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Remembering Keith McGowan

Death of 3AW radio legend ■ Melbourne radio broadcaster Keith McGowan died suddenly after a stroke just prior to Christmas. McGowan, 70, who had been retired from the 3AW microphone for 2½-years, is best remembered for more than 20 years as host of the Overnighters program on 3AW and 3AK. In accordance with his wishes there was no funeral service. A remembrance afternoon was held on January 11 at the Kingston Hotel, Richmond, which is owned by Chris De Fraga, the motoring correspondent for many years on Keith McGowan’s radio program. Speakers included Bobby Johnson, Bruce McKay, Les Twentyman, Philip Brady, Jane Holmes, Don Crawford and Tracy Bartram. Amongst the many radio industry colleagues to attend were Ross Stevenson, Denis Scanlan, Doug Ackerly, Don Kinsey, John Vertigan, Keith Livingston, Paul Nicholson, Fran Duncanson, John Worthy, Ian Nicholls, Brian Smith, Shawn Cosgrove, John Chester and Mark Riddout. Former program contributors Allan Pennant, Tony Shields and Nick Le Souef alsol attended. Greg Newman, publisher of Jocks Journal, the radio industry newsletter, flew in from Brisbane for the event. Gigi Hellmuth and Julie Houghton took photographs for the Melbourne Observer. Apologies were received from many including Tim Webster, Artie Stevens, Judith Anne Dix, Cecily Waters, Warren Gibson, Robin Turner, Chris Ilsley, Chris Nelson, Bev Pay, Graeme Cameron, Geoff Brown, Loretta (Johns) and Robbie Smith, Kim Healey, John Gilmour, Jill Pagnoccolo, Craig Huggins, Mike Brady, Shane McInnes, Caroline Ferguson, Normie Rowe, Craig Willis and Pete Rudder A separate function, for 3AW staff to pay their respects, was held on January 14 at Platform 28, Docklands. It was hosted by the radio station’s Advertising Sales Manager, Sue Chapman, a long-time colleague of Keith, at both 3AK and 3AW.

‘Super Bloke’ ■ Some losses are hard to accept; Keith embraced life with enthusiasm, whether it be his love of his family and friends, or of his broadcasting, harness racing, antiques, music or even his poetry. We cannot believe he is gone. On e listener called him a “Super Bloke” and that is what he was - he was an example of a real outgoing bloke who would do anything for a mate. We will all miss him dreadfully. Thanks for everything, Keith. - Julie Kaye, Mount Eliza

● Keith McGowan was leading an active retirement, had lost 12 kg in weight, and played croquet daily.

● Angela and Keith McGowan in retirement, last year.

Keith, envy of all radio people ● Keith McGowan, as listeners will remember him ... a friend at the other side of the microphone for 54 years.

Within that brilliant superior exterior There was no such thing as “inferior” We all found him fun which oozed from within, His voice like a well tuned violin. His dedication to radio, the envy of all, He made it fun, enjoyed it, had a ball. His knowledge and talent never went astray, He knew his “stuf” like a well rehearsed play. He graced many stations with his presence, Worked different panels and mikes, with great confidence. Travelled Australia, worked in many states, And during this time made life-long mates. For many years he entertained us, Making it sound easy and without a fuss. Now he’s in radio heaven, Smoothly broadcasting 24 seven!

● A portrait of Keith McGowan held by mate Bobby Johnson

● The last photo ever taken of Keith McGowan, on the day before he died with broadcaster friend Annette Allison.

Sadly he’s gone, too early in life, Leaving behind Angela, his beloved wife. You’ve left a legacy Keith, in this industry, Loved by us all, always, thank you, Cecily. - Cecily Waters (ex 3AK, 2NUR-FM)

● Alan Pearsall with Angela McGowan at the tribute day.

Page 22 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Remembering Keith McGowan

54-years magic at the microphone ■ When 14-year-old Keith McGowan left Box Hill Technical School to become the office boy at Melbourne radio station 3UZ, no-one knew that he would become an ‘institution’ of the broadcasting industry. It was 54 years later that Keith hung up the headphones, retiring after a career that saw him work in Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia and New South Wales. His career, spanning over more than half the history of broadcast radio saw him as the top DJ in Perth, beat Bert Newton and Derryn Hinch in the Melbourne ratings, work alongside John Laws in Sydney radio, and then chalk up close to quarter of a century as the Overnights program host on 3AK and 3AW. Melbourne’s top-rating breakfast host Ross Stevenson termed his colleague as “a legend”. Former 3AW General Manager Graham Mott, at the time of Keith’s retirement in 2011, said McGowan was “very much himself”. Keith watched the greats at 3UZ, and soon scored his own on-air time at 3TR in Sale. Whilst there he was on the early days on Gippsland television at GLV-10. In Tasmania, Keith developed a style that he was to export to Perth, where as one of the ‘Good Guys’, he convincingly won the ratings. In New South Wales, he was Program Director and on-air personality at 2KA Katoomba, that reached out for the Western Sydney market. He was headhunted for the afternoon post at 2UW, following on from the ‘Golden Tonsils’, John Laws. Keith was approached to work at 3MP, the new Melbourne radio station based at Frankston, serving the Mornington Peninsula. During his stint there, Keith helped make a hit ... Up There Cazaly, performed by a man who was to become a long-time friend, Mike Brady. Radio saw mixed fortunes, with stints at 3DB, working for General Manager Bert Newton, as well as brief sessions at 3GL Geelong and 3KZ. But it was an opportunity at 3AK to host the midnight-dawn program that saw Keith come into his own. 3AW General Manager Denis O’Kane was attempting to re-build that station, and signed Keith to host the weeknight program ... first out of the Latrobe St studios, then at Bank St in South Melbourne, and finally under the Fairfax Media banner at Media House at Docklands. Keith had a unique formula. He was his own call-taker, his own panel operator, his own producer. He made it look easy. He developed on-air friendships with hundreds of regular callers. He deciphered the winning ingredients for companion radio. He did not suffer fools, and took no prisoners. Yet his warm, humour-filled programs provided company to thousands of overnight listeners. After a brush with cancer, and some long-service leave, Keith McGowan decided to retire in July 2011, and tour Australia with wife Angela. They were active and exciting. In December, just before Christmas, Keith McGowan suffered from a stroke in his sleep. He never regained consciousness. In his Will, Keith stipulated there was to be no funeral service.

● Keith McGowan pushes the button on his show, July 2011

● Angela McGowan, Simon Owens and Keith McGowan

● Son-in-law Robert Allars, daughter Tania, Keith McGowan, and grandchildren Matthew, Laura and Ben

● Daughter-in-law Lynette, Angela and Keith McGowan, son Nathan McGowan, with grand-daughter Jessica

● Flashback: Keith McGowan at Sydney’s 2UW

● Flashback: Keith McGowan at 3MP

● Keith McGowan with Jane Holmes

● Jessica tells David Mann about ‘Grandpa’ Keith McGowan

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - Page 23

Remembering Keith McGowan

So long Keith, being a chum was fun Editor Ash Long pens his farewell to his radio cobber ■ There were quite a few things that I DIDN’T like about Keith McGowan. In many ways, we were as different as chalk and cheese. We had very different life styles. In his ‘single’ days, Keith had a wild life style. He crammed much into every 24-hour cycle. Off-air, if you phoned Keith, you sometimes felt like he was timing out the call “up to the ‘pips’”, as if a radio news bulletin was to follow. It bugged me. He knew how to tease. He knew the ‘buttons’ to push with his friends, and how to provoke a reaction. I hated it when he played a vomit sound effect on his Overnighters radio show. “Feel like a good spew?” he would tease his talkback callers. But there was also plenty to like about Keith McGowan. He called himself my ‘Chum’ (in honour of radio royalty Nicky and Nancy Lee’s Being A Chum Is Fun). I was ‘The Cobber’. Our friendship started on a cautious note. I was producing the nightly Mansfield’s Melbourne TV program (1997-99), and was a frequent visitor at the 3AW studios in South Melbourne. One night, I wished Keith: “Have a good program.” He shot back the reply: “Don’t you tell me what to do!” It was almost a rite of passage. It is no secret that Keith and Bruce Mansfield had a strained relationship, and when I severed my tie with Bruce, the way opened for an ongoing friendship with Keith, both on- and of-air. About 2004, I phoned Keith’s program from a holiday resort in Fiji. He said he was reluctant to

● Keith McGowan and Melbourne Observer Editor Ash Long at the Commercial Radio Awards dinner at Crown Melbourne. put the call to air, because 3AW We promoted Keith’s books management were uneasy about published by his close friend Anme having answered questions about drew Rule. Bruce Mansfield’s ‘contra for comWe publicised the Overment’ arrangements to The Age in nighters Christmas parties put 2000. together every year by entertainer I fixed that by becoming a paying Brendan Scott at venues such as sponsor of Keith’s program. Most the Grovedale Hotel, Reservoir nights, we would do advertising spots RSL, Clayton RSL, Springvale every hour for the Melbourne Ob- RSL and Shoppingfown Hotel at server. Doncaster. It made good commercial We covered the Antiques and sense at the time. About one- Collectables show that went to air third of Melbourne was awake at every Friday morning, with panel some time between midnight and members such as Rick Milne, 5.30am, and about one-third of Tony Shields, Allan Pennant, Chris those people listening to the ra- Keating, Ian Armstrong and dio, were tuned into the Wendy Gould. McGowan show. We published photos of his latWe sold a lot of newspapers. est harness racing interests, inWe came to an informal agree- cluding Nora Barnacle, Leopold ment that the Observer would Bloom and Simon Tappertit. promote the radio show, and the Readers seeing photos program would return the favour. from Keith’sloved travels, including his For nearly a decade, the Ob- print that won an award at the server featured the listeners of the Keith McGowan Over- Royal Melbourne Show. Listeners loved knowing every nighters radio show: they became the stars of our newspaper. possible piece about Keith’s private life. He would talk about his children Nathan, and Tanya (Allars); and the grandchildren Jessica; Matthew, Laura and Ben. Keith would hint at visits to his latest girlfriend(s) with details of shows such as the muchloved Capers venue in Hawthorn. Keith would take his tape recorder to conduct interviews with visiting stars. There was none bigger that international violinist André Rieu, who attributed his record-size Melbourne audiences to the pull of the McGowan radio program.

● Entertainer André Rieu with Keith McGowan, and a special edition of the Melbourne Observer to mark his first visit.

● Ash Long, as Santa, with Keith McGowan, at one of the Overnighters Christmas parties, at Grovedale in December 2005. But the story that listeners enListeners - and readers - loved joyed most was the love story it. They queued to meet Angela with a vibrant lady named ‘An- at events such as the Christmas gela’. parties, which would each attract Keith gingerly told the story about 300 people. about how he had troubles with The Melbourne Observer had his new pair of spectacles, and he its biggest-selling edition ever had returned to the Chadstone with the exclusive photos of outlet to be assisted by the Re- Keith and Angela’s wedding, held gional Manager, ‘Angela’. on the banks of the Murray, at Listeners next heard that he Echuca-Moama. had met ‘Angela’ for coffee at The magic continued. With the Southland. Then listeners heard an encouragement of program regualmost nightly diary of their get- lar guest, Nick Le Souef, Keith wonderful courtship. and Angela journeyed to the AusOne of the best-ever selling tralian outback, sending back Observers was a photo the newly- photos for Observer readers. engaged Keith and Angela, standThe story-telling was so good ing on the banks of the Yarra that I followed in their footsteps River, with Angela’s specially-cut one summer, visiting Coober diamond ring sparkling into the Pedy, Alice Springs, even the camera. outback mail run out to OodWe know that some readers nadatta and William Creek, conhad the front-pages of the Ob- ducted by Peter Rowe. server enlarged so they could inKeith McGowan was the masspect the magnificence of the ter story-teller. He was the conjewellery. summate radio professional, The listeners received a bonus. managing his program singleAngela entered their lives too. handed. Funny, down-to-earth yet stylish, He had the unqiue ability to she was one of our tribe. line-up listener calls whilst other Angela would come on air with calls were in progress. He was Keith on 3AW, and talk about magical with his timing, and had their latest outings to a theatri- a great love for the music which cal production, or a restaurant. he aired. They would talk of meeting Keith would spend hours viswith favourite sponsor (and mate) iting Melbourne op shops, lookJohn Gilmour and his sons at ing out for special tracks to put Gilmour’s Comfort Shoes, or hav- to air. ing a night out with close friends He also encouraged many artBobby and Cheryle Johnson. ists, particularly those with a Celtic connection, to come on his program. These included Daniel O’Donnell, Mary Duff, Isla Grant, Charlie Landsborough, Tommy Fleming ... and who can forget the Irish comedian Noel V. Ginnity. As our relationship grew over the years, so did the involvement with the radio program. For several years prior to Keith’s retirement in 2011, Keith and I had a daily 30-min. segment after the 2am news, supposedly on the issues of the day. More than anything we played it for laughs. There was nothing more than Keith liked than set● 3AW colleague Philip Brady with Keith McGowan at the Sur- ting up and spinning a yarn. ● Turn To Page 24 vivors luncheon held in South Melbourne in November last year.

Page 24 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Remembering Keith McGowan ● From Page 23 Fortunately, the listeners loved it too. We usually creamed the closest opposition, the ABC, in the nightly battle for ratings. And didn’t we all - listeners and performers - have fun! One of our favourite inventions was the Upper Gannawarra Football League. Keith had teased listeners with his observations about ‘Titybong’, an area south of Swan Hill. Titybong did not even have a district name sign, yet Keith spoke about a fictional resort there, and the story grew like Topsy. With Keith in the 3AW studio, and me working overnights from the Observer newsroom, I used to pen notes about the area ... and its fictional characters. Very soon, it became a fullyscripted nightly serial with all its regular characters based on Tom Morris, editor of the fictional Upper Gannawarra Chronicle, his postmistress sister Minnie Morris (get it?), and all the town’s characters. During football season, we invented the Upper Gannawarra Football League, which included nine teams including Cokum, Ninyeunook, Dumosa (home of a fictional orphanage), Lalbert and Towaninny, centre for an equally fictional uranium mine and nuclear power plant. I would send the script by e-mail, sometimes only 30 seconds before air-time (with an opening jingle recorded by Brendan Scott), with Keith reading it ‘sight unseen’. It was an opportunity for us to send dozens of ‘cheerio’ messages. The football league president was ‘Curly’ Mott, a reference to 3AW’s General Manager. Cheryle McMaster ran the Red Star All Night Relaxation Centre, a reference to friend Cheryle Johnson, wife of music industry guru Bobby. Listeners started making weekend trips to the region, looking for the Titybong Resort, trying to find the Dumosa Orphanage, and trying to tune in to Upper Gannawarra FM, to hear personalities such as Phyllis Brady. Walter Dennis and Leonard Anthony. When it came time for Keith’s retirement in 2011, it seemed suitable that the best gift could be a life membership certificate to the Upper Gannawarra Football League. Keith loved playing with the spoken word and the written word. In his brief retirement, as Angela and he travelled, they would call in at community stations, especially those remote ones in South Australia, outback Northern Territory, or far-flung Queensland. Keith would volunteer to voice community service announcements or station identifications.

● Before and after: Keith grew his hair long late last year to prove a point. These photos were taken weeks prior to his death. and he wrote regular pieces for the RadioInfo site, as a favour for his longf-time colleague Peter Saxon. Keith was one of the most popular contributors to sites such as Australia Radio (administered by the Melbourne Observer), and Radio Green Room. He would question other members on their radio backgrounds and pedigrees. Keith wrote plenty. When travelling he would send a daily e-mail to close friends, complete with that day’s photos, explaining the history of the area they were visiting, and the attractions they inspected. Keith McGowan was active in retirement. He was playing croquet my heart with you. I know we’ll meet daily, and had lost 12 kg just prior to again. Until then, your loving wife, soul mate, best friend.” his unexpected death. Keith McGowan was a rare man, On the night prior to his stroke, he remarked to Angela that he did not with an unusual gift for communifeel any of the pain that he normally cation, and one of the best story-tellsuffered, such as arthritis/rheuma- ers I have witnessed. He was a collector of people, tism. He had a restless sleep, and was both personal friends and listeners - uncharacteristically - snoring. Then who regarded him as their trusted he suddenly stopped. It awoke An- on-air pal. Keith McGowan’s unexpected gela, who applied CPR, calling ambulance officers who arrived within death leaves a void in Melbourne, in radio ... and in the lives of his four minutes. Keith was rushed from his inner friends and associates. I was fortunate to work alongside apartment to the Alfred ● Angela and Keith McGowan travelled Australia-wide in their suburban Keith for a number of years, where Hospital, but he never regained conretirement. They are pictured on the Great Barrier Reef. we shared many, many laughs, sciousness. Yet, he remarked that he never saying that he would not be able to At age 70, he was on life support hearty meals, some spicy gossip and hankered for a return to the 3AW include local references, and talk for the next three days, but the stroke company with good friends. microphone. about local storylines such as the had “insulted” two areas of his brain Thank you Keith McGowan for He saw he was pleased that he footy or other sports. sharing these remarkable gifts. stem. was able to leave at a time of his Keith was critical of the direction - Ash Long Family members were by his choosing. Indeed, he remarked that in which radio was starting to go, with side, having conducted a three-day he should have left a year earlier, local programming dropped, in vigil. rather than taking long service leave. favour of cheaper relayed content. Wife Angela published a tribute: He had been offered a national He made his feelings known on “Go before me my love, wait pa- ■ I would like add my thoughts overnight program, but declined, social media such as Facebook, tiently, I will come. You have taken of Keith McGowan. Like everyone I was very shocked to hear that he had left us. For many years I appeared on Keith’s 3AW program, talking all things entertainment and we had many laughs. He was always very kind to me and we kept in email contact after he left his post at 3AW Angela and Keith would often keep in touch via Facebook and it was always wonderful to see what next adventure they were both up to. Keith has a great sense of fun, he was a good friend. I always knew he had my back and for that I will always remember him fondly. - Di Rolle ● In retirement, part of Keith McGowan’s routine was to pur- ● One of Keith McGowan’s most pleasing activities was catch● Feature continues P33 chase seed, and feed it to the birds in a local South Yarra park. ing up with old mates. He is seen with Mike Brady at Wye River.

From Di Rolle

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - Page 33

Keith McGowan Tribute Kingston Hotel, Richmond Photos: Gigi Hellmuth and Julie Houghton

Radio People

● Johnny Chester and Kevin Trask

● Bobby Johnson with Don Crawford

● Bruce McKay, Master of Ceremonies

● Angela McGowan with Denis Scanlan

● Tony Shields

● Gigi Hellmuth, Julie Scott, Brendan and Christine Scott

● Margaret and Bruce Gow

● Brendan Atchison with John Vertigan

● Taz and Marc Pante (Angela McGowan’s younger son)

Page 34 - Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Radio People

● Angela McGowan with Nick Le Souef

● Jane Holmes, Philip Brady and Tracy Bartram

● Keith Livingston

Keith McGowan Tribute Kingston Hotel, Richmond Photos: Gigi Hellmuth and Julie Houghton

● John Worthy

● Allan Pennant

● John Humphrey with Bill Duff

● John Vertigan with Peter Acfield

● Don Kinsey and Randall Jones

● Denis O’Kane and Don Crawford

Melbourne Observer - Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - Page 35

Remembering Keith McGowan One true love

R. I. P. Goodbye my one true love. Keith McGowan. 09/03/1943 - 22/12/2013. - Angela McGowan

Messages ■ Matty Gee: One of my radio heroes. ■ Jane Scoble: Sending lots of love and prayers to Angela and family. You were always such a great friend, your support and encouragement will always be appreciated. Fly high and free. ■ Natalie A Caruana: I’ll miss your painful cheeky emails. ■ Andrea Pope (Brendan Scott’s ssiter): Thinking of you Angela. RIP Keith. So sad he will be up there with our Dad having Christmas. ■ Warren Gibson: As with all of our radio folk,we are in shock and sadness to hear the passing of a true gent of radio, Keith McGowan, called a little too earley to the big control room in the sky. ■ Glenn Holmes: Buddy! Can't believe you have gone my dear friend. Will miss you and your humour. ■ Fiona Rosewarne: RIP Keith. ■ David Ripper: RIP Keith, I enjoyed your broadcasting and passion for people and harness racing. ■ Virginia McGowan: Deepest sympathy to his family and friends, I only just ‘met’ him - asking me if I was related. ■ Brian Bullard: RIP Keith. Deepest sympathy to Angela and all his family. ■ Keith Evans: Words for me are lost ... farewell friend. ■ William Keough: RIP Keith. ■ Andrew Keech: RIP Keith. One of radio's greats and a true Sainter.

Number One ■ Jeffrey Phillips: Rest In Peace Keith. We first met in 1965 at 6PR in Perth. I was filling in while on school holidays and Keith was No 1 on drive shift. Keith you are still No 1. My prayers and thoughts with Angela and family.

● Jeffrey Phillips

Many mourners ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Doug Ackerly Chess-Julia Allan Jose Auditore Glenn Bear Ray Belcher Raeline Brady Fran Brown Jenchurai Brown Julie Brown Paul Bryant Peter Buzzard Fiona Byrne Julie Cavanagh Kimberley J Clemens Andrea Coghlan Don Crawford Paul Chasmere Louisa Corke Terry Davis Stuart Dean Dee Dee Dunleavy Helen Eastwood Jenny Evans Jillian Farnham Tony Featherstone Kerrie Firth Barb Flood Rob Foenander Des Ford Toni Giannarelli Peter Gordon Larry Hall Michele Hamdorf Tanya Healey Jacqueline Healy Colleen Hewett Glenn Hodges Frank Howson Kate Hughes Greg Irvine Marlene Jackson-Versace Neil James Brenda Raven Jenkins Chris Kearns Jim Lee Mary Levick Sarah Long Fiona Mackenzie Suzanne Martin Chris McColl Kathy McCrum Bruce McKay Gary McQuade Kim Mercieca Peter Mobbs Kate Murphy Gary Newton Paul Nicholson Greg Nippard Eddie Olek Mick Pacholli Bryan Patterson Allan Pennant Tess Presso Rob Richardson Tom Schouten Trevor Sinclair Judy Small Daniel Smith Liz Sullivan Rachel D Taylor Gaylene Thompson Jenny Thompson Dennis Wall Paul Walsh Nicki Wendt Marilyn Whitelaw Carole Whittle Glenn Wight Michael J Wilkie Lisa Williams Nigel Williamson Val Wishart Gavin Wood

Condolences ■ Sasha Bell: It’s so sad. Keith was a gentleman. ■ Gavin Wood: Celebrate a wonderful life, lived well. We will miss you Keith McGowan. ■ Di Rolle: So sad, my love and thoughts with dear Angela - he was a fine man and I am very sad to hear of his loss. Will miss his messages signing off ‘your chum’. ■ Nick Le Souef: Keith - for decades, I've shared many a moment with you. Thank you. ■ Kate Swifte: Just so very upset this has happened to Keith. Thinking about Ange so much. ■ John Tamb: Very sad. He was a man with a big heart. He will be missed. ■ Barb Flood: Unlike no other! So sad. ■ Greg Newman: I've lost my 'Saint mate'. ■ Rod Hardy: Friends are forever! ■ Wes Crook: There is no-one like Keith. I'll miss our chats about footy and life. He was one in a million! I'll miss him very much. ■ Fran Brown: R.I.P. Keith ■ Garry Spry. So sorry to hear this about Keith. We will all remember him. ■ Alison Lee-Tet: Oh no! How sad. My thoughts are with his family at this time. ■ Deborah Jane Gray: Farewell Keith. ■ George Donikian: Sad day. ■ Lachlan Macdonald: So sad for everyone, especially his wife. Our thoughts are with her. ■ Bec Brown: Lots of tears here , such a shock. Please pass my love and thoughts on to Angela. Such a beautiful character. ■ Gene Price: Sorry about that sad news. Our thoughts are with the family. ■ Will Conyers: Damn sad. A cornerstone voice of my youth. ■ James Tulk: He was always flogging the Melbourne Observer. I used to listen to him each morning as I used to drag myself out of bed at 0230. ■ Judith Ann Dix: A wonderful man Keith. Very sad news, my heart goes out to Angela and the whole family. ■ Gigi Hellmuth: A great broadcaster and friend. Angela is in my thoughts and prayers. ■ Chris Ryan: Oh, this is such sad news ... his life was so full. And he shared it with all his listeners and his friends. I am deeply sorry for Angela and all his family - close and extended, including that enormous army of friends. ■ Rita Qu: So so sad. ■ Sue Evans: Keith, I met you 42 years ago and we've been mates ever since. Love to Angela, thinking of you both constantly. ■ Rose Tulk: R.I.P. Keith fly with the angels. ■ Danusia Smith: Rest in peace beautiful Keith, love to Angela. ■ Sheryl Bickerdike: R.I.P. Keith. Best wishes to Angela and family. ■ Jon Fabian: My sincerest condolence to Angela and family, R.I.P. pal. ■ Brent Harbour: So sorry to hear the news, thoughts are with Angela and family. ■ Andrew Andrews: So sad to hear the news. Was a pleasure to have known you Keith Mc Gowan

Part of family

● Tom Schouten ■ Listening to 3AW on my way home from work I was very saddened to learn from Bruce and Phil that Keith McGowan had passed away a few minutes ago. As a listener to radio we take the on-air personalities as being part of our family. There is a special relationship (even if it is one way) that develops over time. Thanks for all the fun and entertainment you passed on over your very long and distinguished career on radio. My thoughts go out to Angela at this very sad time.

Our loss ■ Mary Gentile: Sad news. RIP Keith. ■ Des Ford: One of our real characters, real talents and real survivors has left the studio a bit too soon and I'm sad about that. ■ Cecily Waters: He was funny at 3AW when I was with 3AK in the same building in Bank St. Never missed out on saying "G'day" as he walked passed the studio. I knew him all those years ago from 3TR, along with Gary Ord. ■ John Vertigan: I am lost for words at the loss of our "Survivors" mate Keith McGowan. He was a regular at our bi-annual media lunches and could always be relied upon to inject great whimsy and humour when it was his turn to speak.

Simply Magic ■ Kevin John and Jane Holmes of Magic 1278: Our very dear friend and radio colleague, Keith McGowan, passed away on Sunday December 22. We feel so privileged to have been his friends and to have learned so much about broadcasting from a true radio legend. Our love and heartfelt sympathy go Keith's beautiful wife, Angela and his family.

● Kevin John, Keith McGowan and Jane Holmes

Tributes pour in ■ Chris Keating: So sad. ■ Julie Houghton: Vale to a true character and a very genuine, kind man ... thinking of Angela McGowan at this sad time. ■ Anita Monk: Goodbye Keith. Today's Monday ... I'll never forget it. ■ Aly Jakz: This is really sad news. RIP Keith, you will be sadly missed. Condolences to your family. ■ Rose Jackson Day: RIP ■ Alex Hehr: So very sad to hear of his passing ... only a few weeks ago we shared a drink at Golden Days Radio, he was a wonderful man ... and a great broadcaster. Thinking of Angela at this hour. Vale Keith. ■ Gregg Easton: Vale Keith. It's a sudden and very tragic loss. RIP mate. My thoughts and condolences go to the McGowan family. ■ Fran Duncanson: I am so sad to read this. Thanks for all that you taught me Knackers. Prayers and thoughts go out to Angela, Tania, Nat and the grandkids. ■ Karl van Est: Vale Keith.Very sad, very sudden, will be missed. ■ Darcy O'Bree: Very sad that Keith has gone. Fearless, generous and delightfully eccentric. He was always a pleasure to work with. ■ Peter Mobbs: A unique man. I feel sad and sorry for his family and close chums. ■ Chris Ilsley: Vale Keith. ■ Bernie Brittain: The mighty Keith McGowan. Greatly loved. Greatly missed. RIP old friend. ■ Judith Anne Dix: I will miss you, you stirring bugger Keith McGowan, you were a legend too. I would like to say l am most upset but l will think and hope Angela and all the family are receving support from everyone. I am so very sorry RIP Keith. ■ Jan Downes: I'm so very sorry to hear about Keith. My sincere condolences to Angela and all the family. You are all in my prayers. RIP Keith McGowan. ■ Cecily Waters: Vale Keith McGowan. ■ Warren Gibson: Far too young to go ... RIP Cobber. ■ Paul Weston: Condolences to Angela McGowan and Keith's family. ■ Des Simmonds: Another radio legend has left us. ■ Geoff Peel: Very sad to hear of Keith's passing. I felt that I had come to know him well through this forum. ■ Mark Dawson: Vale Keith and condolences to his family. Keith was always a fanatical supporter of radio and of the view it was a privilege to work in the industry. He was and is unforgettable. ■ Geoff Brown: Sad, sad news. Condolences to Angela and family. RIP Keith. ■ Michael Scalia: I always enjoyed listening to him. Only discovered him shortly before he retired. ■ Mike Menner: Sad news indeed to start the week off, a great guy who will be surely missed by those who knew him. RIP Keith McGowan. ■ Jeanie Nolan-Sharky: Deeply saddened to hear this news. Rest easy Keith, you will be missed. My sincere condolences to Angela and family. May you carry him in your hearts always. ■ Nic Evans: RIP old friend.

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Melbourne Observer. Feb. 5, 2014. Tribute to radio personality Keith McGowan. 7 pages.

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