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We love this space that’s been kitted out by Natuzzi in Cardiff Bay. For more interior inspo, turn to page 11


he past year has changed the way in which we see our homes; they have become places of refuge, sanctuary and, ultimately, protection, and many of us have realised the importance of a beautiful abode that inspires, comforts and cheers in a time of great change and uncertainty. On page 11, we take a look at what styles will be booming in the upcoming season, and local interior experts tell us how to add joy and personalisation to our spaces. We also have a houseplant special on page 32, a visit to homeware haven Beti Biggs on page 28, and a peep inside a painstakingly restored Penylan property on page 60. Elsewhere, we shine a spotlight on the Cardiff community and chat to local creative Jake Rowles about his new book, Who’s Next (on page 36) which features some of the city’s indie workers that have motivated him over the years. We also sink our teeth into what’s new and noteworthy on the foodie scene; turn to page 44 to see the fresh openings in the city, plus there are our chats with the founders of Gays Who Wine, and Danish bakery Brød. We of course have all our regular sections too – from events (page 24) and arts (page 23) to business news (page 51) and shopping (page 27). See you next time when we’ll be aiming to fill your January with heart warming, inspiring stories from remarkable locals. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy ew ear, Cardiff


ae’r flwyddyn ddiwethaf wedi newid ein hagwedd at ein cartrefi. Maent wedi troi’n lloches ac yn noddfa ac, yn anad dim, yn amddiffynfa ac mae llawer ohonom wedi sylweddoli pwysigrwydd cael cartref hardd sy’n ein hysbrydoli, yn ein cysuro ac yn codi ein calonnau yn ystod cyfnod o ansicrwydd a newid mawr. Ar dudalen , rydym yn edrych ar y ffasiwn a fydd yn mynd bryd pawb yn ystod y tymor sydd i ddod, ac mae cynllunwyr tai lleol yn egluro sut y gallwn wneud ein cartrefi’n lleoedd mwy llawen a phersonol. Mae gennym adran arbennig ar blanhigion t ar dudalen , rydym yn ymweld Beti Biggs sy’n llawn o nwyddau hyfryd i’ch cartref ar dudalen 28, ac rydym yn busnesa mewn eiddo sydd wedi’i adnewyddu yn ofalus ym Mhen y lan ar dudalen . Fel arall, rydym yn taflu goleuni ar gymuned Caerdydd ac yn sgwrsio ’r ffotograffydd a’r darlunydd lleol, Jake owles, am ei lyfr newydd ‘Who’s Next’ (ar dudalen 36) lle mae’n rhoi sylw i rai o’r gweithwyr annibynnol sydd wedi’i ysbrydoli yn y ddinas ar hyd y blynyddoedd. Rydym hefyd yn sôn wrthych am ddatblygiadau newydd a nodedig o safbwynt y diwydiant bwyd – trowch i dudalen 44 i weld y lleoedd hynny sydd newydd agor eu drysau yn y ddinas ac rydym yn sgwrsio sylfaenwyr ‘Gays Who Wine’ a’r popty Danaidd, Brød. Mae’r adrannau arferol yn dal yma wrth gwrs – o’r newyddion am ddigwyddiadau (ar dudalen 24) ac am y celfyddydau (ar dudalen 23) i’r newyddion am fyd busnes (ar dudalen 51) ac am siopa (ar dudalen 27). Y tro nesaf, byddwn yn ceisio llenwi eich mis Ionawr ac yn ceisio codi eich calonnau straeon ysbrydoledig gan bobl leol go arbennig. Tan hynny, Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn ewydd da i ddinas Caerdydd

LISA EVANS Follow us on Twitter @CardiffLifeMag Instagram @cardifflifemag I CARDIFF LIFE I 3

Issue 230/New Year 2021 COVER Kitchen design by Harvey Jones, Cardiff. For more interiors see page 11


11 INSIDE STORY A look at the upcoming season’s

booming interior trends, and local experts’ opinions


23 INTRO Local painter Sue Watt’s artistic take on

the pandemic

24 WHAT’S ON Arts, shows and activities, it’s all going


on in Cardiff




27 INTRO Fizz Goes Pop’s flamboyant designs 28 TALKING SHOP Inside Beti Biggs in Pontcanna 32 ED’S CHOICE Houseplant haven


43 GAYS WHO WINE The judgement-free tipples and

nibbles club with a difference

44 FOOD NEWS New and notable foodie businesses in

and around the city

46 THOROUGH BREAD Five years of Brød bakery


51 CARDIFF WORKS News, views and inspiring

interviews with the region’s professionals

55 CARDIFF LIFE AWARDS The Tap End on what

winning means to them


59 PROPERTY NEWS Our pick of the most interesting

stories on the scene

60 RESTORATION GLORY A Penylan showstopper

which has just gone on the market


SPOTLIGHT Moving photography, a sporting win

and grassroots music saviours

64 TRAVEL An epic Cormwall retreat and first family

holiday for our editor

66 CARDIFF LIVES The founder of the

#EndPeriodPlastic campaign Ella Daish

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SPOTLIGHT Photography



While we were all in lockdown, we asked our readers to send us pictures of how they were spending their time at home. Gemma Gri ths, a ale of Glamorgan based photographer sent us these shots she took of her ballet dancer son, ylan, who was having to train at home. “The images were really popular online,” she says. hey were shared by the British Photography Awards, printed in Juno magazine, and two of them were chosen to be featured in the nited Art Gallery. hey were subse uently featured and discussed in a photography podcast with Martin Bailey, too. For more:

Lockdown behind barres



asem aid, a Cardiff man who turned his life around through bo ing, has been crowned a lockdown legend’ in the ational ottery Awards and has been congratulated by he Hayemaker himself. his award is for everyone in Butetown and hope it instils confidence in the young people we work with, says asem, who opened the iger Bay Amateur Bo ing Club in Cardiff two years ago. Former heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion avid Haye he Hayemaker added, ’ve heard how asem has done some amazing things for iger Bay Bo ing Club and the wider community, from distributing hundreds of bo es to the vulnerable and being an inspirational role model to young people. know first hand how keeping kids on the straight and narrow and off the streets is imperative to many kids’ futures. asim is a credit to Butetown. For more:


Wasem Said was congratulated by The Hayemaker himself

Cardiff-born Eddy Temple-Morris is fighting to save the UK’s grassroots music venues



Cardiff born ddy emple Morris, and Cardiff based Bethan lfyn are among nine new Music enue rust patrons. Music enue rust, which works to protect, secure and improve the K’s Grassroots Music enues, relies on patrons to help spread the charity’s message, and the nine new patrons are powerful voices of support as broadcasters and music industry professionals. e are, pound for pound, per capita, the greatest nation in the world for music, says musician and broadcaster ddy emple Morris. ne in every seven albums sold in the world is by a British artist. mall venues are the lifeblood of music, without them we have no grass roots nowhere for the ne t d heeran, the ne t Adele, to connect with their audience for the very first time. Music enue rust is currently working to secure the venues most in peril of permanent closure across the K. To donate, visit: I CARDIFF LIFE I 9


IN THE FRESH Now more than ever, we want our homes to feel like safe, inviting spaces, so we’ve asked local interior experts for their top styles for the new season By Lisa Evans


he past year has changed the way we see our homes; they have become places of refuge and sanctuary, and, ultimately, protection, and many of us have looked to reinvent our spaces or to make them more personal, comfortable and inspiring, as we’ve been spending more time inside them than ever before. Freshen ups go hand in hand with a new year, so here we take a look at what styles will be booming come spring 2021…

Midsummer Fern Lush wallpaper, £60 per roll, from Graham & Brown, available at WJ Gardner, Crwys Road, Cardiff; I CARDIFF LIFE I 11



Houseplants have never been more fashionable, and the verdant colour palette is creeping into wallpaper and décor too. “Plants have so many great benefits, from cleaning the air to improving wellbeing,” says Kiran Bejawn, co-founder of houseplant and homeware business Tyˆ Deco in Church Village. “Being connected to nature brings both physical and mental health benefits, and we predict that bringing a little nature indoors with houseplants is a trend that’s set to continue.” Louise Misell of Louise Misell Interiors in Penylan adds, “Feeling a connection with nature will still be a huge trend, seen in our continued love for house plants and greenery. But colour is also really important when it comes to encouraging us to feel good in our homes, as we need to express ourselves and reflect our true natures.”




5 6



SHOPPING LIST 1. Xxx 2. Xxx 3. Xxxx 4. Xxxx 5. Xxxx 6. Xxxx 7. Xxx 8. Xxxxx



1. Bespoke kitchen, POA, from Kutchenhaus Cardiff, Queens Arcade; 2. Ombré pot, £4.50, from Sadler Jones, Barry; 3. Recycled cotton macrame mirror, £45, from Miss Macrame Boho, Llandaff North; 4. Interior design, from Louise Misell Interiors, Penylan; 5. The Secret wallpaper design by Cardiff’s Patternistas, available at Newmor Wallcoverings; www. 6. Jewellery stand, £11.95, from Athena Interiors, Cwmbran; 7. Coconut wax candle, £4.50, from Tyˆ Deco, Church Village; 8. Screen Print, £18, from Anna Palamer Designs, Market House, Canton;

“Bringing a little nature indoors is a trend that’s set to continue”

Houseplants, various prices, from Tyˆ Deco, Church Village; I CARDIFF LIFE I 13



2 1






Minimal design and clear spaces are becoming more desirable. Annie Golledge, partner and interior designer at Hygge and Cwtch Design Studio in Heath says people are increasingly looking to introduce a simple feel into their homes, but by adding a touch of drama – through accent colour-blocking, luxe natural stone, metal finishes or a stunning piece of artwork – she says this trend allows you to achieve a cosy feel and make a statement all at the same time. Catrin Richards, designer at Queens Arcadebased Kutchenhaus Cardiff, agrees and says homes are moving toward a modern design but with a cosy twist. “Think minimalism mixed with rustic touches,” she says. “Concrete textures are still very popular but are now starting to be mixed with wood tones to bring a warmer Scandinavian vibe.” “Lots of people are ‘Marie Kondo-ing’ their homes right now,” says Justine Bullock, co-creator of The Tap End in Pontyclun. “Open element storage is great for displaying decorative items and personalising a room as well as allowing for essential storage. I think people are optimistically looking forward to a better year all round.” “I think a good clear out is really important for our wellbeing and our sense of calm,” says Debbie Rees, director at Tabitha Eve, a Pontypridd-based brand focused on sustainable products. “Also, if some of the changes made result in less wasteful lifestyles, that can benefit both people and the planet.”




1. Linen bolster, £16.50, from Tyˆ Deco, Church Village; 2. Vase, £15, from Athena Interiors, Cwmbran; 3. Open element storage, from The Tap End, Pontyclun; 4. Candle holder, POA, from Iconcrete, The Goodsheds, Barry; 5. Cushions, from £40, from Prints by Nature, Roat; 6. Mug, from £11, from Blossom & Nectar, Pontcanna Mews; 7. Dip bowl with saucer and bamboo spoon, £15, from Sarah Glazier Ceramics, Whitchurch; 8. Marble board, £18, from Tyˆ Deco, Church Village; 9. Textured walls, from a project completed by Di Oro Interiors, Cardiff;

Solitary Octopus artwork by Jenny Evans who studied textiles at Cardiff Metropolitan University, £50, available at Lime Lace;

“Think minimalism mixed with rustic touches”


“The trend for shopping in small independents has really gained momentum and I think it will continue,” says Sarah Glazier-Hart of Sarah Glazier Ceramics in Whitchurch. “The restrictions placed on people by the pandemic have reminded us how important community is, and independent makers and artists are a huge part of this. The interest in sustainability will continue to grow as will a desire for slow, mindful living.” I CARDIFF LIFE I 15


“It’s possible to freshen up your homes without spending a lot and without creating waste, by simply adding a statement piece or a splash of colour to your existing décor,” says Mati Roberts of Matico, a textiles studio in Whitchurch. “This can help focus new light and energy into your living space, which can enhance wellbeing and positivity.”

“We love the trend for a layered and textural home”

Kitchen design, by Harvey Jones Kitchens, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff;




A natural, earthy colour palette, packed with grainy wood, russet, brown and 50 shades of beige is comforting, nurturing and welcoming, and the textures used are important too, says Melissa Klink, head of design at Harvey Jones Kitchens in Morgan Arcade. “Any material that has an organic influence helps to ground the room and provide an instance sense of calm,” she says. “And reclaimed wood is warm and full of rich detail.” Esther Milardi, design director of Di Oro Interiors in Cardiff says the use of natural and organic materials, from light wood to woven and rattan accessories is strong, “We love the new trend for a layered and textural home where textured walls are a dominant feature. Materials like raw timber, limewash, limestone and slubby linen celebrate imperfection and earthy warmth.” “Earthy, grounded colours remind us of nature and being outside,” adds Annie at Hygge and Cwtch. “There are beautiful natural shades from deep reds, warm greens and blues and nurturing pinks and browns.”







1. Casa Felix armchair, £665.10, from Leekes, Pontyclun; 2. Aged gold lighting, from £950, from a project completed by Di Oro Interiors, Cardiff; 3. Iago sofa, £3,232, from Natuzzi, Cardiff Bay; 4. Inside the home of Annie Golledge of Hygge and Cwtch Design Studio, Cardiff; 5. Art print, £6, from J.D. Pepp, Pontprennau; 6. Homeware selection, from Tyˆ Deco, Church Village; 7. Brompton cake rack, £15, from Lisa Valentine Home, Cardiff; 8. Blanket, £88, from Nest, Heol-Y-Deri, Rhiwbina; 9. Arctic Grizzly Bear print, from £15, from Illustrate, Morgan Arcade;







“An organised home helps create a calming environment which is important for a clear mind,” says Sarah Jeffs, interior designer at Athena Interiors in Cwmbran. “Changes are great for promoting motivation and productivity. You don’t need to overwhelm yourself with a huge refurbishment – it may just be a switch around of furniture layouts or new soft furnishings to bring life back into a space.”




5 4

1. Cole & Son’s Seville Angel’s Trumpet wallpaper, available at WJ Gardner, Crwys Road, Cardiff; 2. Lamp shade, £48, from Matico, Whitchurch; 3. Cresting wave glass art, £50, from Glass at the Spinney, Aberthin; www.numonday. com/shop/glass-at-the-spinney 4. Wallpaper design by Cardiff’s Patternistas, available at Newmor Wallcoverings; 5. Homeware selection, from Tyˆ Deco, Church Village; 6. Sophie Allport whale oven glove, £19.99, from Shore, Penarth; 7. Linear Kitchen, from £20,000, from Harvey Jones Kitchens, Morgan Arcade, Cardiff;




Aqua, inky and ocean blues offer a calm, contemporary look. Louise at Louise Misell Interiors says colour blocking is a great way of exploring stronger hues, “Navy blues are a perennial favourite,” she says. “But they will be used even more in 2021 as these deeper shades are familiar and soothing, and bring a sense of security and grounding to our decorating schemes.” And Esther at Di Oro Interiors adds, “The colour of the natural world and the sky bring together our desire for comfort and relaxation with a new charge of optimism and determination.”




For spring, an obvious tonal choice is always going to be yellow; the invigorating hue inspires feelings of optimism. Becci Booker, designer and maker at In Rainbows, in Barry, says, regardless of trends, we need to choose colours that inspire us and make us happy. “As we are finding ourselves in the house a lot more, I think people will be buying things that make them smile and also using up-cycled furniture to freshen up their homes.” Homeware print designer Nia Rist of Nia Rist Prints, whose items can be found in local stockists, such as Bodlon, adds, “Fresh starts are always great for the mind and, after the year we’ve had, I think they are greatly welcomed. Taking down the Christmas decorations can often make your home a little bare, so the new year is a perfect time for a little freshen up.” And what’s fresher than yellow?







1. Macrame coasters, set of four, £20, from Miss Macrame Boho, Llandaff North; 2. Dried bouquet, £30, from Wilde Posies, Ynysybwl; 3. Leopard mug, £7.50, from Sadler Jones, Barry, 4. Cole & Son’s Seville Alfaro wallpaper, available at WJ Gardner, Crwys Road, Cardiff; 5. Dollyhotdogs bumble bee tea towel, £9.99, West Hampton, Penny Lane, Cowbridge; 6. Make your own lampshade kit, from £16, from Sian Elin, Penarth; I CARDIFF LIFE I 19




Black is the new black. It’s a 10-year trend that keeps on giving; it’s chic, elegant, and works as either a small-scale accent or as a large focal point. “Monochrome is always a staple and will never disappoint,” says Nia of Nia Rist Prints. “It allows you to go wild with fabrics and patterns, which is my favourite way of working.”



3 6 5





“People are recognising the importance of mental wellbeing and self-care which are, more often than not, nourished in the bathroom,” says Marc Hailes, company director at Cardiff’s MWH Heating and Plumbing. “This marries in perfectly with one of the upcoming bathroom trends we’re going to be seeing in spring 2021, which is the ‘at home spa experience’. This trend lends itself to luxury, minimalism and relaxation.”



1. Stoneware jug, £22.50, from Leekes, Pontyclun; 2. Hutton sidetable, £98, from Athena Interiors, Cwmbran; 3. Nia Rist Prints cushion, from £30, available at Bodlon, Whitchurch;; 4. Log basket, £69.99, from River Cottage Elite, Cardiff; 5. Black shower, £1,610, from The Tap End, Pontyclun; 6. Rhino sculpture, £27, from Leekes, Pontyclun; 7. Lamp shade, £48, from Matico, Whitchurch; 8. Scandi Boho Geo bamboo basket, £18, from Sadler Jones, Barry; 9. Baby Plumen light bulb, £18.95, from Bodlon, Whitchurch;


Designs to delight Formed in 2016, DI ORO INTERIORS has steadily grown into a successful and multi-award winning design studio


e specialise in high-end, luxury, bespoke residential interior designs and commercial projects. We work with private clients and developers on full turn-key projects, partial refurbishments, as well as property staging to increase the value of a property ahead of going on the market. We are proud to have featured on the BBC programme The Best House in Town, to have won the Cardiff Residential Designer Award 2019 and the Cardiff Luxury Interior Design Award 2020, and to have been featured in the prestigious House & Garden magazine in The Designers Collective, ‘a hand-selected collection of the highest-quality and most stylish interior designers acting as a recommendation from House & Garden’. Our signature classic contemporary design complement every architectural style and add a touch of Italian glamour, brought about by our Design Director, Esther Milardi. To guarantee

unique designs for our distinguished clientele, we source our bespoke pieces from all over the world. The finest quality is assured and our clients always comment on how much our designs have exceeded their expectations. We take pride in a very personalised and friendly service. The success of our projects lies not only in the end result and attention to detail, but also in the process to get to that point. What is our design process? When we are approached by a potential client and receive the brief, we provide a quote for our fees. Once these are accepted and the client's overall budget is disclosed to us, we go to great lengths to get to know our clients and their design aesthetics. After detailed measurements are taken, we reconfigure the space in order to produce an optimised layout. This is followed on by 3D visualisations and the presentation of mood boards. In doing so, our clients are not only able to visualise how the space will look like, but also feel confident that they firmly remain in control of their house renovation. ■

Di Oro Interiors Ltd 78 Whitchurch Road, CF14 3LX 07979 824433;;;  diorointeriors

No matter what your budget or requirements may be, MWH Heating & Plumbing are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service.

Contemporary and Traditional wood burning stoves supplied and installed by MWH. Call us today for your free no obligation survey and estimate.

T: 02921 673096 E:


ONLINE CHRISTMAS SHOW Now exclusively online until 9 January 2021 In the gallery

DAVID BARNES, NICK PRITCHARD Ceramics by South Wales Potters 26 November – 31 December 2020 74b Albany Road, Cardiff, CF24 3RS | T: 029 2048 7158 | E: Gallery open: Monday - Wednesday by appointment only, Thursday - Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT US ONLINE AT: WWW.VALEVETCENTRE.CO.UK Cardiff: 233 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna, Cardiff, CF11 9PP. E-mail: | Phone: 02920 004007

Barry: 7/8 Ty Verlon Ind Est, Cardiff Rd, Vale of Glamorgan, CF63 2BE. E-mail: | Phone: 01446 739739


HEAP SIGHT Rhiwbina-based artist Sue Watt tells us that her oil on canvas, Lost 2020, 2020, has a particular meaning to her, “This painting series started from a mound of earth/hay/ manure that had been piled high next to the bottom path of the local woods (the Wenallt). I walked past it when it was being picked at by ravens, which led to my work called Selection Selection 2020. 2020. The mound has softened and spread over the last few months, and a Golden Retriever was playing on top of it a few weeks ago, which led to this painting. Although this ‘pandemic’ series feels raw and sad, the starting point and inspiration behind these paintings isn’t. I am hoping the settling and softening of the mound is representative of a virus that is weakening and diluting. One day I will walk past it and not even notice it is there.” For more: I CARDIFF LIFE I 23


The Skints are on their way to the Tramshed

From 19 December onwards

Always check Covid-19 restrictions and instructions with venues before your visit


DIGITAL ADVENT CALENDAR Sherman Theatre’s festive season isn’t cancelled despite its doors remaining temporarily closed, and has revealed a star-studded Christmas line-up including Rhys Ifans, Ruth Jones and Michael Sheen. The internationallyacclaimed actors will be appearing in the Sherman’s Digital Advent Calendar, each making their own special appearance emailed directly to audience inboxes. Alongside these performances, there will be festive treats including serialised audiobooks – such as Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – for the whole family to enjoy.

20 December

THE CAR PARK PANTO Lots of pantomimes may be cancelled, but there’s a new way of enjoying that traditional festive pastime: from your own car. See Horrible Christmas as a laugh-out-loud drive-in experience. ardi irport

27 February, 2021

THE SKINTS The London four-piece have clawed their way up from the depths of the underground punk/ska scene to a uni ue fi ture on the global reggae stage. See them at Tramshed. Tramshed www.tramshedcardi .com


Until the end of December

THE OASIS CARDIFF PODCAST The podcast explores stories and pursuits of refugees and asylum seekers in Cardiff, with opinions around the topic from dedicated experts and conversations with supporters from the local community. Each episode will be released at the end of each month, and listeners are invited to ask questions via a Facebook Live Q&A with the guests following each episode. www.oasiscardi .org

Until 7 January, 2021

HEART OF CARDIFF The Sherman Theatre’s audio series eart o ardi , inspired by the


people and communities of the city. Following a search across Cardiff for writers with stories to tell about their community, pitches were selected to be developed into original audio theatre experiences, which will be made available on the website on a weekly basis. / www.hearto cardi


Until 24 December

CHRISTMAS EXHIBITION Featuring fine art and Christmas gifts by Welsh artists and makers. ictoria Fearn allery www.victoria

Until 31 December

DAVID BARNES, NICK PRITCHARD & THE SOUTH WALES POTTERS Picturesque scenes of the snowy hills of Snowdonia, the moon shining in Anglesey, glistening waters of Penarth in winter and Manorbier Beach are just some of the paintings on show.

The exhibition also features work from members of the South Wales Potters, one of the largest groups of professional, hobby potters, and ceramicists in the UK. The l any allery

Until 9 Jan

ONLINE CHRISTMAS SHOW Exclusively online, the show is a changing exhibition of paintings and ceramics from more than 40 artists offering affordable work for every taste with original pieces starting from under £100. The l any allery

Until 11 April, 2021

BECOMING RICHARD BURTON This exhibition follows the remarkable story of how Richard Jenkins became Richard Burton, the international star of stage and screen. It will feature Burton’s diaries, papers and personal objects displayed for the first time from the Richard Burton Archives held at Swansea University. ational useum ardi

WHAT’S ON once you’ve worked up your thirst and appetite stop by the Germanstyle Bierkeller and Bratwurst Grill, which offers a choice of ales, mulled wine and speciality sausages, for a Bavarian feast. orking treet www.visitcardi .com

Until the end of December


Nick Pritchard’s The Pier, Penarth, Winter at The Albany Gallery ABOVE RIGHT: The Rocky Horror Picture Show is back on tour LEFT: Inside Out Festival is coming

MAGIC MOMENTS At The Red Dragon Centre, the festive offering includes Blizzard the Snow Dragon – a state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) creation which will be visible and ‘come alive’ to anyone with a smart phone. Plus the centre’s giant Christmas tree, twinkling decorations and light projections are back. Guests are being encouraged to share their #RDCMagicMoments on social media for the chance to win an extra special treat. The ed ragon entre

pedestrian heart of the city centre and all within walking distance of the transport hubs and magical, festive attractions. City centre; www.cardi

19 December

SANTA’S GROTTO Visit the fabulous grotto set up by our very own ardi i e columnists Wyburn and Wayne, raising money for St Andrew’s URC. t ndrew s, oath www.wy

Until 24 December

MAKERS ARCADE POP UP Local makers will unite at this independent pop-up market, where you’ll find high uality, sustainable, locally made and hand-crafted gifts for Christmas. organ rcade makersarcadepopup

OUTDOORS Until 3 January

Until 24 December

FOOD AND DRINK Until 24 December

FESTIVE AFTERNOON TEA Enjoy afternoon tea in the Christmas-themed restaurant at Celtic Manor Resort where Santa will be back with a virtual twist. This special ‘meet and greet’ is sure to help get children in good spirits, Santa himself will dial in for a fun interactive group video call while his helpful elves will be there in person throughout the afternoon with magic tricks and a gift for everyone. eltic anor esort www.celtic

Until 3 January

ALPINE FOOD AND DRINK Find Alpine Food and Drink on Castle Street. Bring your bubble and take a seat in your own alpine ski hut or picnic table. Order from your favourite on-site food stall using the

app, and your fare will be delivered to your table. www.visitcardi .com


SANTA’S PRIVATE CHRISTMAS TOURS anta will be returning to Cardiff Castle for private tours this year, but with a lot of Covid-friendly measures in place. www.cardi

Until 24 December

CARDIFF CHRISTMAS MARKET A visit to Cardiff’s Christmas Market will rival that of any European city, with rows of beautifully decorated wooden stalls laid out in the

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS WONDERLAND Gileston Manor Estate is bringing a little Christmas magic to families this year. Their nine acres will become a festive wonderland where you’ll find a fairy grotto with Elsa from Fro en and a mini fairground, and you’ll be able to feed the resident animals, visit Santa’s grotto and indulge in street food. ileston anor state

Until 31 December

FESTIVE QUARTER Shopping can be exhausting so

LATER IN 2021…

1 and 2 May, 2021 INSIDE OUT FESTIVAL 2021 will be the biggest yet. Get it in the diary ASAP! Bute Park; 3 – 8 May, 2021 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Since it first opened in London in 1973 at the Royal Court's Theatre Upstairs,

CHRISTMAS AT THE CASTLE There’s no Winter Wonderland in Cardiff this year but the annual festive event will be replaced by Christmas at the Castle. You will be able to enjoy a spin on the 33m big wheel, fairground rides, light-up attractions and games. ardi astle www.cardi

Until 3 January

FESTIVE FUNFAIR RIDES Enjoy the family-friendly funfair on Castle Street which includes a wide range of games and rides. You can expect to see familiar favourites such as the santacoaster and dodgems. astle treet www.visitcardi .com ■

Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show has become the world’s favourite Rock ‘n’ Roll musical, having been performed worldwide for over 45 years in more than 30 countries and translated into 20 languages. This critically-acclaimed new production is now back by huge public demand and will tour the UK from March to October 2021. New Theatre; I CARDIFF LIFE I 25



Fizz Goes Pop’s jewellery, which has graced the pages of British Vogue Vogue,, is all about founder Elizabeth Iafrate’s love for colour and craft. From her studio in Roath, she creates playful, vibrant accessories for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement. Her background in graphic design shines through into everything she does, be it wearable art in the form of juicy mirror Perspex jewellery or her bold monogram and letter plaques. Everything is made to order, and bespoke creations can be fashioned to the wearer’s wishes. Her business is online, but Cardiff-based stockists include Whim Wham, Kiti and Ripple Living. Geo earrings, £39, from Fizz Goes Pop, Roath; I CARDIFF LIFE I 27



ABOVE: Owner Jan curates her own distinctive offering;

OPPOSITE: the gifts and homeware selection includes houseplants, handmade soaps and quirky candlesticks

n our new, regular alking hop feature, we visit local businesses that add colour and creativity to our city. Here, we roam around Beti Biggs a retailer of vintage furniture and unusual gifts and homeware from around the world Photography and words by Sin Mei Lam


here was already a steady flow of customers visiting the store when arrived at Beti Biggs in Pontcanna this morning. he owner, Jan illiams, welcomed and looked after every customer, and, while she was serving, toured around her candinavian inspired lifestyle store which sells countless stylish collectables and home d cor pieces. Beti Biggs is not your standard lifestyle store, as you can tell from the interior design and product display which reflects a mi ture of chic, contemporary and uirky style with a hint of industrial and anti ue. Healthily maintained house plants in tasteful ceramic pots are stacked


on display at the sunny front of the store, and then you’ll come to colour coordinated shelves of blue and green wares, which one customer says looks as if the store was divided into forest and ocean sections. At the back of the store is a huge display of Annie loan Chalk Paint. Jan often restyles old furniture and is a big fan of the paint, one of the benefits being that it doesn’t re uire any preparation work such as sanding. Jan sources unusual items from all over the world but you will also find goods made by local companies, such as Gallus Beard which specialises in facial hair products. ike many other talented independent business

owners, Jan curates her distinctive offering herself, inspired mainly by her travel e perience. And while many of us shop online nowadays, she believes that the in person shopping e perience is incomparable as customers are able to see, choose, touch and smell the products, especially the many fragranced candles and toiletries. As Christmas is fast approaching depending on when you’re reading this and as many of us may continue to spend more time at home, why not pay a visit to this beautifully established business to get some uni uely designed gifts or decorations to brighten up your home ith thanks to ardi ased photographer and logger in ei am www.cardi cardi ocal

“Jan sources unusual items from all over the world�

The Tap End Bathrooms 2020, The year we all washed our hands!


bviously 2020 was about so much more than handwashing, but we wanted to pay homage to the simple act that helped save lives and left us all staring at our basin areas for 20 seconds a time. During that ‘stare off’ many were inspired to make a change to their home, and update their bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom and that is where we came in. Here are some of our favourite basin areas from recent projects. After all, 2021 will certainly still have more of same but let us do it in style this time! “This shot is from a recently completed Cardiff-based project of mine. I love the way the white, black and nude tones all work together to create something with interest without feeling jarring.” Zoe Curtis, designer



“Double basins are the dream! This ensuite was not huge, so the clients were thrilled when we were able to make this set up work for them by reconfiguring the layout.” Daniella Fantini, designer

“This scheme was soft in tone and I love to use warm white lighting which just adds to the cosiness factor! The offset basin leaves countertop space to the right, perfect for towel bundles, lotions and potions and decorative items.” Justine Bullock, co-creator and designer You can read reviews, all from genuine clients, via our Houzz account, Facebook and Google. We pride ourselves on our service and products and are always thrilled to hear from clients about their experience. If you are embarking on a bathroom project, we would love to hear all about it, contact us in store to see if we may be the right fit for you. ■

“My favourite schemes have an element of timelessness about them. For me, this project merged contemporary and classic perfectly and I love the shaped basin and additional tall storage unit.” Lynda Rees, co-creator

The Tap End, 57 Llantrisant Road, Pontyclun, CF72 9DP 01443 449056; f thetapend  The Tap End TheTapEndDesign I CARDIFF LIFE I 31

TRIO OF MINI POTTED SUCCULENTS, £15 From Flower Lodge, Rhiwbina; www.


MACRAME PLANT HANGER, £23 From Rose MÔR, Grangetown;

There’s no question that houseplants can brighten our homes and our moods, so here’s our pick of greenery, pots and plant hangers to freshen up interiors for the new year

BOOB PLANT POT, £25 From Poti Pots, Roath;

FICUS LYRATA BAMBINO, £11.50 From T eco, hurch illage


WICKER PLANTER, £18 From luemoon omeware, ardi www.

CURIO MOUNT EVEREST, £12 From artha, ity oad, ardi


FOREST PAMPAS, FROM £25 From Mason Blooms, Canton;

MACRAME HANGER, £23; PLANTS, FROM £8 From @twigsknotsandplantpots, Cynoed; and @rootifullife, Penylan;

FABRIC PLANTERS, £13 EACH From In Rainbows, Barry; CROCHET PLANT POT COVER, FROM £12 From Knotty Thing Studio, Roath;

SUCCULENT TRIO, £20.99 From Secret Garden Florist, Indoor Market, St Mary’s Street; www. oristincardi

ECO-TWIST PLANT POTS, FROM £14.95 From Tabitha Eve, Pontypridd;

HANDMADE SUCCULENTS AND CACTI, £7 EACH From nots otton, Fairwater, ardi I CARDIFF LIFE I 33



HEAD TEACHER Here we get to know the leaders who are shaping our children’s futures, and we realise just how hands-on and pro-active they are, especially during these unprecedented times

Headmaster at Sherfield School in Hampshire. In 2009, I took on the headship of Prior Park College in Bath, where I was subsequently appointed Principal of Prior Park Schools with responsibility for the prep school, junior school, college, and the senior school I established in Gibraltar. I have been Principal of Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools since September 2019.


HABERDASHERS’ MONMOUTH SCHOOLS 01600 710401; How did you get into education? I have enjoyed a varied and fulfilling 30-year career in education. After studying at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, I started my teaching career at Stamford School in Lincolnshire. I joined Sherborne School in Dorset as a History master and housemaster and then became the founding 34 I CARDIFF LIFE I

What are your main goals as Principal? I am trying to build on the many existing strengths and successes. My role is mainly strategic with an emphasis on academic and co-curricular provision, marketing, fund-raising, outreach, community relations and working with our schools’ Heads to provide the best possible provision for our 1,250 pupils. My position was created by the governors to support the family of schools in meeting the challenges of the next decade in a confident and imaginative way. What are the best things about a Haberdashers’ Monmouth Schools education? Our schools have a long-standing reputation for forming young men and women of ambition and quality who go on to make outstanding contributions to their communities and to society. Our pupils embark on an educational journey with us, from the ages of three to 18 years, and we take great pride in equipping them to excel in their chosen paths.

Are there any exciting developments planned for the schools? We will be sharing the expertise and outstanding facilities across our family of schools to launch a new, co-educational Monmouth Prep School in September 2021. We are working to expand our facilities for nursery to allow us to offer wrap-around care for 52 weeks a year. Our new school will give boys and girls, aged three to 11 years, access to more specialist teaching in languages, science, music and sport and provide a greater breadth of opportunity. Can prospective parents and families still visit your schools? Yes, we are happy to arrange individual bespoke tours of our facilities to fit in around the commitments of prospective families, while observing social distancing and other safety guidelines to minimise any risk of transmission within our school community. We have a Virtual Open Evening on Thursday 28th January from 6pm to 8pm. For more details, please e-mail: What are your hobbies, talents and passions? I am a big supporter of the Ireland national rugby team as my father and uncle both played for the side during the 1950s. I have a wide range of other interests, ranging from literature and art to coastal walks and ornithology. I am a married to Ali, and we have four children, ranging in age from 16-26.



What are your main goals as a headteacher? Although currently it is obviously the mental and physical well-being of both staff and pupils, my strategic planning has always targeted the progress and improvement of every aspect of the school. However, the priority and focus has always been decided by a rather simple premise, taken from the Olympic rowing squad for the 2012 London Games – “Does it make the boat go faster?”. Whatever we decide to change, will it end in progress and improvement? If yes, then we do it. How has your role changed recently due to the pandemic? As well as ensuring we consider the mental and physical health of our community, planning this year has had to include navigating the restrictions caused by the pandemic and factor in the ability to run the school fully online at any given stage. To keep students active we have altered our PE lessons, ensuring all pupils gain access to their games lessons, albeit slightly shorted but now more regularly. In addition, to support and target mental well-being, PSHE lessons have changed slightly with the aim of encouraging pupils to engage more in discussions about mental wellbeing during lockdowns. Help us get to know you outside of the professional box – what are your hobbies, talents, passions, what excites you? Like all headteachers, my workload tends to be very much 24/7, even at weekends and nights. If I am not communicating with either local or international parents, then I am speaking with staff and students. However, any spare time is spent with my family – during these uncertain times, we should take the chance to make the best of lockdown periods. I taught my daughter to ride her bike in June, a time I will always cherish as special to me.

How did you get into this line of work, and what jobs were you doing before you got into education? From a young age, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. After my A levels, I coached hockey in America, then returned to the UK to read Geography at Bristol University, followed by my teaching studies. I joined Westbourne in September 2005 and have loved it ever since. How has your role changed recently due to the pandemic? We have obviously had to ensure policies and procedures are in place to be Covid safe – but I do not feel our role has changed. Our pupils and parents have been so supportive with online learning during the first lockdown and adhering to the ‘new normal’ measures that we are pretty much as close to ‘normal’ as we can be. I also must mention the determination and commitment of our teachers – to lead such a group has always been an honour, but during recent months, they have gone above and beyond. What positives do you think have or will emerge from this surreal time? From Monday 23 March, when we went in to the first full lockdown, we had everything already in place. This meant that the children did not miss any of the skills we would have been delivering in school, but this also meant the development in our pupils’ computer skills soared. From Reception children completing work on ‘SeeSaw’ to our Year 3 – 6 pupils completing work via Google Classroom, we now have pupils so tech-savvy – they are teaching me things. Their digital competency is phenomenal! I also think it has encouraged our children to become more adaptable to change. Often when things changed so dramatically, it can really unsettle children, but through continuous, consistent support we have encouraged our pupils to accept and adapt to change.



Gerard Griffiths

Joanne Chinnock

I hope our children will be excited about learning, will discover new talents and always seek to give of their best in everything they do.


THE CATHEDRAL SCHOOL, LLANDAFF 02920 563179; What are your main goals as a headteacher? As Head, my goal is for our young people to go out from school and make the world a better place. I want this school to build a strong sense of community amongst students and staff, within and outside the school gates.

How has your role changed recently due to the pandemic? With our chaplain, school counsellor, school nurse and strong pastoral team, the Cathedral School has always emphasised the importance of positive mental health. This is now more important than ever and is an ever-increasing part of my role. I feel grateful when pupils and staff come to talk to me about the concerns they feel and proud that we encourage such an open atmosphere where we can be honest about how we are feeling. During the pandemic, it has been lovely to see our older students step up and offer to take on even more significant mentoring roles to support our younger pupils. Overseeing the positive impact of this initiative reinforces the sense of community at the Cathedral School which is at the heart of all that we do. What positives do you think have or will emerge from this surreal time? I see a renewed sense of gratitude for the little things – for time spent with friends, on

the football field or peaceful moments in Llandaff Cathedral as the sun’s rays reflect through the window. I sense a new feeling of responsibility for the well-being of the whole community in everyone – from our three year olds to our pre-university sixth form. I also see more engagement with and willingness to take on some of society’s problems – from the environment to discrimination to tackling fake news. This is a generation that wants to make a difference. Help us get to know you outside of the professional box – what are your hobbies, talents, passions, what excites you? The best thing about being a Head is that I am able to join in with all the wonderful activities that our pupils enjoy. I play saxophone in our junior orchestra – although the children are much better than me! As a netball goalkeeper, I love the staff-student netball match and, having debated at university I really enjoy contributing to the public speaking and debating events. As an enthusiastic singer, I love being part of the Chamber Choir and I am also a keen actor – although I haven’t been given a part in a Cathedral School production yet! I CARDIFF LIFE I 35





Jake Rowles has released a photography-meets-illustration book about the Cardiff community and its creatives By Lisa Evans


orking at his day ob in a coffee shop in the city, Jake owles, from iverside, has always been fascinated by the people who walk through the doors. His interest in individuals gave him the idea to start photographing and telling the stories of locals he meets, and it’s led to him self publishing a book, called Who’s next, about the Cardiff business community and its uni ueness. Here we chat to him about it

Tell us your inspiration behind Who’s Next…

wanted to make a pro ect that blended photography, illustration and writing. ’d previously worked in epal as a photographer for a sustainable charity, aleigh nternational, and wanted to document people in Cardiff in a similar way to how had met and documented people in villages in epal. spent over a year crossing paths with a diverse range of individuals to give you a personal look into the lives of a painter, a fashion designer, a tattoo artist, plus more. ou can follow their stories through the book it showcases small businesses creatives in Cardiff. didn’t want to ust create a guide book, the idea was to create an account of a time and

place, giving a snapshot into the lives of these people, inspiring others to engage more with their communities, which believe is important now more than ever. So how did you go about finding people?

work in a coffee shop in town and found that was always meeting fascinating individuals, both customers, and my colleagues. hat gave me the initial idea to start documenting people in my community. met tattoo artist ak from till Hands attoo tudio in Castle mporium first and started photographing him. hen, everyone else ’d either been recommended to meet, had met in person, or found on nstagram. Where did you go from there?

he pro ect originally started with a rough idea and some photoshoots. ver a year later found myself with well over seven thousand photos. After captured all the photos, the process of creating the book began. filled sketchbooks and notebooks with drawings and ideas, ne t began producing illustrations to accompany the photographs, and then the hard part for me writing. wanted to give some insight into each of my sub ects, how came to meet them, and

“I was always meeting fascinating individuals. I wanted to document them”


OPPOSITE, CLOCKWISE: Inside Jake’s book you’ll find photos of: Stephen at Eartha, painter Casper White, Rachael at Quay Street Kitchen, the interior of Princes & Paupers, Zak from Still Hands Tattoo Studio, and Al at Princes & Paupers I CARDIFF LIFE I 37



what I learned in the process while investigating my own community. wo and a half years later, the book was finished. t ended up being a massive 316 page A4 book that I am extremely proud of. Everyone I met in this book was amazing and I am thankful for their willingness to collaborate with me to help make this project a reality. And you’ve self-published the book?

es, the Kickstarter finished on ecember. he books will be printed in one large run the copies will be sent to the Kickstarter backers first, and then the book will be available online on my website and hopefully in various shops around Cardiff. ’ve been making books for a while now. made my first proper printed book in college in and ’ve carried on making them ever since. I love to tell stories through a variety of visual mediums, and books are my favourite chosen form to do just that. In the past, I’ve created fictional illustrated graphic novels, children’s books, and, more recently, street and travel photography books. Tell us about you…

’m from orth evon originally moved to Cardiff in to study illustration at the Cardiff chool of Art and esign C A , graduated in and decided to stay in Cardiff because loved it here. ince graduating, ’ve focused more on photography and now use both of these together to tell stories, often through books. My next idea is to create a book about Japan, where travelled in late . also work on commissions for Cardiff based businesses and creatives. You’re a big fan of local businesses, we take it?

I think shopping locally is vital because it’s what makes our community interesting. I love to frequent local businesses not only for the products they sell but for the interaction you have with the owners; I love chatting with them to make me feel more connected to my city. I think that’s one of the best things about Cardiff, it has such a strong sense of community. My book is a celebration of that. For more:

ABOVE: Jake Rowles; OPPOSITE, CLOCKWISE: painter Casper White, Fissha at Cardiff Salad Garden, Stephen at Eartha, Al at Princes & Paupers, Stephen at Eartha again, Eddie from the Rotary Club I CARDIFF LIFE I 39


Small family school learns secret of success KINGS MONKTON SCHOOL is an innovative and leading co-educational school in Cardiff for children aged three to 18 years


he secret of a great education is simple, small classes, excellent teaching and superb pastoral care. Kings Monkton School caps its classes at 18 and the option classes at GCSE and A-level average around eight pupils per class. This allows staff to differentiate to the needs of pupils, as the school philosophy is that every child has a unique way of learning. Staff adapt their teaching to get the best from each individual pupil. The wellbeing team look after all the needs of the pupils as children will only achieve their best when they feel happy, safe and secure in their learning environment. The small school is a family, where children are allowed to grow as individuals and excel in their areas of interest. In these uncertain times, many children are anxious about returning to school and the threat of the virus. Kings Monkton School has established an extremely successful online teaching provision where children can access classes through a Google platform. They are assessed in the comfort of their own homes and supported by the excellent KMS wellbeing team. Classes are available for pupils from Year 2 all the way to sixth form, and Kings Monkton School offers a full curriculum that includes music, languages – Spanish and French – core subjects such as English, mathematics and science, as well as the humanities, physical education and creative arts. Pupils will also get additional important life skills, such as catering and skills development. All the pupils’ work, assessments and support material will be shared on Google drive, which they can access at any time. Lessons are livestreamed from the school site, where pupils can

2020 EXAM GRADES In secondary school, 94% of pupils gained five or more A*to C grades including English and mathematics; 100% gained five or more A* to C grades; 88% gained five or more A* to B grades and 59% gained five or more A*/A grades In sixth form, 50% of all A-level grades were A*/A; 81% were A* to B grades and 58% of pupils gained at least one A-level with A or A*


see the teacher and all the teaching resources online. Pupils interact with the teacher through a live webcam and mic set up, allowing them to ask questions, take part in the lesson and contribute to classroom discussions. The platform is designed so pupils can give presentations, take part in NEA assessments, and socialise with other class members. There is a school hangouts page for pupils to message each other and staff for group work, and all pupils have access to a KMS email so they can contact teachers and support staff for help throughout the day. It provides quality nursery provision that cares for and educates boys and girls from the age of three to four. Choosing your child’s first experience of school and ensuring it is a positive one is a vital decision for any parent. Kings Monkton wants to instil a positive relationship with learning to set the foundations for the rest of a pupil’s school life. In partnership with parents, Kings Monkton aims to create a nurturing, friendly, lively and colourful environment where children can feel happy, safe and secure in an atmosphere full of fun and laughter. The children start their educational journey at Kings Monkton in a foundation class, where they follow an exciting play-based curriculum, with a balance of child and teacher-initiated activities which are designed to stimulate and develop each individual child. Children are naturally motivated to learn through their curiosity and their desire to explore, so Kings Monkton aims to stimulate the children and build self-esteem, giving them confidence to try new things.

The children are given opportunities for both structured and spontaneous play in many different areas, including sand and water play, outdoor play, role play, games and dressing up. They also enjoy many activities using iPads, computers and programmable toys. The children are encouraged to explore, construct and discover through the six areas of learning for early years children. The school is proud to be associated with Highlight Tuition – a service available to pupils from Key Stage 2 through to A-level. There’s more information at highlight-tuition. ■

6 West Grove, Cardiff, CF24 3XL; 02920 482 854;;


Knowledge is power Georgia Evans of BERRY SMITH LAWYERS answers one of the most frequently asked questions about Lasting Power of Attorney. Here are the details you need to know...


hat are my duties as an attorney if I am named in a Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”)?

A: If you have been appointed an attorney, the person who made the power of attorney (“the donor”) trusts you to make decisions on their behalf. There are a number of different LPAs -

In the case of a financial LPA, the donor is happy for you to look after their finances and investments, both when they have lost their mental capacity or when they still retain it. In the case of a health and welfare LPA, the donor is happy for you to make decisions in relation to their health and care when they do not have the mental capacity to make decisions. If you have been appointed in a financial LPA, you should ask the donor when they make the document for details of their investments,

property and other financial affairs and also ascertain their regular outgoings and liabilities. In the case of a health and welfare LPA, which enables attorneys to determine where the donor may live, their personal care and medical treatments, you should always ensure that you are aware of the donor’s needs and wishes before you have to make critical decisions. One of the most important matters that a health and welfare LPA can address is the power to decide whether to refuse or consent to treatment to keep the donor alive. It is important you check the donor's views on life-sustaining treatments and other care issues in order to ensure that you can carry out their wishes. You should also ask the donor for contact details of their doctor, optician, and other medical and care providers. It is vitally important in both cases that you know where the original LPA document or a certified copy is kept. When acting as an attorney, you must always

Georgia Evans

act honestly and in the donor’s best interests; this is not always the same as making decisions on the basis of what the donor would have decided. You must help the donor reach their own decisions if they can; you are not able to make decisions for them just because you do not agree with the donor’s decision. Lastly, you must always keep records of all the actions you take, particularly in relation to their financial affairs. ■

If you wish to receive any further guidance concerning the duties of an attorney or wish to create your own Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare and/or Finance and Property, please contact Georgia Evans on

FOOD & DRINK Shaun started GWW as a space for the LGBTQ+ community to meet like-minded people in a relaxed environment




Roath-based Gays Who Wine features pop-up wine and food-pairing bars as well as an at-home service that brings you everything you need for a great night in. Here we speak to its founder Shaun Houcke… How does GWW shout about Cardiff’s LGBTQ+ community?

Meeting new people is di cult, and with so much urban isolation, making new friends, meeting a partner, or finding the perfect location to hang out is hard, especially for those of us in the GB community. ith this in mind, set up G to create a space for the community to meet in a friendly, pop up gay wine bar offering wine tastings, great food pairings and cracking company all in a udgement free venue. Tell us your thoughts on Cardiff’s LGBTQ+ scene…

t’s great, if not a little small, and, sadly, current happenings and Covid restrictions aren’t helping. he scene in Cardiff tends to offer uite a similar e perience the bars are mainly drinks promotion led, or drag don’t get me wrong, love drag, but options are always good . he other side of the scene tends to be hobby based, like singing, walking or reading, which is great if you have a shared interest, but not so if you ust want more of a general meet up. think this is where G works well, because we keep it general we really aren’t a serious wine club. Tell us the background of GWW…

wanted people to be able to come together, not online, and not in a raucous bar. ’ve lived here nearly years and until last year hadn’t been to a gay bar think there’s a stigma attached to them. am not anti scene, love a gay bar, but they’re rarely a place where you can rela with good conversation, wine and a bite to eat. Where are your pop-up events held?

e always appear somewhere independent, like Pettigrew ea ooms, ncommon Ground or tordy.

And you offer at-home options too?

e have our G at home bo es and our at home Plus service, where we bring all you need for a socially responsible night in, from wine to glassware, cheese to nibbles, table linen to flowers. e set the table, and collect all the dirty dishes. Prices from ust per head. For more: I CARDIFF LIFE I 43



Tommy Heaney at Heaneys (below), and Owen Morgan of Asador 44 (right) are two of the on-screen local heroes

A handful of juicy food news morsels for you to chew on Matthew Jones Ceramics’ wares are pretty and practical in equal measure



ma Hyd is a new campaign supporting the elsh hospitality industry, devised by om vans and hodi Pearce of Clear Cut ocial. om and hodi have spent the past few months filming with a variety of independent hospitality businesses, from Cardiff restaurants such as Heaneys and Asador , all the way up to Michelin star restaurants including nyshir, and the whole thing has been narrated by wan heon known for his terrifying portrayal of amsay Bolton in Game of Thrones. ith many more months of uncertainty and challenges ahead, om and hodi would like to encourage people to support independent businesses and local economies by sampling the incredible culinary talent that surrounds them. For more:


esign led studio pottery company, Matthew Jones Ceramics, is set to open at Goodsheds Barry in ecember. As well as creating high uality, bespoke tableware and home d cor, MJC also offers workshops and has a growing body of chefs and restaurants that use their plates. ook in Cardiff currently has one of our biggest collections, says founder, Matthew. e’ve also worked with Academy , usty Knuckle, and enkaichi ushi and oodle Bar. his is a part of the business that we are growing. ith Goodsheds, we saw an opportunity to have a permanent shop and space to run our popular workshops.” For more:

Welcome to the Spanish Wine Club

Franks celebrated in style



Just a little happy one year birthday from us to Franks in Cardiff Market, known for their properly impressive hot dogs made with outdoor reared, native breed pork in fresh baked brioche buns. Their make-at-home hot dog kits are available for delivery across Cardiff and beyond. For more: @franks_hotdogs_

SIP, SIP, HOORAY Spanish bar and restaurant group Ultracomida has launched a new, nationwide wine subscription service. The independent boutique operators, who run Curado Bar and ermut in Cardiff city centre, will operate their new panish ine Club as a monthly subscription service, and subscribers will pay a month to receive bottles of hand picked panish wines, up to the value of , every three months. “It’s all about giving people a chance to try the variety of panish wines that we are so passionate about, says ltracomida co founder Paul Grimwood. ach case of can be tailored. e’ll include an overview of each of the wines, so that people can get to know them better.” For more:




Is your mouth watering yet?

What do you get if you take a burger nerd and a butcher, put them together, and throw a restaurant opposite Victoria Park into the mix? You get Ansh, that’s what you get: a burger joint which opened as a takeaway at the end of November, but will open properly in the new year after a jazzy little refurb. Aled Hill, a passionate cook, and Shaun Jones, the owner proprietor of Oriel Jones Butchers, are driven by a mutual passion: to champion what makes Wales remarkable. n the menu you’ll find everything from A Pirate’s reasure elsh black beef on a charcoal bun topped with streaky bacon, smoked Cheddar, and seaweed rum sauce to he Maiden of Flowers a vegan burger on a potato bun with vegan cheese, confit onions and Ansh sauce . For more:

DRINK UP Sophie Durnan from Cardiff Salad Garden

In the pink with this healthy drink


housands of people took part in the first Good Food Cardiff Autumn Festival, organised by Food Cardiff part of the ustainable Food Places etwork. Community groups, gardens, local businesses and schools organised 45 events and activities in the last two months, which distributed more than , vegetable plants grown by Cardiff Council’s Bute Park Nurseries to encourage people to start growing at home. he problems of food insecurity, loneliness and isolation have been exacerbated by Covid,” says Pearl Costello, the festival organiser. “So it has been so important to bring communities together. he Autumn Festival built on our summer Cardiff Growing ogether programme and, combined, means we’ve been able to distribute more than 20,000 plants, seeds and growing kits across Cardiff this year. For more: www. oodcardi .com

A new business has ust landed at he Bridge Studios in Western Avenue; a warm welcome to Absorb Health, who are making their kefir water drinks in their new shipping container kitchen. “Our live drinks are naturally low sugar and are vegan, rich in B vitamins and are made from good bacteria, nutritious yeasts and beautiful flavours from fruits, herbs and flowers, says owner Laure Boutrais. For more:


oughnut lovers, re oice Cardiff Dough and Co’s new shop is opening at Clearwater Parade in akeside soon. he eyes roll back delicious menu choices include premium filled and topped doughnut flavours such as jammy dodger, choco orange, Biscoff, and Bueno. For more: cardi doughandco

Stuff your face and shop local – win win I CARDIFF LIFE I 45


BAKING IT HAPPEN Brød, a little taste of Denmark in Pontcanna, has just celebrated its fifth anniversary. Here, founder Betina Skovbro tells us about her personal journey… How has Brød grown/changed over these past five years?

Being in business is a journey. You always hope that you’re heading in the right direction but you just know that the scenery keeps changing every day. We’ve had to learn a lot along the way and be ready to make endless changes to keep the business fresh. We’ve expanded the product range, invested in new equipment, and, most importantly, invested in new talent – the lifeblood of our business. It was this that gave us the confidence to open our second store in Penarth at the beginning of 2020, although, since then, 2020 has not quite turned out as we expected!

“Baking is an important connection with the land of my birth”

What makes it special?

We’re a Danish bakery and coffee shop, providing an authentic taste of Denmark. We like to think that there’s very little in the world that can’t be made better with a coffee and cake. You could say that that is our duty: to give people an excuse to stop for just a moment, and enjoy the simple things in life.

Tell us about you…

When I moved to Wales in 1998, I very quickly felt at home, but I did miss the bread. That was the catalyst for this adventure. My love of bread started at home. My grandfather (farfar) was a baker, and so we were very used to tales of making bread (brød), pastries (wienerbrød) and cake (kage) and there was plenty of sampling too. At home, I baked with my mother (mor) and grandmother (bedstemor) and it’s a tradition I’ve kept going with my own children (børn). For me, baking is an important connection with the land of my birth. For more:


Baking has always been part of founder Betina’s life

The Danish bakery is celebrating its fifth year



This spiced biscuit with kitsch, ricotta and mulled wine is full of flavour and a little bit festive, but is also a relatively healthy treat long after Christmas, too. By chef Tommy Heaney, of Heaneys, Pontcanna Serves 4 Ingredients: Mulled wine granita 375g red wine (something quite young and fruity is best) 90g sugar 100ml water 1x vanilla pod 3x cloves 1x star anise Zest of 1 orange Zest of 1/2 a lemon 1/2 cinnamon stick 4 peppercorns Ricotta 1 gelatine leaf 150g cream 25g lemon juice 2x eggs 50g sugar 150g ricotta 100ml kirsch Fruit topping 2x pears 1x punnet of blackberries

Ginger shortbread 180g butter 160g icing sugar 80g egg yolk 225g plain flour 3tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground cinnamon 2 tsp mixed spice 15g baking powder Method: Ricotta mousse Soak your gelatine leaf in cold water. Add the cream to a pan and bring to a gentle simmer. In a separate bowl, mix your eggs, sugar and lemon juice together, then add your hot cream. Using a bain-marie over simmering water, gently cook your cream and egg mix for 3-4 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, and squeeze out the excess water from the gelatine and add into the mix. Take it off the heat and let it cool. Once cool, fold your set cream into your ricotta and add the kirsch. Pop in a piping bag, ready to be served.

Mulled wine granita Add all ingredients into a pan. Add the pears to the mulled wine and gently simmer for 30 mins. Take off the heat and leave until room temperature. Once at room temperature, remove the pears and put to the side, then pass the remaining liquid through a chinois.Place liquid into a 1L square container and freeze. Biscuits Beat the butter until it starts to expand and turn white. In a separate bowl, beat the icing sugar and egg yolks to create a foam-like mix. Sieve remaining dry ingredients into a bowl and incorporate your eggs and butter. Bring together by hand and shape into a ball, wrap in clingfilm and refrigerate for 20 minutes. Remove from fridge and roll out to 1cm thickness, then place the rolled-out tray back into the fridge for a further 10 minutes to rest. Then cook on 150 degrees for 8 minutes and remove from the oven. Using a cutter, cut out 10cm discs, return to the oven and cook for a further 10 minutes until golden brown. To plate the dish Peel and dice the pears. Place your spiced biscuit in the centre of a bowl, pipe enough ricotta mousse to cover the biscuit. Top with pear and fresh blackberries. Using a fork scrape the granita (towards you) to create ice crystals; place a spoonful of on top and enjoy! I CARDIFF LIFE I 47


Full of wisdom SIX GABLES DENTAL PRACTICE welcomes their newest member Dr Andrew Gardiner to the team


he Six Gables Dental Practice is a beautiful Grade II listed building in the heart of Whitchurch village and, according to many local residents, is one of Whitchurch prettiest buildings. It has recently undergone extensive refurbishment and updating including the addition of the latest CBCT (Cone Beam Computerised Tomography). They are pleased to welcome their newest member to the team Doctor Andrew Gardiner BDS(Hons) MSc implantology. Andrew is a very familiar face around Whitchurch as he was born and raised in Whitchurch, attending Whitchurch High School which is situated opposite the practice. His family have a long history with the area, his great grandfather being one of the founding members of Whitchurch Golf Club.

Six Gables Dental Practice, one of Whitchurch’s prettiest buildings

As well as a warm, friendly vibe, professionally Andrew has also brought a lot to the practice. The practice was predominantly NHS, Andrew has introduced the Denplan care scheme to the practice. This offers many benefits including hygienist services which are provided by the well known and highly acclaimed Carly James, AKA ‘A Welsh Hygienist’. It also removes patients’ anxiety of receiving large dental bills, from such treatments as root canals, as it’s covered under the plan. As well as general dentistry, Andrew has a keen interest in dental implantology, achieving his masters in the faculty in 2018 from Cardiff Dental School. His final dissertation achieving substantial recognition and being published. Andrew has an extensive implant referral base from dentists who put their trust in his clinical ability and caring nature to undertake implant treatment on their patients as well as complex cosmetic cases. Andrew has a strong belief in taking a very holistic approach to his patient care. He’s understanding and knows it’s paramount to provide optimal patient care. Andrew has patients that travel from afar to receive their dental care, which is a testimant of the trust they have in his clinical ability and patient care. Including Alex Jones of The One Show and Dani St James, co-founder of ‘Not a Phase’ who both travel from London, and Erin Richards, the lead actress in Gotham, who travels from New York, to name just a few. Andrew is extremely passionate about providing his patients with a fully comprehensive treatment plan. This often involves incorporating many elements of dentistry. Andrew is trained in, and a busy provider of, Invisalign. This is a removeable

orthodontic system which is almost unnoticeable when worn, making it an attractive treatment option to correct misaligned teeth. He also has extensive training in facial aesthetic treatments and has been performing them for over 11 years. These include facial fillers and line reduction. As well as offering this treatment as a cosmetic option, he gains great pleasure in using this technique to help augment cleft lip scaring, which can have a negative effect on a person’s confidence. Not only does facial aesthetic treatment help rejuvinate a patient’s facial appearance but has a huge benefit to a person’s self esteem and well being. Andrew has received nothing but positive feedback from his loyal patients. From the moment they arrive and are greeted by the friendly, warm admin staff to the end of their visit to the practice when they return to their cars in the on-site car park. When Andrew isn’t taking care of his patients at Six Gables Dental Practice, he will usually be found on a muddy side line cheering on his young family or walking his beloved Welsh Collie, Dewi-Huw. ■

Andrew Gardiner, BDS(Hons) MSc implantology, Six Gables Dental Practice, 27A Penlline Road Cardiff, CF14 2AA; 02920 693664;; I CARDIFF LIFE I 49

It’s the city’s business

CARDIFFWORKS The new arena will be double the size of the city’s current largest indoor venue

Watch this space


new m indoor arena is coming to Cardiff Bay. Cardiff Council has chosen ive ation to operate and develop the live music venue, which will have space for , spectators double the size of the city’s current largest indoor venue, the Motorpoint, also run by ive ation. e remain committed to delivering a new indoor arena and we have taken a big step forward, says Cardiff Council leader Huw homas. e believe the new arena will have a similar impact on Cardiff Bay as t avid’s had on the city centre. t will act as a ma or catalyst for the ne t phase regeneration of Cardiff Bay delivering new obs and opportunities where they are most needed. t will also help with the case to improve public transport links to Cardiff Bay and will provide the impetus for a complete reimagining of the ed ragon Centre area. t’s an incredibly e citing opportunity for Cardiff, especially as we look to emerge from the economic damage of the pandemic. t’s estimated to create , obs when open, which is e pected to be in February . For more: www.cardi


Virtual one hour sessions, all free to attend Search Cardiff Life on LinkedIn for upcoming dates and registration If you would like to get involved, please email

LEFT: Good news for holidaymakers as a Wizz Air comes to Cardiff Airport; ABOVE: L-R Spencer Birns (interim CEO, Cardiff Airport), Wayne Harvey (chairman, Cardiff Airport) and Owain Jones (managing director, Wizz Air UK)

PLANE AS DAY Budget Airline izz Air is to launch a permanent base at Cardiff Airport. he airline will service nine routes from Cardiff to resorts such as Alicante, enerife, Corfu and gypt. his is a positive step for the airport to emerge from the impact of Covid , says ransport Minister Ken kates. Cardiff Airport will become the airline’s fourth base in the K, following uton, Gatwick and oncaster he eld. pencer Birns, Cardiff Airport’s interim chief e ecutive adds, Many people living in ales are craving a well deserved holiday after such a challenging year, and these new flights will give so many more opportunities for holidays to be planned that will give us all something to look forward to for ne t year. For more: wi © HANNAH TIMM PHOTOGR APHY

Carmela and Wendy’s perfect partnership

Another sold-out glittering event is on the horizon

CHOOSE YOUR CATEGORY he much loved ardi i e Awards are returning on May, and category sponsorship opportunities are now open, bringing businesses the chance to associate with the high profile event. ’s awards saw record nominations and an e citing virtual event with thousands watching online and celebrating the city in what has been a strange year. ponsorship provides an unrivalled business marketing showcase. he Awards


categories cover the whole of Cardiff’s thriving business scene from arts to bars, charities to creatives and leisure to tech. Already on board through sponsorship is platinum sponsor Marsh Commercial, along with category sponsors Genero Group, Hawkins homas ealth Management, Park Plaza, egus, and, of course, ardi i e itself. For sponsorship en uiries, contact Mark George Mark.George For more: www.cardi i

ONE TRUE PAIRING Real SFX, a BAFTA and Emmy awardwinning company who provide special effects for film and , have announced reams ishes as their chosen charity. he most wonderful part about this story, for us, is that our ardi i e Awards was the event at which the two met for the first time, and since then, the partnership has flourished. l am very much looking forward to working with anny and Carmela at eal F , raising funds that will grant the dreams and wishes of seriously ill children and their families, says endy Hobbs from reams ishes. was lucky enough to meet them at the Cardi i e Awards in when the charity won the Best Charity Award.’ hey have now organised a magical Christmas display at their home in landaff and we will be raising funds for the charity. For more: www.reals .com

CARDIFFWORKS James says Morgan Arcade was an obvious choice for his shop


Vive Ut Vivas is aiming to shake up the fashion industry

Pop up clothing shop ive t ivas, which is currently at Cardiff’s Morgan Arcade, is aiming to shake up the fashion industry. he label’s logo branded outerwear and accessories are for lovers of casual, laid back styles, and the shop will remain open until ecember , but will still run online, in ales, after that date. e started in April in the middle of lockdown and our clothes are simple classics with our spin, says James Falconer, managing director. chose Morgan Arcade for our shop because have a strong relationship with the other fantastic stores, staff and customers after working for the Pretty Green store for eight years until its closure in . feel really e cited to be part of the Morgan uarter team again but this time with my own clothing label. For more:

Madeleine with her Cardiff Bay sculpture

NEWSY BITES Cardiff’s new Lord Mayor has been confirmed as Councillor Rod McKerlich. “Being chosen as Lord Mayor of Cardiff is a great honour and I am greatly looking forward to serving as the First Citizen of Cardiff over the coming year” he says. Cardiff-based Grant Stephens Family Law, has boosted its ranks with three new appointments: Lisa Evans (partner), Matthew Wells (associate solicitor) and Thomas Jones (paralegal). Law firm Blake Morgan, which has an office in Cardiff, has promoted two founding members of its project and cost management consultancy division, following a period of significant growth. Alex McCusker and Alex Leighton have both been promoted to the role of project director in the division.

SHOW YOUR COLOURS isitors to Geldards’ landmark new head o ce in Cardiff will be greeted with an impressive sight on arrival an piece glass sculpture representing Cardiff Bay, created by local artist Madeleine Hughes. he installation is named Gorwelion Annwyl (Beloved Horizons), which reflects the verse inscribed on the front of the ales Millennium Centre. he five amber coloured pieces represent the ales Millennium Centre, a red te tured piece represents the Pierhead Building, a silver piece represents the ater ower in oald ahl

Plass, and the blue and clear pieces represent the water and the o ce buildings. Geldards has long had a reputation for art in its o ces, says Jeff Pearson, chief e ecutive. his piece is a celebration of our heritage the firm was set up in ales years ago and is committed to ales. Having a local artist who can help us celebrate that fact and help us support the arts at the same time is very important. For more: / I CARDIFF LIFE I 53


Why do you need a divorce coach? Divorce and Separation Coach CATHERINE DEMAID on the techniques and coping mechanisms to protect emotional wellbeing and empower you for the future


t still fascinates me that I started my Divorce and Separation Coaching business almost by accident. As an already qualified and experienced business coach, I found friends of friends, business colleagues and family friends that were going through a tough break up being introduced to me to help and support them informally. It wasn’t that I sat down and thought, ‘What business shall I start?’ More a case of, ‘I wish I’d had this type of support when going through my own divorce.’ I started Catherine Demaid, Divorce & Separation Coach, not by focusing on the problems and challenges I faced, but by falling in love and being passionate about the coaching solutions and techniques, creating visions and life plans, developing women’s emotional strength and the ability to cope with the many hurdles that the divorce and separation process can present. My own journey in the divorce process was extremely frightening for me. I felt alone, vulnerable and unable to see a future for myself or my children without a partner in my life – I had no clarity of vision. It’s only when you talk to other people that have gone through the emotional trauma of a divorce that you come to see and accept that all these feelings are common and normal. I had no idea who to go to for professional support, and an inability to follow any sort of rational thought process, only able to think with my heart and not my head. I was desperately fearful of what my financial situation would look like or how I would support

Catherine Demaid

my children, and even afford to live in our home. My feelings and fear levels would have looked very different had I been supported by a divorce and separation coach who would have provided me with exceptional techniques and coping mechanisms. This constant fear that I felt slowed the legal process down and certainly had an impact on my emotional wellbeing and stress levels. I was simply exhibiting the emotional responses to one of the most traumatic changes in my life and not knowing what that brings to my future.

“THE ULTIMATE FOR EACH OF MY CLIENTS IS FOR THEM TO FEEL EMPOWERED” My goals as a divorce and separation coach are to support you in: Managing fear and conflict through action and resilience Identifying the right, respected and professional network and resources around you to fulfil the demands of the divorce process Establishing a positive mindset and emotional wellbeing throughout the process Developing a clear vision for your future rediscover who you are and who you want to be Increasing self esteem and confidence Learn powerful techniques to support with feelings of anxiety and stress 54 I CARDIFF LIFE I

Ability to move from feelings of guilt, blame, anger and fear into a space which is calm and present Gain the ability to deal with conflict positively and rationally Regain self confidence, self worth and the ability to recognise and manage limiting beliefs about yourself Looking back on the experience with the knowledge that you managed it with dignity and grace The ultimate for each of my clients is for them to feel empowered and to recognise that a break up does not need to mean the end of everything, rather the opportunity to flourish, grow, thrive and prosper in a space which provides opportunity for a new life and a new you! My completely confidential coaching sessions are available over Zoom or Skype and on a face-to-face basis if you would prefer. I offer a complimentary, 20 minute introductory session to every client where you can explore if this approach to break up support is for you. ■;;  catherinedemaid_divorcecoach



Justine Bullock, co-creator of The Tap End, a design-led bathroom business, tells us about her award-winning all-female team

Justine says The Tap End team has an unrivalled passion for bathrooms


You won! Congratulations. How did it feel?

We are so thrilled to have won! With the awards being digital this year because of lockdown, it was such a memorable win for us; we won’t forget that for a while. What prompted you to enter the awards initially?

We always pick up a copy of ardi Life we love that it promotes Cardiff and the surrounding areas, and the businesses in those areas. We have followed the awards in previous years, and thought this year we would enter. Tell us a little about The Tap End…

It is our unrivalled passion for creating beautiful spaces which sets us apart from other bathroom stores. For us, a bathroom is not just another room, it is a space which requires careful planning and consideration so that you can relax after a hard day at work, wash away your worries or prepare yourself for the day ahead. It is about how form and function meet to create

personal and unique spaces that our clients will love for years to come. What do you think it was that secured the win?

We don’t try and be anything other than what we are: a group of designers passionate about their jobs. I believe if you do what you love, that always shows. How does being based locally benefit the work you do?

We are in Pontyclun, so being so close to a city centre is really important for our business; we love the city and we love the creative ventures birthed from it. The proximity to the M4 is crucial to us and from Cardiff we can service up to Bristol and down to Swansea very easily.

world with Covid, it’ s no secret that the economy has taken a hit. We have focused on maintaining the staff we have, and in return they have worked really hard through this period of time, so much so that we are actually expanding the team. That is a real achievement given that so many are losing jobs at the moment. We are really proud that against all odds we still experienced growth in 2020.

Surprise us…

We are an all-female team; we didn’t plan it that way but it has turned out that way. As the director, I don’t believe in hierarchy and we foster a very open and collaborative workplace. I believe that working with a group of women, all with the same goal, is a powerful thing. For more:

Designs to be proud of

Any moment you have been particularly proud of?

With everything going on in the





Here, experts who deal with family law tell us their advice, top tips and how they’ve overcome 2020’s biggest challenges


CJCH SOLICITORS 029 2048 3181; Tell us about your business in a nutshell... CJCH Solicitors is a well-established, modern legal practice which has grown significantly over the last 35 years. We provide expert legal advice across a wide range of both personal and business matters from our five offices across the UK. What’s your speciality? I specialise in Family Law with particular emphasis on divorce, separation and arrangements for the children. I advise and represent clients in financial proceedings arising from divorce, often dealing with high-value assets. I also advise clients in relation to cohabitation, prenuptial and post nuptial agreements. What are the biggest changes/challenges 2020 has brought to your job? 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone across the board. For me, one of the biggest challenges was embracing the shift to working from home and dealing with clients remotely and online rather than face to face at the office. Family Law is a very personal and emotive area of law which often requires the personal touch. Clients need to feel that they can trust you entirely to deal with the most important things in their lives, for example their children and their homes, and being able to build that rapport on a remote meetings only basis is not always easy.


In addition, most Court Hearings have been dealt with on a remote basis which often does not sit well with the client. They have had to embrace using new technology which often makes them nervous and uncomfortable before the hearing even starts. The best advice you’ve ever given/received? Clients are often emotional and focused on principles. Pursuing principles often results in excessive costs and rarely achieves the desired result. The best advice I received was to refrain from getting emotionally involved. Stand back, remain objective and give sound advice which incidentally will not always be the advice that your client wants to hear! Using your expertise, please give our readers some of your top tips: 1. As difficult as it is, it is important to try and separate your emotional feelings towards the other party when trying to negotiate suitable arrangements for the children and trying to reach a financial agreement. 2. Be as prepared as possible. Seek legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. If you know that you are planning to separate from a partner or husband then try and obtain as much information as possible in terms of the family finances, bank accounts held, pensions, liabilities etc. 3. Each case is unique and no one size fits all when it comes to case outcomes whether it be financial or child arrangements. Avoid

listening to the advice and opinions of friends about what they say should happen in your case. 4. Keep your private affairs private. Do not post anything related to Court Proceedings and children on social media. 5. Perhaps most importantly, protect your children’s emotional well being by not discussing adult issues in front of them. Regardless of your personal feelings, do not speak badly about their other parent.


What’s your speciality? I head up the Family Law team and specialise in Matrimonial, Financial Remedy Proceedings and Private Law Children Proceedings.


HEAD OF FAMILY & MATRIMONIAL LAW, HARDING EVANS SOLICITORS 01633 760678; Tell us about your business in a nutshell... Harding Evans is one of Wales’ leading law firms providing a wide range of legal support to individuals and businesses across Wales and England.

What are the biggest changes/challenges 2020 has brought to your job? Although our offices have remained open, 2020 has meant a lot more working from home. Luckily our team adapted quickly to its new working practices and we’ve continued to service our clients through what has been an incredibly busy year. There have been all sorts of other strains on couples this year, unlike anything we have experienced previously, and that has resulted in a sharp increase in divorce instructions. Many who were already in rocky relationships have been forced to spend 24 hours a day together with very few distractions, have had to face personal or financial loss and have struggled to work through their anxieties together so this crisis been the final straw for many marriages. What is the best advice you’ve ever received? My dad always told me to ‘listen more than you speak’ and that has definitely served me well during my career as a divorce lawyer. It is really important for us to listen to our clients and get a full picture of the situation before being able to advise them on the best course of action.

Another one of Dad’s favourites when I was growing up was ‘leave it better than you found it’. I think he was probably referring to the state of my bedroom at the time but that’s come in very handy in my day job too! Using your expertise, please give our readers some of your top tips: If you are considering a divorce at this time of great stress and uncertainty, make sure you think it through carefully to be sure it is really what you want. Speak to a divorce lawyer as early as possible so that you are in the best position to face what is ahead. There will be a lot of things that you’ll need to consider, from childcare arrangements to how you will divide your money and property. In order to start divorce proceedings, you will need to prove that your marriage has irretrievably broken down by setting out particulars relating to one of the following grounds: adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, separation for the last two years (you will need your spouse’s agreement to divorce in this case) or separation for the last five years (you do not need your spouse’s agreement). Finally, just remember that divorce proceedings can take some time, particularly if there are financial issues that cannot be resolved as an application to Court for Financial Remedy can take up to a year.


but it will be sorted; there will be an end. A bit like dealing with the pandemic; it may seem awful now – but there will come a time when the future will look brighter.

Tell us about your business in a nutshell... Watkins and Gunn is an award winning law firm. Put simply we solve your legal problems; in a jargon-free way we find innovative solutions that work for the client.

Using your expertise, please give our readers some of your top tips: Accept that despite the difficulties between you and you former partner, unnecessary argument and acrimony will only drain you emotionally and financially. By exploring the options and seeing if agreement is possible, you can achieve so much more than handing over to the Family Court.

WATKINS AND GUNN 02920 154313;

What’s your speciality? Dealing with what happens when a relationship breaks down; principally the often complex financial consequences that flows from a decision to separate.

Motto/ethos of the firm? This is easy to answer “#problemsolved”.

What are the biggest changes/challenges 2020 has brought to your job? Building effective client relationships without meeting face to face has been a challenge. The lawyer/client relationship is built on mutual trust and respect. That is not so easy to develop when you cannot pick up the usual cues that you would face to face. Zoom has been a revelation though. The best advice you’ve ever given/ received? Look forward and stay positive. When a relationship breaks down the fall-out and what needs to be sorted can seem overwhelming, I CARDIFF LIFE I 57


Plans for the new Fitzalan High School


Plans have been approved to build a new Fitzalan High chool on land ne t to the eckwith tadium. he development represents a . m investment in the local community and will see the e isting school replaced with a new build form entry school which will accommodate up to , students between the age of and , plus a si th form. he benefits of replacing Fitzalan High chool, which is in poor condition and nearing the end of its operational life, is conducive to both learning and teaching, says deputy leader of Cardiff Council, Cllr arah Merry. A state of the art school will also present new and e citing opportunities to local people. For more: www.cardi


Cory’s Buildings will be protected

avills Cardiff team are running the e uivalent of marathons in support of a local dementia charity. oute is the ultimate long distance challenge, crossing eight states and three time zones for the team at avills Cardiff it’s the e uivalent of marathons as they attempt to cycle, walk and run the distance. Matching each step to a respective state they will virtually set off from Chicago and complete their challenge in A. he team, who are well on the way to reaching their goal, got underway in ctober and are fundraising for local elsh charity he Forget me not Chorus. e are delighted to raise awareness and support for he Forget me not Chorus, says Chris Potts, head of o ce for avills Cardiff. Covid has been a huge challenge for the charity sector, especially with so many fundraising events being cancelled. For more:

Savills Cardiff’s team will run Route 66 ‘virtually’


The largest estate redevelopment proposal in Cardiff Council’s new-build housing programme is set to take a major step forward, signalling the creation of up to 400 new homes in Grangetown. The proposed regeneration of the Channel View estate represents an investment of around £60m in this part of the city and will deliver a better connected, more attractive place to live for existing and new residents. For more:

he future of two important heritage buildings in Cardiff Bay will be safeguarded as Cardiff Council’s plans to secure ownership have been given the go ahead. he Merchant Place Cory’s Buildings occupy a prominent position in Cardiff Bay directly opposite the ales Millennium Centre, but both have been empty and boarded up for over a decade. e’ve seen both of these important buildings lying empty for far too long now, says cabinet member for investment and development, Cllr ussell Goodway. he buildings sit on the crossroads between the nner Harbour and the Atlantic harf area, which will become the focus of our attention as we seek to bring forward the ne t phase regeneration of Cardiff Bay. For more: www.cardi I CARDIFF LIFE I 59

RESTORATION GLORY This Penylan property has been painstakingly restored over a year by some of the finest restorers in ales By Evelyn Green Pictures by Highlight Photography



HOUSE NUMBERS Price £650,000 Where Kimberley Road, Penylan Square footage 2,000 plus Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms 3 For more: Haus Private Client Estate Agency, 372 North Road, Cardiff, CF143BP; 029 2010 0742;


estled within the popular tree-lined suburb of Kimberley oad in Penylan, you’ll find a traditional ictorian home which has been conscientiously restored over an month period by its owners who have incredible e perience in restoring similar homes as well as a wood restorer in Pontcanna and a glazer in reforest. he spaces in this five bedroom, three bathroom abode have been carefully taken back to the original wood to enhance and ma imise its authentic artistry and attractiveness. he preservation factor is apparent throughout, including in the lounge, where reclaimed wood from the attic conversion has been e pertly added to incorporate shelving, and where the solid slate fireplace claims its rightful central focus. he masterpiece kitchen elegant, simple and modern oins seamlessly with the striking dining area, and, as

you pass the dining table and head down to the impressive basement gym and garden, you are hit with extensive and high views over Cardiff through the balcony doors. he floorboards here are a work of art and are the genuine article from more than a century ago, and the original coving and plasterwork are all still here, too. ven the handles on the doors have been restored and reused. he latest addition to the home is in the attic space, where a new bedroom and a bathroom complement and add to the features of this home to keep it looking its best for the future. here’s also another balcony in the bedroom with awesome views over the city a moving tapestry of Cardiff, viewable from the foot of your bed. t’s clear that more than time and money have been invested into this house a lot of love has been poured into the pro ect too. And to top it off, the refined residence, now completely revamped and finished to an e acting standard, has been put on the market and is waiting for its forever owners. ■ I CARDIFF LIFE I 61




Connaught Mansions HENTONS ESTATE AGENTS bring you Connaught Mansions in Roath, a project that has turned four Victorian townhouses into 18 luxury boutique apartments


onnaught Mansions are located in Roath, with an almost village-like vibe going on and with everything you need right on your doorstep. Extremely close to the city centre but with a quieter more relaxed atmosphere, and with independent shops, restaurants and coffee houses, this tree-lined area is perfect. The moment you arrive at Connaught Mansions you will see the detailed care of the restoration that has taken place of four beautiful Victorian townhouses back to the market as 18 boutique apartments. The restoration has created modern apartments whilst retaining the original features in a Victorian home such as high ceilings and bay windows. Phase one, which is due to complete just in time for Christmas, includes three two-bedroom apartments. Phase two will be launched in the new year and this includes a mixture of 15 studio and one-bedroom apartments. So if you want a two-bed you will need to act swiftly. When buying an apartment, we would

argue the communal areas are just as important than the apartment itself. With each communal area carefully considered by the interior designer from the outset with the highest attention to detail, the commons parts ooze luxury. Farrow & Ball paint colours, stair runners, framed artwork, feature lighting and designer tiles puts this development into a league of its own. The apartments themselves come fully finished to a high standard with floor coverings throughout. The Living areas have been fitted with a light oak luxury LVT flooring in a Herringbone pattern which provide a robust and durable finish that brings warmth to the properties. The kitchens are a modern twist on a traditional design. With fully integrated appliances, Shaker doors and a marble effect worktop, the kitchens provide a luxury finish. Laura Ashley and Metro London brick tiles help the bathrooms create a timeless look. Contrasting matt black fittings modernise the design whilst respecting the Victorian history of the property.

The properties are well suited to first-time buyers with prices starting from £94,500 for a studio apartment and rising to £200,000 for a two-bed with outdoor space. A typical one-bed will be £120,000 - £150,000 depending on size and outdoor space. Two-beds start from only £175,000. For an investment buyer, a very attractive gross yield of 5.5-6.5% can be expected with almost endless demand for high quality apartments in this location. In the current climate where you can expect less than 1% interest in the bank this makes a very attractive investment where all the hard work has been done and tenants can move right in! ■

Hentons Estate Agents, 382 – 384 Cyncoed Road, Cyncoed, Cardiff CF23 6SA; 029 20 750360 I CARDIFF LIFE I 63

COAST WITH THE MOST Lisa Evans’ stay at Landal Gwel an Mor in Portreath was her first family holiday with a baby in tow, and she says it’s never to be forgotten



FROM LEFT: the rescue foxes are tame enough to

be fed by hand; indulge in the pool and sauna area; there are 630 miles of walks to discover


hen I was in labour with my son in 2019, the thought that helped me escape the pain of contractions was taking my baby on his first holiday. I envisaged him wide-eyed on the plane; building sandcastles while the Balearic sun beamed down on his little factor 50-slathered head; bobbing rubber-ringed in the paddling pool; and being pushchaired around the beautiful sights and scenes. All I had to do was give birth and then the adventures could be planned. hen lockdown hit not long after, and my Mediterranean daydreams were crushed. I needn’t have stroppily shoved my baby’s swim trunks and holiday hats away in a drawer with such gusto though, because soon, along would come a Cornwall retreat to save the day. At first, heading there in the rain with a screaming tot in the back of my packed to-bursting car, frazzled from the stress of awaiting his (negative) Covid test result that very morning we were due to set off, seemed like such an anti clima to the easy breezy, sepia-hued vision of the European getaway I’d prearranged in the delivery suite. But it turned out to be the loveliest first holiday could ever have imagined. Our resort was the multi-award winning Landal Gwel an Mor in Portreath, and the phrase ‘family friendly’ echoed and bounced around every inch of the place. Firstly, our lu ury owena lodge, a five star, two floored, fully-equipped spacious wooden haven came complete with a baby gate on the stairs, and a OPPOSITE, CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: The immaculate beach is

on the doorstep; the luxurious lodge; there’s plenty to discover; treat yourself at the on-site restaurant

cot and highchair were provided. But the place wasn’t so baby-safe that it lost its style and high-end polish; no that was still very much intact and very impressive. Some of the lodges even have their own private hot tubs, woodburners and children’s adventure gardens. Oh, and they’re pet friendly, too. Win. Activity wise, there’s enough to do inside the resort to fill your itinerary for the whole stay, what with an indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, spa, the K’s largest golf course, fishing lake, tennis courts, events barn and, best of all, the Feadon Farm animal centre to get stuck into.

“You get to hand-feed the rescued foxes” For us, the wildlife tour was the highlight. At the ranger-guided experience, you get to handfeed the rescued fo es MG , fly the birds of prey, pat the reindeer, and cwtch all manner of beast – my favourites being the bats, goats, snakes and ferrets. Best of all, because of the pandemic restrictions, it meant that all of this was a private tour in our own little bubble, so we got to decide which of the animals we wanted to spend the most time with. During our stay, unfortunately the BaseCamp three floor indoor play centre and climbing facility wasn’t open (damn you, Covid but there’s a lot to look forward to when the world does go back to normal. e also missed out on the awesome-sounding night safari, on which you use thermal imaging to find Cornish creatures in the wild, as well as the Go Active programme, which offers

sessions including archery, body zorbs, sea scooters and snorkelling. And if you want a jaunt outside of the resort, with Portreath being situated on the famous South West Coast Path, there are 630 miles of walks to discover. And the beach is on the doorstep, so we got to make those sandcastles I’d fantasized about, and we frolicked in the surf and indulged in too many chips and ice creams. n the nights, we stuck to he errace, the on-site bistro-style restaurant, and, one of the nights, we decided to order takeaway to the lodge and sat and watched films while en oying the surrounding sea views. Bliss. don’t know who en oyed the trip more, me or my boy. Let’s be honest though, I would have ridden a pygmy goat back home with a Harris hawk on my arm and a bat in my pocket as soon as the ranger’s back was turned if ’d had the chance. If you’re an animal lover (or a beach, luxury or relaxation lover) I would suggest you book a lodge here, stat.

THE DETAILS The starting / base prices for 2021 at Lowena Lodge (sleeping 4-5) are: Weekend break (3 nights): £425 Mid-week break (4 nights): £375 One week: £639 I CARDIFF LIFE I 65

CARDIFF LIVES Ella Daish created a giant tampon applicator out of 1,200 Tampax applicators found on beaches and waterways in the UK

“Period products take over 500 years to break down”

ELLA DAISH Environmental activist and founder of the #EndPeriodPlastic campaign Ella Daish tells us why being based in Cardiff has helped her cause… Ella Daish wants to make your period plastic free. Since becoming aware of her own monthly waste, she took it upon herself to make a change. Her campaign, #EndPeriodPlastic, already has the support of over 243,000 signatures, and it continues to grow by the day. She’s recently moved out of the city but says starting the campaign while living in Splott had a hugely beneficial impact. What made you want to see plastic removed from period products?

Before I started the campaign, I was working as a postal worker for oyal Mail in Cardiff. hile out on delivery, noticed the amount of waste being disposed

of each week increasing. his was just a few streets, but it made me think about how much we throw away on a national scale. his prompted me to reflect on my own consumption and I began to make product switches. felt positive about the steps I was taking, but then my period started, and I noticed the amount of plastic waste I was generating during ust one menstrual cycle. went into my local supermarket to get an alternative, but there was no choice other than plastic. o took a stand and started my own campaign. What has grabbed the most attention thus far?

I wanted to create something that ampa could not ignore a giant plastic tampon applicator. t is ft tall and is made e clusively from


, waste ampa applicators found and collected in the K. How has being based in Cardiff benefited your campaigning?

iving in Cardiff has had such a positive impact. here has been no end to the support and encouragement that have received from local people, as well as groups like Green uirrel, and elsh outh Parliament, which am so grateful for. hat love about Cardiff and ales is the strong sense of community and the openness to working and collaborating together.

Give us some shocking stats….

Period products are made in their billions, are used for four to eight hours, disposed of, and can then take over years to break down, meaning if Jane Austen had used them, they would still be decomposing today. Period products are the fifth most common item found polluting urope’s beaches, they are more common than straws or coffee cups. Have you received personal responses from period product companies?

ome are open, acknowledge

that they need to do better, and share and discuss with me the steps they are taking to make a difference. However, others are very closed and continue to pump out unnecessary plastic with no consideration of the environmental impacts. What changes have been implemented because of your campaigning?

t has resulted in Aldi, ainsbury’s and uperdrug removing plastic applicators from their products, which collectively saves over tonnes of plastic each year. And a number of retailers and manufacturers have responded by developing and launching eco friendly ranges. You were named in the BBC Woman’s Hour power list recently, how did that feel?

t was surreal. t really is an honour to be named on the list alongside so many amazing women who are doing amazing work for people and the planet. ■

Sign the petition here: plasticfreeperiods

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