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March 31-April 2, 2017 | San Antonio, Texas

Table of Contents Schedule of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Guest Speaker — Stedman Graham . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Breakout Sessions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5 Hotel Map/San Antonio Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Exhibit Hall Layout . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Welcome Letters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8, 12 Sponsors & Corporate Members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 NGAT Mission, Principles & Values . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 NGAT Board of Directors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17 NGAT President’s Annual Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 NGAT Past Presidents/Executive Directors . . . . . . . . . . . 19 TXMD Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21-24 Financial Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26-29 Membership Committee Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 NGAT Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 NGAT Minuteman Recipients . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Legislative Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-40 Insurance Committee Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 NGAT Committees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Military Affairs Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Facility Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 NGAT Retirees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 NGAT Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 TXMD Best Warrior Golf Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . 50-51 NGAT Educational Foundation Report . . . . . . . . . . . . 52-53 NGAT Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-55 NGAUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56-57 EANGUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58-59 TAPS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60

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3706 Crawford Avenue Austin, Texas 78731 512-454-7300 | 1-800-252-NGAT (6828)



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58th Annual NGAT Conference | 1

SCHEDULE OF EV ENTS 58th Annual Conference National Guard Association of Texas San Antonio, Texas March 31-2 April 2017 (Please refer to the final program in your registration packet or the NGAT App for the latest schedule of events)

THURSDAY, 30 MARCH Registration NGAT Board of Directors Meeting

FRIDAY, 31 MARCH Registration Golf Fun Run License to Carry Certification OSHA General Industry Course San Antonio Missions Tour NGAT Wine Tasting Center for the Intrepid Tour

NGAT Spirits Tasting Exhibit Hall Opens Silent Auction Education Fair San Antonio River Cruise Welcome Party with “Geeks Who Drink” Sisters Grimm Ghost Tour Hospitality Suites

SATURDAY, 1 APRIL Registration Breakfast/Business Session Scholarship Awards Exhibit Hall Opens Silent Auction Education Fair Lunch with the Exhibitors

SUNDAY, 2 APRIL Prayer Breakfast

2 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Spouses Luncheon @ Tower of the Americas Retiree Luncheon Educational Breakout Sessions No Host Reception Awards Dinner Guest Speaker “Stedman Graham” Hospitality Suites

NGAT is proud to present Stedman Graham as the Guest Speaker at the NGAT Awards Dinner

STEDMAN GRAHAM Stedman Graham is chairman and CEO of S. Graham & Associates, a management and marketing consulting firm that specializes in the corporate and educational markets. Graham delivers his leadership message throughout the country and globally to corporations, professional associations, government and civic organizations, colleges and universities, and community groups. His message is driven by the Nine-Step Success Process®, a learning management system designed to organize your life around your identity. Graham’s mission is to transform people from followers to leaders and change the way they think and learn. He says that “many of us spend years trying to find out who we are and, sadly, too many of us never do. If we fail to define ourselves, we risk letting others define us by our race, gender, and background. We buy into the labels that keep us in a box and, as a result of those limitations, never reach or realize our greatest potential.” Follow Stedman Graham on Twitter at @OfficialStedman

Stedman Graham has authored eleven books, including two New York Times bestsellers, You Can Make It Happen: A Nine-Step Plan for Success and Teens Can Make It Happen: Nine

Like Stedman Graham on Facebook at

Steps to Success. His latest release, Identity: Your Passport to Success, was on the Wall Street

Journal Bestseller list. Graham has also launched an online course, in partnership with the University of Phoenix, based on the Nine Step Success Process® which supports Identity

Learn more at

Leadership development. Commitment to education and lifelong learning is central to Graham’s philosophy. At the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, he taught a management strategy course entitled “The Dynamics of Leadership.” He is a former adjunct professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago where he taught a leadership course based on his Nine Step Success Process®. Actively involved in education, Graham is currently a distinguished visiting professor for universities and colleges around the country. He served in the United States Army and played basketball professionally in the European League. Graham holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Hardin-Simmons University, a master’s degree in Education from Ball State University, and an honorary doctorate in Humanities from Coker College.

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 3

4 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Visit the Education Fair in the San Antonio Ballroom The Army National Guard Education & Incentives Office in conjunction with NGAT is hosting an Education Fair in the San Antonio Ballroom. Stop by and visit these military friendly institutions of higher learning. Check out the schedule for classes on the Hazelwood Act, helping students with Go Army Education and transferring your GI Bill benefits.

NGAT is proud to present Sergeant Major (Ret) Chermaine Harrell as the Guest Speaker at the Spouses Luncheon Sergeant Major (Ret) Chermaine Harrell Sergeant Major (Ret) Chermaine Harrell is the Associate Regional Dean, Military & VA Programs at National University. She joined National University in 2013. In this role, she manages operations at National University’s military campuses as well as military online programs in California. She also is responsible for military and veterans outreach activities in California. She enlisted into the United States Marine Corps in July 1984 and retired in December 2010. During her 26 years in the Marine Corps, Chermaine served in numerous billets to include Quality Assurance Staff Non Commissioned Officer, Series Chief Drill Instructor, Company 1st Sgt, Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), Air Combat Element (ACE) Sergeant Major and Marine Aviation Training Support Group Sergeant Major. She deployed in support of Desert Storm/Desert Shield, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom and various unit deployments. Her personal awards include the Meritorious Service Medal with gold star, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with gold star and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. Sergeant Major (Ret) Chermaine M. Harrell has a Master of Science degree in Human Resources w/certificates in Management and Training & Development and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University. Chermaine is married to retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major Mark Harrell. They have 6 children and reside in Temecula, California. 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 5

HOTEL MAP SAN ANTONIO MAP 6 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

booth assignments SAN ANTONIO BALLROOM


100 Association of the Unites States Army 101 Texas VFW 102 Raytheon 104 EANGUS/NGAUS 105 Speedy Prep 106 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) 107 American Red Cross 108 National University 109 Texas Army National Guard Recruiting & Retention 110 Rocky 111 E/T Lights & S-Cuts 112 Cocoon, Inc. 113 Veterans United Home Loans of San Antonio 114 MOAA 115 Columbia Southern University 116 National Guard Association of Texas 117 LiteFighter Systems, LLC 118 DOCS 119 AAR Mobility Systems 120 AM General, LLC 121 Oshkosh Defense 122 Galls 123 Tactical Lighting Solutions 200 Kipper Tool Company 201 USAA 202 Northrop Grumman Corporation 203 Defenshield, Inc. 204 GEICO 205 Robertson Fuel Systems 206 Darley Defense 207 Danner 208 Oakley 209 Otis Technology 210 ESS 211 Revision 212 McClarin Plastics/Military Division (AmTech) 300 Breezer Mobile Cooling 301 RecruitMilitary 302 Southern Careers Institute 304 Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc 305 Envelop Protective Covers by Shield Technologies 306 Waldorf University 307 Bike Track, Inc. 307 SOI C4ISR Platforms 308 Panasonic 400 Zumro – Comprehensive Communications Services 401 Grantham University 402 Benchmade 403 BAE Systems 404 Rite in the Rain 405 The Boeing Company 406 Gerber 412/413 LaserShot 408 Leatherman Tool Group 409 Pelican Products 410 Unifire, Inc. 500 Big Ass Solutions 502 American Military University 503 Navy Federal Credit Union 504 Wel-Fab, Inc. 600 Texas Medical Command #3191002 601 National Guard – Citizen Soldier for Life (CSFL) 602 National American University Graduate Program 603 Humana Military – TRICARE 604 State Family Programs 700 Drexel University Online 701 Concordia University Texas 702 Our Lady of the Lake University 703 Southern New Hampshire University 704 Mark Bowlin Books 800 Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Family Endeavors 801 TXARNG Education & Incentives Branch REVISION

Date: 11/17/2016 By: DAVID DELGADO

National Guard Assn of Texas


MARCH 31 - APRIL 1, 2017

Inventory as of 11/15/2016
















































500 501

209 503











123 15'-4"
















300 utility




















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Dimension 8'x8' 8'x10'


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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS Scale: CUSTOM Job #: 446131


Prod. AE: PRODUCING EXEC Started: 11/17/2016


Disclaimer - Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained on this floor plan. However, no warranties, either expressed of implied, are made with respect to this floor plan. If the location of building columns, utilities or other architectural components of the facility is a consideration in the construction or usage of an exhibit, it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to physically inspect the facility to verify all dimension and locations. © Copyright 2007, Freeman Co. All rights reserved.

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58th Annual NGAT Conference | 7

8 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

THESE BLADES TURN MORE. More Capability. More Flexibility. That’s what the UH-72A Lakota delivers. Search and rescue, surveillance, command and control, border security, MEDEVAC and disaster response, the UH-72A delivers more missions for less. Lakota – a proven force multiplier. Made in America. Ready for more? The UH-72A delivers.

170125 TXMD Open House Historic Flyer Overlay (McClendon).indd 1

2/6/17 7:21 PM


Photos by MSG Daniel Griego

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 11

From the President

National Guard Association of Texas 3706 Crawford Ave Austin, Texas 78731

Welcome to the 58th Annual National Guard Association of Texas


in San Antonio, Texas. A lot For the first time, we will be hosting the conference on the Riverwalk nce that is meaningful and of planning and preparation has been done to ensure we host a confere conference around a theme filled with great topics and activities. This year we have centered our t sessions and content that “Be Extraordinary.” In keeping with our theme, we are hosting breakou Airmen and Soldiers. improves our Association, our organization (TMD) and our individual aded it yet, I encourage you NGAT has also launched its first smartphone app. If you haven’t downlo ted. Push notifications will to check it out. The app will allow all the NGAT members to stay connec s. You can post pictures, interact with other members provide immediate updates and remind you of upcoming breakout session our “be extraordinary” theme where experts in their and even win prizes. The breakout sessions have been modeled around s to the business session will allow more time to share field, will provide superb content on various breakout topics. Change a series of insightful presentations while focusing on information on our association and the Texas Military Department through important topics for decisions by our delegate voters. Golf Course, San Antonio Missions Tour or boat tour, Friday we will start early with our optional events — Golf on the LaLoma Center for the Intrepid. In the afternoon you can relax and Fun Run, free License to Carry class, OSHA Training or you can tour the about your future by attending the education fair. The unwind with our popular Wine Tasting and Spirit Tasting or get serious great items waiting for your bids — remember, proceeds NGAT Silent Auction is bigger and better than ever, featuring a lot of t future scholarships, so bid high and bid often! Bidding from the silent auction are given to the Educational foundation to suppor the time to check out what they offer. closes at 2 pm on Saturday. We have over 100 vendors, so please take Hotel for the NGAT Welcome Party. Get ready for some After the exhibit hall closes, head over to Ballroom B at the Wyndham dge of military trivia and military movie trivia with an friendly competition as Geeks who Drink team will challenge your knowle sium. This inaugural event provides an opportunity for opportunity to win prizes. NGAT is proud to host a Junior Officer Sympo nce of well accomplished commanders as panelists. Army and Air junior officers to gain insight into the knowledge and experie guard and how they navigated their career to become This diverse group of panelist will discuss topics on career paths, the be a junior officer to participate. successful commanders in the Texas Military Department. You MUST key note speaker to the awards dinner. Dr. Stedman Graham This year, we are extremely excited to bring an award-winning guest you can develop your own personal vision. His talk is sure touches on the conference theme to be extraordinary, by sharing how rs and keynote speaker by downloading our app. to resonate with all of us! You can read more about the breakout speake of the conference and that you will go and share It is our hope that you will be inspired and motivated by the content have learned with others. Have a great weekend.

LTC Kenn White NGAT President Phone E-mail Website


12 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

what you

ngat sponsors & corporate members Thank You! PLATINUM LiteFighter Systems, LLC National University GOLD

Airbus Big Ass Solutions Darley Defense DRS GEICO USAA


AM General, LLC AAR Mobility Systems DOCS Defenshield Inc. ESS Kipper Tool Company Oakley Oshkosh Defense Robertson Fuel Systems, LLC


BAE Systems Benchmade Breezer Mobile Cooling Bike Track, Inc. Cocoon, Inc. Columbia Southern University E/T Lights & S-Cuts Envelop Protective Covers by Shield Technologies Grantham University Navy Federal Credit Union Pelican Products RecruitMilitary Revision Rocky SOI C4ISR Platforms Southern Career Institute Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc Unifire, Inc. Waldorf University Veterans United Home Loans of San Antonio


American Military University Danner Galls Gerber LaserShot Leatherman Tool Group Lockheed Martin McClarin Plastics/Military Division (AmTech) Northrop Grumman Corporation Otis Technology Panasonic Raytheon Rite in the Rain StandardAero Tactical Lighting Solutions The Boeing Company Wel-Fab, Inc. Zumro – Comprehensive Communication Services

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 13

NGAT GUIDING PRINCIPLES The National Guard Association of Texas will: • Be innovative, agile, and flexible, so that it can meet the expectations and diverse needs of our members. • Create Strategic Alliances and joint ventures through partnerships, to maximize the resources and opportunities available to our members. • Embed continuous improvements in the planning and execution of our programs, activities and decision-making processes. • Inspire individual and communities for public benefit, and conduct activities with transparency. integrity and accountability.

M I SSI ON The purpose of the National Guard Association of Texas shall be to promote, safeguard, and advance the interests of the Texas Military Forces and the National Guard of the United States as a component of the Armed Forces of the United States.

VI SI ON To be a premier professional association that serves and advances the interests of its membership and supports the Texas Military Department.

14 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference


YOUR DADDY’S FANS Forget what you think you know about ceiling fans — a Big Ass Fan is a badass piece of industrial equipment designed to keep you cool for decades without ever breaking down. With wingspans of up to 24 feet, American-built Big Ass Fans provide all the size and power you need to keep you cool when the going gets tough.

Call our government sales experts at 844-359-6782 for a free facility recommendation and learn how Big Ass Fans and Lights can improve barracks, mess halls, training facilities, hangars and more.



LTC Kenn White President

CSM Tony Carter Vice President

MAJ Brian Hildebrand 72nd IBCT Secretary/Treasurer

MAJ Christopher McKeag JFHQ

LTC Tyra Swanson TXARNG

LTC Mike Wallace 36th ID

CSM Richard Sublett 72nd IBCT

LTC Jet Hays 56th IBCT

MAJ Toni Savely 36th Sustainment Bde

SGM Bob Roark 36th CAB

CSM Jimmy Leonard 176th Engr Bde

CSM Mark Horn 56th IBCT

16 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

MAJ Patrick Hardy 71st BfSB

MSG Daniel Griego 136th MEB

CMSgt Michael Selheim HQ, TANG

MSgt Albert Cardenas 149th FW

1st Lt Leonor Milton 147th RW

SMSgt Doug Clark 136th AW

CSM Richard Chamberlain Texas State Guard

CMSgt (Ret) Priscilla Leger Retired Rep— Region I


CSM (Ret) Randy Ransom Retired Rep — Region III

LTC Scott Kingsley Family Readiness Rep

Kenn White President

Tony Carter Vice President

Brian Hildebrand Secretary-Treasurer

MSG (Ret) Theresa Billeck-Zuniga Executive Director (Interim) 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 17

president ’s annual report Greetings from San Antonio and the 58th Annual Conference of the National Guard Association of Texas. The past 12 months since our last conference has been a journey filled with exciting changes and new directions for our Association.  I am very proud of the work the board has done over this past year in creating changes that establish purpose and direction for the National Guard Association of Texas in the years to come. One of the more significant changes is the formation of our guiding principles. These guiding principles are the cornerstone to how our organization intends to operate now and in the future. The development of NGAT values is another key philosophical change that will help future NGAT boards create meaningful and sustainable programs for our members.  We want to add value to our members and their families. These guiding principles and values will ensure that EVERY decision we make puts our members at the center. The board also is recommending some important bylaw changes.  These changes will help address some improvements in areas that are needed since our last bylaw changes in 2011. NGAT continues to rely heavily on the experience refund from the purchase of State Sponsored Life Insurance.  Additionally, we generate a small amount of surplus from the adjacent rental property. As we create new programs for our members in the next couple of years, it will become more important to maintain a predictable, consistent way to fund these new opportunities by looking at other sources aside from insurance and rental property. We want to stand up one to two new programs this coming year that create real value for our members. These programs should not be confused with benefits like hotel and rental care discounts.  Creating value for our members in programs that can really make an impact to our members/families is fundamental to the purpose and intent of a non-profit.  I will be forming a team of volunteers to help determine what programs are important to our members.  You will also be asked to participate in a member survey, please participate. This coming year, I want to fully explore stronger strategic partnerships with other organizations within Austin and surrounding areas.  This alliance will help us leverage stronger programs for our members. Beginning in May, the NGAT board of director meetings will travel within the Austin area and hold their quarterly meetings at these partnership locations. This gives NGAT an opportunity to discuss our association with potential strategic partners while allowing NGAT board members to learn more about how these potential partners can be a value to our members.  I want to close with two final remarks; membership and our support to the Texas Military Department and the Adjutant General.  Our membership is declining. Last year we did a large scale membership drive, giving away free annual memberships to E6’s and below.  With a less than 2% conversion rate to a paid membership, we learned that our members want to belong to an association that adds value.  This philosophy will drive every decision we make this year and we look to innovate and create value. We believe this is the best way to attract and keep members.  Finally, I am most proud of the renewed partnership between NGAT and the Texas Military Department.  NGAT exists because of the TMD.  We are working stronger than every with the TAG and his legislative priorities and are very excited about this renewed relationship. NGAT is changing, but it takes passionate, involved leaders to carry the torch each year to move the association forward.  The Association needs you to work with our board side by side on a committee, or volunteer to participate on a planning team. Whatever level you can participate, I encourage you to be active in your association. We welcome you with open arms. 

LTC Kenn White NGAT President

18 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

NGAT Past Presidents & Advisory Committee

National Guard Association of Texas

Executive Directors

CW4 (Ret) Leonard T. Tallas* 1959-1986

CW4 (Ret) Lewis O. King* 1986-1994

COL (Ret) Dale M. Pyeatt* 1994-2005

LTC (Ret) Ray Lindner 2005-2016 * Deceased

MSG (Ret) Theresa Billeck-Zuniga 2016-present

Year              President


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LTC Kenn White COL Daniel Quick CMSgt Charles Chavers MAJ Justin Perryman LTC Michele Voorhees-Little CSM (Ret) Jeffrey Merrill MSG Theresa M. Billeck-Zuniga LTC Mario Alayon    MAJ Monie Ulis          LTC William L. “Len” Smith   MSgt Jim DiGiovanni     CSM Garry Worrell         LTC James K. “Red” Brown      COL John Braun                CMSgt William Maginot    LTC Susan Bickelmann          LTC Michael L. Boyd             COL B. Leroy Sisco              COL Thomas M. Shellshear     COL Rodney A. McNelley      CSM C. Don Steelhammer *    MAJ C. Terry Granade           CSM Mikeal L. Graham         COL Gary R. Walston             MAJ Garry D. Patterson          LTC John W. Cook                 LTC Glenn C. Meadows         COL Walter J. Dingler *            LTC Jack E. Davenport * CSM Billie S. Abernathy CMsgt Francis M. Arnold MAJ Edmond S. Komandosky MAJ Dale M. Pyeatt * MAJ Richard E. Harrison  COL Robert D. Goodman *   MAJ Bennie C. Adair   COL James B. McGoodwin * CSM James H. Merritt  MAJ Rufus B. Martin *      COL Jack Fisher *        LTC Guy C. Jackson III * CSM William M. Huggins *      MG Everett S. Simpson *      LTC George R. Harper    LTC Louis A. Howard *         LTC Louis E. Holder * LTC Mickey Francis *         MAJ Clayborne Kruckemeyer *   LTC Vernon M Scofield  LTC William L. Seals * MAJ James M. Rose * COL Kay Halsell II * COL Thomas S. Bishop * BG Harley B. West*

* Deceased 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 19









The Best Value for America The Texas Army National Guard and the National Guard as a whole remains the most cost-effective model within the total force, and the tried-and-true American tradition of CitizenSoldiers allows the DoD to do more with less. By maintaining a larger portion of the force in the National Guard, the DoD gains a larger, less expensive force that provides the best value for our nation.



Maj Gen John F. Nichols Adjutant General

CSM John F. Sampa State Senior Enlisted Advisor


BG Tracy Norris BG Richard J. Noriega Assistant Adjutant General Assistant Deputy Army Adjutant General Army

Brig Gen Dawn Ferrell Assistant Adjutant General Air


Maj Gen David McMinn TXANG Commander

CCMSgt Marlon K. Nation Senior Enlisted Advisor

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 21


BG Tracy Norris Commander, TXARNG

CSM Kristopher Dyer Command Sergeant Major


BG Sean Ryan Commander

CSM Charles R. Harris Commander Sergeant Major


BG Patrick Hamilton Commander of Domestic Operations

22 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

CMSgt Oscar Tey Senior Enlisted Advisor


MG Lester Simpson Commander

BG Samuel L. Henry Dep Cmd, Manuever

BG Charles “Chuck” Aris Dep Cmd Gen, Support

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 23


MG (TX) Gerald “Jake” Betty Commander, TXSG

Brig Gen (TX) Johann “John” Kinsey Commander, TXSG Air Component

MG (TX) Robert J. Bodisch Deputy Commander, TXSG

BG (TX) Brian Smallwood Commander, TXSG Maritime Regiment

24 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Sgt Maj (TX) Bryan Becknel Senior Enlisted Advisor, TXSG

BG (TX) Howard Palmer Commander, TXSG Army Component

COL Connie McNabb Commander, TXSG Medical Brigade

Cindy Smith (512) 426-2431

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58th Annual NGAT Conference | 25

Financial Report Your Association experienced a profitable but unpredictable financial year considering the multitude of changes we have gone through since the last conference. We did experience a decrease in net income but an increase in equity (the latter due in some part to our insurance experience refund). The following comments address the Statement of Financial Position as of August 31, 2016, and the Statement of Financial Activity for Sep 15-Aug 16. These reports have not yet been audited, so there may be minor changes after the audit. Net income for the year was $36,059, down from $68,817. Insurance program receipts declined considerably, falling 9.7% from $302,814 to $273,257. This is of particular concern given that insurance makes up over 85% of our income. Individual membership dues income is now at a all time low of $2,784. However, on a positive note our corporate membership income rose 2.8% to $25,150, a somewhat surprising reversal from previous year’s decreases. Our sale of NGAT News Magazine advertisements fell 11% to $8,900. Some of this is due to the decline in organizations willing to participate in print media and their conversion to digital advertising. This is something we will be addressing this year. This past year NGAT did some restructuring and will no longer be providing administrative support to the National Guard Executive Directors Association (NGEDA) or to the Texas National Guard Family Support Foundation (TXNGFSF). The departure from both of these organizations was amicable, but also came with a loss of income. The estimated annual loss of income from NGEDA will be -$12,000 and the estimated annual loss of income from TXNGFSF will be -$24,000. We also received $37,731 in rent for our property at 3704 Crawford. Our annual conference experienced a loss of $8,880 this year as opposed to a $16,218 loss experienced last year, mainly due to lack of participation at the Prayer Breakfast and excessive expenditures for the Spouses Luncheon and Lunch with the Exhibitors. We were over budget in postage due to the postal increase and office maintenance because we had a server crash and had to replace the entire system and software. There was no significant growth in our restricted funds accounts. However, our Life Membership Funds total is now $237,525 a increase of $17,100. The Association finished the year with Total Equity of $1,816,757, an increase of $203,121 over FY14-15. In October 2016, the Board adopted a budget for FY16-17 (see Budget, Sep 2016-Aug 2017). We budgeted for a $258,382 deficit, although we expect that income may actually be modestly higher, and that some projected costs might not be as high as expected. We will also be able to adjust expenditures midway through the year after we have visibility of any insurance experience refund. Respectfully submitted,

Brian Hildebrand Secretary/Treasurer

26 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

National guard association of texas

statement of financial position

ciation of National Guard Asso

ce Sheet Ba Aslan of August 31, 2016


6 As of August 31, 201

Aug 31, 16

ASSETS Current Assets Checking/Savings Checking Accounts

12:28 PM

Savings Accounts ts Money Market Accoun

National Guard Associatio n of Texas

230,779.38 03/10/17 Accrual Basis 660,019.51

Balance Sheet

As of August 31, 2016


1025 · Petty Cash


s Total Checking/Saving


Accounts Receivable eivable 1201 · *Accounts Rec


eivable Total Accounts Rec


Other Current Assets Deposit 1100 · Certificates of ble eiva Rec ts 1200 · Accoun

232.03 14,094.72 5,282.66

rance Premiums 1300 · Prepaid Insu enses 1305 · Prepaid Exp

Total Other Current





Total Current Assets


Fixed Assets 1500 · Land


1520 · Buildings


ipment 1550 · Furniture & Equ reciation Dep d late umu Acc 1590 ·

-244,563.07 555,802.22

Total Fixed Assets


Other Assets 1600 · Bonds

Aug 31, 16

1650 · Stocks


Total Other Assets




LIABILITIES & EQUITY Liabilities Current Liabilities Credit Cards 2002 · Chase Credit Card


Total Credit Cards


Other Current Liabilities 2970 · Building repairs


2100 · Payroll Liabilities 2250 · Human Resources




2300 · Premiums Payable


2620 · Premiums for Futu re Period 2330 · Premium Refund 2370 · Military Affairs Colle ctions

18,792.99 190.30 7,957.33

2600 · Other Entities


2050 · Rental Property Depo sit 2775 · Unit Membership Page 1 Distribution Total Other Current Liab ilities

2,726.24 645.00 138,333.18

Total Current Liabilities 12:28 PM 03/10/17 Accrual Basis


Total Liabilities

Equity National Guard Associatio n 3016 · Life Membership Fund s 3020 · NGAT Foundation Fund As of August 31, 2016 3100 · Building Fund 3200 · Reserve Fund

Balance Sheet

3900 · Fund Balance Net Income Total Equity TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQU ITY

of Texas

150,162.17 237,525.50 48,818.42 600,000.00 250,000.00 Aug 31, 16 494,192.28 36,059.37 1,666,595.57 1,816,757.74

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 27

National guard association of texas

National Guard Association of Texas

12:30 PM

Profit & Loss statement of financial activities 03/10/17 Accrual Basis

September 2015 through August 2016

September 2015-August 2016

Sep '15 - Aug 16 Ordinary Income/Expense Income 4005 · Annual Conference 4020 · Transaction Charges


4025 · Dividends & Interest


4045 · Insurance Premium - Direct Bill

141,611.69 60,598.46

4049 · Insurance Experience Refund 4055 · Membership - Individual

182,205.00 2,784.25


4065 · News Magazine Ads


4075 · NGEDA

9,000.00 20,340.57 1,258.14

4080 · Other Income 4400 · Miscellaneous Income 4500 · Rental Income

510.06 37,731.18 659,928.15

Total Income


Gross Profit Expense 700 · Property Taxes

National Guard Association of Texas


685 · Reconciliation Discrepancies 600 · Annual Conference Expense

-0.01 99,450.54

610 · Association Management


625 · Facilities and Equipment

18,838.64 Sep '15 - Aug 16

Profit & Loss

September 2015 through August 2016

630 · Human Resources


635 · Insurance Program


640 · Legislative


645 · Membership


650 · Military Affairs


620 · Communications


660 · Office Administration


680 · Other Expenses Total Expense Net Ordinary Income Net Income

28 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference


4063 · Military Affairs Income

4076 · TXNGFSF

03/10/17 Accrual Basis


4046 · Insurance Premiums - Allotments 4047 · Insurance Commissions

4062 · Membership - Corporate

12:30 PM


738.30 623,868.78 36,059.37 36,059.37

National guard association of texas National Guard Association of Texas

fy 2016-17

12:38 PM

Profit & Loss Budget Overview

03/10/17 Accrual Basis

September 2016 through August 2017

September 2016-August 2017

Sep '16 - Aug 17 Ordinary Income/Expense Income 4005 · Annual Conference


4020 · Transaction Charges


4025 · Dividends & Interest

2,710.30 60,071.35

4045 · Insurance Premium - Direct Bill 4046 · Insurance Premiums - Allotments 4047 · Insurance Commissions

0.00 2,000.00

4049 · Insurance Experience Refund 4055 · Membership - Individual


4062 · Membership - Corporate 4063 · Military Affairs Income


4065 · News Magazine Ads


4075 · NGEDA


4076 · TXNGFSF

0.00 290.00

4080 · Other Income

0.00 37,731.18

4400 · Miscellaneous Income 4500 · Rental Income


Total Income


Gross Profit Expense 700 · Property Taxes 12:38 PM 03/10/17 Accrual Basis

141,625.90 65,500.00

National Guard Association of Texas 685 · Reconciliation Discrepancies

Profit & Loss Budget Overview

600 · Annual Conference Expense

610 · Association September Management 2016 through August 2017 625 · Facilities and Equipment

23,000.00 0.00 104,280.00 53,380.00 Sep '16 - 18,100.00 Aug 17

630 · Human Resources


635 · Insurance Program


640 · Legislative 645 · Membership

9,700.00 3,100.00

650 · Military Affairs


620 · Communications


660 · Office Administration


680 · Other Expenses 760 · Depreciation Total Expense Net Ordinary Income Net Income

1,200.00 0.00 691,630.89 -258,382.16 -258,382.16

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 29


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MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT Annual membership continues to be stagnant. However, our life membership has had a very good year. Currently, our life membership stands at 31,290 compared to 30,273 last year, which is a increase of 1.03%. Our life membership base is starting to age and each year we lose a considerable number due to death. So far this fiscal year, we have gained 45 new life members. Our life membership special will finally come to a end on June 30, 2017. So, if you have not signed up for the life membership at the special rate of $100, time is running out. The launch of our new NGAT app will make NGAT membership even more accessible to our younger Soldiers and Airmen yet at the same time will serve to connect our membership of all ages to each other. Upon the selection of our new Executive Director, the membership committee will address the issue of upgrading our membership software so that we can better communicate with our members and automate our billing and conference registration processes into one central database. This past year NGAT added a free Notary Public service for our members at the NGAT office. We also added a discount for online CLEP prep services provided by Speedy Prep and a reduced rate for NGAT members to join AAA. Staying in contact and communicating with our membership is an area we need your assistance with.

How can you help? • Provide NGAT with a current CIVILIAN email address • Update your mailing address with NGAT • Ask your friends if they are NGAT members and if not encourage them to join • Tell your friends who are NGAT members to please update their email & mailing addresses with us • Volunteer to serve on a NGAT committee Professionals belong to professional associations and NGAT has been working hard this past year to make your professional association extraordinary. The only thing missing is your involvement! What are you waiting for?! This is your association — so tell us what we can do for you. Do you have a suggestion to gain new members? Please email our President at

32 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference


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34 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

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NGAT AWARDS EXEMPLARY SERVICE Minuteman Award — The highest honor bestowed on an NGAT member. It recognizes exceptional achievement, highly distinguished service, or an outstanding contribution to a military organization, state, nation, and to NGAT. Davy Crockett Award — Recognizes exceptional service or outstanding contributions to NGAT. Jose Navarro Award — Recognizes outstanding contribution or service to NGAT.

HEROISM General K.L. Berry Award — Recognizes an act of heroism involving risk of life or personal safety by a member of the TXMF. Juan Seguin Award — Recognizes an individual other than a member of the TXMF for the performance of an act of heroism involving risk of life or personal safety and/or extreme humanitarianism while attempting to aid a member of the TXMF. LTC James A. Spring Humanitarianism Award — Recognizes an act of heroism and/or extreme humanitarianism involving the saving or attempt to save a life.

SPECIAL Honorary Life Membership — Presented by the NGAT Board of Directors to recognize exceptional service or support to the ideals of NGAT. Adjutant General’s Award — Presented to an individual or entity that the Adjutant General wishes to recognize for exceptional service or support of the TXMF. Sam Houston Award — Presented to elected officials for exceptional support of the TXMD. Spirit of Texas Award — Bestowed on an individual or entity for outstanding public service to the TXMD and/or NGAT. NGAT Certificate of Appreciation — Bestowed on an individual or entity for outstanding support of the TXMD and/or NGAT.

36 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Minuteman Recipients Recalled Year Recipients


2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 1992 1991 1990 1989 1988 1987


CMSgt Charles Chavers LTC Justin Perryman MG (Ret) Darren Owens COL (Ret) Francisco Zuniga LTC Michele Voorhees Col Tony West BG James K. “Red” Brown COL (Ret) Cindy Smith MG (TX) (Ret) Jerry Icenhower MSG (Ret) Theresa Billeck-Zuniga a Brig Gen Allen Dehnert COL (Ret) Rodney McNelley CMSgt (Ret) Joe Briggs * LTG (Ret) Don O. Daniel a CMSgt (Ret) William Maginot a CSM (Ret) Don Strickland COL (Ret) Dale Pyeatt * a SGM Elmo Carreon COL (Ret) Larry N. Patterson COL (Ret) Garry D. Patterson COL Michael L. Boyd CSM (Ret) E. Lewis Boehm, Jr. MG Robert L. Halverson a MG (Ret) John B. Garrett * a Lt Col Charles P. Ford ** Col Gary R. Walston COL (Ret) Eugene A. Mees * CSM Carroll Don Steelhammer** MSgt Deritha M. Ceaser CHAP (BG) Robert L. Herring COL (Ret) David Counts CMSgt (Ret) David A. Holder CMSgt (Ret) Clarence E. Leonard * a COL (Ret) Richard E. Harrison CMSgt (Ret) Donald L. Smithers a BG David A. Heuer * a LTC Susan L. Bickelmann COL (Ret) Leroy M. Cobb* 1SG (Ret) Oscar G. Adame BG Leroy Thompson SFC (Ret) David N Cuellar CW4 James R. Harrison CMSgt James D. Johnston * a CSMgt (Ret) Themis J. Maloukis MG (Ret) Robert W. McDonald a MG (Ret) James B. McGoodwin * MG (Ret) Elmer L. Stephens a 1SG Veron D. Day * a MG Bobby W. Hodges a MAJ Edmond S. Komandosky CSM Arthur P. Allen

* Deceased **Postumous a — Texas Military Department “Hall of Honor Recipient”

Year Recipients


1986 1985 1984 1983 1982 1981 1980 1979 1978 1977 1976 1975 1974 1973 1972 1971 1970 1969 1968 1967 1966 1965 1964 1963 1962


CSM Earl R. Allen * CW4 Harold D. Loftis * LTC Milton W. Johnston * CMSgt Oren W. McClure a CSM Bill S. Abernathy a LTG William O. Green* a MG Willie L. Scott* CMSgt Francis M. Arnold a BG J. Travis Blakeslee * a CSM John H. Henry LTG Everett S. Simpson * a CSM Richard M. Sutherland LTC John A. Farrand * LTC Robert H. Harmon 1SG Truman N. Lee BG John A. Traeger * CSM James H. Merritt LTG Thomas S. Bishop * a COL Harry L. Smith, Jr. * CSM Douglas O. V. Rives * a COL Ervin C. Herber * CW3 Lewis O. King * a LTC James A. Spring ** 1SG Clyde W. Worrell a MAJ Edward O. Messick * CWO Ignatius J. Stepchinski * a 1SG Morris W. Abercrombie * CSM William W. Huggins * a SGM Donald L. Lindsey LTG Harley B. West * a COL Robert L. Stockton * MG Thomas D. Blackwell * a SFC Fred M. Roy * LTG D. A. Thompson * a CHAP (LTC) Charles A. Mull ** TSgt Ivan B. Burch MG James E. Taylor * LTC Mickey Francis * a SGM Albert K. Penrod * a TSgt James T. Densford, Jr. MAJ Harold H. Blackshear a SMSgt Shelby E. Luke, Sr. LTG Clayton P. Kerr * a LTC Thomas E. Berry * a LTG H. Miller Ainsworth * a LTG Albert Sidney Johnson * a SMSgt William F. Mead * CW4 Leonard T. Tallas * a LTC Jay A. Matthews, Jr. * a MAJ James A. Rose * MG Lloyd M. Bentson, Sr. * a SGM Charles W. Ray * LTG Carl L. Phinney * a CWO Oakley H. Pittman *

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 37

legislative committee report In alignment with the changes NGAT has been undergoing this year, the Legislative Committee has relied heavily on the Texas Military Department’s (TMD) Government Affairs Office to ensure that our organization, and TMD, remain informed of the political climate, as well as federal delegation and state legislative items that would impact the two organizations, both in Washington, D.C. and Austin.

ORGANIZATION The organization of the Legislative Committee is broken into three groups: the Legislative Task Force, the Resolutions Committee, and Email/Fax Brigade. The NGAT staff is responsible for organizing and pursuing a year-round legislative agenda, and supporting the activities of the other three components. The Legislative Task Force partners with the leadership of the Texas Military Department in presenting the TAG priorities and initiatives to the Texas congressional delegation. The Resolution Committee reviews resolutions submitted to the association by TMD, NGAUS, EANGUS and industry for association endorsement. The Email/Fax Brigade responds to NGAT legislative alerts and directly communicates, typically through email, with their members of Congress as constituents.

FEDERAL In a turbulent year that saw a change of parties in the executive branch and of leadership in the legislative branch, the need for engagement is as important as ever. The new administration has proposed a defense supplemental for FY17 that is $30 billion dollars. An additional increase in FY18 funds of $54 billion dollars, brings the additional federal defense funding to an anticipated $84 billion dollars. Because of the increased funding associated with the executive branch’s refocus of defense and national security, constant engagement with the legislative branch is a must. These engagements must center on a need to return to a traditional, standard appropriations cycle. The return to normal business

38 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

and a predictive model will allow for these increased funds to be appropriately applied to recent shortfalls in readiness, modernization and equipment. The Texas Congressional delegation has continued to support where we have identified a need and requested support. Some specific examples of this support are: • HASC Chairman Representative Mac Thornberry and Representative Will Hurd visited the 149th AF Fighter Wing for a tour and brief of operations, with a focus on cyber. • Multiple Congressional and staff visits to armories and border operations, culminating in a visit by Senate Armed Services Committee Professional Staff Members with the Chief of the National Guard Bureau, General Lengyel. • Representative Pete Olson hosted a town hall event on Ellington Field. • Senator John Cornyn and Representative Henry Cuellar, along with Governor Abbott, wrote a letter in support of continuing our border aviation operations supporting CBP and DPS. • Representatives Cuellar, Hurd and Lamar Smith wrote a letter to the leadership of the Air Force stating their support for future F-16 basing at Lackland AFB.

STATE Being an odd year, the state legislature is in full swing with state session lasting 140 days from January 10th to May 29th, 2017. Due to a significant decrease in funding than was seen in the 84th legislature, the 85th legislature has had to prepare a budget that started with a 4% cut. The cut to the Texas Military Department when the initial budget forecasts were released by the 85th legislature were closer to 12% cuts in the Senate budget and 5% cut in the House version of the budget. NGAT continues to monitor the budget process and ensure that the lean budget provided to the TMD, approximately $16 million dollars a year from the State of Texas is protected. As an agency that has shown efficient use of the state budget and leverages every opportunity to multiply this money with a federal match, our state projects of the last biennium have continued this trend. A beneficiary of a state joint committee of facilities and maintenance last session, the TMD prepared a State of Texas Armory Revitalization Project that was well received and funded.

(Left) Members of the Texas Air National Guard visit with Representative Brian Babin (left) at the State Capitol. Also pictured from left to right is Brigadier General Dawn Ferrell, Deputy Adjutant General for Air, Col Timothy Madden, Commander of the 149th Fighter Wing, and CCMSgt Michael Cornitius, 147th Reconnaissance Wing.

This plan laid out a 10 year plan to return our armories to a modern state of life, safety and health standards. Unfortunately the funding for this plan is at risk this session and is at the forefront of NGAT state efforts. It is imperative that the members of the TMD are trained and that office buildings are safe and maintained to code standard, at a minimum. The TMD should be rewarded for 1) showing what they would do; 2) doing what they said they would do and; 3) reporting back at every turn. Instead, they are stripped of funding and therefore, our Soldiers and Airman are endangered.

EMAIL/FAX BRIGADE There is strength in collective numbers. Written communication between the association member and their elected official about important legislative issues is a crucial facet of any association’s strength. Texas is typically in the top 5 states with regards to volume. Please continue to monitor the Legislative Page to watch for email alerts and stay informed.

LEGISLATIVE WEBSITE The Legislative Issues page of NGAT’s new website continues to be a work in progress, particularly with regards to the state legislature. Members can still utilize the page to identify their elected officials and keep current on Federal Issues. The bottom half of the page is fed by Cap Wiz for federal issues, and usually is routed through the NGAUS or EANGUS websites.

Major General John F. Nichols, The Adjutant General of Texas, testifies before the Texas Senate Nominations Committee. “We’re Texans serving Texas. We put Texas first, but we also serve the nation,” he said during his testimony. “When asked, Texas (Texas Military Department) answers the call.”

In early March the Texas Military Department spent a day at the Capitol to update state legislators on the activities of the Texas Military Department and NGAT. Pictured are some of those in attendance with Texas Military Forces leadership and Representative Phil King. 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 39

WRITE TO CONGRESS — WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT H.R. 1384, Reserve Component Benefits Parity Act of 2017

Sponsored in the House by: Rep. Tim Walz, Rep. Steven Palazzo, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, & Rep. Trent Franks Sponsored in the Senate by: Sen. Al Franken The 2012 NDAA added to 10 USC the 12304b authority for mobilization for Guard and Reserve Components which states, “Selected Reserve: order to active duty for preplanned missions in support of the combatant commands.” This designation expanded the authority of the Department of Defense to deploy National Guard and Reserve Component forces on pre-planned active duty missions to support the combatant commands. However, when the 12304b authority was authorized, legislation failed to make corresponding changes to 5 USC, 10USC, 37 USC, and 38 USC. As such, health, education, leave, pay, and retirement benefits equal with Active Component troops serving the same functions have been denied to Guard and Reserve Component soldiers serving under the 12304b authority. The failure to make corresponding changes has resulted in National Guard and Reserve Component service members being denied TRICARE benefits before and after deployment, earned Post 9/11 GI Bill education benefits, reduction in retirement age for Reserve Component members for service on active duty, non-reduction of federal civilian pay for service members called to active duty, and high-tempo deployment allowances. It is imperative that legislation during FY18 make changes to eligibility of service members mobilized under 12304b as subsequent FYs will see a marked increase in 12304b utilization by DoD.

LAWMAKERS LOOKING TO ATTACK HAZELWOOD AGAIN Two years after efforts failed in the Texas Legislature to pare back a program that gives free college tuition to qualified Veterans, spouses, and dependent children with up to 150 hours of tuition exemption at public universities in Texas. State lawmakers are setting the stage to take another crack at reducing benefits under the Hazelwood Act. Representative Jose Manuel Lozano filed a bill on March 9 that would lessen the number of children eligible for the Hazlewood Act. House Bill 3766 addressed the fact that the cost of the program skyrocketed after it expanded in 2009 to include children of veterans. The bill will add stipulations regarding time served in the military and add a deadline to the amount of time after a solider is discharged that the program can be used. The tuition exemption would expire 15 years after the veteran was honorably discharged — meaning children born after their parent left the military would no longer qualify. Representative César Blanco from El Paso said he was disappointed in the proposal and intends to fight it. “I just want to say that it’s disappointing that the Republicans are going back on the promises made to veterans. We as democrats and those of us who have served in uniform here in the Texas House and Senate will make sure we push back and continue to honor our veterans,” Blanco said. The proposed bill will add 4 new stipulations to the existing Hazlewood Act: • Limit the Hazlewood exemption for honorably discharged veterans by requiring four years of service at a minimum instead of the current 180 days. • Disallow veterans from being able to use the benefits after 15 years from the date the veteran was honorably discharged. • Removal of the bill from the control of the Texas Veterans Commission. • Not grandfather in any current active-duty servicemember.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? CONTACT YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND ASK THEM NOT TO SUPPORT THE CUTS TO THE HAZELWOOD ACT. Col. Timothy Madden (right), commander of the 149th Fighter Wing, Texas Air National Guard, prepares John Fedrigo, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for Reserve Affairs and Airman Readiness, for his flight in an F-16 Fighting Falcon, Feb. 14, 2017, at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas. Fedrigo also toured the 149th FW to better assess its strengths and capabilities. (Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Agustin Salazar) 40 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference


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Insurance Report The NGAT Insurance Program had a slow year in 2015-16, but the future is starting to look promising with SRP and FMR continuing to produce new policies in record numbers. Income from our term life insurance decreased to $212,659 from $225,199, a decrease of 5.57%. Income from allotments, reflecting income from active Guard members, decreased from $145,567 to $141,612, about 2.72%. There was a substantial increase in policies issued last year, but also a larger number of expiring policies than the year before. Income from direct billing, reflecting premiums collected from retired or former Guard members and including those expiring policies, declined significantly from $79,633 to $71,048, about 11.15%. One reason for this decrease is that the people who dropped their insurance (moved with no forwarding address, multiple unpaid premiums, reaching age 65, etc.) outnumbered the people who converted from payroll deduction to direct billing after they left the Guard. A large number of these we were simply unable to contact due to bad addresses. SRP and FMR sales constituted 100% of new sales. There were no unit visits conducted during the fiscal year but there are plans to begin scheduling unit visits in the coming months. Policy sales are now keeping pace with last year’s sales. NGAT has had 26 deaths in the 2016-2017 Pool Year, which runs from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017. Of those deaths 14 had only the Active Guard Free $1,000 policy and did not have the group term policy. So, instead of NGAT being able to pay for the funeral, our $1,000 policy simply eased some of the financial burden of having to pay for a funeral. Our claims now total $295,500. We have no way to know how much of an Experience Refund we will receive. Last year we received an experience refund of $182,205, which was $9,298 less than the previous year. Since experience refunds are based on the performance of the insurance pool in which we participate, they cannot be budgeted. This means that the experience refund is essentially a welcomed gift at the end of the insurance year! We are extremely concerned about the lack of Air National Guard members having insurance. At this point, we only have 17 current air guard members insured and on allotment. If you are willing to assist us with this effort, please contact the NGAT office. We would encourage each of you to re-examine your insurance needs, and to help us spread the word about our insurance program. We strongly believe it is an extraordinary product for our Guard troops, and serves a key role in ensuring immediately available funds are there for the survivors during this critical time. We appreciate greatly the unconditional support of the Guard leadership at all levels, and look forward to continuing to meet the needs of our Guard family.

42 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

NGAT COMMITTEES NGAT relies on volunteers to accomplish much of our agenda as an Association. You can make a difference in the lives of our members by serving on a committee. Volunteer leaders can directly impact the focus and direction of NGAT initiatives. Get involved in one of the below committees. Awards Publicize NGAT awards and evaluate award submissions.

Insurance Assist with unit-level outreach to Guardmen to share the values of the NGAT Life Insurance Program.

Building Committee NGAT is looking for members with a background in project management, engineering and/or construction to serve on the NGAT Building Committee.

Membership Assist with NGAT membership recruitment and retention.

Conference Think we should do something different at conference. Join the conference committee and share your ideas. Government Affairs Participate in national and state legislative lobbying activities; track legislation; coordinate grass-roots lobbying campaigns.

44 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Public Affairs/Communications/Marketing Assist with the development and design of print media. Assist with the management of social media and contribute to the publication of the NGAT News Magazine. Retiree Affairs Plan and coordinate retiree functions across the state. To volunteer or to get more information contact Theresa Billeck-Zuniga at or call the NGAT office at 512-454-7300.

Military Affairs Report Over the past year, the NGAT Board of Directors have made a significant investment of money into supporting military affairs activities. Military Affairs includes such areas as Unit Distributions, Command Support Functions, TXMF Museum Support, and Professional Development for the TXMF, including individual attendance and sponsorships to the NGAT Conference, EANGUS Conference, and the NGAUS Conferences. In sum, NGAT provided almost $26,000 in support of Military Affairs activities last year. Last year NGAT spent over $10,000 in support of various unit activities, including departure and homecoming ceremonies, retirement briefings, professional development and conference support, and command support functions, including school graduations, individual awards, and support for the Best Warrior Competition. The NGAT Board of Directors is especially focused this year on investing into projects and activities that will improve benefits and programs for NGAT members. Specifically this year they have allocated $10,000 to support junior enlisted Soldiers and Airmen attendance to the NGAT conference. A key part of professional development is ensuring that young Soldiers and Airmen have the opportunity to attend professional conferences. We also continue to solicit Patriot Sponsors to completely underwrite attendance for junior enlisted, and over the last three years have awarded seven Patriot Scholarships to our NGAT conference. This year an amendment to the NGAT bylaws was submitted to correct the description of the Military Affairs Committee. Specifically the last line reads: The Military Affairs Committee shall have Army, Air, and State Guard Subcommittees. Since no subcommittee have ever actually been formed or functioning the amended verbiage is requested to read: The Military Affairs Committee shall at a minimum have a representative from the Army, Air, State Guard and retirees on the committee. NGAT will continue to explore ways to expand professional development opportunities in the Texas Military Forces. We encourage all members to assist us in this outreach through participation and getting involved with NGAT committees.

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 45

FACILITY UPDATE This past year after a closer review of previous plans for a joint building partnership to build a multi-story office building the NGAT Board of Directors decided to scrape those plans and reevaluate the needs of the Association. The Board has decided to offer the bridal shop that is currently leasing the lot adjacent to NGAT on a monthto-month basis a two year contract while the facility committee works with the new NGAT Executive Director on plans for the future of NGAT.

Texas Army National Guard Recruiting & Retention Reunion September 22-24, 2017 Canyon Lake - Randolph Side The 4th Annual Recruiting and Retention Reunion will be held at Canyon Lake on the Randolph side on September 22-24, 2017. This year they will feature Soldiers from the 70’s. If you served with or supported the Texas Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Command or are a former or current Army National Guard Recruiters you are welcome to attend the reunion. We had over 40 in attendance at our last reunion. For more information contact Dwain James, or Darlene Langston, Or follow them on Facebook at Texas Army National Guard R&R Force (Fmr & Present).

1136 th Infantry Detachment Reunion Planned All past members and support personnel to the 1136th Infantry Detachment (Pathfinder) are invited to attend a reunion scheduled to be held April 21-23, 2017 in Austin, Texas. Our last reunion held in April of 2015 was a success with three generations of pathfinders attending the reunion ranging from veterans of the Vietnam and Cold War eras to present day pathfinders still fighting terror in the Middle East. For more information about the event, please contact the reunion organizers via phone, text or email. Roberto Chavira, 512-917-6351, Mark Erwin, 512-750-6028,

46 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference









Retired members of the Texas Military Forces make up a large portion of our NGAT membership. Even in retirement there are many opportunities to continue to serve. We get asked all the time from retirees “How can I help”? Here are some ways you can help: • Serve on a NGAT committee. • Tell your friends to download the new NGAT App. This is a simple way to connect members to each other. • Tell us about your get togethers and reunions so that we may help you reconnect with the Soldiers and Airmen that you served with. • Do you have friends that are retired from the Guard? Ask them if they are members of NGAT! Help us increase our membership. • Write letters to Congress concerning Guard related legislative issues. • Send us photos, articles and information for the NGAT News Magazine that may be of interest to other retirees.

! GE T IN VO LV E D ! ! !

VETERAN STATUS FOR GUARD RETIREES Retired National Guard and Reservists will be granted veterans status for the first time, following President Obama’s signature signing it into law on Dec. 16 legislation known as the Jeff Miller and Richard Blumenthal Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act of 2016. The National Guard Association of the United States has been a big proponent of attaining veterans status for guardsmen and reservists. NGAUS vigorously pushed for the change for six years. It easily passed in the House in every session only to be halted in the Senate by fears that an expansion of the definition would raise the cost of veteran entitlement programs. Before the act was signed, Guard and Reserve members were considered veterans only if they served in a federalized capacity (Title 10) for more than 179 days — other than training. Guard and Reserve personnel who attended regular training and drills for two decades, but never federalized, could not claim veteran status. Now, that has changed.  “The previous definition was long outdated,” said Verdie Bowen, director of the State Office of Veterans Affairs. “Many of those affected underwent arduous, even dangerous training during their 20 years of service. In Alaska, Guard and Reservists helped win the Cold War.” The signing of this act corrects a wrongful status of those who served in the National Guard and Reserves. “For so long, Guard and Reservists have known they have served, but they could not call themselves veterans. For some members, this eliminates the doubt,” Bowen said. “The status change does not provide an increase in veteran benefits; however, it does offer pride of identity.” 

Not getting any mail or email from NGAT. Contact our office and update your information or email us at 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 47

GEICO welcomes NGAT members to the 58th Annual Convention.

Serving those who serve our nation. | 1-800-947-AUTO | Local Office

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko ©1999-2017. © 2017 GEICO


MSG (Ret) Theresa Billeck-Zuniga Executive Director (Interim) Membership Director NGAT News Editor

Rob Casias, CMP Director, Meeting & Marketing

Kathy Gallatin Insurance Director

MSgt (Ret) Scott Wade NGAT Office Manager Membership Assistant

Heather Weatherby Insurance Assistant

Annapurni Hariharan Bookkeeper


CSM (Ret) Bill Abernathy

COL (Ret) Ed Komandosky

CSM (Ret) Don Strickland

Interested in selling NGAT Insurance to the Guard? Contact Kathy Gallatin at the NGAT Office.

MSG (Ret) Larry Todd

SSG (Ret) Wilmer Roberts

P ROU D LY SE RV IN G YOU SIN CE 1 9 59 P ROU D E M P LOY ER OF M ILITA RY V ETER A N S 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 49

Hosted by

Register Online @ WHERE: Pine Forest Golf Club, 636 Riverside Dr, Bastrop, TX 78602 DATE: Friday, May 1, 2017 | Shotgun Start Time: 8:30 a.m.

R E GI ST R ATION IN F OR M ATION Name/Company/1st Player:________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email:________________________________________________Team Name:_______________________________________________________

Select Registration Option: p Single Player Registration ($65.00)

p 4 Player Team Registration ($260.00) p Hole Sponsor ($200.00 per Hole) p Mulligans ($5.00 each limit two per person)

Remaining 3 Players on your Team (teams must consist of 4 Players): (If you do not have a team you will be assigned to one) Player 2: Name:____________________________ Email Address: ________________________________ Phone:___________________________ Player 3: Name:____________________________ Email Address: ________________________________ Phone:___________________________ Player 4: Name:____________________________ Email Address: ________________________________ Phone:___________________________

Please Check Payment Method:

p Check

p Money Order

p Master Card

p Visa

CC Account Number: _____________________________________ CVV Code: __________Exp Date:__________Billing Zip Code: ____________ Signature of Cardholder:__________________________________________________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION — Only 35 Teams will be registered on a first-come, first-serve basis WAYS TO REGISTER • Online at • Mail registration form with check or money order to: NGAT, 3706 Crawford Ave, Austin, TX 78731 Make check payable to NGAT • Email registration form to Theresa Billeck-Zuniga at NGAT: POC FOR EVENT: Melvin Hamner | 512-988-9750/ MULLIGANS — Each team will be afforded the opportunity to pay for Mulligans at sign in on the morning of the event. You can also pay for Mulligans during registration. Mulligans will be limited to 2 per player.

Total Registration:____________________ Total Hole Sponsor:___________________ Total Mulligans:______________________

GRAND TOTAL:__________________ Please note that a 5% processing & handling fee will be added for all credit card transactions.

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 51

NGAT Educational Foundation Report The National Guard Association of Texas Educational Foundation provides financial support of educational activities for Guard members and dependents. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded over $475,000 in scholarships to deserving men, women, and dependents of the Texas Military Forces. The Foundation is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors. Current officers and directors are: Richard Harrison (President), Mike Boyd (Vice-President), Mike Smith (Secretary), Theresa Billeck-Zuniga (Asst Secretary), Ed Komandosky (Treasurer), Bill Maginot, Rodney McNelley, Kenn White, Albert Cardenas and Daniel Griego. Foundation income for FY 15-16 was $21,526, including a $7,500 grant to fund Honor Flights for WWII veterans to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington. Net income was $12,860. At the close of the fiscal year, the Foundation reported total equity of $233,769. Last year the Board awarded 8 scholarships totaling $15,500. Based on our financial performance in FY 15-16, this year the Board authorized nine scholarships totaling $14,750 to be awarded. The NGAT Scholarship Committee, headed by Kenn White, met in mid March 2017 and reviewed 30 candidate packets. The Foundation continues to receive donations in honor of former NGAT Executive Director, COL (Ret) Dale Pyeatt and his wife Georgie who both passed away late last year. A scholarship has been established in their honor and will be awarded when funding dictates. I ask that our currently serving leadership encourage their Soldiers and Airmen to apply for future NGAT Scholarship. It has been several years since we have had currently serving servicemembers of the Texas Military Forces apply for scholarships. The Board is truly honored to do the work that it does, and appreciates greatly those of you who continue to support our efforts to serve the Texas Military Forces. Respectfully submitted,

Richard Harrison President

52 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

NGATEF 2017 Scholarship Winners NGAT Retirees Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 Nicholas Forrest, Step-son of LTC Jeffery Gilmore

USAA Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 Alison Wenzel, Daughter of LTC Andrew Wenzel

Len and Jean Tallas Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . $2,000 Daniel Orta, Son of MSG Daniel Orta Jr.

LTC Garland Parrish Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . $750 Allan Piri, Son of CW3 Andrew Piri

Lewis King Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,000 Olivia Fletcher, Daughter of LTC Brian Fletcher

American Military University 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $750 Blake Krpec, Son of CSM Gary Krpec

TXNG Retirees Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,500 Brooke Krpec, Daughter of CSM Gary Krpec

American Military University 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $750 Tylynn John, Daughter of SGT Gregory John

CSM John Morgan Memorial Scholarship . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 Jackson Robinson, Son of MAJ John Robinson

How Will You Be Remembered? You lived your life with purpose, cared for others and in many cases you served our State and Nation with pride. Now you can leave a legacy of hope to the Soldiers, Airmen and the youth of our military families who struggle to pay for the ever increasing cost of college. By leaving a gift to the National Guard Association of Texas Educational Foundation in your will or trust, you can be remembered for generations to come as someone who made a difference for the youth of our future. Anyone who wishes to donate to any of our current endowments or to create one of their own should contact NGAT at 512-454-7300. No gift is too small and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Scan this code to make a online donations to the NGAT Educational Foundation today.

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 53

NGAT BENEFITS As an NGAT Member, take advantage of discounts from the following companies:


La Quinta Inn Use Promo Code: NGAT

RENTAL CAR Advantage Rent a Car 1-800-777-5500 5% Discount

As a active NGAT member, get 15% off of your next stay with Choice Hotels — 800-258-2847 Use ID#00803238

Omni Corpus Christi Hotel 900 North Shoreline Blvd Corpus Christi, TX 78401 361-887-1600 OR 888-444-6664 Active/Retired Military Rates Available

54 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Alamo Rent a Car 1-800-354-2372 Ask for Plan “BY” & use NGAT ID#93706

Budget Rent a Car Corporate Discount (BCD) # X338109. 1-800-218-7992.

Hertz 1-800-654-2210 Member Saving Discounts CDP#1517714 * PC#939374

OTHER DISCOUNTS The American Automobile Association (AAA) NGAT members can join AAA for only $42.00 when you enroll in automatic renewal add one family member for no additional cost. Contact Patti Salinas (469)540-2951 or American Equity NGAT Life Insurance Term & Whole Life Insurance Coverage for you & your whole Family Army Times $39.95 per year (Print & Digital) 1-800-368-5718 Dell NGAT Members get a discount Member ID#DS16862915 NGAT Scholarships Apply annually to compete for scholarships Awarded by the NGAT Educational Foundation NGAT News Magazine Members enjoy the award winning quarterly NGAT News Magazine Notary Public (Free to NGAT Members) Free Notary Public service to all current NGAT members. Just stop by our office at 3706 Crawford Ave, Austin, TX 78731 and bring the documents that you need to have notarized with you. Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union Looking to streamline and simplify your personal finances? RBFCU can assist you in managing your account online and remember, as one of our Select Groups, NGAT members are already eligible to join. Stop by one of our branches or join online today at! Austin - San Antonio — 1-800-580-3300 Sprint 15% discount on phones and plans for members Contact: Pedro Roman Cell: 321-695-2002 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 55

NGAUS CONFERENCE MAKE PLANS TO ATTEND THE 139th ANNUAL NGAUS CONFERENCE 7-10 September 2017 | Louisville, Kentucky Come share the experience with the 4,000 plus guard members who attend the NGAUS Annual Conference each year! The conference is packed with keynote speakers, professional development, special events and access to the largest defense industry trade show geared toward the National Guard. Registration ranges from $165-$200 and includes the registration fee, business sessions, professional development, governor’s reception at the Kentucky Derby, Company grade/warrant officer mixer, exhibit hall admission, hospitality night and the states dinner. Registration will open in May on the NGAT website. The travel dates for the conference is September 7 and September 11. Texas has been assigned the Galt House Hotel, Louisville’s only waterfront hotel with a spectacular view of the Ohio River. The room rates will be $131 plus tax per night for single/double. The Galt House Hotel is just a shot away from Whiskey Row, where you immerse yourself in the history of Kentucky’s native spirit. Explore world-renowned cultural encounters at nearby Museum Row, featuring icons such as Muhammad Ali and Louisville Slugger.

So make plans to join us at the Winners Circle at the Kentucky Derby.

TEXAS RANKS LAST IN MEMBERSHIP IN NGAUS NGAUS is the National Guard Association of the United States. The strength of NGAUS has also been its united membership with state associations. As the voice of the National Guard on Capitol Hill, NGAUS provides a path by which National Guard officers can elevate their local concerns to a national and influential audience in Washington, DC. Did you know that Texas NGAUS membership numbers continue to be the lowest of the 54 states and territories? Clearly we are not doing our part to support an organization that continues to support us despite our low membership numbers. If you are a National Guard officer, please rethink your decision to become a member of NGAUS. By not participating through membership, Texas is sending the message that we are content in letting all the other states and territories carry our weight; however, this thinking is not representative of Texas, nor of Texans. Your membership at the state and national level really makes a difference. If you are a retired life member of NGAT, life membership in NGAUS is only $125.00. For more information on membership visit 56 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION I hereby apply for p Annual membership in the National Guard Association of Texas. I understand that paid membership includes a subscription to the NGAT News magazine and newsletter. p I would like to receive a printed copy of NGAT News magazine through the mail. p I would like to have an electronic version of the NGAT News magazine emailed to me. (Please Print) Name_________________________________________________________SSN ___________________________________ Address__________________________________________________ Telephone___________________________________ City/State/Zip_________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Civilian E-Mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________ p ARNG


Unit_______________________________ Rank_______________________________

Date of Enlistment in the Texas Guard ______________________________________________________________________ Date_________________________________________ Signature________________________________________________

NGAT & NGAUS MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL Please indicate below which type of membership you are applying for. Online membership is available at NGAT & NGAUS dues specials are only available to members of the Texas Military Forces. THIS SPECIAL WILL EXPIRE ON 30 APRIL 2017. ANNUAL NGAUS SPECIAL Save 25% o o O1 $20 $30 $23.00 ANNUAL o o O2 $20 $45 $34.00 NGAT NGAUS SPECIAL o o O3 $20 $59 $45.00 Save 25% o o O4 $25 $72 $54.00 $23.00 o $20 o $30 $85 O5o $25 o $64.00 o $20 o $45 $108 O6o $30 o $81.00 $34.00 o $20 o $59 $123 O7o $30 o $93.00 $45.00 o $25 o $72$139 O8o $30 o $105.00 $54.00 o o W01 $20 $26 $20.00 o o $25 $85 $64.00 o o CW2 $20 $35 $27.00 o o $30 $108 $81.00 o o CW3 $20 $46 $35.00 o o $93.00 o $30 o $123 $59 CW4 $24 $45.00 o o $30 $139 $105.00 o o CW5 $25 $73 $55.00 o o $20   $26 $20.00 NGAUS Serving o $35 o Life - Currently o $1000 $800.00 $20 $27.00 NGAUS Life Currently Serving o $1000 $940.00 o o $20 $46 $35.00   1st Pmt $190.00 o o $24 $59 $45.00 RANK



O3 O4 O5 O6 O7 O8 W01 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5



NGAUS Life - Retired o $25

NGAUS Life - Currently Serving NGAUS Life - Currently Serving

o o   o

Total Paid



o $200 $100 Payment 2-4 $250.00 o $200 $100 5%$1000 Handling Fee added toOne-time all credit payment card purchases $____________ $800.00 $1000 $940.00 4 Payments over 2 years: Total $____________ 1st Pmt $190.00 Payment 2-4 $250.00 o

$125 $94.00 $73 $55.00

Please Check Payment Method: p Check

NGAUS Life - Retired

LIFE NGAT SPECIAL Save 50% o $200 $100 LIFE o $200 $100 NGAT SPECIAL o $200 $100 o Save 50% $200 $100 oo $200 $200 $100 $100 $200 $100 $100 oo $200 $200 $100 oo $200 $100 o $200 $100 o $200 $100 o $200 $100 o $200 $100 o $200 $100 o $200 $100 o $200 $100 oo $200 $200 $100 $100 oo $200 $200 $100 $100 o $200 $100 o One-time payment $200 $100 4 Payments over 2$100 years: o $200

p Money Order

$125 $94.00

p Master Card

O1 O2 O3 O4 O5 O6 O7 O8 W01 CW2 CW3 CW4 CW5


p Visa

Account Number:_______________________________________________________________CVV Code:______________ Zip Code of Billing Address: __________________________________Exp. Date: ___________________________________ Signature of Cardholder:

______________________________________________________________________________ 58th Annual NGAT Conference | 57

EANGUS CONFERENCE THE ENLISTED ASSOCIATION OF THE NATIONAL GUARD OF THE UNITED STATES 46th Annual EANGUS Conference August 26-31, 2017 | Reno, Neveda Make plans to attend the 46th Annual EANGUS Conference in Reno, NV. Reno is a city by the Sierra Nevada’s and Lake Tahoe. Dubbed “The Biggest Little City in the World,” it’s known for its casinos and its proximity to many ski resorts. You don’t want to miss the Animal Ark a sanctuary for rescued bears, cheetahs and other wildlife. In the high desert off the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Reno knows how to make the best of its average 300 days a year of sunshine.

The conference registration fee is: 1 November 2016 - 30 June 2017: . . . . . . $175 1 July 2017 - 19 August 2017: . . . . . . . . . . . $200 20 August 2016 and later: . . . . . . . . . . . . $225

The Truckee River, Lake Tahoe’s sole outlet, serves as a base for many of Reno’s activities. It flows through the heart of the city, eventually connecting Reno to Lake Tahoe, and is popular with those looking to kayak, tube, and fish along the river banks.

Registration fee includes registration, business sessions, professional development, welcome night event, exhibit hall admission, hospitality night and the awards dinner.

More than 1000 National Guard members and families are expected to attend the EANGUS conference. The conference will discuss a wide variety of topics and identify specific legislative issues important to Association members that will be brought before Congress during the Congressional year.  It also features a trade show of products and services that are beneficial to military members and their families.  Senior National Guard leaders and National Guard Bureau leaders are expected to be in attendance and speak.

Host Hotel: Silver Legacy Resort Casino 407 N. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89501


58 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Travel days: 26 August 2017 and 31 August 2017

The lodging rate will be $109/per night. You must book your room with NGAT in order to get the conference rate. Each state has rooms already assigned that they can get put into your name. Transportation: Southwest Airlines and other carriers fly into Reno. The Silver Legacy Resort Casino will provide transportation to and from the hotel to the airport. For more information check the NGAT website at www. or the NGAT App.

Use the Credit Card that Supports EANGUS & NGAT Are you looking for a way to support both NGAT & EANGUS? If so, here is an easy way to support both organizations. Go to and sign up for the EANGUS credit card. You will still be eligible for all your reward points, competitive rates and USAA’s legendary customer service. Plus, by getting this card NGAT & EANGUS will receive financial support for their sponsorship of this program. It’s a win-win for all organizations and we hope that you will sign up for a card today.

58th Annual NGAT Conference | 59

CONFERENCE TAPS AS OF 03/06/17 SGT Jose G. Alvarado San Angelo MSG Elias Argumaniz Life Member #1256 Denton CW3 Joe Ralph Barber Life Member #2158 Cedar Park CW4 Michael D. Baskin Life Member #32967 Canton BG Chester “Chet” Brooks Jr. Life Member #32113 Austin Mr. Chester W. Borgfeld Life Member #1194 New Braunfels PFC Grigory R. Broome Co A, 1-143d INF RGMT San Antonio SMSgt Edward “Eddie” Brought Life Member #12056 San Antonio Mr. Hans Campbell Dallas PFC Brandi N. Cantrell B Co, 363th BSB Telephone SPC Edwin E. Carbajal B Co 1-141 INF Bastrop MSgt Clyde D. Clay Hamilton City Mr. Richard A. Cook Life Member #10160 Amarillo SFC Abel Cuellar Jr. Life Member #17544 Pharr

SPC Michael J. Elliott Life Member #31775 Killeen

Mr. Lee R. Kahanek Life Member #140 Hallettsville

SFC Charles W. Ellis II HHC 36th ID REAR Bayou Vista

SFC George N. Kemmitz Sr. MAJ Michael D. Miller Life Member #14784 HHBN, 36th Infantry Division SMSgt Michael Rios Gatesville Dickinson 149th Fighter Wing San Antonio Maj Patrick J. LaCicero MSgt Clay W. Milligan 181st AIRLIFT SQDN Life Member #224 MSgt Melvin P. Robinson Jr. Fort Worth Deer Park Life Member #19184 Boerne SGT Walter Lake PFC Darren Mitchell Life Member #27317 Co D, 536th SPT BN SSG Carlos M. Rodriguez Jr. Mt Pleasant San Antonio Life Member #13325 San Antonio MSG Melvin T. Lamar MSgt Gary Monsson Life Member #22478 Life Member #21426 Mr. Rodolfo Rodriguez Bedford Grand Prairie Life Member #24272 El Paso MAJ Axel M. Larsen CW3 Dustin L. Mortenson Life Member #18421 1-149th ARB, 36th CAB SPC George B. Samah Jr. League City Webster C Co 949th BSB Media PA CW4 Harold D. Loftis Mr. James D. Murff Life Member #486 Life Member #2996 MSgt Charles J. Schmidt Jr. Austin the Woodlands Life Member #8369 One of NGAT Founders Dade City FL COL Marion “Dean” MAJ Ethan A. Lowe Murray MSgt Billy R. Shepard HHBN, 36th Infantry Division Life Member #1935 Jewett Waco Arlington Mr. Caleb A. Sims CW2 Lucas M. Lowe SGT Irwin J. Nepomuceno HHC 2-142nd INF RGMT 1-149th 36th CAB A CO 3-141ST INF RGMT Plainview Liberty Edinburg Mr. Thomas F. Sipes SSgt Richard A. Lynch SSG James A. Newport Life Member #2458 221st N. Richland Hills Marshall CCS MSgt Ernest T. Niederkrom Mr. Hilario J. Subialdea Pottsboro Life Member #14726 Fort Worth Mr. Ralph W. Manning San Antonio LTC Fred W. Sumner Jr. Life Member #17040 LTC John J. O’Donoghue Life Member #1886 Yoakum Life Member #17932 San Antonio MSgt Ramiro “Marty” San Antonio SFC Gilberto Telles Martinez Sr. Mr. Charles E. Oliver Life Member #3325 San Antonio Life Member #11442 El Paso Mr. John E. Mathis Waco Col Kevin Turnbo Life Member #764 CSM John Jay Peterson Life Member #31189 Lawton OK Life Member #14297 Plano SGT Ralph D. McConnell El Paso Mr. Santiago Urdiales Life Member #16094 CPT Todd C. Peterson Life Member #4464 Burleson Life Member #34094 San Antonio LTC John M. McCormick 1836th (-) TRANS CO Mr. William C. Vaughn Life Member #12433 Fmyrma GA Life Member #6459 Elgin MSG Gustavo A. Ponce Tyler 1SG James A. McGhee Life Member #23896 Mr. Philippine G. Vinskey Life Member #16767 Del Rio Life Member #10991 Belton COL Dale M. Pyeatt Rio Rancho NM SSG Taylor McKeown Life Member #3067 SFC Kurt H. Von Quintus Vaughn MT Elgin Life Member #3104 Former NGAT President SFC Raul Rios Mendez Austin 1980 - 1981 Austin Former Executive Director 1994 - 2005

SMSgt Eric W. Erickson Life Member #206 San Marcos MSgt Abel P. Escamilla Life Member #19120 San Antonio CSM Paul Esler Trinity Mr. Noel N. Farrer Austin Mr. Ernest C. Filippone Life Member #6744 Irving SGT Raymond E. Garcia San Antonio SGT Amon R. Gift 442 ENG CO MAC Alvin TSgt Pedro R. Gonzales Life Member #14957 San Antonio SSG Glenn R. Griever Life Member #8494 Mineral Wells Mr. James E. Groce Life Member #1882 Sherman Mrs. Dora Mae Hoekstra San Antonio Mr. Edgar Joe Holt Life Member #959 Houston SPC Leroy Hott Weatherford

MSgt Brigido DeLeon Jr. Life Member #17386 Wichita Falls

Lt Col Jerry R. Houser Life Member #4873 Bismarch AR

CMSgt Darrel F. Dooley Life Member #1888 Oklahoma City OK

MAJ Ethridge E. Howarton Electra

SGT Thomas G. Duncan Life Member #9795 Sweetwater 1SG James H. Duran Life Member #2674 Red Rock

LTC Walter W. Huehlefeld Life Member #95 League City Ms. Linda D. Jackson Former NGAT Employee SPC Timothy Johnson 249th Finance Detachment Austin

60 | 58th Annual NGAT Conference

Mr. Albert F. Metz Life Member #15446 Manchaca

Mrs. Georgie J. Pyeatt Elgin Former NGAT Director of Travel & Membership

SPC Clarence L. Wehmeyer Elgin MSG Robert M. Weinberg Life Member #19299 Pearland SPC Steven R. Whitfield II Co C (LRS) 3-124 CAV Spring Mr. Howze L. Whitley Life Member #6265 Houston Mr. Richard L. Wightman Kearns UT SGT Calvin A. Williams CO A 449th ASB (FWD) San Antonio Mr. Elroy Williams Life Member #12262 San Antonio SMSgt James H. Wilson Life Member #11883 League City SPC Rowan Windham (9 years old) Honorary Member of the TXARNG San Antonio LTC Gordon Wise Port Aransas Col John Charles Wright San Antonio SMSgt Robert “Bob” Woltersdorf Schertz CSM Charles W. Wristen Life Member #1054 Abilene SMSgt Refugio “Yogi” Ybarra Life Member #2938 San Antonio SPC Dustin Yeoman 840th Mobility Aug Co (MAC) Weatherford Mr. Alejandro G. Zuniga Life Member #7614 San Antonio Mr. Lauro Zuniga Life Member #21745 Donna

American Equity Salutes You! American Equity is honored to participate in Red Shirt Fridays to show our support for the troops. Thank you for defending our freedom.

Go Guard! 6000 Westown Parkway · West Des Moines, IA 50266 515.221.0002 · 888.221.1234

2017 NGAT Conference Program  
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