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Time to tuck in... WITH TOP CHEFS


20TH-22ND MAY 2022



Cooking live at Foodies Top chefs cook their favourite recipes in the Fisher & Paykel Chefs Theatre. Register for free entry at the Registration Desk. Tickets are released throughout the day and subject to availability.

CHICKPEA & AVOCADO SMASH BURGERS Serves 4 800g tinned chickpeas 1 tbsp smoked paprika 1 tbsp ground coriander ½ tsp garlic granules or powder 2 tbsp tomato purée Juice of 2 limes 1 tbsp olive oil 1 avocado Extras Buns (I use gluten-free) Vegan mayo Lettuce

l Preheat the oven to 220°C. Drain and rinse the chickpeas, add to a large bowl and mash thoroughly with a potato masher or fork. Add the spices, garlic granules, tomato purée, juice of 1 of the limes, olive oil

and a generous pinch of salt and pepper and mix. Shape into 4 patties, place on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake for 20 minutes. l Meanwhile, peel the avocado and add to a bowl along with the juice of the other lime and a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Mash together with a fork. l Remove the burgers from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes (this helps them to firm up). l Serve in buns (gluten-free if you want) with a spreading of vegan mayo, some lettuce and the avocado smash.

JAMES WYTHE is a professional food blogger and health coach. See James in the Chefs Theatre on Sunday 1st May at 5pm

Healthy Living James: Over 80 delicious gluten-free and dairy-free recipes ready in minutes by James Wythe (£20.00, Headline) is out now. 2 foodies

TOMATOES WITH STEAK & WILD SALSA VERDE Serves 2 For the salsa verde 50g sorrel 25g rocket or bittercress 25g spinach or chickweed 25g mint leaves 25g parsley or ground elder 25g spring onions 2 garlic cloves 40g drained capers 1 tsp salt 1 tsp sugar 3 tsps Dijon mustard 100ml olive oil cider vinegar For the rest 250g mixed tomatoes Olive oil Handful of chives 2 steaks, 150–200g each l For the salsa verde, finely

chop the herbs, spring onions, garlic and capers and put in a bowl. Add the salt, sugar and mustard and stir to combine. Pour in the olive oil and then add a tablespoon of vinegar, stir and taste, adding more vinegar until you get the balance between oil and vinegar that you like. Adjust the seasoning – adding more sugar or salt if necessary. You want it to be sharp and zingy, but not eye wateringly so. Will keep in the fridge for up to 3 days, stored in a sealed jar. l Slice your tomatoes and lay them out in a serving dish. Drizzle with olive oil, and snip

over the chives. Season with salt and a little pepper. l Cook the steaks on a barbecue or in a grill pan on the hob. Get the pan really hot. Season the steaks really well (but don’t use oil as you will just fill your kitchen with smoke) and put them in the hot pan or over the coals. Cook for

2–3 minutes each side – you want them to be charred on the outside but still pink and luscious inside. Leave them to rest for 5–10 minutes, then serve with the tomatoes, salsa verde and a really good glass of red wine.

KATE HUMBLE is a TV presenter best known for Springwatch, Animal Park and Escape to the Farm. See Kate in the Chefs Theatre on Friday 20th May at 2pm Home Cooked by Kate Humble is published by Gaia (£25). Photography is by Andrew Montgomery


SMOKED BACON, CARAMELISED ONION & RED LEICESTER TART Serves 4 – 6 150g smoked bacon lardons 150g red onions 150g Red Leicester cheese 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp caster sugar 1 tbsp olive oil Salt & pepper 180ml whole milk 180ml double cream 3 large eggs 1 pack shortcrust pastry l Heat an oven to 180°C fan.

Line a loose bottom tart tin with shortcrust pastry. Top with baking paper and baking 4 foodies

beads and blind bake for 15 minutes or so. Remove the paper and beans and cook for a further 15 minutes until light golden brown. l In a frying pan over a medium heat, cook the bacon lardons until cooked through but not crispy. l Finely slice the red onions. In a saucepan over a medium heat, gently sweat the red onions in olive oil, with a pinch of salt, for 15 minutes. Add the balsamic vinegar and sugar, and simmer on low for a further 10 minutes until sweet and sticky.

l Whisk together the eggs,

whole milk, and double cream. Season with a pinch of salt. Scatter the cheese, bacon, and onions over the tart base, and then cover with the egg mixture. Bake at 180°C fan for 20 to 25 minutes, or until set.

THOMAS FRAKE was the Champion of MasterChef 2020. See Thomas in the Chefs Theatre on Saturday 21st May at 1pm


TERIYAKI-GLAZED SIRLOIN For the teriyaki glaze 500ml beef stock 1 star anise 1 tsp Sichuan peppercorns 4 tbsp dark brown sugar 5 tbsp mirin 5 tbsp sake 5 tbsp dark soy sauce 500g sirloin, in one piece 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1 tsp sea salt 2 spring onions, very thinly sliced 4 tsp sesame seeds l Preheat the oven to 200°C. Pour the

stock into a pan and add the star anise and Sichuan peppercorns. Bring to the boil and leave to simmer for 20–30 minutes, until the liquid has reduced considerably. You should end up with about 50–100ml concentrated beef stock. Strain and discard the spices. l Mix the stock with the remaining glaze ingredients and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer for 10 minutes and then remove from the heat. l Place a griddle or frying pan over a high heat until it is smoking hot. Meanwhile rub the sirloin with the vegetable oil and season with sea salt. When the pan is really hot, place the beef, fat side down, in the pan and leave for 2–3 minutes. Turn and sear for 2 minutes on all other sides. l Place the beef in a roasting tin and cook in the oven for 12–15 minutes, then remove and allow to rest. After 15 minutes, add the resting juices to the teriyaki glaze. l Slice the beef into thin slices, arrange on a plate and pour over the teriyaki glaze. Scatter over the sliced spring onions and sesame seeds and serve.

DHRUV BAKER was the winner of MasterChef 2010. See Dhruv in the Chefs Theatre on Saturday 21st May and Sunday 22nd May

SPICE: Layers of Flavour

by Dhruv Baker, published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson, £25 foodies 5


ARCTIC CHARR, LARCH NEEDLE SOUR CREAM AND EARLY SUMMER VEGETABLES Serves 4 1 fillet of charr or other firm white fish, 800g to 1kg in weight. 8-10g salt For the larch needle sour cream 250ml double cream 10-15 ml vinegar – we use white wine vinegar infused with larch needles but plain white wine vinegar will work too. Salt to taste For the early summer vegetables 1 tsp Dijon mustard 15ml elderflower cordial 15ml white wine vinegar 100ml of neutral cooking oil like sunflower or vegetable Salt to taste A selection of whatever green vegetables are around, eg broad beans, spring onions, artichokes, asparagus. l Start by salting the fish.

Weigh the fillet and calculate 1% of its weight. Measure that amount of salt and sprinkle evenly over whole piece. This will draw out a little moisture, tighten up the flesh and season the fish at the same time. Leave to sit in the fridge 6 foodies

like this for at least one hour. Portion into 4 even pieces. l Prepare your vegetables by podding the beans, trimming the spring onions/asparagus and removing the heart from the artichokes. If you can’t get hold of any of the above feel free to substitute with courgettes, mange tout or even tender stem broccoli. We want the finished vegetables to be in bite sized pieces. l Blanch the vegetables (minus the spring onion) in boiling water until they are a vibrant green but still al dente and then drop them into iced water to prevent them cooking further. Drain on kitchen paper. l Make your dressing next. Spoon the mustard into a bowl with the cordial and the vinegar and whisk together thoroughly. Whilst still whisking, slowing pour in the oil to emulsify into a smooth dressing. Season to taste and put to one side. l Next, add the vinegar to the cream and whisk to soft peaks. You want the cream to remain smooth but hold its shape when spooned onto the plate. Again, season with a pinch of salt. l Set up a stove-top steamer and turn the heat on to medium. Once it’s steaming,

add the pieces of fish and put the lid back on. Set a timer for 5 minutes. l Place a frying pan on the heat and let it get hot before adding the spring onions. We are looking for them to burn slightly so don’t add any oil or worry if it’s a little smoky. Once they have a little charring on them, remove the pan from the heat and add the rest of the vegetables. Make sure to move them around so that they warm up but don’t take on any colour. l Check the fish, it should be firm and white all the way through, no longer translucent. Remove from the steamer and put on plates ready to serve. l Toss the vegetables in the elderflower dressing, season if needed and arrange neatly on the plate alongside the fish. l Finish with a dollop of the soured cream and serve.

MARK MCCABE is the Head Chef and Co-Owner of The Ethicurean Restaurant. See Mark in the Chefs Theatre on Saturday 21st May at 12pm


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ESPRESSO FROZEN PARFAIT, CHOCOLATE SOUP Serves 1 For the coffee parfait 115g espresso 85g sugar 1 sheet gelatine 100g egg yolk 285g double cream For the Kahlua jelly 10 sheets gelatine 340g Kahlua 115g sugar 340g hot coffee For the chocolate and almond crumb 115g ground almonds 85g plain flour 85g demerara sugar 100g cubed butter 60g cocoa powder For the chocolate soup 100g milk 60g double cream 30g milk chocolate 15g sugar For the cocoa butter shell 50g white chocolate 250g cocoa butter 8 foodies

l For the coffee parfait, soak

gelatine in cold water until soft. Cook sugar and espresso to 118°C. Add the gelatine and pour onto the egg yolks and whisk until thick and fluffy. Whip the double cream to soft peaks. Fold in the cream, mould the mixture into silicone moulds and freeze. Once set cut into 2cm square cubes. l For the Kalhua jelly, soak gelatine in cold water until soft, squeeze out excess water and add into a bowl with the sugar and coffee stir until all the gelatine as dissolved. Stir in the Kahlua. Poor into a shallow dish and refrigerate. l For the chocolate and almond crumb, preheat oven to 180°C. Mix all ingredients in mixer with a paddle attachment until crumbly. Pour mixture onto a baking sheet lined with parchment and bake for 12 minutes. l For the chocolate soup, boil the milk, cream and sugar. Poor mixture onto chopped

chocolate. Mix with hand blender till smooth. Keep in fridge, warm before serving. l For the cocoa butter shell, warm until chocolate has melted. Blend mixture until smooth. Remove the parfaits from silicone moulds. Dip parfaits into the mixture, let excess drip off place back into the freezer until you are ready to serve. l To assemble, spoon a generous amount of the chocolate crumb on the bottom of the plate. Place 3 parfaits on top of the crumb. Sprinkle a generous amount of Kahlua jelly around. Warm the chocolate and poor into a jug – this can be poured at the table.

DAN BOWDEN is the head chef of The Bay Hotel, Coverack. See Dan in the Chefs Theatre on Friday 20th May at 1pm.


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a drop more milk. l Dust a surface with flour and

350g gluten free self-raising flour 2 tsp gluten free baking powder 1 tbsp caster sugar ½ tsp xanthan gum ½ tsp fine salt 100g unsalted butter 120ml semi-skimmed milk 2 medium eggs (plus 1 egg for glazing) 100g raisins, optional l Preheat oven to 200ºC (fan)

and line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. l Take a large mixing bowl and combine the flour, baking powder, sugar, xanthan gum and salt. l Cut the butter into small cubes and then add to the mixing bowl. Rub the butter into the flour mix with your hands, to produce a breadcrumb-like mixture. Add the raisins to the mixture if you want to make fruity scones l Add the eggs and milk to the mixture gradually, stirring to combine as you go. You will probably need to get your hands in there again to get a nice pliable dough. If it is sticky, add a bit more flour. If it is dry and breaking apart, add 10 foodies

then press the dough out with your hands or a rolling pin, until it is around 3cm thick. Scones do not rise much when baked so cut them fairly thick, rather than creating little thin disks. l Cut into rounds using a 6-8cm cookie cutter (dust the cutter with a little flour before each press, to reduce the risk of sticking). You should end up with 12 scones. l Place the scones on the greaseproof paper, brush the tops a little beaten egg (from the extra glazing egg). l Bake for 10-12 minutes, until risen and golden. Eat straight away or allow to cool and freeze for later use. Serve with jam and clotted cream for the full English gluten free afternoon tea experience.

LAURA STRANGE runs the blog My Gluten Free Guide, See Laura in the Chefs Theatre on Sunday 22nd May at 2pm


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masterchef champions

Join MasterChef champs and finalists in the Chefs Theatre as they demo their fabulous recipes. Champions Thomas Frake and Dhruv Baker show off the skills that shot them to the top, while fan favourite PhilliArmitage Mattin, finalist on MasterChef: The Professionals 2020, shares one of her favourite recipes.

Be it ever so Humble There’s no place like home for Kate Humble, whose latest book, Home Cooked, showcases some of her favourite recipes from her Welsh farm. Try her delicious steak recipe on p.x, and see Kate in the Chefs Theatre on Friday 20th May at 2pm.

dancing diva Catch up with the Kitchen Disco’s own Sophie Ellis Bextor, who raised over one million pounds for Children in Need last year with her 24-hour danceathon. The Foodies favourite returns to boogie on the main stage with a setlist full of her classic hits on Sunday 22nd May.

SIP, SIP HOORAY! Join the brilliant Tom Surgey for a series of wine tastings across the weekend in our Drinks Theatre. Tom is one of the Three Wine Men alongside Oz Clarke and Olly Smith. If wine isn’t your thing, try beer with Gritchie Brewing or gin with Cantium. For those who prefer to keep things non-alcoholic, Rawlicious and Blighty Booch Kombucha have got you covered.

Live a Littlepod

After launching their innovative vanilla paste at Foodies Festivals in 2010, Littlepod returns as the proud sponsor of the Cake & Bake Theatre twelve years on. A true British success story from entrepreneur Janet Sawyer, join host Charlotte White as she shows off just how versatile Littlepod’s range can be in the kitchen.

Axe-ing the question Try your hand at a bit of axe throwing at the Timberjacks stand, where older kids and grownups can live out their lumberjack fantasies. Find out whether you’ve got a hidden talent you never knew about – maybe you, too, could be chopping down trees in the Rockies! foodies 13


Discover a selection of the exciting producers and brands exhibiting at our series of shows across the country

speciality producer based in the heart of Etna lands where we source all of our ingredients for the best quality possible.


ATOMIC SAUCES LTD We are selling tropical pina collada.

AMOR At Amor we sell only the freshest, off the iron waffles loaded with delicious toppings of your choice! We have free from options available so nobody has to miss out. Every order is served with a smile!

ANGELS DARE COCKTAILS LTD We’re called Angels Dare because that’s what we do — we dare to go where others haven’t and we’re shaking it right up and redefining expectations when it comes to canned cocktails. All our cocktails are vegan friendly, free from any artificial ingredients and are all a premium bar quality 10%ABV. Angels Dare - how about you #loseyourhalo

THE ANTIPODEAN SOMMELIER Outdoor wine tasting since 2011 – we import award winning wines from Australia and New Zealand to try and buy, by the glass, bottle and case. Tony and the team will be on hand to tell you all about the people and stories behind their brilliant wines.

ARETUSA SICILY Aretusa is a family run Sicilian 14 foodies We are a small batch hot sauce producer from Berlin. We use the highest quality oven roasted chillies and all natural ingredients to make our hot sauces, which range from very mild to insanely hot. Come and try!

BACH 95 Bach 95 is a 4.2% abv premium lager that is Gluten-Free and Vegan Friendly. Based in Sandbach, it is Cheshire based lager that is growing strongly throughout the county and beyond. Developed by professional sports athletes, Bach 95 was made with balance in mind so typically contains 30% less calories then other well known brands - but with no compromise on quality and taste.

BARBUOY COCKTAILS Handcrafted ready-to-drink bottled cocktails mixed by the sea in Devon. We use premium spirits and high-quality ingredients to create multi award winning cocktails that can be poured in a matter of seconds and enjoyed at home with friends.

BEDLAM BREWERY Bedlam Brewery is one of Sussex’s leading brewers. Environmentally friendly - solar energy powers the brews and they donate spent grain for cattle feed. They brew fresh, authentic award-

winning beer from European Double Gold winning Pilsner to Pale Ales, Sussex Best Bitter, Porter and seasonal specials. All packaged beers are vegan.

BEEHYPE Say hello to BeeHype – the craft honey revolution. You’ll never have to eat another spoonful of tasteless, mass-produced honey again. Founded by Stela and Mo, two young entrepreneurs with a shared passion for healthy, natural foods. This never processed, award-winning raw honey comes straight from the hive and is both delicious and nourishing. Their one-of-a-kind varieties are sourced from small apiaries in pristine regions where bees forage on plants in lush forests and meadows.

BIO&ME Bio&Me was created by Dr Megan Rossi to be the best ‘Good for your gut’ foodie brand. With every one of our prebiotic products uniquely carrying the EFSA “Good for your gut” logo. Our gut-loving cereals have up to 17 different, plantbased ingredients and yoghurts pack in 700 billion live & active cultures.

BIRRIFICIO ANGELO PORETTI Nestled at the foot of the Italian Campo Dei Fiori mountains, the Birrificio Angelo Poretti brewery has been producing crisp, fresh beers for more than a century. Brewed specifically to go with food and new to the UK, our core beer is a 4.8% full-flavoured lager with a sparkling effervescence,


full-bodied sweetness and distinct hoppy bitterness

BLACK CIRCUS FOOD Black Circus was born out of our love of world cuisine and our desire to break away from traditional kitchens – taking our food to the road and bringing years of experience and imagination to create exciting, on-trend and delicious dishes. At Foodies Fest Brighton we will be bringing you our lip smacking fusion tacos!


SPICED The bittersweet taste is what sets apart Black Tears from all other spiced rums, as well as its low sugar content, which is typical for Cuban rum. It is spiced with coffee and cacao which have played a large hand in Cuba’s history and aji dulce which is one of the most distinctive flavours in Cuban cuisine.


Marys. Blended with tomatoes from Suffolk, an award winning craft vodka, amontillado sherry, fresh lemons, the original Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce, a dash of soy, and the legendary Tabasco for just the right kick, they’re Bloody perfect, every time.

BLUESTONE VINEYARDS Bluestone is a specialist producer of traditional method sparkling wines leading the way in the English Sparkling Wine ‘grower’ movement. Our 10 acre ‘Grand Cru’ vineyards are planted to the finest Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier clones. We aim to consistently grow super high quality grapes destined for sparkling wines with finesse, elegance, complexity and age worthiness. Whether you would like to purchase wine via our online shop, or book onto our vineyard experiences to see the dedication that goes into making this beautiful product. We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

BOSTON SHAKERS Blighty Booch Kombucha is fermented tea - an amazing, refreshing soft drink. It is unpastuerised, full of living probiotics, alcohol-free, Vegan, Organic, and never force carbonated. What really sets our kombucha apart? Taste! Our Organic Ginger Kombucha holds the highest accolade of 3 Great Taste stars. Come check out the coolest Cocktail Bar on the field at Foodies Festivals this summer! Our charming cocktail chemists will be serving up the best cocktails in town! We have delicious range of cocktails, mocktails, fizz cocktails & fresh lemonade on offer! Perfect for a hot summers day!

BLOODY DRINKS LTD Our story starts at NEO Restaurant in Bournemouth, a stone’s throw from the stunning At Bloody Drinks we make premium, pre-mixed Bloody


Bournemouth Beach. It was there, tucked away in the art deco style interior of NEO where our two ginthusiasts begin their story. With a combined 35 years’ experience in the industry, our fearless bartenders felt the burning desire to create their own gin… There are over 600 different gins available in the U.K, Lewis & Przemek knew that the recipe had to be unique. So they hand foraged through the Bournemouth coastline for the secret ingredient: wild chamomile. After months and months of countless distillation attempts, BH1 Original Small Batch Gin was born. BH1 Gin. Created by bartenders, enjoyed by you.

BOWES DAIRY PRODUCE North West supplier of the multi award winning and premium Irish cream liqueuer, Coole Swan

BRAVE BAKERS Local bakery in Glasgow, located in Merchant City, just steps away from the town centre. Grab a savoury bite and a cup of coffee on your way to work, stop by for a hearty sandwich at lunchtime or sweeten your day with some of our cakes and desserts

BRAY CURED At Bray Cured we mix traditional artisan charcuterie production with new ways of doing things, to create our delicious range of charcuterie items. Every Bray Cured recipe begins in the tiny garden workshop, where we combine rare breed English meats with blends of quality spices and homegrown flavours. Once it’s been tested in the TGW, and foodies 15


refined into the best charcuterie we can create, the recipe goes into production.

BREAD SOURCE Hello, we’re Bread Source, a team of award winning artisan bakers with shops in Norwich and Aylsham. We are ferociously passionate about every single detail involved in crafting each and every loaf. From sourcing the grain, to working with farmers, milling the flour and the numerous processes of developing the perfect dough – each of the steps taken form part of our end product. Our bread is made traditionally with high quality flour, water, natural yeast and salt with no artificial additives. Bread has been a staple of our diet’s for hundreds of years; sustaining and nourishing us for generations – and will continue to do so whilst ‘Real Bread’ is available.

BRIGHTON CACAO COMPANY We are a chocolate company based in Hove. Founded by George in 2019, he is a former pastry chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2015. George has worked in some top restaurants, bakeries and chocolate shops over the years and aims to surprise you with some incredible handmade chocolates.

BRIXTON GIN Brixton Gin has bold notes of hibiscus and wood violets as well as instantly recognisable and familiar London Dry expressions of juniper, orange 16 foodies

and lemon peel. The end result is a quirky and distinctive gin with delicate floral notes and a refreshing zesty kick.

order online over messages on Instagram or email us on browniepointsshorehambysea@


BUTTERNUT BOX Our passion is for reviving traditional flavours by using the very best classical recipes combined with high quality local ingredients. With this attention to detail, we ensure that our bread and pastries are served to perfection. Our delicious products are full fat and full flavour too and proud of it.

THE BROWNIE BAR Gorgeously gooey rich chocolate brownies and white chocolate blondies in a wide range of flavours. Bake your own brownies or blondies with our easy to use baking kits, or indulge in our brownie filled Belgian chocolate bars.

BROWNIE POINTS SHOREHAM BY SEA LTD Instagram @browniepoints_ shorehambysea Brownie points started up in lockdown a husband & wife team, Chloe & james decided to bake the most luxurious, indulgent, Belgian chocolate homemade brownies but with a difference these aren’t just any brownies though these taste like heaven! From all the people that have tried them this is the main feedback we get every time! We use some local ingredients to make them and you can add any flavour you’d like! From biscoff to Marshmallow you name it we’ll bake it! These are a must try! You can At Butternut Box, we believe that dogs deserve better. That’s why we’re putting the food back into dog food. We make freshly prepared dog food. Cooked like you would at home. Delivered in perfect portions.

CAFE CANNOLI Multi award winning freshly piped traditional cannoli made with the finest Sicilian Ingredients. Recommended in Waitrose magazine August 2021 edition.

THE CAKE TIN We’re a family run independent cake shop located in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. We make the most gorgeous cupcakes, brownies and celebration cakes. Each cake is designed and created by hand and tastes even better than they look! Make sure you try one - you won’t be disappointed!

CANDY LOVERS We are a small local 5* family run pick and mix business we sell all your favourite from old school to new pick and mix

CANTIUM GIN Cantium is an award-winning gin presented in a stylish resuable flask bottle. Available in two delicious varieties, Cantium delivers a true taste of Kent with


key botanicals including hops, lavender, apple, blackberry, cobnuts and roasted chestnuts, plus strawberries and raspberries are added to our Rubesco Pink Gin.

CAROL’S BEEN COOKING I make chutney, jam and marmalade in my Moray kitchen. Whenever possible, I use locally produced and sourced ingredients – unfortunately I am yet to find anywhere local which grows citrus and tropical fruit! All of my preserves are made using gluten free ingredients and are plant based.

CHAMPAGNE CAVE Importers of small house champagne premier and grand cru. Offering tasting masterclass of 3 types and ratafia 3 times daily. By the glass and bottle also with case orders on free delivery. Look forward to seeing you at our stand, Tim.

THE CHAMPAGNE MAN Borel Lucas is a family run, boutique champagne house, producing 100,000 bottles of exquisite champagne per year from Etoges in the heart of the Champagne region. Discover their fantastic range, how their roots can be traced back to the 1790s and how Prince Albert II of Monaco is their most notable customer.

THE CHIPSMYTH We are The Chipsmyth! A street food business based in Windsor.

We specialise in ‘Hand Cut Chips with Delicious Toppings’. All of our food is homemade and freshly made to order. We travel the country exhibiting a large food festivals treating people a street food experience we would expect ourselves. We have even competed twice at the British Street Food Awards twice showing our quality to the nation.

CHOCK SHOP Chock Shop specialise in decadent, delicious artisan chocolate brownies in a wide variety of flavours. With the option of adding warm chocolate sauce and cream, they are a treat not to be missed.

CHOCK SHOP SOMERSET Chock Shop brownies are gooey, naughty and delicious! We’re always working to keep our flavour combinations as fresh as our brownies. Crunchy peanut butter, sticky toffee and rocky road are some firm favourites. Need something naughtier? Add fresh cream and hot chocolate sauce for ultimate, all-out indulgence.

THE CHOCOLATE BAR BAKER Here at The Chocolate Bar Baker, we serve tasty desserts smothered in warm Belgian chocolate and load them with toppings. Putting a liquid twist on our handmade Infusion Chocolate bars, let us invite you to indulge in this year’s most exciting dessert bar that’ll have you dreaming about for weeks.

CHOP I make high quality end grain hardwood chopping boards, the very best for durability, keeping a knives edge and they look great. They are built to last generations and be cherished forever. All hand made in Sussex.

CHORRITO SAUCE CO Chorrito Sauce Co brings unique flavour profiles that are mouthwateringly complex with sophisticated vibrant layers that are bright and intoxicating. It’s the perfect hot sauce to bring flavour and heat to your everyday meals. Our delicious hot chilli sauce born in the UK is made with a passion for heat. Our unique recipes are bursting with delicious organic chillis combined with the freshest ingredients, creatingthe most versatile all-natural sauce around.

CHUCKLEHEAD CIDER Based in rural Devon, Chucklehead has been making traditional cider since 1993. Using only local cider apples we produce a smooth tasting and refreshing drink. We are a family run business and are proud to have picked up numerous awards.

CHULO’S BAKES Chulo’s is a bakery based in Glasgow that make giant stuffed cookies. Chulo’s stuffed cookies consist of the tastiest soft cookie dough packed full of chocolate and much more and stuffed with a variety of delicious treats.



Clotton Hall Dairy produces luxury dairy products in the heart of Cheshire. Cheshire Clotted Cream, Fresh Luxury Custard and Clotted Cream Rice Pudding are the core range of our delicious products. Don’t miss out on our cream tea boxes too!

CLOUD BREAK SPIRITS Aluna Coconut is an awardwinning premium rum with all-natural toasted coconut, sustainably sourced coconut water and less sugar. For a mindful generation demanding more from the brands in their lives and vibrant, natural flavours that aren’t hidden behind a wall of sugar. Proud member of 1% For The Planet.

THE COCKTAIL CO Here at the Cocktail Co we have perfected the art of mixology and put all of our efforts into bottling our wonderful cocktails for you to enjoy absolutely anywhere. Simply ice it – shake it – serve it, sit back and enjoy your favourite cocktails.

COCOA COLLECTIVE CHOCOLATIERS Norfolk based Artisan makers of award winning small batch craft chocolates, hot chocolates and other chocolate confectionery that celebrates the amazing wonder that is cocoa and its diverse range of flavours. All packaged in 100% plastic free packaging and ethically sourced it’s…“Cocoa with a Conscience”

COFFEE NUT We’re a family-run mobile coffee 18 foodies We are an independent craft brewery, local to Edinburgh, that specialises in accessible and quirky beers. We are known for being gateway craft which means we introduce the world to beer that is high quality and, more importantly, fun, tasty and locally made!

com The Cookie Jar Bristol was established in 2020 after the first lockdown hit. I, Bethan, started making cookies for friends and family and did doorstop drop offs to give a little sweetness and joy during an unsettling time… and within the first month of doing this my baking business had re-branded and the cookie orders flew in! Since then we set up our brand new website and started UK wide postal & home collections, and also various weekly markets around Bristol and Wales! Who knows what the future holds for The Cookie Jar, but it will definitely be exciting!


COOKIE TOWN Comté Cheese has been lovingly crafted for over ten centuries in France. Made daily in small village dairies, with milk from the Montbéliarde and French Simmental cows, it is aged for 4 to 18+ months - each wheel is completely unique, also making it excellent to cook with. Are you seeking delicious, custom sugar cookies for your next special occasion? Cookie Town can provide royal iced cookies for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, retirement, graduations and everything in between. Come and see what I offer in Maidstone at the Foodies Festival (I can post to anywhere in the UK)

business, operating from our hand-crafted, repurposed vintage Double-Beaufort Rice horse-box, ‘Annie’. We serve freshly grounded, locally roasted coffee, a selection of top-quality teas, smoothies, and milkshakes.


CONWY KOMBUCHA LIMITED Blighty Booch Kombucha is fermented tea - an amazing, refreshing soft drink. It is unpastuerised, full of living probiotics, alcohol-free, Vegan, Organic, and never force carbonated. What really sets our kombucha apart? Taste! Our Organic Ginger Kombucha holds the highest accolade of 3 Great Taste stars.

THE COOKIE JAR BRISTOL Thecookiejarbristol.bigcartel.

COSTCO Costco is a cash and carry warehouse club, bringing you the best quality products at the lowest possible prices. At costco youll find everything from groceries and electronics to clothing and cleaning supplies, all under one roof at the best possible price.

CRODINO Crodino, the Italian non-alcoholic aperitivo, has recently launched in the UK and will be attending both


Foodies Brighton and London. With a distinctive citrusy flavour and surprisingly lively bubbles, it’s the perfect way to begin your evening during the post-work, premeal ‘Aperitivo’ moment.

CRUMPETORIUM Handmade, small batch, artisan crumpets with uniquely fabulous flavours such as Cheese and Chocolate! Sustainable packaging, no added preservatives and vegan options available. As seen on Ainsley Harriott’s ‘Good Mood Food’ & in BBC Good Food magazine.

DEVON RUM COMPANY Established in March 2020, the Devon Rum Company exists to share the joy of artisan rums with the world. Our award-winning range of golden, spiced and flavoured rums are hand-crafted in the heart of Devon with a focus on high quality ingredients, full-bodied flavours, and environmental sustainability.

DIABLESSE RUM Diablesse Rum is a female owned, independent Manchester brand, who’s mission is to enchant rum connoisseurs, tempt rum virgins and turn gin lovers with hand-selected Caribbean rums. Using only 100% natural ingredients we provide exciting, unique new flavours: Caribbean golden blend, Clementine Spiced Rum and our brand new Coconut & Hibiscus rum.


Artisan producer of gourmet and vegan gourmet doughnuts.

THE DONUT MAN @ LITTLE DONUT DELI Facebook @little donut Fresh hot donuts drizzled with Belgium’s finest chocolate dusted with gourmet sprinkles of your choice and traditional sugar donuts dusted with sugar and cinnamon.

DRES SAUCES LTD Introducing the New #1 Jamaican sauces that will make you say OMG! Our range includes: Sweet chilli sauce, Smokey BBQ, Jerk BBQ & Hot sweet chilli spreadable. So way not pass by and give our sauces a try, there is more to us then just heat! Each sauce is packed with amazing flavour. Don’t just take our word for it, come and be the judge.

DRINK ME CHAI Drink Me Chai - From start up selling Chai from a Tuk Tuk that travelled the streets of London, today Drink me Chai is the UK’s favourite Chai Latte brand. With the spiced chai latte at the core of the range, its an aromatic blend of sweetened tea, milk and spices. Its Gluten Free, suitable for Vegetarians and naturally low in caffeine so can be consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening as a fun alternative to tea or coffee. Breathe in the intoxicating aroma of cinnamon, ginger and cloves and sip the creamy, sweet spiced chai drink to take yourself away to a relaxing, comforting place. Perfect for any weather or season it can be prepared with

hot water for a low in calorie treat or made up with steamed milk for a more indulgent coffee shop experience.

DUCK FRITES Gourmet street food serving London’s best duck dishes - restaurant quality, honest, genuinely good, tasty food on the go. Using the finest, accredited sustainable produce with uncomplicated menus and simple cooking methods, we let our quality produce speak for itself.

E18HTEEN DISTILLERY Family run award winning distillery in the heart of Somerset producing award winning gins, rums, vodkas, agave spirit and a raw whiskey always developing new products as well as contract distilling for many other companies.

8TRACK SPICED RUM Created by two Cornish friends with a shared love of fine rum and good music, 8Track Spiced Rum’s base is a two-year old Guyanan rum blended with Seville oranges, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla, to create a zestful, unique and delicious spirit - perfect whether enjoyed neat, with a mixer or in your favourite cocktail.

ELLON SPIRITS We handcraft a range of beautiful real fruit liqueurs, all made in the north east of Scotland. We use the highest quality of fruit and create the most premium of alcohols to make fantastic tasting liqueurs. foodies 19


ELLUSTRIA Ellustria is a producer, distributor and retailer of premium spirit brands. Being a family owned business, we take pride in the creation, production and management of our premium brands. Our growing portfolio includes Snow Queen Vodka, Il Dottore Gin, Goya Tequila, Cognac Prunier, MOKO Rum and more.

EMAYA PURE LIFE Over 20000 studies have been done showing the powerful health benefits of Turmeric and Moringa including its anti inflammatory properties anti cancer anti fungal anti . This year featuring our Delicious Great Taste Award Winning Superfood blends made with Triple Strength Alleppey Turmeric and Potent Moringa. Come and Try TURMERICHAI ® and TURMORINGA™ Sugar FREE GMO FREE Grain FREE VEGAN CODE FOODIE offers UP TO 25% discount at the show on large packs 3 for £50.

ESSENTIAL TRADING CO-OPERATIVE LTD Essential Trading are one of the UK’s largest worker co-operatives and a true pioneer in sourcing global foods. Formed 50-years ago when “organic” was an unrecognised word, we support independent retailers and the local economy. As a unified team, we share passions for healthy food and an environmental consciousness.

THE FEMALE GLAZE The Female Glaze is a vegan 20 foodies

feminist bakery shipping sweets UK-wide. Feminism and veganism share similar concerns around bodily autonomy, non-violence and the focus on building a supportive and educational community to uproot a damaged system in favour of a better future. By sourcing ingredients from companies that are either run by women or support intersectional feminist projects, The Female Glaze aims to create a sustainable range of cookies, choc bites, cakes and pastries that are both delicious and empowering. All the products are named after famous women through history, and many donate a percentage to charities active around social issues.

FI’S AMAZING BROWNIES Fi’s Amazing Brownies creates made to order Belgian chocolate brownies in a variety of ‘amazing’ flavours including the Original, Biscoff, Salted Caramel and Raspberry and White chocolate. 20% of all profits go to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in support of those with the condition including Fi’s great nephew Arthur.

FLINT AND FLAME Flint and Flame knives are made from the highest quality German carbon steel, they combine exceptional quality, performance and value and make a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

FOSSIL COAST DRINKS CO Fossil Coast Drinks Co is a familyrun small batch handcrafted drinks company whose gin, gin

liqueur, and rum spirit drink is dedicated to the natural wonder of the Devon and Dorset Jurassic Coast.

FREDDIE’S FLOWERS Freddie Garland (actual name!) is on a mission to share the soullifting joy of stunning, seasonal weekly flowers. We deliver gloriously fresh arrangements each week for just £25 a pop!

FRIENDSHIP ADVENTURE Refreshing sessionable beer from your friends at Friendship Adventure. Our brewery started as a plan hatched between pals, and we love to see other groups of friends come together to do something special. We care about what you drink (obviously), but we also care about where you drink it, and with who(m?), and why.

THE FUNGTIONAL BREW COMPANY Fungtn is an award winning alcohol free craft beer with difference. Brewed with functional mushrooms for a more mindful beer - helping to keep mind and body on good form! Gluten free, vegan and always hangover free.

FUNKY COOL BANANAS We are funkycoolbananas and we make hand rolled ice cream. We use a veriety of fresh fruit and sticky yummy ingredients to chop into our freshly made ice cream. We serve dairy or dairy free ice cream made to order so you can choose what ingredients you would like.


We are solar powered and nse no plastics.

G&TEA CORNISH GIN Using our blends of tea as botanicals, we have created a range of unique, flavour packed, tea distilled gins, create plough to bottle in the heart of Cornwall. Incredible smooth, crystal clear gins with no artificial colours and flavours. £5 off at our stall using code: Foodies22GT

GOOD SIXTY Good Sixty is a sustainable online marketplace for topquality groceries from the very best independent retailers and talented artisan producers. For one delivery fee, shop from multiple retailers and your order is delivered straight to your door by electric bike or van, making discovering the finest produce simpler than ever.

THE GREAT BRITISH CHARCUTERIE CO We are a small family-run business based in Brighton, with a focus on raising awareness of the growing British charcuterie scene whilst helping promote animal welfare and small artisan producers around the UK. We locally source and supply retail and wholesale products delivered nationally, whilst local orders are directly delivered in our electric van.

GREAT GLEN DISTILLERY Great Glen Distillery was established by two friends during

the first lockdown of 2020. Hotelier Daniel Campbell and renowned chef Adam Dwyer built the distillery in what was Daniels late mother’s shop, in the small Highland village of Drumnadrochit. Located on the western shore of the world famous Loch Ness.

GREATDRAMS Award-winning from our first dram, with one of our most recent award wins being in the most prestigious global whisky competition describing our whisky as being “amongst the finest products in the world”, we will introduce whisky drinkers to their next favourite. GreatDrams is a family business bringing great quality, limited edition whiskies and whiskeys to the people, all at a fair price. Never repeating our products, never compromising on flavour.

GREENPEACE Greenpeace is a movement of people who are passionate about defending the natural world from destruction. Our vision is a greener, healthier and more peaceful planet, one that can sustain life for generations to come.

GREENSDIRECT GLASTONBURY CHEESE Artisan West Country Glastonbury cheeses from the land where cheddar began.

GRITCHIE BREWING COMPANY ‘It takes Craft, Time and

Dedication.’ The team at Gritchie have been brewing cask ales & kegged beers at their Ashmore based Brewery since 2017. Founded by Hollywood Film Director Guy Ritchie, they produce their beers using homegrown ingredients and water from beneath their farm. Please visit for more information and place your online order. Brewery collections available every Friday.

GYRE & GIMBLE Gyre & Gimble is an internationally recognised distillery producing award winning Gins in the heart of Norwich. Innovative and creative we produce industry firsts whilst being environmentally conscious.

HARRYS KITCHEN Harry’s Kitchen is a Street Food Trader touring the local area in our vintage converted horse box. We serve quality fresh fish and chips, along with other delicious seafood specials and products from our menu. We always aim to serve the highest quality seasonal produce from local suppliers and ensure we work in a way that is sustainable to the environment, down to our 100% recyclable packaging. We will do our best to cater to most allergies, offering vegan and gluten free options. We are available for private hire and can be flexible with both budget and menu choices.

HEJGRO Hejgro is an award winning micro business based in Frome, Somerset, bringing you foraged preserves made with local natural foodies 21


ingredients from woods and meadows. In the wild we can find food high in mineral and vitamin content. When you eat wild food you eat super-food with nutrients at their peak. All our products are handmade in small batches with love: Wild Garlic Pesto with hazelnuts and walnuts, Wild Garlic Salt, Dandyroot Chutney with Dandelion and Nettle, Apple and Hawthorn Jelly, Elderflower infused Apple Cider vinegar, Pontack Sauce with Elderberries. In Hejgro we not only forage locally, but also try wherever possible to source all our ingredients organically and as locally as possible, taking in account the food miles and our carbon footprint. All our food is 100% vegan, contains no gluten or refined sugars. We use no plastic packaging, although if you order delivery you may find mixed filler recycled from what has been delivered to us from others. We pay living wage to all involved.

HILLERY AND SON Hillery & Son Premium Rum Punch is a smooth unique blend of natural exotic fruits mixed to perfection with premium Jamaican overproof white rum. These two addictive ready to pour flavours; Fruit Punch and Strawberry are delicious premium cocktails with both flavour and an alcoholic content that is unparalleled across the industry, which are so effortless to drink they can be addictive.

HOME FARM GIN Home Farm Gin , a micro distillery based at Home Farm near Norwich. Here we create our 22 foodies

beautiful full flavoured gins, made with natural ingredients and fresh Norfolk water extracted from the ground on the farm. Everything is done by hand, with a bit of help from Matilda our copper still.

THE HOMEMADE BROWNIE COMPANY LTD The Homemade Brownie Company produces luxury chocolate brownies, all handmade in Hampshire using the best local ingredients. With over 20 flavours as standard, all our products are proudly gluten-free and we have a great vegan range

THE HONEST BEAN CO The Honest Bean Co. are on a mission to get more people in the UK eating British fava beans. We roast them to perfection and season them generously, no bags of blandness here! Our snacks are perfect for on the go or sharing with friends and are packed full of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Tasty and nutritious, what’s not to love!

HONEYBELL SPICED RUM Our meticulous distillation process is complemented by the selection of handpicked botanicals that infuse to create a unique and complex flavour profile. English blossom honey, orange and vanilla pods with emergent notes of cacao and assam tea combine for a spiced rum aimed at changing the narrative of what a spiced rum can be. Pirates beware, there’s a new bee on the block.

HONEYCOMBERS Honeycombers is an online emporium showcasing the many unique and varied styles of pure raw honey produced by independent beekeepers all over Great Britain. We partner with artisan producers who share our values of working in harmony with nature and who believe that pure raw honey, as nature intended, is one of life’s true luxuries.

HOOKED PLANT BASED ETHIOPIAN CUISINE hookedplantbased/ Hooked Plant-Based Ethiopian Cuisine offers the most authentic, homemade and plant-based Ethiopian dishes. Every single day we unite fresh and locally sourced ingredients, fusing modernity with ancient recipes to create one of a kind dishes.Our dishes are thoughtfully curated and nutritious that nurture your body and ignite your senses.

I-MMUNI-T ‘i-mmuni-T’ is a natural health company that focusses on providing holistic healing through our knowledge and products. Through our vast and extensive research, we pride ourself in carefully selecting the highest quality of plant-based ingredients that mother earth has given to us and have incorporated them into our Seamoss products.

IL CORNICIONE PIZZA From Naples to Newton Abbot, we at il Cornicione believe we have found the perfect balance between authentic italian ingredients and


locally sourced produce that we are proud to be recognized as serving the best pizza in Devon!

INTERPROFESSION DU GRUYERE Le Gruyere AOP is a delicious cheese made in Switzerland. It is available in 2 maturities; classic which is creamy, sweet and nutty, and reserve which has a more robust and distinctive flavour. Both are naturally lactose and gluten free.

ION BODY ARMOUR Discover Ion Body, infused with minerals which emit Negative Ions. For an increase of balance, sleep, strength and flexibility. Our wearers have reported improvements to fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, sciatica, back pain , vertigo, anxiety, frozen shoulder amongst many others. Check out our website and find us at Edinburgh and Glasgow Foodies Festival for a free demo .

THE ITALIAN SELTZER COMPANY Mulberry Street Hard Seltzers are premium, under 70 calories alcoholic sparkling waters. Sicilian Lemon known for its zest and zing with the addition of Bergamot gives this sparkling refreshment an extra kick. Sicilian Orange with Chinotto is a world class flavour. Discover the modern alcoholic drink made from natural fruits and authentic Italian ingredients. 4% VOL.

JAMMY BRAMBLES Jammy Brambles are a small artisan producer of luxury

brownies, blondies, flapjacks and traybakes, based in Dawlish. We hand bake all our brownies and blondies with real chocolate, making them rich and indulgent – and of course gooey in the middle. The perfect delicious treat or ideal as a gift!

JIM AND TONIC Jim and Tonic was founded in 2016 by James ‘Jim’ Mark. Started as an events business it quickly expanded into a bar operator and distillery in the heart of London. It now produces a range of award winning sustainable spirits and runs a number of successful bars.

suitable for vegans as we are a vegan owned and run business.

KIKA’S CAKE Home baking business. Novelty/ celebration cakes/macarons/ biscuits, loads of sweet treats

KUPCAKESPOT Here at Kupcakespot, we are giving you a treat for every occasion. We produce an array of bespoke cakes, cookies and traybakes for all to enjoy! Come along to see us at Syon Park where you’ll find love at first bite!



We are a unique, highly attractive, high output jacket potatoes truck. We have a range of alternatives and we are extremely eye catching.

Gruyè Le Gruyère AOP is a delicious world-award-winning cheese made in family-owned village dairies in Switzerland. It is naturally lactose and gluten free.

JOHN PAUL JONES RUM We’re a new, premium, aged botanical rum inspired by the Scottish born founder of the American Navy, John Paul Jones. We select a tropically aged white rum from Jamaica, which we finish in the UK using charred American oak, and steep in Scottish seaweed, handpicked from the very shore where the legend of JPJ was born, alongside black pepper and fresh ginger.

LEGENDARY SAUCE COMPANY www.legendarysaucecompany. Legendary Sauce Company is a small family business from the Lake District. Husband and wife team Richard and Sarah hand craft small batch sauces with Legendary flavour. Try their core range where they use chillies for their flavour and not just for their fire!


LEITHAL HOT SAYCES We offer a specialist, real cider bar: everything we sell is made by us in Kent from real fruit ciders to cloudy apple ciders, dry and traditional ciders and more! Furthermore, all of our ciders are Born out of lockdown in late 2020 three friends, Will, Ricky and Pete got together and decided to turn a long time hobby and a combined 40+ years in the hospitality sector into a business and future career. foodies 23


Leithal to us is much more than just delicious hot sauces; It is also a way for us to break away from the status quo and become our own bosses with an aim to do things better. We are determined to not only break the mould of the hospitality industry but also to become a household name for great tasting sauce.

LIME FACE We serve Malaysian street food at its best and our best seller is Mamak Rice Bowl which consists of freshly grilled chicken satay with coconut rice, Asian pickled salad, peanut sauce, free range egg, coriander and homemade chilli oil. We do have vegan and gluten free option for this too.


brand run with purpose to care for our planet, our customers and our staff.

LIQUID BARS Poretti beer trailer.

LITTLE BIG FLAVOUR KITS LTD We are an independent, Kent based micro business creating a range of Sri Lankan spice curry kits that help you to make gorgeous meals at home. The kits include the spices, coconut milk & recipe card with an optional chilli pack.

THE LITTLE MARGARITA TRUCK Limoncello Spritzer, a homemade bubbly twist on an Italian classic. Best friends, Alex & Nic, hand peel every single lemon to produce this beautifully refreshing summer drink. Serve cold, pour over ice, add some mint. Come say hello and see why it’s a summer favourite! The Little Margarita Truck is a Mexican themed mobile bar based in West Central Scotland. We specialise in frozen margaritas, Mexican beers, sangria and sparkling Jarritos. Available to hire for weddings, private and corporate events as well as festivals and markets. Check website for details


LITTLEPOD LioBites are 100% raw fruit, freeze-dried snacks. Created by a mum searching for healthier snacking options for her daughter, LioBites taste good and are good for you. Great Taste award winner LioBites are naturally sweet and delicious and one packet counts as 1 of your 5 a day. LioBites are very low in calories, all under 50 kcal per packet, free from all 14 allergens and contain no added sugar or preservatives. We are fully sustainable B-corp certified LittlePod is a natural ingredients company known for its innovative tube of vanilla paste. Having launched at Foodies Festival in 2010, LittlePod is delighted to be sponsoring the Cake & Bake Theatre this year. The flamboyant and creative host Charlotte White has the expertise to introduce you to passionate baking!

24 foodies

LKEVENTS The Solar Bar is fun bar serving

non alcoholic drinks! Come and try our delicious home made lemonades or why not try a cocktail or two.

LOKI POKÉ We sell fresh, protein-packed rice bowls inspired by Hawaiian poké, but with our own unique twist. We have vegan, meat and fish options with umami-rich sauces and crunchy toppings, all completely gluten and dairy free.

LONDON VERMOUTH COMPANY London Vermouth Company are vermouth empresarios, curating modern vermouths with people with exceptional palates. Together with cocktail tastemaker and award winning Camille Hobby Limon and renowned MasterChef: The Professionals winner Steven Edwards we offer three vermouths; No.1 Amber Limon, No.2 Camille’s Red and No.3 S.E. Dry. Come along and have a taste!

LONGDOG BREWERY LTD We are a family-owned independent brewery producing a wide range of hand-crafted cask and bottle-conditioned ales from traditional locally-sourced ingredients

LOUISE’S TRAYBAKES At Louise’s Traybakes everything is made from the finest Belgian chocolate. We will be selling our famous stuffed bronuts that are gooey in the middle and crispy on the outside. We have had customers travel all over just to


indulge in our cakes with limitless flavours.

LOVE FERMENTED Artisan fermented food Company producing award winning deliciously healthy plant based krauts, kimchis and ketchups. Naturally fermented, sugar free, gluten free and unpasteurised.

LUCELAS LTD Lucelas Premium Spirit Drinks are proud to Launch our New Chocolate Rum. We have hand blended our decadent chocolate recipe to our delicious rum to create something Extra-ordinary. The flavours are so wonderfully complex, that we know you’ll enjoy discovering it for yourself. Serve chilled or over ice.

LUCY’S GLITTER BOX Lucy’s Glitter Box is a totally unique horse box trailer, converted in to a photo booth. Inside you will find disco balls, sequin walls and loads of fun, quirky props! Grab a hat, strike a pose and your pictures will print!

LUXLO SPIRITS Luxlo is a range of fantastictasting low-calorie, sugar-free spirits. Vegan and gluten-free, Luxlo is packed with natural botanicals so it’s full of the flavour you expect in a premium spirit, but at only 28 calories per serve, it’s half that or less than regular spirits!

LYBO COASTERS My name is Lynn and I make

ceramic coasters. We get sheets of tiles and cut to a perfect size and shape for a coaster. They’re made from recycled paper napkins and are all heat proof with feet on the bottom to stop scratching, I love my hobby!!

is lovingly distilled in Capetown using locally sourced botanicals. It is free from alcohol, sugar, it is gluten-free and vegan friendly. ‘Mahala - Free from alcohol, Full of Spirit’.



The nations favourite go-to scran! Mac & Cheese. Homely, warm, hearty, comforting and mostly cheesy. At Mac & Cheese we’re bringing the best flavours from across the world into bowls of cheesy macaroni, street food style. Keep an eye out for us at Foodies, things are about to get VERY cheesy!

Mama Dolce is a luxury dessert company with a social conscience. We created six delicious flavors of ice cream which are free from dairy, nuts, eggs, soya, wheat and gluten. Our ice cream is so luxurious it can be enjoyed by everyone whether or not they suffer allergies and intolerances.

MAE JUM At MexGrocer you can find a wide range of authentic Mexican groceries and ingredients ideal for traditional Mexican cooking. Most of our foods are imported directly from Mexico and are free from animal products making the various ingredients that we offer vegan and vegetarian friendly. We also have a great range of gluten free products. We have been in the industry for over 14 years and deliver our unique Mexican products to the UK and Europe market. Beautifully crafted and authentic Thai curry pastes made to a traditional family recipe. 100% natural herbs and spice blend. Simply Thai, simply delicious! Flavours include Thai Green, Red, Yellow, Massaman, Panang and Jungle curry pastes. Each pack serves 6-8 people, also vegan and gluten-free.

MAGIC DRAGON BREWING Award winning micro-brewery based in North Wales and run by a husband and wife team. We combine traditional methods with modern ingredients for a distinctive and great tasting beer every time. Producing real ale, craft beer and lager for enjoyment at home and supply to the trade.

MAHALA BOTANICAL Mahala Botanical is a triple distilled non-alcoholic spirit. It


MINDFUL MIXOLOGY Mindful Mixology, created by drinks industry expert Danni, was launched in 2020 from a small kitchen in North Norfolk. They make award-winning cocktails that are significantly lower in sugar, with beneficial ingredients such as organic coconut blossom and chamomile, and packaged in beautiful gift boxes delivered straight to your door. foodies 25


MISTER FREE’D We make gluten-free, vegan tortilla chips from carefully selected natural ingredients. We are on a mission to free snack lovers from GMOs and food additives by offering delicious, fun, and convenient snacks suitable for every occasion. Come along and taste the difference in our tortilla chips.

MIXTONS LTD Mixtons is revolutionising cocktails by providing fresh high-quality pre-made cocktails, with zero compromise. From unique recipes to the much-loved classics, there’s something for everyone.


exciting Middle-eastern inspired flavours. Pop by and try!

MOORE HOUSE COCKTAIL COMPANY London’s famed and illustrious Notting Hill is home to the Moore House Cocktail Company; purveyors of luxurious handcrafted, small-batch cocktails. Follow the sound of cocktail shaking and pay us a visit to sample our range, including our best-selling Espresso Martini and award-winning Old Fashioned!

MOTHER’S RUIN 1751 Unique Cornish company making plastic free, eco friendly gin and preserves. Taste the difference for yourself. MM Hampers are an up and coming online food gifting company based in Tewkesbury. We have expanded our popular high street shop, Miss Muffet’s Delicatessen, into an exciting online business. We provide and deliver hampers, cheese subscription boxes, and one -off cheese and deli boxes for both private and corporate customers.



@neenawspizzeria Nee Naws Pizzeria serves traditional wood fired Neoplitan style pizza from our 1981 Dennis fire engine. We are passionate about making proper pizza using the best ingredients for the best flavour possible. Taste the difference with our pizza and fall in love. Mochi Bros is the new Bristolbased gelato brand. Specialising in only premium, clean label and 100% natural products, they offer gelato tubs and the original mochi gelato sandwich. Mochi Bros have innovated an Udderlessly Creamy (vegan) product line in a range of 26 foodies Mumbai Cirque is a unique Indian street food experience. Head Chef Harry has redefined culinary expectations and set a bench mark for the street food scene. Harry has always had an ethos to revolutionise the way Indian street food is viewed through fusion, vibrant and intense flavours.


NEW YORK CHEESECAKE CO NewYorkCheesecakeCoShop “Master Baker Raimonda” creating unique hand made New York-style cxheesecakes and specialist cakes for New York Cheesecake Co. An independent family owned specialist bakery, attending events throughout the UK.

NFU (NATIONAL FARMERS’ UNION) Kids will love the NFU Discovery Barn that aims to boost understanding around the origins of our food. Find out how British farmers and growers produce our daily bread through an interactive experience, games and giveaways.

NIDHOGGR MEAD CO. Nidhoggr Mead is a delicious, full flavoured, high strength mead. It’s refreshing, delicately sweet and wonderfully smooth. Our traditionally brewed premium honey wine is made with all natural ingredients, including 100% Yorkshire wildflower spring honey. We brew and bottle all our delicious flavours ourselves at our Yorkshire Meadery.

NOWITA Husband and wife, Jamie and Jill, created Nowita after years of sitting in an office daydreaming about creating something that was their own. While Jill wanted to be creative and start her own project, Jamie wished he could spend his days in the kitchen. After developing a love of making ice cream and realising it tasted


pretty good the idea of Nowita came one sunny afternoon! All of Nowita’s ice cream is handcrafted in their Glasgow kitchen. The full time day jobs still exist so you’ll usually find them churning late into the night!

NUTS ABOUT CINNAMON Nuts about Cinnamon offers a range of freshly cooked deliciously more-ish sweet cinnamon glazed Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Peanuts and Pecans. Our scrumptious sweet but savoury nuts are vegan and gluten-free, making them the perfect snack for nearly everybody!

OICHI KOMBUCHA Oichi Kombucha is Norfolk’s 1st Kombucha brewery. Producing artisan kombucha packed full of fresh and seasonal ingredients, created for flavour function. Raw, live and naturally fermented, a wholesome alternative to an alcoholic or soft drink. Our kombucha is naturally low in sugar and full of gut friendly probiotics and immune boosting ingredients.

OINK BBQ Oink BBQ true authentic American smokehouse BBQ.

THE OIL TREE A small boutique family run business owning and operating an olive farm in the Southwest Peloponnese, Greece. providing premium extra virgin olive oil, olives, tapenade, balsamic vinegar, honey, and verbena mountain tea. We also create extra virgin olive oil

body products which include body creams, face cream, face scrub, lip balm, soaps, and body oil.

ONLINE SPAS Online Spas is the UKs very own online hot tub company. Our company specialises luxury hot tubs and swim spas with competitive pricing, fast delivery and a dedicated team. We’re an award winning company with a passion for bringing luxury to your garden.

ORGANIC VILLAGE MARKET- CYPRIOT BAKERY We are a Cypriot bakery located on Tonbridge High Street. We produce delicious freshly baked Mediterranean breads, pastries and dips. We also specialise in gourmet doughnuts!

OUI KNOB OF BUTTER Oui Knob of Butter is a small batch artisanal butter, made from local Scottish ingredients and crafted by a Frenchman. “I tell people to use it with cooking, whether it’s prawns, steak or sautéed vegetables. Add it to your dish, and that’s your seasoning sorted”.

PEA POPS Pea Pops are delicious chickpea crisps. They have 20% protein, are high in fibre, gluten free, vegan/ vegetarian, they have less than 100 calories per serving and because they are popped - not fried - have 60% less fat than regular fried crisps. Winner of three Great Taste Awards.

PEPPADEW INTERNATIONAL Over 25 years ago, PEPPADEW® pioneered the Sweet Piquanté Pepper from a modest production facility in the hills of Limpopo, South Africa. Today, PEPPADEW® supply retailers and manufacturers globally and are proud to launch the latest offering - PEPPADEW® Bites! Crispy Panko-style crumbed Sweet Piquanté peppers filled with soft cheese.

PEPPE INTERNATIONAL LTD. Ingwerer - an organic liqueur handcrafted from ginger and apple. Fruity meets spicy. Switzerland meets Asia. An idea born from rich traditions, uniting the best ingredients to create a unique taste sensation. Enjoy Ingwerer straight as a shot, as a refreshing drink or as a comforting hot drink.

PIGGERY-SMOKERY Piggery-Smokery are multi award winning creators of guild auld fashioned, modern, bacons. We’re redefining dry cured bacon, & knocking socks off umamiliscious taste with a range of quirky, naturalissimo flavours & styles all lightly smmm..oaked here in Alford. Where else can you get Sweet Beaver™, Dark Dubhloch™ & Beecon™? Come see us. Caution: Scottish & a wee bit cheeky.

PIGLING STREET The Pigling Street Rotisserie specialises in British farmed foodies 27


native and rare breed meats, cooked on our beautiful custom built rotisserie oven and trailer. Our Posh Pork Baps are the highlight of any event, so if you love a hog roast with a difference, then we are the food stall for you! Since 2016 we have cultivated relationships with exceptional farms and farmers to bring you meats that promote ethical eating, increase biodiversity, improve the soil and regenerate the British Countryside to tackle climate change. Pigling Street - it’s more than just street food . . .

PITTA STREAT Greek pitta wraps with chicken and pork, Greek pitta vegeterian, Greek pitta vegan, fries, soft drinks

POKE NOM POKENOM.CO.UK Poke Nom is on a mission to make healthy food easily accessible at events and in the home. All our food is gluten, dairy and nut free so when you see our brand you know that you are in safe hands. All our dishes are accompanied by our delicious line of vegan ‘NYOM’ sauces which are also available separately and at wholesale.


Yorkshire. We slowly roast peanuts and then grind them to our unique smunchy texture. Nothing added that doesn’t need to be there. Two varieties - Nowt But Nuts or Slightly Salted.

PURE ROASTERS COFFEE Ethically sourced coffee, roasted in Scotland.

QUIRKY RUM LIMITED Quirky Rum is a small batch craft spiced rum producer, based over in Southampton. We spend our time hunting the world for fantastic aged rums, which we carefully compliment with a range of spices from all corners of the globe. Our aim is not to over spice but to let the natural flavours within the rum shine through along side the spices.

RAWLICIOUS BY MT LTD We passionately produce fresh and healthy cold-pressed juices. We’re proud to be able to bring the taste of nature to your doorstep.

REALLY AWESOME COFFEE MILTON KEYNES We are a Manchester based family run businesses providing the very best in street food. Our produce is sourced from local businesses to give 100% best quality to you. Known across the UK for being the home of the famous Yorkshire pudding wrap. Really Awesome Coffee serving fresh gourmet barista coffee including caramel lattes, hazelnut cappucinos flat whites, hot chocolates, frappes, milkshakes and refreshments.

PROPER NUTTY Riverford are mad about organic veg. We’ve been growing it for 30 years, choosing varieties Smunchy peanut butter made by us in our artisan factory in 28 foodies


for flavour and looking after our soil, wildlife and water sources. Every day we pick, pack and deliver the very best from our fields straight to your door. It’s all organic and delivery is free.

ROOSTER ROJO TEQUILA Rooster Rojo is a premium range of 100% agave tequilas hailing from Jalisco in Mexico. The range includes a Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and most recently, the Smoked Pineapple Anejo variant.

RON COMPAÑERO Compañero is the Spanish word meaning companion, and it frames this series of products where taste, complexity and finish are the ultimate keywords. With the Ron Compañero series you always have a perfect companion for any of life’s situations.

RONIB’S KITCHEN LTD We are a small artisan producer championing Philippine flavours through our sauces, chilli products, and preserves. Based in Walton on Thames, we are a Great Taste producer with, so far, three of our products awarded Great Taste Stars. Our products are all based on the family recipes of founder, Roni Bandong. All are natural and free from artificial flavouring, colourings, and preservatives.

ROSTO Rosto - fired up food! The finest seasonal, British, organic fare cooked over fire!


RSPB The RSPB is the UK’s largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home and secure a healthy environment for wildlife. Come and visit us at our stand and find out how you can be a voice for nature.

SANGRIA SOLSUEÑO Sangria Solsueño is an authentic Spanish sangria, packaged in a slimline 330ml can format. At 5% ABV and vegan, the great tasting liquid and individual packaging offers convenience, consistency, and avoids wastage. Suitable for all indoor and outdoor settings, Solsueño is bringing Spain to you!

SHANDY SHACK Back in the summer of 2018, we were a fun-loving trio on the who loved boozing, but could no longer hack the hangover. We started searching for other drinks that could help us cut down on units: shandy seemed to be on the tip of the tongue, but we weren’t convinced this parent-pleasing tradition would suit us. We decided to give it a second chance anyway.

SHAWBURY WINE Shawbury Wine A curated selection of exquisite wines, sparkling wines and ports from independent vineyards from around the world for you to taste. Available for UK delivery.

SHEEP IN WOLF’S CLOTHING LIMITED Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing are

an award winning low and no alcohol focused brewery. With its first sale in July of 2021 they are growing rapidly with consumers off of incredible beer experiences and their values of inclusivity, community and sustainability.

SHEMINS Transport yourself across the globe with our curry paste, spice blends, Indian breads, chutney and pickles. Winner of Curry Product of the Year and 35 Great Taste Gold Stars. “A curry to beat any takeaway in 15 minutes. Now that’s magic.” James Martin Celebrity Chef.

SHORE THE SCOTTISH SEAWEED CO. We are a small, passionate team with a mission to introduce our local superfood into the kitchens, offices and lunchboxes across the nation! Seaweed is a nutritious and naturally regenerative plant and we’re turning it into everyday tasty products that support healthy eating.

SIMPLY GROW LTD SIMPLYGROWSHOP. CO.UK Simply Grow provide you with fresh, grown from organic seeds microgreens that are jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins. Our hydroponically grown microgreens are perfect for commercial or domestic clients. You can even grow your own microgreens at home with our home growing kits, gift boxes and organic seeds.

SKYLARK SPIRITS Compañero is the Spanish word

for companions and it is the perfect brand name for the range of rums under this umbrella, where each of these products focus on taste, complexity and finish. All 3 highlight unique flavours and confirm that rum really is a true spirit of friends. The bittersweet taste is what sets apart Black Tears from all other spiced rums. It is spiced with coffee and cacao which have played a large hand in Cuba’s history and aji dulce which is one of the most distinctive flavours in Cuban cuisine.

SLAPED TOASTIES Chilli jams, sauces and oils. Perfect for cheese or cooking up a spicy storm. Try our unique range of homemade products for yourself.

SMUGGLERS SPIRITS Smugglers Spirits present beautifully handcrafted, smallbatch spirits. From Scottish gin to Irish whiskey, our spirits are defined by bold and daring flavours from around the world. Driven by purpose; we are committed to kindness, quality and sustainability

SPICY RYE’S Our sauces combine incredible flavours, spices, fruits, and vegetables into a single bottle. Each of our speciality sauces are designed to be versatile and exciting. You can use them to marinade, brush, coat, glaze, dip and drizzle. We’re confident you’ll LOVE our sauces, made with whole hearty produce and junkfree ingredients. foodies 29


STOP YA BEEFIN’ We are a women run, women owned, ALL vegan business. All our vegan doughnuts and pies are all made with love in our kitchen unit in Bristol. We don’t compromise when it comes to flavour and neither should you! Come try for yourselves and join us on our mission to ‘LOVE THE PLANET & STOP YA BEEFIN’!’

STREET DOGS UK We have taken the classic hot dog and turned it into a gourmet variant by using an array of responsibly sourced meats, high-quality toppings and artisan buns. Also offering skin on fries with a twist loaded which include toppings and sauces for a mouth watering treat.

THE SUNRISE PATISSERIE The Portguese tart people were specialist in real Portuguese tarts

SURFING COW ICE CREAM Award-winning artisan ice cream, made on our farm in Devon with whole milk from our Jerseycross cows, double cream and top quality ingredients. Serving a variety of different flavours of ice cream and sorbet, with a selection of cones and toppings to choose from.

SURYA LUNA NATURALS Surya Luna Naturals has evolved from a passion for harnessing the power of nature to create a body 30 foodies

care range that loves our skin and our world. ​

SWEET DORIS Sweet Doris is an artisan cinnamon bun company and was started in 2018. We are a bit different as they come in an array of different flavours and we have a wide variety of products from cereal, waffles and puddings! There are over 13 flavours to choose from and are baked fresh each day.

SWEET ESCAPE SWEETS AND TREATS sweetescapesweetsandtreats. Follow the smell of funfairs and circuses and you will find us selling fresh candy floss and the BEST pick and mix in town! We are available to hire for all events, parties and functions. Shop sweet with Sweet Escape Sweets and reats.

SWEET VELVET BAKES Sweet Velvet Bakes spreads joy through beautiful brownies and blondies in pink and orange boxes! Handmade in Bristol, using the finest Belgian chocolate with British flour, butter and eggs. Their bakes are produced in small batches. Favourite flavours include: triple chocolate brownie, biscoff blondie and salted caramel brownie!!

SWEETS IN THE MAIL Sweets In The Mail is a traditional sweet shop with a modern twist. ALL your old favourites with vegan, halal and vegetarian options too. We have a huge

range of American sweets and for those looking for something different why not try our melting pot fudge.

SWYGGE LTD Swygge provides premium bottled cocktails, developed to elevate experiences and for the coming together of friends, family and strangers. Made with only natural, fresh and vegan friendly ingredients, alongside crafted spirits, and our own artisan cordials and liqueurs.

TACK ROOM DISTILLERY LTD Nestled in an equestrian yard in the heart of the South West of England. This family run, traditional style, craft gin distillery offers an award winning range of exceptionally balanced, rounded and refreshing gins. Every bottle is hand filled, labelled and sealed to create a truly artisan product.

TAJIN Tajin Chilli and Lime Seasoning This delicious chilli powder seasoning is made with dehydrated lime and salt to add a hot and refreshing spice to any meal.

TAM’S KITCHEN 100% vegan. We specialise in epic dirty burgers, loaded fries and mac and cheese. Our most popular at other festivals and events we have done are a vegan Big Mac, fried chicken, bacon double cheese, pesto mac and cheese, cheesy loaded fries, chick’n tenders or “popcorn


chick’n”. We offer children friendly versions and portions. We also have a lot of vegan bakes and tarts that you wouldn’t believe are vegan. Check out our instagram @tamskitchenltd - the pics are really what the food looks like!

TATTON BREWERY Our beers are renowned for their quality and consistency – every pint needs to be as good as the last. We’ve been supplying beers in Cheshire for over ten years using local produce and ingredients, with our own unique Cheshire Yeast - making our beers stand out from the crowd.

TAW VALLEY MICROGREENS LTD North Devon based overlooking the Taw River Valley we’re Devon’s first dedicated micro-greens farm. Our mission is to provide a wide variety of the freshest most nutritious mini leafy greens that don’t cost the Earth. Book now for our ‘grow your own’ course. Come find us and say hi at the stall.

THE TEASHED Grab a bubble tea drink to go from The TeaShed stand! Pick and mix your favourite fruity drink and popping boba flavours. New to bubble tea? Simply suck up the fruit juice filled bubbles through your straw and enjoy them burst in your mouth with delicious flavour.

THAT’S NACHO BURRITO That’s Nacho Burrito are a firm festival favourite, serving up

deliciously fresh and substantial burritos and nachos. Try their spiced pulled chicken and chorizo or BBQ pulled jackfruit burritos, packed with homemade guacamole, salsa, salad, rice and cheese. Veggie, vegan, gluten free and dairy free options all available.

THERMOMIX Thermomix, The world’s smallest smartest kitchen. With one stainless-steel bowl, state-of-theart mixing knife, precision heating element and an integrated scale the TM6 does it all! Chop, beat, blend, whip, weigh, grind, knead, mince and more. From meal prep to clean up, the TM6 makes homemade cooking effortless.

3CZ 3cz is a family business, our mission is to produce innovative quality Caribbean street food second to none. Our signature boneless jerk is prepared on the authentic jerkpan, on smoked coals. The meat is seasoned using a plethora of fresh herbs and spices gathered from age old recipies and traditions.

THREE WRENS GIN Launched in 2019 by Nick Wadeson, Three Wrens is a multi award-winning craft gin distillery situated at a new site in Combermere, Cheshire. Using local handpicked botanicals and Cheshire Spring Water, Three Wrens produces a series of innovative and unique expressions including ‘world firsts’ Apple Crumble and Bison Grass editions.

TIMBERJACKS TimberJacks is a leading venue and mobile axe throwing entertainment provider. Our mobile axe throwing trailers and target stands serve as an outdoor extension to the fun and games experienced by 1000’s at our axe throwing venues. Come visit us and see if you can score big to win one of our exclusive baseball caps.

THE TRAVELLING BEE COMPANY LTD We firmly believe that happy bees make the best honey. That’s why we bundle our busy bees into our Bee-Mobile and travel across the North East of England, Scotland – and often further afield – setting up apiaries to give them access to the widest variety of flowers and trees in every season. In our constant search for exciting new flavours, we’ll even source from Europe and beyond.

TRODDEN BLACK Trodden Black is all about pathing the way with something new. Using unique flavour combos and made with knowledge from 9 years of professional cooking, we want to create a new experience for you in your pursuit of flavour. Handmade hot sauce and chili jam, made in small batches.

T’S FRIED SCOOP We are T’s Fried Scoop! The UK’s first and only fried ice cream company! Imagine an amazing hot&cold dessert combination, one scoop! A warm fluffly, doughnut/waffle like tesxture, that’s really hot and cripsy on the otuside and then cold ice cream in the middle. foodies 31


TWISS UP Born on a hot summer’s day in Peckham, South London, in 2019, what started as a forfeit for losing a friendly game of blackjack quickly became the drink of summer. Today Twiss UP sits as the U.ks first Cognac and rum based RTD cocktail ranging in three exciting flavours; Punchy Passion, Cheeky Cherry and Lippy lemon making up the exciting trio.

UTOKA We are a Bristol based company that supply premium cool boxes that can keep your food and drink cold for up to 5 days. Perfect for anything off-grid as they do not require any power. A colour for all palettes and a size for all needs. From BBQ to fishing, SUPs to Camping, Sailing to Festivals, we have a cooler for everyone. #foralladventures

VENTURE PHOTOGRAPHY Venture Photography are a Premium Brand Family and Pet Photographer. We offer relaxed natural photography in our state of the art studio, professional editing, a cinematic viewing and framed products for display in your home. Please visit our stand for special show offers.

THE VINTAGE RAMBLER We are a mother and daughter artisan business who handmake deliciously unusual preserves. We have 30+ yummy recipes, all made with 100% natural ingredients. From delightfully

32 foodies

moreish Carrot and Garlic Chutney to scrumptiously indulgent Cherry & Raspberry Jam infused with Cherry Brandy, we have a flavour to tickle everyone’s taste buds!

WEST BAKES COOKIE What to expect? A huge range of cookie fillings & toppings to choose from, all packed with chocolate chunks & baked to perfection using only the finest ingredients! Eat now, takeaway & gift box options will also be available. Perfectly served warm for the ultimate gooey cookie!

WHAT IF? STORIES WHATIFSTORIES.CO.UK Have you ever watched a movie and wondered, what if? What if stories are comic book tales set in film worlds. The books contain my imagined back stories to some of the best side characters in film... Oh and there’s Die Hard with zombies.

WHOLESOME HUB Wholesome Hub ~ the centre for Nutritious Nosh! After years of running a successful cafe we are now widening our reach, going mobile and feeding our Nourishing good for you low carb veggie and vegan nosh to more like minded folk! alongside which we offer barista coffee, tea and refreshing sugar free drinks.

THE WOODLAND TRUST Founded in 1972 the Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity and a leading voice in bringing the UK’s trees

and woodlands to the attention of government, land owners and the public. With a supporter base of half a million they were the first and remain the most significant contributor to woodland protections, restoration and creation in the UK.

WOODTHORPE WINES We have a fully operational mobile bar with amazing wines stocked by a professional certified sommelier including a selection of wines on tap. The future of sustainable wine service without compromising on quality. We specialise in smaller production, minimal intervention wines along with a focus on wines from the UK.

WOODY’S ICE CREAM Woody’s Ice Cream produce bespoke, artisan, dairy ice cream using our very own cows milk, based in the heart of the Ayrshire countryside. Indulge in your favourite ice cream flavours, as well as our mouth watering hot desserts! Vegan options also available.

WWF Founded in 1961, WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation working in more than 100 countries to create solutions to the most important environmental challenges facing the planet so that people and nature can thrive. Their work centres around restoring wildlife, sustaining forests and oceans and reducing carbon emissions.

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friday 20th may Register for free entry at the Registration Desk by the entrance. Tickets for sessions are released throughout the day and subject to availability

Chefs Theatre 1.00pm Dan Bowden – The Bay Hotel in Coverack 2.00pm Kate Humble – author, Home Cooked 3.00pm James Wythe – Author, Healthy Living kate James humble 4.00pm Steve Ashworth – Feeding Bristol, Somerset Life Food Hero 2018 5.00pm Martin Dawkins – The Rustic Chef 6.00pm Hot Chilli Challenge

Cake & Bake Theatre 12.30pm Charlotte White – Dark Chocolate & Oak Smoked Salt Cookies 1.30pm John Holland, Baker on Board – Spectacular Cakes 2.30pm Steve Ashworth, Feeding Bristol, Somerset Life Food Hero 2018 – Sticky Toffee Muffins 3.30pm Liz Burnett, Bu Bakes – Gin & Tonic Madeira Cake 4.30pm Rob Baker-Gall, Mr Baker’s Cake School – Cheddar & Chive Scones 5.30pm Charlotte White – Velvety Vegan Tiramisu

4.30pm Tom Surgey – Tom Surgey’s Summer Serves! Drinks to bring the sunshine; premium beer, wine & cocktails 5.30pm Tom Surgey – Cap Classique: traditional method South African sparkling wine

MAH Music Stage 5IVE LIBERTY X ROZALLA DJ Discobobulator The Great Leslie Joli & The Souls James Harriman Band Two Ways Home Russell Jones


liberty x


Drinks Theatre 12.30pm Gritchie Brewing – Gritchie goodness, class in a beer glass 1.30pm Joe Wadsack - Emerging Wines of Eastern Europe, Romania 2.30pm Champagne Cave – Champagne, Premier Cru, Grand Cru and clos garden Champagne 3.30pm Joe Wadsack – VIVER tequila tasting 34 foodies



saturday 21st may Register for free entry at the Registration Desk by the entrance. Tickets for sessions are released throughout the day and subject to availability

Chefs Theatre 12.00pm Mark McCabe – The Ethicurean 1.00pm Thomas Frake – MasterChef Champion 2020 philli 2.00pm Josh Eggleton armitage – Great British Menu, mattin The Pony Chew Valley 3.00pm Dhruv Baker – MasterChef Champion 2010 4.00pm Philli Armitage Mattin – MasterChef: The Professionals finalist 2020 5.00pm Hot Chilli Challenge

Cake & Bake Theatre 11.30am Charlotte White – Dark Chocolate & Oak Smoked Salt Cookies 12.30pm Rob Baker-Gall, Mr Baker’s Cake School – Cheddar & Chive Scones 1.30pm Marianne Stewart, Marianne Bakes, author Nourish Cakes – Victorian Scroll Cake 2.30pm John Holland, Baker on Board – Spectacular Cakes 3.30pm Liz Burnett, Bu Bakes – Gin & Tonic Madeira Cake 4.30pm Steve Ashworth, Feeding Bristol, Somerset Life Food Hero 2018 – Sticky Toffee Muffins 5.30pm Charlotte White – Velvety Vegan Tiramisu

Eastern Europe, Romania 2.30pm Matt Dicks – ‘Love this, like that’ tutored masterclass with Waitrose wine specialist 3.30pm The London Vermouth Company Adventures in flavour - vermouth tasting 4.30pm Joe Wadsack – VIVER tequila tasting 5.30pm G&Tea –Putting the tea in your G&T

Kids Cookery Theatre Today’s theme: Ninjas Love Noodles Sessions at 11.30am, 12.45pm, 2.00pm, 3.15pm, 4.30pm

MAH Music Stage SCOUTING FOR GIRLS The Zarrs Talk In Code Galaxy Thief Ben Hutcheson Taynee Lord & The Crookes Majestix Caitlin Mae

scouting for girls

Drinks Theatre 11.30pm Gritchie Brewing – Gritchie goodness, class in a beer glass 12.30am Champagne Cave – Champagne, Premier Cru, Grand Cru and clos garden Champagne 1.30pm Joe Wadsack – Emerging Wines of

foodies 35


sunday 22nd may Register for free entry at the Registration Desk by the entrance. Tickets for sessions are released throughout the day and subject to availability

Chefs Theatre 12.00pm Elliott Lidstone – Box-E Bristol 1.00pm Hywel Griffith – Great British Menu 2021, Michelin-starred The Beach House 2.00pm Laura Strange – hywel My Gluten Free Guide griffith 3.00pm Larkin Cen – Woky Ko, MasterChef finalist 2013, Great British Menu 2022 4.00pm Dhruv Baker – MasterChef Champion 2010 5.00pm Hot Chilli Challenge

Cake & Bake Theatre 11.30am Rob Baker-Gall, Mr Baker’s Cake School – Cheddar & Chive Scones 12.30pm Marianne Stewart, Marianne Bakes, author Nourish Cakes – Victorian Scroll Cake 1.30pm Andy Oakey, The Sustainable Chef – Peanut Butter Cake 2.30pm John Holland, Baker on Board – Spectacular Cakes 3.30pm Liz Burnett, Bu Bakes – Gin & Tonic Madeira Cake 4.30pm Charlotte White – The End of the Show show

3.30pm Joe Wadsack – VIVER tequila tasting 4.30pm Gritchie Brewing – Gritchie goodness, class in a beer glass 5.30pm The London Vermouth Company – Adventures in flavour - vermouth tasting

Kids Cookery Theatre Today’s theme: Ninjas Love Noodles Sessions at 11.30am, 12.45pm, 2.00pm, 3.15pm, 4.30pm

MAH Music Stage SOPHIE ELLIS-BEXTOR Rehab The Mysteries Hicktown Breakout Liam Vincent and The Odd Foxes The Jamestown Brothers Daydream Runaways Breeze Redwine

Drinks Theatre 11.30am Rawlicious – Juicy heaven 12.30pm Joe Wadsack - Emerging Wines of Eastern Europe, Romania 1.30pm Champagne Cave – Champagne, Premier Cru, Grand Cru and clos garden Champagne 2.30pm G&Tea – Putting the tea in your G&T

sophie ellis-bextor