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SAVOY’S ‘TRIAL’ AND ‘PINAFORE’ Di Rolle’s column ● From Page 8 ■ In 2000, Liquid Paper was acquired by Newell Rubbermaid. In some regions of the world, Liquid Paper is now endorsed by Papermate, a widely known writing instruments brand. Bette Smith Nesmith's son, Mike Nesmith, was in the 1960s pop band The Monkees. There are stories like this one over the years that go far back in history, like Erik Rotheim who invented the aerosol can, Thomas H. Gallaudet who in 1897 invented American sign language, Felix Hoffman Bayer who in 1897 invented the aspirin; Don Wetzel who in 1968 invented the ATM machine; Earle Dickson who in 1921 invented the Band-Aid; American Mary Phelps Jacob who invented the bra; Ezra J. Warner the can opener; Jacques E.Brandenburger, cellophane; John Harvey Kellogg, cereal flakes in 1894; Frank McNamara and Ralph Schneider, the credit card which became Diners Club in 1950; Clarence Birdseye, frozen food in 1924 and so the list goes on, Why is it that I didn't invent any of these things? I didn't see it was missing it's as simple as that, If it wasn't for Albert J. Parkhouse in 1903, we wouldn't have coat hangers; if it wasn't for John Callcott Horsley who in 1843 saw that greeting cards at Christmas were missing so he created them; in 1934 J.F Cantrell in the USA saw that washing facilities for the public was missing so he created the laundrette; Maurice Levy in 1915 created the lipstick tube and so it goes on, and thank heavens for Douglas Englebart who in 1963-64 created the computer mouse! The paper clip was created in 1899 by Johann Vaaler in Norway, bless him. And on Friday a media release landed in my ‘in-box’announcing Great2TweetU social media specialists and I raised my hands in the air and said, hallelujah! I am too busy to learn how to tweet, to load up my Facebook and the more I read about Social Media the more I want to learn and learn and learn, but someone as yet hasn't invented how to slow down the days and I never manage to get the time, and lo and behold this fabulous social media proposal lands on my desk. Social media, more specifically Facebook and Twitter, is a necessity these days. Many companies now employ a full-time staff member as their social marketer, they see the value in using social marketing and are prepared to pay for it. Getting a handle on the medium, being able to get a consistent message across in as little words as possible is a skill. Daniel Hoy, founder of Great2tweetU, is a journalist with more than 12 years' experience at Australia's largest selling daily newspaper, the Melbourne Herald Sun. he is the answer to my prayers, at last someone with a bright idea of helping me decide on my message and implement it across Facebook and Twitter every day of the year! He will set the whole thing up and its perfect for me as a publicist to spread the word on all my clients. A recent Nielsen study found Australia's social media audience is estimated at over 10 million. Social media is with us whether we like it or not, it is the way to spread the word and fast. Twitter has more than 2.5 million users in Australia. The average Twitter's audience levels grew by more than 40 per cent in 2009 The key to building an online social media presence is consistency, I need to be updating daily. It took initiative for Daniel Hoy to get this up and running, for more information visit - Di Rolle

■ Savoy Opera Company Inc is commemorating the life of Sir W.S. Gilbert, who lived between 1836 - 1911. And Melbourne is to be treated to a special Gilbert and Sullivan celebration. "Folly Was His Foe, and His Weapon Was Wit" - so reads the inscription on the memorial to Sir William Schwenck Gilbert which stands in London on the Embankment of the Thames River. Because of his collaboration with Sir Arthur Sullivan in 14 ● Sir William Gilbert comic operas, Gilbert remains amongst the most beloved humorists in the English language. This year marks both the 175th anniversary of Gilbert's birth and the Centenary of his passing. To commemorate this double milestone, Savoy Opera Company, Inc. is presenting new productions of Trial By Jury and HMS Pinafore in a strictly limited season at the Alexander Theatre. Before turning to the professional theatre, Gilbert trained as a barrister, so it was natural for him to turn to the law courts in Trial By Jury, his first success with Sullivan. Privately, Gilbert was a keen amateur yachtsman with a passion for the sea. It was fitting then that his nautical opera HMS Pinafore was to catapult Gilbert and Sullivan to worldwide fame. Stee Dixon is directing both new productions, with musical direction by Brian Clough, performed with full orchestra and chorus. Some of Melbourne’s most accomplished G&S soloists will appear. They include Rick Burman, Stephen McNealy, David Campbell, Matthew Cookson and Andy Payne. ● Turn To Page 35

Real Mink!

Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’

● Brian Lipson (centre front holding paper boat) and fellow cast members prepare for opening night of William Shakespeare's The Tempest on May 3 at Theatre Works, St Kilda. ■ Inotrope Productions and the St Kilda Uniting Care Drop In Centre present William Shakespeare's The Tempest on May 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 at 7pm and May 8 at 5.30 pm at Theatre Works, St Kilda. This new adaptation with music performance by Christ Bolton is directed by John Bolton in collaboration with participants from the St Kilda Uniting Care Drop In Centre and Sharon Kirschner, Brian Lipson, Bagryana Popov, Joseph Sherman and Sue Thomson. A show of journeys, The Tempest is a landscape between dream and reality, which interweaves Shakespeare’s language, personal story and music. The production is supported by Arts Victoria and City of Port Phillip Cultural Development Fund. Performances: May 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 at 7pm; May 8 at 5.30pm Venue: Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda Tickets: Concession $20 , Full $30 (plus booking fee) Bookings are essential: 9534 3388 or

Dave Hughes welcomes bub

● Melbourne’s showbiz fraternity turned out in force for the opening night of Doctor Zhivago at Her Majesty’s Theatre on Thursday night. John-Michael Howson joined in the Russian theme. “Real mink”, he says.

● Dave Hughes, Nova 100 breakfast co-host and 7PM Project co-anchor, was on hospital duty last week whenhe and wife Holly welcomed the birth of Sadie May. Young son Raff was also there to welcome Sadie. Pete Helliar stood in with Kate Langbroek on the Nova radio program, and a number of extra guests called in to the Channel 10 program to support Carrie Bickmore and Charlie Pickering.

Page 34 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Observer Radio Confidential Showbiz News from stations from around Victoria Overnighters MIKE PERSO BACK ON 91.5


Matthew Field promotes

● Pianist Matthew Field ■ Melbourne pianist Matthew Field has appeared on the Overnighters radio program to promote his CD release. Matthew has promised to soon update his website with details of the CD, and also organise a competition in the Melbourne Observer. He says his CD will be available throuygh Katie’s Cards and Records at Mount Waverley.

‘Nightline’ at RCH appeal ■ Bruce Mansfield and Philip Brady, of the 3AW Nightline program, are promoting that they will be on duty for a six-hour program this Friday (6pmMidnight) in association with the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

McGowans with Ted ■ Overnighters radio show host Keith McGowan and wife Angela have been pleased that Northern Territory identity (and former Coburg boy) Ted Egan has been in his hometown for concert appearances. Ted appeared at the old Brunswick Town Hall, and on Sunday attracted a crowd at a vineyard concert near Kyneton.

● Angela McGowan with Ted Egan

r Observbei z Show

Wednesday, April 20 ■ Australian film director and writer Tim Burstill was born in England in 1927. He died aged 77 in 2004. He is father of Tom. English actor Leslie Phillips was born in London in 1924 (87). Radio announcer and TV voice-over man Max Rowley was born in 1937. He is 74.

O’Neill and later Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson as a part of the programming and promotions team we grew Vega 91.5's weekly audience from 0 in September 2005 to 420,000 in August 2009.” ● Mike Perso ■ Low-rating Classic Rock 91.5 has appointed radio veteran Mike Perso to take over its breakfast shift, starting Wednesday next week (April 27). “I'm going back on the radio!” Perso announced on his Twitter account last week. DMG Radio publicist Jane Elliott was quick to boast of the appointment: “Mike has over 20 years radio experience from onair to Promotions and Marketing and Program Director for various stations including DMG Radio Australia’s regional network, Austereo and ARN.” Elliott neglected to mention that Perso was sacked from Classic Rock’s previous incarnation, Vega 91.5, just two years ago. In November 2009, Perso and Claire Marshall were fired as part of a cost-cutting move by owners, DMG. Perso was more open, talking to the Mumbrella media website: “After what was widely acknowledged as one of the most disastrous brand launches in the history of Australian radio, my job was to pick up the pieces, develop and implement a new strategy for the Melbourne market. “Working with talent like Shaun Micallef, Dave

Perso describes himself on the Internet as a radio consultant and parttime university student. His past radio jobs over 30 years include midcoast NSW, Fox and Nova. For a short while, hje was Program Director at the Austereo network.

Gold star effort

● Could these be the two people to become the new voices of Melbourne overnight radio when 3AW’s Keith McGowan is expected to retire later this year? Donna Demaio and Simon Owens were pictured at last week’s opening night of Doctor Zhivago. One scenario is that Demaio would partner Owens for the first two-three hours each overnight program, with Owens to be joined by a journalist from 4am for First Edition Breakfast.

● Spare a thought for Peter Stubbs (‘Grubby’ on Gold 104.3 Breakfast), pictured with wife Jenny, who had a ‘stomach upset’ last Thursday. He sat - uncomfortably through the Doctor Zhivago opening night which started late ... and did not finish until 11pm. A GOLD medal effort.

Melbourne Radio Flashbacks

News watch ■ National Radio News, broadcast by students at Charles Sturt University at Bathurst, relayed on community stations, is under financial pressure.


● Jim Hilcke and Artie Stevens ham it up for the cameras at last year’s 3KZ 80th anniversary reunion at South Melbourne.

■ The next radio ratings results are expected to be released on Tuesday, May 10. They will be the third audience figures to be announced by the Nielsen research organisation in 2011. Melbourne


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■ Mexican-born American actor Anthony Quinn was born in 1915. He died aged 86 in 2001. Queen Elizabeth II was born in London in 1926 (85). Her name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten-Windsor. US singer Iggy Pop was born as James Ostyerberg in Michigan in 1947. He is 64 today.

■ Good Friday. Eddie Albert (Heinberger), American actor, was born in 1906. He died aged 99 in 2005. US singer Glen Campbell was born in 1936 (75). Actor Jack Nicholson was born in New Jersey in 1937. He is 74 today.

■ American actress Shirley Temple was born in 1928 (83). US singer/songwriter Roy Orbison was born in 1936. He died aged 52 in 1988. Actor Lee Majors was born in 1940 (71). He starred in The Six Million Dollar Man. Actress Judy Davis was born in Perth in 1955 (56)

■ American actress Shirley Maclaine is 77 (1934). Barbra Streisand was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1946 (69). Radio man Bruce Mansfield was born in Melbourne in 1944 (67). Comic Denise Scott is 56 (1955).

■ ANZAC Day. American singer Ella Fitzgerald was born in 1918. He died aged 78 in 1996. Actor Al Pacino was born in New York in 1940 (71). English singer Tony Christie was born in 1944 (67). US actor Hank Azaria was born in 1964 (47).

■ Author Morris West was born in St Kilda in 1916. He died aged 83 in 1999. Former Victorian Premier John Cain is 80 today. American entertainer Carol Burnett is 78 (1933). US singer Bobby Rydell was born in 1942 (69).

Thanks to GREG NEWMAN of the Birthday Bulletin for assistance with birthday and anniversary dates. Find out more at

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - Page 35

Observer TV, Radio, Theatre Showbiz Latest Melbourne show business news - without fear or favour The Spoiler THE BUSINESS Veritas


For Those Who Have Lost The Plot

Neighbours ■ 6.30pm. Weeknights. Eleven. ■ Monday, April 25. Determined to prove her new forgiving outlook on life is more than just a phase, Libby finds herself seconding Paul's nomination to the School Board. Not surprisingly, Michael objects. ■ Tuesday, April 26. Chris and Tash are ready to put their plan into action, but will Summer and Andrew be willing puppets? Libby is torn between good and evil when Paul makes her a very tempting offer. ■ Wednesday, April 27. At the "party of the year", Andrew makes a fashionably late arrival and wastes no time hooking up with the host, Lisa, much to Tash and Summer's disgust. Brennan and Kyle continue to clash. ■ Thursday, April 28. As tensions escalate between Toadie and Sonya, Lucas is determined not to get caught in the cross-fire. Brennan quizzes Constable Holland about Kyle's allegations. ■ Friday, April 29. Despite realising Sonya's love for him was real, Toadie is still torn as to whether or not he can forgive her. Kyle attempts to get on Lyn's good side so she will offer him her spare room.

Home and Away ■ 7.00pm. Weeknights. Channel 7. Storylines not yet available.

Media Flashes ■ A bit of a technical hiccup in Friday night’s episode of The 7PM Project left an interview guest answering a question before it had ever been asked by host Charlie Pickering, reports David Knox of ■ Kate Mason has taken the position of Music Director for Classic Rock 91.5FM.


■ Heidelberg Theatre Company presents The Business Of Murder from April 21 - May 7 at 36 Turnham Ave., Rosanna. Written by Richard Harris and directed by John Jenkins, The Business Of Murder tells of Detective John Hallett's call to the residence of Mr Stone to aid him in helping his wayward son who has fallen into the wrong crowd and occupation. When Hallett arrives the son is nowhere to be found. This classic thriller is built on false , twisted games and shock surprises. Three people are brought together for what appears to be legitimate reasons, but there is nothing legitimate about Mr Stone. Or is there? Tickets:$25/$20. Bookings: 9457 4117.

Footy Show ■ Channel Nine’s Footy Show will go to air tonight (Wed., April 20) instead of Thursday, due to the Easter footy round starting tomorrow (Thurs.).

Logies take huge risk ■ Organisers of the Logies Awards (Sunday, May 1) are taking a huge risk with the announcement that their big international star is singer Katy Perry. The traditional audience for the Logies is an older demographic, and most would be unaware of Ms Perry or her work.

● Katy Perry

Best wishes to Kym

● Xavier Ryan, Ben Starick, Jessica Hutchinson rehearse for Heidelberg Theatre Company's production of The Business of Murder, April 21 - May 7 at 36 Turnham Ave., Rosanna. Photo: Patricia Tyler

■ The Melbourne showbiz community has joined in extending best wishes to Neighbours star Kym Valentine who has been admitted this week to a private hospital to address a depressive illness. Her character Libby has been written out.

● Kym Valentine

Hanging up headphones


■ Which Melbourne radio personality could soon be hanging up their headphones, much earlier than their station expects?

From Page 33 Fresh new talent includes Lucy Fitzmaurice, Penny Valk, Monty Wilson and Julie Houghton. Performances: April 30, May 6 and 7at 8pm and Matinee on May 7 at 2 pm. Bookings on 9905 1111 or visit

■ Melbourne TV-radio personality Pete Smith was special guest on 3AW’s Remember When on Sunday. It was magical entertainment. So many laughs. It will be years before he is let back on! ■ A Wrokdown fundraiser will be held on Saturday, April 30 at The Caravan Music Club, Drummond St, Oakleigh, featuring Ronnie Charles, Barry Smith, Bobby Bright and Jack McGrath. ■ Asher Keddie’s portrayal of Ita Buttrose - complete with lisp - in Paper Giants: The History of Cleo (ABC-1) was award-winning stuff.

Melbourne’s Best TV-Radio Critic

● HMS Pinafore cast members Julie Houghton (Cousin Hebe), Andy Payne (Sir Joseph Porter KCB) and Lucy Fitzmaurice (Josephine)

Bartholomew John returns

Observer Classic CDs Offer

Country Music Double CD Double CD. $20 (incl. postage)

32 great acts are included on this special classic Wandong Country Music Festival Live double CD. Tracks include Six Days On The Road (Cash Backman), Good Hearted Woman (John McSweeney), Mamas Don’t Let You Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (Kevin Shegog), The Union Mare and The Confederate Grey (Gene Fisk and Gunslinger), Suvla Bay (Ray Kernaghan), Truckies (Merv Lowrey and The Country Ramblers), Ox Drivers Song (Lenore Somerset with Stoney Creek), The Fight In The Dog (Lee Conway with Moose Malone), Leave Love Behind (Christine Conway), Frankie & Johnny (Tex Morton) Daddy Frank (Colin James with Ron and Hazel), Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance (Hawking Brothers), She Taught Me To Yodel (McKonkey Brothers), While The Feeling’s Good (Reg Poole), and Margaretaville (Dave Pincombe).

CD Order Form. $20 (incl. postage) To: Resonance Recording Co. 16 Christine Ave Berwick PO Box 565, Berwick, Vic 3806 Yes! Please send me the Wandong C&W 2-CD set. I enclose my Cheque/Money Order for $20. Name: ............................................................................. ● Pictured with Jill Barr, Bartholmew John has returned to Her Majesty’s Theatre to appear as (Viktor Komarovsky) in Doctor Zhivago. He first appeared at the theatre in A Little Night Music in the 1970s.

Address: ............................................................................. ....................................... Phone: ......................................

Page 36 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Observer Showbiz DVD & Blu-Ray Recommendations: A Tribute To Sidney Lumet, 1924-2011 FILM: NETWORK: Genre: Drama. Cast: Peter Finch, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Robert Duvall. Year: 1976. Rating: M. Running Time: 121 Minutes. Format: DVD. Stars: ***** Verdict: It's 35 years later and TV news anchorman Howard Beale is still "as Mad as Hell" and "Not Going to Take it Anymore." They just don't come any better written, directed, acted and executed than Network, an unmissable tour-de-force on every level of a TV network who cynically exploits a deranged ex-TV anchor's ravings and revelations about the media for their own profit, Peter Finch gives one of the greatest performances of all time as prophetic newsman Howard Beale, who was awarded a posthumous Oscar for his efforts, other well deserved Oscar wins include Paddy Chayefsky for his explosive screenplay of blistering intelligence, Faye Dunaway for Best Actress and Beatrice Straight for Best Supporting Actress, and how Sidney Lumet for his dynamite direction and Ned Beatty Best Supporting Actor never won remain two of the greatest injustices in Academy history, even more powerful and potent today, here is a uniquely original, compelling, frightening, funny and outrageously savage masterpiece that broke all the rules and invented a few along the way, a masterful star-studded satire on TV and the media that rates way up there with such greats as Citizen Kane, Sunset Boulevard, Ace in the Hole, A Face in the Crowd, The Sting, The Godfather and The Godafther: Part II. FILM: DOG DAY AFTERNOON: Genre: Crime/Drama. Cast: Al Pacino, John Cazale, Charles Durning, Carol Kane. Year: 1975. Rating: M. Running Time: 125 Minutes. Format: DVD & BLU-RAY. Stars: ***** Verdict: Screen legend Al Pacino gives one of the most extraordinary performances of his career in this incredible true story of two men who rob a bank that turns into a hostage situation and a media circus, captivating from beginning to end, Oscar nominated for his efforts, director Sidney Lumet keeps it tight and sharp in his second teaming with Al Pacino following the outstanding Serpico, and not a frame is wasted, outstanding performances also from John Cazale and Charles Durning, and a special mention must go to Dede Allen for her standout Oscar nominated editing, don't miss this one! FILM: FAIL SAFE: Genre: Drama/Thriller. Cast: Henry Fonda, Walter Matthau, Larry Hagman. Year: 1964. Rating: PG. Running Time: 112 Minutes. Format: DVD. Stars: ***** Verdict: The chilling story of a group of American planes that are sent to deliver a nuclear attack on Moscow, but it's a mistake due to an electrical malfunction. Sound familiar? This and Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove came out the same year, but both are based on different source material, and whereas Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove tackles the subject matter as a black comedy, Sidney Lumet played it dead straight, and the results are as equally unforgettable in this powerful, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat Cold War thriller that packs one hell of an explosive punch. FILM: 12 ANGRY MEN: Genre: Drama/Mystery. Cast: Henry Fonda, Jack Warden, Lee J. Cobb, Martin Balsam, Jack Klugman. Year: 1957. Rating: PG. Running Time: 96 Minutes. Format: DVD. Stars: ***** Verdict: Great cast all shine as a dissenting juror in a murder trial slowly manages to convince the others that the case is not as obviously clear as it seemed in court, Sidney Lumet's first feature film is still to this day one of the great courtroom dramas ever brought to the screen, and would also garner him his first of many Oscar nominations, a superbly written, directed, totally compelling and thought-provoking character study of a group of ordinary people thrown into an extraordinary situation. FILM: THE PAWNBROKER: Genre: Drama. Cast: Rod Steiger, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Brock Peters. Year: 1964. Rating: M. Running Time: 116 Minutes. Format: DVD. Turn To Page 43

Movies, DVDs

With James Sherlock

Reviews by Aaron Rourke

Sidney Lumet â– World cinema lost one of its shining lights when master film-maker Sidney Lumet passed away from lymphoma, aged 86. Known for his strong characterdriven dramas and unflinching looks into police corruption, Mr Lumet was always fascinated with the human condition. Born on June 25 1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his actor parents made sure he entered the profession at an early age. In 1947 Mr Lumet started an offBroadway acting troupe, a talented group that would include future stars such as Yul Brynner ('The Magnificent Seven' / 'The King And I') and Eli Wallach ('The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly'). Also joining the troupe were former members of Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio, who were unhappy with his ideas and concepts. Mr Lumet made his TV directing debut with the 'Crime Photographer' series in 1951, and directed his first stage play in 1955. He began his TV career at CBS, and his talent was recognised by the powers-that-be, and he soon became a highly regarded director. Mr Lumet proved to be very prolific, directing around 150 episodes of the crime series 'Danger', as well as 26 episodes of 'You Are There'. He would also direct episodes of the series Kraft Theatre (in 1958, which included a version of 'All The King's Men'), Sunday Showcase (1960), and Playhouse 90 (1960). Mr Lumet would direct a version of Eugene O'Neill's 'Iceman Cometh' (1960), which was memorably filmed later on in 1973 by John Frankenheimer, and starred the great Robert Ryan and Lee Marvin. By this stage, Mr Lumet's work with his actors was well-recognised. In 1957 Mr Lumet would make one of the most incredible feature film debuts of all-time when he directed the compelling '12 Angry Men'. With a top-shelf cast that included Henry Fonda, Lee J Cobb, Jack Warden, Martin Balsam, Jack Klugman, E.G Marshall, and Robert Webber, this searing drama showed straight away what Mr Lumet's style and approach to film would be, relying on great writing (by Reginald Rose) and first-rate acting. It is a film that still resonates with power today, and has been remade twice, in 1997 by William Friedkin ('The French Connection') and 2007 by Russian film-maker Nikita Mikhalkov (under the title '12'). This gave Mr Lumet his first Oscar nomination for Best Director. From then-on, Mr Lumet has never stopped working. Of his body of work that followed, came films like 'The Fugitive Kind' (1960), starring Marlon Brando and based on the Tennessee Williams play (an interesting if not entirely successful movie), and another Eugene O'Neill adaptation 'Long Day's Journey Into Night' (1962), a long, intense, and totally satisfying drama starring Katharine Hepburn, Jason Robards, Ralph Richardson and Dean Stockwell. The second would prove a huge critical success at Cannes, where all four leads won awards for their towering performances. Mr Lumet reteamed with Henry Fonda for 'Fail-Safe' (1964), an engrossing, ultimately unsettling Cold

War thriller that proved to be a perfect companion piece to Stanley Kubrick's 'Dr Strangelove', and is certainly equal in terms of message and impact. Although Rod Steiger won an Oscar for his performance in the masterful 'In The Heat Of The Night' (1967), probably his greatest work came in Mr Lumet's bleak 1965 film 'The Pawnbroker', which is still one of the best films to date to deal with the psychological scarring on a human being who has survived the Nazi prison camps. Great work continued, including the stark anti-war film 'The Hill' (1965) starring Sean Connery, and the very entertaining crime caper 'The Anderson Tapes' (1971), again with Connery, and also saw the film debut of future Oscar winner Christopher Walken ('The Deer Hunter'). Mr Lumet would first look at that fine line between good and bad and the grey area inbetween with 'The Offence' (1972), featuring a powerhouse performance by Sean Connery as a burnt-out police officer. Mr Lumet's fascination with the underbelly of New York law enforcement came to the surface with the highly influential 'Serpico' (1973), and is one of Al Pacino's most famous roles. A lighter side was shown when Mr Lumet helmed the enjoyable adaptation of the Agatha Christie mystery 'Murder On The Orient Express' (1974), before delving back into the NYC milieu with 'Dog Day Afternoon' (1975), still one of the best examples of direction, writing, and performance. He would receive his second Oscar nomination for Best Director for this film. The magnificent 'Network' (1976) (Oscar nomination number three) is still the best satire on modern media ever made, and its Oscar-winning screenplay should be used as a reference for all aspiring screenwriters. The impressive films just keep coming; 'Equus' (1977), the underrated 'Prince Of The City' (1981) (Oscar nomination number three, this time for Best Adapted Screenplay), 'The Verdict' (1982), 'Daniel' (1983), 'Running On Empty' (1988), 'Family Business' (1989), 'Q & A' (1990), 'Guilty As Sin' (1993), 'Night Falls On Manhattan' (1996), and 'Find Me Guilty' (2006). Mr Lumet's final film was the crime thriller 'Before The Devil Knows You're Dead' (2007). All these films show his amazing connection with his actors, and he got the best out of them by getting his cast to do a two-week run-through, from beginning to end. This would cut down the need for repeated takes during filming. Mr Lumet never shot a film in Panavision or Cinemascope, which could have shown a wider look at the city he loved. He instead always shot in the standard format, concentrating on a particular microcosm that focused on the essence and spark that made up a community or neighbourhood, and allowed the characters to fully come to life. Mr Lumet had a nice cameo in Jonathan Demme's 2004 remake of 'The Manchurian Candidate', and appeared in Richard Shepard's loving documentary 'I Knew It Was You : Rediscovering John Cazale' (2009). Mr Lumet, a cinematic genius, will be sorely missed. - Aaron Rourke



Top 10 Lists THE AUSTRALIAN BOX OFFICE TOP TEN: 1. RIO. 2. SUCKER PUNCH. 3. JUST GO WITH IT. 4. HOP. 5. JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER. 6. THE LINCOLN LAWYER. 7. LIMITLESS. 8. RED RIDING HOOD. 9. RANGO. 10. BATTLE: LOS ANGELES. NEW RELEASES AND COMING SOON TO CINEMAS AROUND AUSTRALIA: APRIL 14: BRIGHTON ROCK, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID 2, MARS NEEDS MOMS, PAUL, SCREAM 4. APRIL 21: FAST AND FURIOUS 5, ARTHUR, INCENDIES, THE TEMPEST, THOR, TROPHY WIFE, DUM MAARO DUM. THE DVD TOP SELLERS: 1. HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HOLLOWS: Pt 1 [Fantasy/Adventure/Daniel Radcliffe]. 2. RED [Action/Comedy/Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, Brian Cox, Ernest Borgnine]. 3. MONSTERS [Sci-Fi/Whitney Able, Scoot McNairy]. 4. THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [Fantasy/Adventure]. 5. BAMBI: Diamond Edition [1942/Animated/Family/Classic/ Hardie Albright, Thelma Boardman]. 6. MEGAMIND [Animated/Comedy/Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Ben Stiller]. 7. THE TOWN [Crime/Mystery/ Thriller/Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner]. 8. THE SOCIAL NETWORK [Drama/Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justine Timberlake]. 9. WILD TARGET [Action/Comedy/ Crime/Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt]. 10. MACHETE [Action/Thriller/ Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez]. Also: THE LIGHTHORSEMEN, VALHALLA RISING, LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE EXPENDABLES, TOY STORY 3, JACKASS 3, THE GHOST WRITER, THE AMERICAN, INCEPTION. NEW RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS ON DVD THIS WEEK: TRON: LEGACY [Sci-Fi/Jeff Bridges, Michael Sheen, Olivia Wilde]. RED HLL [Thriller/Crime/Western/ Ryan Kwanten, Steve Bisley, Tommy Lewis]. LITTLE FOCKERS [Comedy/Ben Stiller, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman]. THE LAST EXORCISM [Horror/ Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell]. THE SMELL OF SUCCESS [Comedy/Billy Bob Thornton, Tea Leoni]. NEW & RE-RELEASE CLASSICS ON DVD HIGHLIGHTS: THE LIGHTHORSEMEN [1987/ Drama/War/Jon Blake, Peter Phelps, Bill Hunter]. 40 POUNDS OF TROUBLE [1962/ Comedy/Tony Curtis, Phil Silvers, Suzanne Pleshette]. BOY ON A DOLPHIN [1957/Adventure/Romance/Alan Ladd, Sophia Loren, Clifton Webb] Turn To Page 43

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - Page 37

Observer Showbiz AUDITIONS

Heidelberg Theatre Company ■ The History Boys (by Alan Bennett) April 24 at 6pm, April 25 at 7pm and May 1 at 6pm at 36 Turnham Ave., Rosanna. Director; Bruce Akers. Audition bookings: 0432 984781.


Geelong Repertory Theatre Co. ■ I Do Not Like Thee Dr. Fell (by Bernard Farrell) Until April 30 at 15 Coronation St., Geelong West. Director: Colin Urquhart. Tickets: $25/$23. Bookings: 5225 1200.

Dandenong Theatre Company ■ Rewind/Fast-forward Until April 30 at 8pm and April 23 at 2pm at the Hallam Community Theatre, Hallam Senior college, Frawley Rd., Hallam. Director/Choreographer: Gulcan Gulen; Musical Director: Trent Bockman. Bookings: 0407 004548.

Mansfield Music and Drama Society ■ Grease (by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey) May 5 - 14 at 8pm, May 8, 14 at 2pm at the Performing Arts Centre (Grounds of Mansfield Secondary College), View St., Mansfield. Director: Chris Casey. Tickets: $20/$15. Bookings: 0431 478741.


Heidelberg Theatre Company ■ Heidelberg Theatre Company presents The Business of Murder from April 21 - May 7 at 36 Turnham Ave., Rosanna. Written by Richard Harris and directed by John Jenkins, The Business of Murder tells of Detective John Hallett's call to the residence of Mr Stone to aid him in helping his wayward son who has fallen into the wrong crowd and occupation. When Hallett arrives the son is nowhere to be found. This classic thriller is built on false , twisted games and shock surprises. Three people are brought together for what appears to be legitimate reasons, but there is nothing legitimate about Mr Stone. Or is there? Tickets:$25/$20. Bookings: 9457 4117.

Community Theatre With Cheryl Threadgold

FIDDLER ON THE ROOF SHOWS ■ CLOC Musical Theatre’s upcoming production of Fiddler on the Roof boasts a special surprise and treat for audiences. The talented cast of 48 performers includes four good friends who are honing their unique skills in the lead up to opening night on May 20 at the National Theatre, St Kilda. Andrew Kobas, Michael Popowycz, Bohdan Myroniuk and Alex Dechnicz are all of Ukrainian origin and have danced, taught and performed for over twenty years in the same Cossack dance group. Although having danced professionally in many cities around Australia and internationally, this is their first musical involving singing, dancing and acting. As well as performing traditional Russian Cossack dances in full flight, the boys will also be donning beards and hats in their alternate guise as orthodox Jews to perform the iconic Bottle Dance. Fiddler on the Roof follows Tevye the poor milkman, his wife Golde, their five daughters and the lovable townsfolk of the little Russian village of Anatevka, as they use tradition, music and love to survive whilst surrounded by the winds of change. The show is filled with well-known show-stopping tunes, including Tradition, Matchmaker Matchmaker, Sunrise Sunset, Sabbath Prayer, To Life and of course If I Were a Rich Man, not to mention the rousing melodies and dances that characterise this classic tale. Fiddler on the Roof runs from Friday, May 20 to Saturday, June 4 at the National Theatre, St. Kilda. Bookings: or 1300 362 547.

Eltham Little Theatre ■ A Month of Sundays April 28 - May 14 at the Performing Arts Centre, 1602 Main Rd., Research. Director: Mel de Bono. Tickets: $20/$16. Bookings: 9437 1574.

Williamstown Little Theatre ■ Not About Heroes (by Stephen MacDonald) April 28 - May 15 at Williamstown Little Theatre, 2-4 Albert St., Williamstown. Director: Shane Ryan. Tickets: $25/$22. Bookings: 9885 9678.

Peridot Theatre ■ Sitting Pretty (by Amy Rosenthal) April 29 - 30, May 4 - 14 at 8.15pm, May 1, 7 at 2.15pm at the Unicorn Theatre, Lechte Rd., Mt Waverley. Director: Keith Hutton. Tickets: $23/$20. Bookings: 1300 138 645.

Malvern Theatre Company ■ Six Degrees of Separation (by John Guare), April 29 - May 14 at 29 Burke Rd., East Malvern. Director: Bruce Cochrane. Tickets: $20/$18. Gala Night May 7 extra $5 pp. Bookings: 1300 131552.

Savoy Opera Co. ■ Trial by Jury and HMS Pinafore April 30, May 6, 7 at 8pm and May 7 at 2pm at the Alexander Theatre, Monash University, Clayton. Bookings: 9905 1111 (between 9.30am and 4.30pm MonFri or within one hour of performances).


● Philippa Chalke (Mary O'Brien), Nell Webber (Peg), Rosa McCarty (Dusty Springfield), Matt Jakowenko (Rodney) and Renee Pope-Munro (Reno) from Williamstown Musical Theatre Company's production of Dusty, opening on May 6 at the Williamstown Mechanics Institute. Photo: Aaron Walker ■ Williamstown Musical Theatre company presents Dusty the Original Pop Diva on May 6, 7, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21 at 8pm and May 8, 15 at 2pm at the Williamstown Mechanics Institute, Cnr. Melbourne Rd. and Electra St., Williamstown. Director Anna Marinelli says “Dusty’s life was filled with triumph and tragedy, good times and sad. She strove for perfection and touched so many people's lives with her wonderful talent and voice. Her music instils many emotions in me - a true child of the 1960's - joy, melancholy, fun, love and most of all hope!” For over 50 years Williamstown Musical Theatre Company has been perfecting its craft and providing high quality entertainment for both the Hobson’s Bay Community and Melbourne’s theatre going audiences. Andrew Houston is musical director of Dusty and Carla Gianinotti is choreographer. Tickets: $32/$28. Black tie gala opening night $35. Bookings: 1300 881545 or

Nova Muisc Theatre

■ Chicago May 7 - 21 at the Whitehorse Centre, 397 Whitehorse Rd., Nunawading. Bookings: 1300 305771.

The Basin Theatre Group

Southern Peninsula Players

■ Natural Causes (by Eric Chappell) May 12 - June 5 at Doongalla Rd., The Basin. Director: Drucilla Bartlett. Bookings: 1300 784668.

■ Deathtrap (by Ira Levin) May 5 - 15 at Rosebud Memorial Hall, Pt. Nepean Rd., Rosebud. Director: Kylie Knoble. Tickets: $20/$17. Bookings: 5982 2777.

Yackandandah Theatre Co.

Players Theatre Company ■ You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown May 6, 7, 12, 13 at 8pm; May 8 at 2pm; May 14 at 5pm at the Doncaster Playhouse, 679 Doncaster Rd.., Doncaster. Director: Ryan Purdy; Musical Director: Jenter Zilm; Choreographer: Miranda Brooks. Tickets: $30/$27. Bookings: 0434 669 594.

Beaumaris Theatre Company ● Xavier Ryan, Ben Starick, Jessica Hutchinson rehearse for Heidelberg Theatre Company's production of The Business of Murder, April 21 - May 7 at 36 Turnham Ave., Rosanna. Photo: Patricia Tyler



■ Cinderella (Rodgers and Hammerstein) May 6, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20 at 8pm, May 7, 14, 21 at 5pm, May 8, 15, 22 at 2pm at Beaumaris Theatre, 82 Wells Rd., Beaumaris. Director: Debbie Keyt: Musical Director: Rhonda Vaughan; Choreographer: Camilla Klesman. Tickets: $25/$22, Family ticket $80 (2 adults and 2 children under 16). May 6 Gala Night $27/$24.

■ Bite Size (10 minute plays by 8 local writers)May 20, 21 at 7.30pm and May 21 at 1.30pm at the Yackandandah Public Hall, High St., Yackandandah. Tickets: $20/$15. Bookings: (02) 6027 1226 or (02) 6027 1348.

Babirra Musical Theatre

■ West Side Story May 27, 28, June 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 at 8pm, May 29, June 5, 11 at 2pm at the Whitehorse centre, 397 Whitehorse rd., Nunawading. Bookings: 9262 6555. ■ Non-Pro Theatre columnist Cheryl Threadgold is heard weekly on 3AW Overnighters program hosted by Keith McGowan. Cheryl presents a segment with the latest community theatre news at 12.45am Wednesdays.

Page 38 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Melbourne


Lovatts Crossword No 14 Across

1. Competitive touring-car driving 6. Leaned back 11. Rubber overshoes 15. Fires (missile) 20. Wheat spike 21. Tall African warrior tribe 22. Boxer, Muhammad ... 23. Circuit board component 24. Fierce shark (3-5) 25. Movie organiser 27. From the menu (1,2,5) 28. US rocket agency 29. Calibrate anew 31. On Her Majesty's Service (1,1,1,1) 32. Oppose 36. Petticoat fabric 37. Encroachments 38. Barely 41. Pays attention to 44. Resting on bed, ... down 45. Endurance swimmer, ... Maroney 48. Give authority to 49. Talked to God 52. Fenced with bushes 56. Arresting 57. Pillage 58. Cotton tops (1-6) 61. Responds 62. Runs off 63. Hangman's rope 64. Yes man 65. Pipe-discharge to ocean 66. German measles 67. Courier 71. Pakistan's ... Khan 73. Weepy 75. Endless 80. Preserve 82. Severe 83. In control, at the ... 85. Rissole 86. Friend by correspondence (3,3) 88. Walked purposefully 90. Hair-root gland 91. Softened 93. Most meagre 94. Fills with blood 95. Gloomiest 96. Contributes (5,2) 97. Des Moines is there 99. Rent 100. Intervenes (5,2) 104. Fathered 105. Writer, ... Binchy 106. Seance board 107. Finer (fabric) 111. Join (traffic) 113. Muslim leader, ... Khan 114. US spy group (1,1,1) 115. Small & efficient 117. Pierce with spike 118. Thieve 121. Computer data 122. Tinted 125. Frisk (about) 126. Fibber 127. Urged on, ... up 129. Orient 131. 12th of foot 132. Cried in pain 135. Bullets 136. Rises 139. Slash 140. Any of two 144. Shopping plazas 145. Astounds 146. Gnat-like fly 147. Takes to address

Across 148. Amazement 149. Precedes 150. V-shaped cut 152. Dutch cheese 154. Legendary kingdom, El ... 157. Hawaiian island 158. Turned on edge 162. Wading bird 163. Regales 166. Pimples 167. Scruff (of neck) 169. Loch ... Monster 171. Arm 172. Twins star sign 173. Rock shelf 175. Wanderer 176. Miaowed 179. Violently criticises 180. Disagreeable 182. Jog 183. Or near offer (1,1,1) 184. Kingly 186. Essential qualities for, ... of 189. Cuban dance 190. More competent 191. Greek fruit 192. Saviour 196. Indonesian isle 197. Insensible 198. Nourish 199. Comprises, ... of 201. Engine repairer 202. Without help 203. Cold meal 204. Whiz kids 205. Sledge 208. Guidance 210. Synthetic compound 211. Sheriff's badge 212. Public speech 213. Nodule 215. Dons finery (7,2) 219. Russian rulers 221. Polynesian kingdom 223. Suspects 227. Foreword 228. Fellow feeling 230. Vietnam's capital 231. The N of NATO 232. Mosquito fever 233. Australian (colloquial) 234. Water tank 238. Optic cover 239. Joyful 240. Medieval maiden 243. Painters' stands 246. Willingly 247. Chars (meat) 250. Boost (3-2) 251. Cinema attendant 253. Minister 256. Keyboard player 257. Secret collector 258. Most rational 262. Mother 263. Helicopter vane 266. Metal pen-points 268. Used sponge (6,2) 269. Bed dresses 270. Demonstrators 271. Person sharing name 272. Pig's home 273. Cricket prize 274. Canine 275. Quietens 276. Arriving at (conclusion) (6,2) 277. Anxiety disorder 278. Hair loss

Down 1. Less frequent 2. Continues 3. Positive replies 4. Sign-light gas 5. Vehicle depot 7. Fir 8. Mental pictures 9. Green gems 10. Be brave enough 11. Open mouth wide 12. Sealed shut 13. Requisitioned 14. Land measure 15. South American animals 16. Sickens 17. Recess 18. Mob 19. Sickly 24. Small rugs 26. Singer, Diana ... 30. Space film genre (3-2) 33. In a group (2,5) 34. Map pressure lines 35. Into that place 38. Take dimensions 39. Refusals 40. Wool fat 42. Geological ages 43. Wheelers & ... 46. Radioactive element 47. Involved in 49. Thoughtful 50. Love affair 51. Rome, the ... City 53. Properties 54. Tropical fruit 55. Emotionally unmoved (3-4) 59. Warm-climate shrub 60. Eased 67. Mutters 68. Shipping route (3,4) 69. Symbols 70. Jelly-setting agent 72. Animal exhibition 74. Dog, ... ridgeback 76. Best quality 77. Unsurpassed (favourite) (3-4) 78. Cutting tooth 79. More lush 81. Satisfies 84. Southpaw's main asset (4,4) 87. Large terrier breed 89. Harbour vessels 91. Fish/women 92. Showed the way 98. Synagogue 101. Musical time 102. Shellfish 103. Actress, ... Staunton 108. Dash 109. Praise highly 110. Toastmaster 112. Reassigns 116. Operating 119. Moderate 120. Anguishing (over) 123. Or else 124. Too much 128. Entirely consumed (5,2) 130. Straddling 132. Acted without words


133. Viper snake 134. Edit (text) 137. Indian social class 138. Snooped 141. Arab faith 142. Cures 143. Wily tricks 151. Seeping out 153. Indulge in half-heartedly 155. Classical musical drama 156. Elsewhere defence 159. Flags 160. Agile 161. Sanctioned 164. Russian mountains 165. Accessory 168. Carbonating 170. Kissed 173. Songwriter 174. Tyrannises 177. Neighing 178. Drowned 181. Fireproof material 185. Hidden attacks 186. Chewed 187. Former aerials ski champ, now MP, ... Marshall 188. Zeros 193. Speak haltingly 194. Brings on (birth) 195. Nestles 200. Crusaders' foes 201. Soak before cooking 206. Secured 207. Home for terminally-ill 208. Insect feeler 209. Trains (team) 211. Backer 214. Emperor's wife 216. Walker 217. Thai 218. Use up 220. Yearly, per ... 222. Audacity 224. Merchants 225. From Kampala 226. Jelly/sponge desserts 229. Christmas 232. Mud 235. Abuse (3-5) 236. Taut 237. Say differently 241. Tooth filling 242. Besotted 244. Harder to find 245. Stocking runs 248. Modifies 249. Stretch across 251. Grecian vases 252. Keep company (with) 253. Cougars 254. Incite to action 255. Beer mug 259. Onward 260. Remove completely 261. Cedars & oaks 262. Contemplate 264. Knuckle of veal stew, ... bucco 265. Foreboding 267. Long story

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - Page 39

Solution on Page 32













35 41




28 34






















36 42
























66 67




71 80














126 133

















131 139


148 152



158 167


173 180 187

























113 118
















97 100



91 93








































203 204




211 215


















227 228







240 247









243 250






246 252 258 266


270 273



257 263




256 262





271 274






Page 40 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Observer Magazine Extra


■ The Royal Wedding to be held on Friday next week (April 29, Melbourne time) has created a flurry amongst British newspaper and magazine editors. British writer Julian Knight has taken it even one step further with publication of the 200-page bookler, The Royal Wedding For Dummies. The pocket-side guide, priced at $14.95 in Australia, even cheaper on the Internet, comes as Melburnians plan street parties to celebrate the nuptials. The book (as does a special Woman’s Day edition, $9.95) traces the course of the Royal romance. The WD ‘special’ includes 160 ‘revealing’ photos, that - of course - reflect on William’s mother, Princess Diana, the couple’s ‘love story’, and ‘family secrets. Knight’s book examines the couple’s life at university, feeling the intrusion of the Press, their break-up and reconciliation, and the engagement after ‘Wills’ popped the question. The Dummies guide looks at the Queen’s ancestors, and identifies some black sheep amongst the Royals. The guide reflects on the Windsors moving into modern times, and following those in line to the throne. The book notes the support of William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, ande revisits Royal marriages of the past as far back as Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Likewise, with a more modern perspective, the Dummies guide recalls the wedding of Melbourne


● Prince William and Catherine Middleton Queen Elizabeth II and the York; Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon; Princess Duke of Edingurgh. This year’s wedding has the Anne and Captain Phillips; sub-text of economy during Prince Charles and Princess tough times, but the Guide looks Diana. The Dummies Guide takes to lavish Royal weddings of the past such as those between a tour of Westminiser Abbey, King Henry VIII and Cather- with a gze at some its treasures. It explains the rules of etiine of Aragon, Queen Victoria and PrinceAlbert Saxe-Coburg quette, including the dress coe, Gotha, and Prince Charles and and the dress, sorting out the Order of Precedence, enPrincess Diana. It even reviews the big Royal trances, and meeting the splits” Prince Andrew and Sa- Queen. The Guide runs through the rah Ferguson, Duchess of

day’s events, including leaving for the Abbey, taking in the ceremony, proceeding back to the Palace, and details of the private function. For those intending to be in London, it lists the best places to view the events, and included are pen pictures of Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, The Mall, St James’s Park, House Guards Parade, Whitehall, Parliament Square, Westminister Abbey, Hyde Park ... and your “front room”. The Brits’ focus on street parties is examined, and there are flashbacks to the celebrations of VE Day in 1945, and the Queen’s coronation in 1953. Other such celebrations included the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977; the wedding of Princes Charles and Princess Diana in 1981; and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002. There is a checklist for ‘essentials’ such as getting the neighbours involved, making ends meet, laying down some music for the day, catering, insuring yourself, road closures ... and picking up the pieces. The Dummies Guide even includes a 10-part pub quiz, with trivia questions. Julian Knight has put together a list of websites to keep up with the latest about the Royal Wedding. These include BBC News, The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, The Syn, The Daily and Sunday Mail, The Huffington Post, Sky News,, the Royal forums, and Marilyn’s Royal Blog.

Special Report

● The Royal Wedding For Dummies is published by Wiley. RRP: $14.95

‘There will be no kiss. This is the Church of England’

10 ‘Royal Wedding Secrets’ ■ Kate has been wearing invisible braces, and had her teeth widened. ■ Kate will carry a bouquet with a sprig of myrtle descended from Queen Victoria’s 1840 wedding-day blooms. It won’t get tossed. ■ Kate will vow to “obey” her husband. ■ The two footmen perched on the back of the wedding carriage will be members of British special forces. ■ There will be no kiss inside Westminster Abbey. ■ There will be 700 people at the private function hosted by the Queen, after the wedding service. ■ A dinner dance for 400 young people will also be held at the Palace that evening. ■ A number of tiaras have undergone restoration prior to the Royal Wedding. The $10.5 million Strathmore Rose Tiara is tipped to be used by Kate. ■ Four identical bouquets will be made by florists, “just in case”. ■ Kate’s maid-of-honour will hewr sister, Pippa. Prince Harry will be best man. by forensic psychologist Sandy Rea and A Current Affair Senior Producer Jamie Wilczek


■ The Westgate Bridge will serve as a reminder to us all about the fragility of human nature and the capacity for humans to cross invisible, yet firmly held, moral boundaries. That a parent would be capable of such an atrocity confronted both the public and jury alike. The father as protector revealing both his vulnerability and defiance. As adults we have devoured news headlines, gasped at the graphic images of emergency personnel attending to Darcey at the waters edge, appalled at the horror of her last moments of life. Perhaps in all this adult consumption of such a hideous crime, we have forgotten that children, our children have watched and listened to the same footage. How does a young mind grasp how 'Daddy' could dispose of his daughter. An act which strips their expectations of parent as protector. Parents have observed how their own children immediately recall the incident when they have driven over the Westgate Bridge.

a rare possibility. Freeman has been the only father we know of who has done this to his daughter. Listen to your child's concerns but do not 'over-talk' the subject. Limit the conversation; provide opportunities to hear your child, but set boundaries in place as to when you have talked enough about the topic. Children thrive on routine and predictability. Encourage them to know that their world is safe and secure, that Freeman had difficulties that he was not able to talk about. That 'our' family is one where we can talk about anything that is upsetting.

● Darcey Freeman Justice Coghlan rightly stated that dren that their Daddy will not murder Freeman's conduct '… a most fun- them, or that their Daddy will not damental breach of trust and it is an throw them from a Bridge? attack on the institution of the family, Childhood anxiety, as with most which is so dear to the community.' other anxiety is associated with anFreeman's actions have now en- ticipated fear. A fear of something tered our families lives and he has happening in the future. forced us to think how we reassure Herein lays a key strategy for helpour children that this will not happen ing our children. Parents can assure to them. children that sometimes what we think So how can we reassure our chil- is going to happen is sometimes only

● Arthur Phillip Freeman

Do not be afraid to challenge any unhelpful thoughts your child may have. If they start to exaggerate and hypothesise 'what if's' give them one opportunity and then gently terminate or distract that conversation. It is a crime so vivid, so confronting, that it will surely be forever etched in the Australian psyche. Freeman will no longer be able to exert his proprietorship, entitlement or choice upon his children again. Freeman's disregard for the life of his child became the regard for our nation. - Sandy Rea and Jamie Wilczek

Photo: Sky News

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - Page 41

Victoria Pictorial

Holiday Drive Destinations Historic Photo Collection

● Cumberland Lodge, Lorne.

● Gordon Hotel, Portland

● Murphy’s Refreshment Centre, near the Ferntree Gully Lookout

● Nepean Highway, Rye

● Warrandyte Township.

● Queenscliff from Point Lonsdale

● Sydney Street, Kilmore, looking north

● Woodend Post Office. 1923.

Page 42 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Observer Victorian Sport


■ As suggested last week I expected there could be some danger games. I wrote the best bet was WCE with the huge points in against Hawthorn as the odds were over generous. It proved so with the Hawks scraping in by 7 points. Thank heavens for Lance Franklin who was in top form with 6 goals. A ‘journo’ mate, Baden Pratt from Fremantle, who worked for me full time in the 1960-70s on my “Footy Week” paper, phoned before the first Round and asked did I still tip games in the AFL. In those days there was only a handful of VFL writers and we were expected to have our selections printed in the Melbourne Herald, Truth, The Sun and The Age. He was a moderate punter and followed my tips. I seemed to top the competition regularly. Baden was in hospital in March and with this season starting the following Thursday night he wanted my selections for the hospital and the newspaper tipping competitions. (Maybe for a punt as well!) I put him on my email list and he now emails me regularly. He panicked last Friday week as with all the trouble with my computer I was running late for Round 3 preview. Luckily I got the copy in around 6.00pm before the blockbuster Collingwood v Carlton game. Baden advises he is way in front on the tips and the punt and enquired do I ever bet on my selections. He wasn’t surprised to learn I still have never had a bet on football. He phoned last Monday ‘over the moon’ as we fluked the card and he wanted me to know an all-up $50 bet returned over $1300. Baden suggested I share how I assess the games. For the record on the weekend’s matches I missed on Port Power and Sydney Swans and so I’m 27 from 31 games as there were only 7 games. You should note Round 5 starts next Thursday night because of Easter holidays between Brisbane Lions and St Kilda up at The Gabba. Again there are only 7 games with Melbourne, Sydney Swans and WCEs having the bye. There are two games on Easter Monday and most unusual a game on Tuesday in lieu of the normal ANZAC Day holiday between Hawthorn and Geelong. Here is my “form assessment” guide. I’m fortunate because of my umpiring career I have no ‘one-eyed’ bias. This is a big advantage. You must recognise the ‘game breaker’ champions’ form can fluctuate with injuries as confidence can drop and affect results. WCE’s Dean Cox is a perfect example as in 2010 he struggled and played with injury. This year he is dominant. Always be aware there is a ‘home ground’ advantage for all 7 interstate teams although this won’t help Gold Coast Suns at present and of course Geelong when they play at Skilled Stadium. Fanatical fans allow prejudices to interfere with selections. Magpie fans don’t want Carlton ever winning and pick against them in an expected close game. Huge club memberships such as Collingwood, Carlton and Essendon are important and they know how to ‘barrack’ with emotion, gusto and fa-

Harry Beitzel naticism. For example after 31 years in Sydney the Swans supporters didn’t get their chant SYD—en---eey going last Saturday night until the last quarter when all hope of a revival was gone. Indeed this is the difference between Sydney supporters and all other team supporters. They can accept a loss and party on – they don’t go home savage, tearful and distressed over the defeat. They don’t HURT enough. This is due to the cosmopolitan and generational mix of the supporters who are AFL expats from interstate where they were ‘fanatics’, locals who don’t like the Rugby codes and newcomers to our game be they migrants or Sydneyites who want fun days and entertainment without total commitment to the club cause. In the early Rounds of the season I analyse the NAB preseason form – it can be important. Also take note of the historical effects when major changes from selectors often result in a boost from attitudinal shake-ups and also a midseason change of coach. Port Power with Matthew Primus appointment late last year is the perfect example. Also watch for publicly aired controversies. What Did We Learn From Round 4? Collingwood is still the one, still the benchmark. All the Magpies were contributors and Dane Swan surely would be recognise by the Umps with three Brownlow votes. The Tigers have the nucleus of a team for the future. Captain Chris Newman, Brett Deledio, Trent Cotchin, Dan Jackson, Dustin Martin and “Jumping Jack” Riewoldt, four goals. The crowd was 58,050 down on last year’s 66,727. What a thriller between Carlton with another draw with Essendon at 79 points at the ‘G’ before 78,605 – these are unheard of results three draws in the opening four rounds. Melbourne and Sydney in Rd 1 84 points each plus Geelong 48 to St Kilda 47 points, Brisbane 92 to Freo 94 points and WCE 92 to North Melbourne 88 points. Then in Rd 2 Richmond and St Kilda 95 points and Swans 98 to Essendon 93 points. Essendon should have won as Carlton’s Kade Simpson’s running goal with two minutes to play should not have been allowed as a team-mate illegally tackled an Essendon de-

fender high around the shoulder and threw him to the ground so he couldn’t chase or tackle Simpson. Geelong remain undefeated and trounced Sydney Swans who tried to Melbourne


play ‘dry weather’ football in teaming down rain on a soft surface. In these conditions even in this modern era with extra numbers at the drop of the ball the proven tactic for marks is one down in front and one behind the pack. It’s elementary and taught at Junior grades by coaches. But the Swans players knew better and rarely had a crumber behind the pack. Geelong outclassed Sydney who most thought would be suited by the atrocious conditions. We admired the marking skills of the wet ball by Geelong’s Jim Podsiadly, Steve Johnson and Paul Chapman plus the speed of David Wojcinski and Travis Varcoe. Shane Mumford’s courage and second efforts were outstanding for the Swans. Port Adelaide won by 30 points over rivals Adelaide in the local derby after trailing by 32 points. It was a courageous comeback and the Crows are struggling with 1W from 3G and a bye. Melbourne got a percentage booster over the Gold Coast with a 90 points win. Fremantle despite a roomful of injuries and this week losing Nick Suban

with a broken leg in the third quarter finished with a telling last quarter to defeat North Melbourne by 29 points. Next week’s Easter Round will be a ‘bottler’ with the Easter Monday afternoon game between Essendon and Collingwood a ‘sell-out’ match. The Bombers lost two of their more experienced players in Jason Winderlich 98 games and Courtenay Dempsey 54 games, both with season ending knee injuries. Both were off in the second quarter of the Carlton tie. The Hawks v the Cats on Tuesday will also be big. A goal and boundary umpire in the Freo v North Melbourne game could be asked for a ‘please explain’ after controversial decisions.

Footy Extra


■ I’m inspired by (my local club) Woy Woy and Andy Gleisner, its President/coach and chief BBQ cook and bottle washer! Last December Andy discovered I was a local and shared his plight his beloved Woy Woy Seniors/ Reserves and U18s were folding after 42 struggling years. We agreed this must not happen and he had my support. I would use this inspirational story against the odds in my next second Tier competitions about the Foxtel Cup and NEAFL details and the AFL releases which don’t make the daily news. This was a tragedy for Andy as his U16s, which he coached to the 2010 Premiership, had no place to advance and he asked me could I help. What a privilege. I got in touch with Dennis Carroll in his role of CEO Swans Academy but his group was ‘cash-strapped’ and although it was the Sydney Swans territory Dennis understandably pointed out his charter was to concentrate on the ‘elite’ kids from 8yrs up to 14yrs with an eye to future Swans’ Draft picks. The Swans are going well currently under new coach John Longmire BUT a word of warning to Andrew D – don’t dry up the

dollars support for the Swans in establishing the GWS franchise as The Swans must remain strong in the Sydney market if we are to capture our share and game in NSW. I told Andy I would organise a fund-raiser sports night with a top panel but because of Zoning I must first clear it with the Swans as I need some personalities like Paul Roos, John Longmire, Jude Bolton, Michael O’Loughlin and of course GWS’ Sheeds and other Giants. We need to stir up angst for the future promotion of AFL in NSW and on the Central Coast for the local Derby between the Swans and GWS. We shared other thoughts as to how we could save his club. The enthusiastic and passionate Andy has all Woy Woy clubs from U10s through to Seniors and Reserves competing in this season’s BDAFL. The man is a dreamer with an unsurpassed ability to come off ‘Cloud 9’ and work a plan. Brilliant!

New selectors ■ AFL Football Operations Manager Adrian Anderson has announced official Legend of the Game Leigh Matthews, former St Kilda captain

Danny Frawley and former Western Bulldogs captain Luke Darcy had been appointed as All Australian selectors. Matthews, one of the inaugural Australian Football Legends of the Game when the Hall of Fame was opened in 1996, won four premierships with Hawthorn during a 332-game career and then coached a further four flags with Collingwood (one) and the Brisbane Lions (three). Frawley captained St Kilda for a record 177 occasions during his 240game career, and represented Victoria 11 times in state football, while Darcy, Melbourne


who played 226 games for the Bulldogs between 1994-2007, was named the AFLPA's Most Valuable Player in 2002 and was club best and fairest in 2001. The trio replace the retiring Gerard Healy and Robert Walls, while James Hird also resigned from the selection panel, after assuming the position of Essendon senior coach at the end of the 2010 season. Matthews, Frawley and Darcy join Andrew Demetriou (chairman), Adrian Anderson, Kevin Bartlett, Glen Jakovich and Mark Ricciuto on the All Australian selection panel.

Footy Letters

THANKS HARRY ■ Just a short note to thank you Harry and the late Tom Lahiff for your calls during the 1970s. As a mad and devoted Carlton supporter, I got very excited when it was 3AW's turn to to call the game. It was frustrating when it was the turn of the racing station to call the game. As you remember all six games were on at the same time on a Saturday afternoon. Your call was always clear,concise, factual and did not contain outrageous nicknames and made-up words. The Sunday morning show was a terrific wrap up of all the matches. Unfortunately some of today’s commentators think that they are the star attraction and not the players. Thanks for all your hard work. - Steve Dimotakis

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - Page 43


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Showbiz Extra ■ From Page 36

TOP FIELD FOR SYDNEY CUP ■ At the time of going to press there were plenty of chances in the Sydney Cup, to be run this Saturday at Randwick. Among the chances are the Lloyd Williams-owned C’est La Guerre, who has found bit of form, and is a Melbourne Cup placegetter, so the 3200 metres of the Sydney Cup won’t worry him. The Victoriantrained galloper, Cedarberg, is one with strong claims. After an unlucky second in the Mornington Cup, he turned in a great run to win the BMW in Sydney in good style recently for one of the most likeable trainers in racing, Pat Carey. Caulfield Cup winner Descarado is one you can’t leave out. Prepared by leading trainer Gai Waterhouse, he also will have no trouble with the trip. Another from the Lloyd Williams camp, Linton, the grey, is a very good galloper and will be suited by the journey of 3200 metres, wet or dry. Mourayan is another interesting runner from the Robert Hickmott camp who has a bit of form and also will have no trouble over the two miles. Another representing the stable is Muir who won the Adelaide Cup in good style over this trip. Leading rider Darren Gauci was telling me that he has to get down to 51.5 kilos to ride, but he is willing to make the sacrifice, although he will have to miss a couple of his beloved pizzas from Columbos in Balwyn. An interesting runner is Older Than Time from the Gai Waterhouse yard, who is very consistent and has what it takes to win a race like this. Its stablemate, Once Were Wild, blew them away at Rosehill, and is an AJC Oaks winner, so she will have no trouble in running out a strong 3200 metres. Leading Victorian trainer, Mark Kavanagh, has two interesting runners in Melbourne Cup and Australian Cup winner, Shocking, going around, with his

Ted Ryan

Frank King, is not 100 per cent. Now it is all domestic duties for the lovely lady now in her eighties. On behalf of all in racing, God Bless Jeannie, to you and Frank, we hope to see you both at the track one day.

Different style ■ A new style of racing came to Caulfield recently when an Arab Race was held between

races at the Heath. It was part of ‘getting to know you’ when the finest of Arab stallions raced over 1600 metres. Named the Shadwell Arabian Mile, 11 runners faced the starter, with an open barrier style start. Unfortunately a couple lost their riders when they jumped, but the top Arab duly saluted by the name of Frankshar Park K Shar who scored by a conservative 10 lengths. Would you believe

he is 14 years old and has an impeccable record, having 15 starts for 10 wins, 4 seconds and a third. He gave nothing else a chance, with Blakes Heaven Bombora second, and Halimas Esdikarn third. Would you believe most of these Arabs generally run over 160 kilometres in endurance races? However it could be a one off promotion as evidently the RVL weren’t happy with time lost on betting on other races.

Observer Racing

stablemate, Shamoline Warrior. Shocking will be very hard to beat on recent form, while Shamoline Warrior, was favourite from the Victoria Derby a couple of years ago before being injured. To round it off, we have the very good mare, Vivid Vixen, a consistent galloper, and the old stager Zavite, raced by a good friend of mine Keith Falconer, and he will stay longer than your mother-in-law.

Day of reflection ■ A number of prominent racing people gathered at St.Leonards Church at Glen Waverley last week for a day of Reflection of the Catholic faith. This is the 54th year of Reflection and is a thoroughly enjoyable day. We enjoyed morning tea before a talk on religious matters with our special guest Monsignor Eugene Hurley from Sydney. The Monsignor was ordained in 1953 and spent 27 years as an Army Chaplain. He was ably assisted by the racing fraternity priest Father Brendan Dillon, at the Mass after lunch. At the gathering of nearly 60 were top jockey, Darren Gauci and his father, Bill, and former top jockey, Bob Skelton. Many retired and current bookmakers

were in attendance including Victorian Bookmakers Association Chairman, John Clancy. Among the bookies, Eric Tymms, Garry Ryan, John Corcoran, Dennis Waddell, Bill Dooley, Bruno Musolino, with bookies clerk, Kevin Mc Dermott. Other notables included former Clerk of Scales with the Victoria Racing Club for many years, John Byrne, top bookie Graeme Samperi, and John Dorrington. Peter James is the co-ordinator, who also looks after the Racing Fraternity Mass at St. Francis Church in Melbourne Cup week. On hand to help as usual was Neil Thomas and his lovely wife, Gloria, who I attend Mass each week with at the Holy Spirit Church in North Ringwood. The ladies of the St Leonard’s Parish prepared a magnificent morning tea, and later a beautiful threecourse lunch with refreshments.

Goodbye Jeannie ■ One of the loveliest ladies in racing, Jeannie King, will call it a day after the end of April after preparing snacks for all the jockeys at Caulfield and Sandown for the past 33½ years. Unfortunately Jennie’s husband, former top trainer,

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Top 10 Lists ● Shocking Photo by SLICKPIX, phone 9354 5754

● Linton Photo by SLICKPIX, phone 9354 5754 Melbourne


Harness Racing Extra after guiding Romsey trainer Leigh 2 wins in a row Miles' 4-Y-0 Life Sign/Mother Cour■ Cobram was also big for Bolinda's Chris Alford, bringing up two wins in a row with Kilmore owned and bred Yankee Paco/ Flash And Flair filly Our Flash Girl in the Aldebaran Park 3-Y-0 Trotters Mobile over 2170 metres. Starting solo on the second line, Our Flash Girl enjoyed a cosy trip trailing the heavily supported border hopper Moyamba which shadowed the pacemaker Justa Phoenix. Finishing determindly, Our Flash Girl nosed out a game Moyamba in 2-03.4, with Miss Eliza (one/one third.

Double chalked ■ Alford was to chalk up a double,

age mare Kattrin to victory in the 3rd heat of the Eureka Series for C0 class over 2170 metres. Beginning best to lead from gate two, Kattrin toyed with her rivals in accounting for Black Doug from near last and Kojaks Fella in a slick 2-00.1.

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Observer Victorian Sport Racing Briefs

Squaregaiters at Mildura ■ Every 12 months during Cup Week, the Mildura Harness Racing Club host two races dedicated to the squaregaiters and such was the case at Thursday's fixture, featuring the $12,000 Homevale Stud Mildura Trotters Cup and the $6,000 VSTA Trotters Handicap, both attracting capacity fields. Four year old Sierra Kosmos/Panbrake gelding Tsonga has been racing in great heart of late and landed the Homevale Stud Cup for T5 or better class (D-H) over 2600 metres. Coming into the race out of his class (T3) made no difference to Tsonga, who led throughout from the pole in recording a strong victory for reinsman Nathan Jack over the second elect My Mate Claudy who made a real race of it after facing the breeze from the bell after starting from 10 metres, with Puerto Bonus running home strongly from three back the markers when extricated into the clear for an eye catching third. Trained at Avenel by Greg Norman for owners Jim & Gerard Amalfi, Tsonga returned a mile rate of 2-06.2 in recording his 7th success in 37 outings.

Doubles and trebles ■ Shayne Cramp had a 'night of nights' on Thursday after providing a training treble and driving double on the eight event program. Elsu/Adriatique colt Elque led throughout on debut in the Carbine Chemicals 2-Y-0 Pace over 1790 metres, defeating Star Of Paris and Eight Tee I in a rate of 2-04.6. Cramp provided the "drive of the night" aboard 4Y-0 Life Sign/Empire Lass gelding Today to land the Win Television Pace for C1 & C2 class over 2190 metres. Settling one/two from gate two on the second line, Today was switched down to the markers in the last lap to trail the leader and hot favourite Allrightythen, before easing to the outside on the final bend and finishing best to score from Saint Flash (one/one) three wide home turn and Allrightythen in a rate of 202.1. When the Western Australia owned and Cramp trained 4-Y-0 Elsu/Glenfruin gelding Visigoth stepped out to contest the VHRSC Pace for C3 to C5 class with WA reinsman Gary Hall (Jnr) in the sulky, the treble came up with Visigoth leading throughout from gate four to score in advance of Ultimate Asset (three back the markers) and a death-seating Our Crusherdust in a rate of 2-02.5.

Mildura Milestone ■ A milestone came the way of Mildura based reinsman Luke Watson, when 4-Y-0 Blissful Hall/ Her Dynasty mare Abigail Hall raced by popular Nichols Point (Mildura) trainer Ian Campbell, wife Mary and partners greeted the judge in the Piscioneri Transport Pace for Co class (mares) over 2190 metres, as it was his 250th winner. Enjoying a sweet passage three back in the moving line from gate two on the second line, Abigail Hall came with a late finish on straightening to score from Our First Chloe which led off the back straight after racing in the open and Markleigh Terri in a rate of 2-05.4.

Harness Racing briefs ■ Moama trainer/driver Mal Whiteford's 4-Y-0 Sundon/Juverna gelding Cameos Moment did everything right in taking the Katunga Lucerne Mill Trotters Handicap for T0 or better class over 2678 metres at Cobram on Thursday. Beginning fast from 20 metres, Cameos Moment enjoyed a perfect passage one/one, easing three wide in the last lap to win well from Oceania and Silver Memory in a rate of 2-08.1. ■ Another Moama winner on the day was quality Pacific Fella/Soap Box 4-Y-0 mare Lady Belladonna in the 2nd heat of the Vicbred Super Sires Series for 4-Y-0 mares over 2170 metres in a slick 1-59.1. With regular reinsman Neil McCallum in the sulky, Lady Belladonna led throughout from gate three in accounting for a game Left In Paris which raced outside her, with Bebop (one/one) third.


■ The biggest provincial harness racing carnival in Victoria - the Park Douglas Printing Mildura Pacing Cup Carnival commenced at Mildura on Tuesday April 12, with a night of exciting racing. The first heat of the 2600 metre feature event for M0 or better class saw victory go the way of Goulburn Valley (Undera) owner/trainer Glenn Freeman's 8-Y-0 Totally Ruthless/Karamea Sunshade gelding Baltic Ice in a rate of 1-59.8 (last half mile 56.9 - quarter 28.4). Driven by former Romsey reinsman Scott Dyer now based in Bendigo, Baltic Ice led out from gate two, travelling hard up on the steel throughout, before kicking clear on the final bend to score from the well supported Tear It All Away which raced outside him for the greater portion of the journey, with the local hope and rank outsider Panorama Drive third after trailing the winner.

Top effort ■ Heat two saw South Australian visitor Ohoka Nevada greet the judge in a rate of 2-01.7. Trained by Jonathon Kingston-Mayne and well handled by stable reinsman Mark Billinger, Ohoka Nevada a 6-Y-0 gelded son of Sands A Flyin and All My Art settled mid-field in the moving line after starting from gate two on the second line. Set alight through the middle stages to park outside fellow croweater Conte Del Sasso, Billinger controlled the race to suit knowing what he had under him. Asked for a supreme effort on straightening, Ohoka Nevada's strength prevailed over the concluding stages in accounting for Lets Slash An Burn (one/one) and Thats Mister Ali from near last on reaching the wire.

First visit ■ Romsey trainer Paul Males making his first visit to Sunraysia, landed the 1st heat of the Mark Gurry & Associates Cup for C4 to C8 class over 2190 metres with Modern Art/Georgia Rose 4-Y-0 gelding Modern Warrior bred and raced by parents Peter & Yvonne Males. Leading out from the pole, Modern Warrior was crossed by a flying Corporate Power Broker (gate four) running into the first turn, with driver Scott Dyer immediately coming away from the inside to

Baker’s Delight

Harness Racing

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with Len Baker

have a crack for the lead which didn't eventuate. Gaining cover when Neil McCallum sent Omniscient forward from mid-field to park outside the pacemaker, Modern Warrior was given a short breather before easing three wide on the home turn. Finishing full of running, Modern Warrior scored in a 1-59.4 rate over a game Omniscient and the home town hero Loaded which made up plenty of ground over the final stages.

Contempt ■ The second heat of the Mark Gurry was nothing more than a "stroll in the park" for the Melton based Brent Lilley/Gavin Lang combination, when bonny Badlands Hanover/ Spring Thaw 4-Y-0 mareTalaspring treated her rivals with contempt in a rate of 2-01.4. Starting from the extreme draw, Talaspring was set alight shortly after the start to assume control and was never let go, cruising to the wire in advance of Bet Your Life which led out and Turbo Tate. The duo had opened the night's proceedings by taking the 1st heat of the Mildura Working Man's Club Pace for C2 & C3 class over 2190 metres with another ex-New Zealander in 4-Y-0 Badlands Hanover/Fleets Pocket mare Flying Pocketlands, leading all of the way from gate four in defeating Four Grinners which raced outside her and La Moray (one/one) in a mile rate of 2-00.5.

Early gift ■ Local trainer/driver Shayne Cramp received an early wedding present, when Dream Away/ Corilla Warria gelding Dream La Vita (gate four) led throughout in the 1st heat of the Tankard Dental Mildura Guineas over

2190 metres, defeating his semi-stablemate Limburg trained by father Greg which trailed from the pole with W-A's Gary Hall (Jnr) holding the reins, with Dynamite Dick third after following the pair. The mile rate 1-59.9. 1Shayne was married last Sunday.

Combined ■ Maiden Gully (Bendigo) trainer Paul Campbell combined with Greg Sugars to land the 2nd heat of the Mildura Working Man's Pace with very honest 5-Y-0 Astreos/ The Beautifulsouth gelding It And A Bit in a rate of 2-00.3. Moving three wide from mid-field in the last lap, It And A Bit sprinted brilliantly out wide in the final circuit to lead on turning and held a margin to the wire in accounting for Grand Passion and Yamaha Lad.

Three-wide ■ South Australian trainer Ryan McMillan snared the quinella in the Victorian Square Trotters Association Trotters Handicap for T0 to T4 class over 2600 metres with two former Kiwi's Brylin Crescent and My Independence Day in a mile rate of 2-08.2 Brylin Crescent a 4-Y0 daughter of Brylin Boyz and Another Starlet was given an easy time four back in the running line by Gavin Lang after starting from barrier three on the 10 metre line, finishing full of running to score from her stablemate My Independence Day which led, with Trent Deville third off a three wide double trail at the bell. ● Len Baker presents Harness Review, a dedicated two-hour program of harness news, views and interviews on

■ Prolific winning 6-Y-0 Sands A Flyin/All My Art gelding Ohoka Nevada chalked up his 24th victory in 58 race appearances, when successful in the $50,000 (Group 2) Park Douglas Printing Mildura Pacing Cup for M0 or better class over 2600 metres at Mildura on Saturday. Trained at Angle Vale by Jonathon KingstonMayne and driven by stable reinsman Mark Billinger who have proven to be a formidable combination this season, Ohoka Nevada from gate three on the second line bided his time four back in the moving line until approaching the bell lap, when he eased three wide to follow Tear It All Away which came out ahead of him. The action had been on from the outset, with Conte Del Sasso another South Australian leading the field from gate two, despite a strong challenge from heat winner Baltic Ice (gate four) which spent the entire race parked in the open. More fireworks were to happen mid-race, when Daryl Douglas sent the Nyah Cup winner Stirling Charmer forward three widefrom three back in the running line with a rush to tackle the leaders, however Scott Dyer refused to surrender the "deathseat", leaving Stirling Charmer on a limb, with Douglas having no option but to restrain back to where he came from. With the three wide line surging into the final bend, Tear It All Away hit the front on straightening, with Ohoka Nevada in hot pursuit and Lets Slash An Burn angling into the clear from near last after obtaining a run through the middle, while John Justice and Thats Mister Ali had switched down to the inside in the last lap after following the pair. Sweeping to the front as the winning post came into view, Ohoka Nevada scored by 2 metres in advance of the Geoff Webster trained stablemates Lets Slash An Burn and Tear It All Away in a rate of 1-59.6 (last half 59.3 - quarter 29.9). Thats Mister Ali rattled home late for fourth ahead of the local hope Panorama Drive. Raced by Queensland resident Sam Treccase, Ohoka Nevada had previously captured the Kilmore Cup in 2010 and dead-heated in the Cranbourne Cup the same year.

Settled near last ■ One of the most popular winners on Cup night was 6-Y-0 Kiwi bred In The Pocket/My Party Doll gelding Loaded in the $25,000 Mark Gurry & Associates Cup Final for C4 to C8 class over 2190 metres, much to the delight of Mildura owners Peter & Avis Argiro who have been racing horses around the district for many years. Trained and driven by Luke Watson, Loaded after settling near last from the extreme draw, peeled very wide on straightening off a three wide trail at the bell following the red-hot favourite Talaspring, before producing a dynamic sprint to score from Talaspring and Korunye Kid (three back the markers - five wide on turning) in a rate of 1-59.4.

High note for pair ■ Avenel trainer Greg Norman and owner Jim Amalfi finished Cup Week on a high note, when 8Y-0 Village Jasper/Larisleas Gem gelding Ti Vogliobene blitzed his rivals in the Loddon Valley Stud Free For All over 2190 metres. Starting from gate four on the second line, driver Nathan Jack wasted no time in sending Ti Vogliobene forward shortly after the start to take the lead away from Our Madagascar and from there on, the race became a procession, with Ti Vogliobene scoring by a 10 metre margin over Longtan Safari (four back the markers) and Our Madagascar in a rate of 1-59.2.

This Week’s Meetings ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Wednesday - Charlton/Shepparton, Thursday - Bacchus Marsh@Melton/Ballarat, Saturday - Bendigo, Sunday - Warragul (Cup)/Echuca, Tuesday - Nyah.

Exclusive Territories Available ● Melbourne CBD ● Berwick/Hallam/Cranbourne ● Mornington Peninsula ● Sunshine/Western Suburbs ● Mildura ● Horsham ● Seymour ● Yarra Ranges/Upper FernTree Gully ● Ballarat SOLD ● Carlton/Brunswick SOLD ● Doncaster/Greensborough SOLD ● Rowville/Dandneong SOLD ● Bendigo SOLD ● Benalla/Wodonga SOLD ● Shepparton SOLD ● Warrnambool SOLD

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