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Marry the night

AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2018 / Bath, Bristol & the West / No.20




With the average UK wedding taking over 200 hours to organise, we believe that every bride deserves a helping hand no matter what her budget! We have some beautiful wedding venues in Devon, Dorset and Somerset from cottage gardens to castles and of course our fabulous beaches!

 Like most good wedding planners we work with suppliers who have been recommended to us by our couples or who we have particularly chosen.  We have a careful selection process taking into account their price, quality and reliability before we decide to work with each one.  We are also happy to work with suppliers that you recommend to us.

Only £775

Already booked your suppliers? Don’t worry you can still buy our wedding day management option. Visit our website for more information.

Why not pop in and see us at our Shop, on Topsham Road in Exeter. Open Tues to Sat 10am - 4pm. Evenings and Sundays by Appointment 01392 758220 • 07856860057 (outside hours) enquiries@westcountryweddingplanner.co.uk


Compare our besp oke wedding planning options o n our webs ite alfietheblackcabbooth.co.uk



THE HEAT IS ON As Vow goes to press, it’s hot, hot, hot. Great for your wedding day, you might think, but there can be problems. For one thing, bright sunlight – as top wedding photographers keep telling us – can be much harder to shoot in than rain. For another, you’ll sweat from places you didn’t know you could sweat from. (Coconut water wipes can help here, we’re told.) For a third, your hair may well take much longer to dry – counter-intuitive, you might think, but consider the humidity. Wedding dresses are often heavy too, and tight, and dancing in them can feel like you’re dancing in your own personal oven. Male guests whose day job is not as The Man from Del Monte – and so don’t have much linen in their wardrobes – may find their standard wool business suits torture

too. Floral displays (those that aren’t a little tropical, like succulents or orchids) may droop in the sun – nothing should be drooping on your wedding day, of course – and foundation may melt, while handsin-the-air dancing can reveal unsightly wet patches galore. I say all this for two reasons. One, to help you prepare. (Rented-in fans, especially for the dance floor, are a very good shout.) And two, to make those of us who’ve suffered through wet and windy winter weddings feel better about our life choices. Whatever the weather, though, isn’t the heat between the two of you all your wedding day really needs? MATT BIELBY, editor



36It’s like The

Less blood than an episode of Spartacus, but just as much Roman glamour…

Godfather meets The Wicker Man…


into your wedding

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Sometimes guyliner wants to be smudged






Glastonbury looks quite quiet this year…

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Order of service 7 INVITATIONS




Snapper James Green brings a golden glow, pretty stationery by laser cutting queen Celia Evans, and World Inspired Tents pitches up at their new home… Amazing items we really, really want (some more essential than others)


This issue we pull on our wellies at River Cottage, play gothic Wuthering Heights, have fun in a classic VW, and balance a giant cake on a slice of hanging log. Plus, Bath’s most historically significant wedding venue hosts a bride who looks straight out of Rome or Spartacus: Blood and Sand, though with a very modern twist…

A trio of enviable West Country weddings, starring London buses, light sabres and checkered waistcoats. (And yes, we did say light sabres…) A cool way to dress up the wedding breakfast. First, get yourself one absolutely humongous table…


There’s something about the word ‘rowlocks’ we love, so let’s say it again. Rowlocks, rowlocks, rowlocks. (Our groom here has two of them.)

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HERE COMES THE BOOM Cannons to the right of them, cannons to the left of them, petals all over them You might think that there’s nothing much wrong with delivering confetti the old fashioned way – taking a little scoop and throwing it – but you’re clearly not engaged with the modern age. Some cars can climb mountains or trouble 200mph, yet never get used for anything more challenging than the school run; half the plastic in the world we perhaps only use once; trips to the far side of the planet are routine, when Wales would be just as nice. We’re in an era of overkill, people. So let us introduce the ‘confetti cannon’, which is as if HMS Hood had filled its 15-inch guns with dried flowers and let rip. They’re from the guys at Shropshire Petals, and they’re easy

to fire – just remove the sticker from the top of the cannon, twist the end and watch as confetti explodes 10 metres into the air, then descends in a mighty cascade. All sorts of confetti mixes are available (delphinium and wildflower is popular and recommended, we’re told), and each £25 cannon contains 1.5 litres of the stuff, or just shy of 20 handfuls. Only one bit of advice remains. Yes, this stuff is made of petals not paper, and so is happily biodegradable, but when you’re chucking so much up in the air that it threatens to blot out the sun, make sure you’ve got permission first, yeah? shropshirepetals.com VOW | 7

I n v i tat i o n s

Snap happy JA M E S G R E E N – w e d d i n g ph oto g r a ph e r

GOLDEN HOURS The way James uses light makes everyone look good. “You deserve to have your love story beautifully captured,” he says…

8 | VOW

There’s an ethereal feel to Wiltshire snapper JAMES GREEN’S work which makes him amongst our most sought after wedding photographers

anything amazing, but that I’d give it my best,” he now laughs. “My wife assisted me as second shooter, though, and I was really happy with the results. Even better, so were the bride and groom!” That was back in August 2010, and James soon booked four more weddings for 2011. The year after that, he was booked out, and now does 30, maybe 35, weddings a year.

James Green’s first wedding felt like a huge leap at the time – after all, he’d only been shooting portraits in his tiny little studio for a year at that point – but it was something he’d offered to do for free, a gift for a couple of good friends. “I did tell them that I couldn’t guarantee

So, James, how should couples set about choosing a photographer? It’s important to look around, and get an idea about the styles of photography you like. There are thousands of us out there, with all sorts of skill levels and styles, so what are you looking for? A reportage

photographer, who’s predominantly in the background, or a fine art photographer with a more editorial approach? Once you’ve landed on a look you like and a photographer who can deliver it, ask for a Skype or FaceTime session, so you can get to know them without the obligation to book. With me, it generally starts like that, or we’ll maybe meet up if they live within an hour’s radius. Then we’ll talk about their wedding – how they met, what they do in their spare time, their family and, of course, about photography. I’m not a salesman and I approach meet ups in a very casual way, so potential clients feel no pressure. It’s important that, if they book, it’s because they believe I’m the right guy to tell the story of their day. What does a typical package cost and include? They start at £1,500 for digital delivery, and go up from there by adding albums and products. You’ll get a beautifully crafted package containing all the high res edited images via USB, plus a handful of gorgeous prints and a prewedding photo shoot. How do you make sure you don’t miss any vital parts of the day? I’m well prepared for each wedding, and have a schedule for the day – so I know exactly what’s happening, and when – plus a shots list for the group photographs. Having shot literally hundreds of weddings now, I know pretty much what to expect, and I’m good at anticipating when great moments are about to happen. You must have shot in some gorgeous locations…? Yep! From privately owned castles in Scotland to Lake Victoria in Uganda – but, you know, I especially love a good cathedral wedding. What looks bad in photos? Bad lighting. By that I don’t mean low light levels, but when a photographer doesn’t know how to use the light they’re presented with well. And any sense of awkwardness, too. I work hard to build a rapport with the bride, the groom and VOW | 9

s n a p h a p p y: J a m e s G r e e n

all their guests, to make sure everyone’s comfortable around me. How about the weather? Is shooting in rain a nightmare? And what about bright sunshine? When it rains, I try to work with the architecture – or we grab a few umbrellas and just get out there! Rain has never stopped me from getting great shots, and – as a professional photographer – it’s important to know how to get the best out of any kind of light, whether it’s cloudy, dull or bright sunshine. With bright sunlight I often shoot with the sun behind the couple to give a beautiful golden halo effect – or simply move into the shade! 10 | VOW

Ever been trampled by a dancing crowd, or bridesmaids running to catch the bouquet? No, but I recently got attacked by a notso-soft inflatable microphone on a dance floor, and drenched by a flying pint of beer. My clients know how to party! Do you manage to have fun at your weddings? I love them. I love people anyway, and have the very great privilege of getting to know an entire family very quickly. Because of the nature of a wedding, I get to see them intimately vulnerable and open too, making it a beautiful thing to be a part of. I also love being on the dance floor, capturing mad party shots…

Do you ever tear up on the job? Regularly! Usually around the father of the bride’s speech. As the father of two daughters myself, I can relate to the love a father has for his daughter. What’s your favourite kind of couple to shoot? Anyone, as long as it’s a summer or spring evening in a beautiful landscape, just after the sun has set. I love the colours and soft light that comes just after ‘golden hour’. There must be standard shots that everybody wants. How do you deal with the repetition? It’s part of the job, and I don’t mind at all. Every client is different, and so the experience is always different for me. Plus, I’m always thinking, ‘How can I make this image special?’, regardless of how ordinary the subject might seem. How do you get stiff posers to loosen up? By being personable, having fun, and by building up a good rapport throughout the day. And I crack stupid jokes all the time, of course… What kind of wedding photos annoy you? Ones that are awkward, poorly composed or badly lit. I also really, really dislike gimmicky or horribly cheesy photographs. The old ‘peeking out from behind a tree’ chestnut? Yuck! What about all those trendy filters and vintage effects? How well will those things age? I grade very cinematically, with restraint and precision, in a timeless style that will look as beautiful in ten, 20, 50 years as it does now. Finally, can you tell if a couple is going to stay together based on how they act on the day? Marriage isn’t always easy, nor are any relationships, so I wouldn’t presume to know if any marriage will last a lifetime – I can only hope that it does. jamesgreenphotographer.co.uk VOW | 11

I n v i tat i o n s

I thought, ‘It’s now or never’. I did my first wedding fair, which was a total flop, but did realise one thing – that there’s very little laser cut anything on offer for brides. My husband and I had a pretty serious conversation, and decided to invest in a laser cutter ourselves. I got to work designing my first collection, and here we are a few years later. So, how do you actually go about making your designs? It’s all a bit techy, but I create them in Adobe Creative Suite, then convert the files to CAD and send them to the laser cutter. I love putting a piece of card into there and watching it come out as beautiful artwork. I then use my foil press to add the text; each design is foil pressed by hand. It’s a fairly lengthy process, but the results are worth it. Any favourite couples you’ve created a suite for? In the early days, I only had about three designs available on Etsy, which is when a lady called Marissa got in touch, asking for a sample of my leaf vein save-thedate. The moment she received it, she called to say she loved it – and went ahead with the order. That was such a confidence boost. Later, when I was extending the collection, I showed her an invitation I’d designed to go with the save-the-date, and she loved that too. Many months later I was at Most Curious Wedding Fair in London, and there was

FOLD TYPE For hand-made, laser cut wedding stationery with a difference, you want Celia Evans of PEN & FOLD…

Celia Evans runs Pen & Fold, a wedding stationery company that specialises in the use of vibrant colours, intricate lasercut designs and luscious foil-pressed details. “We’ve got a workshop in rural Gloucestershire,” Celia says, “and are constantly inspired by the natural world that we see all around us.”

You love a wedding, we take it? You know what I especially love? Going to wedding fairs! As I don’t go to the weddings themselves, this is where I get to meet my couples in the flesh – and I especially love it when they’re looking for something different, and have bags of energy and enthusiasm for their big day. Laser-cut stationery like this is quite unusual, isn’t it? I actually taught graphic design in London for eight years, and at school we had a laser cutter – and I became totally hooked on using it. When I went on maternity leave, I hadn’t even considered that I might set up my own business, but on the very last day of my maternity

a couple giggling near my stand. I went to speak to them, and they said, “We’re Marissa and Oliver.” Okay, it took me a few seconds – but then I realised that they were the lovely couple who’d really got the ball rolling for my business! penandfold.co.uk VOW | 13

I n v i tat i o n s

The wedding planner

SPRING SEE EMILY BAKERS PLAY Pretty jewellery They’re scone when at prices they’re that scone won’t break the bank

TIPI TALES Top tipi tribe find a new home, and holds a shindig to celebrate World Inspired Tents, the Devon-based giant Nordic tipi people, are moving to a new home in Bristol, and – to celebrate – are holding their first open weekend in the area. It’s set to take place at Backwell House on 22 and 23 September. These guys pioneered tipi rental in the UK – and in the South West, certainly – and

BLOCK PARTY Want a new way to display your wedding pics? Look no further… 14 | VOW

can handle any size of wedding; we’ve featured their tents in photo shoots and at real-life nuptials time after time. Popping along will also let you check out Backwell, and both house and tipis which will be dressed for the occasion. Just pop in for a look around and an informal chat, or make an appointment; you’re asked to pre-register, though, with either the World Inspired team (info@ world-inspired.co.uk) or Backwell House (enquiries@backwellhouse.co.uk). worldinspiredtents.co.uk backwellhouse.co.uk

Amanda Brown at Flamingo on Bath’s Widcombe Parade created this recent commission using local hairdresser Zara Perry’s wedding photos, which are mounted on 100 5 x 5cm blocks to give a 3D effect, then covered in resin to provide a high gloss finish and framed. This piece is 50cm x 50cm, not including the frame, and prices start at £500, though will increase slightly if Amanda has to scan in non-digital photos. And she can make them bigger too; indeed, she’s currently working on a 100cm x 100cm version. “It’s the perfect way to display wedding photos, and gives a good feeling of the atmosphere of the day,” Amanda says. flamingobath.co.uk

Suff Emily Here Mortimer makes ultraNewolk-Based Bristol start-up Today, Scone cool jewellery at Kickstarter all sorts of price points, Tomorrow used to bring their from £30 nearer £2,000, that gets worn dreams ofto a mobile scone bakery – perfect by of modern London society – think for much wedding receptions – alive, transforming Caroline Flack and Made a beautiful Citroen HY vanin(you know, those Chelsea girls cool,Binky old-looking ones thatinitial seemnecklaces, to be made like Felstead. These of silver, corrugated iron)rose intogold, a mobile bakery. in gold and for instance, Wife and husband team Pip and Monty arein make great bridesmaid’s presents; they’re behind it,range and plan offer savoury choices the Echo andtocost £85, and there are – plus suchbracelets oddities at as£65 a Black matching too.Forest gateau scone – alongside the traditional cream teas. emilymortimer.co.uk sconetomorrow.com

JUS A RASCAL We love a good pun, and here’s a business built around one This cheeky little Bedford Rascal – actually a version of the Japanese Suzuki Carry minivan, sold under dozens of different names across the world – is enjoying a new life as a mobile Prosecco bar called, yes, Fizzy Rascal, thanks to Wiltshire-based Jenni Phillips and her pal Martin from Downton Brewery. Perfect for outdoor wedding receptions, we reckon. fizzyrascalevents.com

Book your Wedding Wine Tasting with us today on 01225 322810

• Home to over 800 wines and 150 Gins • Free Riedel Glass Loan

www.greatwesternwine.co.uk | Great Western Wine, Wells Road, Bath, BA2 3AP

Quote VOW20 to receive your free glass of bubbly on arrival at your Wedding tasting.

Helping to make your day very special Choose the comfort and luxury of a new chauffeur-driven Bentley for your wedding day Call 01225 318591 Visit www.willoughbygreen.co.uk

Morgan EV3 / A new, retro-futuristic all-electric Morgan 3 Wheeler, due September; perhaps an even better post-ceremony getaway car than Meghan and Harry’s electric E-Type / around £30,000; morgan-motor.co.uk

Style & Substance


Silver and gold rings, by Hannah Louise Lamb / Edinburgh-based Hannah’s work is influenced by the coast, and comes in various metals and styles, sometimes set with diamonds / around £165-£2,500; hannahlouiselamb.com

Not everything here is a wedding essential, you might say, but dammit, we want them all the same…

Artistic Colour Revolution nail lacquer / Sometimes nail varnish alone can make a look pop, especially when it’s in these punchy, festival-wedding summer hues / £11 each; greenstreethouse.co.uk

Bespoke cake, by Anna Cake Couture / Award-winning designs made in Clifton Village, and full of clever details like the piping here nodding towards the decorative mouldings of a period venue / three tier around £350, four tier £600+; thisisanna.co.uk

Lowry jumpsuit, by The House of Ollichon / Handmade dress alternative, perfect for those ‘blessed with a chest’; perhaps accessorise with the Chung removable skirt for the ceremony, then remove for the dance floor / £820; houseofollichon.co.uk

Wool, silk and linen Ebury suit, by Chester Barrie / The wool helps it keep its shape, the silk adds luxury, and the linen makes it light / was £1,250, now £875; chesterbarrie.co.uk

VOW | 17


Electric Daisy flower bouquet / Small but cool flower farm near Bath, with a nice line in stylish, seasonal arrangements; your bouquet might not need to be quite as big as Dobbin’s here; electricdaisyflowerfarm.co.uk

Perrin Paris La Minaudiere pink raffia bag / It’s not cheap, and it’s teeny tiny (just big enough for a phone, a mirror and lippy), but it’s also amazing / £1,190; harveynichols.com

Style & Substance Hammered silver bangle, by Catherine Amesbury / From Catherine’s Aladdin’s cave of jewellery on Bristol’s Gloucester Road comes this triple charm of silver, crystal and freshwater pearl hearts / around £100; artemisbristol.co.uk

Meadow Jet, by Emmy London / Striking made-to-order court shoe in hand-embroidered Italian suede / £695; emmylondon.com

18 | VOW

Tertia dress, by Caroline Castigliano, available at Carina Baverstock Couture / Perfect country bridal gown, with swirling skirts of silk organza and the laid back elegance of a lace bodice / £2,749; carinabcouture.com

‘Chichirika’ varnished screen print / Eight colour print by Brit artist Maria Rivans, mixing classic imagery with vivid colour, and just the thing to set the tone at a reception / £280; modernartbuyer.com

Clifton Brides Established 1989

Award winning Boutique Designers include: ALAN HANNAH • ROSA CLARA ST PATRICK • MIKAELLA

Nicholas Wylde offers one of the largest selections of wedding rings in the South West at competitive prices.

186 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2XU Tel: 01179 237928 www.cliftonbrides.co.uk f cliftonbrides



Orangery The

at Goldney Hall

A hidden gem within Bristol’s famous Clifton Village, the Orangery at Goldney Hall offers the perfect fairy-tale backdrop for your big day. The Orangery sits within beautiful walled gardens which are yours for the day of your wedding.

Speak t o a memb e r of the Conf e re nc e Off ic e t o a r r a n g e a s u i t a bl e t i m e t o h a v e a g u i d e d t o u r arou nd our beautif ul v e nue , b uild ings a nd gro u n ds . Emai l : conf eren c e - off ic e @b r is tol. a c . uk Tel: 0 1 1 7 9 5 4 5 5 0 1 Un iversity of Br is tol, Gold ne y Ha ll, Low e r Cli f t o n H i l l , Br i s t o l BS8 1 BH




The West Country’s most classical venue meets some decidedly nonclassical bridal get-ups in a shoot hash-tagged #littlelondon, and showing just how cosmopolitan elegant old Bath can be…


T H E B R I D E : r o m a n b at h s

2 2 | VOW

t h e b r i d e : r o m a n b at h s


VOW | 2 7

T H E B R I D E : r o m a n b at h s



bi and Sarah built the gang behind this shoot from the photographer down. “That’s always the first booking,” Sarah says. “You can have wonderful everything else but, if you have terrible images, at the end of the day you’ve got nothing. The lighting on this shoot was always going to be tricky – although, if right, spectacular – and we needed someone who could cope with that, so our first stop was Emma from Heart Full of Tea, who’s worked with Abi on many a real-life wedding across the South West. Emma is highly experienced and always professional – plus, of course, we love her quirky style.” 2 8 | VOW

For outfits, the pair went to House of Ollichon, who specialise in jumpsuits and separates for what they call the “dress-less wedding”. “They make just the most incredibly luxurious, out-of-the-box, fuss-free and gorgeous one and two pieces,” Sarah says, “and their style is so #littlelondon that we couldn’t believe our luck when they agreed to let me pick up some pieces from their London base. The five-hour round trip was totally worth the effort, given the results.” The model, Ann Frost, was not only stunning but a dream to work with – “even when we had to rub down her goose bumps between shots, as we worked well into the evening and the temperatures got cooler and cooler,” says Sarah – and her red hair and pale skin showed off these simple, elegant outfits perfectly. Gilding the lily were edgy gold-tipped nails by Laura Streeter and strong-but-subtle make-up by Christy Waterfall, while Bath-based florist Nicole from Blomme contributed, says Sarah, “beautifully dreamy floral designs that perfectly balanced our pared down styling efforts.” Veils and bridal accessories (“not too much, just enough”) came from Britten Weddings in Bradford-on-Avon, and the whole look was styled by Abi herself, who – says Sarah – “is fast becoming one of the region’s go-to bridal stylists, and is so in demand for beauty and fashion-led photoshoots.” For the Wedding Collective guys, one of the things they wanted to prove here is that sleek, minimal styling is far from boring. “Of course, this shoot took place a little before Meghan and Harry’s big day,” Sarah says, “but we were happy to see that we’d been bang on trend with our no nonsense, pared back, super cool styling. Simple silhouettes are ideal for highlighting fabulous hair, accessories, and make-up and nails. And we love a two piece – especially a trouser suit. They not only look amazing, and are very easy to wear, but they’re both practical and high-fashion too. Really, what’s not to love?”

ROMAN ROMANCE Rubbing their flesh frantically to get rid of those pesky goosebumps were… VENUE: The Roman Baths, Bath; bathvenues.co.uk ORGANISATION: Sarah Baker, The Wedding Collective;

facebook.com/pg/The-Wedding-Collective STYLING AND HAIR: Abigail Constanza Bridal Stylist;

abigailconstanza.com JUMPSUITS: House of Ollichon; houseofollichon.co.uk NAILS: Laura Streeter; Twitter @laurapinknails MAKE-UP: Christy Waterfall; christywaterfall.com FLORIST: Nicole from Blomme Flowers; blomme.co.uk ACCESSORIES: Britten Weddings; brittenweddings.com MODEL: Ann Frost; instagram.com/annfrostmodelling PHOTOGRAPHER: Emma Leivers at Heart Full of Tea;



his shoot took place in late spring at the Roman Baths in Bath, a genuine World Heritage Site that certainly makes for the most incredible backdrop, and is packed with intriguing details from the imposing statues to the Corinthian columns to the slippery cobbled slabs. People have been bathing in the hot waters here since Celtic times, but it took the Roman invasion for the temple, and then the elaborate bathing complex that surrounds it, to be put up over many hundreds of years, starting in around 60AD. “We couldn’t close the site, so had to wait until all the visitors had left at the end of the day,” says social influencer Sarah Baker, who organised everything. “It means we didn’t get going until early evening. Since it’s such a well photographed site, the custodians have various restrictions on how we photographed it, and quite rightly so. It’s also very big, and quite difficult to light, considering the way it’s already lit, to stay in keeping with its character. But our aim was always to give it the respect it deserves, while still showcasing our model, clothes, flowers, and the rest.” The impetus came from both Sarah and bridal hair specialist Abigail Constanza, who formed Bath’s The Wedding Collective in 2016, when they met working on the Bath in Fashion team. “We share a love of creating beautiful high-end wedding editorial,” Sarah says, “and have now worked together on several projects producing quality bridal images in incredible venues. This year we also worked with a fashion designer for the first time, showcasing her wonderful silk painted clothing, and that’s something we’re keen to do more of.” Abi and Sarah usually start with a venue they’ve spotted somewhere on social media, then a mood board starts to evolve. It wasn’t quite like that this time, though, as they both live in Bath and so have long known the Roman Baths, which has to be one of the most iconic settings you’ll find anywhere. “The team there are very helpful, and keen to get involved,” Sarah says. “It doesn’t hurt that you can have a sunset or sunrise wedding at the Baths, and – as you can see – it would be a wonderfully romantic place to get married.” A classical background, then, but the bridal ‘gowns’ the pair used here are anything but. In fact, their model is actually wearing various trouser suits. “We’ve been wanting to see what we call our ‘#littlelondon’ wedding idea realised for a while now,” Sarah says, “as we know many couples from the capital come to Bath looking for a more manageable scale of wedding, but without surrendering any style. Part of our thinking was to prove that Bath is perfectly on trend and sleek – there are no country bumpkins here.” Indeed, perish the thought!



PA L M S What with all those ceiling fans, indoor palms, pineapples, bridge parties and the endless downing of gin and tonic to ward off malaria (that was the tonic’s job, not the gin’s), the Colonial lifestyle looks rather wizard, wouldn’t you say, old sport? In fact, we think we’ll indulge…

VOW | 3 1

3 2 | VOW


T H E B R I D E : w i l d pa l m s



ichard himself sees his photographic style as a blend of the “creative and documentary, and I like nothing more than to capture the atmosphere and emotion of a wedding day.” He tends to treat a styled shoot in much the same way, more or less allowing things to happen as they happen, with minimal staging and very few posed shots as such. Today’s model, Lilija, has been a friend of his for a few years now – “she was born in Lithuania, and has long blonde hair and a natural beauty” – whose look was accentuated by make-up from the recently qualified Poole-based MUA Holly Kate, and hair from Tracy at Bournemouth-based Brideshair. The elegant day dresses she wore, meanwhile, came from Kayleigh at Exclusively Yours Bridal Boutique in Blandford, while the evening cocktail number was from Mojgan Bridal Couture. 3 4 | VOW

“A simple but stunning sequinned flapper dress, it was absolutely perfect for the cocktail hour element of the shoot,” Richard says. Then there was Bournemouth-based florist Natasha, who rocked up with a blend of silk and natural flowers, and produced a quirky bouquet and minimalist table arrangements using lots of succulents, green foliage, herbs and delicate blooms, while stylist Rachel worked with Gemma from Fifteas Vintage Pop-up Tea Parties and Events to bring all the props. “Rachel supplied the majority of the tableware, glassware and the crockery,” Richard says, “and finishing touches like the candles and ribbon, while Gemma brought all the vintage china for the cocktail hour set-up.” Also crucial were the cake, by Bekki at The Sweet Suite – “the great thing is, she always provides plenty of extras for us to nibble on as we go!” – and stationery from Poole-based sisters, Gemma and Amanda, at Jellicoe Creative. “I hate going into a styled shoot thinking that what we’re trying to achieve would never be possible at a real-life wedding,” Richard says. “I mean, what would be the point? We’re here to inspire couples, not confuse or intimate them. So everything here is very achievable, but also very on-trend, from the succulents we used in the floral arrangements – and I really love it when brides embrace nontraditional florals! – to the considered yet inventive wedding cakes. Couples definitely take the design element far more seriously these days, and want to give their guests a feast for the eyes, as well as for the palette.” PHOTOGRAPHY BY RICHARD GOODRUM-WARD

ay the words ‘Colonial style’ and everyone will have a slightly different idea of what you’re on about – but generally we mean houses build in the Far East and the New World by European settlers, and often Brits. They’d usually be quite big and highly symmetrical, with wide porches, lots of decorative mouldings, multi-pane windows, ceiling fans, shutters, rattan and bamboo furniture, and plenty of indoor greenery. Canford Cliffs is a pretty little village on the Dorset coast, not far from Sandbanks and certainly nearer Poole than Bournemouth, and The Plantation there – location for this shoot – is just the prettiest inn with an unusual Colonial-style feel; on a beach nearby you’ll see some of Europe’s oldest beach huts, dating back to the late 1920s. “We went there in April,” says local wedding photographer and shoot organiser Richard Goodrum-Ward of RGW Photos, “and the weather was definitely on our side. The sun was shining, and we enjoyed a blue, cloudless sky and a gentle breeze blowing through The Plantation’s garden.” Richard has been here a few times to catch up with friends over coffee and cake, and had long known it would suit the botanically themed shoot he had planned down to the ground. “From all the shutters and blinds to the amazing tiled floor in the conservatory, it has a very distinctive look,” he says. “There are palm motifs on the lounge wallpaper, and the whole bar area is beautifully mirrored and dotted with porcelain pineapples. Then, out in the garden, there’s a rather wonderful iron shed with a fantastic beach and palm mural painted across it.” For Richard, spring and weddings go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong – “they’re both about new life, rebirth and growth,” he says – and The Plantation seemed to fit this theme like a glove. “I always have a pretty clear vision of how I want a shoot to look,” he says, “and I like to choose a tight colour palette to help define it, typically of three colours. In this case, it was green, white and aubergine.” He brought along a whole bunch of familiar suppliers he’d worked with many times before, including regular partner-in-crime Rachel of Love by Design Wedding and Events, who styled it all, and florist Natasha of With Love From Floristry. And then there was Bekki from The Sweet Suite, who provided the cakes, and is another one he’s always bouncing ideas around with.

LIVING IN GIN Ready for a little sundowner? Don’t mind if we do, say this little lot… VENUE: The Plantation, Canford Cliffs, Poole; the-plantation.co.uk STYLING AND PROPS: Rachel at Love By Design Weddings and Events; lovebydesignweddings.co.uk FLORIST: Natasha from With Love From Floristry; with-love-from.co.uk ARTISAN BAKERY: Bekki from The Sweet Suite; thesweetsuitedorset.co.uk ADDITIONAL PROPS: Gemma at Fifteas Vintage Pop Up Tea Parties & Events; fifteas.com STATIONERY: Jellicoe; jellicoestationery.co.uk DRESSES: Kayleigh from Exclusively Yours Bridal Boutique; exclusivelyyoursbridalboutique.co.uk ADDITIONAL DRESS: Mojgan Bridal Couture; mojganweddingdresses.com HAIR: Tracy from Brideshair; brideshair.co.uk MAKE-UP: Holly from Holly Kate Make Up; hollykatemua.co.uk MODEL: Lilija PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Goodrum-Ward, RGW Photos; rgw-photos.com



MILD Few places feel more soothing and peaceful than the famous RIVER COTTAGE, about as picture-perfect a South West farmhouse as you could hope to find. And that’s before we brought along loads of extra props to jazz it up a little…

T H E B R I D E : r i v e r c o t ta g e


he farm theme ran through the rest of the shoot too. Jenny at Hip Hip Hooray created stationery that ran with the idea, while dodging the usual tongue-in-cheek farmyard feel, while Jen from Edible Essence made a delicious three-tier naked cake, with the base coated in icing and pressed flowers. “We dressed around it with loose strawberries and raffia, then put it outside on top of a cake barrel,” Carys says. The only thing she really struggled with were the flowers, as she had her heart set on a bouquet of organic vegetables – though, she says, they “still had to look elegant and pretty.” Luckily, Amanda 3 8 | VOW



his shoot took place one sunny day in May at Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall’s famous River Cottage, tucked away near Akminster and with rolling countryside all around. Carys Jenkinson of The Prop Factory, the sustainable rustic prop hire people from Exeter, first came across it after helping with a wedding fair here, and immediately knew she wanted to book in a photo shoot, stat. “It’s all very rustic, of course,” Carys says, “but beautifully so, and it looked picture perfect even without any of our props. There were logs piled up for outdoor cooking, which looked glorious against the whitewashed walls and pretty tulips. In fact, though the farm is completely natural – and buzzing with farm life, as well as loads of people taking cookery lessons – it almost looks like it’s been styled just as it comes. No wonder it’s so popular as a wedding venue.” Indeed! And because River Cottage already has such a distinctive, relaxed feel, the idea of creating a ‘farm fete’-type theme here came naturally, meaning all Carys really had to do was bring along some choice items, and think of fun things to do with them. “Our rustic bar, picnic baskets, cake barrel, hobby horse game, and crochet bunting all sat so well here,” she says, “but there were two other things I really wanted to do. First, I wanted to create a ceremony walkway between the vegetable patches around the back of the venue, and, second, I wanted to set up a tablescape in the courtyard, using our farmhouse tables and benches. We’d have a table runner using organic vegetables and hessian, and the bride and groom in their wellies, having fun.” Photographer for the day was Emily from Emily Fleur Photography – “her business logo is a chicken silhouette, and she grew up and still lives on a farm, so I didn’t think of anyone else,” Carys says – who loves capturing natural photos of couples. Models Sam and Jo both have farming backgrounds, too – “Sam actually lives and works on a South Devon farm, and Jo has family in the industry” – so they felt totally at home, and spent the day giggling together winningly. Make-up artist Claire Bowring gave Jo a radiant glow while keeping things natural, while her loose updo was created by hair stylist Ellie Ferrari, also known as The Updo Girl. “Ellie included a handmade headpiece from Janie at The Lucky Sixpence that went perfectly with her pre-loved dress,” says Carys, “while groom Sam went even more casual, pairing shorts and a smart shirt with his wellies.” They even made use of a Land Rover that they happened across by chance. “It was parked in the courtyard loading some wood, so I couldn’t resist asking whether we could use it,” Carys says. “The guy was so lovely, and even let Jo sit on the bonnet.”

Winsor at Winsor Flower Studio ran with the brief, including home grown vegetables and herbs from her own garden – “the bouquet smelt amazing,” Carys says – meaning the only thing that really caused problems was the weight of the thing. “Turns out, all that asparagus and broccoli weighs a ton,” Carys says, “so Amanda had to individually wire each vegetable in.” Although, as she says, River Cottage looked great already, Carys couldn’t resist jazzing it up yet further with her white picket fences, milk churns, tractor seat stools and crochet bunting, while giving centre stage to The Prop Factory’s new hobby horse game. “Venues like River Cottage just need a few bits and pieces here and there to give that absolute wow factor,” Carys says. “If we were ever to come back here, I’d love to use their very well-kept cottage garden – we’ve made some giant flowers recently, which would look amazing in and around their sweet pea ceremony archway.”

THE ENCHANTED COTTAGE Some very low-key magic was conjured up here by these clever guys… CONCEPT, PROPS AND STYLING:

The Prop Factory; propfactory.co.uk CAKE: Edible Essence; edibleessencecakeart.com MAKE-UP: Claire Stallwood; clairebowring.co.uk HAIR: Ellie Ferrari; theupdogirl.com STATIONERY: Jenny Adjene at Hip Hip Hooray; hiphiphooray.com FLORIST: Amanda Winsor, Exeter; winsorflowerstudio.co.uk HEADPIECE: The Lucky Sixpence; theluckysixpence.co.uk MODELS: Jo Pennington, Sam Partridge PHOTOGRAPHER: Emily Fleur; emilyfleurphotography.com




M E LLOW Y E LLOW The 1960s was, famously, a decade of great change – much was decriminalised by the Sexual Offences Act of 1967, thank goodness – but still, a gay wedding like this one would have caused outrage. Luckily, these days we can have the marriage, and keep the style…

VOW | 4 5

VOW | 41

the Bride: mellow yellow



ichard’s approach to weddings is that no two should be the same – “I like to blend documentary and creative photography to capture the real essence of the day,” he says – and he brought along some friends of his, real-life couple Artur and Emanuel, to model; the bridesmaid was Bridie, soon to be a bride herself, who’s a friend of two of the other suppliers. In fact, everyone involved came from Bournemouth and around – the guys’ make-up was by Charlotte Curtis; the lass’s hair and make-up was by Raechelle of Enchanted Beauty Bournemouth; and all the menswear came from the ace familyrun boutique Edgar & Scott in Christchurch. “We also had hand-made accessories – bowties, braces and buttonhole brooches – from Kimberley Stone Design,” Richard says, “and further accessories for Bridie from Becca at To Be Adorned.” And then there were the ’60s props: quirky chairs from Purple Door Props; retro china, glassware and a period typewriter from Swingletree Vintage; and plenty of bunting

from Bunting By Jen, plus a period VW camper van from Dorset Dubhire. “Rachel from Love By Design Weddings and Events helped me put it all together,” Richard says, and the pair of them finished everything off with a stunning flower wall from The Dorset Flowerwall Company, and a cake by Patty Cakes UK. “Last, but not least, was the stationery by Jellicoe Creative,” Richard says. “Getting them involved was a real no brainer.” The end result is fun and distinctive, but ultra-achievable – hey, how much did those daps cost? Thirty quid? “I’ve seen flower walls making more and more appearances at weddings lately,” Richard says, “and they’re the perfect backdrop for everything from the top table to the wedding cake.” It’s certainly fun seeing a ’60s-themed shoot that uses bright colour for a change! “Oh, I agree,” Richard says. “Vintage is definitely a wedding trend that’s here to stay, but I’d love to see more couples embrace all the bolder ’60s prints, fabrics and colours. Not everything has to be hessian and lace, you know!”

WE ARE CURIOUS (YELLOW) Helping Richard put together his modern-day twist on ’60s nuptials were… VENUE: The Kings Arms, Christchurch; harbourhotels.co.uk/hotels/the-kings MODELS: Artur, Emanuel, Bridie MALE MAKE-UP: Charlotte Curtis; charlottecurtismakeup.com FEMALE MAKE-UP AND HAIR:

Raechelle of Enchanted Beauty, Bournemouth; enchantedbeautybournemouth.co.uk MENSWEAR: Edgar & Scott, Christchurch; edgarandscott.co.uk GROOMS’ ACCESSORIES: Kimberley Stone Design; Facebook.com/kimberleystonedesign/ STYLING: Rachel from Love By Design Weddings and Events; lovebydesignweddings.co.uk BUNTING: Jen at Bunting By Jen; buntingbyjen.co.uk FEMALE ACCESSORIES: Becca at To Be Adorned; etsy.com/uk/shop/ToBeAdornedShop CHAIRS: Purple Door Props; purpledoorprops.com ADDITIONAL PROPS: Swingletree Vintage; swingletreevintage.co.uk FLOWERWALL: The Dorset Flowerwall Company; dorsetflowerwalls.co.uk CAKE: Patty Cakes UK; instagram.com/pattycakesuk STATIONERY: Jellicoe Creative; jellicoestationery.co.uk VW VAN: Dorset Dubhire; dorsetdubhire.com ASSISTANT: Sarah from The Photo Press; photopressuk.co.uk PHOTOGRAPHER: Richard Goodrum-Ward, RGW Photos; rgw-photos.com

Thomas Hardy talked about flowers often, and just outside Dorchester – the quintessential Hardy town – our brides do much the same…

4 2 | VOW


e’ve only had same sex marriages for a little over four years in Great Britain now – though they’re so much part of the landscape, that seems almost unbelievable, doesn’t it? – but in the past a few bold folk tried to break the rules. In 1680, a lass called Arabella Hunt married a guy called James Howard, and no-one batted an eyelid – until Howard turned out to be another lass, described at the time as a “perfect woman in all her parts”, which caused quite the to-do. Also causing quite the to-do would have been the 1960s wedding you see here – if it didn’t happen to be a modern recreation, that is, put together by Bournemouth-based wedding photographer Richard Goodrum-Ward of RGW Photos. “The basic idea was to do a 21st century twist on a classic 1960s-style wedding,” says Richard. “So a ’60s van, ’60s colour schemes, ’60s patterns, ’60s fashions – but then we’d add our big twist by using a same-sex couple. That certainly wouldn’t have happened back then!” Indeed not. Holding everything together was a particular shade of mellow yellow, simple and in-period but rather bold too. “The shoot took place at The Kings Arms, Christchurch,” Richard says. “I love this place, and the Pavilion opposite, and they both contain perfect period elements for what I had in mind – they allowed me to get that 1960s flavour while taking advantage of the free-and-easy nature of modern weddings. My relatives who got married back then certainly didn’t have the venue choice we do now – or, to be frank, the budget!” And it gets better, as next to the Pavilion are the ruins of Christchurch Castle, and a small area of meadow grasses which Richard was keen to take advantage of. “We shot in June, which just happens to be International Pride Month,” he says. “As a married gay man myself, this was another element I wanted to add to the mix. It was warm and sunny to begin with – ideal for the earlier parts of the shoot – then in the afternoon we had a band of dark cloud looming over the ruins, perfect for the slightly edgier look I also wanted.”






Laura Clifford of The Rustic Dresser calls herself a wedding stylist “who still believes in fairy tales,” and here she talks us through one she created herself at the VOW | 4 5 very pretty OLD MILKING PARLOUR at Cavokay House…

the bride


owards the end of last year, I was lucky enough to style a mini-shoot – just a table layout and an outside seating area, really – at The Old Milking Parlour at Cavokay House, so when the guys in charge there, Lou and Colin, asked me to come back to do a full styled shoot in January, I naturally jumped at the chance. Since taking over The Old Milking Parlour five years ago, Lou’s always wanted to try a rustic inspired shoot here, with shades of pink as the main colour palate, so with this in mind, we agreed a date – and just hoped we’d get one of those rare winter days with no rain, wind, or frost. A day when the sun is really shining, so the pictures would also appeal to couples aiming for a spring wedding. Yeah, right. Needless to say, this didn’t happen. The elements were most definitely not our friends and – despite being promised lots of lovely clear skies by the weather man – we had stormy winds and rain all day. It had most definitely turned into one of those cosy, stay inside, blankets-and-hot-chocolate sort of affairs, so we made the best of it. Happily, though, I think it worked – something of a triumph for the flowers used, and for the styling. The Old Milking Parlour boasts a camping field, a paddock for a marquee – if you need further space – and there’s a woodland area too, which makes for the most fabulous photo back-drop, full of hidden grassy glades surrounded by trees. There are footbridges over trickling streams, and logs covered with moss. What that makes this venue so special, though, is Lou and Colin. They have to be two of the nicest, most welcoming, and just blooming lovely people I’ve ever met, and you instantly feel as if you’ve known them for years. Get married here, and I can guarantee you’ll have made two friends for life. The Old Milking Parlour itself has an atmosphere all its own – one that just swallows you up when you walk in – being cosy, comfortable and welcoming. So I knew the styling needed to be delicate, romantic, and perhaps slightly blurry around the edges to really complement the space, and the incredible stone walls of the buildings. Since I first visited, I knew that – should I ever get the opportunity – I’d want to put a suspended log-slice in here, carrying a cake. The barn’s ceiling beams are low enough that you wouldn’t need a ladder to cut it, and they’d easily take the weight. Before I knew it, Colin had ordered some heavy hemp rope and sourced a thick enough log slice to pull it off. In the past I’ve created ‘top tables’ using an old barn door sitting on tree stumps, and I wanted to do this again here – but with a new twist. Food has always been a major part of my displays, so I thought, why not go that little bit further, and have a meal incorporated? Lou knew of a local butcher-cum-caterer who could create the most amazing menu for us, and what rocked up? Slow roasted pork with gratin potatoes and mixed vegetables, alongside sharing platters overflowing with meats and hams, olives and dipping sauces. We couldn’t help but eat the lot once everything was over. This shoot was always going to have plenty of natural tones, thanks to the grey stone walls and all the wood we were using, VOW VOW || 4 41 5

t h e B r i d e : a w i n t e r ’ s fa i r y ta l e


using names cut out of wood to go with the menu board, which she then glued to the pink backboard to make them stand out even more. Placed next to our prop milk churn, a wooden crate and the odd mini tree-stump, the overall look was glorious. Could you achieve a look like this for your own wedding? Absolutely – and your suppliers will have many of the tools you’ll need already. For example, the bottles the flowers were displayed in belonged to our florist, and the chopping boards and sharing platters came from the caterers, as did the Champagne glasses. The jars and bottles on the window ledges were simply ones I’d collected from home and – with an added candle or tea light – created the most beautiful lighting effects. Using things you already have is unbelievably cost effective. Also, check out the fresh bread display by Heidi and Julian – it’s so much more interesting than just popping it all on the top table. The aim is to build interactive displays to engage your guests, ones they won’t be able to stop themselves from going over to touch, taste, explore – and talk about. and so I felt we needed to add some softness to the styling. Enter some voile drapes, which were hung from the ceiling beams and provided almost a canopy to the table.


s always, the day was very much a team effort, and Lou and Colin already had such an amazing network of suppliers that I didn’t need to find anyone else. Emily, our photographer, is the loveliest person; she lets you waffle on ineptly about what it is you’re after, then – somehow – nails it exactly. Huge respect to her – especially since she was eight months pregnant on the day! Then there was Becky, our florist, who has this air of quiet about her but you just know her mind is going full throttle, swirling with beautiful ideas. Julian and Heidi of Else Event Catering brought the most spectacular looking main courses, and their style – using chopping boards and pieces of wood – complemented the theme beautifully. Our bride, Michaela, is a friend of mine, and I liked the idea of using someone who hadn’t modelled before – it would show couples that there’s nothing to fear from your wedding photos. Many brides and grooms feel awkward in front of the camera, so – top tip! – use those engagement shoots that are often on offer as a practice run for the big day. We also had MUA Heather of Beautifully Preened and Lauren of Lauren Gosling Bridal Hair, who are both ridiculously talented and dedicated – Lauren drove for four hours to be a part of the shoot – and a dress from Kayleigh Jones of Exclusively Yours Bridal. Lou had met Kayleigh at a wedding fair, and was blown away by the quality, detail and sparkle on her gowns, so had always had her in mind. The cake was provided by David of The Cake Architect, who opened his first shop late last year in Bradford-on-Avon and does simply incredible work, while Sally of From Sally With Love helped with our table plan. I wanted to make that a real feature, and was blown away by the final result. She’d created a 3D plan 4 6 | VOW

AND RUSTIC FOR ALL Bringing warmth to a cold day were… VENUE: The Old Milking Parlour, Cavokay House;

oldmilkingparlour.co.uk PROPS AND STYLING: Laura at The Rustic Dresser;

therusticdresser.co.uk HELP WITH PLANNING AND ON THE DAY:

Laura’s apprentice, Tara FOLIAGE: Becky at Mrs J Flowers; mrsjflowers.co.uk DRESS AND ACCESSORIES:

Kayleigh at Exclusively Yours Bridal Boutique; exclusivelyyoursbridalboutique.co.uk CATERING: Heidi at Else Event Catering; elsefamilybutchers.com MAKE-UP: Heather at Beautifully Preened; beautifullypreened.com CAKE: The Cake Architect; thecakearchitect.co.uk STATIONERY: From Sally With Love; fromsallywithlove.co.uk HAIR: Lauren Gosling Freelance Bridal Hair; laurengoslinghair.com SHOES: Rebecca at Fernandes Exquisite Creations; fernandesexquisitecreations.com ACCESSORIES: Tiaras By Becky; tiarasbybecky.co.uk GLASS: Gill Jenkins, glass artist MODEL: Michaela PHOTOGRAPHER: Emily Black Photography; emilyblackphotography.co.uk


VOW | 3 5



REIGNS Two gothic lasses tie the knot with happy hearts under gloomy skies



here better to go for a pagan wedding than Glastonbury? You can buy love potions in the shops, pick up headbands and veils with antlers attached, and get married within sight of Glastonbury Tor, central to legends involving everyone from King Arthur to Joseph of Arimathea. And these days there’s a suitably moody and history wedding venue catering precisely to your needs, too. Called – slightly prosaically – ‘Glastonbury Wedding Venue’, it’s where our gang turned up for this shoot one grey, rainy day in March. “But the moodiness of the day really contributed to the shoot,” says Sarah Gamble of Photo Press, Bristol-based makers of high quality bespoke personalised newspapers, who co-ordinated it. “Yes, it was a shame we didn’t get a few more shots outside, thanks to the rain, but the cloudy images fit the theme perfectly.” This place is actually a deconsecrated old village church, with panoramic views of Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset Levels, and appeals to a very Glastonbury-like crowd. “They can hold any non-religious wedding here, which appeals to all sorts of couples, both traditional and alternative,” Sarah says. “It’s about two miles from Glastonbury, surrounded by farmland, and very versatile. You can hold your ceremony here, and then the reception afterwards too.” Though it’s been recently restored, it’s still awash with original features, from exposed wooden beams and small wall alcoves to leaded windows and large archways; there are gravestones everywhere you look, too. No surprise, then, that Sarah decided to go a little bit alternative with her photo shoot. “I immediately knew the gothic look would be perfect,” Sarah says, “which meant dark colours, non-traditional dresses, quirky props, and some rather bold and alternative looks for the hair and make-up. The models I was planning to use both have plenty of piercings and tattoos, and we chose a same sex couple too, as that’s a side of things that’s so often overlooked.” VOW | 49

THE BR IDE : dar k ness r eign s


arah actually runs an alternative wedding suppliers Facebook Group, so hopped on there and asked who wanted to get involved. “I wanted to make it as inclusive as possible, so invited everyone who was happy to come along. That was great in a way, but also made the whole thing difficult to organise – as we ended up with far more people on board than we’d ever usually have. It was definitely worth it in the end, though.” Sarah found herself acting as ringmaster, with everyone else pitching in where needed. So, what things we see here could a real-life couple – gothic or not, same sex or not – easily put in place for their own wedding? “Oh, pretty much all of it,” Sarah says. “Everything you see is available to buy or hire from established wedding suppliers. I supply newspaper stationery for people’s weddings, so don’t often get to try things at weddings myself – my work is done long before the day actually happens – but I’d certainly like to see more couples take a risk on black dresses and cakes, and those dark red and purple flowers were truly beautiful.”

WOMEN IN BLACK Suppliers galore for the most (happily!) oversubscribed shoot in Vow history… LOCATION: Glastonbury Wedding Venue, Godney; glastonburyweddingvenue.co.uk COORDINATED BY: Sarah Gamble of Photo Press; photopressuk.co.uk DRESSES: Devlin Bridal Couture, Melksham; devlinbridalcouture.co.uk; Belle of the Ball Bridal, Melksham; belle-ofthe-ball.co.uk HAIR: Sarah Winstone, Hepcats Barbershop and Beauty Parlour; hepcatsofnam.co.uk MAKE-UP: Milly Johnson of Made Up by Melissa; madeupbymelissa.wixsite.com/melissa91 BUTTON BOUQUET: I Heart Buttons; iheartbuttons.co.uk FLOWERS: Dandy and the Lion; dandyandthelion.co.uk PROPS AND FURNITURE: The Prop Factory; propfactory.co.uk CAKE: Ice Maiden Cakes; icemaidencakes.com STATIONERY: Apple and Bramble; appleandbramble.co.uk JEWELLERY, HATS AND MILLINERY:

Karasu; karasulondon.com Anna Fine Jewellery; annafinejewellery.co.uk TOP HAT AND VEIL: Madame B’s Boutique; mme-b-boutique.com FABRIC FLOWER CROWN: To Be Adorned; etsy.com/ shop/tobeadornedshop METAL HEADBANDS: Lucibelle; lucibelle.co.uk GOTHIC DISCO: Smile Entertainment; smileentertainment.co.uk MODELS: Emily Hemmings, Lauren May, Rachel Spender and Alisa Rae PHOTOGRAPHY: Daniel Swan Photography; swanphotography.com

5 0 | VOW


You got the love Grazziella Pinto and Lamont Wilson

52 | VOW


razzie and Lamont met at school, and have been together ever since; one Valentine’s Day they went to TGI Fridays and the cinema, and that was that. When Lamont proposed – it was the summer of 2016, in the private grounds of Blenheim Palace of all places – they started looking at venues straight away, the whole thing taking about a year to organise. “Because we had a clear idea of the style of wedding we wanted, it all fell into place easily,” Grazzie says. “Meeting some hugely talented independent suppliers helped, of course!” The guys wanted a small and intimate wedding, surrounded by the people that mean the most to them; it meant they could pour all their efforts into the little details, so the day felt special to them, yes, but to their guests too. “We’d looked at a number of venues, but the moment we walked into No.38 The Park in Cheltenham, we knew that’s where we wanted to get married,” Grazzie says. “Only a handful of weddings have ever been held there, which made it feel even more special, and the whole team were very relaxed, giving us total creative control. No

Gr a zziell a & L amont

Against Grazzie and Lamont’s neutral colour palette, even those pale, toned down balloons really pop PICTURES BY THE CURRIES

request was too big and nothing was too much trouble. We’d hired No.38 exclusively for the ceremony and dinner, then later we headed in a vintage Routemaster bus to The Clarence Social’s basement bar, Croft & Jones, where we partied until the early hours.”


s soon as she’d clocked Emma Beaumont’s dresses on Instagram, Grazzie knew who she wanted to make her gown. “Over ten months – and multiple trips to Cheshire and London – Emma and her team set to work,” Grazzie says. “I knew I wanted a classic dress with a modern twist, and that’s exactly what I got. I adore the pockets, the split to the front and mine and Lamont’s initials in my veil. In fact, I loved every single minute of wearing my dress, and felt honoured to have one designed by Emma.” To go with it, Grazzie wore a pair of Manolo Blahniks bought by mum and dad – “since I was a teenager, I knew I wanted ‘Carrie’ shoes, and my parents always said they’d be the first thing they’d buy me for my wedding” – while her close friend, the make-up artist VOW | 5 3


Christy Waterfall, handled her slap. “I couldn’t have been happier with the way she made me look,” she says, “sort of classic but with a modern feel too. And I loved that she was a big part of the build-up, being there on the morning to get me, my mum and my sister ready.” Melanie Giles – Grazzie’s favourite hair salon in Bath – gave her a natural, bouncy blow-dry, and she kept her jewellery simple, wearing just her nan’s engagement ring on her ring hand. “That was my ‘something old’ and my ‘something blue’,” she says. On the other side of the aisle, Lamont wore a dark blue Ted Baker suit, tailored to him by his favourite tailor, Territo in Bristol. He wore it with a Lanvin bow tie and pocket square, and Loake shoes. Beside him, best man Luke wore a tailored suit from Reiss. “I always knew I wanted my sister, Marcella, to be my Maid of Honour,” Grazzie says. “There was no-one else in the world I wanted to walk down the aisle before me, and she needed to feel like herself on our wedding day, which meant that she should wear a dress that she loved, rather than something she felt forced to wear. She chose a beautiful embellished Needle & Thread dress and very cool velvet heels from Whistles, both in gorgeous pink blush tones.” Grazzie was recommended Kirstie of Ruby & the Wolf as her florist, and felt very lucky to be working with her. “Kirstie’s attention to detail was incredible,” she says. “She styled both venues beautifully, inspired by the look of Tuscan weddings. I wanted our wedding colours to be very neutral, with a hint of grey and lots of greenery. Kirstie styled the venues with candles, and a touch of gold that really added to the luxe feeling and worked perfectly with the rustic tables, antique cutlery, napkins, runners and glassware we hired from Classic Crockery.” The guys wanted a very simple, four-tiered cake and – as one of Grazzie’s good friends, Selina Bird of Cakey Couture, is an cake maker – she asked if she’d make one for them. “She’s Bristol-based and incredibly talented,” Grazzie says. “After the wedding my mum froze two tiers of the cake and Selina reworked them six months later to create an amazing two-tiered cake for my 30th birthday.” With the rest of the food they didn’t hold back, No.38 The Park serving up plenty of their favourites – steak and chips, chocolate brownies and Eton mess – washed down with an espresso martini rather than tea and coffee. “Then there was Pinkman’s Bakery in Bristol, who made our guests their famous sourdoughnuts, and Anna Cake Couture, who finished off our cake table with her bite-size cupcakes,” Grazzie says. “Finally, at The Clarence Social, everybody feasted at the burger bar and drank from our ‘His’ and ‘Hers’ cocktail menu.”


nd then there were the photos. “We looked at a lot of photographers, and felt that many wedding pictures were overly styled and just too posed,” Grazzie says, “but that London-based pair The Curries struck a good balance between shooting really cool, styled photos and capturing the important moments. Their images had feeling and warmth to them, and perfectly documented our day; everyone was at ease with them, too. Our favourite shots are ones that ultimately happened by accident, like crossing the road with Lamont holding my veil.” Grazzie walked down the aisle to her favourite song – Candi Staton’s ‘You Got The Love’ – and they had acoustic duo Brother 5 4 | VOW

From Another, a band they’d seen at an intimate Bath gig, play a set later in the evening, while massive music fan Lamont created playlists for the rest of the wedding, with some help from pal Ross Wilson. “We had a photobooth for guests to enjoy at our after party,” Grazzie says, “and knew we wanted to wrap the pillars of No.38 with balloons, as well as fill the ceiling of The Clarence Social with jeweltoned balloons. Riot Balloons made my ideas become reality, and helped bring both spaces to life.” Finally, one little detail Grazzie got especially obsessed by was the stationery. “That was one of the most important elements for me,” she says, “as I had a really clear idea of what I wanted, but no idea at all about how to create it. Luckily, Zoe from The Golden Letter was incredible, and worked on a bespoke stationery suite with us which included invitations, welcome boards, dinner menus, bus tickets for our evening transport, and personalised wax seals. It was just one of many little details which helped make this the most amazing day of our lives.”

Gr a zziell a & L amont

C’mon, who doesn’t want a London bus for their wedding? Indeed, we want one full stop… PICTURES BY THE CURRIES

MARRIAGE GUIDANCE WHO? Grazziella Pinto and Lamont Wilson WHEN? 23 September, 2017 WHERE? No.38 The Park, Cheltenham; no38thepark.com AFTER PARTY: The Clarence Social; theclarence.social DRESS AND VEIL: Emma Beaumont; emmabeaumont.com MAKE-UP: Christy Waterfall; christywaterfall.com HAIR: Melanie Giles, Bath; melaniegiles.co.uk FURNITURE, GLASSWARE, CUTLERY: Classic Crockery; classiccrockery.co.uk WEDDING CAKE: Cakey Couture; instagram.com/cakeycouturecakes SWEET TREATS: Pinkmans; pinkmans.co.uk and Anna Cake Couture; thisisanna.co.uk ROUTEMASTER BUS: London Bus 4 Hire; londonbus4hire.com FLORIST: Ruby & the Wolf; rubyandthewolf.com LIGHTING: Every Event Hire; everyeventhire.co.uk STATIONERY: The Golden Letter; thegoldenletter.co.uk VIDEOGRAPHERS: Simon and Jason; simonandjason.com PHOTOGRAPHERS: The Curries; thecurries.co

VOW | 5 5


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The Clifton Club, 22 The Mall, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4DS


The force is strong Catherine Scott & David Deane


hese two live in Gillingham in Dorset, and got married at the rather spectacular Longhouse in Bruton just a couple of months back now. They’d both lived in the same village since primary school, but somehow never actually met each other until 2010, when Cat was 17 and Dave just a year older – their first date was the classic countryside combination of dinner at a decent pub (in this case, The Half Moon at Mudford), followed by a walk to watch the sunset at Ham Hill. Aw. Just before Christmas 2014, Dave proposed to Cat at Lulworth Cove in Dorset, the beautiful white pebble beach that’s almost a full circle with just a narrow entrance, giving them three years to sort the wedding. They picked The Longhouse because it ticked every box – “such beautiful grounds, perfect facilities for the type of wedding we wanted, and everyone was really welcoming when we visited,” Cat says – and choosing the food was easy too. So what was hard? The answer is somewhat inevitable, really: “The guest list.” VOW | 5 7


Cat plumped for a Morilee dress from New York designer Madeline Gardner that she found at Bakers of Bond Street in Yeovil – “I fell in love with it straight away” – and had her hair and makeup done by the “fantastic girls” at nearby No.28 Hair and Beauty, while her earrings and bracelet were Links of London numbers from Allum & Sidaway, the jewellers in Shaftesbury. (Dave also did his shopping at Bakers of Bond Street, by the way, and came away with a blue tweed three-piece suit. We just hope they went to the shop on different days!) All their little wedding helpers came easily too: the best man was Dave’s younger brother, Rich, and Cat’s sister Sarah headed up the bridesmaids, alongside pals Becca, Batchy, Charlie, Grace and Nicki, all wearing dusty pink dresses from AX Paris. Alison Norris at Border Cottage Flowers in Bruton made all the stunning floral displays, each of the bridesmaids getting to carry a bouquet, and the flower girls having flower crowns made. “We had milk bottles holding floral arrangements on the tables too,” Cat says, “and a bouquet each as a thank-you for the mums.” Cat’s not just gluten-free but “very gluten-free,” she says, which gave caterers Taste a small challenge that they easily rose to, while an old colleague of the couple, Emily, contributed an incredible cake. Also hits were the camper van-shaped photo booth from Yellowbooth – “the album we got from them has become an awesome way for us to remember the day” – and the vintage ice cream cart and sweet ferris wheel from Garbanzo’s Ice Cream which, says Cat, “went down a storm.” And speaking of storms, the day provided them with every kind of weather imaginable! “It started off drizzly,” Cat says, “then we got glorious sunshine which eventually turned into torrential rain, hail, and finally an incredible thunderstorm which lit up the sky.”


ussing too much over the wedding playlist had been pretty pointless, Cat and Dave now reckon – isn’t hindsight an amazing thing? – as were the rather-more-expensivethan-expected balloons they got in (have you seen the price of helium these days?). Still, they do wish they’d paid a little more attention to the ceremony logistics, which left the mother of the bride, of all people, without anywhere to sit for the ceremony. Cringe. Possibly splitting opinion – not that they’ve said so – was the lightsaber guard of honour which the couple paraded through right after the ceremony, to the sound of, yes, John Williams’ famous Star Wars theme. (You guessed it, the groom is a huge fan.) Not for everyone, perhaps, but plenty of fun – and we always like to celebrate couples who enjoy bringing a little bit of themselves to their ceremony.

5 8 | VOW

C at h e r i n e & D av i d


MARRIAGE GUIDANCE WHO? Catherine Scott and David Deane WHEN? 26 May, 2018 WHERE? The Longhouse, Bruton; longhouseweddings.co.uk BRIDE AND GROOM’S OUTFITS: Bakers of Bond Street; bakersofbondstreet.com HAIR: No.28; no28hairandbeauty.com CATERERS: Taste, Bruton; tastesomerset.co.uk GUEST HOUSE: Oak House; oakhousesomerset.co.uk ROOMS: Mill on the Brue; millonthebrue.co.uk FLOWERS: Alison Norris at Border Cottage Flowers; bordercottageflowers.co.uk DJ: Dorset DJ; dorsetdj.co.uk PHOTO BOOTH: Yellowbooth; yellowbooth.co.uk ICE CREAM CART: Garbanzo’s ice Cream; garbanzosicecreamhire.co.uk PHOTOGRAPHER: Ryan Goold; ryangooldphotography.co.uk

VOW | 59


Dance all night Sarah Stone & Andrew Marjoram

6 0 | VOW


ack in the summer of 2017, Yeovil couple Sarah and Andrew married at Pennard House in East Pennard, Somerset, just three years after they’d met. “I’d come across Andy through my work as a solicitor,” Sarah says, “then bumped into him again in February 2014, when he asked me out for a meal. We went to ASK Italian, then popped down to watch the sunset at West Bay in Dorset.” On their second anniversary Andy proposed, this time while the pair were watching the sunrise at Sarah’s very favourite spot, Lulworth Bay. (And yes, that is the second mention for this special place in this issue’s Just Married.) With a little over a year to sort the wedding, they found everything came quite easily – with the exception of the bride’s make-up (more on that in a minute). Pennard House is a very beautiful – but in no way over the top – venue with, says Sarah, “brilliantly relaxed and friendly” owners and staff; “everyone was helpful, and things just ‘flowed’ for our big day.” Sarah had a pretty good idea of the sort of dress she wanted, and found the ideal number almost immediately – first shop visited,

sa r a h & a n dy The tie, you may have noticed, matches the bridemaids’ dresses. Does this sort of detail matter? Well, that rather depends on whether you noticed it or not… JENNIFER JANE PHOTOGRAPHY

second dress tried on – at Abbi Chapel Bridal in West Buckland, not far from Taunton. (How many brides are quite that lucky? Not many, we reckon.) She paired it with small, simple pieces of jewellery, and that would seem to be that – except, she says, for the near-disastrous matter of her make-up. “Oh, it was so difficult to get right,” she says. “I tried three different MUAs before finding one I was happy with, and the ‘airbrush’ effect she used was amazing. It lasted throughout the day, and all the evening’s dancing too, despite it being one of the hottest days of the year.” Andy likes to be different, Sarah says, so went for a blue suit with a checked waistcoat, and had great fun on the day with best man Luke Hosking, an old school pal, and Luke’s cousin Wesley, who acted as usher. “The three of them are thick as thieves,” Sarah says, “and still spend loads of time together.” Their silver ties, by the way, matched the dresses of bridesmaids Katie Stone-Parry, Sarah’s sister, and her best friend and colleague, Kerensa Cooper. VOW | 61

J U ST M A R R I E D : Sa r a h & A n dy

MARRIAGE GUIDANCE WHO? Sarah Stone and Andrew Marjoram WHEN? 25 May, 2017 WHERE? Pennard House, Somerset; pennardhouse.com DRESS: Abbi Chapel Bridal, Wellington; abbichapel.co.uk FLORIST: Bramble & Wild, Frome; brambleandwild.com CAKE: Ice Maiden Cakes, Yeovil; icemaidencakes.com BAND: Ride the Fire; ridethefireband.co.uk PHOTOGRAPHER: Jennifer Jane Photography; jenniferjanephotography.co.uk 6 2 | VOW



hat else? Well, flowers came from Bramble & Wild of Frome, who Sarah was very impressed by. “I gave Grace there some colours to work with, and a rough idea of what I wanted, and she did the rest,” she says. “I’m clueless when it comes to flowers, but Grace was brilliant, and even sat in her van with them for an hour, the air conditioning on full blast, so the hot weather didn’t make them wilt!” Then there was the cake, by Ice Maiden Cakes in Yeovil. “It was a relatively simple design in our wedding colours,” Sarah says, “and, as I don’t like fruit cake, the three tiers were of Victoria sponge and lemon; luckily, everybody loved it.” Devon-based snapper Jen of Jennifer Jane Photography took some amazing pics of the couple just after the ceremony in front of the Coach House, then whisked them off to a nearby field. “The breeze and long grass looked amazing,” Sarah says, “and the ‘confetti’ shot was brilliant. We wanted a nice, relaxed day, and Jen captured that feeling perfectly; in fact, she somehow managed to get all the shots we wanted during the ceremony, without us even noticing her taking them!” Some things didn’t run quite so smoothly, however. “Just after the wedding breakfast, not one but two bands arrived to play in the evening,” Sarah says. “After some initial tension, I managed to calm the situation down – but I did feel awful sending one home, especially as they’d made a three hour journey down to Pennard House in a non-air conditioned van, and on such a hot day too. Ultimately, though, I’ve no regrets – the band we kept, Ride the Fire, turned out to be a huge highlight of the day. Everyone has been raving to us since about how good they were, and I’ve never been to a wedding before where everybody was up on the dance floor.” As with so many couples, these guys were so busy dancing and chatting they missed the evening food entirely, but at least the nerves they’d worried about disappeared on the day. Well, mostly. “In the end, we were both really calm and enjoyed every aspect,” Sarah says. “I’ve learned, for instance, that there’s no point paying too much attention to tiny details – like the exact placing of flowers and cards – because no-one will notice anyway. I’ll admit that Andy did get a little nervous during the ceremony, though – he couldn’t get his words out properly, prompting the Registrar to repeat them several times – and my dad cried through most of his speech, which took him ages to get through.” Anything you wish you hadn’t done? “I don’t regret a penny I spent, and my main bridezilla moments were to do with getting all the RSVPs back in good time. Looking back, though, all that was completely unnecessary. I had this idea in my head that the suppliers needed everything months ahead but, in reality, they weren’t interested until just a few weeks before!”

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W O R D S b y Pa u l M a r l a n d P h o t o g r a p h y b y k at h e r i n e d av i e s

Secret garden What if you want a garden party type wedding in terms of feel, but don’t trust the weather? Then bring the garden inside… 6 4 | VOW


great tablescape can take what would otherwise be a fairly standard wedding breakfast to another level, and one of our favourites recently was put together using a single huge table for Axnoller’s recent wedding open day. “This place is a dream venue, and easily one of the best in South Dorset,” says Katharine Davies, who took the photos. “You get exclusive use of a 100-acre estate that sleeps 34, and in three different houses. It’s pretty much incomparable, and it doesn’t hurt that Alo Brake – who owns and runs it – has the most incredible sense of style. All three of the houses look amazing, but we spent most of our time in the huge barn, which opens out onto a gorgeous terrace with panoramic views over the countryside.” Katherine asked one of her key collaborators, Caroline Redpath at Fleur Provocateur on the Dorset/Somerset border, to come up with a floral look that was extravagant without being contrived.

A xnoller

“This can be so important when planning a wedding,” Caroline says, “as you want to get that ‘wow’ factor, but without it feeling forced. In this instance, the effect was created by mixing various different elements: cyclamen in gold gilded tins, single stem bottles with peonies and ranunculus, a multitude of candlesticks in blush and cranberry, and those huge pedestals overflowing with natural spring blooms.” Other contributors? Well, the stunning solid wood tables were built by The Dorset Hut Maker, and were matched to Taddle Farm Tents’ chairs. The almost pale grey tones of the wood give everything a distinctly classy, and beautifully washedout, feel. “Then, on the tables, the crockery, cutlery and glasses we got from the wonderful Duchess and Butler proved to be crucial,” Katherine says. “With the British weather being so notoriously unpredictable, it’s important to have good lighting design at any wedding, too; ours was provided by Cinemattag Productions, and really brought the flowers and room to life.“

OUTSIDE IN Keeping things fabulous, but not forced, were… VENUE: Axnoller; axnoller.co.uk FLOWERS: Fleur Provocateur; fleurprovocateur.co.uk CHINA, CUTLERY AND GLASSES: Duchess and Butler;

duchessandbutler.com CHAIRS: Taddle Farm Tents; taddlefarmtents.co.uk TABLES: The Dorset Hut Maker; thedorsethutmaker.co.uk LIGHTING: Cinemattag Productions; cinemattag.com PHOTOGRAPHY: Katharine Davies; katherarinedaviesphotography.co.uk

VOW | 6 5



Traditions we love

MAKE A SPLASH Is any form of transport more romantic than the rowing boat? He wobbles a little, finds water dripping over his rowlocks, makes a bit of a hash of it, but soon gets the hang; she grips her seat, and smiles from beneath her parasol. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Rowing boats were a popular date in the 19th century – you’re alone but in plain sight, so no-one can accuse you of impropriety – but they’ve since become almost a spoof of themselves. A rowing boat

makes a great place to pop the question – it’s where Laurie proposes to Amy in Little Women – but, more often than not, a ride in one risks descent into slapstick. In Bridget Jones’s Diary someone inevitably falls into the water; the same happens in the Marx Brothers; and in one Laurel and Hardy scene they manage to sink every rowing boat on the lake. Our recommendation? Keep your centre of gravity low, and don’t marry anyone called Stan or Ollie, maybe…

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