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Winter — 2022

From the Acting Headmaster He waka eke noa, the theme

Connecting with our students and

for our teacher-only day at the

families who were isolating has

start of the year was fitting, given

helped us think creatively and be

the journey we are all on at this

flexible as a school.

time. The whakatauki directly

Our school-wide theme of ‘Past.

translates to, ‘we are all in the waka paddling in the same direction, working in unity and leaving no-one behind.’

Present. Future.’ is appropriate as we plan for Medbury School’s Centenary in 2023. Acknowledging and respecting the past, while

Not even COVID restrictions

celebrating the present, and

would stand in the way of the

embracing the future, all present

inaugural Mihi Whakatau, live

exciting opportunities for us as the

streamed to over 270 parents and

Medbury School community. The

grandparents across New Zealand

school-wide theme, underpinned

and internationally. John Parsons’s

by our school’s motto of ‘Play the

Digital Citizenship day at Medbury,

Game’, along with the Christian

the Year 6 Camp, Ethics Olympiad,

values that are its foundations, are

STEAM Day, incursions, sports

more relevant in today’s context

fixtures and navigating a largely

than ever before.

uninterrupted learning programme and curriculum, are only some of the many highlights in the boys’ learning at Medbury this semester.

Warren Durant Acting Headmaster

From the Head Boy My name is Harry Reekie, and I

are, you can pursue them here at

have the honour of being Head

Medbury School. Everywhere you

Boy for 2022.

look, teachers are encouraging

Four years ago I nervously walked

the boys to follow their dreams,

through the gates as a new boy with an enormous blazer, an oversized backpack, and shorts I

unlock their potential, take a chance and give something new a crack. Medbury is a special

couldn’t undo.


I came from a small country

I am really looking forward to

school and Medbury seemed so big. We are very lucky at this school, as I have seen the alternative, with over 75 kids in my

the rugby season, with some really cool opportunities to play in exchanges this year, and the New Zealand Post Cup cricket

small noisy country school class

competition in Term 4.

with three teachers.

Take the chances that come your

My passion has always been

way boys; anything is possible with

sports, including cricket, rugby,

hard work.

basketball and swimming, and I love to go fishing. Whatever your passion is, whatever your interests

Harry Reekie, 8S Head Boy 2022 01

Medbury School

Play the Game

Winter — 2022

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Teaching and Learning


Mihi Whakatau


Ethics Olympiad




Digital Citizenship


Kate Sheppard House


Outdoor Education

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Swim Week


Swimming Finals


Year 8 Surf Days


Medbury Duathlon and Triathlon


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Cross Country

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The Universal Language of Music


Years 5 to 8 Art


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Junior Music Showcase


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Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning

Mihi Whakatau On the first day of Term 1 we welcomed the new boys and staff (Manuhiri) to Medbury School with a traditional Maori welcome. The Mihi Whakatau featured speeches from the Acting Headmaster and the Trust Board Chair, an introduction

‘He waka eke noa’ – we rise together, fall together, work together, keep going together.

by Head Boy Harry Reekie, a haka powhiri from the Medbury Kapa Haka group, and a whole school Waiata ‘He Honore’. 05

Medbury School

Play the Game

Challenging students’ critical thinking

Scott Johnson, Assistant Principal

Ethics Olympiad

On Tuesday 29 March, ten Year 7

up having the sort of intelligent,

In Term 3, a small group of Year

‘ethletes’ took part in a training

civilised discussion that we would

8 boys will take part in a similar

day for the Ethics Olympiad, a

like to see from our politicians!

training day, followed by the

competition that is designed

On the training day, which took

opportunity to compete against

to challenge students’ critical thinking and communication skills.

place online, the students had

other schools.

lessons in ethical theories from

The competition for the Year 7

professors and lecturers at Harvard

boys will take place on Thursday

The Ethics Olympiad has the

University, the Cranlana Centre for

16 June. We wish these boys the

students engage in philosophical

Ethics NSW, Cambridge University,

best of luck!

arguments with teams from

and the University of Texas.

schools all over Australasia, using

They covered theories such as

Zoom. It is similar to Debating. However, whilst Debating is fiercely competitive, in an Ethics Olympiad, the teams are awarded points for showing respect, for building on the other team’s arguments, and for pointing out the weaknesses in their own arguments. The students end


consequentialism, deontology and virtue ethics. These lessons were followed up by workshops, which were also hosted by teachers from universities around the world, and had the students applying their new knowledge in discussions on moral questions.

Scott Johnson Assistant Principal

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning

‘Ethletes’ in training.

Teams are awarded points for showing respect, for building on the other team’s arguments, and for pointing out the weaknesses in their own arguments.


Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning

Innovation in a fun learning environment Brendan Collins, Assistant Principal

STEAM Day 2022 STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering,

Rock Band with Makey Makey, nature symmetry in

Art and Maths. On STEAM Day every boy was able

making a bug hotel, Mini Golf on the Turf and robot

to choose activities from across these important


subject areas designed to inspire inquiry and

In the Senior School there was a bridge building

curiosity and promote creativity and exploration.

challenge, gingerbread house making, origami,

Activities in the Junior School included constructing a

make your own ice cream, dart board construction,

hydraulic lift for an Easter egg, Yoga and meditation,

orienteering, the ‘leaning tower of pasta’, spaghetti

‘walking rainbows’ and ‘The Case of the Missing Easter

derby, bath bombs, rocket making, propagating,


theatre sports and Yoga.

Lower Middle School boys could make a flying fox,

Thank you to all our teachers and specialist teachers

carry out food colouring experiments, participate

who provided such a variety of opportunities for the

in an Easter baking craft, literacy based technology

boys where they were able to use their curious minds

challenges or drawing tutorials.

and creative hands to engage in the activities.

For the Middle School boys activities included digging and planting in the vegetable garden, tangram art and mathematics, geoboard art, paper challenges, stop motion videos, clay soap dishes, making a Loopy

Brendan Collins Assistant Principal

The best thing about STEAM day was making the flying fox for engineering to get the gingerbread man across the river. George Wilson, 3S


Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

We asked some of the boys from 5O to finish this sentence and this is what they said. ...you can use geometric shapes to make cool tangram artworks. Siyuan Wang ...you can use your creativity skills to make a mini-golf course! Ted Jones ...people can use clay to make soap dishes instead of plastic. Alexander Dy ...you can use your origami skills to make paper plane and boats to race. William Valentine ...if you could see half the picture you finish the drawing. Monty Fleetwood ...you can use your skills for gardening. Harry Walker ...you can make a bug hotel out of sticks and cardboard. Jack McMillan ...you can make a movie out of photos. Felix Cui ...it can be a very peaceful group with 3 people! Hugo Munt ...you can form pictures with rubber bands! Will Fang ...you can use short loops of music to make a rock song. Hugo Kijpalakorn ...more people in your group does not always mean you have an advantage. Max Henry ...electricity can travel through your body without you noticing. Timmy Shen 11

Teaching and Learning

STEAM Day showed me that...

Medbury School

Play the Game

aising resilient, R capable children. Warren Durant, Acting Headmaster

Digital Citizenship We live in a rapidly changing

and quoting that, at the time there

parents and teachers informed

world where parents and

were almost 200,000 educational

of good digital citizenship and

educators have the exciting

apps available. Within 12 months


but also daunting responsibility

the number had almost tripled.

of preparing our children and

Today, there are almost three

On Monday 21 February, Medbury

students for a future that is

million apps available. Further,

constantly evolving.

some of our students are learning

I recall speaking with a parent in

to design and program their own

School was thrilled to host John Parsons who presented to boys, staff and parents throughout the day on Internet Health and

2009, in Sandton, South Africa.


He was the CEO of Apple Africa,

Another thing that has blown

educationist on Digital Citizenship

and the iPad and iPhone had only

me away are the physical

and Cyber-safety. He is a highly

just been launched. He said then,

changes that technology has

sought after presenter on this topic

“Mark my words, within the next

gone through. For example,

throughout the education sector

18 months these devices will be in

brick phones have evolved into

in New Zealand. He is the author

every first world classroom around

powerful, internet capable phones

of ‘Keeping Your Children Safe

the world. This is the future of

with sophisticated cameras.

Online’ and a social commentator

education for our children.”

With all these changes and

who works throughout New

I also remember making a

exposure to such powerful

presentation to a school Trust

devices, there is a responsibility

Board in 2014 about e-learning

to keep our children safe and our


Wellbeing. John is a leading

Zealand and internationally.

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning

As part of Medbury’s Digital

John then ran a parent and

at school. The common thread

Citizenship programme for

guardian workshop: Raising

in John’s message is to love,

students, there were three one

Resilient, Capable Children. John

support, and nurture your children

hour presentations and workshops

identified the specific challenges


during the school day for boys in

children face when using ICT,

Years 4 to Year 8. These sessions

including practical guidance on

were delivered in separate age-

behaviour management processes

relevant presentations, helping

for parents in the situations they

students to take ownership of

face daily. Parents were left with

their well-being and to become

the tools to support their children

capable, confident and connected

in using ICT safely at home and at

within the ‘online world’.


Following on from these workshops,

John’s presentation was direct,

John worked with teachers to

informative, and the message

provide training and professional

proved valuable for all who

development to demonstrate that

attended the online session.

the boundaries they express to

Parents left the session with a

students, help protect the child, the

greater awareness of how they

teacher and the reputation of our

can better support their children


in using ICT and social media

Warren Durant Acting Headmaster

safely and ethically, at home and


Medbury School

Play the Game

Trips and Visits Junior School to Ferrymead At Ferrymead, I hung washing outside the house and

We were waiting for the Ferrymead instructor. Then he

we took a bus there. I also did some sweeping at

arrived. His name was Robert. He talked to us about

Ferrymead inside the house.

a few rules. One of them was don’t slide your shoes.

Mahmoud Abu-Hussein, 1M On a sunny Thursday morning, the Junior School went to Ferrymead Heritage Park. We got dressed up into olden day costumes and did housework. We also pretended to be real olden day school boys and went into a very dark classroom.

Then they put us in groups. My group went to the general store. Robert went around the corner and then he spoke in a theatrical voice. After that, he let us into the shop. We shopped for our fake customers. Robert put us in mini groups of three. Ravi and Jayden were in my group. Then we shopped first. Another group finished and they won,

Finlay Douglas, 2R

but we were first. After that, we went to the chore station. My favourite chore was ironing. Finally, we

First we hopped on the bus and I talked to Flynn. Then we arrived at Ferrymead and we sat down with the chickens and roosters. “Cluck, cluck, cluck.”


had lunch. Our last station was free play! Remi Read, 2G

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning


Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

In Week 3 of Term 2, Year 6 took a short walk to the

We also learned fun facts about Kate Sheppard such

aged and beautiful Kate Sheppard Heritage House

as she loved to play tennis and owned a pet parrot!

on Clyde Road. This trip was chosen as part of learning more about ‘Past, Present and Future New Zealand’. We gathered in the lounge for a short discussion on what we’ve studied and had a reading of the book ‘Kate Sheppard: Leading The Way For Women.’ Following this we were given an activity sheet in pairs to explore the life and house of Kate Sheppard. As we explored, we learned many facts about her lifestyle and The Women’s Suffrage Movement. We discovered that she went door to door all around the country to get signatures for a petition to gain women the right to vote. Over 32,000 people signed the petition and it was 274 metres long by the time

As a class we were surprised at how women were treated over 130 years ago. We thought that women deserved to be treated more equally and that it was unfair that they were only allowed to do domestic duties and didn’t have the same opportunities as men. It’s crazy how much things have changed in the past 130 years! We really enjoyed our trip to Kate Sheppard Heritage House and thought it was interesting to learn more about the Women’s Suffrage Movement and how New Zealand started a trend of equality across the world. Joseph Chen and Tom Dawson, 6H

it reached parliament. New Zealand had become the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. Just 9 short weeks after the petition was approved, the first women voted in the election! Over 70 percent of eligible women had voted after only 9 weeks of getting everyone’s personal infomation.


Teaching and Learning

Year 6 visit to Kate Sheppard House

Medbury School

Play the Game

Year 7 High Ropes at the Groynes, and Top Team In Week 7 of Term 1, Year 7 went to the High Ropes

In the last activity, groups were given some sponges

course at the Groynes. The activities included

and a launcher. You would catapult the sponges into

climbing walls, photo challenges and team building

hoops, earning points depending on how far away


the hoops were.

The climbing wall was very exciting and scary, with two different courses. One was called the Giant’s Ladder, where two partners helped each other up swinging wooden planks that formed a giant ladder. The other course was a challenging obstacle course where boys had to scale a climbing wall and a cargo net, to mention a couple. On the Giants Ladder boys really worked well with each other, encouraging and helping each other up. They were carefully belayed by others in their group on the ground. Meanwhile the other group were scaling the obstacle course one by one. People were conquering their fears of heights as well on the course.

A very big thank you to the Groynes High Ropes Course for making sure Year 7 had an amazing time. In week 5 Top Team came to Medbury. Top Team is a program working to get Cantabrians outside, communicating and working together all while doing fun activities. Year 7 was split into groups that rotated around all the activities. Two groups would compete against each other in each activity. You would face a different opponent every round and you would get points if you beat your opposition. Some of the activities involved water and all of them involved teamwork. The team

Another fun activity was the photo challenge. Groups had to take photos of themselves at the same spot as photos in a booklet given to them. Each photo had a certain number of points, the group with the most points won! There were also bonus challenges such

with the most points was given a certificate. Some people were soaking, some were muddy and some were dry, but regardless, everyone had fun. Thanks to the Top Team group for running an extraordinary afternoon which was heaps of fun.

as making a human pyramid or getting knee deep in Nitin Keswani, 7M and Flynn Moss, 7Z


Year 7 Orton Bradley Orientation Day - Couplet Poems The hard rocks plunging into the

Rough, uneven rocks,

The cold river trying to get

fungi infested water.

withstanding erosion from the

free from the rocks that are

constant feet trampling over them.

blocking them like a huge fence.

The sun shimmering onto the reflective water while it weaves though the oak trees.

Underneath the infested water rapidly grows algae.

Dark, soft moss, Clinging to the rock face,

As the native bush creeps from stream to stream climbing onto the rough rocks.

spreading over it like a virus. Warm, golden sunlight, Fighting its way through the trees,

Sam Leete, 7M

enchanting the stage of nature.

Big bulging boulder as slippery as a freshly cleaned floor. Mud clings onto the boulders for dear life. Sunlight seeps through the green canopy of leaves. Sparkling on the river bed it blinds me.

George Grieg, 7M Lucas Hu, 7M 18

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning

Photo credits Ben Stockton, 7C


Medbury School

Play the Game

Adrenalin Forest On Friday 11 February, the Year

Now onto level 4. I finished it in

8 classes went to Adrenalin

one and a half hours. We could

Forest. When we arrived we got

also finish two and three again.

off the bus and went to get our

I enjoyed my time there and I’m

harnesses fitted.

sure all the other Year 8 boys

Then, we went to have test runs

enjoyed it too. Thank you to the

on the practice ziplines. After this we then went to the level 3 rope course and finished it in half an hour.


staff at Medbury and at Adrenalin Forest. Arlo McCrystal, 8E

Winter — 2022

In the year 8 Options Program,

In Drama, the time travellers

change the colour aspect of the

we had a choice between T-Shirt

practise their roles in the Spark

photos and take amazing photos

Designing, Photography, Golf,

play, in Golf the boys work on their

of angels, and everybody in

The wonderful world of sport, 2D

golfing skills. Also, in the wonderful

photography turned out with an

3D animations, and Drama for

world of sport, the boys make their

amazing presentation filled with

the Time Travellers in the Spark

own sports. In T-shirt Designing

blockbusting photos.


boys make their own T-Shirts with

I can’t wait till the next round of

Every option is fun and different in

iron-on decals, and in 2D and 3D

their own ways, and entertaining

animations they use a website to

tasks and learning new skills has

make a mini-movie.

kept everybody busy during their

Photography was really fun, thanks

Thursday afternoons.

to Miss Seales. We learnt how to

options, and I think everybody else can’t wait too.

George Gorman, 8L


Teaching and Learning

Year 8 Options

Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning

Ping! Went the arrow as it flew towards the target at lightning speed.

Year 6 Camp at Wainui Heights, 14 to 16 February Even though a lot of activities

My Coasteering experience

Jumping off Papa Bear

were cancelled earlier this year,

The second Freddy hit the water, a

It was a sunny day and the water

sudden sense came to me. “You’re

was lukewarm. Just then I heard

up next Ryan.” I was shaking like

we got to jump off Papa bear. I

I was in the 100m Olympic final.

jumped for joy because I wanted

This was it, the moment I had

to jump off Papa bear. When I got

been waiting for. I was finally

to the top, my stomach dropped, I

getting to jump off Papa Bear in

kept flicking back and forth, jump

Coasteering! I was feeling nervous

or not, jump or not. I finally agreed

and excited at the same time.

to jump. “Three, two, one”,

Liam and the rest of my group

I sprung out like a kangaroo. I see

the Year 6 boys were still able to attend and thoroughly enjoy their camp at YMCA Wainui in Week 3 of Term 1. The boys took part in activities such as Kayaking, Coasteering, Search and Rescue, Archery, Low ropes and Orienteering. Let’s have a look at some of the boys’ ‘Moment in time’ writing pieces about their favourite activity at camp.

counted me down. “3, 2, 1!” and I jumped higher than I ever have before!

the bubbles, I taste the blue salty sea water, I hear the big splash as I hit the water, I feel the seaweed


I flew through the air! “Splash!” As

push against me in the waves. As

I was entering the firing block for

soon as I hit the water, a sense

I got out of the water I smell the

of relief hit me. I had done it! I

bird poop, I feel the barnacles rub

surfaced moments later, my smile

against my feet. That was fun so I

as wide as a rainbow. I tasted

did it again. I felt proud of myself

the salty seawater, and smelt the

that day.

archery, I picked up my bow and then I loaded the arrow. I looked at the target and my eyes were so focused on the bullseye. All I could see was the yellow bullseye. As I pulled the string back, I could see the fins on the back of the arrow. The only thing I could think of was hitting the bullseye. I could feel the

vibrant ocean up my nostrils. I thought to myself as I clambered

Edy Johnson, 6K

up to shore, “That was the best thing of my life!” Ryan Collins, 6K

wood of the bow in my left hand and the string in my right. Ping! Went the arrow as it flew towards the target at lightning speed. Then it hit the target! Ppff it went when it hit the target in front of the hay. Even though I did not hit the bullseye I was still proud of myself.

As soon as I hit the water, a sense of relief hit me. I had done it!

Eddie Gorman, 6K


Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

Teaching and Learning

With the last of my strength I reached up again... Year 7 Camp at Hanmer Spring Forest Camp, 4 to 6 May At the beginning of Term 2, Year

branches under my small hands


7 travelled to Hanmer Springs

and the shake of my legs trying

for their camp. With beautiful

desperately not to give out under

My feet hammered against the

weather on our side, the boys

me. With the last of my strength I

had some amazing activities

reached up again with a sweaty

available to them, such as

hand and honked the horn, the

mountain biking, tree climbing,

belayers below me cheered

bush skills, rock climbing and

up and I waited to be let down.

of course a trip to the famous


Hanmer Springs Pools. Everyone

miles up to the terror of the ride that was the Conical Thrill. Every flight that we ascended made the look down more terrifying and the weight of the raft seemed to increase with every step.

Jeffery Bergin, 7Z

had a great time and some

stairway that led what felt like

Another flight down, now the look down was high enough to give

amazing memories were made.

the builders of the Burj Khalifa

Read some of the fantastic

Mountain Biking

moments captured by a few of

When we approached the soaring

was intensifying by the second.

tall mountain (that somehow

Subtly, my ears substituted the

we had to climb), Grumpy, the

kids screams of joy, for agonising

instructor, gave us a wee pep talk

cries of dread. As I kept climbing

with some good tips to conquer it.

the staircase, the cries got louder

As we set off on our epic journey,

and less tolerable. I thought the

through the beautiful forest with

climb was going to be endless, like

heaps of twists and turns, we

I was never going to escape the

came across an intimidating and

never ending loop of the staircase.

ridiculously tall climb that looked

Eventually we made it to the top!

vertical, but we weren’t scared.

My buddy and I slowly lowered the

Surprisingly we all got up there in

raft in the little chute and we went

the end. Then came the swoop,

in backwards. I don’t know what

the petrifying drop down the

we were thinking, the green light

mountain. We rushed down there

flashed and we were away!

the 7Z boys.

The Tree Climb Grabbing the first pale block of the tree, I moved upwards and my legs immediately whined and moped about being up in the tree and not on the safe and stable ground. I grabbed the next small block and heaved my body up to grab the next one. My hands and legs got weaker and weaker as I continued to climb, grabbing block after block. After I reached the first steady branch I stopped, looking for a place to put my legs and wheezing. “Can I come down now?” I asked with a tremor in my voice down to the instructor: “No!” he shouted back. Decision made, I climbed with new determination, grabbing the blocks quickly and hearing the honk of the horns as joyous children reached their target. Feeling the gnarly

anxiety. It seemed that everything

like a herd of elephants. There were drops, gaps and hairpins.

Flynn Moss, 7Z

On one of the hairpins, I crashed. On the way back we went through some beautiful trails with heaps of orange, red and yellow leaves. Throughout the trail there were heaps of turns, twists and bumps, and in the end we were exhausted and ready for lunch. Floyd Yock, 7Z 25

Medbury School

Play the Game

The universal language of Music DIrector of Music, Sonia Lewis

A powerful tool to heal Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

them a break, an escape away

fresh angles on old problems. And

wrote, “Music is the universal

from the maddening world. Music

so the power can last beyond the

language of mankind”.

did in fact help lift the spirits and

end of the song – we have been

Fantastic! A language that we all

help our mental health. More than

taken away from one mindset, to

ever, music gave us a ‘golden

something totally different.

ticket’, a free pass into a world

Music is powerful. It affects our

understand and connect with. A commonality and a powerful tool to bring us closer together, to share, to heal and to connect us together, no matter what culture or religion you represent. The recent pandemic brought most social activities to a screeching halt for over a year. We weren’t allowed to eat in restaurants, exercise in gyms, meet with friends, or visit with extended family. So many of us were left feeling bored, anxious, and lonely. Hunkering down at home meant many of our ‘go-to’ coping skills were taken away. Fortunately, most of us were still able to access music. We relied on music to cope with the lock-down and to give us reprieve or escapism from the bombardment of heartbreaking news of our world in crisis. Many people found that music gave 26

of pure imagination, a chance to step into a room filled with marshmallows or to even take a dip in a river of pure chocolate….. too far?

brains, our bodies, and our social connections. And there’s no doubt that many people have relied on music to get through the toughest of times. So give space when you

For many of our young people,

see your son plug in and quietly

music isn’t always simply

retreat elsewhere. They may just

escapism. Music doesn’t stop

need a ‘breather’ from the reality

us thinking. Instead it gets us

around them. A chance to dream

to reflect; about other places,

or drift into a calm state of mind -

other things, other times, other

‘just being’.

experiences, it transports us to other moments. Music is full of thoughtfulness. It might get us reflecting on our own lives and our own pasts, but it can also provoke thinking about alternatives or push us towards different ways of seeing things. When we escape into music, we don’t just escape into nothingness, we escape into new spaces and new vistas, giving us

“Music is full of thoughtfulness.”

Winter — 2022

The Arts

Connectedness and belonging Music can also be used to bring a

calming classical music in the

So next time you get that ‘sinking

more positive state of mind, helping

morning for my students to walk

feeling’, think of the string players

to keep depression and anxiety

into class. It is noticeable to see

on the Titanic performing ‘Nearer,

at bay. While music therapy is an

how it can slow the moments and

my God, to thee’, a 19th-century

important discipline, you can also

reduce the volume of speaking to

hymn. An intention to calm down

achieve many benefits from music

a peaceful calm atmosphere in

the passengers, knowing that

on your own

the room. At the end of a hectic

through a time of turmoil, God will

You may have already been doing

day, playing something that is

be right there.

calming on the drive home or even

…So plug in and sing out on your

this since you were a teenager, but it’s a great idea to keep incorporating music into your daily

during dinner - just peaceful music that you can still hold a family

next walk. Who knows, you may find that you help spread a little joy or

life as you age through the life

discussion over.

cycle - so get the family together,

Music can be used in daily life for

the driver next to you might join in

put on some music and turn it up.

relaxation, to gain energy when

and start singing along too!

Have a family rave in your living

feeling drained, for catharsis when

room. Dance like crazy! We do this

dealing with emotional stress, and

At Medbury, there is a wonderful

all the time in our house. It’s just

in other ways as well.

as good running a half marathon-

Personally, singing has always been

and sing. We certainly look forward

an outlet for my emotions. Music is

to sharing the joy of music again,

like a cup of tea on a cold day that

together as one.

you’ll get the same endorphins and you’ll definitely put a smile on your children’s faces and that’s exactly what they need! More fun and uplifting moments, less seriousness and more laughter! I have always used music as

even find at the next set of lights,

feeling of connectedness and belonging when we come together

helps me deal with stress, sadness and joy, sometimes separately, sometimes all at once. It plugs me into the universe that is far beyond

Sonia Lewis Director of Music

my world.

quite a handy tool. Playing some


Medbury School

Play the Game

Art at Medbury Year 5 Cave Art and Clay pots

Year 6 Fossils

The Year 5 boys have recently been looking at cave

This term we have been studying things from the past.

art from thousands of years ago. We made our own

In Art we made stencils of fossils and printed them.

cave art using a charcoal outline and paint.

Next we are making a massive mural with all our Art

Samuel Taylor, 50

work together.

Ritchie Tu, 6H

Year 7 Egyptian Art

Year 8 Amphorae

We started by looking at hieroglyphics and practised

To begin our Art year we studied the Art of Ancient

writing our names. Next we created a big A3 Egyptian

Greece and created amphora using pen and dye.

Art work using pastel and Indian ink. Our class

These large clay jars were used to store things like

drew cats as they were an animal worshipped by

olive oil and wine. Now we are making mosaics with

the Ancient Egyptians and we placed hieroglyphic

a Greek theme.

symbols around the border. After that we made Canopic jars out of clay.


George Clark, 7M

Noah Madgwick, 8S

Winter — 2022

The Arts


Medbury School

Years 1 to 4 Art From left to right: • Mihi with watercolour on crayon by Tommy Holloway, 1H • Emu drawing by Jackson Valentine, 3E • Mihi with crayon boarder by Brad Khemarangsan, 4B • Cityscape with coloured pencils by Jason Yang, 2G • Cheeky Chizzle Birds made with water colours by Vance Stewart, 1M • Self portrait with pencil drawing on collage, by Finlay Douglas, 2R • Picasso style self portrait, by Jayden Shang, 3S • Picasso style self portrait with dye on crayon by Lucas Taylor, 4P


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

The Arts

Junior School and Lower Middle School Music Showcase The Lower Middle School and the

played ‘Surface Pressure’ on the

Miss Holland who gave us clear

Junior School took part in Music

boom whackers. I was playing the

instructions so that we could play

Showcases in Term 1. Everybody

yellow one. It was fun.

as well as we did. We will miss you

liked it a lot.

Because of Covid, we had to

next term, Miss Holland. Thank

The Junior School played the

livestream the Showcases but it

triangles, xylophones and the

was good that the boys isolating


drums. The Year 3 boys played

could watch it from home.

Jack Thompson and William

the boom whackers and the Year

A special thank you to our

Fleetwood, 3S

4 boys played the ukuleles. 3S

you also to Mr Codd for filming the

wonderful Music teacher, 31

Medbury School

Play the Game

“Giggles, competition, banter and team mateship”

Brad Gilbert Director of Sport

A word from our volunteers Like any sports organization,

secondary school, where often

I would like to take this opportunity

Medbury requires the help of

they are playing both with and

to thank all of the Medbury

volunteers to ensure the growth

against their old team mates,

Community who have offered up

and skill development of all of

always competitive but in great

their time in some way throughout

our sporting boys.


their time associated with our

I recently asked a couple of our

Another parent said “It is a

volunteer parents what they most

fantastic way to become involved

enjoyed about volunteering to

with the School and see your

coach a sports team at Medbury.

own son’s development and

One parent said “I have really enjoyed supporting the Medbury sports program helping with teams when an extra pair of hands has been required over the past six years. It has been hugely satisfying to see young boys develop their skills, confidence and enjoyment of their sports as they get older, right through to seeing Medbury Old Boy’s continue through to


interaction with his peers and teachers. A conversation in the car on the way home would never divulge as much as watching the giggles, competition, banter and team mateship you can witness first hand by getting involved. Volunteering is also a fantastic way to get to know other parents well, who either coach with you, or have a child in the team”.

School. Whether this be helping out on a school camp or trip, through to coaching a sports team. Your support is greatly appreciated and I hope you enjoy getting involved with the School as much as I do!

Winter — 2022


Junior and Lower Middle Swim Week On Tuesday to Friday last week the

On Wednesday we started

some dives, we also took off our

Years 1 to 4 boys had Swim Week.

learning different styles of

swimming goggles and went

At 8.30am the Year 4s went on a

swimming such as breaststroke,

underwater and searched for

bus to Wharenui Pool. Once we

freestyle, backstroke and butterfly.

them! Ahhhh, we finally finished

had our turn the Year 3s, 2s and 1s

We also learned things like front

Swim Week what an amazing

had their turn.

flips and back flips underwater


At the pool we first got tested and

and tumble turns. Our favourite

put in a group. Some people got

thing we learned was butterfly.

put in the big pool, some people

Thursday was the most tiring day!

were in the middle pool and some

We practiced the things we learnt

people were in the small pool. We

over and over again.

got to meet our instructors and

On the final day it was pouring

then we did a few activities during our first lesson.

Hudson Stratford-Bevins and Andrew Wang, 4B

rain but we still went to Wharenui Pool. We practiced, then did 33

Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022


Swimming Finals Aiming to be House Champions! On Tuesday 1 March Medbury School held the

Valentine; Year 4 is Louis Tian; Year 5 is Toby Bush; Year

Swimming Finals. All the boys had a chance to earn

6 is Sam Maxwell; Year 7 is Zac Hibbs; and Year 8 is

points for their House, and the ultimate goal was to

Harry Reekie. Congratulations to those boys.

win the George Abbott Cup for their House.

At the end of the Swimming Finals, we held a House

All boys were working really hard to get better for

relay. I was lucky enough to be in the Hamilton relay

the swimming sports. They didn’t just train inside of

that won for Year 8, with Duncan Price, Marcus Luke

the Medbury gates but also outside. Unfortunately,

and Toby Simôn. For Years 3 and 4, Clyde won; for

we couldn’t have everyone there at the same time

Years 5 and 6, Creyke won; for Year 7, Hamilton won;

because of Covid restrictions, but we managed to

for Year 8, Hamilton won; and Day boys vs Boarders

do it within year groups. Another let down was that

the Boarders won. Overall House Champion went to

there was no cheering or yelling to encourage others.

Ilam. We would like to thank the boys for encouraging

The people who managed to make this happen were

each other, even though we couldn’t cheer or yell. I

Mr Ogston and Mr Gilbert. I would like to thank these

think it went so well, and it was fun even with Covid

two teachers for their hard work to get the whole

restrictions. I really enjoyed being in the Day Boys vs

competition running smoothly. It was great to see all

Boarders relay and I think it was extremely fun, so

boys trying their hardest, no matter what heat they

once again thank you staff for doing this for the boys.

were in, or how well they could swim. Unfortunately, there were no Zones, so we did not have a swim team

William Coughlan, 8D and Matthew Vance, 8S

go and compete. I would like to congratulate the best swimmers for their year group. Year 3 is Jackson Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

25m Freestyle

Jackson Valentine

Louis Tian

Toby Bush

Ollie Brown

Max Inglis

Harry Reekie

25m Backstroke

Jackson Valentine

Louis Tian

Noah Zhang

Sam Maxwell

Max Inglis

William Coughlan

25m Breaststroke



Toby Bush

Sam Maxwell

Zac Hibbs

William Coughlan

25m Butterfly





Zac Hibbs

Harry Reekie

50m Freestyle

Jackson Valentine

Louis Tian

Ted Jones

Ollie Brown

Zac Hibbs

Harry Reekie

100m Freestyle



Toby Bush

Sam Maxwell

Zac Hibbs

Harry Reekie

100m Medley



Toby Bush

Zilong Chen

Zac Hibbs

Harry Reekie




House Champion

Years 3 and 4

Hadlee Family Cup



George Abbott Cup

Years 5 and 6

GA Rankin Cup



Ilam House

Year 7

Mr & Mrs WA Yates Cup



Year 8

RC Forbes Cup



Boarders v Dayboys

NS Batchelor Shield



Medbury School

Play the Game

Year 8 Surf Days At the start of Term 1 2022, Year

For a lot of people, it was not

I enjoyed our Surf Day 2022. My

8 went on a surf day to Sumner

their first time surfing but they

favourite part was just getting to


still enjoyed the trip. Not just the

hang out with my mates and have

We were operating under the

surfing, but having a beach day

a day of beach cricket, volleyball,

was a good break for everybody.

and surf.

program Learn to Surf ™. It was a great bonding exercise for classes and the entire year alike.


We recommend Learn to Surf ™ to anybody wanting to teach their child to surf.

Alexander Foulds, 8S

Winter — 2022


Summer Hockey The Medbury Summer Hockey

We played these games on

and tactics. The rules are different

season this year was a great

Mondays after school at Nunweek

compared to winter hockey, but it

one, with a total of seven teams

Park. The boys got to practice a

is a good chance for boys to learn

taking part.

lot of skills for the winter hockey

some of the hockey basics.

All of the boys displayed great


sportsmanship. I saw this

Summer hockey is a fast-paced

while taking part in the games

game and it is a good chance to

throughout the season.

work on teamwork, sportsmanship,

Harry Blakely, 8S Medbury Panthers


Medbury School

Play the Game

Medbury Duathlon On Friday 4 March, ten boys

We then racked our bikes and

Congratulations to all the boys

participated in the Lake Crichton

took our helmets off and started

that did it.


running again. This second run was very hard, not because it was

Our top finishers were: Year 8;

At 3.30pm we set off on our first 1km run. This run took place

double the first run, but it was hard

Louis Hiatt, Year 7; Zac Hibbs, Year 6; Sam Maxwell and Year

around the Crichton Lake. We

getting off the bike and running.

then went into transition. We put

We then tried our hardest and

thank Mr Gilbert, Mr Ogston and

our helmets on and unracked our

pushed our aching legs to the

the parent helpers for marshalling

bikes. Then a 9km bike took place

finishing line where we were

and organising it! I would highly

around the road on a short loop.

greeted by cold water and the

recommend doing it next year if

This bike was quite challenging

accomplishment of finishing a 1km

you can.

because we had a headwind

run, 9km bike and to top it off a

for more than half the bike loop.

2km run!

5; Samuel Taylor. I would like to

Duathlon results Year 5 1st

Noah Madgwick, 8S

Triathlon results Year 5

Samuel Taylor

Year 6


Samuel Taylor

Year 6


Sam Maxwell


Sam Maxwell


Max Cosgriff


Max Cosgriff


Marcus Fogarty


Marcus Fogarty

Year 7

Year 7


Zac Hibbs


Zac Hibbs


Sam Ensor


Harrison Tapper


Alexander Innes

Year 8 1st

Louis Hiatt

Year 8


Noah Madgwick


Louis Hiatt


George Ranken


Harry Reekie


Riley Crampton

Senior Duathlon Champion Olli Aitken Cup

Senior Triathlon Champion

Louis Hiatt

CD Robson Cup

Junior Duathlon Champion

Louis Hiatt

Art Aitken Cup

Junior Triathlon Champion

Sam Maxwell

Schneideman Brothers Cup Sam Maxwell


Winter — 2022


CPS Triathlon On Friday 11 March a group of

we could not draft on people and

all of the parents who helped

boys participated in the Lake

had a big headwind. When we

marshall and the organisers Mr

Crichton Triathlon.

got back we ran towards transition

Gilbert and Mr Ogston. Thank

At 3.30pm the boys set off on their

with our bikes, racked the bikes

you Mr Ogston for rushing back

and took our helmets off. We then

to Medbury to get the swimming

sprinted off down the gravel road

caps and getting back just in time

towards the 2km run around the

to hand them out to the boys.

lake. This was very challenging

Congratulations again to the boys

because your legs feel really stiff

who participated in the Triathlon

after the bike. Congratulations to

and I recommend it to any boy

all of the boys who did it. Our top

who wants to try it next year if you

finisher was Louis Hiatt, Year 8 who


150m swim in Lake Crichton. We then ran up out of the small lake, up the mats into transition, where we chucked our helmets on and unracked our bikes as quickly as we could so we wouldn’t lose time. We then set off on the 9km bike down the road and back. This bike was challenging because

got 2nd place. I would like to thank

George Ranken, 8D

New Zealand Schools Triathlon The New Zealand Schools

good and I was off on the bike.

watched the Secondary Schools

Triathlon Championships were

The bike course was technical,

races including my brother, racing

held in New Plymouth during

with a sharp roundabout where

in the U16’s. But the best part was

March 2022.

you had to be careful, a couple

watching the elite athletes like

It was a small Medbury team this

of hairpins and some crosswinds.

Hayden Wilde and Andrea Hansen

The run itself was along the

(Hewit) race in their events. These

waterfront, with a small hill each

two Olympic medalists were

lap. After a lot of pain and a few

amazing and inspirational. It

internal curses, I ran over the finish

was a great event and hopefully

line super exhausted. I finished

Medbury will field a large team

8th male in New Zealand, but I

again next year.

year, compared to previous years, as I was the only competitor. I woke bright and early to rough seas and windy conditions - but no rain. It was a fast start to the swim and I came out of the water in the second bunch, so had a lot of work to do. My transition was

was happy when I saw my results, because I had the third fastest

Louis Hiatt, 8D

run and a strong bike. We then 39

Medbury School

Play the Game

Physical Education Fitness Challenges DIrector of Sport, Brad Gilbert

Individual and class records across seven challenges The Medbury boys spent the first

This year we also added class

Mr Ogston’s highlight is seeing

six weeks of Physical Education

average records. We went back

boys achieve a little bit more than

in the Medbury School pool,

through all of our data and pulled

what they think they are capable

training hard for the Swimming

out the class averages for all

of, especially hearing and seeing

Sports so that they could try and

challenges. It is wonderful seeing

their peers encourage them

earn as many house points for

the enjoyment of the class when


their House as possible. The boys

they are close to beating the class

turned up with positive attitudes,

average record. It is a great class

Wednesday morning fitness is

and I must thank the morning

challenge and requires effort from

classes who braved the colder

all class members to get close.


When asking boys what they enjoy

have been blessed with still, sunny

After the Swimming Sports, we

about the fitness challenges, we

mornings for the boys to swim their

moved onto the fitness challenges.

get a range of interesting answers.

lengths. It’s great to see a range

This is where we have seven

Some boys enjoy the chance of

of year groups attending and

different fitness challenges for

testing themselves in ways they

enjoying each other’s company as

each boy to push himself through.

usually would not. Others said

they practice their strokes. Having

The seven challenges are; sit ups,

that they enjoyed it as it can help

the Year 8 Water Polo boys teach

pull ups, flexibility, agility, vertical

them show where they may need

them the ‘egg beater’ technique

jump, standing board jump and

to increase their strength for their

was another highlight.

the beep test. We have done these

given sport. The most common

fitness challenges since 2008, and

answer was that boys enjoyed

have unofficial school records for

testing themselves against other

each individual challenge which

friends, family members, year

boys have fun trying to beat.

groups and past students.


another opportunity for boys to get out of bed that little bit earlier to get the blood flowing! This term we

Brad Gilbert Director of Sport

Winter — 2022



Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022


Cross Country All the boys tried their hardest On Tuesday 10 May, Medbury held their Cross

During the 3k race we were tired but had teachers,

Country at Fendalton Park.

boys and family cheering for us to keep up our

Cross country was amazing, the competition was


unreal, and all the boys tried their hardest to get a

Thank you to all the staff involved, it was a great day

good placing. During the Year 4 race it was pouring

and well organised.

with rain, but the boys kept going. They had to run in freezing cold conditions and still did well.

Caleb Carstairs and Henry Botherway, 8E

The race became tiring due to the wet and slippery grounds but we all fought through it and did well. We had amazing races throughout every year group and we are proud of the boys who participated.

Results Year 1 Medbury School Cup Bobby Ferguson Vance Stewart Jayden Wang Year 2 Howard Brothers Cup Flynn Stratford-Bevins Teddy Stapleton Levi Tucker Year 3 Connolly Brothers Cup Josh Somerville-Smith Jackson Valentine Jayden Shang

1st 2nd 3rd

Year 6 R. C. Rutherford Family Cup Sam Maxwell 1st Tom Dawson 2nd Braxton Carstairs 3rd

1st 2nd 3rd

Year 7 R. C. Rutherford Family Cup Max Inglis 1st Joe Osborne 2nd Sam Ensor 3rd

1st 2nd 3rd

Year 8 P.T.A. Senior Cross Country Champion Harry Blakely 1st Noah Madgwick 2nd Benji Johnson 3rd

Year 4 Junior School Cross Country Champion Hudson Stratford-Bevins 1st Tyler Gordon-Bhebe 2nd Louis Tian 3rd Year 5 Elworthy Family Cup Jack Ferguson Bruno Ash Ted Jones

House Result Clyde 1st Creyke 2nd Hamilton 3rd Ilam 4th

1st 2nd 3rd


Medbury School

Play the Game

Community at Medbury Community Service My name is Tom Eyre-Walker and I am so privileged to have the role of being the Head of Community Service for 2022. Medbury is a school that loves to help other people. I think that helping people is one of the most important things about Medbury. I recently joined a group of Year 8 boys on the walk for the Fountain of Peace. Two Year 8 boys set this up - their names are Alexander Foulds and Toby Sharr. The walk was eye opening, knowing that people in Uganda often have to walk 10km every day to get to school. We raised over $4000. This money went towards a house that will be used for orphaned children in Uganda. The money that we raised contributed over half of the concrete needed to build the house. The House Leaders and House charities for this year are: Oliver Innes, Head of Clyde House - Child Cancer Foundation George Hegan, Head of Creyke House - Koru Care Harry Ensor, Head of Hamilton House - Cystic Fibrosis NZ Connor MacKenzie - Head of Ilam House - Westpac Helicopters These charities have been picked out carefully by all the amazing Houses. I am really looking forward to all the cool things that the Houses can do for the charities. For the most recent mufti day we all dressed up in House colours. There were definitely some pretty cool costumes out there! This year’s World Vision event will raise money to help get clean water to those in the world who need it most. In Term 2, a small group of us will attend a World Vision Leader Development day. This will be followed by a planning day with a representative from World Vision, to help us plan this year’s fundraising event. I am looking forward to learning more about this important cause, organising a fun event, and making a difference in the lives of people with limited access to water.

Tom Eyre-Walker, 8D


‘House Pride’ wall displays by the boys

Winter — 2022

This was an opportunity for boys

The Choristers sang the song

Age shall not weary them, nor the

and families to remember the

‘In Flanders Field’ By Lieutenant

years condemn.

Medbury Old Boys who died in

Colonel John McCrae, then

World War 2.

George Hadden played the Last

When the sun goes down and in

In the Service the twenty one

Post, one last goodbye to those

names on the School Roll of

who were lost.

Honour were read out while I laid

“They shall grow not old, as we

the wreath in remembrance of the

that are left grow old:

the morning, We will remember them.”

Gus Menzies, 8D

Old Boys.


The Medbury Family

Service of Remembrance, 8 May 2022

Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

The Medbury Family

From the Boarding House John Ogston

A hive of activity It has been a very busy start to life in the Boarding

and Hanmer Springs were just a few of the outings

House for 2022.

the boys had over the term. Seeing the Year 8 boys

At the beginning of Term 1 we farewelled Mr Bath

charging about Bishopdale Park one Wednesday

from the Boarding House with Mr Kruger joining the team as a Boarding House Master. Mr Kruger joined Medbury from the Bay of Plenty and is still dusting off the cricket whites each Saturday for Sydenham. We also welcomed back Mr Sam Clark, Miss Ellie Tizzard and Mr James Corbett as our Gap Tutors and from the beginning of Term 2, we were joined by Andrew Fechney as a Gap Tutor. It doesn’t feel like long ago that the first day of Term 1 rolled around, the dorms became a hive of activity, and all of our permanent boarders settled in for another year at Medbury

afternoon in torrential rain was another highlight. The addition of a Playstation 5 has been a hit. Playing cricket, Fifa, Formula 1 and NBA on the big screen in the auditorium has been a lot of fun on wet days. Boarding House cricket also went from strength to strength. This term we had to split the Years 7 and 8 cricketers into two teams in our Wednesday afternoon competition as numbers swelled from Term 4 last year. The competition between the boarders in the Kings and the Volts is always played in good spirits with Mr Black’s ‘plays of the day’ always a highlight during


Wednesday dinner.

This year we had the pleasure of permanent and

When alert levels allow, we look forward to enjoying

permanent casual boarders join us from North Canterbury, Marlborough, Mid Canterbury and the West Coast. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know our new boarding brothers and they have all settled in well. Whilst Covid-19 regulations did at times limit the range of activities, it certainly didn’t stop the term being packed and flying by. Trips to the driving range, skate parks, the movies, go karts, Timezone

the company of casual boarders who make use of the ability to book a stay in our Boarding House. It’s always great to have new faces in the dorms. We’re looking forward to the Winter terms with the fun activities planned and initiatives sorted that we can’t wait to undertake. John Ogston Director of Boarding



New Parents’ Drinks 19 May 2022

Winter — 2022

The Medbury Family

From the Trust Board Nick Harvey

Future focussed Kia ora tatou.

unlock their potential. The path may have changed

I have been extremely proud with how the School

course, but thanks to the quality of our teachers, the

has dealt with the challenges arising from the

pastoral care and the persistence and flexibility of the

pandemic. My sincere admiration and thanks go to

boys themselves, much has been achieved.

the leadership and Staff who have remained level

We are seeing strong demand for Medbury in 2023

headed and calm, while at the same time being

and beyond. While this is a vote of confidence in the

extremely organised and ensuring the boys remained

current direction of Medbury, as a Board, we are

happy and engaged in their learning programmes.

anything but complacent. We understand that both

I also want to thank the parents and caregivers who

current and future parents have choice in where they

have supported the School and the Board during

educate their sons. We remain extremely focussed

these challenging times, while at the same time

on ensuring that Medbury always strives to improve,

managing their own work and personal pressure.

including the quality of our education, our school

The Medbury community was saddened by the

wide culture, and our facilities.

resignation of Ian Macpherson, an outstanding

In other good news, the restoration of Ballantyne

Headmaster who understood the unique learning

House is on track to be ready in time for our

needs of our boys. Ian’s health forced him to realise

Centenary at the start of 2023. Thank you to our

he was unable to continue in his role to the high

architects Sheppard and Rout, and development

standard he holds himself to. This was certainly not an

partners Higgs Construction.

easy decision for Ian and we are extremely grateful for

Thank you to Michael Flatman (Deputy Chair) and my

the contribution he has made to Medbury. We wish Mr and Mrs Macpherson all the best for the next chapter in their lives. The Trust Board is now in the process of recruiting the 8th Headmaster in 100 years to lead our school

fellow board members for their continuous support and contribution to the Governance of Medbury School as we navigate the way ahead. Thank you and nga mihi nui.

into the Centenary year and future. The Trust Board are committed to ensuring the School has the sound

Nick Harvey

leadership structure, skills and diversity required to be


the leading preparatory school for boys.

Medbury School Trust Board

As reflected in this edition of Play the Game, Medbury has continued to provide boys with opportunities to 49

Medbury School


Play the Game

‘House Pride’ Mufti Day and MPA Sausage Sizzle

Winter — 2022

The Medbury Family

The Medbury Parents’ Association Connecting and growing our community The Medbury Parents’ Association held its Annual

enhance the quality of live-streaming productions.

General Meeting on 29 March, electing current

The Committee is also proud to have purchased

committee members into new roles to continue the

Medbury jackets for our winter sports coaches. These

wonderful service of those who have come to the

wonderful volunteers give up their time both mid-

end of their tenure.

week and on the weekends and it is apt that they

The Committee and School would like to thank

can represent Medbury with pride in the appropriate

Haidee Stratford and Melanie Grace for their time


and efforts over the last three years. Haidee and

In addition to these major events, the MPA looks

Mel have worked diligently during their time on the

forward to welcoming potential parents on Open

Committee to bring to life events and initiatives that

Days and connecting with our community through

have benefited the school community by way of

Class Reps.

funds raised, spent or simply connecting the Medbury

The MPA is always open to engaging with our parent


community on any ideas or initiatives you would like

We welcome current committee member Sarah

to see implemented. Please feel free to get in touch

Robinson into the role of President and Kim Veitch

with any of the Committee Members listed on the

into the role of Treasurer. Sarah and Kim are

Medbury School website.

supported by Fiona Kay in the role of Secretary and general committee members; Janelle Pritchard, Sally

The Medbury Parents’ Association

Bettman, Annabel Shand, Emma Turnbull, Tina Ban, Helen Clegg and Mo Wang. After a quiet event year due to Covid-19, the MPA is looking forward to re-connecting our community through a variety of events across 2022 and 2023. First up will be the ever popular ‘Breakfast with the Boys’ with details due to be announced in the coming weeks. Firmly locked into the calendar for Saturday 3 September is The Ultimate Hoedown #3. This highly anticipated event is truly going to be a night like no other. It is fantastic to see the incredible use that the AirTime Hoops are getting in The Avenue and the enthusiasm for basketball. Recently the MPA gifted $10,000 to the school to aid with the purchase of up to date live-streaming equipment. This equipment will

Haidee Stratford, outgoing President and Sarah Robinson, incoming President


Medbury School

Play the Game

The Medbury School Old Boys’ Association Andrew Yee

Old Boys’ News and Upcoming Events Our recent Strategy Day on 7 April saw us re-visit our goal to create a strong worldwide network connecting fellow

Save the date

Medbury Old Boys together. As a result, the Medbury School Old Boys’ Association is launching some exciting new initiatives ahead of the 2023 Centenary of the School. We are looking for members interested in joining our committee, with interest/experience in one or some of the following areas: Mentoring and Fellowship; Finance and Accounting; Social Media and Communications; and Events Planning and Coordination. Our committee convenes twice a year and is tasked with the important role of connecting Old Boys together with each other and with the School, through annual events, and regular communication. If you want to know more about our committee or our strategy ahead, please contact me at presidentoldboys@medbury. school.nz. We would love to hear from you. We were excited to hear the news that Ryan Stewart (2018) represented New Zealand in fencing at the World Junior and Cadet Championships in Dubai in April 2022. Ryan started fencing in Year 7 at Medbury, coached by Sheldon Ogilvie, a Youth Olympian.


Annual MSOBA Dinner Friday, 26 August Come and join us for our Annual Dinner from 6.30pm to 9.00pm in The Medbury Centre Auditorium. More details including the guest speaker will follow via email and on the MSOBA Facebook and LinkedIn pages, together with a registration link. Five Years On Function Thursday, 20 October Class of 2017, it’s time to get together for your 5 years on reunion! Come and catch up with your old classmates and teachers over some nibbles, followed by a tour of the School with the Headmaster. Hosted in The Foundation Building from 5.00pm to 6.00pm.

Winter — 2022

The Medbury Family

Ryan Stewart at the World Championships in Dubai

The championships offer an excellent experience for New Zealand fencers. Ryan was thrilled to get the opportunity to fence against the World’s Number 1 fencer from Egypt. The New Zealand team had a superb win against Austria, placing the team in the top 32 on the Junior world stage. Overall, an excellent international outing. Ryan also assists with coaching Medbury boys on Fridays. He very much enjoys working with the boys. We love to hear what our Medbury Old Boys have been up to, please send in your news and photos to presidentoldboys@medbury.school.nz.

Intercessions at the Service of Remembrance, 8 May 2022

We look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming MSOBA events on the calendar. Andrew Yee President Medbury Old Boys’ Association

Like us on Facebook and connect on LinkedIn

Class of 2017, it’s time to get together for your 5 years on reunion! 53

Medbury School

Play the Game

Join us on the journey of celebrating Medbury’s 100 years.

The countdown continues... Medbury School was established

On 9 February 2023 Medbury will

These will include art evenings,

by the Chennells family in 1923,

launch the Centenary celebration

a Centenary production of

in the beginning, the School was

with a Founders’ Day Service that

‘Medbury Through the Ages’, a

opened with just 9 boys.

will include the wider Medbury

Music Extravaganza, a Chess

Even though the outlook and


Tournament, sporting events and

curriculum may have changed,

By evening there are options to

Decade Reunions for our Old Boys.

the ideals, standards and

attend a cocktail and canapés

Further information and ticketing

traditions which characterised its

evening for the Official Opening

will become available on our

foundation, remain an integral

of Ballantyne House, and a Gala

website and through the School

part of its education.

Dinner held on-site in a stunning

Office in the coming months.

It is with this in mind that we move

marquee. The weekend will also

To keep in touch and join us

into our Centennial year, taking the time to look back to the past,

offer a Chapel Service, and morning tea followed by school

on the journey of celebrating Medbury’s 100 years please

at present and into what we want


to achieve for the next 100 years.

In addition to this, events will

contact information by emailing

We are pleased to inform you that

run right across the Medbury


the planning for our Centenary year is well underway, and we are excited to announce the following events.


Centenary year, where we will be celebrating all aspects of Medbury School life.

ensure we have your updated

Winter — 2022

1929 School Photo

‘Vitai Lampada’ There’s a breathless hush in the Close tonight –

This is the word that, year by year,

Ten to make and the match to win –

While in her place the School is set,

A bumping pitch and a blinding light,

Every one of her sons must hear,

An hour to play and the last man in.

And none that hears it dare forget.

And it’s not for the sake of a ribboned coat,

This they all with a joyful mind

Or the selfish hope of a season’s fame,

Bear through life like a torch in flame,

But his Captain’s hand on his shoulder smote –

And falling fling to the host behind –

‘Play up! Play up! And play the game!’.

‘Play up! Play up! And play the game!’.

The sand of the desert is sodden red – Red with the wreck of a square that broke –

Sir Henry Newbolt (1862-1938)

The Gatling’s jammed and the Colonel dead, And the regiment blind with dust and smoke. The river of death has brimmed his banks, And England’s far, and Honour a name, But the voice of a schoolboy rallies the ranks: ‘Play up! Play up! And play the game!’.


2021 Top Student Successes



National Future Problem Solvers Gold in the Scenario Writing Final

Rockshop Bandquest Best Vocalist

EPro8 Science and Technology Canterbury Grand Finals

Christchurch Schools’ Music Festival 9 selected for Rep Orchestra 1 selected for Rep Concert Band 6 selected for Rep Choirs

Science Awards Trust 1 Bronze, 19 Badges Secondary School Scholarships 6 Scholarships Accepted Otago Problem Solving Competition 15 Excellence Awards and Final Challenge Qualifiers* Top Scorer prize winner awarded International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) 26 Distinctions 4 High Distinction RoboCup Nationals National Qualifiers* Nationwide ‘Art in the Hood’ Selected for public display

* = Nationals subsequently cancelled due Covid

Christchurch Instrumental Competition 5 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 Bronze Awards National Chess Championships National Qualifiers Winners Press Intermediate Schools Chess Cup Trinity College of London Music Examinations 12 Distinctions New Zealand Speech and Drama Examinations 13 Honours, 5 Honours Plus Speech New Zealand Examinations 8 Honours, 5 Honours Plus Trinity Speech and Drama Exams 2 Distinctions World Vision Kaiwhakahau Advocacy Award

Award Winning Staff Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ) Honours Awards Chrissie Badger, Service to Music Rosemary Black, Service to Boarding

Sporting Cricket Qualifiers for ANZ National Primary School Cup Cricket Championships* Cross Country Gold at the Canterbury Primary Schools Cross Country Cycling Gold, Silver and Bronze at the South Island Championships Multiple Gold and Bronze at the Canterbury Schools’ Team Time Trial Championships Silver at the South Island Mountain Bike Championships Duathlon Gold and Silver at CPS Duathlon Fencing Multiple Gold and Bronze at Regional Championships Gymnastics Multiple placings at CPS Gymnatics Karate Multiple Silver and Bronze at Regional Championships Skiing Multiple Golds at ISSA Porters Independent Schools Competition Bronze at Mt Cheeseman Intermediate Schools Race Swimming Multiple Gold, Silver and Bronze at CPS Championships Triathlon Silver and Bronze at Nationals Gold and Bronze at CPS Triathlon Canterbury Representatives in: Cricket, Water Polo, Basketball

Autumn — 2022

The Medbury Family

The Medbury School Foundation George Forbes

Looking back in order to move forward The Medbury School Foundation exists to support

members will all have the opportunity to reconnect at

the School, and it is always heartening to see

the Centenary celebrations.

another year of top student successes across

As we join the School on the journey of celebrating

a range of academic, cultural and sporting endeavours.

the past 100 years, we reconnect with how our past meets our future, and the value of looking back

2022 is also off to a flying start, as evidenced by the

occasionally in order to move forward into the next

breadth of activities and learning engagement shown

100 years.

in this issue of ‘Play the Game’.

The Foundation provides opportunities for the future

In particular, the Centenary celebrations in 2023

development of the School and the planned opening

that have been outlined in this issue will provide an

of the restored and redeveloped Ballantyne House in

opportunity for wider community to come together in

the Centenary year is an imminent example of this.

celebration and support of the School and we look

I do look forward to connecting with you at some of

forward to the range of events to take place across the year.

the many events planned across our 2023 Centenary year.

Current and past staff, boys, parents and families, including members of our Boarding community,

George Forbes

the Medbury School Old Boys’ Association, current

Chairman, Medbury School Foundation

and past Medbury School Trust Board members, the Medbury Parents’ Association and Foundation


Medbury School

Play the Game


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Winter — 2022



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Medbury School


Play the Game

Winter — 2022

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