 3 and 4. The Phoenix Symphony Orchestra Pops and fireworks will also salute America on July 4. hollywood-blockbusters.html

Fireworks and Music The annual celebration at Tempe Town Lake will kick off on July 4 at 4 p.m. A fireworks show will be choreographed to patriotic and classical music.

Summer Concert Series Enjoy a free concert at McCormick Stillman Railroad Park on July 3 from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. BBQ, Live Music, Fireworks Harolds Corral in Cave Creek will host an outdoor barbecue on July 3 featuring face painting, drink specials, and live music. The festivities start at 5 p.m. Fireworks start at dusk.

Freedom Parade Decorate your strollers, bicycles, skateboards, horses, pets, golf carts or wagons and participate in the Mescal Park parade on July 4 at 8 a.m. Independence Day Bounce Join BounceU on July 4 from 9 to 11 a.m. for plenty of bouncing and jumping to celebrate America’s 234th birthday. Oh, and you can bring the kids too. July 4th Celebration Go to El Dorado Park on July 4 from 5 to 8 p.m. for a rough-n-tough game of tuga-war, live bands, arts and crafts, and a watermelon eating contest.



June 2011

Ranch News

The Homestead Playhouse implements new audition process By Chanel Branham | Community Council

During the Community Council board meeting on March 24, board members voted to keep The Homestead Playhouse open and available to the greater community, allowing children from around Scottsdale and the Valley to participate in the arts and to grow their passion for theatre. In its 2010 fall and 2011 spring seasons, The Homestead Playhouse experienced record-breaking audiences and unprecedented actor participation. Due to the success of recent productions, The Homestead Playhouse has modified its audition process to provide DC Ranch resident actors the opportunity to audition prior to actors of the greater community and the privilege to take audition prep classes at no cost. The 2011 fall season kicks off with the classic holiday story “A Christmas Carol.” Dance is required for this production, but actors can prepare with two special classes before auditions take place in August.

Dance Class

Serving DC Ranch Since 2002

Actors can learn all dance material required for “A Christmas Carol” during a special audition dance class on Saturday, Aug. 6, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Homestead Community Center. The class is complimentary for resident actors; $10 for the greater community.

Audition Prep Classes Actors are also invited to attend special audition prep classes on Tuesday, Aug. 9, and Thursday, Aug. 11, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Homestead Community Center. Actors can learn more about the show, characters, and judging expectations. Classes are complimentary for resident actors; $10 for the greater community.

A Christmas Carol Auditions:  C Ranch resident actors: D Wednesday, Aug. 17, and Thursday, Aug. 18, 4 to 8 p.m. Open auditions: Saturday, Aug. 20, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  all backs are Sunday, Aug. 21, C 1 to 6 p.m. To learn more upcoming auditions and productions, contact Chanel Branham at chanel. or 480. 538.3542. An appointment is required for all auditions.

NEED A NEW POOL OR BACKYARD THIS SEASON Professional landscape designs and construction for homeowners and builders at competitive prices! 480.585.1903 |

The Homestead Playhouse auditions attract 50-80 actors from DC Ranch and around the Valley. Auditions provide children the opportunity to work with theatre professionals such as famed Valley choreographer Cambrian James, pictured above.

Photo: Chanel Branham


Ranch News

June 2011

Gin Blossoms Scoops of Love concert to benefit neonatal ICU Popular recording artists the Gin Blossoms will perform a free acoustic show and serve ice cream to benefit the Bowe Special Care Nursery, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Scottsdale Healthcare. The Scoops of Love fundraiser will be held June 2 at Kierland Commons. The event starts at 6 p.m. with a free outdoor performance by the Gin Blossoms. The band, who just released their new CD, “No Chocolate Cake,” will serve Cold Stone ice cream following the show and auction a Fender® Telecaster® guitar signed by the band. Cold Stone Creamery is donating 50 percent of the day’s proceeds to the NICU. The Little Legends, a NICU parent support group, is organizing the event. The Scoops of Love theme will honor the staff in the Bowe’s Special Care Nursery. Proceeds from the silent auction and ice cream sales will help purchase much needed equipment to help newborn babies.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park offers free concerts Scottsdale’s train park offers free concerts 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Sundays. Concerts run through July 3. Bring a blanket or chair and hear a variety of favorite local bands. Train and carousel rides are available during the concerts. Train rides are $2 and carousel rides are $1 and children younger than 3 ride free with a paying adult. Food available for purchase. For more information call 480.312.2312 or visit

City seeks input on Shea Character Area land use, growth areas The public is invited to comment on proposed land use changes within the Shea Character Area at an open house from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 9, at the Via Linda Senior Center, 10440 E. Via Linda. This is the first in a series of public hearings on the Shea Character Area that are associated with Scottsdale’s annual Major General Plan Amendment process. This process is required because the city is requesting to amend the 2001 General Plan Land Use Designations and Land Use Map for the Shea area. For more information about the open house, contact Project Manager Ross Cromarty at 480.312.7918.

SHC offers varied schedule of events

June 4: Children’s Immunization Clinic, 8 a.m. to noon, Community Health Office, Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn Medical Center, 3634 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Suite 100, Scottsdale, free, 480.882.4317. National Cancer Survivorship Day-A Celebration of Life, 1 to 3 p.m., Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare, 10460 N. 92nd St., Scottsdale, free, call 480.882.4636 to register.

June 8: Eating for Life Cooking Class, 6 to 7:30 p.m., Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare, 10460 N. 92nd St., Scottsdale, free, call 480.882.4636 to register. June 9: Ask the Scottsdale Healthcare Expert: Coping with the Arizona Heat, 1 to 2 p.m., Downstairs Auditorium, Civic Center Library, 3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, free, call 480.882.4636 to register. June 14: Bone Density Screening, 1 to 4 p.m., Women’s Diagnostic Center, Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center, 9003 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, $20, call 480.882.4636 to register.

June 23: Heart Health Evaluations, 8 to 11:45 a.m., Women’s Diagnostic Center, Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center, 9003 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, $20, call 480.882.4636 to register. June 25: Working Women’s Wellness Package, screenings and manicure, 7 to 11 a.m., Women’s Diagnostic Center, Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center, 9003 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, $75, call 480.882.4636 to register.

AROUND SCOTTSDALE Professional Pet Care & Service in your own home.

“Exceptional pet care and service, above and beyond.” Visit us on

Insured/Bonded/pet CPR Certified 480.314.1232 |



Community Connections

June 2011

Ranch News

Arizona Spa Girl Lisa Kasanicky knows the value of balancing mental, physical health

Photo: Ana & Lorenzo Photography

By Samantha McIntosh | Serendipit Consulting

“I want people to understand how valuable the spa experience can be to their health and wellbeing,” Kasanicky said. “It’s not about being a diva and having people cater to your every need. It’s about unplugging and tuning into your needs so you can go back out in the world and be a better, more effective person.”

Ranch Living

Lisa Kasanicky first discovered her passion for spas when she visited a Phoenix resort spa as a reprieve from her stressful career as a technical documentation consultant. Struck by how much her whole body and attitude lightened up after just that one visit, she developed as a way to share useful information with Valley women and men in serious need of a spa time-out. At the forefront of is the spa and beauty blog keeping readers up-to-date on the latest spa, salon and

Village: Desert Camp Family: Husband, Chaz; dogs, Sophie and Lucy Hometown: Orlando, Fla. Resident since: 2000 Favorite DC Ranch memory: I have more than a decade of wonderful memories here – cheering on Chaz in his first Tour de Scottsdale, running in my first 5K, walking our dogs to the farmers market on a gorgeous Saturday morning. Our daily romps to the greenway with the dogs, including our newest family member Lucy, our 14-week-old puppy. These are among our most cherished because they allow us to meet new neighbors, reconnect and unwind.

beauty trends both locally and nationally. As part of their local focus, the site also features a directory of spas and salons across the Valley and reviews written by Kasanicky’s team of spa girls (and spa boy, Chaz). “We use a friendly girlfriend-to-girlfriend voice for our reviews,” Kasanicky said. “We don’t just tell you how relaxing a service was, we describe the vibe of the place, the touch of the therapist, the overall effects of the treatment and so much more. We want our readers to feel like they’re getting information firsthand from a trusted girlfriend.” For those looking to save on their next service, AZ Spa Girls has collected deals from their favorite Valley salons and spas. So before you head out for that next facial, massage, mani or pedi, stop by

Kasanicky donated two Summer Spaaah tickets for the Aug. 12 Willow Stream event to the DC Ranch Facebook fan contest. To be eligible for the prize, become a fan of the DC Ranch Facebook page (facebook/

dcranchscottsdale). For more information about AZ Spa Girls, join “azspagirls” on Facebook or visit

More with Lisa Kasanicky What are some entrepreneurial tips you can offer residents? If you work at home, it’s crucial to physically separate your office space from your home life. When work spills out into your living space, it wears on you mentally. Who is a leader you admire?  My partner in business and in life, Chaz Kasanicky. He’s patient, kind, thoughtful and logical. I’m lucky to have him on my team. What does community mean to you?  Community means sharing a common goal of the greater good. I’ve seen this community come together on many occasions – in times of crisis and celebration – and I’m very happy to be a part of it.

Your Neighborhood Dentist

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Dr. Christine Kopsky-Samuel

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Thompson Peak Family Care is pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Sarmiento is now accepting new patients. Dr. Sarmiento received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and is a graduate of the prestigious Mayo Clinic Family Medicine Residency Program. He is board certified in Family Medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the Arizona Academy of Family Physicians. Please call (480) 505-3484 to schedule an appointment.


lifestyle coaching and stress management

Paul Sarmiento, M.D.

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Education & Philanthropy

June 2011

Copper Ridge Teacher selected to attend 2011 Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy By Becky Kelbaugh | SUSD

Michelle Simonson, a second grade teacher at Copper Ridge School, has been selected to attend the 2011 Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, N.J. Mrs. Simonson is one of 200 highly-qualified teachers from around the country selected to attend the intensive one-week, all-expense paid professional development program this summer. “Scottsdale Unified School District is extremely proud that Mrs. Simonson has been chosen for this opportunity. She will be able to incorporate what she learns into her daily lesson plans and share valuable information with colleagues,” said Superintendent Dr. Gary T. Catalani.

A panel of educators from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) selected Mrs. Simonson to attend the Academy. The panel based their decision on her qualifications, dedication to inspiring students at an early age and her overall commitment to enhancing the teaching profession. “Mrs. Simonson is an exemplary teacher. She is dedicated, willingly shares her knowledge with others, and has a great love of teaching and a wish to enthuse all students with an excitement about science.  We are proud of her accomplishment,” said Sheila Burnham,


Mrs. Simonson is one of 200 highlyqualified teachers from around the country selected from a pool of 1,500 applicants to attend the 2011 Mickelson ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. She was selected based on her qualifications, dedication to inspiring students at an early age and her overall commitment to enhancing the teaching profession.

principal at Copper Ridge School. During the Academy, which is scheduled for July 17–22, teachers will discover new ways to excite students using experiments that demonstrate various math and science concepts including force, gravity and probability. The Academy curriculum works to deepen teachers’ understanding of these principles by conducting hands-on experiments that they can share with their students in the classroom.

SUSD board appoints Dr. David SUSD 2010 bond Peterson as interim superintendent construction began May 25 The Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) Governing Board announced recently that its members unanimously voted to appoint Dr. David Peterson to the position of Interim Superintendent for the 2011–12 school year. The appointment is effective July 1. “Dr. Peterson’s expertise and unique skill set will be an invaluable asset in the transition as he steps into the role of Interim Superintendent. He is the ideal choice, and we feel confident he will help move the District and leadership team along a very positive path. With his business skill he will continue to raise the educational bar in Scottsdale. The Governing Board gives Dr. Peterson their full support and is looking forward to working with him,” said Jennifer Petersen, Governing Board president.

Pima Road

91st Street


lo B




A unique opportunity to build your business where you live. Corporate Center at DC Ranch NEC of 91st Street & Palo Brea Road Custom commercial lots from .69 to 11 acres Offering build-to-suit options for buyers

For Information Contact: Blake Hastings - Senior Vice President Jeff Wentworth - Executive Vice President Sean Spellman - Senior Associate 602.954.9000 |



Hard hats, trackhoes, scrapers, cranes, dump trucks and construction crews are just some of the new sights at Scottsdale Unified School District — marking the start of Phase I construction at many of the middle schools. All middle schools will either undergo renovations or upgrades, and several elementary schools will have major mechanical renovations. The bond work at Copper Ridge School will include the removal of the A/C unit for the administration area from the central plant chiller and the installation of an independent system to service this space. The architect firm is Emc2 Group Architects Planners and the contractor is Concord Construction.

Photo: Courtesy SUSD

Ranch News



June 2011

Ranch News

2010 in R e vi e w C o nti nue d f r om Pa g e 1 June 2011 • Vol. 3, No. 6

Resident aims to decrease waste while helping local organization

Ranch News is a non-for-profit newspaper published monthly by the DC Ranch Community Council to share timely and relevant information with residents. The publication seeks to build community by connecting neighbors through stories and pictures and to offer a product valuable to advertisers. Ranch News celebrates and perpetuates the values of the DC Ranch community.

Photo: Kimberly Crowther Miller

like this. It is a fabulous idea, because besides the donations it also raises awareness. I am thrilled.” “It is not about asking for money. It is something people already have that they are likely to throw away anyway,” said Ginsburg. The project is one that emulates the ideals that the DC Ranch Community Council seeks to instill in its efforts to build community. “We had been looking for a project, so when we learned of Karen’s idea, we knew that the seed of what we had in mind had come to fruition organically,” said DC Ranch Programs Director Jennifer Clark. “Karen is a model for finding creative, simple ways to make a positive difference in the lives of those in the greater community.” Ginsburg, enthusiastic and genuine, is humble about the impact her personal touch has had in creating a grassroots donation program. She modeled her idea for the Food Circle on a concept that is at work at her parents’ condo community in Florida. And she thought of the name herself. “I liked the visual it conjured up of someone who gives and it goes around to do good for someone else. The circle name also ties back to the fact that this is a program we can do year-round. And it is within our community,” said Ginsburg.

Items accepted as donations include frozen food; and unopened non-perishable food. Household goods such as plastic wrap, utensils, and detergents are also welcome. Items can be taken to Desert Camp or The Homestead Community Center or Ginsburg’s home. Ginsburg will also retrieve items from your residence. Contact Ginsburg at 480.502.9822 or karen. to arrange a pick-up.

program, where residents sponsor a family each holiday season. For his time on the board, Rubin would like to help DC Ranch maintain its position as one of the finest places to live in Arizona. Norm Schuminsky Norm Schuminsky, who has owned a home in DC Ranch for 11 years, used to live in DC Ranch part-time during the winter months. In 2010, he decided to leave his home state of Wisconsin to make DC Ranch his permanent yearround residence. Schuminsky was the president of an international warehousing and shipping

Public Relations Manager Anne Driscoll Communications Coordinator Krista Hinz Phone: 480.585.1641 E-mail: Web site:

Published by

Publisher Rick McCartney Editorial Director RaeAnne Marsh Graphic Design Benjamin Little

Country Club village residents will serve two-year terms Rubin served as president of several computer technology corporations in Ohio including Leasepac Corporation and Diskcopy LLC. He also served on the Planning and Zoning Committee for the city of South Euclid and as board president for the Shaker Villas Condo Association in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Rubin served in the military for two years and attended American University and Cleveland State University. He had an integral role in designing the first computer-based military payroll in the 1950s. Now retired, Rubin and his wife lead the Homeward Bound giving tree

Communications Director Kimberly Crowther Miller

company for 50 years and has also been on the Columbia Community sub-association board since its formation, where he assisted in transitioning the board from being led by developers to one led by residents. Schuminsky has also served as a Country Club village Neighborhood Voting Member (NVM). After serving as a board member at his Milwaukee condo, Schuminsky hopes to expand his leadership skills at DC Ranch by serving on the Ranch Association board of directors. Shuminsky’s philosophy is to “do the best you can with the resources you have.” Kyko ad


Advertising Louise Ferrari Cami Shore René Tello For information on advertising in Ranch News, please contact InMedia at 480.584.3752 or InMedia Company, LLC 6360 E. Thomas Road Suite 210 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 480.584.3752 ©June 2011 DC Ranch Community Council, Inc. The DC Ranch® name and logos are trademarks of or licensed by DC Ranch L.L.C. RANCHNET® is a trademark of the DC Ranch Community Council, Inc. All other trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners and no rights or interest are claimed.

4.875”w x 2.875”h

Ranch News

Around the Ranch

June 2011


1. Characters in The Homestead Playhouse production of Unhappily Ever After including Prince Ling (Ryan O’Hara), Stepsister (Kylie Cochrane), and Frog Princess (Analise Cavender), roughed up Cinderella (Rileigh Stevenson) during one of four sold-out performances the last weekend of April. Photo Dean Stevenson.

1 4

2. An Eggstravaganza reveler took a try at going low under the limbo stick as event DJ Nathan Gavant, a.k.a. Prince Charming, cheered her on during the Easter celebration at Desert Camp Community Center. Photo GMan Studios.

3. Carla Simon and her Goldendoodle, Lola, enjoyed Bark in the Park in Market Street Park on April 16. More than 50 dogs and their owners participated in games and walks along the DC Ranch paths and trails. Photo Brenna Photography. 4. Snow White helped hide eggs before children scrambled to find them during one of several age-category egg hunts. More than 700 residents attended the annual spring tradition on April 23. Photo GMan Studios.


5. FOX10’s Cory McCloskey hosted newscast live shots from The Homestead Community Center on May 6 when CaRu Entertainment previewed their weekend dance workshop. More than 30 DC Ranch kids got to meet the popular morning newscaster and learn a few hiphop steps. Photo Anne Driscoll.



Check the DC Ranch Facebook page for more Around the Ranch photos. Residents may also post their own photos to the page.

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Ranch News is a non-for-profit newspaper published monthly by the DC Ranch Community Council to share timely and relevant information with r...