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Vale Stephy Dundas

● Rotary Clubs in Alexandra and Yea have held their changeover dinners. At Alexandra, the new executive team gathered for a photograph: (from left) Tom Farrell, Secretary; Melinda Jackson, President-Elect/Administration; Chris Jackson, Membership; Lynda Robinson, International/Foundation; David Dimech, President; Rob Chaffe, Public Relations (seated); Maurie Pawsey, Treasurer; Noel McIlwraith, Community Service; John Cannon, Youth. Absent: Ross Thompson, Vocational. Photos of the Rotary Club of Yea Changeover Dinner are inside this issue.

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■ Stephanie Dundas has lost her fight against Cystic Fibrosis. She passed away on Thurs. (June 29), surrounded by family and friends, at Intensive Care at Monash Health. McCormack Funerals advise that a service celebrating Stephy's life will be held on Sunday (July 9) at the Eildon Boat Club, Sugarloaf Rd, Eildon, commencing at 11.30 am Please wear a bright colour. Donations to Cystic Fibrosis appreciated.


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ThePhone Local Paper 5797 2656 ● The Rev. Geoffrey Leslie and Mick McCormack lead the funeral procession flanked by a CFA guard-of-honour. Photos: Edward Vanderende


Graeme John Chisholm Jan. 9, 1962-Jun. 20, 2017

● Graeme Chisholm

■ One of Yea’s largest funeral services in memory was conducted at the Shire Hall on Thursday (June 29) to celebrate the life of Graeme John Chisholm, 55. ‘Chissy’ was killed in a tragic farm accident at Limestone. A crowd estimated at 800 attended the service led by Country Fire Authority Chaplain, the Rev. Geoffrey Leslie. The eulogy was delivered by Graeme’s brotherin-law, Allan McLeish. Tributes were offered by wife Karen Chisholm, friend Ian Gorman, son Andrew Chisholm, and long-time business partner Ross Shaw (words spoken by his daughter). Neil Beer, Past Group Officer and CFALife Member, delivered the CFA tribute, following a request from Rod Carbis, Yea Captain. Repeated themes were Graeme’s genuine cheerfulness, honesty and ethic of service. He came in touch with many people in all walks of life. Each speaker told of the tremendous respect in

which ‘Chissy’ was held. It had been an honour to know him, and work alongside him. A grand show of respect was demonstrated as CFA and other emergency service colleagues formed a guard-of-honour in High St, Yea, stretching from the Shire Hall to beyond the fountain. The cortege made its way along High St, Yea; past the Chisholm and Shaw premises; along Snodgrass St, pausing alongside the Yea CFA headquarters where the bell tolled the traditional three times. A guard-of-honour was also formed at the Yea Cemetery. Yea Football-Netball Club members also saluted their colleague. Club members and Limestone Fresh catered and served after the service. Alexandra CFA volunteers manned the Yea CFA HQ during Thursday morning;Kilmore CFA members were on duty on Thursday afternoon. ● Turn To Page 12

● The Rev. Geoffrey Leslie, CFA Chaplain, leads the pall bearers from the Yea Shire Hall at Thursday’s service.


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Local Politics

Kinglake Councillor blames the press ‘Margaret Abbey is fantastic’

● Margaret Abbey, Murrindindi Shire CEO ■ Cr Leigh Dunscombe told last week’s Murrindindi Shire Council meeting that the efforts of $250,000-a-year CEO Margaret Abbey were “fantastic”. Cr Dunscombe, the Kinglake Ward Councillor, voted to Council last October, included the Council staff in his unqualified praise. “I again congratulate Margaret Abbey and her entire team on their fantastic efforts over the past six months and feel that we can all hold our heads high in the knowledge that we are all delivering and will continue to deliver on our commitments,” Cr Dunscombe said. “I am encouraged by an increasing sense of enthusiasm throughout the shire and am pleased that we have been able to demonstrate that we are listening.” Cr Dunscombe’s comments about the “fantastic” Ms Abbey and her entire team come soon after the Council was given a dismal 45 per cent satisfaction rating on consultation and engagement matters by Murrindindi ratepayers, shown at the State Government’s ‘Know Your Council’ website. This rating is 10 percentage points less than the Victorian State average of 55 per cent. An even worse result is the current 42 per cent satisfaction rating issued by local residents about “community satisfaction with council decisions”. The Council itself noted: “This result is below the small rural average for 2015-16 and a 5 point decrease from 2014-15 and may reflect a response by the community to the decision made by Council with regard to application for a rate cap variation for 2016-17.” Cr Dunscombe’s analysis last week follows the announcement only weeks earlier that Ms Abbey will leave the CEO appointment later this year to take on an internationally-based position in charge of a lace and bobbin guild. Council’s personnel turnover, usually an indicator of staff morale, has been abnormally high, according to the Shire’s reports.

‘We will also no doubt need to prepare ourselves to do some explaining when the first budget update is released. It will show that the forecast deficit has increased by a further $2.4 million.’ - Cr Dunscombe ■ Kinglake Ward Councillor Leigh Dunscombe says there has been misrepresentation in the press about Murrindindi Shire’s 2 per cent rates increase. “These figures have been misrepresented in the press with the implication that a 3 per cent increase in overall rate revenue in the budget equates to a 3 per cent increase in people’s rates,” Cr Dunscombe told last Wednesday night’s Council meeting held at Alexandra. “The fact that a 1 per cent growth factor is built into the budget forecast, it seems, was overlooked,” Cr Dunscombe said. Cr Dunscombe became defensive about the Council’s ‘Have Your Say’ survey, which The Local Paper reported had failed to engaged with 89 per cent of the population. “With what is widely regarded in the survey industry as a fantastic response rate of over 10 per cent with a good spread of age group and localities, it is fair to say we were able to garner a very good understanding of our communities wishes and aspirations, and build them into the development process of both the Council Plan and Budget.” Cr Dunscombe issued a warning: “We will also no doubt need to prepare ourselves to do some explaining when the first budget update is released. “It will show that the forecast deficit has increased by a further $2.4 million . “This is due to the fact that half of the budgeted financial grant funding for 2017-18 has already been received in this current financial year. “The fact that this also means that the forecast deficit for the current financial year suddenly becomes a significant surplus, could and most likely will be overlooked and hard to understand by some,” Cr Dunscombe predicted. Cr Dunscombe told the Shire meeting that the Council Plan and

● Cr Leigh Dunscombe, Kinglake Ward Councillor Budget was adopted “with a huge the Council has ever undertaken with our ‘Have Your Say’ campaign. and collective sigh of relief”. “And did they deliver. Pop-up “The two documents along with others represent more than six stalls at community markets and months of intensive work and I am events, print, social and radio prosure that I speak on behalf of all the motions, community workshops, Councillors in thanking the entire school visits and more - and the remanagement and staff of the sults speak for themselves,” Cr Murrindindi Shire Council for their Dunscombe said. “We have listened and continue efforts, assistance and dedication to to listen to and seek the thoughts and the task. “As a new Council we placed sig- ideas of our communities. “We have heard that we need to nificant extra demands on the Council staff in preparation of these docu- focus on rates, infrastructure, tourism and economic development. ments. “We have heard that we need to “We are determined and adamant in our desire to do everything we build on and nurture our natural encould to ensure that these documents vironment, to facilitate employment be prepared with the wishes and as- and encourage business investment pirations of our communities at the and to continue to provide the crucial forefront of our thinking and as such community services on which many instructed Margaret Abbey and her in our communities rely. “These themes have all been built team to embark on the biggest community engagement project the into our Council Plan and Budget and will continue to be at the forefront of our thinking over the next four years. “An early indication of our commitment to these themes is reflected in the budget with an effective rate increase of only 1.8 per cent (below the state legislated rate cap of 2 per cent) and the freezing of rates for 12 months for commercial properties,” Cr Dunscombe said. “We are also having very productive Council initiated conversations with the new General Managers and Chief Executive Officers of Lake Mountain Resort, GoulburnMurray Water and VicRoads over a range of projects and hope to deliver ● The Local Paper (May 10) was clear in its some updates soon,” Cr Dunsreporting that a 2 per cent rate increase was likely. combe told the meeting.


Stockholm syndrome question ■ The ‘Stockholm syndrome’is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. The ‘Stockhom syndrome’ is the concept that comically came to mind when The Local Paper saw the excited language being used last month by Murrindindi Shire Councillors about their four-year plan. Led by Mayor Cr Charlie Bisset, the seven councillors stated in print that they were “thrilled” about the blueprint that they were putting before the ratepayers of the shire. No matter that the plan includes a deficit budget in each of the following 10 years of $½-million in each 12-month period. It seemed quite incedible that Councillors, elected as trustees of the people’s assets, would be “thrilled” about a looming $5 million deficit. No matter that, at that stage, it would appear that the 2016-17 Council budget would blow-out from a $1000 surplus to an unplanned $1.1 million loss. Murrindindi Shire’s current bunch of seven councillors stood at last October’s elections, promising a new approach. Leigh Dunscombe appealed to voters last year when he stated prior to the election: “"What I can commit to is passionate advocacy to put the Kinglake Ward back on the map." (The Local Paper, Sept. 28). The following week, he said: “I feel that the major problem with politics at the moment is that there are too many, dare I say it, politicians. “(They are) motivated by power, notoriety and or financial gain; they are not in it to serve the people, they are in it for whatever they can get out of it. “They seek the limelight and are happy to claim any success as their own,” Dunscombe said (The Local Paper, Oct. 5). Last week, in our opinion, saw Cr Dunscombe straddle a line. Councillors must be armslength superintendents of the work of Council’s CEO and her staff. Cr Dunscombe appeared as their mate. He described their work as “fantastic”. He used the same word to describe Council’s survey. Trustees or Council sales representatives?

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The Local Paper incorporating The New Free Press Vol.2. No No.. 65 Wednesda y, July 5, 20 17 ednesday 2017 Published W ednesda ys Wednesda

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■ Armed robbers swooped on Yea service station operator Keith Pollard taking what Yea Police described as a “significant” amount of cash. The two robbers, men about 20, nudged Mr Pollard with a .22 firearm during the quick raid, and demanded that he hand over cash, as well as opening the cash register.

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Dr Hosking’s call


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■ Yea’s retiring Dr Charles Hosking said that local residents would have to fight the State Government if they wanted obstetric, surgical and anaesthetic services restored at the Yea and District Memorial Hospital.

Translator delay ● Chrissi and Doug, as Two Pickled ● Christine Ridd ■ The Whanregarwen-Molesworth community has lost one of its real characters with the shock passing last week of Christine Ridd. Daughter Eboney Sutherland announced on Thursday (June 29): “At 3.30pm today my beautiful mum took her last breath. “I held her hand right up until the end. There are no words for how I feel at the moment. “Mum was one in a million a beautiful soul taken way too soon. I'm utterly devastated as is the rest of my family. Forever in our hearts and forever on our minds.” Chrissi and husband Doug ran the Two Pickled foods business from their local property in recent years. Chrissi had previously worked at the Outdoor Education Group, Rubicon, and the Bank of New South Wales. She was educated at Thornbury High School. More importantly, Chrissi educated many of us, especially with her humour and her spirit. In almost another life, Chrissi and Doug would join a Friday night crew at the Morris Family’s Molesworth Hotel in the late 1980s-early 1990s. There, we created a series of ‘Superman’ front-page ads to describe Doug’s handymanuseful man services throughout the district. In a funny email to Long Shots not so long ago, Chrissi remembered those days at what is now the ‘Hungry Horse Hotel’. “Back in our day it was the Thirsty Bull,” she said. Chrissi added a PS: “By the way, Doug will

Long Shots

■ GMV-6 failed to meet the June 30, 1987 deadline to start the Yea translator station.

Doctor arrives ■ Yea’s new medical practitioner, Dr Ian Rafter, arrived to start practice at 4 The SemiCircle, next to the Yea Telecom depot. Dr Rafter said he intended for yea to be his major practice.

Jo in Denmark ■ Joanne Denmark, daughter of Yea High School Principal and ‘Senior Mistress’, Bruce and Jenny Kindred, was due to embark upon a 12-month exchange student placement in Denmark.

Rail starts to go

edit or@L ocalP aper editor@L or@LocalP om.aa u

with Ash Long, Editor “For the cause that lacks assistance, ‘Gainst the wrongs that need resistance For the future in the distance, And the good that we can do”

always be my Superman.” In recent times, health problems plagued Chrissi, and caused a number of hospitalisations. She was cheerful and brave throughout. Our condolences to Doug, Eboney and the family.

Tosh’s Garage was Yea landmark

Murrindindi Newspapers

■ We reported 30 years ago that V/Line teams were wasting no time in remiving rail from the Kerrisdale-Yea section of the Tallarook-Mansfield line, following the announcement by State Transport Minister Tom Roperthat there would be no tourist railway. The rail was destined to be used on other lines.

Fees for cats ■ Yea’s Cr Ian Bell canvassed the idea of imposing a $50 registration fee on cats. He referred to the idea by conservationist Harry Butler that a fee be imposed on desexed cats of either gender. A fee of only $1 would apply to desexed tabbies.

McEwen votes ■ Fivce people were standing for the marginal Federal seat of McEwen: Doug Lorman (Australian Democrats); Peter Cleeland (ALP); Robert Wilson (Industrial Labor Party); David Millie (Liberals); and Andrew Coller (National Party).

Police raid hotel ■ A district hotel was ‘raided’ by Q District Police from Heidelberg. Police made allegations relating to the selling of packaged liquor outside of regulations.

Local Phone Numbers FIRE BRIGADES (fire only) ............ 000 Local Brigades ............................... 000 POLICE (emergencies only) ............ 000 Kinglake ............................... 5786 1333 Seymour ............................... 5735 0200 Whittlesea ............................ 9716 2102 Yea ....................................... 5 7 9 7 26 30 263 57 AMBULANCE .................................... 000 Alexandra Hospital ............. 5772 0900 Northern Hospital, Epping .. 8405 8000 Seymour Hospital ................ 5793 6100 Yea Hospital ........................... 5 7 36 0400 57 S TATE EMERGENC Y SER VICE ......... 000 EMERGENCY SERVICE ■ Lifeline ........................................ 13 11 14 Nursing Mothers Helpline .... 9885 0653 Poisons Info. (24 Hours) .......... 13 11 26 RACV Roadside Assistance ........ 13 1111 RSPCA ................................... 9224 2222

From Our Files - 30 Years Ago Tuesday, July 7, 1987

Armed robbery

Our Team

Readership throughout: Acheron , Alexandra, Arthurs Creek, Buxton, Castella, Cathkin, Caveat, Coldstream, Devlin’s Bridge, Diamond Creek, Dixons Creek, Doreen, Dropmore, Eildon, Eltham, Fawcett, Flowerdale, Ghin Ghin, Glenburn, Gobur anit e, Gobur,, Gr Granit anite Granton, Hazeldene, Healesville, Highlands, Homewood, Humevale, Hurstbridge, Junction Hill, Kangaroo Ground, Kanumbra, Kerrisdale, Killingworth, King Parrot Creek, Kinglake, Kinglak e C entr al, Kinglak eW e sst, t, K oriella, Kinglake entral, Kinglake We Koriella, Laurimar dale Laurimar,, Lily Lilydale dale,, Limes Limestto n e e,, Maintongoon, Mernda, Molesworth, Nutfield, Murrindindi, Pheasant Creek, R esear ch, Rubic on, Ruffy e w s, esearch, Rubicon, Ruffy,, S Stt Andr Andre S t rra ath Cr eek, S witz erland, T aggerty Creek, Switz witzerland, Taggerty aggerty,, Ta ylor Ba y, T erip T erip hornt on, Bay Terip Terip erip,, T Thornt Toolangi, T attle Glen, Trra wool, W Wa Whanr egarw en, Whittlesea, W oodbourne , Whanregarw egarwen, Woodbourne Yan Y ean, Y a rrck, ck, Y arr a Glen, Y ea, Y ering. Yean, Ya Yarr arra Yea, Yering.

Editor’s Diary

No to annexation ● Tosh’s Garage, Yea, photographed in the 1920s. The business described itself as ‘coachbuilders’ as well as running the town’s funeral services. The shop was on the corner where the ‘Chisholm and Shaw’ service station stands today. Photo: Alan Thorley, Yea and District Historical Society

Local residents have the opportunity to recognise an Ambulance Victoria staff member or volunteer by nominating them for the 2018 Ambulance Service Medal award. “Full-time and part-time paramedics, volunteers and auxiliary members are all eligible for the award," says Steph Ryan, MLA for Euroa.

★ ★ ★

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Victoria has purchased a range in Springvale. NAIDOC Week is being celebrated at the Y WaterDiscoveryCentreuntil July 9. Alexandra On Perkins Market will be back in action on Saturday, July 22 after a June hiatus.

Indi MHR Cathy McGowan has welcomed $40 million funding for the North-East rail, and says that the Federal Government has agreed to a cross-government working party to ensure the money is spent in a way that gets the job done properly. $100 milllion was approved in the Federal Budget.

■ Healesville Shire told Yea Shire that it did not agree with the move to annexe some of its land in the Toolangi region.

Slogan at Alex. ■ Alexandra Shire decided on the slogan ‘Lifestyle and Leisure’, lodged by an anonymous contestant.

Practice for sale ■ Kinglake’s medical practice, conducted by Dr Gerald Hindman, was advertised for sale, after the medico was offered a position with the Flying Doctor Service.

Just Briefly Kinglake course

■ The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network is planning to hold a Farm Chemical Users and 1080 Enorsement Course at Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House from 10am4pm on Saturday-Sunday, August 12-13. Chris Cobern, Landcare Co-Ordinator, says the subsidised $30 two-day course is for landowners who wish to learn about safe use of pest plant and animal control chemicals on their land. Attendees will qualify for the Agircultural Chemical Users Permit.

Matrimony sought

● From the Evelyn Observer, February 22, 1885 ■ This invitation for ‘Matrimony’ was found in the advertising columns of the Evelyn Observer. Kangaroo Ground landowner Stephen Gonnett sought “a good and industrious wife”. His requirements were that the woman “must have a little money” and that they send a photograph. We were unable to find an engagement notice in subsequent issues, although Gonnett did advertise the sale of nearby land at Watsons Creek about the same time.

Lodge at Alex. ■ Members of the Albert Edward Lodge, Alexandra, will visit Victoria Lodge at Mount Waverley on Thuirsday next week (July 13). The local meeting, including a talk by Lachie Thomas, is on Thursday, July 20.

Mayor at Rubicon ■ Murrindindi Mayor Cr Charlie Bissethas visited Rubicon Village, and says Council is working towards a return of water there.

Letters to the Editor

Umbrage at Cr Rae Sir, I take umbrage at the comment in the ‘Snippets’column (Local Paper, June 7) by Cr Margaret Rae regarding the Kinglake West service station. The remark that “we must allow for progress to occur” comes across as a bit condescending. The desired object of the Council is that we all have the opportunity to build with due consideration for neighbours and neighbourhoods, to maintain the integrity and lifestyle for now and the future. The Council’s duty of care to ratepayers is to fairly represent the concerns and good of the community, protective (of) what we have, reducing what we take, and minimisingwhat we impact on. What a shame Council lost sight of the above objectives when pushing through the above service station’s permit. Yes, I did object top the service station in its current form, but I am not opposed to future development to our area as long as it is done sympathetically. The word sympathetically obviously does not exist in the Council or the so-called Planning Department’s vocabulary at present. Interestingly, I had to read about the permit approval in The Local Paper instead of receiving confirmation via an official letter from Council. So much for common courtesy, probably too busy gloating over how much revenue this latest approval will generate. - Glenda Annal, 1358 Whittlesea-Yea Rd, Kinglake West

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 11

Council Briefs Advert tenders

Defining fantastic ■ Cr Leigh Dunscombe has described Murrindindi Shire Chief Executive Officer Margaret Abbey and her Council team as “fantastic”. Google offers these definitions. The Local Paper believes that the Councillor opted for the first definition!

■ Murrindindi Shire Council is yet to call for tenders for its local newspaper advertising. The Council last publicly determined its choice of local advertising, almost five years ago.

Plan for health

Council News

Lording surrenders independent stance OPINION by Ash Long ■ Over a local newspaper career of 40 years, I have reported on hundreds of Council meetings in areas including Yea, Alexandra, Whittlesea, Upper Yarra, Seymour and Nagambie. On a number of occasions over the decades, I am convinced that some Councillors moved or seconded motions, simply to have their names recorded in the Minutes ... and the local press. Eric Lording, the King Parrot Ward Councillor on Murrindindi Shire Council is not such a Councillor. Cr Lording has prized his independent status as a Councillor, and even went to a State Parliamentary committee to give evidence against Murrindindi Council. Cr Lording stood on the ‘independence’ platform at the October elections last year, and he was elected unopposed. Eric Lording was hopeful of being Mayor of Murrindindi Shire, when the vote was taken late last year. Instead, Cr Charlie Bisset

● Cr Eric Lording and Cr Sandice McAulay secured the numbers, and took on the Mayoralty and Deputy positions respectively. Cr Lording, at first, tried to flex independent political muscle, but was thwarted at each turn. Cr Lording put forward a motion that The Local Paper be added to the Council’s public notices publishing arrangements. His motive was to ensure that residents of Kinglake,

Kinglake West, Pheasant Creek, Toolangi, Glenburn, Strath Creek and Flowerdale had weekly communication from the Shire. Lording’s initiative was effectively scuttled. Council executives only use The Local Paper for a minimal schedule of essential public notices. Last month saw Cr Eric Lording lock himself into a position of unity with his six Councillor colleagues. Cr Lording said at a June special meeting of Council that he was proud to be part of the Shire’s statutory plan for the next four years. The plan includes provision for a $½-million deficit in each of the next 10 years. The Alexandra Standard and Yea Chronicle newspapers report that Cr Lording said that the Plan produced by a team effort “and that he fully supported it”. The four-year plan, and the 2017-18 budget (which is to run at a substantial deficit), were adopted with a unanimous vote of Councillors. Cr Lording has effectively surrendered his proclaimed independence towards Council finances for the four-years ahead.

Aunty Lee shares indigenous stories ■ Aunty Lee Healy, a Taungurang elder, is presenting stories about Our Languages Matter at local libraries to tie in with the NAIDOC (originally stood for National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Day). Indigenous story times started yesterday (Tues.) at Kinglake Library, with further sessions at Yea Library (Wed., 11am) and Alexandra Library (Thurs., 11am). The Indigenous Literacy Cards were due to be launched yesterday (Tues.) at Kinglake Library.

● Aunty Lee Healy

Deputy Mayor Cr Sandice McAulay told last week’s Murrindindi Council meeting, as part of her Community Services portfolio, that the Telstra Tech Savvy Seniors program of ‘up-skilling’ is underway. The program is to “empower” senior citizens to make use of their devices and gain access to the Murrindindi Library Service growing e-resources. Training sessions will be held at Kinglake at 2pm on July 18, and at Alexandra by arrangement.

■ Murrindindi Council’s Health and Wellbeing Plan is being developed, Deputy Mayor Cr Sandice McAulay said that community service partners and stakeholders have been identified and invited to participate in two half-day workshops on July 13 and 18. “Recreation and Open Plan strategic actions will also be included in the plan. Four two-hour workships are planned to consult with recreation groups and sporting clubs,” Cr McAulay said. Locations for workshops, to be held this month, are Marysville, Alexandra, Yea and Kinglake.

GV Water meetings ■ “Productive meetings have been held with Goulburn-Murray Water,” Mayor Cr Charlie Bisset told last weel’s meeting of Murrindindi Council. Cr Bisset said there are mutually benefical outcomes for both organisations. The Water organisation has a new Board Chair, and a new General Manager.

Think Tanks ■ Murrindindi Council executive Stuart McConnell and staff have received recognition for their work in regard to ‘Think Tanks’ held last month. Cr Charlie Bisset said outcomes were fed into the draft Council Plan. These looked at economic development, tourism and events, and Council being easier to deal with. She said that ‘Think Tanks’ were held for Industry and Business, and Tourism Eventys stakeholders. “Councillors in attendance were able to hear first hand from these important groups and individuals.”

EPA approves ■ The new Leachate Pond at the Alexandra landfill has been approved by the Environmental Protection Authority, Cr Eric Lording told last week’s Council meeting. New arrangements avoids cost for disposal of the the leachate. Murrindindi Council is working in cooperation with Mitchell and Strathbogie Councils on a grant application for a joint waste education program.

Not present ■ Cr Jackie Ashe was not present at last week’s Murrindindi Shire Council meeting held at Alexandra. Cr Ashe was also not present for a special meeting of Council held in June. Chief Executive Officer Margaret Abbey also apologised for her non-attendance at the June 28 meeting.

Visit to Stanhope ■ Cr Eric Lording mad a visit to the new 200-acre organic recycling plant at Stanhope. Cr Lording told Murrindindi Council that he was impressed with the State Minister’s understanding of the needs of waste disposal. Cr Lording is a member of the Goulburn Valley Waste and Recovery Group Board and Forum.

Speakers at forum ■ Graeme Harris spoke against a proposal for two dwellings and two-lot subdivision at Marysville, at last week’s meeting of Council held at Alexandra. Also speaking against the proposal was Nicholas Jans and Richard Holland. Peter Johnson spoke in support. The four speakers were each allowed five minutes to address Councillors.

Page 12 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In Our Schools Holidays begin ■ The mid-year holidays have begun for students at district schools. Pupils return for Term 3 on Monday, July 17.

Thanks to Kate

Local People

Mr Graeme John Chisholm D

■ Appreciation has been extended to Kate Jenkins for her participation in the Breakfast Club at Alexandra Primary School over the past four years. Thanks have also been expressed to Judy Vella who will continue her work with this program in Term 3.

Year 9 excursion ■ Yea High School Year 9 students Year 9 students, who had completed a Community Service Project as part of Community Connections, were invited to attend an excursion to Airborn Trampolining and Epping Plaza. The excursion was to celebrate their efforts in planning and completing a project that has assisted a community organisation and was funded by the ADVANCE program.

Focus on future ■ Alexandra Secondary College senior students are examining their future opportunities. Open days at a number of tertiary institutions have been circulated. These include Australian Catholic University, Australian National University, Deakin University, Federation University, La Trobe University, Monash University, RMIT, Swinburne, University of Melbourne, Victoria University and William Angliss Institute.

Half-way mark ■ Year 12 students at Yea High School enjoyed a trip to Melbourne last month to celebrate the end of what has been a busy semester. On their return, the students dined at Cappa Rossi’s, Kinglake. Thanks were extended to Yasmin Penrose, Bruce Skewes, Andy Lockey and Brian D’Arcy who accompanied the trip participants.

At Flowerdale ■ Interactive music lessons and hands-on art sessions for toddlers to pre-schoolers, accompanied by an adult, will be held at Flowerdale Primary School on Wednesdays (July 26-August 23). For more information, contact Cherie on 5790 1264.

Works at YHS ■ The installation of framework for the new art room at Yea High School has commenced and site works have increased significantly over the past few weeks. There was a temporary reduction in technology facilities,

Garden party ■ Yea Primary School Grade 2 students, with Mrs Sommer, held a garden party to launch their succulent garden at the back of their classroom in the outside area. The students have worked with their families. They are happy to give guided tours and discuss the steps taken to create this area.

● One side of the guard-of-honour by emergency services personnel in honour of Graeme Chisholm at Yea on Thursday Photos: Edward Vanderende ● From, Page 5 Graeme John Chisholm was born on January 9, 1962. He was the only son of Don and Moireen, and brother of Patricia and Donna. From an early age he had an interest in firefighting, and under a father-son rule at the time was able to join the Country Fire Authority in 1976. He served first in the Highlands-Caveat Brigade. This meant that Graeme was presented with his 40-year service medal as a CFA volunteer. Graeme had received his National Emergency Medal in 2014, and had served with distinction in the 2009 ‘Black Saturday’ fires. His turnouts to road rescue and emergency calls was legendary. He was often a first responder. ● Karen, Andrew, Nicole and Graeme Chisholm pictured at a family fundtion. Graeme had been a Lieutenant at Yea since 1993, and he served as Deputy Group Officer “(Thursday) was not one of them.We from 2010. farewelled one of life's true gentlemen and as His roles included those of Strike Team President of our club I couldn't have asked for a Leader, Sector Commander and Incident Conbetter response from our people. troller. “From early morning till lock up at 7 we had Graeme was a popular businessman and numerous volunteers helping to make Graeme's townsman. He continued his lifelong interest in funeral a fitting send off. rural pursuits. “It was a huge day, testimony to a man who He and long-time friend Ross Shaw formed helped all and asked for nothing in return. the ‘Chisholm and Shaw’ partnership in the “For me it reaffirmed that there truly is somemid-1980s, taking over the Shell premises in thing special about our community and our club,” High St., Yea. They expanded the business, takBrad said. ing on the Polaris franchise locally. Yea was brought to a standstill with the news Many have told of the mentoring and advice of this tragedy. The district again came to a that ‘Chissy’ gave, especially to aspiring young standstill when it paid its extraordinary tribute mechanics, at the business. on Thursday to such a popular man. Of course, Graeme’s chief passion was his Thanks have been extended to Police, and family. He and Karen (nee McLeish) were deother emergency service workers, for the voted to each other, and their children Andrew organisation around Thursday’s service, includand Nicole. ing the guard-of-honour and procession. District interests included the Yea FootballYea Football-Netball Club volunteers, and Netball Club, where Graeme had played. those from other organisations, were at their best Club members were a vital part of Thursday’s place. tribute. YFNC President Brad Watts said: “There Graeme Chisholm isirreplaceable. The Loare some days as a volunteer where you think cal Paper joins with the community in sharing ● Graeme Chisholm in CFA uniform. "Why am I doing this?" condolences with the Chisholm family.

Safe partying ■ Year 9 students at Yea High School have been discussing ‘Safe Partying’. Six guest speakers discussed a range of activities in relation to drugs, alcohol and safe relationships: Jane Marks, John McKowen, Dermott O’Hara, Wendy Kelly, and Daniel and Kath.

Yea book briefs ■ Yea Primary School has earned $750 of free books following the success of its Book Fair. Colouring competitions winners at Yea PS were: Isobel Martin (Prep), Evie Glassford (1), Maya Cronk (2), Hope Kelderman (3), Mia Wojcik (4), Jazmine Henwood (5), and Zoee Gregory (6).Stephen Clue received the 'Cranky Bear Award' for displaying friendship.

● The guard-of-honour by emergency services stretched from the Yea Shire Hall to beyond the High St. fountain

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 13

Your Stars with Kerry Kulkens

Local News

Yea Rotary changeover

ARIES: (March 21-April 20) Lucky Colour: Grey Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: 1-8-7-1 Lotto Numbers: 1-17-18-27-36-40 Romantic interests could be taking up a lot of your time. Joint financial affairs should prosper and for most a lucky financial upswing is indicated. TAURUS: (April 21- May 20) Lucky Colour: Pink Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: 2-1-2-1 Lotto Numbers: 2-11-20-29-38-41 A long time romance could be headed for the altar. Turn on the charm and humour others. There could be a delay in a career expectation; however things will start to happen very soon. GEMINI: (May 21- June 21) Lucky Colour: White Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: 5-2-3-7 Lotto Numbers: 5-14-23-37-41-44 Property transactions should bring profits. A visitor could bring some interesting news. Although your chances for success are imminent don't expect to be able to please everybody.

● Marj Hamilton is the new President

● Margaret Mahon and John Bett

CANCER: (June 22- July 22) Lucky Colour: Cream Lucky Day: Monday Racing Numbers: 8-1-8-5 Lotto Numbers: 8-18-24-33-42-44 This could be a thoroughly enjoyable period. Romance and social activities should be rewarding. Family and friends are there for you and a loved one could bring welcome news. LEO: (July 23-August 22) Lucky Colour: Yellow Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: 1-3-27 Lotto Numbers: 1-13-27-33-37-40 A family or work problem could be simmering and your pride or ego could be making a solution difficult. There will soon be a big improvement and there should soon be a firm commitment over finances. VIRGO: (August 23- September 23) Lucky Colour: Blue Lucky Day: Wednesday Racing Numbers: 9-1-2-4 Lotto Numbers: 9-10-24-34-40-43 Luck is on your side but the trends are mixed so be cautious around people you don't know. There could be a link between you and a secret romance and it is wiser not to confide in anyone for now. LIBRA: (September 24- October 23) Lucky Colour: Cream Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: 2-3-5-1 Lotto Numbers: 2-13-15-35-37-41 Another person's help may bring fewer benefits to a financial venture than expected. Asecret romance may seem a thrill but in the light of day you may decide against continuing it. SCORPIO: (October 24- November 22) Lucky Colour: Cerise Lucky Day: Thursday Racing Numbers: 5-1-9-6 Lotto Numbers: 5-19-33-42-44-45 Unexpected events could turn out surprisingly well; however there could be a strain in relationships with a family member who may need some special attention. SAGITTARIUS: (November 23- December20) Lucky Colour: Green Lucky Day: Friday Racing Numbers: 3-4-9-2 Lotto Numbers: 4-5-14-34-41-44 You may need to look into your domestic affairs more closely. You or your mate will have an opportunity to establish rapport on most issues. However don't expect miracles. . CAPRICORN: (December 21- January 19) Lucky Colour: Black Lucky Day: Sunday Racing Numbers: 2-2-5-7 Lotto Numbers: 2-11-20-32-43-44 Don't antagonize loved ones and this period will either be very romantic or very creative. Agroup or distant friend could come up with some helpful advice. AQUARIUS: (January 20- February 19) Lucky Colour: Silver Lucky Day: Saturday Racing Numbers: 3-3-4-1 Lotto Numbers: 6-12-15-33-41-42 This could be a good time to promote your ideas across to people in a position to help further your interests. Changing certain work patterns can also boost your success potential. PISCES: (February 20- March 20) Lucky Colour: Gold Lucky Day: Tuesday Racing Numbers: 1-5-4-1 Lotto Numbers: 1-15-22-40-42-44 Relationships, falling in love, getting married, starting families. This should also be a good time to push ahead towards property or household gains.

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● Dick Dashwood becomes a Paul Harris Fellow, presented by Gary Fitzgeerald ■ Beaufort Manor was the venue for the 31st Annual Changeover Dinner of the Rotary Club of Yea held on Thursday night (June 29), with more than 80 attendees. John Bett retired as President, with the collar of office passed on to Marjorie Hamilton. Surprised recipients on the night were Margaret Mahon and Past President Dick Dashwwod as Paul Harris Fellow recognition recipients. Alan Luckman received the David Long Memorial Community Service Award. Together with wife Lindie, the Luckmans have supported foster children in their home for almost 30 years. The Club meets at the Yea Golf Club at 6.30pm for 7pm on Thursdays. The Club was chartered on May 1, 1986, with an initial membership of 23, headed by ● Alan Luckman and John Bett Foundation President Daryl Callander.

Dead koala sparks debate about timber harvesting ■ Discovery of a dead koala in a timber harvesting area of the Acheron Valley has renewed calls for a Great Forest National Park from Kinglake to Baw Baw and back to Eildon. Vic Forests has apologised for the death of the koala in one of its logging coupes. The Sunday Age has championed the cause, and reported last weekend that VicForests continued harvesting in an area that is home to the endangered GreaterGlider. The koala was found crushed, after the government reportedly went against its own advice to protect the land from logging. The Sunday Age said: “After graphic images were published in the media, VicForests sent a letter to stakeholders admitting its procedures to pro-

● A dead koala found in the Acheron Valley Photo: Friends of the Earth

had failed, and "we deeply regret that this has happened".” "VicForests follows procedures in its timber harvesting operations for the protection of koalas and unfortunately these were not successful on this occasion," wrote Acting Chief Executive Nathan Trushell. "This is the first time we have seen this and we are taking this incident very seriously. “We have commenced an investigation into this issue to fully understand the circumstances. “When the investigation is complete we will consider any necessary changes to our procedures to minimise the risk of this happening again," said Mr Trushell, according to The Sunday Age. “The government is also examining the matter and awaiting the findings of an autopsy,” the newspaper said.

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Page 14 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

What The Papers Say Health popular

■ It seems more school students than ever are considering a career in the health industry. Seymour’s GOTAFE campus is enjoying its biggest ever intake of VET in Schools (VETiS) students in its health course, with this year’s cohort of 26 students keen to pursue a career in nursing, physio, dietetics and even mental health. ‘‘The course’s popularity has just gone up and up,’’ teacher Selina Bennett said. - Seymour Telegraph

Albino roo moved

■ A rare white kangaroo was moved from the site where another roo was shot and tied to a chair in Mernda, to keep her safe. ‘Whitey’, an albino kangaroo, and her family was moved last month after being discovered fenced into a small patch of land near the proposed Hawkestowe station site. Wildlife Victoria chief executive Karen Masson said Whitey was moved because she could’ve been a target for illegal roo killers. - Whittlesea Leader

Cash for netballers

■ The Euroa Junior Football Club will receive $826 for their new female side thanks to VicHealth’s latest round of Active Club Grants. Steph Ryan (MLA, Euroa) congratulated the team on their successful application saying it was wonderful to see the new girls’ team receiving support - Euroa Gazette

Crime up 16.2 p.c.

■ Crime in Mansfield rose 16.2 per cent in the year, up 93 offences from 573 in 2016 to 666 in 2017. The rise equates to an increase of around one offence every four days in the shire. There were crime increases across nearly all offence categories including: • Crimes against the person – 89 in 2016 up to 99 in 2017 rising 11.2 per cent; • Property and deception offences – 314 in 2016 up to 349 in 2017 rising 11.1 per cent; • Drug offences – 25 in 2016 up to 39 in 2017 rising 56 per cent; • Justice procedures offences – 53 in 2016 to 72 in 2017 rising 35.8 per cent. - Mansfield Courier

Sound of liberty

■ On Friday, the Liberty Family Church in Healesville will be filled with the voices of Ugandan children. The 10-person children’s choir is part of the 100% Hope charity and will see the Ugandan children dance, sing and give stirring performances from their homeland. Many of the children performing with the choir have endured a difficult start to life and have harrowing accounts of their early lives in Uganda. - Mountain Views Mail

Monica mourned

■ Monica Clare Hughes, a former prominent resident of Benalla in the 1960s and ’70s has passed away at the age of 98 at Caloundra, Queensland. Monica and her husband Bill Hughes (1914-1971) were popular publicans in Benalla from 1959 through to 1977. Monica and Bill first came to Benalla in 1959 taking on the lease of the Commercial Hotel, a business they improved markedly, but had to relinquish at the expiry of their lease. They followed up this setback by buying the freehold of the Royal Hotel. - Benalla Ensign

Christmas in July

■ Craightons Creek Hall will be the venue for a Christmas in July dinner and trivia quiz fundraiser on Saturday, July 22. There will be a two-course sit-down dinner. A raffle will be held for a giant hamper. - Granite News

Court Lists Seymour Magistrates’ Court - Criminal Case Listings Thursday, July 6 Plaintiff / Informant / Applicant vs Defendant / Accused / Respondent. Information Division. Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) vHatfield, Luke. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police Arrowsmith, D (39890)v Monaghan, Chase. Victoria Police - Pezzimenti, P (32040 v Mackenzie, Samantha. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Alexander, J (38787)v Jenkins, Sharee. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Pezzimenti, P (32040) v Toskovski, Lupco .Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Webster, B (41109) v Clark, Peter John. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Bath, P (28832) v Munnings, Dwayne. Uni-Euroa Victoria Police - Heard, M (34494) v Gutterson, Warren Anthony. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v David J P Pty Ltd. Melbourne Victoria Police - Toll Enforcement - Victoria Police Toll Enforcement v David J P Pty Ltd. Melbourne Victoria Police - Thomas, S (40419) v Gutterson, Warren Anthony. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Baker, S (23294) v D'onofrio, Derrick. Traffic Camera Office Victoria Police - Telfer, J (38560) v Brown, Dale. UniBroadford Victoria Police - Telfer, J (38560) v Bourke, Kevin Mark. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Garbutt, E (35708) v Sanderson, Katrina. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Castano, R (31789) v Stokes, Greame. Heavy Vehicle Unit Victoria Police - Garbutt, S (33632) v Meagher, Steve. UniKilmore Victoria Police - Telfer, J (38560) v Hibbert, Dean. UniBroadford Victoria Police - Garbutt, S (33632) v Meagher, Steven. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Page, J (38565) v Swanwick, Belinda. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police - HallPoulios, D (40888) v Gardner, Timothy. Uni-Wallan Victoria Police - Hopper, G (31106) v Chilcott, Cameron Robert. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Davidge, K (37856) v Madden, Derrek Michael. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Wells, B (37438) v Ramsdale, Maddison Samantha. Highway PatrolSeymour Victoria Police - Williams, G (37972) v Holmes, Jacqueline Michelle. DtuSeymour Victoria Police - Rogers, M (40077) v De Graaf, Kevin Daniel. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Brown, G (37441) v Dickson, James. UniCraigieburn Victoria Police - Caldwell, M (37460) v Dickson, James. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Thomas, S (40419) v Hassan, Robert James. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Thomas, S (40419) v Manns, Thomas Anthony. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Durling, T (39965) v Munnings, Dwayne. Uni-Boronia

80 Years Ago Victoria Police - Binns Saxby, M (38713) v Munnings, Dwayne. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Trewin, S (40500) v Hassan, Robert. UniShepparton Victoria Police - Binns Saxby, M (38713) v De Graff, Kevin. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Derksen, P (38600) v Ramsey, Samantha Jayne. Ciu-Hume Victoria Police - Voisey, M (27261) v Bryant, Benjamin. Uni-Yea Victoria Police - Duff, D (35543) v Lennon, Mitchell. Uni-Nagambie Victoria Police - Binns Saxby, M (38713) v Philippe, Dean. Uni-Broadford Victoria Police - Bortolotto, C (40740) v Cooke, Shannon. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Porter, I (33403) v Bathman, Travis. Ciu-Mitchell Victoria Police - Costa, C (28340) v Manns, Thomas. Ed3 Investigation & Response Victoria Police - Page, J (38565) v Illingworth, Francis. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police - Page, J (38565) v Holmes, Jacqueline. Dtu-Seymour Victoria Police - Archdale, W (40862) v Munnings, Dwayne. Uni-Broadmeadows Victoria Police - Davidge, K (37856) v Macrae, Sara. UniKilmore Victoria Police - Brennan, G (32577) v Dryden, Michael. Operations Response Team Three Victoria Police - Webster, B (41109) v Garth, Kayla-Anne. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Davidge, K (37856) v Carthy, Justin Mark. Uni-Kilmore Community Corrections Centre - Peacock, T v Holmes, Jacqueline. Seymour Community Correction Centre Victoria Police - Price, J (39937) v Comans, David. DiuMelbourne Victoria Police - Davidge, K (37856) v Henderson, Kihrya. Uni-Kilmore Victoria Police - Chala, E (39577) v Gill, Christopher. Uni-Rosebud Community Corrections Centre - Peacock, T v Holmes, Jacqueline Michelle. Seymour Community Correction Centre Victoria Police - Bova, L (31851) v O'connell, Jodie. Victoria Police - Burrowes, F (35364) v Newton, Sean Jeffrey. Rpdas Operations Unit Victoria Police - Davidge, K (37856) v Aldridge, Jamie Stanley. Uni-Kilmore Community Corrections Centre - Ridgway, D v Munnings, Dwayne. Seymour Community Correction Centre Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Davis, Darren Leigh. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Brinkies, D (40179) v Ballantyne, Justin Andrew. Uni-Knox Community Corrections Centre - Macdougall, M v Swanwick, Belinda. Seymour Community Correction Centre Community Corrections Centre - Kelly, C v Hall, Brent Seymour Community Correction Centre Friday, July 7 Victoria Police - Dowell, C (24892) v Waszczuk, Mirik. Traffic Camera Office Victoria Police - Wells, B (37438) v Hall, Brenden Scott. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Mcfarlane, A (39495) v Scicluna, Daniel.Uni-

Wallan Victoria Police - Cutler, J (33931) v Mccauley, Paul. UniKilmore Victoria Police - Davidge, K (37856) v Kehayias, Sotirios. Uni-Kilmore Australian Electoral Commission - Melville, Kv Farrugia, Godwin. Australian Electoral Commission Victoria Police - Garbutt, E (35708) v Hall, Brenden Scott. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Konings, D (26750) v Garwood, Samantha Elizabeth. Uni-Yea Victoria Police - Batten, S (38514) v Farrell, James. UniBroadford Victoria Police - Dawson, C (35574) v Norwood, Stuart Ian. Highway Patrol-Seymour Victoria Police - Taylor, Y (36839) v Gravell, Trevor. Socit-Seymour Victoria Police - O'connor, J (21636)v Norwood, Stuart Ian. State Hwy Patrol-West Victoria Police - Clapham, A (38007) v Norwood, Stuart. Uni-Mooroolbark C'Wealth Director Of Public Prosecutions - Simpson, E v Robertson, Christopher. C'wealth Director Of Public Prosecutions Victoria Police - Cross, A (32254) v Mclaren, John Charles. Uni-Robinvale Victoria Police - Alexander, J (38787)v Brockdorff, Ricky. Uni-Seymour Mansfield Magistrates’ Court - Criminal Case Listings Wednessday, July 5 Plaintiff / Informant / Applicant vs Defendant / Accused / Respondent. Information Division. Victoria Police - Dunsford, A (28464) v Nand, Sachida. Ciu-Alexandra Victoria Police - Moser, A (32525) v Birchnell, David Leslie. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police - Cusack, S (28652) v Cartwright, Jarod. Ciu-Alexandra Victoria Police - Walker, A (27716) v Dent, Shelley Marie. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police - Hamill, I (22768) v Suidgeest, Andrew James. Uni-Alexandra Victoria Police - Crawford, G (37574) v Crespo, Kyle. UniMansfield Victoria Police - Bennett, M (33902) v Declifford, James Geoffrey. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Iskov, B (36626) v Belleville, Corey. Ciu-Benalla Victoria Police - Mannix, M (27107) v Moore, Kieran Duncan. Uni-Eildon Victoria Police - Mchugh, N (31345) v Lia, Linda Christine. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Crawford, G (37574) v Scott, Jamie. UniMansfield Victoria Police - Mclachlan, M (29272) v Corr, Phillip Percival. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police - Heard, M (34494) v Welch, Geoffrey Alan. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Heard, M (34494) v Wyatt, Zachary Joshua. Uni-Seymour Local Govt Investig Compliance Inspector - Rice, A v Healy, Christopher George. Local Govt Investig Compliance Inspector Victoria Police - Gillard, P (22715) v Perrett, Kyle David. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Turn To Page 35

From Our 1937 Files

Golf Club formed ■ The Whittlesea Golf Club was formed at an enthusiastic meeting in the parish hall, Whittlesea, last week. MrW. B. Campbell was in the chair Those present were unanimously of the opinion. that a club be formed. Various sites were disIussed for a liinks and it was decided, to ask the Park Committee if it had any objec tion to portion of thePark being used. It was resolved that pending the acquisition of a linksMr. Learmouth and Mr LPointer be asked for pi ermission to play on their properties. Mr ,L: Clark said that portion of his property could be used: For the present seasons Mr W. Andrew will allow playeirs to use his private links and it is here: that the first tournamnent. will be held on Saturday, details being advertised in this issue.

Janefield concert ■ A concert of outstanding merit was held in the Unity hall Iast Saturday night in aid of the Janefield Presbyterian Church. The Garden Vale Dramatic Company staged a very amusing comedy, they were assisted by Mrs Turley (Mernda), Miss Wood (Yan Yean), and Master Ian Raft (Janefield), and Mrs Dare, accompaniste. The function was organised by Mrs Raff, of Janefleld.

Glenburn Road ■ A wide variety of subjects was dealt with by members of the Eltham Council at the meeting on Monday. With the exception of Cr Price, who was indisposed, there was a full attendance of members. While the council was dealing with accounts, Cr Irvine raised the question on account of £12. for T. Wood for use of truck at 4/4 an hour. It would appear he said that the truck was used ito pick up backing at Yarra Glen. A dray or even barrows were all that was necessary. £100 was set aside for the work on the Yarra Glen-Glenburn road and yet the work of all the other men with the exception of the foreman came to no more th an the £12 for the hire of the truck for doing work which could have been done witha dray or barrows.

Alex. best herds ■ Alexandra Herd Testing Association. Leading Herds. C. Davey, 34 cows, 335.3 average butterfat ; H: Gardner, 25, 317.0; O. Dunn, 33, 309.7 ; F. Docking, 26, 302.0 ; A. Dobson, 68, 291.3; L. Coller, 12, 290.0 ; Barnewall & Ashton, 52, 284.0 ; Dobson & Andrews, 24, 276.4.

Catholic Ball

■ When it's fog-time on the Goulburn conditions are far from pleasant, but nearly three hundred dancers turned up at the Shire Hall for the annual Catholic ball on Wednesday night, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. At one time promoters of similar functions were much concerned as to an insurance policy against rain, but this year a new terror appeared in the shape of regular fogs, and on Wednesday the astronomical calculations as to the time for the sun to set were doubtless correct as far as some parts of the State were concerned, but impossible to verify at Alexandra. At 4 p.m. the fog descended and in an hour's time it had reduced visibility to a minimum. It was the worst fog Alexandra had experienced for many years, and naturally it reduced the attendance at the ball to a certain extent, as road conditions were by no means satisfactory for motor car drivers. In addition, it was bitterly cold.

Hurstbridge notes ■ Members of the Hurstbridge Croquet Club are gratified that a fence is to be erected around ,their croquet lawn, which will prevent people walking over it, and stop animals from making holes in the ground.

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 15

Page 16 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 17

Local History

Kinglake’s fight for a railway line ■ Whilst nearby lines opened in succession, Kinglake was unable to obtain the railway link to Melbourne that it so wanted. Victorian Railways Commissioners opened lines to Yea (November 16, 1883), Yarra Glen (May 15, 1888) and Whittlesea (1889). Kinglake’s only link was through its Timber Tramway that had a link to a siding at the Whittlesea Railway Station. Kinglake locals held out hope that the Hurst’s Bridge line that opened on June 25, 1912 (renamed as Hurstbridge on December 9 of the same year) might be extended to the top of the mountain. The Evelyn Observer newspaper reported on October 19, 1883, that a deputation representing Alphington, Heidelberg, Greensborough, Eltham, Nillumbik, Diamond Creek, Kangaroo Ground, Caledonia and Kinglake, met with the Commissioner of Railways. The depuattion comprise Messrs. P. W. Smith, John Donldson, Crisp, Jos. Blond, Studley, Scotland, Iredale, Flintoff, Wingrove, Wippell, Peers, N. Ellis, Cumming, John Bell, Robert Smith, and Staff accompanied by Dr. Dobson and Mr. Balfour, M.LC.'s, and Mr. Harper, M.L.A., introduced by Mr. E. H. Cameron. “The deputation, who took it for granted that the extension of the rail way from Alphington to Heidelberg was a certainty, asked that a survey be made from Heidelberg to pass midway between Greensborough and Eltham, thence up the valley of the Diamond Creek,” reported the Evelyn Observer, then headquartered at Kangaroo Ground. “The population on this route, within a radius of five miles was given at 3500. The mining portion at 270, and the amount of gold obtained during the quarter ended 30th September last, was 1095 ozs., value, £4880. “There were four crushing machines and a couple more likely shortly to be erected. “It was also pointed out that within the same radius there were 40,000 acres of alienated land, a great deal of which was purchased at prices from £1 to £5 some 35 or 40 years ago, and all small holdings, hence the larger population, who were occupied principally on the land producing a large quantity of fruit and cereals “It was contended that the valley of the Diamond was famous for the quantity and quality of the fruit grown. It was also mentioned that the timber forest could be reached

● Whittlesea Railway Station: earliest days. Photo: John Young Collection, at a nearer distance to Melbourne deputation retired well satisfied with “As far as Kinglake was con- opened, as also would cattle breedthan by any other route. the reception they received,” re- cerned, he had been living there ers, who would then truck their cattle “Railway accommodatioin was ported the Observer. many years and simply through per- to market. strongly urged on the ground that alThe same newspaper, in 1885, severance had made living, and was “Under existing circumstances though the localities to be served are reported on the efforts to have a rail- now realising £500 a year, while he they preferred to drive them to only fron 15 to 30 miles from the way to Yarra Flats (Yarra Glen), knew others who had taken up se- Melbourne, as it was the cheapest. Metropolis the transit of produce to noting that a road proposed by Eltham lections and had commenced with “Mr Gillies, in reply to the depumarket costs as much as it does from Shire Council on land belonging to £500, £1000, and even £2000, had, tation, said he did not think it was the the agricultural districtsof Boort, Kinglake pioneers Staff and after spending their all, gone back to intention of anyone that the line would Charlton, or Dimboola, with their Thomson would bring Kinglake Melbourne. stop at Heidelberg, certainly it was hundreds of miles from Melbourne. within nine milles of the proposed “This was not owing to the land not his. “The deputation, to show their Yarra Flats railway station. “He knew from personal visits to being poor, but owing to it costing moderation, would be satisfied with The July 6, 1888 Observer noted from £20 to £30 an acre to clear,” the district that the several gentlea small instalment to begin with and that 50-60 people, representing the said the newspaper. men who had spoken had in no way only asked a survey to the Upper area between Heidelberg and Muddy “If a railway was constructed the exaggerated their remarks, and he Diamond, a distance of 12 miles Creek, met at the Grand Hotel, timber could be sent to Melbourne, would be glad to do all all he could to from Heidelberg, thus bringing a rail- Spring St, Melbourne, to discuss the and then, instead of ruination, it have the survey made. (Cheers),” way within four miles of Kangaroo discussion about the Heidelberg- would pay them to clear. noted the Observer. Ground, five of Panton Hill, eight Kinglake railway soon to be held In 1889, a meeting of the Railway “The mountain, too, was particuof Queenstown, and four or five of with the Victorian Premier. Mr Beale larly adapted for growing fine veg- League at Queenstown was reported Arthur's Creek. represented Queenstown (St etables, and would supply the mar- in the local press. “The deputation is more likely to Andrews) and Mr McAleese was the ket at that time of the year when veg“A meeting, consisting of a numsucceed in their request on account spokesman for Kinglake. ber of local residents and gentlemen etables were scarce. of their moderation. Mr Beale said that the route the “The people residing on the other from Melbourne, was held at the “Another feature of this deputa- line would go could honestly be side of the watershed of the Divide Hall, Queenstown, on Friday evening tion was that each did not deem it termed a valley or orchards, each looked to and depended on this line. last, regarding the proposed Heidelnecessary to have his say, but was orchard varying in extent from one “Now they had to turn their backs berg to Kinglake railway. satisfied with the way the introducer to 10 acres. “Mr J. L. Beale, President of the to Melbourne for a long distance if put their claim, and so ably sup“The district was known to be a they desired to reach that place by Elthnm Shire Council, and President ported by Messrs. Dobson, Balfour, particularly healthy one, and the im- rail. of the local Railway League, occuand Harper. pressive knolls, admirably adapted “There was a large number of pied the chair. “Mr. Wingrove, who spoke, a few for villa residences, would be eagerly stock bred and reared there which “The Chairman, after stating he words, incidentally mentioned that sought after if the desired boon was would be sent by railway. Stock and had received an apology from Mr. care should be taken in entering obtained,” Mr Beale said. produce were ever increasing in the Cameron, who was unable to attend, Heidelberg to keep in view the sup“There was a gold industry too. A district and would increase tenfold if said one of the chief reasons for callplying of districts to the north-east, good deal of prospecting had been the railway was opened,” the Ob- ing the meeting arose through the “Mr. Gillies, in reply quite agreed done in times gone by, and even at server reported. desire of a number of gentlemen rethat care should be taken that the rail- the present time men were engaged Mr McAleese, of Muddy Creek, siding in Melbourne, but who hold way to Heidelberg should not termi- in it.” spoke strongly in favour of this line; land at Kinglake, to have their names “Payable gold had been obtained it would make a difference of be- onrolled as members of the league. nate at the place in a cul de sac, and “Several letters were read, the was so impressed with a good case in several claims down to water level, tween 50 and 60 miles to them. having been made out, that be prom- and he was of opinion it only required “A large number of splitters were most important of which perhaps was ised to have a flying survey made, capital to find that they were pay- engaged in the paling industry, who one from Mr. McAleese, of the would be gainerrs if this line was Muddy Creek side beyond Kinglake. for which he was thanked, and the able below that level.

● The freight service to Whittlesea was closed in the mid 1950s and the passenger service remained until the line beyond Thomastown was closed on November 28, 1959.

● Work on the Hurstbridge reailway line, early 1900s.

Page 18 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Local History ● From Page 15 “The people in that district were in favour of the Kinglake route, and if it could be obtained they would render all available assistance,” the Evelyn Observer reported. In 1889, Mr J.L. Beale, writing from ‘Longwood’, Kinglake, to John Herbert, of the Arthur’s Creek League, asked for the districts to work together. “The understanding was that the different leagues should all pull together, in seeking to get a line of railway consttucted from Heidelberg, Eltham, and Diamond township up the valley of the Diamond and Arthur's Creeks to Kinglake. Now, sir, I hope you will see that both Arthur's Creek and Queenstown have done their duty in showing Mr. Field (surveyor) all they were capable of doing for the benefit of all parties right through to Kinglake, thereby pulling together most assuredly.” Meetings, on a seemingly monthly basis, were called, with a June 1889 gathering assembled at Panton Hill, with another soon after at Kangaroo Ground, then a further meeting at Queenstown. “Mr. David Smith pointed out that about eight years ago a railway meeting was held in Queenstown,” reported the Evelyn Observer “Mr. Cameron was present and he then said that a line should be brought to Queenstown. “He (Mr. Smith) was at a loss to understand why the Arthur's Creek folk were clamouring for a line on their side when they must know that the route to Kinglake via Queenstown was more practicable. “There must be some influence at work to have even a flying survey up Arthur's Creek. Queenstown thoroughly deserved to have a line. “In America the railways were made to induce people to settle. In some parts the lines were constructed with but a very scanty population,” the Evelyn Observer noted. In June 1889, the press commentary recorded: “Mr. Beale was of opinion that united and determined notion should he taken at once. The matter swas of such iniportance to the district that a deputation should interview the Minister of Railways at the earliest possible date. “Mr Verso said that Queenstown had a prior right for railway accommodation to Arthur's Creek. The Whittlesea line was distant only three and a half miles, and it was absurd for the Arthur' Creek people to agitate for a line to be constructed almost parallel with it. “It was advisable to work amicably with the Arthur's Creek League, but at the same time it was necessary to let every one see that the Queenstown League was earnest in the matter. “He (Mr. Verso) would like to see an intermediate line constructed. “He would do all in his power to have such a line carried out. They must not fail to agitate. They must insist upon the line going to Kinglake. “If they didn't get their wishes complied with now they would have to wait years before such an opportunity as the present would again present itself.” Everyone wanted a railway line. A Kangaroo Ground meeting spoke of a line to Christmas Hills. One year later, in July 1890, the Observer detailed that “a largely attended meeting, at which Eltham, Greensborough, Diamond Creek, Queenstown, Arthur's Creek, Kinglake, and Panton Hill were represented, was held in the Nillumbik Mechanics' Institute on Saturday afternoon last.

● Steam engine at Hurstbridge. 1912. Photo: Nillumbik Historical Society Two months later, there was talk and committed. On clause 8, "Board evening; it was to try and formulate of a ‘tramway’ from Yarra Glen to to obtain material from land-owners such steps as would expedite the conKinglake: “line of railway or so free of charge," Mr . T. Turner asked struction of a railway line from called tramway, commencing at how the contributions were to be al- Heidelberg to Hurst's Bridge. For some years there was little furYarra Glen railway station, and go- lotted among the land-owners. Sir Bryan O'Loghlen exptlained ther mention of hopes for a railway ing north by way of Steel's Creek and Dixon's Creek to a point on the north that the land-owners had all agreed line to Kinglake. In 1906, the Debating Club at side of the Great Dividing Range amongst themselves an this matter. The clause was agreed to, and Kinglake had a fixture where the (Mr. R. Castella's selection), opposite to the Yea River gap, from which the bill was passed through its question was “Is the present time opportune for advancing the claims of point it is considered probable the remainig stages. By February 1894, the Observer Kinglake for a railway?” east and west line would be taken from Kinglake to the foot of Mount reported that the the Premier and the Mr J. Kerr’s side gained the St. Leonard, about four miles each- Minister of Railways had taken a tour judge’s verdict by three points. way. thirough the district, and they had Mr Alex Campbell’s address was “In the near future the line would expressed both surprise aind plea- published in full in the local paper. no doubt be extended in a northerly sure at the improvement being made By May 1907, the subject was direction towards Yea or Alexandra,” on these blocks particularly between alive again, thanks to the continuing said the Observer. Kangaroo Ground and Panton Hill, discussion at the Debating Club. In 1891 representatives of the and acknowledged that the industry “On Saturday afternoon last, in the Greensborough,.Eltham, Diamond shown on these ranges could not be local Mechanics' Institute, a repreCreek, Queenstown, Arthur's supassed in the colony.” sentative meeting of district land holdCreek, and Christmas Hills Railway It was four years later, in Sep- ers was held to discuss the best Leagues attended at the Parliament tember 1898, that the Observer re- means of securing railway extension House, Melbourne, for the purpose ported: “A large and enthusiastio to Kinglake. of giving evidence before the Rail- meeting of the residents of Kinglake “This question has been under way Standing Committee in support and Flowerdale districts was held at notice for a considerable time, but it of the extension of the Heidelberg Kinglake on Saturday last, 27th ult., is thought expedient to enter into arrailway line. to discuss the question of railway rangements in a businesalike manPolitician, Mr E. Cameron, communica tion with the above dis- ner. pointed out that at the present time tricts. J. L. Beale, Esq., J.P., pre“After Mr. Bouchier, the Presithere were four coaches running sided. dent of the Debating Club, had exdaily to the district, two to Diamond “The matter was fully discussed why the meeting had been Creek, and two to Kangaroo and the necessity of a railway was plained convened, Cr. A. Beale was elected Ground; this he contended was patent to every one present, the roads Chairman and more than had been. running on any during the winter being simply im- Hon. Secretary.Mr. Wm. McAuliffe other simlilar route int the colony passable. “The following resolution, moved where a line had. been constructed. were put to the meet- by Mr. Bouchier and seconded by Mr. Cameron further alluded to ing“Resolutions and carried unanimously, to the Mr. J. Beale, was carried unanithe good quality of the land at following effect: mously :-" That a District League be Kinglake, there was no better of its “Railway conmmunication is an formed to bring under the notice of class in the colony. If the line was constructed it absolute necessity; that the residents the Government the urgent claims of would be a favourable route for tour- form a railway league and appoint a Kinglake for railway connection." committee to collect statistics, data, It was further moved by Mr. ists. information as to practicable route, Bouchier, seconded by Mr. P. Lynch, By November 1893, there was a report noting the passage of legisla- &c., and place these matters before "That a Committee of nine be formed tion through State Parliament, see- another meeting of the residents as to gather statistics for future use." The following gentlemen were ing funds from Government soon as possible. “A thoroughly representative elected on the above Committee: East matched by local landowners. “Our railway, notwithstatnding its committee was appointed, and the end, Messrs. Jas. Kerr, sen., H. detractors and the often-repeated meeting terminated with a hearty Thomson, and Jas. Lawrey; central, prognostications on that it is a thing vote of thanks to the chairman aid Cr. A. Beale, Messrs. J. J. Traill, and of the very distant future, bids fair to acting secretary (James J. Traill).” Chas. Exton; west end, Messrs. In January 1900, the Observer Chas. Rawsthorne,A. Campbell, and be soon an establislhed fact,” the reported: “A largely attended and L. Denereas. The offer of Mr. Phil. Evelyn Observer commented. “The matter has been before the representative public meeting was Tuckett to act as town representaParliament this week, and from held at the Upper Diamond Creek tive was gratefully accepted. A further meeting is to be called Wednesday's Argus we learn that the Hall on Thursday night, 28th ult., to previous evening in the Legislative consider the advisability of taking and shortly to consider Committee's reAssembly, Mr. Richardson moved arranging such steps as would be port.” tihe second reading of the Heidelberg most likely to secure the extension The July 19 Evelyn Observer reand Eltham Railway Construction of the Heidelberg railway line to ported that a public meeting is to be Hurst's Bridge. Act 1893 Amendment Bill. held in the local Mechanics' Insti“The object of this bill was to re“Councillor John Herbert (Presi- tute on Saturday afternoon next,. peal a provision for a £5,000 guar- dent of the Eltham Shire) occupied 20th, at 2 p.m., under the auspices of antee, and in lieu to accept from the the chair, and in opening the meet- the Kinglake Railway League, to repromoters of the line materials of ing remarked that probably all present ceive the statistics recently collected equial value. were as well aware as he was of the by the Committee and also to make “The bill was read a second time object of their presence there that arrangements for forming deputation

to interview the Hon. the Premier at an early date. The August 2 Observer said: “There was only a fair muster at the meeting of the Railway League in the Mechanics' Institute on Saturday afternoon, 20th ult., this being no doubt due to the inclement weather. Cr. A. Beale was in the chair, and business of an important nature was discussed and "passed." “In order to get the largest number of the residents as possible conversant with the aims of the League, it was decided to hold the next meet. ing in the Kinglake West Public Hall on Saturday evening, 27th ult., at 7.30 p.m, sharp. “A large deputation of settlers in the Kinglake district, accompanied by Mr. Cameron (Minister of Public Works) and Mr. Hunt, M.LA., interviewed the Premier last Tuesday and asked for railway communication. “Mr. Cameron stated that the district was a tableland on the Dividing Range, running from Kilmore to apposite Healesville, a distance of 40 miles. It was grand country, there was no better land in Victoria for growing potatoes. Vegetables and fruit were also grown in abundance. “'The settlers were an industrious people, but they required the means of getting their products to market. “Mr Hunt said. that he had spent a good deal of money many years ago in mining in the locality, and still believed in its aurifer resources. “Mr. Beale, a settler of 30 years, described its timber resources as enormous. They had to slave to clear their lands from the timber, which was now destroyed, but would be a valuable asset if there was a railway. “Clearing at present cost £12 per acre. If the timber could be made available by means of a railway, the cost.would be reduced to about half. There was also about 20,000 acres of Crown lands, equal in quality to what had been alienated. “Dr. Mclnerney, who stated that he had owned land in the district for the last 30 years, and that there was a tree at his front door over 50 feet in circumference, descanted on the fertility and scenic reauty of the locality. “Mr. Bent said he would think the matter over, and let Mr. Cameron know in a week or two whether he would send the proposal on to the Railways Standing Committee for consideration or not. “He would also make inquirles about the Crown lands. It was, without doubt, a good part of the country, but the land would have to be leaded, The newspaper’s Panton Hill correspondent observed: “Now that Kinglake people are agitating for a railway, the people of the Diamond Creek valley should press for the construction of the Elthamn-Hurst's Bridge extension, which might eventually be carried on to Kinglake. Of the three routes suggested by the Kinglake deputation to the Premier, the Hurst's Bridge extension would provide a natural outlet for the producers of Kinglake, who, though only 35 miles from Melbourne, are .practically hundreds of miles distant. In February 1908, the Evelyn Observer recorded: “no answer has been received re the Premier's decision. It is to be hoped that the longexpected answer will soon arrive. Tommy Bent was Victorian Premier only until January 1909. He died on September 17, 1909, partly as the result of the strain of facing a Royal Commission to investigate allegations of corruption and irregularity in government land purchases. To Be Continued

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Supply and installation of ANTENNAS and all A CC E S SORIES, V A ST SS VA S AT E L L I T E S Y S T E M S FOR BLACK SPO T AREAS. OT Religious Satellite TV

GEOFF McLURE 0417 597 224


ANTENNAS 0487 757 275





TV Antenna Installations Free to Air and Pay Satellite Installations

Alexandra Electronics Gerald O’Brien

52 Albert St, Alexandra 0409 050 495 G-YY16 AIR CONDITIONING/COOLING


Benny’s Bricklaying

AIRCONDS • SPLIT SYSTEMS Specialist Commercial & Domestic ALL BRANDS Install • Supply • Repair & Service

Ph. D. Appelman 0417 588 549 5772 1602 A/H

Affordable O403 498 536 Pensioner Discount Cooling

Fully Licensed LD46125

Solutions PIC47285






BIN HIRE RUBBISH REMOVAL DOMESTIC • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL ■ Builders Waste ■ 6m Walk In Bins ■ Household Waste ■ 3m Bins







♦ Brickwork ♦ Concreting ♦ Tiling ♦ Paving

• Kitchens • Bathrooms • Renovations

• Extensions • Verandahs • Carports

☎ 0409 997 632




Offering services out of the Seymour Toyota Service Dept.

Car, Truck Campervan & 4WD Rentals

Call 5735 3050. Bendigo TATA: 5442 9564. Shepparton: 5823 5888

Page 30 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Local Paper • Trades and Services Directory • 5797 2656 CARAVANS AND TRAILERS




murrindindi COMPUTERS

Shop 1, 2 Bakers Lane, Alexandra 3714 PH 5772 1403 FOR SALES, SERVICE AND REPAIRS

Call the team today





Fleetwood Concreting

• All types of carpentry • General maintenance • Windows • Doors • Fences • Decks • Carports No job too small. 30 years experience

If it’s concrete you need, phone Mac! Any style - any size • Driveways • Paths • Slabs • Foundations • Steps • Crossovers • Plain • Coloured • Stencil • Slate or • Exposed Aggregate All excavations and concrete cutting

Ph 0409 961 434





Phone HANS Mobile: 0448 899 325 Phone: 5797 3338 Email:

Phone 0418 534 973



Sales Direct To Public • Stock & Pet Feed • Far m Chemicals • Animal Health Products • Premium Pet Care • Electric Fencing • Grooming Products 9 Laurel St, Whittlesea (next to Op Shop)

9716 3312


CONCRETING Alexandra & Yea





PREMIX Ready mix concrete

Serving the Shire of Murrindindi for 25 years

sand • screenings • reinforcing steel • plastic

5772 1815 or 0408 576 129 Certificate III General Constriction. Extensions/Renovations. Verandahs & Pergolas. Assisting Owner Builders.


Lot 8 Peterkin Pl, Alexandra. 6 Grevillea St, Yea.





EMERGENCY WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION SERVICE 24 HOURS PREFERRED RESTORER TO ALL MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANIES • Move out clean a specialty • Residential air duct cleaning service www. • Tile and grout/high pressure cleaning steamatic. • Upholstery and rug cleaning


• Eco smart Electrician • • Everything Electrical • Domestic • Commercial • • Undergrounds • Electrical Design • Solar Installations •

5797 2555 DIRECT 0438 354 886




Phone 0418 543 310


Rec No 12906



Electrical Services

Annual Cleaning Recommended



Phone Bob 0409 420 673 5772 2316



ELECTRICAL AnL Electrical “No job too small”

Adam Hetherton - Electrical Contractor REC: 18382. 4 Toora Cres, Healesville 0407 506 215

Debra Loveday 5772 2500. 71 Grant St, Alexandra Celebrating 21 years of conveyancing locally G-YY16 and throughout Victoria

• Domestic/Commercial/Industrial • Motor Control • Hot Water Services • Extensions/New Homes • Safety Switches • Stoves and Ovens • Underground Cabling • Surge Protection

‘Anything Electrical is Possible!’

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The Local Paper • Trades and Services Directory • 5797 2656 ELECTRICIANS




T&J MITCHELL EXCAVATION TRUCK TRAILER 5 Tonne and 25 Tonne BOBCAT track machines concrete driveways and sheds site excavation - site cleaning low loader hay and silage cartage and silage grab. dams and driveway constructions experienced tradie Tony ph 0408 584 854




Dingo Mini Digger

Parker’s Garden and Property Services

Easy Access To Tight Spaces • Trencher • Posthole Digger 100-600mm • Rotary Hoe • 4-in-1 Bucket • Leveller • 3 Tyne Ripper For all your gardening, fencing & building needs

PO Box 66, Alexandra

5772 2978 ELECTRICAL

Studio Chic 0413 687 703 8 William Hovell Way, Yea Specialising in colors, cuts, hair up, makeup, waxing and more! With over 10 years of experience I will create a style that you want!

Call Will Mob: 0432 991 992 EXCAVATIONS Ph: 03 5797 2235



SERVING THE YARRA VALLEY Aurrum employs 110 local staff ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THE BEST IN RESIDENTIAL AGED CARE? The Aurrum Points of Difference • Clincal care excellence • Gourmer food experience • Outstanding wellness and lifestyle program • Luxury 5 star suites Temporary Respite Car A vailable: Giving Carers the opportunity to rest, while your loved one is cared for in our safe environment Call 5962 6628. Email: 27 Smith St, Healesville.



All aspects of gardening and mowing • Handyman service • Painting For a no obligation free quote

Call Neil, 0419 777 157

• Specialising in architectural glazing & aluminium fabrications • Commercial & domestic • Broken glass replacement • Aluminium shop fronts • Mirrors • Splashbacks • Shower Screens • Glass balustrading • Security doors • Flyscreens • Double glazing • Windscreens for machinery

Factory 1/269 Dead Horse Lane, Mansfield

Mob.: 0418 580 171 Ph: 5779 1005



REC: 13433. AU27974 Brad: 0411 875 207 Specialises in: • All electrical service and installation • Melbourne’s BEST Split System Installation. • Free home site inpsection and quote • 24/7 Emergency break down service EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AND WORKMANSHIP FROM LOCAL FAMILY BUSINESS


EXCAVATIONS All general earthworks and excavations. Free quotes dams, houseand shed sites, farm tracks driveways, trees, fence lines and scrub clearing. Wide range of machines available. Give us a go we won't disappoint. AH 5796 9129







dermalogica skincare careproducts productsnow skin Biosurfacefrom peel $40.00

Health Solutions for Everybody 1/10 High St, Yea 0407 437 866








First Aid • All levels of First Aid • Asthma & Anaphylaxis • Advanced Resusciattion • Defibrillation • Remote Area and Oxygen Resuscitation We also deliver courses in Fire Safety Training, Fire W arden & Evacuation T raining, Fire Extinguisher Training, Introduction to OH&S EmergCareTraining Phone 1800 363 742


All general farm fencing, cattle yards, sheep yards, vineyards, on site welding and oxy work. Tree plantation ripping. 5 hydraulic post drivers and pneumatic drivers. HAY CONTRACTING: Mowing, raking, round and square bales, cartage, loading, unloading. GRAS S SLASHING: 4 extra heavy duty slashers. GENERAL FREIGHT: Hay, timber, wool, steel, grapes, machinery

GLEN (HORACE) McMASTER 5797 2921. Mobile 0417 529 809




All excavation works, 6 Ton Excavator, Bobcat & Tip Truck

• Window, Door and Shopfront Glass Replacement • Same Day Service • After Hours Service Available CALL STEVE Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Cards

Ph. Gerry 0414 397 670 Hazeldene

All Suburbs. Domestic & Commercial Bobcat 4in1 including drill & slasher


0437 581 445



(A CFA recommendation)


Page 32 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Local Paper • Trades and Services Directory • 5797 2656 KITCHENS




AW Cabinets

SPECIALISING IN ALL F ACETS OF CABINETRY • Kitchens Latest range of fittings, • Vanities finishes and design for all • Laundries domestic and commercial • Wa r d r o b e s projects • Office fitouts Visit our showroom to view a wide range of samples and trial our display kitchen 42 Aitken St, Alexandra Ph: 5772 1000 Fax: 5772 1088



‘Riverview’ 1560 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Alexandra Phone 5773 2298 Fax 5773 2294 G-YY16






FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTIST Specialising in all aspects of makeup applications for special events, including bridal parties, debutante balls, school and theatre productions, formals and any other occasion where you want to shine. Contact Stephanie – 0415 361 755 to discuss your needs for your particular celebration, and I can come to you. Remember that photos are forever so let me help you shine. Website: Facebook:



Laminate Caesar Stone Granite

0417 247 380



☎ 0488 11 20 40 • Free On-site Quotes & Advice • Latest Radar Detection • Termite Specialist • Termite Treatments (Chemical & Non Chemical) • Pre construction Treatments • Termite & Pre-purchase inspectiions


PLUMBING 20 years experience

WHAT A CRACKER PAINTING SERVICE ✔ Obligation free quotes ✔ All painting work BILL MOORE

0408 320 918 PARTY HIRE

PLUMBER PLUMBER Simon Young 0429 052 166

Relaxation/deep tissue/remedial/trigger point therapy/ pregnancy massage/lymphatic drainage Mobile massage available Open 9am-5pm Monda ednesda Mondayy s ttoo W Wednesda ednesdayy s and 11.30am-7pm Thursdays by appointment at 9 2-94 SSta ta tion SSt,t, Se ymour tation Seymour ymour.. Health fund rebates available Contact Rebecca on 0466 720 323

I am a local guy who has lived in the area for more than 34 years and have 20 years’ plumbing experience. I pride myself in quality workmanship and reliability. • All areas of plumbing • Drainage • New Homes • Hot water installation • Renovations • Gas fitting • Roofing and Gutter • Maintenance and repairs • Septic tanks • Water tanks and pumps • Free quotes

Give me a try, I won’t let you down!










Pick your autumn colours 2600 Maroondah Hwy, Buxton Phone: 5774 7345









Trade Painter Alexandra, Yea and surrounding areas. exterior and interior painting Competitive rates


The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 33

The Local Paper • Trades and Services Directory • 5797 2656 REMOVALISTS




0407 849 252

3877 Melba Hwy, Glenburn 24 HOURS-7 DAYS A WEEK 20 FT SECONDHAND SHIPPING CONTAINERS A-Grade,Premium, B-Grade, C-Grade FREE CAR REMOVAL, CASH PAID SOME CARS Truck,Motorbike,Ferrous,Non Ferrous ,Farm Clean Up Conditions apply Tractor,Earth Moving Equipment,Caravan,Boats (Up To 4 1/2 Tons) Full Tilt Tray Sevice TRADE TOWING METRO/COUNTRY










ABN: 40 971 066 598 Reliable, safe, quality work at an affordable price. FULLY INSURED - WILL BEAT ANY REASONABLE WRITTEN QUOTES

0416 245 784 or 5784 1175






Lic. No. 31281

• Metal Roofing • Guttering and Downpipes • Metal and Timber Fascia • 2 Plank Scaffold For Hire

Phone Matt 0409 546 532 Office 5775 1246 G-J16




M: 0428 390 544 F: 5797 2295



Servicing Murrindindi and Mansfield Shires

5778 9603 JASON 0413 671 066 TREE SERVICES

CLEARCUT Tree Solutions ‘The Technical Tree Removal Specialists’ Contract Arborists and Tree Surgery • • • • • • •

Full insured $10m All tree work, removals & pruning Stump grinding Excavations - 8 tonne offset boom excavator Kanga loader Rural fencing installation Electric fencing specialists

Luke Simeoni M: 0417 361 727 A: St Andrews E:






Star Tree Services QUALIFIED ARBORISTS • • • • •

Tree Removal Tree Surgery & Pruning Consultations & Reports Elm Leaf Beetle Control Mulch & Firewood Sales

5783 3170

Free Quotes. Full Insurance Cover

surrounding areas for 25 years. Family owned and operated business.

• Septic Tanks • Treatment Plants • Grease Traps • Portable Toilets • EPA Licensed • Yarra Valley Water Approved Disposal Site

ALL HOURS: 0419 131 958



Secure Undercover Storage. Caravans, Cars, Machinery. Castella- Toolangi.

0488 952 935



Maxwell’s Upholstery

Lounge, Dining, Repaired and Recovered, Chairs and Sofas Made tto o O rrder der ge Range of der.. Lar Large Fabrics, Car and Boat Upholstery

Max Ewert

T: 5774 2201 M : 04 17 321 781 E : max@maxw W : ww w.maxwellsuphols Skyline Rd, Eildon



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MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Promote your business to local people with a weekly ad in The Local Paper’s Trades and Services Directory. From as little as $5 per week. This includes print AND online! FULL-COLOUR at no extra charge.

The Local Paper PHONE: 5797 2656


Only one local newspaper covers all of Murrindindi Shire. OFFICIAL: ‘The Local Paper’ has more than DOUBLE the amount of readers than any other local weekly paper. The Local Paper




The Local Paper








• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

KILLINGWORTH • Free Home/ Farm Delivery

The Local Paper

PHEASANT CK • Flying Tarts • Pheasant Ck General Store


The Local Paper

Specialised Credit Collection for Tradies

• Royal Mail Hotel • Whittlesea Bowls • Newsagency • Champions Supermarket • IGA Supermarket • El Azar Milk Bar


The Local Paper


• Mernda Villages P.O.


The Local Paper


• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

• Laurimar Newsagency

The Local Paper


• Doreen General Store


• Hurstbridge Newsagency

• Eildon Foodworks

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• Free Home/ Farm Delivery


The Local Paper



• Glenburn Roadhouse The Local Paper

• Thornton General Store

The Local Paper

The Local Paper

• Kinglake Pub • United Petrol. • Bakery • IGA S’market • Library


• Molesworth Store • Hungry Horse Hotel

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The Local Paper


• Free Home/ Farm Delivery


• Flowerdale Hotel • Hazeldene Store • Community House


• Alexandra Newsagency • Alex. Foodworks • Landmark Harcourts • Simpsons Fuel • Totally Trout

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• Yarck General Store • Yarck Hotel

The Local Paper

For all your Welding & Engineering needs Phone 0419 327 189

Speak with Michael Conway OAM, Director. Phone: 0402 142 866

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• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

• Strath Creek Post Ofice

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The Local Paper


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Fast Action Debt Recovery P/L

• Free Home/ Farm Delivery

The Local Paper

Anthony: 0417 518 104

Our goal is to recover YOUR money, owed to you as fast as possible; cost-effective for your business without damaging your relationship with the clients

• Newsgency • Foodworks • Country Woman • Yea Library • Manna Fest • Royal Mail Hotel • Provender Bakehouse • Frost Bite • Yea Bakery • Amble Inn • Marmalades • Rendezvous • Christie’s Cafe • BP Yea

• Taggerty General Store

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• Buxton General Store

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• Marysville Foodworks


• Toolangi Tavern

The Local Paper

The Local Paper

ST ANDREWS • St Andrews General Store

The Local Paper

YARRA GLEN • Newsagency • IGA

NARBETHONG • Black Spur Inn


The Local Paper Phone: 5797 2656 or 1800 231 311. Fax: 1800 231 312.


The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 35

News Briefs Name secured

■ The business name ‘Kinglake Ranges News’ has been registered by Mountain Monthly Co-Operative Ltd of 1 Robertson Rd, Kinglake. The registration was taken out on Monday last week (June 26). The paperwork, registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, was completed by organisational representative Peter Arthur Johnson Sharman. IP Australia, which operates the Trade Mark Register, indicates that no trade mark application for the name has yet been made, despite online representations last month by an individual that their trade mark application for the name is pending.

Sex shop robbery

● ALL IN THE FAMILY: It was a big day for the O’Dwyer/Slavins on Saturday when all six members of the family played in Yea sport, at home, on the same day. From left: Daniel O’Dwyer , Xavier O’Dwyer, Tom O’Dwyer, Kim Slavin (O’Dwyer), Bridget O’Dwyer and Ruby O’Dwyer. Dan and Xavier played in the Firsts; Tom played in the Reserves; Kim and Ruby played C-Grade netball; and Bridget was in the A-Grade netball.

Police News Farm burglaries ■ Mitchell Crime Investigation Unit detectives are investigating several burglaries on rural farming properties earlier this month. Police have been told that between June 14-16, three burglaries were committed in Pranjip and Wahring with the offender taking jewellery from each property. On June 24, a subsequent burglary was committed on another rural property in Moorillim, with the offender taking jewellery and a quantity of cash. The male is believed to be about 35 to 40 years-old, approximately 188cm tall with a skinny to medium build, wearing a yellow and blue hi-viz jumper. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Mitchell Crime Investigation Unit on (03) 57350259.

Court Lists ● From Page 14

Mansfield Court Victoria Police - Reilly, P (34803) v Kaufmann, Cherie. Highway PatrolMansfield Victoria Police - Krickic, B (22069) v Divakaran, Ashish. Highway Patrol-Wallan Victoria Police - Reilly, P (34803) v Sansom, Mackenzie James. Highway Patrol-Mansfield Victoria Police - Dwight, K (26884)v Maggs, Geoffrey Francis. Uni-Woods Point Victoria Police - Robinson, C (34239) v Perrett, Kyle. Uni-Wangaratta Victoria Police - Gordolo, C (30144) v Katai, Iren. Uni-Seymour Victoria Police - Sinclair, A (30355) v Richards, Matthew. Water Police Victoria Police - Krickic, B (22069) v Bell, Jayden Doyle. Highway Patrol-Wallan Victoria Police - Major, S (32000) v White, Matthew Edward. Uni-Eildon Victoria Police - Mchugh, N (31345) v Annuscheit, Richard. Uni-Mansfield Victoria Police - Stevens, M (34763) v Spry, Patricia. Uni-Mansfield Police Cusack, S (28652) Miller, Michael John Ciu-Alexandra Victoria Police - Major, S (32000) v Keating, Thomas. Uni-Eildon Victoria Police - Chief Commissioner Of Police (00008) v Tierney, Joshua Paul. Office Of The Chief Commissioner Victoria Police - Kyne, J (23727) v Mclachlan, Peta. Uni-Wangaratta

Local News

Ex-Councillor due to face Court today ■ Former Murrindindi Shire Councillor Chris Healy is due to face the Mansfield Magistrates’ Court today (Wed.). Mr Healy faces five charges related to alleged occurrences of misuse of position. The Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate alleges that as a former councillor, on five separate occasions, Mr Healy attempted to gain an advantage by making improper use of information acquired while a councillor in written or oral submissions regarding Murrindindi Shire’s proposed rating strategy. The Inspectorate began its investigation in March 2015. This investigation took a considerable time to complete. The In-

● Former Eildon Cr, Chris Healy

spectorate says this was due to the complex analysis of documents and the prioritisation of investigations into election offences in 2016. Mr Healy is expected to be represented by Greg George of Tehan George & Co. The Inspectorate has filed the charges in relation to alleged misuse of position under section 76D(1) of the Local Government Act 1989. “Misuse of position carries a serious penalty under the Act of 600 penalty units ($93,276) or up to five years imprisonment or both ... the Sentencing Act 1991 gives a magistrate discretion to reduce any penalty imposed on the accused,” said the Inspectorate.

Curse is farmers’ horror: Bowles ■ Purple flowers of 'Paterson's Curse' are a horror to local farmers, according to Murrindindi Shire's Natural Environment and Climate Change Portfolio Councillor Rebecca Bowles. "Paterson's Curse is native to Western Europe and the Mediterranean. It is a conspicuous plant, flowering in late winter through to early spring, and is often seen on the hills and slopes around the district,"

Cr Bowles said. "It is a noxious weed and is classified as a 'Regionally Controlled Weed', which means landowners must take all reasonable steps to eradicate these weeds on their land. "While this plant has a seemingly pretty flower, it is also poisonous to our livestock, in particular to our horses, as well as our cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. "It is a widespread, trouble-

some weed usually found in degraded pastures, grasslands, bushland, roadsides and disturbed sites. It can establish large populations rapidly, competing vigorously with desirable pasture species or smaller indigenous plants and impede over storey regeneration," Cr Bowles said. "It is problematic due to its prolific seed production, producing more than 5000 seeds per plant per year.”

■ Police are investigating an armed robbery on an adult store in South Morang last month. Investigators have been told a male entered the Oleander Drive business about 6.17pm on June 11. The man returned at 7.40pm, walked around the counter with a small axe in his hand and removed a quantity of cash from the till before leaving the store. The man is described as Caucasian, 180cm tall, large build and was wearing a grey jumper over a high vis hooded top

Timber mill sold ■ The owners of Australian Sustainable Hardwoods have confirmed that an in-principle agreement has been reached with the government in respect to the sale of ASH. Both parties say they are committed to finalising the sale before the end of July. “We confirm that there will be no job losses while contractual negotiations are finalised,” said a company spokesman. “We are not in a position to disclose the details on the terms of the sale.”

New phone towers ■ Indi MHRCathy McGowan joined a community event at Howqua on Monday morning, celebrating the official launch of the first of eight new mobile phone towers in Mansfield Shire. The tower was the fourth to come online of 38 towers allocated to Indi under the Federal Government’s Mobile Blackspot Program. Tolmie, Goughs Bay, Sawmill Settlement, Ancona and Woods Point are set to follow in the coming months, Ms McGowan said.

Marysville move

■ Murrindindi Shire Council has given approval to the redevelopment of the building formerly known as the Maryville Rebuilding Advisory Centre to establish the new Marysville Tourism and Arts Centre. Council gave its final approval for the project at its meeting on June 18, based on an agreement between the project partners these being the Marysville Triangle Business and Tourism Association (MTBT), the Marysville Cultural Community, the TriangleArts Group and the Triangle Community Steelbands. Redevelopment will include the redesign of the visitor information facilities and the creation of theatre space with sliding walls and removable stage to enable art exhibition, performance and a range of other uses. The new Centre will also include a multi-use community room, an art workshop space, community meeting rooms, more storage space and a new entrance to the building.

Page 36 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Local Sport

Whittlesea Table Tennis Association. At Whittlesea Showgrounds

● A-Grade Premiers: Les Parker and Sharon Fitzpatrick

● A-Grade Runners-Up: James Kempen and Mark Fitzpatrick

● B-Grade Premiers: Vasco Natevski and Anita Gottwalt

● B-Grade Runners-Up: Christian Esposito with broken wrist and Peter Drofenik

● C-Grade Premiers: Michael Peters and Sharon Lettey

● Peter Drofenik, B-Grade Leading Player

● C-Grade Runners-Up: Jake Holding and Sebastian Esposito

● Todd Clark, A-Grade Leading Player

● Michael Peters, C -Grade Leading Player

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 37

Local Sport

Yea Junior Football, Yea Junior Netball.

● Yea Under 12 award winners. Back: Royal Mail voucher: Fletcher Archibald. Tiger Bucks award: Sam Gregory. Front: Tiger bucks award: Riley Frankcombe. Donna and Chris Slevin award: Dominik Ciantar. Tiger bucks: Jardine Nai.Paul Johnson Transport award: Luke Kelderman. Clint Rose Motors award: Riley Slevin.

● Yea Under 12s: Dominik Ciantar

● Riley Slevin, Cooper Holdsworth Rose,Chayne Klinge and Bradley Birchall

● Sam Gregory

● Yea Under 12 netball. Photo: Neil Granter

● Yea Under 12 netball. Photo: Neil Granter

● Riley Frankcombe

● Yea Under 12 netball. Photo: Neil Granter

● Yea Under 12 netball. Photo: Neil Granter

Page 38 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Local Sport

Yea Football Netball Club versus Belgrave, at the Rec. Photo: Rob Clements

● Dan O’Dwyer (Yea Seniors best on ground)

● Xavier O’Dwyer

● Fast action between Yea and Belgrave

● Tom O’Dwyer

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 39

Local Sport

Yea Netball At Yea Recreation Reserve Photos: Rob Clements

● Kate Elliot was best on court for her 100th game with Yea

● Ruby O'Dwyer

● Kim Slavin

● Bridget O'Dwyer

Page 40 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Local Paper Scoreboard E-Mail:



■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Powelltown 19.18 (132) d Thornton-Eildon 9.8 (62). Kinglake 13.7 (85) d Yarra Glen 10.8 (68). Seville 20.11 (131) d Yarra Junction 10.5 (65). Belgrave 27.17 (179) d Yea 7.5 (47). Alexandra - Bye. ■ Ladder. 1. Seville, 183.39, 40. 2. Belfrave, 159.92, 40. 3. Yarra Glen, 176.32, 32. 4. Powelltown, 116.07, 32. 5. Alexandra, 10.274, 24. 6. Kinglake, 106.11, 20. 7. Yarra Junction, 72.91, 16. 8. Yea, 53.31, 12. 9. Thornton-Eildon, 38.46, 4. ■ Fixture. Round 12. Saturday, July 8. Alexandra v Yarra Junction. Seville v Yarra Glen. Thornton-Eildon v Kinglake. Yea v Powelltown. Belgrave - Bye.

■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Yarra Glen 39 d Kinglake 18. Yarra Junction - Bye. Yea 24 d Belgrave 23. Powelltown 28 d Thornton-Eildon 11. Alexandra - Bye.

■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Powelltown 22.12 (144) d Thornton-Eildon 4.3 (27). Yarra Glen 15.15 (165) d Kinglake 0.1 (1). Seville 11.11 (77) d Yarra Junction 7.8 (50). Belgrave 16.9 (105) d Yea 2.1 (13). Alexandra - Bye. ■ Ladder. 1. Yarra Glen, 414.11, 44. 2. Belgrave, 307.79, 40. 3. Alexandra, 137.79, 28. 4. Powelltown, 136.39, 28. 5. Seville, 92.08, 24. 6. Yea, 70.36, 20. 7. Yarra Junction, 53.30, 12. 8. Kinglake, 35.47, 12. 9. Thornton-Eildon, 33.37, 12.




■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Emerald 14.13 (97) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 7.9 (51). Healesville 16.18 (114) d Warburton-Millgrove 5.7 (37). Wandin 14.14 (98) d Monbulk 9.15 (69). Woori Yallock 17.15 (117) d Mt Evelyn 4.8 (32). Olinda-Ferny Creek v Upwey-Tecoma. ■ Fixture. Round 12. Saturday, July 8. Gembrok-Cockatoo v Wandin. Monbulk v Woori Yallock. Mt Evelyn v Emerald. Upwey-Tecoma v Wayburton-Millgrove. Healesville v OlindaFerny Creek.


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Emerald 8.22 (70) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 4.4 (28). Healesville 21.13 (139) d Warburton-Millgrove 1.6 (12). Wandin 9.14 (68) d Monbulk 5.6 (36). Mt Evelyn 16.11 (107) d Woori Yallock 7.4 (46). Olinda-Ferny Creek v Upwey-Tecoma.


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Emerald 8.13 (61) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 4.3 (27). Warburton-Millgrove 7.9 (51) d Healesville 9.11 (65). Mt Evelyn 21.17 (143) d Woori Yallock 2.1 (13). Upwey-Tecoma 12.11 (83) d Yarra Glen 3.14 (320.



■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Emerald 68 d Gembrook-Cockatoo 28. Wandin 56 d Monbulk Hawks 48. Warburton-Millgrove 60 d Healesville 22. Woori Yallock 52 d Mount Evelyn 22. Olinda Ferny Creek v UpweyTecoma. ■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Gembrook-Cockatoo 53 d Emerald 52. Wandin 61 d Monbulk Hawks 47. Warburton-Millgrove 53 d Healesville 23. Woori Yallock 65 d Mount Evelyn 22. Olinda-Ferny Creek v UpweyTecoma.


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Emerald 34 d Gembrok-Cockatoo 21. Wandin 29 d Monbulk Hawks 26. Warburton-Millgrove 42 d Healesville 10. Woori Yallock 41 d Mount Evelyn 10. Olinda-Ferny Creek v UpweyTecoma.


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Emerald 25 d Gembrook-Cockatoo 14. Wandin 35 d Monbulk Hawks 16. Watburton-Millgrove 26 d Healesville 25. Woori Yallock 42 d Mount Evelyn 18. Olinda-Ferny Creek v UpweyTecoma.


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Northcote Park 17.7 (109) d Eltham 8.7 (55). Hurstbridge 12.7 (79) d Macleod 11.9 (75). Greensborough 12.9 (83) d Montmorency 11.12 (78). West Preston-Lakeside 17.13 (115) d Whittlesea 8.6 (54). Bundoora 9.8 (62) d Heidelberg 5.5 (35). ■ Ladder. 1. Northcote Park, 150.65, 32. 2. Macleod, 141.92, 32. 3. West Preston-Lakeside, 117.34, 28. 4. Bundoora, 112.24, 24. 5. Greensborough, 98.89, 20. 6. Hurstbridge, 96.32, 16. 7. Montmorency, 89.90, 16. 8. Heidelberg, 88.29, 16. 9. Eltham, 66.95, 12. 10. Whittlesea, 65.86, 8. ■ Fixture. Round 11. Saturday, July 8. Hurstbridge v Bundoora. Eltham v Montmorency Greensborough v Macleod. West PrestonLakeside v Northcote Park. Heidelberg v Whittlesea.


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Yarra Junction 75 d Seville 5. Alexandra - Bye. Powelltown 62 d Thornton-Eildon 26. Yarra Glen 40 drew with Kinglake 40. Belgrave 62 d Yea 45.

■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Watsonia 12.10 (82) d Lalor 6.4 (40). North Heidelberg 12.11 (83) d Thomastown 6.10 (46). Diamond Creek 17.17 (119) d Lower Plenty 3.5 (23). Fitzroy Stars 14.12 (96) d Panton Hill 4.8 (32). ■ Ladder. 1. Greensborough, 244.33, 38. 2. Macleod, 225.78, 36. 3. West Preston-Lakeside, 178.50, 36. 4. Northcote Park, 271.85, 32. 5. Bundoora, 138.26, 22. 6. Eltham, 71.49, 18. 7. Heidelberg, 61.81, 8. 8. Hurstbridge, 56.82, 8. 9. Whittlesea, 40.18, 6. 10. Montmorency, 34.13, 0.

■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Powelltown - Bye. Kinglake 41 d Yarra Glen 28. Yarra Junction - Bye. Belgrave 39 d Yea 27. Alexandra - Bye.

■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Eltham 810.5 (65) d Northcote Park 8.7 (55). Macleod 13.`12 (90) d Bundoora 9.4 (58). Greensborough 21.12 (138) d Montmorency 2.5 (17). Whittlesea 12.16 (88) d West Preston Lakeside 6.5 (41).


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Yarra Junction 67 d Seville 17. Alexandra - Bye. Powelltown 54 d Thornton-Eildon 30. Yarra Glen 45 d Kinglake 42. Belgrave 89 d Yea 10.






■ Ladder. 1. Eltham, 158.89, 28. 2. Macleod, 226.94, 24. 3. Bundoora, 176.55, 20. 4. Greensborough, 142.20, 20. 5. Whittlesea, 73.82, 18. 6. Northcote Park, 113.06, 14. 7. West PrestonLakeside, 32.71, 4. 8. Montmorency, 41.36, 0.

ern Spurs 3.5 (23) d Diamond Creek Womens 2.7 (19). Deer Park v Whitehorse. Darebin 5.7 (37) d Melbourne University 3.5 (23). Bendigo 152 d La Trobe University 0.


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Watsonia 16.16 (124) d Lalor 9.5 (59). North Heidelberg 22.7 (139) d Thomastown 6.10 (46). Diamond Creek 10.9 (69) d Lower Plenty 8.5 (53). Fitzroy Stars 31.25 (211) d Panton Hill 9.7 (61). ■ Ladder. 1. North Heidelberg, 211.04, 34. 2. Diamond Creek, 197.43, 32. 3. Fitzroy Stars, 144.50, 26. 4. Thomastown, 90.39, 24. 5. Lower Plenty, 166.21, 20. 6. Watsonia, 70.52, 16. 7. Lalor, 43.44, 8. 8. Panton Hill, 34.45, 0. ■ Fixture. Round 11. Saturday, July 8. Diamond Creek v Panton Hill. Lalor v Lower Plenty. North Heidelberg v Watsonia. Fitzroy Stars v Thomastown.


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Watsonia 12.10 (82) d Lalor 6.4 (40). North Heidelbe4rg 12.11 (83) d Thomastown 6.10 (46). Diamond Creek 17.17 (119) d Lower Plenty 3.5 (23). Fitzroy Stars 14.12 (96) d Panton Hill 4.8 (32). ■ Ladder. 1. North Heidelberg, 219.59, 36. 2. Diamond Creek, 326.49, 32. 3. Lower Plenty, 163.95, 28. 4. Thomastown, 143.27, 28. 5. Watsonia, 106.71, 20. 6. Fitzroy Stars, 52.74, 8. 7. Panton Hill, 34.56, 4. 8. Lalor, 25.49, 4.



■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. VU Western Spurs 12.10 (82) d Diamond Creek Womens 0.0 (0). Kew 4.4 (28) d Laurimar 2.4 (16). South Morang 16.15 (111) d La Trobe University 0.0 (0). Montmorency 3.1 (19) d Darebin 1.6 (12).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Montmorency 14.12 (104) d South Morang 1.1 (7). Wallan 4.2 (26) d Greensborough 0.0 (0). Yarrambat 6.9 (45) d Darebin 4.3 (27). Hurstbridge 11.9 (75) d Eltham Creekers 3.3 (21).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Laurimar 12.9 (81) d South Morang 11.9 (75). Whitttlesea 14.12 (96) d Greensborough 5.8 (38). Montmorency 15.11 (101) d Eltham Black 3.3 (21).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Kilmore 23.14 (152) d Hurstbridge 5.4 (34). West Preston-Lakeside 17.16 (118) d Eltham Red 3.2 (20). Research 23.16 (154) d Mill Park 4.5 (29).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Greensborough 13.24 (102) d Yarrambat 5.8 (38). South Morang 16.8 (104) d Mernda 2.7 (19). Montmorency 10.8 (68) d Mill Park 6.4 (40).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Eltham 15.18 (108) d Whittlesea 2.6 (18). Diamond Creek 14.14 (98) d Wallan 2.4 (16).


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Mill Park 9.13 (67) d Banyule 8.12 (60). South Morang v Epping. Diamond Creek 9.14 (68) d Lower Plenty 11.12 (78). St Mary’s 19.12 (126) d North Heidelberg 8.5 (53).

■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Whittlesea 4.6 (30) d Kilmore 0.2 (2). Research 14.21 (105) d Mill Park 0.3 (3). Montmorency 10.12 (72) d Yarrambat 0.0 (0). South Morang 10-.9 (69) d Wallan 0.2 (2). Laurimar 8.14 (62) d Diamond Creek Womens 0.2 (2).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Research 16.12 (108) d Eltham Black 3.3 (21). Diamond Creek 14.13 (97) d West PrestonLakeside 6.5 (41). Mill Park 10.18 (78) d Laurimar 9.5 (59).

■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Epping 13.18 (96) d Kilmore 6.5 (41). South Morang 19.14 (128) d Heidelberg West 7.10 (52). Banyule 27.15 (177) d Laurimar 9.1 (55). St Mary’s 22.14 (146) d Mernda 13.3 (81). ■ Ladder. 1. Banyule, 218.84, 26. 2. South Morang, 200.00, 32. 3. St Mary’s, 169.88, 28. 4. Epping, 130.79, 24. 5. Heidelberg West, 106.68, 20. 6. Kilmore, 85.23, 20. 7, Mernda, 65.87, 8. 8. Laurimar, 51.80, 8. 9. Reservoir, 27.07, 0. ■ Fixture. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Reservoir v South Morang. Epping v St Mary’s. Laurimar v Heidelberg West. Mernda v Kilmore.


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Eping 12.10 (82) d Kilmore 7.8 (50). South Morang 14.13 (97) d Heidelberg West 6.6 (42). Banyule 28.25 (193) d Laurimar 2.2 (14). St Mary’s 20.10 (130) d Mernda 2.3 (15). ■ Ladder. 1.St Mary’s, 282.97, 36. 2. South Morang, 218.55, 32. 3. Banyule, 238.80, 28. 4. Epping, 156.60, 28. 5. Heidelberg West, 110.53, 24. 6. Reservoir, 49.24, 12. 7. Mernda, 64.29, 8. 8. Kilmore, 40.77, 4. 9. Laurimar, 29.69, 4.


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 2. Kew 17.11 (113) d Pascoe Vale 3.3 (21). VU West-



■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Montmorency 16.17 (113) d Hurstbridge 5.6 (36).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. South Morang 14.14 (98) d Greensborough 1.4 (10).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Wallan 9.15 (69) d Research 7.2 (44). Mernda 6.9 (45) d Northcote 5.3 (33). West Preston Lakeside 16.10 (106) d Diamond Creek 2.4 (16).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Mill Park 17.15 (117) d Montmorency 1.1 (7). Kinglake 14.15 (9) d Keon Park 2.2 (14). Bundoora Park 7.7 (49) d Hurstbridge 2.6 (18).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Montmorency 8.2 (50) d Yarrambat 2.3 (15). Northcote 3.7 (25) d Wallan 2.9 (21). Research 4.2 (26) d Diamond Creek Womens 1.7 (13).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Diamond Creek Womens 10.13 (73) d Darebin 1.1 (7). Greensborough 11.20 (86) d South Morang 0.0 (0). Eltham 7.6 (48) d Panton Hill 4.2 (26). Kilmore 8.18 (66) d Bundoora Park 1.1 (7).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Diamond Creek 10.9 (69) d Whittlesea 2.3 (15). Laurimar 2.8 (20) d Montmorency 2.5 (17). South Morang 7.11 (53) d Eltham 3.5 (23).

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 41

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■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Yarrambat 4.7 (31) d Wallan 3.3 (21). Mernda 12.14 (86) d Northcote Blue 1.1 (7). Research 10.12 (72) d Kilmore 1.2 (8).

■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Alexandra - Bye. Euroa 28 d Seymour 19. Tabilk 24 d Yea 18. St Mary’s - Bye.

■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. West Ivanhoe v Northcote Gold. West PrestonLakeside 11.15 (81) d Reservoir 0.3 (3). Mill Park 15.9 (9) d South Morang 3.3 (21).

■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Alexandra - Bye. Seymour 0 d Euroa 0. Yea 23 d Tabilk 16. St Mary’s - Bye.



■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Eltham Black 5.5 (35) d Yarrambat 5.4 (34). South Morang 8.8 (56) d Montmorency 5.3 (33). Laurimar 68 d Whittlesea 11.


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. South Morang 5.8 (38) d Bundoora Park 5.2 (32). Kilmore 5.15 (45) d Northcote Blue 4.6 (30).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Greensborough 5.4 (34) d Eltham 2.4 (16). Thomastown 8.4 (52) d West Preston-Lakeside 6.6 (42). Mernda 8.9 (57) d Laurimar 1.1 (7). Wallan 6.5 (41) d Diamond Creek 0.0 (0).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Lalor 8.6 (54) d Panton Hill 2.7 (19). Keon Park 10.8 (68) d Kinglake 0.0 (0). Montmorency 7.6 (48) d Northcote Gold 0.7 (7).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Diamond Creek Womens v Northcote. Whittlesea 11.10 (76) d Research 1.1 (7). Laurimar 5.3 (33) d Yarrambat 4.3 (27). Montmorency 4.6 (30) d Eltham 0.1 (1).




■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Euroa Bye. Alexandra v Yea.


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Alexandra - Bye. Euroa 14 d Seymour 6. St Mary’s 15 d Wandong 3. Tabilk 35 d Yea 4.


■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. Diamond Creek 1 84 d Northcote Park 1 30. Heidelberg 1 51 d Greensborough 1 31. South Morang 1 47 d Bundoora 1 34. North Heidelberg 1 60 d Fitzroy Stars 1 39.


■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. North Heidelebreg 2 41 d Greensborough 2 26. Diamond Creek 2 55 d St Mary’s 1 12. Ivanhoe 1 31 d Heidelberg 2 25.


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Montmorency 11.10 (76) d Laurimar 1.2 (8). Wallan 11.10 (76) d Diamond Creek 3.2 (20). Eltham Black 11.7 (73) d South Moramg 2.2 (14).

■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. Bundoora 2 36 d St Mary’s 2 26. Watsonia 1 41 d Ivanhoe 2 11. Heat 1 38 d South Morang 2 27. Diamond Creek 3 35 d Diamond Creek 2. Mernda 1 40 d Heidelberg 7 29.

■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Northcote Blue 6.6 (42) d Hurstbridge 2.3 (15). Yarrambat 3.7 (25) d West Preston-Lakeside 2.2 (14). Epping 13.14 (92) d Whittlesea 1.3 (9).

■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. Greensborough 3 32 d Kilmore 1 26. Watsonia 2 27 d North Heidelberg 3 26. Diamond Creek 5 32 d Northcote Park 2 31.



■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Kilmore 5.11 (41) d South Morang 1.2 (80). Laurimar 7.10 (52) d Mernda 2.2 (14). Mill Park 8.9 (57) d Research 4.6 (30).


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Bundoora 7.9 (51) d Alexandra 7.13 (55). St Mary’s 16.11 (107) d Wandong 4.8 (32). Yea 14.10 (94) d Tabilk 5.6 (36). Euroa 10.16 (76) d Seymour 6.4 (40). ■ Ladder. 1.Euroa, 254.25, 40. 2. St Mary’s, 349.06, 36. 3. Yea, 163.53, 28. 4. Wandong, 99.56, 16. 5. Seymour, 94.49, 16. 6. Alexandra, 54.32, 16. 7.Tabilk, 44.71, 8. 8. Broadford, 31.10, 0. ■ Fixture. Round 11. Sunday, July 9. Alexandra v St Mary’s. Seymour v Broadford. Wandong v Tabilk. Yea v Euroa.




■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. North Heidelberg 4 34 d West Preston-Lakeside 2 18. Epping 1 23 d Heidelberg 5 22. Thomastown 1 42 d Macleod 1 14. Fitzroy Stars 2 25 de Heat 2 22.


■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. Hurstbridge 1 47 d St Mary’s 3 18. Thomastown 2 41 d Heat 3 24. Whittlesea 36 d West Ivanhoe 1 22. Bundoora 3 30 d South Morang 3 24.


■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. West Ivanhoe 2 40 d Watsonia 4 30. Greensborough 4 25 drew with South Morangt 4 25.


■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. Heidelberg 6 37 d Mernda 2 23. West Ivanhoe 3 45 d Bundoora 5 22. Fitzroy Stars 3 33 d Montmorency 1 20. Keon Park 22d North Heidelberg 5 15. Kilmore 2 25 d Hurstbridge 2 22.


■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Broadford 14.14 (98) d Bundoora 3.3 (21). Tabilk v Yea. Wandong 5.3 (33) d St Mary’s 2.7 (19). Euroa 11.6 (72) d Seymour 6.4 (40).

■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. Northcote Park 3 32 drew with St Martins 32. Bundoora 4 35 d Kilmore 3 22. Heat 4 31 d Heidelberg West 1 24.

■ Results. Round 10. Sunday, July 2. Euroa 16.9 (105) d Seymour 1.0 (6). Broadford 6.8 (44) d Alexandra 2.1 (13). St Mary’s 16.11 (107) d Wandong 2.3 (15). Tabilk 4.5 (29) d Yea 4.2 (26).

■ Results. Round 11. Friday, June 30. Mernda 3 25 drew with Mernda 3 25. Thomastown 4 d Heidelberg West 2 24. Montmorency 2 20 d Bundoora 6 d Montmorency 2 20.




■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Euroa 10.16 (76) d Benalla 10.8 (68). Shepparton 11.15 (81) d Seymour 8.8 (56). Rochester 11.11 (81) d Tatura 8.7 (55). Mansfield 14.14 (98) d Mooroopna 11.6 (72). Kyabram 25.16 (166) d Echuca 4.0 (24). Shepparton United 14.10 (94) d Shepparton Swans 8.13 (61). ■ Ladder. 1. Kyabram, 278.15, 44. 2. Shepparton, 144.57, 36. 3. Euroa, 141.33, 36. 4. Rochester, 127.83, 28. 5. Benalla, 125.15, 28. 6. Seymour, 116.56, 28. 7. Echuca, 96.63, 24. 8. Mansfield, 82.75, 12. 9. Shepparton United, 52.70, 12. 10. Tatura, 95.35, 8. 11. Mooroopna, 57.34, 4. 12. Shepparton Swans, 46.10, 4. ■ Fixture. Round 12. Saturday, July 8. Benalla v Mooroopna. Shepparton United v Shepparton. Euroa v Echuca. Seymour v Rochester. Kyabram v Shepparton Swans. Tatura v Mansfield.


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Euroa 26.18 (174) d Benalla 0.4 (4). Shepparton 10.,19 (79) d Seymour 7.6 (48). Rochester 15.12 (102) d Tatura 5.5 (35). Mansfield 14.7 (91) d Mooroopna 5.9 (39). Shepparton United 25.9 (159) d Shepparton Swans 2.1 (13). Kyabram 13.13 (91) d Echuca 9.2 (56). ■ Ladder. 1. Euroa, 263.27, 40. 2. Kyabram, 191.85, 36. 3. Shepparton, 183.33, 36. 4. Rochester, 213.29, 32. 5. Mansfield, 160.67, 28. 6. Shapprton United, 149.51, 28. 7. Tatura, 142.18, 20. 8. Seymour, 125.95, 16. 9. Echuca, 101.84, 14. 10. Shepparton Swans, 23.32, 8. 11. Mooroopna, 36.37, 4.


■ Results. Round 11. Saturday, July 1. Benalla 15.15 (105) d Euroa 4.3 (27). Shepparton 16.18 (114) d Seymour 1.3 (9). Tatura 7.13 (55) d Rochester 5.8 (38). Mansfield 8.8 (56) d Mooroopna 6.7 (43). Shepparton United 12.10 (82) d Shepparton Swans 3.3 (21). Kyabram 10.13 (73) d Echuca 2.8 (20). ■ Ladder. 1. Kyabram, 368.92, 44. 2. Shepparton, 265.79, 36. 3. Shepparton United, 18.73, 36. 4. Benalla, 191.53, 28. 5. Rochester, 184.89, 28. 6. Tatura, 96.21, 28. 7. Echuca, 135.06, 20. 8. Euroa, 55.60, 16. 9. Shepparton Swans, 36.81, 10. 10. Mooroopna, 45.84, 8. 11. Seymour, 42.72, 6. 12. Mansfield, 31.13, 4.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 1. Avenel 10.19 (79) d Lancaster 11.4 (70). Nagambie 15.9 (9) d Murchison-Toolamba 10.8 (68). Merrigum 15.18 (108) d Rushworth 4.8 (320. Stanhope 10.11 (71) d Girgarre 8.8 (56). Tallygaroopna 34.26 (230) d Longwood 7.2 (44). Violet Town 33.27 (225) d Undera 0.3 (3). ■ Ladder. 1. Nagambie, 210.25, 44. 2. Violet Town, 209.11, 44. 3. Stanhope, 230.69, 40. 4. Tallygaroopna, 199.81, 36. 5. Avenel, 191.88, 32. 6. Lancaster, 161.56, 32. 7. Merrigum, 116.18, 28. 8. Murchison-Toolamba, 101.06, 24. 9. Girgarre, 121.38, 20. 10. Rushworth, 76.55, 16. 11. Undera, 22.33, 12. 12. Longtwood, 30.47, 4. 13. Ardmona, 0.00, 4. ■ Fixture. Round 13. Saturday, July 8. Lancaster v Stanhope. Longwood v Ardmona. Girgarre v Merrigum. Murchison-Toolamba v Avenel. Rushworth v Violet Town. Undera v Tallygaroopna.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 1. Avenel 12.6 (78) d Lancaster 7.12 (54). MurchisonToolamba 13.12 (90) d Nagambie 4,2 (26). Merrigum 14.16 (160) d Rushworth 3.5 (23). Stanhope 13.13 (91) d Girgarre 3.3 (21). Tallygaroopna 18.8 (116) d Longwood 8.8 (56). Violet Town 126 d Ardmona 12.


■ Ladder. 1. Tallygaroopna, 268.24, 46. 2. Stanhope, 429.29, 44. 3. Merrigum, 259.29, 38. 4. Murchison-Toolamba, 147.90, 36. 5. Avenel, 157.42, 32. 6. Lancaster, 150.60, 32. 7. Girgarre, 111.54, 24. 8. Nagambie, 87.57, 24. 9. Longwood, 70.78, 16. 10. Violet Town, 67.61, 16. 11. Rushworth, 42.08, 12. 12. Undera, 38.04, 8. 13. Ardmona, 4.89, 8.


■ Results. Round 12. Saturday, July 1. Avenel 15.13 (103) d Lancaster 2.3 (15). Merrigum 20.13 (133) d Rushworth 4.3 (27). Stanhope v Girgarre. Tallyagroopna 22.13 (145) d Longwood 5.5 (35). ■ Ladder. 1. Merrigum, 530.80, 44. 2. Murchison-Toolamba, 427.17, 40. 3. Avenel, 386.24, 40. 4. Tallygaroopna, 257.14, 40. 5. Lancaster, 249.29, 36. 6. Stanhope, 139.67, 28. 7. Rushworth, 72.26, 24. 8. Undera, 26.66, 20. 9. Ardmona, 13.18, 16. 10. Girgarre, 29.73, 12. 11. Longwood, 27.36, 12.


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Riddell 16.16 (112) d Melton Centrals 4.7 (31). Sunbury Kangaroos 15.9 (9) d Woodend-Hesket 7.9 (51). Wallan 19.25 (139) d Broadford 4.8 (32). Romsey 18.20 (128) d Rockbank 5.4 (34). Rupertswood 17.11 (113) d Diggers Rest 6.9 (45). Macedon 17.22 (124) d Lancefield 4.6 (30). ■ Ladder. 1. Macedon, 356.76, 40. 2. Rupertswood, 258.37, 32. 3. Diggers Rest, 240.69, 32. 4. Wallan, 140.15, 28. 5. Sunbury Kangaroos, 128.65, 24. 6. Riddell, 109.13, 24. 7. Romsey, 104.04, 24. 8. Woodend-Hesket, 85.70, 12. 9. Melton Centrals, 54.05, 12. 10. Rockbank, 50.41, 8. 11.Lancefield, 43.41, 4. 12. Broadford, 27.64, 0. ■ Fixture. Melton Centrals v Woodend-Hesket. Diggers Rest v Macedon. Sunbury Kangaroos v Rockbank. Wallan v Rupertswood. Broadford v Romsey. Lancefield v Riddell.


■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Melton Centrals 18.5 (113) d Riddell 4.8 (32). Sunbury Kangaroos 19.21 (135) d Woodend-Hesket 2.1 (13). Wallan 25.13 (163) d Broadford 1.2 (8). Romsey 18.9 (117) d Rockbank 3.7 (25). Rupertswood 9.15 (69) d Diggers Rest 4.5 (29). Macedon 12.14 (86) d Lancefield 7.6 (48). ■ Ladder. 1. Rupertswood, 578.85, 40. 2. Wallan, 460.89, 36. 3. Diggers Rest, 354.52, 32. 4. Sunbury Kangaroos, 260.17, 32. 5. WoodendHesket, 60.00, 24. 6. Melton Centrals, 116.79, 20. 7. Macedon, 68.31, 16. 8. Romsey, 87.42, 12. 9. Riddell, 70.50, 12. 10. Rockbank, 30.10, 8. 11. Broadford, 24.91, 4. 12. Lancefield, 22.43, 4.

UNDER 18.5

■ Results. Round 10. Saturday, July 1. Riddell 14.12 (96) d Melton Centrals 5.4 (34). WoodendHesket 17.11 (113) d Sunbury Kangaroos 2.3 (15). Romsey 14.20 (104) d Rockbank 1.3 (9). Rupertswood 10.10 (70) d Diggers Rest 5.4 (34). Wallan 15.7 (97) d Macedon 1.0 (16). ■ Ladder. 1. Rupertswood, 567.04, 40. 2. Wallan, 525.28, 36. 3. Woodend-Hesket, 195.76, 32. 4. Riddell, 140.73, 32. 5. Diggers Rest, 113.97, 20. 6. Macedon, 78.78, 20. 7. Sunbury Kangaroos, 63.88, 16. 8. Romsey, 46.44, 12. 9. Rockbank, 17.39, 8. 10. Melton Centrals, 28.81, 4.


BELGRAVE ........... 9.3, 16.8, 20.12, 27.17 (179) YEA .................................. 3.0, 5.1, 5.2, 7.5 (47)

Page 42 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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Belgrave. Goalkickers: T. Marks 7, L. Foreman 5, P. Gough 4, N. Rowe 2, J. Molden 2, M. Johnson, J. Brown, D. Kitchin, M. Brown, J. McDermott, Y. Curtis. K. Chandler. Best: T. Marks, M. Brown, P. Gough, J. McDermott, Y. Curtis, J. Webb. Yea. Goalkickers: S. Pearce 3, P. Evans 2, A. McSpeerin, R. Aldous. Best: D. O’Dwyer, C. Evans, H.l Jarvie, L. Beattie, C. Ryan, T. McMahon. RESERVES BELGRAVE ................ 4.0, 10.2, 13.5, 16.9 (105) YEA ................................. 0.0, 0.0, 1.1, 2.1 (13) Belgrave. Goalkickers: R. Johnson 5, R. Chazbek 3, M. Ralph 2, N. Thompson 2, C. Rak, R. Matthews, J. Schill, M. Francis. Best: N. Thompson, R. Matthews, M. Ralph, R. Chazbek, C. Rak, P. Johnson. Yea. Goalkickers: D. Pell, A. Butterworth. Best: J. Sundblom, A. Butterworth, A. Murray, L. Young, R. Akers, J. Garlick.

B-GRADE YARRA GLEN ............................... 8, 17, 26, 40 KINGLAKE ................................. 8, 22, 32, 40 Yarra Glen. Goals: Kate Stewart 21, Shannae Melis 16, Melanie-Rose Jakobs 3. Kinglake. Goals: Jade White 33, Kelsey Smith 7. Team List: Kelsey Smith, Kasrha Hoyt, Ellie Hendrie-McDonald, Caitlyn Hendrie, Shianne Haefer, Jade White, Amy Teodorovic, Lauren McMahon. C-GRADE KINGLAKE ................................ 11, 25, 33, 41 YARRA GLEN .............................. 7, 15, 24, 28 Kinglake. Goals: Olivia Turner-Dickson 24, Sally Ann Nott 17. Best: Olvia Turner-Dickson, Stacey Chalmer, Errin White.Team List: Olivia Turner-Dickason, Stacey Chalmers, Rachel Chalmers, Lauren McMahon, Sally Ann Nott, Kylie Butcler, Errin White. Yarra Glen. Goals: Shannae Melis 20, Amy Dennett 8. Best: Brianna Jones, Shannae Melis, Amy Dennett. D-GRADE YARRA GLEN ............................... 8, 18, 27, 39 KINGLAKE ................................. 2, 12, 13, 18 Yarra Glen. Goals: Samantha Chetcuti 24, Karly Tucker 9, Kim Christian 6. Best: Kim Christian, Morgan Camilleri, Jacinda Fraser. Kinglake. Goals: Rebecca Gallo 15, Sally Ann Nott 3. Best: Sally Ann Nott, Danielle Varley, Rebecca Gallo. Team List: Haylee Whykes, Rebecca Gallo, Jayde Stoneman, Chloe Robinson, Stacey Chalmers, Karlee Pepyat, Mykaela Smith, Sally Ann Nott, Danielle Varley.


SENIORS KINGLAKE ................... 2.0, 8.1, 10.6, 13.7 (85) YARRA GLEN ................ 2.3, 6.3, 7.5, 10.8 (68) Kinglake. Goalkickers: B. White 2, R. Mitchell 2, B. Robinson 2, J. Crowe 2,L. White, M. McAllister, A. Whelan, Z. White, J. Whelan. Best: M. Fitzclarence, J. Crowe, M. McAllister, B. White, L. White, J. Mende. Yarra Glen. Goalkickers: B. James 5, R. McDermott 2, K. Hudson, J. Keen, L. Telford. Best: T. Russell, B. James, K. Hudson, G. Filsell, J. Baughan, M. Davies. RESERVES YARRAGLEN ........... 6.3, 9.7, 13.11, 15.15 (105) KINGLAKE ....................... 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.1 (1) Yarra Glen. Goalkickers: B. Hart 4, S. Fordham 3, P. Teijeriro 2, B. Muurling 2, D. Tucker, B. Ashton, D. Grant, D. Morse. Best: P. Teijeiro, C. Moate, B. Hart, B. Ashton, K. Booth, B. Muurling. Kinglake. Best: A. Young, J. Poecher, A. Griffiths, C. Booker, R. Hurst, M. Newton.

AFL YARRA RANGES NETBALL SCOREBOARD BELGRAVE V YEA A-GRADE BELGRAVE ................................. 21, 48, 67, 89 YEA .................................................... 5, 6, 8, 10 Belgrave. Goals: Lauren Bennett 55, Carmen Timms 23, Jennifer Dawhurst 11. Yea. Goals: Meg Sundblom 5, Chelsea Spagnolo 3, Nikki Watts 1, Megan Leatham 1. B-GRADE BELGRAVE ................................. 16, 31, 43, 62 YEA .............................................. 10, 19, 35, 45 Belgrave. Goals: Naomi Hargreaves 33, Kara Salmon 17, Jessica Weisgerber 12. Yea. Goals: Cindy Hayes 22, Regina Bell 14, Amanda Akers 9. C-GRADE BELGRAVE ................................. 12, 25, 34, 39 YEA ................................................. 3, 9, 18, 27 Belgrave. Goals: Monique Latrorre 25, Megan Bull 12, Amy Spicer 2, Yea. Goals: Fiona Purvis 19, Jessica Armstrong 5, Kim Slavin 3. D-GRADE YEA ............................................... 8, 11, 15, 24 BELGRAVE ................................... 2, 11, 18, 23 Yea. Goals: Alicia O’Connor 14,Amy Smith-Jones.


A-GRADE YARRA GLEN ............................... 8, 18, 27, 39 KINGLAKE ................................. 2, 12, 13, 18 Yarra Glen. Goals: Samantha Chetcuti 24, Karly Tucker 9, Kim Christian 6. Kinglake. Goals: Rebecca Galio 15. Sally Ann Nott 3. Team List: Haylee Whykes, Rebecca Gallo, Jayde Stoneman, Chloe Robinson, Stacey Chalmers, Karlee Pepyat, Mykaela Smith, Sally

YEA FOOTBALL CLUB REPORT SENIORS Yea 7.5 (47) defeated by Belgrave 27.17 (179) Yea copped one of its heaviest defeats of the season, going down to a sharp Belgrave outfit by 132 points at the Recreation Reserve. The first quarter was frenetic, with the visitors slamming on nine majors and the home side managing three of their own, before a six goalto-two second term gifted the Magpies a 73point lead at the major break. Although the Tigers scored just two goals after half time, there were enough encouraging signs from the younger players to suggest that there are bright times ahead. Cameron Evans played his best game this year through the midfield, while Dan O'Dwyer took plenty of marks and drove the ball constantly out of defence. Cam Ryan also spent more in the middle of the ground in a breakout performance in the senior team. Shaun Pearce (three goals) was the prime target in attack, Trent McMahon continued his strong run of form in a new role at half back and Harrison Jarvie was consistent as always, toiling away on the ball. While the scoreboard made for a poor showing, Yea refused to go into their shells and kept bringing the ball through the corrodor, let down only by some basic skill errors but attempting to play their brand of football. Once again it was the heavier, more experienced bodies of the opposition that made life hard for the Tigers, with the ability to break tackles and win contested ball in tight a feature of Belgrave's game. Yea will be at home again this week against Powelltown. Yea. Goalkickers: S. Pearce 3, P. Evans 2, A. McSpeerin, R. Aldous. Best Players: D. O''Dwyer, C. Evans, H. Jarvie, L. Beattie, C. Ryan, T. McMahon Belgrave. Goalkickers: T. Marks 7, L. Foreman 5, P. Gough 4, N. Rowe 2, J. Molden 2, M. Johnson, J. Brown, D. Kitchin, M. Brown, J. McDermott, Y. Curtis, K. Chandler. Best Players: T. Marks, M. Brown, P. Gough, J.

YEA FOOTBALL CLUB REPORT RESERVES Yea 2.1 (13) defeated by Belgrave 16.9 (105) It was a one-sided affair on the scoreboard but Yea gave its all against an impressive Belgrave unit, eventually falling short by 92 points. The first quarter was fascinating, with the Magpies ruthlessly efficient (four goals straight) holding the hosts scoreless despite the ball spending much periods of time locked in the Tigers’ front-half of the ground. The visitors took further control in the second term, slotting six goals and again denying Yea a single point to take a commanding lead heading into the major change. The second-half was more pleasing for the home side, with the Tigers getting on the board through Darcy Pell and Andrew Butterworth (one goal each) while slowing the opposition's scoring significantly. Jack Sundblom was super impressive at centre half back and proved a brick wall against the Magpies midfielders, Lindon Young knocked up finding the football and Ant Murray won a series of one-on-one contests in another fine performance. Butterworth was very good in the air and on the deck, and Ryan Akers was the general in defence, while Jaryed Garlick worked tirelessly through the middle of the ground. The loss sees the Tigers fall a game behind fifth placed Seville, but with the bye still up their sleeve. Yea will be desperate to close the gap when they clash with Powelltown at the Recreation Reserve this weekend. Yea. Goalkickers: D. Pell, A. Butterworth. Best Players: J. Sundblom, A. Butterworth, A. Murray, L. Young, R. Akers, J. Garlick Belgrave. Goalkickers: P. Johnson 5, R. Chazbek 3, M. Ralph 2, N. Thompson 2, C. Rak, R. Matthews, J. Schill, M. Francis. Best Players: N. Thompson, R. Matthews, M. Ralph, R. Chazbek, C. Rak, P. Johnson - Patrick Evans


■ Kate Elliott notched up her 100th game for the Yea Tigers on Saturday against Belgrave. Kate played juniors early for the Tigers before heading away to boarding school. She returned and commenced playing senior netball for Yea back in 2010, starting the season in BGrade before being elevated to A-Grade. Perhaps Kate’s most memorable game that season was the preliminary final at Healesville where she came on to replace an injured Megan Leatham. The game against Seville was tight and Kate made an immediate impact, shooting goal after goal to help the side progress into the Grand Final, unfortunately the side went down to Powelltown in overtime on the big day. Over the next seven years she has had a couple of seasons off, 2013 to become a mum to dear little Ollie, but since then has been a valued member in the C- and B-Grade sides. The ultimate prize was put her around her neck in 2015, a premiership medal in the BGrade win over Emerald by one goal. Kate has and continues to be a very versatile mid courter and goal thrower, her speed and smarts giving her the edge over her opponents. Congratulations Kate on 100 terrific games for Yea and we look forward to seeing many more.


Team. GS: Meg Sundblom. GA, WA, GD: Nikki Watts. GA, WA: Megan Leatham. GA, C: Chelsea Spagnolo. GS, WD: Sarah Armstrong. C, GD: Bridget O’Dwyer. GK: Brooke Lloyd. NS, WA: Hannah Christie. NS, WD:


Sophie Stares. NS, C, WD: Sophie Watts. ■ It was a tough day for the Tigers but credit to all the girls for never giving up. Right from the beginning Belgrave came out and applied an enormous amount of pressure. The Tigers didn't hesitate, they simply just chipped away and tried their hardest. All 10 girls showed encouragement and most of all a smile. Bad luck girls in a tough game, we look forward to Powelltown this week. Powelltown sit in fourth position on the ladder with Yea sitting just behind in fifth place. It will be a much needed win for the Tigers to secure a place in the top fove. Last time A-Grade came up against Powelltown they fell away by just seven goals. Since then Yea have come together and are definitely a better team, leaving nothing in the tank each week. After Belgrave, all girls walked away and held their heads high and now look forward to the rest of the season. Belgrave 89 def Yea 10 Goals: M. Sundblom 5, C. Spagnolo 3, N. Watts 1, M. Leatham 1. Best: N. Watts, M. Sundblom, B. Lloyd. Award: Brooke Lloyd


Team. GS: Amanda Akers. GS, GA: Cindy Hayes. GA: Regina Bell. C: Cindy Newcomen. C, GD: Rachael Normington. WD, GD: Lauren Cronk. GK: Rhiannon Aldous. WA: Kate Elliott. NS, WD: Chelsea Helder. ■ This was going to be a tough hit out for the girls and they really matched it with Belgrave in the first quarter, keeping with them until late in the quarter. Belgrave continued on strongly in the second quarter and the Tigers tried to hold on, the girls doing a brilliant job in defence to stop as many entries as possible. By half-time the visitors had skipped out to a 12-goal lead. Yea had a fantastic third quarter, showing some great passages of play and working their way right back into the game. At one point the Tigers had reduced the margin back to six, ending up eight down at the last break. Belgrave started the last quarter well and shot the first six goals of the quarter, putting a dampener on any chance Yea held. To their credit the girls held their heads high and fought it right out, eventually losing by 17 goals. The Tigers sit in third position, three games clear of fourth. Next week they take on seventh- placed Powelltown, which is always a tough encounter, no matter the ladder positions. Belgrave 62 def Yea 45 Goals: C. Hayes 22, R. Bell 14, A. Akers 9 Best: R. Bell, L. Cronk, R. Normington Award: Kate Elliott


Team. GS: Fiona Purvis. GA: Jessica Armstrong. WA, WD: Molly Jarvie. WA, C: Judy Watts. WD, GK: Emily Aldous. C, WD, GD: Ruby O’Dwyer. GD, GK: Deborah Schickerling. GA, GD, GK: Kim Slavin. NS, C: Jordan Watts. ■ Firstly, I'd just like to congratulate the CGrade girls for making it this far into the season undefeated. That streak may have ended on the weekend but we can't have it all. It was a great game by the Tigers, contesting every ball, moving well and passing appropriately. Unfortunately, Belgrave were just that bit better on the day. Last time we met, the Tigers won by just two goals. We will definitely see Belgrave again during the finals and we all hope that we can come away with the win. We look forward to facing Powelltown this week, as last time we met we came away with a 23 goal win. C-Grade will look to improve even more during the week and really put everything on the court when we face Powelltown. Great job girls, keep up the good work. Belgrave 39 def Yea 27 Goals: F. Purvis 19, J. Armstrong 5, K. Slavin 3. Best: D Schickerling, R O'Dwyer, F Purvis

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 43

Local Paper Scoreboard E-Mail:


Team. GS, GA:Alicia O’Connor. GS, GA: Amy Smith-Jones. C: Harriet Vlamis. C, WD: Tessa Walton. WD, GD: Kate Broadway. GDm GK: Leisa Peters. GD, GK: Sarah Lobley. NS, GS: Molly Toulson. WA: Ebony Keenan. ■ D-Grade was first cab off the rank against Belgrave and ended up the only Yea victors for the day. The last encounter between these two sides resulted in a draw so it was going to be anyone's game. Yea made a fantastic start to the game in the first quarter, bolting out to an 8-2 goal quarter time lead. Over the next two quarters Belgrave chipped away at the lead, making the most of any Yea errors to eventually take the lead and head the Tigers 18-15 at the last break. Coach Schickerling urged her players to work hard and they rewarded her with the first five goals of the last quarter to regain the lead by two goals. The game went goal for goal from that point on and it was a controlled Yea side that held on for the one-goal win. Yea sits in second position on the ladder, two points behind leaders Yarra Glen. Next weekend the Tigers can almost cement their top three position if they can defeat fifth-placed Powelltown. Yea 24 def Belgrave 23 Goals: A. O'Connor 14, A. Smith Jones 10. Best: S. Lobley, A. O'Connor, T. Walton. Award: Harriet Vlamis and Ebony Keenan. - Cindy Hayes


■ The Tigers ventured to Nagambie to take on Tabilk in a danger game for the Yea side with six regulars unavailable. The day was fine but the lazy breeze made for a chilly game.After a scratchy start Wischer finally put the Tigers on the board,followed by one to Wilsmore after a strong mark in the goal square. Both sides were having difficulty with the tricky breeze,making for untidy footy until strong leads and marks to Wischer and Firmin resulted in goals. Quarter-time: Yea 4.2 (26) to Tabilk 0. 1 (1). Kicking against the wind , Turvey goaled early but it was Tabilk who were to dominate the rest of the second quarter. Great tackling pressure from Muller, Hildebrand and J. Harding allowed runners in Charles and Z Harry to clear from defence but the Tigers battled to go beyond the centre.Halftime: Yea 5.2 (32) to Tabilk 3.2 (20). Tabilk were giving the Tigers a run for their money and a big lift was required ,and again it was Firmin and Wischer,who would get the Tigers off to a great start with a couple of long goals.McMaster was coming into the play and after a near miss kicked truly for the Tigers third in the term. The backmen were continuing their excellent defensive pressure to limit their opponents opportunities. J Harry slotted through a clever goal just before the final break to give the boys some breathing space going into the last term. 3/4time: Yea 9.9 (63) to Tabilk 4.3 927). Kicking against the wind the battle was far from over,but Turvey and Wischer had other ideas putting the game out of Tabilk’s reach in the opening minutes. Wilsmore , who was the dominant ruckman on the day chimed in for his second,then another two to Firmin capped of a good day for the Yea boys . Final scores: Yea 14.10 (94) to Tabilk 5.4 (34) A big team effort by the boys without any standout performances,but very pleasing to seeJ




Wilsmore,Wischer, Charles, Firmin and Gilbee amongst the best. Firmin and Wischer 4 each,Turvey and Wilsmore 2 each, McMaster and J Harry, 1each. - Jack McMaster

two goals. Caitlyn made great leads and presented well around the ring. Teagan and Ebony rebounded strongly and the teams passing improved this quarter. Vivi was a great back up to Caitlyn who tapped in a loose ball which resulted in Jordan W shooting a goal. All the girls played well but Tabilk managed to come away with the win. Final Score: 28-17. Royal Mail Award : Teagan Britton. Tiger Bucks Award : Jordan Watts and Ebony Edge - Michelle Dolman

Q2. Starting off the second quarter fired up, the girls have had to work hard. Millie (WD) did a fantastic job against her tall opponent. Chloe (GA)and Bridie H (GS) did well, getting the ball down to our goal. Ashley(WA) led to the ball well. All with big smiles as they came off the court, even though the low score. Yea 4,Tabilk 17/ Q3. Nice passing between Millie (WA) and Tilley(C). Chloe was intercepting well. Madeline was getting some nice rebounds. Bridie H (GA) did a great job trying her hardest to get the girls to bring the ball down to her. Millie (WA) was winning the ball this quarter. Bridie Mc (GS) kept everyone on their toes. Yea 4, Tabilk 22 Q4. Chloe (GS) had a fantastic game. Ashlee (C) was keen to keep the game fast flowing, with some high leaping. Time slipped away with no score in the final quarter but the girls were still smiling and should be happy with their ever improving skills. Awards. Royal Mail: Chloe. Tiger Bucks: Millie - Kay Granter


■ After the previous week’s loss to St Mary’s, the Tigers needed to get that winning feeling back as they took on Tabilk at Nagambie. The game started with a highly contested ball and it was Tabilk to strike first before Rhys Harding, playing in front took a good grab followed by a high fly from Tyson Garlick who brought the ball to ground as Riley Francombe swept it up and kicked our first. Yea 1.0 (6) - Tabilk 1.1 (7), but Tabilk were too quick on the outside nabbing a two-goal lead into the long break. This brought changes from the coach at half-time seeing our Tigers fight back with two unanswered goals in the third bringing it back to a one point game. Tabilk answered with a quick goal at the start of the final quarter then Yea hit back with one of their own. Tabilk continued to press forward and with a minute to go Riley Slevin went on a courageous run from the back pocket to halfforward being in what seemed like every team mate putting their bodies on the line to create his route only for Tabilk to lock it up just before the siren. A thrilling game to watch that could of gone either way. Tabilk 4.5 (29) defeated Yea 4.2 (26) Goalkickers: R.Francombe 2, R.Slevin 2 Memorable moments: Seeing the communication and trust to put the ball into their captains hand as every player up the line knew their only chance to win was to shield his run up the ground and it nearly paid off. - Greg Philpot


■ Its was -2 degrees when the U10 Tiger Train arrived in Nagambie early Sunday morning; the sun fought hard and was able to warm things up to at least positive figures before we finished. For the first time this season we didn't have the more abundant numbers so the Blues rotated some of theirs through to help us out. This weeks training focus on team work and linkage passages of play was evident against the bigger more physical opposition. Awards this week: Tom White (TigerBucks Award), Sam Charles (TigerBucks Award), William Granter (Klinge Klincher Award), Riley Philpot (MisterMinute Award), Ebony Ockwell (Royal Mail Hotel Meal Award).


■ The girls travelled to Nagambie to take on Tabilk. Caitlyn played a great quarter in C and covered the court well. Jordan W and Hannah B worked well together in goals. It was a close first quarter. Both sides worked hard but Tabilk managed to get a two-goal lead by the end of the quarter. Tabilk 8, Yea 6. The defensive pressure from both sides was tight so there were many held balls called. Teagan and Ebony swapped defending positions in hope this would stop the Tabilk shooter, who held well, from getting her hands on the ball. They both got many deflects. Yea improved this quarter but Tabilk still managed to keep the lead. 17-12. The Tigers passing was letting them down this quarter so to gain some control they opted on lots of short strong passes. Jordyn O and Hannah C played strongly in the mid court helping Sophie bring the ball down the court. Tabilk’s defenders were strong making our goalers work hard for every ball. This resulted with Yea only scoring 1 goal. 22-13 Yea started well this quarter scoring the first


■ 1st Quarter. Yea, with the centre pass, got the ball down easily to their goal end, missing the rebounds but found a way to score the first goal. Great intercepting by Melody (C) and helped Yea to score another goal. Abby’s (GS) shooting was on form with Maggie (GA) also scoring some great goals. Yea 6 to Tabilk 3. 2nd Quarter. Melody stayed as centre for the second quarter, doing a great job with intercepts and pressure. An awesome intercept by Maggie (GA) but lost it to a replay ball in the goal ring. Ruby (GD), Holly (WD), Jordyn (WA) and Melody worked hard to get the ball down to our goalers Maggie and Abby to score a few more goals. Yea 11 to Tabilk 10. 3rd Quarter. Yea's intercepting was in top form, turning the ball over for Yea to add more goals to the score. Tabilk put the pressure on and didn't make it easy for our girls. A bad fall from Abby kept her out for the rest of the game and saw Cassy step in as GS. Yea 17 to Tabilk 13. 4th Quarter. No changes this quarter, the girls pushed on playing for injured Abby. Maggie tripped and hurt her hand but soldered on to play the rest of the game out. Yea put the pressure on and prevented Tabilk from not adding too many goals. It was a tough game but Yea was able to come home with a win. Final Score: Yea 23 def Tabilk 16 Awards. Royal Mail: Ruby O'Dwyer. Tiger Bucks: Melody Ross - Grace Cunningham


■ 1st Quarter. Round 10 saw Yea travel to Alex on Friday night to play at the indoor stadium. From the blow of the first whistle the game started hard and fast. The girls moved the ball well down the court resulting in sharp shooting by Olivia and Remi. Great defending by Emma and Sarah, Alex kept scoreless for the quarter. 2nd Quarter. Yea were looking for another great quarter. Plenty of turnovers from both sides and the ball was going back and forth, both teams hoping to capture a goal. Lily worked well in centre and Grace showed solid defending on the wing. Half-time score: Yea 10, Alex 2. 3rd Quarter. Yea needed to keep the pressure on Alex this quarter. Lily and Shanae worked well on the wing with great defending and intercepts. Girls were communicating and passing the ball beautifully. Alex girls applied the pressure as well resulting in goals and the gap closes going into the last quarter. 4th Quarter. Alex came out fighting and with a few quick goals Yea were feeling the heat. Yea defenders continued their great work, the last few minutes were nerve racking but Yea manages to hang on for the win. Congratulations to all of the girls on an exciting close game, hopefully your good form can continue for the remaining rounds. Final Score: Yea 14 def Alex 12 Awards. Royal Mail Voucher : Lily Und. Tiger Bucks:Shanae Baker - Jacqui Canton


■ Q1. Even with a frosty start to the game, the girls started the game positively, making some clear calling amongst team members. Madeline doing well as GK passing well to Tilley (GD). Bridie Mc (C) making fast centre passes to Chloe (GA) with great eye contact. Terrific first goal to Chloe keeping spirits high. Yea 1,


■ The A-Grade Competition resulted in a close match in Semi- Finals night on June 21. Eventually Doreen (Bruno Ciminelli/Riley Brennan) were defeated by Kinglake (James Kempen/ Mark Fitzpatrick) 2-3. In the Grand Final played on June 28, Broadford team (Les Parker/Sharon Fitzpatrick) edged out the Kinglake team 3-2, where the crucial doubles match was also won by Broadford in a close tussle 3-2. The Fitzpatricks were on opposing sides, so one of them had to be a champion. A-Grade leading player was Todd Clark. In the B-Grade Semi-Final, the Marlins (Peter Drofenik/Christian Esposito) ran out clear winners with a 4-1 victory over the Blue Fins (Christian Piro/Gil Lalanne). Unfortunately, Christian Esposito broke his wrist last week and was unable to play, so the Barracudas (Anita Gottwalt/Vasco Natevski) won the Grand Final on a forfeit by the Marlins. We wish Christian a speedy recovery. Leading Player in BGrade was Peter Drofenik. The C-Grade Final was played between the Lions team (Michael Peters/Sharon Lettey) and the Leopards (Jake Holding/Sebastian Esposito). Once again we had a close encounter with the Lions coming out winners by 3-2 games. Leading Player in C-Grade was Michael Peters. Practice and Grading nights will be held for all prospective players - existing members and any new players who wish to join in the fun - on Wednesday, July 5 and 12, starting 7.30pm. The Winter Season will commence on July 19 at the Chandler Pavilion, Whittlesea Showgrounds. For further details, call Les on 0419 466 018. Website: - Ian Staff


■ John Tanner gave the field another hiding at Yea Golf Club on Saturday. For the second week in a row John scored 41 stableford points to be the winner of the daily competition. Kevin Coghlan won the club award last week but had a huge turnaround to be second with 40 points from Jeff Aurisch, 38 and Mick Spagnolo 35. Johnathan Fisher was NTP on the 2nd and Bruice Kindred comfortably took out the club ward. On Wednesday, Jeff Auirisch won the day with 37 points from Rob O'Hallooran on 36. Rob did provide the highlight of the day with three successive chip ins on the 8th, 9th and 10th holes. Gary Pollard was NTP on the 18th. The summer eclectic completion has been finalised and Mick Spagnolo was the star performer winning the scratch and the handicap sections. He recorded 13 birdies and 5 pars for a scratch score of 57 to win by 3 from Alan Pell on 60. Mick's nett score of 52 was the best by 2.5 from Jeff Aurisch on 54.5. - Gary Pollard

Page 44 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Local Paper Scoreboard E-Mail:


■ The AFLYarra Ranges League Round 11 of the 2017 season last Saturday and the Rebels had the bye after having played the three top sides in the last three weeks. Club Patrons enjoyed the Club's hospitality with a three-course luncheon and entertainment for Patrons' Day. Thank you to all of our patrons, sponsors of our vouchers and product for the raffle and auction, suppliers of our food, and all of our Club volunteers that assisted to ensure the day ran smoothly. The Club is also making progress with Stage 1 of the Reserve Development, the two new netball courts and lighting completed and the coaches' boxes all under construction, earthworks around the courts also under way. Stage 1 is costing $300,000 with funding of $95,000 obtained through the Country Football Netball Program and the Club supplying the balance of $200,000 in funds. Stage 2 will see construction of a building with change rooms, toilets, showers and storage adjoining the netball courts. The area has been pegged out, the building and planning permits obtained, awaiting completion of the funding agreements before works can start. This stage will also cost $300,000 with funding of $95,000 successfully applied for by Council with the Club again supplying the balance of $200,000 in funds to complete this stage of the Development. Stage 3 involves construction of a multi-purpose building and stage 4 will see an oval lighting upgrade. The Club continues to raise funds through a




range of projects and is appreciative of the support of NAB Alexandra which has provided much needed funds through their referral program and more recently, the Bendigo Bank Marysville has also joined the Club with their referral program. The Club's recycling project also continues with everyone welcome to deposit their aluminium cans in the bins at the front of the Club rooms at Rebel Park with over 1000 kilograms of cans having been recycled instead of going into landfill. This Saturday (July 8) the Rebels return to Rebel Park and host Yarra Junction for two games of football and four games of netball, the Club also hosting the 1997 senior football premiership team and the 2007 reserves football premiership team together with the past players day. Everyone is welcome to come along and join the celebrations. The Club's Slaves and Services Auction is on Saturday, July 29 so if you would like to be involved please contact Ray Steyger. Thursday's Rebel Raffles are sponsored by Holmesglen @ Eildon and Mt. Pleasant Hotel, Reddrops Foodworks / Houseboat Sales Lake Eildon, Eildon Bakery / Outdoor Education Group, Alexandra Quality Meats / Alexandra Windscreens and Yea Chinese Restaurant / Bailey Funerals. The Holmesglen @ Eildon Jackpot joker card has not been turned and so the jackpot will be worth $300 this week so come along and buy some tickets at $1 each but you need to be at the Club rooms at 8pm for the draw. Thursday night dinners have two sittings, for juniors and

then seniors after their respective training with main course and sweets - adults $15 and kids $10, everyone is welcome. Alexandrians and particularly those around the Football-Netball Club were saddened last week that Stephanie Dundas lost her courageous fight. We wish parents Robert and Sue, brothers Chris and Nathan, and the Dundas family who have been great contributors to the AFNC over the last 70-plus years, our condolences.

Humphries; Smith Family award Rohan Wilson; Coach's award Cooper Kidd. Under 16s Football Alexandra 7.13 (55) defeated Broadford 7.9 (51) Essence Coffee Lounge award Tyson Pedlar; Reddrops Foodworks award Angus Smith; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Fletcher McCarthy; Provender Country Bakehouse award Lachlan Jeffery; Bundalaguah Engineering award Jordan Laurie-Rhodes; Parsons Family award Daniel McFadzean; Coach's award Christian Hibberd. Under 14s Netball (Div 2) Alexandra 12 defeated by Yea 14 Reddrops Foodworks award Jana Andreou; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Jamie Baird; Goulburn River Trout award Maddi Hill. Thank you to Kylie Cairns and Jody Collins for umpiring on Friday night and to Mandy Gesler for coaching in Lisa Rouget's absence. A big thank you to the above award sponsors for their continued support of our junior footballers and netballers in 2017. Next weekend, the League has a general bye for the middle weekend of the school holidays. The following weekend on Sunday, July 16 the Rebels return to Rebel Park and host St.Marys for four games of football and three games of netball with the Under 14 Div 2 netball having a bye. Alexandra will be hosting Finals on Sunday, August 13 so we will need volunteers to assist with the gate, canteen, scoreboard, goal and boundary umpiring so if you can assist please speak to Ros Smith and Ray Steyger to go on the roster. - Ray Steyger

Yea Under 10 Football


■ The Alexandra Football-Netball Club junior teams travelled to Broadford last Sunday for round 10 of the 2017 season for competition in four grades of football whilst the under 14 Div 2 netballers hosted Yea on Friday night. Under 12s Football Alexandra 2.1 (13) defeated by Broadford 6.8 (44) Essence Coffee Lounge award Tommy Meggitt; Reddrops Foodworks award Will Wright; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Lachlan Armstrong; Provender Country Bakehouse award Brad Irvine; Goulburn River Trout award Daniel Bell; Armstrong Family award Ben Weeks; Hadfield Contractors award Jack Newman; Coach's award Harry Bossonnet. Under 14s Football Alexandra 3.3 (21) defeated by Broadford 14.14 (98) Essence Coffee Lounge award Jacob Bourke; Reddrops Foodworks award Bowen McCarthy; Alexandra Bakery and Café award Ben Jack; Provender Country Bakehouse award Cameron Smith; Parsons Family award Brodie

Local Sport Pictorial

Photos: Ian Porter

● Yea’s Tom White cops a tackle ... a bit high!

● Ebony Ockwell shephered by her team-mate at Nagambie

● Eyes for the ball - Aidan Santarossa

● Award winners, from left: Tom White (Tiger Bucks Award), Sam Charles (Tiger Bucks Award), William Granter (Klinge Klincher Award), Riley Philpot (Mister Minute Award), Ebony Ockwell (Royal Mail Hotel Meal Award)

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 45

Page 46 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 47

WHITTLESEA BOWLS CLUB 101 Church St, Whittlesea Phone: 97 16 1966 E-Mail: manager@whittleseabo wls. manager@whittleseabowls. wls.c


Weekly Main Course Specials and Changing Lunch Menu From $10 plus normal bistro menu Function R ooms a vailable Rooms av for y our special c elebr ation your celebr elebra BREAKF AST A VAILABLE BREAKFA AV 11am AY: 8amYS ATURD AY AND SUND EVER 8am-11am SUNDA EVERY SA TURDA Wine lis om pr emium wine gr owing dis tricts listt fr from premium gro districts

Page 48 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Metropolitan and Regional Victoria

GARNET BAILEY 5799 2007 ALL HOURS Offering a caring and professional service throughout the Mitchell and surrounding Shires A LOCAL, WHO KNOW S LOCAL NEEDS

Prices start from $2500 • Kilmor e • Br oadf or d•W allan • R omse y Kilmore Broadf oadfor ord Wallan Romse omsey • Whittlesea • Lanc efield • R omse y Lancefield Romse omsey • Nagambie • Ale xandr a •Y ea & Dis tricts Alex andra Yea Districts

The L ocal Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 49


5797 8349 Myles Rooad, Murrindindi Vic 3717 Fax: 5797 8499

Page 50 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - Page 51

Page 52 - The Local Paper - Wednesday, July 5, 2017




Opportunity Knocks! • Ripe for renovation 3 bedroom home on nearly half an Acre • Potential to sub-divide (STCA) • Open living with wood heater and split system • 4 carports, double lock up garage and concrete floors $229,000

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Landmark Harcourts Alexandra 56 Grant Street, Alexandra I 5772 3444

Yea Downsizer? Investor? First Homebuyer? Check out these quality Units in Yea Set within easy walking distance of all facilities are these well designed 3 bedroom units with ensuited bathroom to the master bedroom, open plan living and either single or double garage. Each unit has generous yard space and a shed. AVAILABLE NO W NOW OFF THE PLAN: • Development Commenced/ Oct 2017 Completion • Possible Stamp Duty Saving/ 1st Home buyers Grant • Excellent Location/Walk to all facilities in Yea • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Double/Single LU Garage • Open Plan Living • Landscaped Garden with Shed • Plans Available

w w w .landmarkhar .landmarkharcc ourts.

Landmark Har Harcc ourts Y Yee a 5 2 High SStr tr eet, Y ea I 5577 9 7 2277 9 9 treet, Yea

The Local Paper - Wed., July 5, 2017  

The Local Paper - Wed., July 5, 2017

The Local Paper - Wed., July 5, 2017  

The Local Paper - Wed., July 5, 2017