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Our Consultancy P hilosophy We believe story is the sole source of creativity, conflict, imagination, change and engagement. Since 1984 CreativeConnection has worked to close the gap between the story (narrative) you tell about what you are doing, with the story you aspire to achieve. We reveal how you can close the gap between your current reality and your future desires. As part of this process: • W  e love to listen. Listen for your unease – for your yearning – for how it is for you – for your story. • W  e love to explore the story. By ‘Story’ we mean the fundamental understanding of reality the invisible set of assumptions, images and beliefs that create the core of your organisation, teams and ourselves, that informs everything we feel, think and do. As humans we are usually unaware of this. It is simply our reality. But learning to understand and work with this concept is a way towards finding essence or coherence in complex systems. • W  e love effortlessness. The most revealing clue to authentic change is that it is essentially effortless. Effort tends to create effects contrary to your aims. If it’s hard work it’s just not designed right… effortlessness is not easy… it takes concentration and deliberate perception… it tends to change you even more than what you are trying to change. • W  e to love to be curious. Curiosity kills the CAT [Corporate Apathetic Tendency]. We love curiosity and curious people who encourage questions rather than provide answers, stimulate confusion rather than certainty, challenge the validity of dearly held beliefs. This is uncomfortable and refreshing, like a cold shower, and it can flush out some cobwebs and elephants in the room. Curiosity is the most powerful way for people to develop new skills, new knowledge and new attitudes.

• W  e love complexity. We are fascinated by the way humans make sense out of complexity. The way we relate to the infinite immensity we live in. Even the smallest situations have unchartable complex systems operating in them colliding, coinciding and challenging us to make sense out of them. The way we make mountains out of molehills, how one idea leads to another like a fractal, how our interpretation depends on the context, the language we are thinking in. There are so many dots to join and so many ways to join them. • W  e love to dream. We have a dream of the dawning of the age of Trust, Integrity, Courage, and Collaborative Creativity. Interestingly this is not in conflict with commercial values because in a jaded world people are flocking to organisations they can trust and believe in. Commercial success will correlate with a new narrative of integrity. We are dreamers but we are definitely not the only ones… we are finding more and more people who are already proving this dream.

We hope some day you’ll join us..

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Meet the Listeners ‘Only to magicians is the world forever fluid, infinitely mutable and eternally new. Only they know the secret of change. Only they know truly that all things are crouched in eagerness to become something else and it is from this universal tension that they draw their power’.

Peter Beagle – The last Unicorn Tim Casswell is the Founder of CreativeConnection and has been coaching for many decades. He brings the expertise of a poet and careful listener to his coaching. Encouraging clients to seize their opportunities for change and transformation. Jennifer La Trobe is the Founder of CreativeConnection and currently coaches a suite executives. Jennifer is also on the Faculty of the International Masters in Health Leadership at McGill University in Montreal, working with Henry Mintzberg. Jennifer is known for her ability to provide her clients with incredible clarity and insight into their situations. Clare Cheeswright has successfully coached hundreds of executives in the world of banking and mental health. Clare inspires her clients to lean in and create the conditions for courage and success.

Alan Englestad is an adjunct professor at McGill University in Montreal working with Henry Mintzberg, He is a specialist in Change.

Ruby Gill started off her facilitation career as a registered nurse working in various clinical settings around the world. Ruby identified areas of process which were in urgent need of refinement which started the next stage in her career of becoming an expert in Lean Facilitation. Vicky Long is a very skilled facilitator and has incredible insights into group dynamics and change processes. Vicky has played various roles from Actor to Artist to Company Director and has worked with many clients under the CC banner of Consultancy and Facilitation with great results.

CC Consultancy Services Although each tender proposal we create and each job we work on is unique to our client’s needs, we use our Consultancy Toolbox to aid in the process. All methods have been created and developed by Tim Casswell and Jennifer Latrobe and years of experience. Our Toolbox includes:

The Narrative Audit

The Coincidence Initiative

“The first duty of Leaders is to listen”

When we work with different levels in an organisation we find that the anxieties and aspirations are remarkably similar. We also find that different levels do not anticipate the similarities in perception and attitude. The Coincidence Initiative uses an open 360 degree approach revealing the way that yearnings coincide and thereby building a resilient co-creativity in developing new ways of working.

This process gives CC consultants insight into organisational stories (what people believe and what people talk about and act upon). The process involves active listening, Visual Minutes, collaborating on solutions and evaluations; and enabling individual, team and organisational selfsufficiency. The Narrative Audit is most valuable at times of transition (planned or emergent).

There is more on this in our ePaper on Co-creativity

• P  lanned Transition – when you seek to change structure, policy or strategy to create a new way of working. The Narrative Audit can help people align how they view the change and to prevent unwanted and unintended consequences. • U  nplanned Transition – when you are experiencing unease. Things are slipping and attempts to correct the slide have failed to have the desired impact. The Narrative Audit is extremely effective at identifying the right anxieties and aspirations to focus on and engaging everyone in a new direction. Listening is one of the most powerful and transformative interventions in any leaders strategy. There is more on this concept in our ePaper on transformative narrative.

Developmental Evaluation We believe that there is a powerful effect in evaluating strategies, projects, events and teamwork as they are happening. As part of our Developmental Evaluation Process [DEP] we create evaluation exercises at the start of an exercise or event, allowing participants to track how effective the session is for them and providing them with opportunities to get more of what they want during the event rather than when it's over. This concept can be applied to workshops / Teams / Projects / Groups and events and conferences as well as strategy progression and development.

Skills and Insight Development

Lean Consultancy

We have a unique approach to building and facilitating engaging curriculum. We start with the final step, assuming all the knowledge is already in the room and the looked for change has happened. This means we can entrust and encourage participants to bring their actual questions and their own experience to explore the answers. This pedagogical style respects adult learners.

Lean is about creating more value for customers with more efficient use of resources.

Curriculum topics include: • Sales for non-sales staff • Change management • Conflict and negotiation • Supply Chain processes • Team effectiveness • Team building

Thinking Inside the Box.. Creativity Sessions We are sometimes asked to provide provocations to help raise awareness and skills particularly in creativity and leadership. We can work with you to develop new thinking from within your organisation rather than bring in a celebrity thinker to share with you what they have shared with so many of their clients. We have a series of “The Art of…” sessions and some of the topics have been worked into ePapers: THE ART OF... Problem Formulation, Unknowing, Unreasonable Goals, Change, Innovation, Co-creativity, Naturally Effective Meetings, Team Maintenance, Decision Making, Measuring, Personal Impact and Connecting. We work with individuals, teams and organisations to explore the concepts behind these arts and how to apply them to your current situation.

At CC our Lean facilitation tool is the process of reviewing current business environments and situations with the aim of refining them to be more productive and more cost efficient. This process is not designed to facilitate staff redundancy’s but rather to revitalise existing staff and create time and space for greater productivity and creativity by eliminating bottlenecks and obstructions within the workflow. Our 4 stage LEAN process is simple: • L  istening: Learning about current company systems as well as processes and analysis of current staff skills and efficiency levels. No one knows your processes better than your staff. They know what feels like repetition or needless red tape. • E  ngaging: We feel that by engaging staff from the start of the process it avoids conflict and evokes buy in. Utilising staff input is crucial in order to avoid a ‘culture of fear’. Changes made must come from within and be owned by the front line staff. Everyone’s opinion is valid. • A  nalysis: After workshops have been conducted the information is collected and analysed and a proposal of implementation is presented. • N  ew Process: Our team work to help implement the ‘New’ leaner more efficient process leaving your organisation fitter, stronger and ready to grow.

Coaching Services Our coaching style is based on narrative and collaboration. We work with Senior Executives, Top-Level Managers, and key players who want us to refine their leadership and team skills. Less satisfied with off-the-shelf development programs, many are preferring to invest in this specialised individual focus, which can prove to be less costly, less time consuming, and yield more powerful and resilient results. There is no standard curriculum or agenda. The first step in the coaching process is the negotiation of goals, and from these goals content, frequency, structure and content of sessions is worked out. We even have an anti-coaching option specially for those who hate the idea of coaching and simply need the time and space to work things out for themselves . Our services include:

Executive Coaching The single most underestimated waste of time and energy in all human endeavours is a dysfunctional working relationship. We work with you to explore your aspiration and frustration, and to find the coherent strands that make sense of the complexity. Because different people join the dots in different ways we can explore with you the different possibilities for interpreting any situation. We can then examine the degree of choice you have in the way you understand what is really going on. We tend not to work on what you might do, but rather focus on what you understand – the way you see. Recollecting exercises enable the group to analyse symptoms and underlying contradictions in their situations, and to recognise how change can be effortless, immediate, and remarkably powerful.

SuperPower Readings with Jennifer La Trobe – CC Founder ‘You have a personal power which you do not realise you possess. You perform it effortlessly (not realising that others cannot do the same.) When you are “in the zone”, you find yourself delivering peak performance’ Jennifer Latrobe An Executive SuperPower Reading is a concept developed by Jennifer Latrobe who can reveal “that which you do that is like breathing to you”, but may often be hidden from you. The only reason you need to know your superpower is to increase the accuracy with which you can curate your life. It helps you make choices that will truly fit who you are without the time consuming process of trial and error that much of our life experiences are filled with. The process is a two hour interview with Jennifer after which you receive an audio recording summarising the session and a visual representation of the journey and a debrief session to discuss how to apply this knowledge to your current circumstances. Right: Example SuperPower debrief Image.

Soul Pampering / Self Brand Advisory Council This is an unusual idea that is a perfect gift for someone who has everything. It is an intensive make-over programme for people at a transition. We bring together a specially selected advisory council – Life Narrative Coaches, Strategic Coaches, Artists, Style Coaches, Performance Coaches and other specialists to focus for a day on you and your expression of yourself, each session is designed from scratch with you and tailored to work from the inside out and the outside in. Rather special and very intensive but exactly right for the right person at the right moment.

Skype / Remote Coaching: With our busy schedules a face to face meeting is not always possible. As part of the CC Coaching Services we offer schedule Skype meetings with our highly sought after international coaches. This avoids travel taking up your time and you can pick an environment that is most conducive for your focus. CC have four coaches who all have decades of experience across many sectors. Tim Casswell is the Founder of CreativeConnection and has been coaching for many decades. He brings the expertise of a poet and careful listener to his coaching. Encouraging clients to seize their opportunities for change and transformation. Clare Cheeswright has successfully coached hundreds of executives in the world of banking and mental health. Clare inspires her clients to lean in and create the conditions for courage and success.

Jennifer La Trobe is the Founder of CreativeConnection and currently coaches a suite executives. Jennifer is also on the Faculty of the International Masters in Health Leadership at McGill University in Montreal, working with Henry Mintzberg. Jennifer is known for her ability to provide her clients with incredible clarity and insight into their situations. Alan Englestad is an adjunct professor at McGill University in Montreal working with Henry Mintzberg. He is a specialist in Change.

All Coaching services can be booked via the CC International Booking Team email or call +44 (0) 782 7013 191. Please note Skype / Remote Coaching sessions can be booked for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours in length.

Speakers Bureau / Inspirational Speaking Tim and Jennifer (the Founders of CreativeConnection) are great motivational speakers and can offer a range of inspirational talks around all ‘THE ART OF... series of ePapers as well as: THE ART OF... Identifying the most useful problem, Changing your belief, knowing what you know, Unknowing, Unreasonable Goals, Change, Innovation, co-creativity, Naturally effective meetings, Transformative Narrative, Team Maintenance, Decisions Making, Measuring Transformation, Personal Impact. At CC we also offer inspirational speakers with a difference. Speakers who are creators and have merged their creative skills to help understand the corporate day to day for example:

 icky Long is an V actor, playwright and director and brings this perspective to address the issues of individual and team performance. Her talk “All the world’s a stage…” brings inspiring and insightful ideas for leaders to play with.

I solde Godfrey is a performance artist who specialises in narrative pieces. She can insight reflection in a completely different way – “thinking deeper”.

Jessica Simpson is a Marketer with a wealth of experience in teaching organisations how to improve their marketing performance and skills. Popular talks include ‘Successful business means everyone’s marketer’ and ‘Digital Power and how to use it’ as well as ‘Working Mothers – A Business Force’ and ‘Flexibility the key to Employee Happiness’.

Dann Casswell is one of the Directors of CC. Prior to working for CC, he worked for the BBC, writing and producing content and managing key projects for BBC Outreach as well as supporting the Southwest’s BBC Children in Need team.

To book one of our speakers for your next event please contact the CC International Booking Team via email: or call +44 (0) 782 7013191

The School of Unknowing The School of Unknowing is a very effective way of exploring ideas / concepts and stories and allows those in the room to bond / think deeper and connect on a deeper level. It also creates an environment for answers to be found from within encouraging buy-in and ownership of any actions required to change current stories / situations / cultures. In its essence it is ‘an inward bound adventure programme for the development of creative intuition’. A school of unknowing is founded on the following 14 principles: 1. Cutting your own firewood warms you twice 2. Most effective solutions are achieved by those who created them 3. Guiding others is the key to most surely learn the way 4. Reinvention is the key to ownership of the wheel 5. Most human accomplishments are achieved through not-doing and incompetence 6. Most human development is achieved through not-being and insignificance 7. Most human wisdom is achieved through not-knowing and ignorance 8. Working harder creates effects contrary to your aims (Effortlessness is the hallmark of real change) 9. Effective change processes begin with the last step 10. Failing more is the key to success 11. Deep ends make most effective learning environments 12. Nothing of any importance is solved finally and forever 13. The more we know the more we limit what can be 14. Knowledge addiction can seriously damage your creative intuition

The school of unknowing has no pre-packaged shrink-wrapped solutions. Every question is addressed as if for the first time. All existing beliefs and assumptions are challenged. All ideas are questioned in the scrutiny of personal experience. All proposals are tried and tested in practical real play situations. No stone is left unturned Given the nature of the programme it is most suited to dealing with exceptional questions, unusual problems, overwhelming challenges, intractable situations, immovable issues and impossible dreams, but it is powerful as a tool to generate creative thinking on smaller issues that may appear to be ordinary and obvious. To select a suitable quest for your team or organisations School of Unknowing consider the following questions: • W  hat burning question would you most like to find an answer to? • What complex problem would you most like to find a solution to? • What overwhelming challenge would you most like to find a strategy for? • What complicated situation would you most like to find a way through? • What intractable issues would you most like to find an innovative intervention for? • What miraculous difference would you most like to make? • What impossible dream would you most like to realise?

Admittedly this style may not be for everyone – but it is proven to work and work well. Those who have been brave enough to try this method have been amazed. CC run these sessions for organisations but also run School of Unknowing events through the year gathering individuals to discuss key topics – if you would like to be invited to one of these events please email

Client Testimonials ‘Tim Casswell and team really helped us to explore our own team’s full potential and vision through a facilitated and visualised session. It’s a unique and valuable experience to work with Tim’s insightful ear, eye and drawing hand!’

Tim Allen / Head of Workplace Strategy EMEA / CBRE ‘CreativeConnection bring the perfect balance of facilitation and illustration. Tim and Vicky bring the room to life with their energy and the team's ideas to life with their creativity. The assets produced accurately portray and dramatise the thinking as it happens in real time which is then complemented with a robust write up and accompanying notes. A real pleasure to work with and a real delight to surprise your clients with!’

Jez Groom, Ogilvy Change ‘The ten of us were together for less than three hours, but we probably learnt more about each other in that time and will have a better recollection of the event than would be the case for any other facilitation or record taking technique I can think of.‘

Matthew Hall, CIPR

‘Jennifer and her team were an excellent resource to creating a larger vision with our Client Experience Program. We touch over 2000 clients everyday delivering health care services. The facilitation and engagement process was carefully crafted to ensure that all parties had input and most importantly “buy in”. I would recommend Jennifer and her team to help create a vision and the process to make it happen.’

Sherry Hnatyshyn-Webster, Area Director RN ‘I wanted to update you on some news.... I have accepted a position with the University of Toronto, Faculty of Pharmacy as a Director of Implementation for the Pharmacy Management and Innovation Centre. My role will be to develop the strategy, content and model for this new concept, find a Chair for the Centre and communicate all of this to the pharmacy world!!! Isn't that awesome? I want to thank Jennifer for her work on my superpower and feedback during a time when I needed the positive feedback. Her creative approach to describing her thoughts and comments blew me away. I hope I can proudly, confidently and consistently meet my own expectations, apply what I have learned about myself to this new challenge .... and successfully take this next step. You helped me be ready. Thank you. This was not easy work.’

Susanne Priest, Director of Implementation, University of Toronto

‘I guess I was struck by the care thought and intuition that you so generously applied to our conversations. How incredibly powerful it is when someone can take what looks like unconnected personal data points, and reflect them back in such a genuine and pay-it-forward way’.

Nick about SuperPower identification ‘I just wanted to say that I thought the mind map/ illustration capturing the insights from yesterday’s session was a masterpiece’

John Leach / Director, Winning Pitch

‘You’re such a professional team. You all made us feel really welcome and encouraged us to think about internal comms in an entirely new way. I for one have been thinking about who I listen to and why. This insight will be hugely valuable in encouraging staff to listen to messages – and help staff visualise them more’.

Helen Theofanous, NHS London ‘The “Express” visual communication technique Tim and his artists guided us through would be a fabulous tool for anyone facing a culture change, project kick off or team building challenge.

Matthew Hall, CIPR

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Transformative Consultancy  
Transformative Consultancy  

We believe story is the sole source of creativity, conflict, imagination, change and engagement. Since 1984 CreativeConnection has worked to...