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Sport differently now...

Ride for FUN & FITNESS


Sand topped safe arena.

Healthy trained horses.

I have learned horse riding just a year ago and yet, I am proud to call my self a horseman because I am in love with horses & riding them. I still maintain that my love for the natural beauty of Vizag precedes & supersedes my love for horses. Every moment of riding my horse makes me feel closer to nature. Galloping along the edge of moving waters on the sandy beach and dashing through the sand dunes while feeling the wind gushing by is an exhilarating experience that can change life for ever. However, in all my journey on t h e h o r s e ba c k t h e r e i s on e t h i n g t h at I w as mi s s i ng a nd t h at i s y ou r c om p a ny . I therefore am bringing forward this unique facility of Horse riding to Vizag in persuasion of my passion by introducing 'Bayfront Horse Club'.

If you want to know more about what I am saying , do make it a point to visit the Bayfront Horse Club & speak to my horse 'RAMBO'. He will tell you about all the good times we had together and all the wonderful moments in which we missed your company. Come join us. Refuel your Body, Mind & Soul ! Welcome to 'Bayfront Horse Club'.

Managing Director, SRINIVAS BABU PACHAVA Polite and skilled staff.

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> Ride for FUN & FITNESS

> Bayfront is the Place to Ride‌

Bayfront horse club offers professional riding lessons to all age categories starting from 6 Years and above. Sand topped safe riding arena, healthy horses, experienced trainer & polite staff assure students a good experience. Timings : 5.30 am to 8 am & 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm Daily. (MONDAY HOLIDAY)


Bayfront offers limited annual memberships to encourage enthusiasts to learn horse riding & hone their skills. The annual membership facilitates members to gain enough knowledge about horses & horse riding. The objective of annual membership is to provide a complete opportunity to the member to develop passion for the sport.

Ride for FUN & FITNESS

Horse riding, besides being fun is a great way to get in shape and exercise different parts of the body. It is an enjoyable activity that helps improve flexibility, balance & co-ordination. Horse riding exercises both the internal and external organs of human body and benefits riders physically, mentally & emotionally. For the first few times one may experience movement in some muscles that one never even knew existed in the body. There are many vaunted benefits of horse riding. A riding session addresses many fitness aspects; Fat burning, limbering up, cardio vascular stimulation , strengthening the back & core, toning the muscles, boosting flexibility, quick reflexes, no boredom, no exercise blues & acts as a great stress buster.

Exercise, Pleasure & Advaneture

Riding Lessons




Horse Ownership

Bayfront horse club encourages horse ownership by private individuals, organizations and institutions. Bayfront has well maintained stables and provides stabling facility at affordable cost to those who intend to own a horse.



Horse Pools

Bayfront actively promotes horse pools to facilitate multiple ownership. Small groups of family, friends, students or horse lovers can form a horse pool and jointly own a horse. Horse pool is an affordable and enjoyable way to own a horse.

Bayfront is the Place to Ride‌

The stunning beauty of vizag provides a unique opportunity to enjoy the sprawling nature that is abundantly available along the coast of Bay of Bengal on

one side & the Eastern Ghats on the other side. A ten minute drive from the city centre along the pristine coastline leads to the club at Sagar Nagar. Naturally carved and safe contours of Vizag's sea shore are available to be explored on a horseback to realize the dream and experience the pleasure & thrill of horse riding. The location and facilities of Bayfront Horse Club are unique in these aspects.

Well Maintained




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Horses lend us wings

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India’s 1st International Lady Jockey Aparna Das

Aparna Das

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