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Melbourne Boulevard Pharmacy and Health Foods

How to achieve glowing beauty - from the inside out by Nutritionist and Naturopath Shoba Jay Whilst cosmetic surgery can take care of superficial lines and wrinkles, it's hard to compete with skin that has that unmistaken natural glow; the type of skin that glows from the inside. Skin is a dynamic organ that performs many duties including absorption and protection, regulating body temperature and excreting waste from our bodies. As one of our largest organs, it's important to recognise the impact that sleep, exercise and diet have on our complexions. The top 5 tips for Gaining a Natural Glow 1. Sleep more Sleep is important on many levels including memory consolidation, recovery and repair. During sleep the body releases melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that aids in cellular repair. If you're losing quality time during sleep, try turning off electric blankets and devices (including mobiles and laptops), blocking out any visible light and using ear plugs (especially if you're sleeping with a snorer). 2. Eat the Right type of Fats Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to support skin health by reducing inflammation and supporting the structure of cells. Dietary Fatty Acids can help to regulate fluid balance and retain moisture leaving your skin looking healthier. Ideal examples in the diet include extra virgin olive oil (to be used in salads), virgin coconut oil that can be used for cooking and using fish and krill oil as supplements. 3. Improve your bowel movements Waste products from your body must be excreted everyday to avoid toxins re-circulating back into the blood. Drinking 6- 8 glasses of water and eating fibrous foods such as globe artichoke, organic broccoli and LSA (Linseeds, Sunflower and Almond meal) every day may help to promote these essential bowel movements. An extra tip on Hydration: Add 10ml of chlorophyll to your water. Chlorophyll is the green pigment made by plants during photosynthesis. It is rich in Magnesium and its alkalinity can help to tone down blotchy red skin. 4. Embrace the Beauty of Anti- oxidants Anti-oxidants are protective molecules that can support the structure of your skin by helping to neutralise free radicals (molecules that have the ability to damage the structure of proteins including collagen and connective tissue). You can support your skin by eating brightly coloured vegetables and fruits that are rich in anti-oxidants. These include berries, beetroot and green leafy vegetables. 5. Pump up your circulation Exercise oxygenates the blood and delivers nutrients around the body to help you feel energised and stay calm. The increased circulation from exercise helps to give your skin a rosy glow by dilating blood vessels in the face. During exercise the body uses cortisol to metabolise energy and is one of the most effective ways to take the edge off a stressful day. What can you do? Although these tips set the foundation to good skin health, more complicated skin conditions may require closer attention. For information please visit Melbourne Boulevard Pharmacy. Shoba Jay is a qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath, available for general advice and private consultations.

Shop 5, 401 St Kilda Road Melbourne, Vic 3004 9866 1284 ShowBiz Social Club At Bentleigh Club Monday night (Oct. 22) Photos: Gigi Hellmuth

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LOCAL LIFE Everyone benefits from a strong community. HAVE YOU USED THESE IMPORTANT WORDS LATELY? The six most important words

“I admit I made a mistake.” The five most important words

“You did a good job.” The four most important words

“What is your opinion?” The three most important words

“If you please …” The two most important words

“Thank you.” “As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

eing active within our society helps us feel less lonely, live a more interesting life, find friends, stay healthy and feel happier.


We feel worthwhile, connected, included, important, significant, appreciated and safe. Being active within our community inspires us, brings success in business and helps us find our way in life. With today’s rapid explosion of online social media, entertainment, virtual worlds, email and chat, it is easy to become engrossed in a computer.

It is a modern day reality that people turn to their computers for connection to others.

This can be a great thing but it can also go too far and we can become detached from our local, physical community. Online communities have become very real, significant and help millions feel more connected, but they must not take the place of our physical community relationships. It is also common for people to find jobs online and to move to different locations around the world. This uproots us and detaches us from the community we grew up in, forces us to make new friends and establish ourselves in new locations.

Understanding the importance of community and becoming more active within yours will greatly increase your quality of life.

NORM’S LOCAL LIFE can be downloaded at for $10.

INTERESTED IN COMMUNITY BUILDING? ‘Life. Be in it.’ Tasmania - - has developed an exciting mix of programs that may interest you and your community. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

‘Life. Be in it’ Mini Sports provides a platform for children aged 2.5 to 5 years with an opportunity to experience a variety of sports in a fun and healthy manner. ‘Life. Be in it.’ South Australia - - had more than 8000 people involved in their programs during 2012. Many just came to have heaps of fun and enjoy socialising and team building challenges. Others used the programs as a lead into a more active and healthy lifestyle - and some just make them part of their every day wellbeing activities!

Contact if you would like these programs in your community – some could lead to employment opportunities. ‘FREE TIME FUN’ can be downloaded at for $20.’ © Palmers People and R Sharp Design

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PROVIDING PEACE OF MIND.... for families and loved ones who live, work or travel ALONE. Tracking Central's CareTracker SOS-Voice is a personal GPS locator combined with SOS alert button that enables calling for assistance any time. Ideal solution for: Elderly - alone at home or out and need to call for assistance at any time. Persons with a medical condition - with a tendency to wander off and easily become lost or disoriented. Children - who are at times away from the family. Lone / Remote Workers due to the nature of their work may need to call for assistance. Travellers - in foreign countries or unfamiliar territory.

The Benefit - comfort and peace of mind knowing that the wearer of the CareTracker: ● can be located ● can alert family and carers when assistance is needed. ● knows that help is only ever the press of the SOS button away - at home, in the community or overseas.

Receive 10% discount - mention this ad when you place your order for any device. Features of The CareTracker SOS Voice: ● Small in size - slightly larger than a match box. ● Easily worn - pendant, belt carrier or in your bag. ● Long battery life - standby time of up to 14 days. ● Accurate - located within 10 metres. ● Global friendly - will work anywhere in the world where there is mobile phone coverage. ● Range - extensive, wherever there is mobile phone coverage.

Live Tracking Options: Standard Mode - alerts received by SMS only. No Tracking and no ongoing fees. Advance Mode provides access to: ● live tracking ● email alerts ● I-phone app tracking ● geo fence monitoring & alerts All for a small monthly subscription fee. NOTE: Customers will need to provide own SIM card for use in the CareTracker.

Phone: 1300 255 990

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Mattresses Galore open mon - fri 9am - 5 pm saturday 9am - 4pm, sunday 10am-4pm Mattresses Galore supply a wide range of homeware products including; Beds, Mattresses Bedroom Furniture, Manchester

Cnr High St & Tooronga Rd, Malvern, 3144 Phone: (03) 9822 9057. Fax: (03) 9822 9821

FREE DELIVERY Melbourne Metro and Peninsula

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