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The Bath Echo reaches tens of thousands of people across the city of Bath every week, making it a perfect opportunity to promote your business or event

Social Media

Website / Print  Gender Male - 52.3% Female - 47.7%  Ages 18-34 - 26% 35-44 - 20% 45-54 - 22% 55-64 - 17% 65 +

- 15%

 Interests • Music Festivals • Weather • Science • Comedy • Technology • Politics • Gardening • Pets • Travel • Food & Dining • Arts & Theatre

 Gender Male - 33.5% / Female - 66.5%  Follow Count (April 2019)  31k

 3.5k

 1.1k

Our social media content reaches more than 300,000 people each month.

Target our dedicated followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by booking a social media campaign

Distribution Every fortnight, the Bath Echo newspaper is delivered to 20,000 homes across the centre of Bath and close surrounding areas. Local residents and visitors can also pick up copies of the latest edition at locations across the city, perfect to flick through while having a coffee or in a waiting room. Our distribution targets the main areas of Bath, with the highest densities of residential housing, meaning we’re able to directly reach tens of thousands of your potential customers with every edition. As well as

advertising in our print edition, you can increase your brand exposure and reach even more people via our website. As well as featuring the latest news every day, our website and daily email updates feature a number of advertising opportunities. This enables effective mixed-media advertising campaigns that are focussed specifically across Bath and the close surrounding area. If you’re interested in hosting some copies of our newspaper every fortnight, please get in touch with us on 01225 585484.

*Audience data sources: Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Visual DNA - April 2019

20,000 issues distributed in Bath every fortnight | The latest news each day at




If you book more than 3 issues in the Bath Echo newspaper, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your order. Book additional web advertising, and you’ll save even more...

Print Prices

Useful Information

Full Page


Double Page Spread


Half Page (Horizontal & Vertical)


Half-Page DPS


Quarter Page (Horizontal & Vertical)


Eighth Page (Horizontal & Vertical)


Front Page Banner


Front Page Header


Advert Specification (W x H) Full Page Half Page (Hor) Half Page (Ver) Quarter Page (Hor) Quarter Page (Ver) Eighth Page (Hor) Eighth Page (Ver) Front Page Banner Front Page Header

265 x 340mm 265 x 165mm 165 x 265mm 170 x 130mm 130 x 170mm 130 x 85mm 85 x 130mm 265 x 50mm 95 x 50mm

• Artwork should be supplied as high-res CMYK files, with flattened layers. No bleed is required. • For double page spreads, please provide two full size separate pages / half pages, as required.

• Prices shown are per issue (every 2 weeks), and include VAT. • 20% discount is applied to bookings of 3+ issues. These do not need to be consecutive, but require one single booking. • Advertising on the front, back and inside page incurs a 20% premium charge. • If print ready artwork is unavailable, our design team can create a suitable design for you, for a small charge.

Issue Dates & Deadlines Issue

Content / Ad Deadline

001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010

31st July 2019 14th August 2019 28th August 2019 11th September 2019 25th September 2019 9th October 2019 23rd October 2019 6th November 2019 20th November 2019 4th December 2019

Note: Content and advertising for Issue 011 is due on 31st December 2019. Please request our 2020 schedule for further issue dates and deadlines. Terms & Conditions apply - which are available on request. If you need to cancel your booking, at least 2 weeks notice is required. Question? Call 01225 589789.

Interested in advertising? Call us on 01225 589789 to get your next campaign started


Testimonials & Info


If you’re a charity, you’ll receive a 20% discount on your booking. Just let us know your charity number, and we’ll apply the discount for you.

Testimonials “Having worked with the Bath Echo / Media Bath team over a number of years, I would happily recommend them.”

Elaine Brown, Bath on Ice

“I have been thrilled with the service I have received from the Bath Echo. They have a highlyskilled, efficient, professional team, who have shown great support towards my business, I would highly recommend their services.”

Sandra Mayo, Stagecoach Bath

Website & Email Advertising - We have a number of advertising opportunities on our website and emails, including display advertising, sponsored editorial and sponsored sections. Promote your business or event by showing it alongside our trusted brand. With prices starting at just £50 per month for an advert on the Bath Echo website, it’s a great way to begin advertising with us. As well as

offering competitive rates, if you book a print advertising campaign, you’ll be entitled to a discount on any digital advertising you include in the same booking. Get in touch with the Bath Echo team to find out more.

All prices quoted in this media pack include VAT at 20%. Advertising will be invoiced before being published, and is due within 30 days or the deadline of the print issue it has been booked for - whichever is sooner. Advertising should be fully artworked and ready for publishing unless otherwise agreed. Design services are available if artwork is unavailable, for which there is a small charge. Any artwork created for a client by us remains the property of Media Bath Limited, and a charge will be due for release of the design/file for other purposes. The Bath Echo is produced by Media Bath Limited


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Bath Echo - Media Pack  

Find out more about advertising your business or event to thousands of people across the city of Bath.

Bath Echo - Media Pack  

Find out more about advertising your business or event to thousands of people across the city of Bath.

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