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Celebrating more than 25 years of serving the women business owners of Phoenix

Spring 2012 •

President’s Message About NAWBO

NAWBO® prides itself on being a global beacon for influence, ingenuity and action and is uniquely positioned to provide incisive commentary on issues of importance to women business owners. NAWBO Phoenix propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power. Visit one of our FREE Welcome Meetings - For All New and Prospective Members. They offer a casual, informational opportunity that both highlights the local and National benefits of NAWBO Membership. Plus, this is a great place to hear about the diversity in our benefits and determine if NAWBO is a fit for you and your business. Please bring business cards too! For more information, please visit Phoenix Metropolitan Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners 7949 E. Acoma Dr. #207 Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 480-289-5768

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• Invest in Your Business by Utilizing a Professional Business Coach • When You Need to Hire a Coach

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The Real Value of Advice

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Springtime in Arizona is finally here. This is the time to take advantage of not only spring cleaning the house, but also your business. That’s right, double check your budget and make sure you’ve cut or added to support your year’s planning activities. Also make sure you’ve got a spring in your sales delivery too! Changing it up a little will be refreshing to not only your team, but also your prospective clients. Here at NAWBO Phoenix we have also made some great changes this year, so please come check us out at one of our upcoming events. We have a new Association Management Team, SOS Association Management Solutions, as of January 2012. Our new administrative contact is Suzanne Lanctot and she can be reached at or at 480-2895768. Their firm is bringing several new ideas to NAWBO Phoenix and we look forward to a long relationship with their team. Also we are currently in the process of building a new leadership team for the 2012-2013 year. This always is great for an Association as getting involved really helps keep members long term. Please reach out to myself or the President Elect Lynda Bishop if you are interested in joining any committees. This is also the time of year that we are putting on a membership drive for the months of March and April. If you join during this drive you will receive $25 off of your annual membership. We also are sponsoring prizes for the recruiters and also the new members that join during this time. If you want Suzanne Lanctot to learn more about NAWBO please feel free to attend one of our welcome meetings that are always at 10 am on the 2nd Wednesday of every month right before our monthly educational meetings. Looking forward to seeing you soon and thanks again for the opportunity! Now go out and enjoy our fabulous weather!

Kristine Kassel President, NAWBO Phoenix

Kindest Regards, Kristine Kassel NAWBO Phoenix Chapter President 2011-2012

How to Boost Your Business without Busting Your Budget and more...



When You Need to Hire a Coach By Lynda Bishop, MPC, CEC

Asking for help is often one of the hardest things a business owner does, and yet it is something that can make the difference Lynda Bishop between dreaming about the success of their business and actually having the success they dream of. A business coach is not a therapist or a consultant, they are a skilled, professional confidant completely focused on your success and can give you that extra enthusiasm and push you may need. Many people go into business because they have an idea or a skill that they wish to dedicate their professional lives to. They



know how to do something better than anyone else and want to share that with the world. They have a gift. The tough part is that having a gift does not mean that the gift holder has everything it takes to actually run a successful business. Business owners know how difficult it can be to wear all of the hats required and few people are good at all of the roles required. There are few great marketing expert-accountant-administrative-customer service-problem-solving-engineer-visionaries out there. Even if there were, how would they know which piece to put first and when? Just thinking about doing all that it takes to run a business without the right help can land you right into the land of overwhelm.

So, when is the right time to hire a coach? Ideally, the right time to hire is at the onset of starting a business. There are coaches available who specialize in organizing new start-up businesses and helping them to build on a solid foundation built for success. Similar to getting pre-marital counseling, a business-startup coach can help you identify challenges before they happen and help you to make a clear plan with fewer surprises along the way. What if you already are in business, when do you hire a coach? There is no easy answer that fits every business owner, but here are five signs that might indicate that hiring a good business coach might be your best move (any one of them is reason enough):

Invest in Your Business by Utilizing a Professional Business Coach By Kristi Trimmer

The Social Media industry is changing the landscape of business at warp speed. Keeping up with those changes and focusing Kristi Trimmer a business strategy on ever evolving social platforms can be difficult for the small business owner. When I started Orange Dragonfly Media, I knew the only way to grow it into a profitable marketing firm was to enlist the help of a Professional Business Coach. During the first year of having a business coach, I worked on my Business Plan, Strategic Partner Plan, and formed ways to creatively problem solve issues that come with opening a new business. I did all the homework the coach assigned and carefully laid down the groundwork for a successful budding firm. My goal for 2012 is for my boutique marketing firm to really soar, and for that I would need to kick up my efforts up another notch. I invested time and money and met with my professional business coach, Lynda Bishop of Summit Alliance Solutions, for an intensive eight weeks.

Each week, I was held accountable to the tasks assigned. Everything from breaking through fears to solidifying subcontractor agreements, to clarifying product offerings, to a solid marketing plan, with a very specific action plan written on how to accomplish each task. Creating a sales forecast and a corresponding budget were the hardest for me. With the coach’s help, we went over each piece every week until it was one dynamic tool that I use to direct my business daily. Being crystal clear on specific goals and having my coach hold me accountable, allowed me to start off 2012 with a clear plan of action and the drive to accomplish each goal. First quarter of 2012 has been like a rocket launched out of my business. I am up almost 400% from 2011 for the same time period. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing and I had to bring on additional staff! The increased business revenue I’ve seen is directly related to the plan of action my business coach helped me lay out. We continue to meet twice a month to stay on track.

The benefits of working with a business coach far outweigh the time and financial costs associated with the investment. It is truly an investment in you and your business! I could not imagine running a small business without having a trusted advisor to guide me through the crazy ride of small business ownership, and am grateful I have a trusted ally to celebrate my wins with! Kristi Trimmer Orange Dragonfly Media Years as a NAWBO member: 1 Years in business: 2

• You are losing your enthusiasm for being in business (loss of passion) • You are not making enough money, or your business has stalled • You are working as many hours as you can, want to expand your business, but are not clear on exactly how to proceed • You are full of ideas but need help with taking action or following through • You have gone as far as you know how to go, but are not satisfied and want more (you can’t see your own blind spots, a coach can help you find them). Wishing you success! Lynda Bishop, MPC, CEC President, Summit Alliance Solutions, LLC Years as a NAWBO member: 3 Years in business: 7



The Real Value of Advice By Julie A. Kern, CPA, CFP®

As a financial advisor, I have helped clients get out of debt, save for retirement, make better decisions about mortgages and car purchases, reduce their tax bills, and protect their assets and their Julie A. Kern loved ones from an unexpected disaster. But the area in which I have had the largest impact has been in saving my clients from themselves. That’s right. More than the economy or tax rates or the stock market, your decisions about money play the biggest role in determining your level of financial success. Think about the recent recession. When the stock market hit its low in March of 2009 and many people were moving their investments to cash, did you feel an urge to

do the same? Maybe you did change your investment strategy during that time. At the very least, you may have lost some sleep over it—worrying about what the impact would be on your future. Hopefully, you were working with a qualified financial advisor who “talked you off the ledge” and kept you from making changes at precisely the wrong time. Everyone understands the wisdom of buying low and selling high, yet our emotions prod us to do exactly the opposite in times of market lows. Business owners face additional challenges in maintaining discipline when it comes to executing their financial plan. First, they are entrepreneurs and by nature enjoy the freedom of making decisions and being in control. This works against them when it comes to financial planning, where changing courses mid-stream can wreak havoc on the results. Decisions like deciding to sell off part

The Women’s Enterprise Foundation WEF is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that supports and inspires emerging women business owners within the greater Phoenix area who have a demonstrated business development need or who would benefit from specialized educational training and development opportunities. To learn more or to make a donation visit



of your portfolio to invest in that great new company your buddy told you about on the golf course or rewarding yourself with that trip to Europe that you’ve always dreamed of—all the while justifying it as a one-time opportunity—will do more damage to your financial future than any recession ever could. Secondly, business owners are busy people who enjoy their work but often don’t like doing paperwork or other boring tasks. Important details like bookkeeping, tax returns, cash flow analysis, and financial projections often fall by the wayside as seemingly more important projects take precedence. With that being the case, business owners have the most to gain by having a solid financial professional on their team, guiding them all along the way (and yes, saving them from themselves at times). Our lives get busier every year and technology has created an environment where we are always connected to someone, talking about something, and multi-tasking with most of our waking hours. There simply isn’t time to do a good job with our own financial planning. We understand the value of hiring a professional to handle other duties in our busy lives like housecleaning, yard work, and tax preparation, so it only makes sense to have an expert guide us in our finances. If you aren’t currently working with a qualified financial advisor, let me save you from yourself and tell you to get one today! Julie A. Kern, CPA, CFP® Bridge Financial Strategies Years as a NAWBO member: 2 Years in business: 3 (10 in the industry)

Saved from Myself By Doug Behm, Director of Technical Architecture at American Express

A critical component of reaching any goal in life is to have a plan. A good financial planner spends time with a client to understand their unique situation and goals then crafts a strategy to reach their goals. Like a lot of people, I figured financial planning was just about managing your investments but it turns out to be a much more comprehensive engagement. My planner Julie Kern, of Bridge Financial Strategies, optimized my portfolio to minimize tax expenses, provided tax planning advice and guidance on my insurance coverage and estate planning needs. In addition, Julie provides a layer of insulation by protecting me from reactive investment decisions during times of extreme market volatility. You hire a mechanic to fix your car and a roofer to fix a leaking roof, why wouldn’t you hire a trained professional to manage your largest asset?

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A R I Z O N A’ S P R I VAT E U N I V E R S I T Y S I N C E 1 9 4 9 Get started today! 855.287.0174 | Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. (800-621-7440; ).



Three Signs You Need Marketing Support By Nancy Sanders

Women business owners can do it all: network and build solid relationships; generate revenue by demonstrating our value and expertise; and Nancy Sanders grow the business … to a point. As other advisors have shared in this issue, business owners need to recognize when to get help. In no other area is this as critical as in marketing and business development. But many times we don’t know when we need to ask for help. I’ve listed three signs to help determine when it’s time to meet with a marketing professional.

You are overwhelmed with work.

Few of us have enough staff or time to complete everything we want. Many marketing firms offer a variety of services from creating monthly newsletters to a fully integrated strategic marketing campaign. You can select how much



time (and money) you want to invest, freeing you up to focus on your strengths.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Perhaps you’ve made an investment in a marketing tool and have some systems established. But you have questions. “How do we track ROI from our efforts?” “Why are “open rates” dropping and prospects aren’t responding to our offers?” Maybe you just need a coach to come in and provide some training, answer specific questions and give you a fresh perspective. An investment of a few hundred dollars might enable you to generate tens of thousands of dollars in new revenue.

You want to generate more revenue. Business owners frequently fall into the “go get the business, service the business and then get more business” treadmill. Wouldn’t it be great to have a steady flow of new business coming in? A marketing firm can show you a

way to market more effectively, consistently and professionally, enabling you to focus on what you do best—running your business. Whether you are in the process of expanding your business or just want to be more effective, talk with a marketing consultant and watch that light bulb over your head begin to glow with new ways to embrace marketing and improve your revenue. Nancy Sanders, Three Dog Marketing Years as a NAWBO member: 6 Years in business: 1+

Value of ASBA

By Kristine Kassel, NAWBO President and ASBA Past-Chair

How to Boost Your Business without Busting Your Budget By Shawn Vallee

As a business owner with a background in creativity, I needed advice on creating business systems. What I was happy to discover was that there are many low and no cost solutions when looking for business advisors. The Arizona Small Business Development Center (AZSBDC) provides no-fee consulting services (the Shawn Vallee organization is funded by the Small Business Administration), is a hub of connections and offers a wealth of business knowledge. You’ll be matched with an advisor who best fits your business needs. The advisors may also suggest business classes and workshops that will lay the foundation for many of your business systems. NAWBO’s Mentoring Program is hosted by the AZSBDC and there is no charge to NAWBO members. The Women’s Enterprise Foundation works closely with NAWBO to provide emerging women business owners grants and scholarships to support participation in NAWBO along with other business needs. SCORE matched me with a working entrepreneur; Chuck helped identify business prospects’ expectations of our company. Gaining objectivity showed us what we needed to focus on. Fresh Start provides classes for start-ups and women business owners. I pursued Lynn after seeing her present at Fresh Start. I asked if she would consider taking me on as a mentee. We discussed expectations and she’s been a valued advisor ever since. Lynn also dedicates some of her time at JumpStartBiz at Meridian Bank in Fountain Hills. They open their doors this February to entrepreneurs—with business space and free advice. My advisors and mentors have each Shawn Vallee, uniquely helped me improve my business. The day will come that I will share what I’ve learned. It will be my opportunity to give back what so many of my advisors have given me. That’s the true meaning of priceless.

Years as a NAWBO member: 1 Years in business: 6

Many of you probably are not aware that NAWBO Phoenix and ASBA have an Alliance Partner relationship. NAWBO members receive a discount on the ASBA membership fee. This is a great relationship for us as ASBA offers several great programs that our members can now take advantage of. Some of those programs are very educational and also provide personal coaching. They are currently offering a Business Development Series and you as a business owner can select the different classes that apply specifically to you. They also offer one-on-one business analysis which is completely free to their members. And of course you can’t forget the original Fast and Curious Speed Networking. Bring your 30 second commercial and be prepared to say it over and over as well as the opportunity to meet several business owners at the same time. ASBA also offers several affinity programs that provide discounts to help small business owners cut costs. This is because they have the buying power of a larger organization because of their membership size. Some of those programs include a special program with Staples for office supplies, credit card processing fees at super low rates, Human Resources and Payroll processing and of course many insurance programs such as Delta Dental, VSP, UNUM and CIGNA. The other area that ASBA is helping out small businesses today is with advocacy. They are helping business owners by keeping up on all the bills and legislative activities going on within our state and nationally. They have a full-time lobbyist and an active public policy committee. It would be worth it to check out what ASBA is offering today by visiting their website at Kristine Kassel, NAWBO President and ASBA Past-Chair NAWBO member 10 years Owner of Benefits by Design for 15 years



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WEF 5K Fun for Scholarships! By Jackie Wszalek

Every journey starts with a single step! Whether it’s a 5K run, a successful business or a scholarship application for a Nawbo membership, the journey is a little easier and a lot more fun with a little help from our friends. Women’s Enterprise Foundation (WEF) raised some money and had a little fun with the Women in Business 5K Fun Run/Walk at Tempe Kiwanis Park on February 5. Men, women, children and dogs enjoyed a crisp morning stretching, walking, running and helping women succeed. Along with a little help from our friends at Appenzeller & Associate CPAs, Bridge Financial Strategies, Benefits by Design, Chi Running/ Walking, Despins Printing and Graphics, Orchard Medical Consulting, Price Kong CPAs, The New Well Fitness and Wellness Centers,

Three Dog Marketing and Women in Banking, WEF succeeded in raising even more money for women entrepeneurs. The monies raised will fund scholarships for a year’s membership in Nawbo, including luncheon fees and mentoring opportunities. Women in business for at least one year are eligible. Applications and a business plan template are available at Applications are due February 28th, 2012. Grants for educational opportunities will also be available later this year for Nawbo members looking to expand their businesses. Follow us on Facebook for more information on events and opportunities. Contact Jackie Wszalek at 602-810-4005 jackie@ for more information.

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Get social with NAWBO Phoenix It’s a great way to stay informed on everything NAWBO Phoenix and expand your online network. And don’t forget once you’re there to make a recommendation to let everyone else know how great it is to be a NAWBO Phoenix Member.

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