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40 Years In Aviation



About Us

Aviation is our passion. We are a dedicated, professional Organisation with a solid track record of meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations. Mediterranean Aviation Company Limited had its beginnings in 1978. Set up as a dedicated link between Europe and the remote airfields of the oil and gas industries in Northern Africa. Today known as Medavia, it has evolved into a world leading specialist aviation organisation. In addition to offering second-to-none cost effective MRO works, the Company provides a variety of other services including: Aircraft Charter Brokerage, Aircraft Operations, Ground Handling, CAMO as well as Part 21J Design Engineering. Medavia offers aviation solutions tailored for each individual customer’s needs.


About Us Medavia Technics

Medavia Technics is an EASA Part-145, FAA Repair Station and other National Aviation Authorities Approved Maintenance Organisation. We take great pride in our heritage of providing first-class maintenance to a variety of fleet operators. Our experienced management and engineering teams work seamlessly together to offer you the full range of maintenance services on different aircraft types. All appropriate audits and inspections are always carried out by the Airworthiness Department of the Civil Aviation Directorate, Transport Malta, in addition to audits carried out by our contracted customers and organisations. We carry out inspections for your aircraft, its engines and components as part of scheduled maintenance, out-of-phase or special incident inspections. We also offer engine analysis checks, vibration surveys and non-destructive testing. Should any of these checks identify a problem, we can carry out investigative work to identify the underlying cause and perform all the necessary maintenance and repairs, from minor component repair and overhaul to major airframe repair. Medavia Technics is also supported by an EASA Approval Certificate as a Design Approved Organisation. The scope of approval allows Medavia to carry out changes to type designs for both large (CS-25) and small (CS-23) aeroplanes ranging from Avionics Systems to performance and handling qualities. We also offer certification for design modification packages prepared by other Organisations. Today our esteemed clientele is widespread throughout the world.


About Us Aircraft Approvals

Bombardier DHC8-100

Bombardier DHC8-200

Bombardier DHC8-300

Bombardier DHC8-400

Viking Air DHC6 Series

Hawker Beech 1900 Series

Super King Air B200 Series Dornier 328-100

CASA 212 Series

BAe 146/RJ

ATR 72 (All Series)

ATR 42 (All Series)

List of Aircraft Types • • • • •

Bombardier DHC8-100/200/300 Bombardier DHC8-400 Viking Air DHC6 Series Hawker Beech 1900 Series Super King Air B200 Series

• • • • •

Dornier 328-100 CASA 212 Series BAe 146/RJ ATR 42 (All Series) ATR 72 (All Series)


About Us Hangar Facilities

Medavia’s state-of-the-art 7,000 square metre facility is located within the secure perimeter of Safi Aviation Park, with a direct taxiway from the Company’s maintenance facilities and offices to the main runway of Malta International Airport.

The Company’s goal to continue to grow and prosper is based on ensuring the provision of timely, cost-effective MRO works that are in full compliance with international operational safety standards.

Overall length: 100 metre Door Clearance (height): 16 metre Door Clearance (width): 50 metre Hangar Area: 5,000 square metre

To ensure maximum proactivity and efficiency, a fully equipped maintenance area is housed within the hangar. All maintenance is conducted in specialised, dedicated workshops, which include an Avionics Shop, Battery Shops, a Sheet Metal Shop and a Tyre / Wheel shop. Other supporting departments such as Part 21J DO, Technical Stores, Logistics, Production Planning and Administration are also available under one roof.


About Us MRO Approvals

Medavia Technics MRO approvals reflect a successful Company that has placed itself as one of the market leaders in the MRO business industry.

EASA Part 145 TM Approval reference MT.145.02

Libya CAA CAR. 145 Approval reference LY CAR.145.015

FAR 145 Repair Station Approval reference 3M8Y403C

Bermuda CAA AMO Approval reference BDA/AMO/691

Kenya CAA AMO Approval reference K/AMO/F/111

Aruba CAA AMO Approval reference DL-ACC-203

And many more... 1.4

About Us Aircraft Capabilities

Our responsibility and commitment is to maintain your fleet safe and airworthy through rigorous streamlined processes. MEDAVIA EASA PART 145 APPROVED CAPABILITY LISTING Class





Bombardier DHC8-100/200/300 Series (PWC PW120) Bombardier DHC8-400 Series (PWC PW150) CASA C-212 Series (Honeywell TPE331) Dornier 328-100 (PWC PW119) Beech 1900 (PWC PT6) BAe 146/AVRO 146-RJ (Honeywell ALF500 Series) ATR 42-200/300 (PWC PW120) ATR 42-400/500/72-212A (PWC PW120) ATR 72-100/200 (PWC PW120)



De Havilland DHC-6 (PWC PT6) Beech 200 Series (PWC PT6)

Components other than complete engines or APU

C1, C5, C7, C12, C14, C16, C20

Specialised Services








Refer to Capability List

Eddy Current Inspection, Radiographic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection, Boroscope Inspection.



Base / Line

Bombardier DHC8-100/200/300 Series

Equalised Checks Letter Checks

Base Maintenance

Bombardier DHC8-400 (PWC P150)

Equalised Checks Letter Checks

Base Maintenance

CASA C-212 Series (Honeywell) TPE331

‘A’ ‘C’ ‘Y’ Checks Corrosion Inspection

Base Maintenance

Dornier 328-100 (PWC PW119)

Phase 1-2-3 Inspections Defect Rectification

Line Maintenance

Beech 1900 (PWC PT6)

Phase Checks

Base Maintenance

Beech 200 Series (PWC PT6)

Phase Checks

Base Maintenance

De Havilland DHC-6 (PWC PT6)

EMMA ‘C’ Checks CPC

Base Maintenance

BAe 146/AVRO 146-RJ (Honeywell ALF500 Series)

‘A’ Checks ‘C’ Checks Repeat S.I.

Base Maintenance

ATR 42-200/300 (PWC PW120)

Equalised Checks Letter Checks

Base Maintenance

ATR 42-400/500/72-212A (PWC PW120)

Equalised Checks Letter Checks

Base Maintenance

ATR 72-100/200 (PWC PW120)

Equalised Checks Letter Checks

Base Maintenance


Services Medavia Technics MRO objective is to competently minimise aircraft downtime. In order to meet the ever challenging demands to maintain the highest levels of airworthiness, the Company provides specialist maintenance services that are comprehensive and thorough.



Base Maintenance

The Company provides for planned maintenance inputs, defect rectification, aircraft modification, structural repairs, aircraft refurbishments and AD/SB incorporations. With our Base Maintenance Hangar located in Malta, we are centrally located and close to all European countries, which gives Medavia Technics an advantage, both for obtaining parts from OEM’s and for clients around the world.



Line Maintenance

The Company’s acquired skillsets and experiential learning, provides reassurance that every aircraft, remains at peak performance. Throughout our four decades of service, we have set up full maintenance line stations, maintenance support and aircraft operational servicing all over the world.

Line Station Locations



Deployment of Work Teams

Our team of technical experts can be deployed at short notice to almost any destination, be it for routine maintenance works/checks and/or in AOG situations. Medavia Technics has provided AOG teams around the world. From the harsh deserts of North Africa to the cold regions of Northern Europe. We offer this invaluable service to companies and private aircraft owners on a 24/7 basis.



Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a highly valuable method of inspecting that can save both money and time in aircraft assessment, checks, and locating defects. Our current NDT methods include: • Radiographic Inspection • Liquid Penetrant Inspection • Eddy Current Inspection

• Magnetic Particle Inspection • Ultrasonic Inspection • Boroscope Inspection


Services Avionics

Specialised avionics equipment support is offered on request. Furthermore in our avionics shop we are able to conduct all necessary work in a safe and secure environment. As the Avionics Shop is located within the main hangar area we are able to test and certify a vast number of aircraft systems with the means of specialised equipment complementing a fast and efficient service while aircraft is under maintenance.



Battery Maintenance

Provision of Lead Acid and NiCad battery maintenance.

Battery maintenance entails a number of services, from battery charging, to a complete battery overhaul, including dismantling cleaning and capacity checks.



Sheet Metal

Structural repairs and modifications are carried out in accordance with SRM / OEM instructions.

Structural repairs and modifications are carried out both on wing or in our dedicated sheet metal workshop, depending on the complexity. The workshop provides the desired environment to craft sheet metal work from scratch.



Wheel Maintenance

Through our dedicated workshop, provision of various wheel maintenance services are offered.

Wheel Shop services include direct tyre replacements and overhauls, such as disassembly, cleaning, inspection (NDT), painting and re-assembly of main and nose wheel assemblies.



Aircraft Refurbishment

To further compliment our enhanced capabilities, we offer small and large aircraft refubishment.

This service extends from refurbishment of aircraft interior, exterior, minor repair and decal enhancement, to a complete aircraft repaint.


Services Aircraft Cleaning

To continue providing total support to our customers, aircraft cleaning interior and exterior has been added to our list of services.

Our current aircraft cleaning services include: • Exterior aircraft washing • Internal aircraft cleaning • Aircraft exterior polishing

• Carpet & seat valeting • Aircraft water and lavatory servicing


We appreciate the support and loyalty of all our customers who have helped Medavia succeed during the past 40 years.

Representing four decades of successful operation as an all-round Aviation Service Provider.

And many more...




Mediterranean Aviation Co. Ltd. Safi Aviation Park, Carmelo Caruana Road, Safi SFI 1721 - Malta +356 2249 0203

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Medavia Technics - Part 145 Maintenance Repair Organisation Booklet  

Medavia Technics - Part 145 Maintenance Repair Organisation Booklet  

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