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Be part of the journey towards an alcohol/ethanol-free society.


Join us on the journey towards an alcohol/ethanol-free society

Turtlecare Defeat represents a proven approach to disinfection without the use of alcohol/ethanol or harmful additives. The history spans over a century of dedicated work on sustainable product solutions that blend decades of innovation.

Through Turtlecare Defeat, we aim to contribute to reducing harmful emissions in our environment. The product is not only powerful in combating microorganisms but is also designed to harmonize with the environment.

The world, and Europe in particular, demands products with zero tolerance for harmful substances. Therefore, we passionately work every day to develop products that align with the ambitious goals set for 2030.

Our focus is on creating environmentally friendly alternatives that eliminate the need for harmful chemicals, specifically alcohol/ethanol, which was previously used as the standard for disinfection. Our products reflect a unique approach where alcohol/ethanol has been replaced with more effective and gentle alternatives.

Together, we strive for an improved future where our products play a key role in creating a sustainable and healthy environment. We are proud to announce that our products are fully approved by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in categories PT1, PT2, PT3, PT4, PT5, and PT11. Our products are non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and of course, alcohol-free.

Turtlecare Defeat is arguably the world’s most effective liquid disinfectant.

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The science says...

Agnes Wold, Professor of Clinical Bacteriology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital Academy in Gothenburg, confirms that the solution is highly effective. It works similarly to white blood cells against bacteria, fungi, being killed in less than 60 seconds. Made entirely from products from nature, and the byproduct becomes saline solution.

HOCl has been the subject of extensive scientific research and has generated many comments and statements from experts in various fields. Here are some of the scientific comments and statements about HOCl:

Antimicrobial Effectiveness: Several studies have confirmed the powerful antimicrobial effect of HOCl against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Researchers have commented on its ability to effectively eliminate pathogens and reduce the risk of infections.

Safety for Use: Experts in medicine and microbiology have noted the safety of HOCl when used correctly and in appropriate concentrations. It has been emphasized that HOCl is non-toxic to humans and animals at low concentrations and is safe for use in disinfecting skin, wounds, and surfaces.

Environmental Friendliness: Scientists have highlighted HOCl’s environmentally friendly properties as it breaks down into harmless substances like salt and water. This makes it an attractive alternative to some other disinfectants that may have negative effects on the environment.

Potential Applications: Experts in various fields, including medicine, the food industry, and hygiene, have commented on the many potential applications for HOCl. It has been discussed as an effective disinfectant for surfaces, medical equipment, food contact surfaces, and air disinfection.

In summary, HOCl has received positive comments and statements from experts in the scientific community due to its antimicrobial properties, safety, and potential uses. Continued research and development are expected to further strengthen its role as a valuable tool in disinfection and hygiene.

Fast-acting Non-flammable No irritating or sting Viruses, bacteria & fungi Completely non-toxic Eliminates 99,999% Healing properties Tested in laboratories pH-neutral

HOCl: A Natural Disinfection Power

Origin of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl):

Hypochlorous acid is a potent disinfectant with an interesting connection to both science and nature. Its origin dates back to processes that naturally occur in the atmosphere and in the body’s immune defense system.

Hypochlorous acid was first discovered by the French chemist Antoine Labarraque in 1820. However, it is not just a laboratory-produced substance; HOCl is actually part of the biological defense mechanism of several organisms, including humans and other mammals.

HOCl: A Natural Defender:

Hypochlorous acid is part of the human immune system’s arsenal. White blood cells, especially neutrophils, produce hypochlorous acid to combat pathogens and foreign substances. It is one of the first lines of defense in the body’s fight against infections.

Additionally, HOCl is also present in small amounts in the atmosphere, where it forms from reactions between chloride ions (from sea salt) and ozone under certain conditions. This natural process helps purify the air and reduce the presence of harmful microorganisms.

HOCl in Modern Times:

With increasing awareness of the need for effective disinfection methods, HOCl has regained its place in the spotlight. Interest in its use has grown due to its ability to effectively eliminate a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

In today’s society, HOCl is used in various industries and applications, including healthcare, food safety, water treatment, and household cleaning. Its ability to combat pathogens without leaving behind harmful or toxic residues makes it an attractive alternative for disinfection in many situations.

Manufacture of HOCl:

HOCl can be produced in several ways, including electrolytic production and chemical synthesis. The most sustainable and environmen-

tally friendly method involves the electrolytic dissociation of sodium chloride (NaCl) in water, resulting in the production of HOCl and sodium hydroxide.

This manufacturing process is relatively simple and can be done with minimal environmental impact, making HOCl an attractive solution for those striving for sustainable disinfection alternatives.


HOCl has a wide range of applications due to its effectiveness as a disinfectant and its safety for people and the environment. Here are some common applications for HOCl where the pH value and strength of the product have been adjusted to suit different purposes:

Healthcare: In the healthcare sector, HOCl is used for disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and instruments in hospitals, clinics, dental, and medical offices. It is also used for wound irrigation and skin disinfection.

Food Industry: In the food sector, HOCl is used to disinfect surfaces, utensils, and machinery in food production. It is also used to treat fresh produce and food packaging to extend shelf life and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

Water Treatment: HOCl is used for the disinfection of drinking water, swimming pools, hot tubs, and industrial process water. It is effective at removing bacteria, such as Legionella, viruses, and algae from water sources.

Household Cleaning: In household cleaning, HOCl is used to disinfect surfaces in kitchens, bathrooms, and other common areas. It is safe to use on various materials and surfaces without causing damage.

Prevention of Infection Spread: HOCl can be used to reduce the risk of infection and the spread of diseases in public places such as schools, offices, gyms, public transportation, and other communal spaces.

Veterinary Medicine: In veterinary medicine, HOCl is used to disinfect animal shelters, veterinary clinics, stables, and other facilities where animals are cared for and treated.

Industrial Cleaning: HOCl is also used in industrial cleaning for the disinfection of production facilities, machinery, vehicles, and other industrial spaces.

Personal Hygiene: HOCl can also be used for personal hygiene, including hand, skin, and wound disinfection. It is a safe and effective alternative to alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

In conclusion, HOCl has versatile applications across various industries and contexts where effective disinfection is crucial for maintaining health, safety, and hygiene.

Final Thoughts: With its connection to both nature and effective science, HOCl is a versatile and powerful disinfection solution. Its origin in the body’s immune system and the atmosphere emphasizes its natural character, while its effectiveness and manufacturing capabilities make it an indispensable resource for maintaining health and hygiene in today’s society.

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