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Volume 4 Issue 5

February 2013

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Making Meadowridge History!


In the span of less than one week Meadowridge history was made!

12224-240th Street

On Friday, February 22nd the Grade 6/7 Boys Basketball team, led by their coaches Ms. Darcie Hook and Mr. Jamie Marriott, won the first Grade 7 Boys Basketball ISEA Championships.

Maple Ridge, BC V4R 1N1

The next Tuesday, on February 26th our Senior Boys Basketball team, led by coaches Mr. Scott Banack, Mr. Scott Spurgeon and Mr. Daniel Le Page, made history again by winning the first GVISSA Championship for our Senior Boys Team. Congratulations to both teams on their victory! For more information on these amazing victories, go to page 6. t: 604.467.4444 | f: 604.467.4989 The Meadowridge Mini Gryphon is printed in-house to reduce costs. Meadowridge School is proud to be an accredited International Baccalaureate Continuum World School.

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Mr. George Read & Ms. Fay Kingwill Mr. Quan Ren & Mrs. Lin Wu Dr. John Reynolds & Dr. Isabelle Cote Ms. Carolyn Sapach

This year, please help us

Grow our home.

Annual Giving Our Gryphons Need a World Class Facility to Showcase Their Talents!

Mrs. Jada Sawatzky Mr. Alan Sharda, Ms. Zebeen Panju & Azynah

You can make this project possible by supporting Annual Giving.

Mr. & Mrs. Justin & Jennifer Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Rajindar & Sheila Singh Mr. Troy Sobotka & Ms. Andrea Frisby Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Norma-Jean Spika Mr. Scott Spurgeon Mr. Chen Wei Sun & Ms. Hong Chang Mr. Kevin Sun & Ms. Feng Li Mr. & Mrs. Mahmud & Rishma Sunderji Mr. & Ms. Peter & Alison Thompson Truc Truck Finder Inc. (The Vine Family)

Our gymnasium is a dynamic and diverse recreational space for our entire community.

Not only is it used daily for the PE programme, it is a practice space for basketball, volleyball, badminton and fencing.

The gym serves as a backdrop to our assemblies, ceremonies and special events as well as offering a revenue source as a facility rental.

Thousands of people walk through the gym annually as guests for sporting and special events.

Mr. & Mrs. Julian & Marilyn Turner Mr. & Mrs. David & Lyn Tyler Dr. & Mrs. Hanif & Sophie Ukani Ms. Michelle Vally Ms. Tamara Warner Drs. Qasim & Tehima Wasti Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Jennifer Watt Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Susan Waugh Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Tracey Welsh Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Kalie Whitaker Mr. William Wong & Ms. Tina Lee Mr. Feng Xu & Mrs. Shuo Chen Mr. Fu Qing Xu & Mrs. Hui Wang Mr. Wen Yong Yang & Mrs. Jie Luan Mr. Xiaoping Yuan & Ms. Hongli Gong Mr. Kyle Jeans & Ms. Krista Zambolin Mr. Jie Zhao and Mrs. Yan Peng Ms. Xiao Hong Zhou Mr. Hai Tao Zhu & Ms. Li Ling Li

To reach our goal, we need generous and broad participation across the Meadowridge community. Please consider your family or business donating in support of this project.

Donate to Annual Giving Today.

Fill out the form included in this mailing, donate online at or contact Mrs. Lyn Tyler at Meadowridge is a not-for-profit organization. Donations above $25.00 are tax deductible. Charitable Registration #0719195-21-27

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Driven to succeed

A Conversation with Board of Governors Member, Mike Schutz His children’s mother, Chantal, is over making sure their children, Riley and Emily, are doing their homework. She jokes "Mike you should have school meetings at your home more often, just think how organized and tidy things would be". Mike still has his Christmas tree up; it stands proudly next to two super-sized Valentine’s Day cards displayed on the mantle. He must be going for a year-round seasonal look, I think. All he needs now are some Easter bunnies and a Halloween pumpkin. “I just haven’t had time to take it down, and to be frank, I have nowhere else to put it because I have been renovating my basement for almost a year now”. The sounds of evening homework activities from around the kitchen table form a backdrop to our conversation –“Try again, Sh-o-v-el” … I ask Mike what drew him to Meadowridge. “Chantal has always wanted the kids here, so we came for a visit”. Mike was particularly struck by the politeness of the children; he took a tour of the school with a young boy and knew he wanted his son to be just like him. "He was polite, but he had spunk, I liked that. I was expecting a bit of a Diary of a Wimpy Kid scenario but I could see that this place was not like that". Most importantly, Mike wanted his children to be happy when they were at school; "All the kids were so at ease and seemed to be enjoying their day". He was also very impressed by the facilities and can see how parents and students would be drawn to our school as we improve and develop them. He feels it is important to remember that our students come from all over, all around the world. “We are not just a remarkable school for Maple Ridge; we are a remarkable school for the world. This place is something we should all be so proud of”.

Mike Schutz’s calling came to him at the age of sixteen in the form of a red convertible. Like most boys growing up in Western Canada, he was pondering life and wondering where his path would take him. “I had recently completed one of those online career aptitude tests and to my surprise it suggested a career as a back hoe operator. Later that day, my neighbour pulled up in a convertible red mustang and I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was a “CA”, and so my decision was made.” After high school Mike took some time to find himself, travelled extensively and got his degree in Business Administration majoring in Accounting at SFU. He articled with KPMG in Vancouver and became a CA in 2003. I arrive at his home, a little late. Mike opens the door with his son Riley at his side. I apologize and he says, “Don't worry, I could use the time – I had to tidy-up a bit”.

Mike’s wish for the school is that it continues to flourish, and that it grows from strength to strength. He has been very impressed, amazed in fact, by the growth in athletic achievement at Meadowridge School, it seems like every week that we have some new tournament victory under our belt. “We’re such a small school and it is amazing what we achieve”. He also thinks there is so much potential in having purchased the property next door. This will provide a land buffer and protect us from encroachment. It will also provide many opportunities for the children today and in the future. He can see them learning about streams and salmon and building a connection with nature.

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“Wouldn’t it be amazing if we can actually get the salmon coming back?” We speak about his decision to join first the Finance Committee and then the Board, and in listening to him, it dawns on me that when he speaks of the school and his role as a Board member, he speaks the way a father would of his family. “Why apply all this time and energy to our school? You're someone who picked a career because of the car you can drive”! I say. “It is ironic that even as a financial guy, I am not driven by personal finances. My kids have a comfortable home and a backyard to play in; I rent my basement out to help make ends meet.” ”But you still don't own a red Mustang" I joke. "My children attend Meadowridge. What more could I want for them or myself?” “I am driven by the knowledge that things could be better for all the students and families at Meadowridge." “The board attracts people who similarly care about the mission of our school. It is funny how we all have come together, I am happy to work alongside them; it is good to know that I can apply my financial skills and my determination to help them and the school succeed.” I was reminded of a statement in one of my fundraising books that says that money allows an organization to function, a committed Board decides the right direction, but it is the passion and drive of individuals like this that determines its success. He adds, “It is Meadowridge that binds us together as a family; Chantal and I have every trust in the school. In fact, we all entrust our children to the school, every day, so helping the school is helping my family and children. I am supporting their future too; I know they are going to be happy and live fulfilling lives through Meadowridge”. “I was fortunate to join the Finance Committee and the Board at a very exciting time. While the Vision sessions were in progress, the finance group had a look at the underfunding of the previous strategic plan. We pulled the plans apart, compared them to annual budgets and outcomes, developed action items and ‘parked’ some

This year, please help us

ideas. This meeting was a trigger for many things, including key elements carried forward to the strategic planning sessions of 2012, which also took into account the newly written Vision for the school. The new Strategic Plan intends to do a few things: mitigate tuition increases, develop a worldclass facility with new buildings and green spaces, expand programmes and attract more students”.

“We sometimes need to make some tough decisions and stare criticism from people we care about in the face, but I really do believe that through thoughtful planning and hard work we can make our school as great as we wish” The Board is undergoing its own strategic planning session under the guidance of John Littleford in April. “I am very excited about the advice he will give, especially to those of us who are new to governance. Robert Browing penned the phrase, ‘A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what is heaven for?” “Our plans are ambitious, but not impossible. Every time the school undergoes expansion it attracts investment, world-class talent, and families who want the best for their kids. As a Board, it is our responsibility to step outside our comfort zone, to think boldly and to ask, ‘what will make us better? We sometimes need to make some tough decisions and stare criticism from people we care about in the face, but I really do believe that through thoughtful planning and hard work we can make our school as great as we wish.” “Being great though is not elitist. I think it is a very human place, and will remain so. We have made great strides in changing this perception in the wider community. This

Grow our home.

school continues to attract teachers who care deeply about families. We know that first hand. When our daughter was recently diagnosed with epilepsy, they stood by us through it all. Chantal and I know she is in the right place, a place that will meet her needs, a place which will work with us to not let her get left behind. Teachers don't surprise us just under these exceptional circumstances, they surprise us in the little things they do every day. Who would expect a teacher to remember your child's interest in Minecraft five years after they have last taught them, and to take the time to connect with them and invite them to mentor their class in that activity? They can only do this because they care deeply about the children and value each child's unique abilities and learning styles.” “I know a lot of people really fear us getting a bit bigger and are concerned that we will lose the intimacy we have now, but I want to remind them that the intimacy we feel comes from our Mission of ‘Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community’ and as we move forward, the Board will hold this Mission in trust for them, amplifying it and ensuring it remains central to all we do.” - Mrs. Lyn Tyler, Advancement

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Senior Boys Basketball GVISSA Championships

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Grade 6/7 Boys Basketball ISEA Championships On Friday, February 22nd the Grade 6/7 boys went to play in the ISEA championship at St. George’s School. Our team came into the tournament ranked number one, after an 8-0 run during the regular season. Throughout the season we carried 22 to 23 players and would often have different players come to different games with our team split on few occasions in order to play a local and an ISEA game. Through all of this, our boys remained undefeated. A memorable game this season was our final regular season game against then undefeated St. George’s School. Our team got off to a strong start due to our aggressive press and fast breaks and the game ended 39-27, thus cementing our undefeated season.

On Tuesday, February 26th, the Senior Boys Basketball team made history by winning their first ever GVISAA Championship. It was a thrilling 59-56 victory over rival Maple Ridge Christian School, a team that had bested the Gryphons twice earlier in the season. It truly was a great example of how perseverance and the right attitude can turn a learning experience into memories that will last a lifetime.

For the ISEA Championship Tournament we went back to St. George’s to try and repeat our regular season success. We knew we had the best team there, but as we have learned from the Vancouver Canucks being the number one ranked team does not guarantee a championship win.

The Senior Boys show how the collective ability of a group can be greater than the sum of their individual abilities. Throughout the season, we had 6 different players lead us in scoring in single games. Everyone made significant contributions. We defeated teams that had better individual players, but were unable to overcome our team approach to defending and attacking.

The players learned when to lead and when to follow. We learned how to win with class and how to learn from defeat. We also experienced our share of challenges. We had major injuries, conflicting schedules, early morning practices, missing uniforms and lost drivers. We played against six different teams that were ranked provincially and many other much larger schools. We won 15 games this year, but also lost 10. It was through those losses that we improved the most. During those frustrating times, we came together and were able to maintain a positive attitude. The players made it through those times as a team and are stronger because of it. The players learned when to lead and when to follow. We learned how to win with class and how to learn from defeat. We learned about commitment and what is required to overcome challenges. We learned to face adversity, not fear it. Together, these experiences gave us the tools necessary to win a GVISAA Championship and I couldn’t be more proud of this group of young men. With Gryphon pride, - Mr. Scott Banack, Senior Boys Basketball Coach

We started off the day with a victory over St. John’s 43 to14. We then faced a much larger opponent in Southpointe, but our speed and skill excelled, resulting in a 50 to 29 victory in the semi-final game. Pulling an upset, Stratford Hall defeated St. George’s by 5 points and would be our opposing team for the final game. The game was very close until half and could have gone either way. In the end we kept at them and started to pull away in the game, resulting in a 41-29 victory in the Gold Final. The precision and speed of our team was impressive as they ran into several teams with distinct height advantages. The game plan and the execution by the players trumped all in the end and we did not falter under the pressure. On a side note, all 23 players played during the final championship day, showing great team depth. Every member of the team played great, but our two starting guards, Muhammed T. (Grade 7) and Dylan J. (Grade 7) were excellent in all games. Congratulations, boys, on an awesome season. It was a pleasure to coach you all. Go Gryphons! - Mr. Jamie Marriott and Ms. Darcie Hook Grade 6/7 Boys Basketball Coaches

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This year, please help us

Grow our home.

Calling all fencing enthusiasts! Meadowridge Youth Fencing Open

Mark your calendars for the Meadowridge Youth Fencing Open on Sunday, April 14th, 2013. Meadowridge will be hosting its first open tournament and fencers from many other clubs are invited to enter. Foil, epee and sabre fencers will have an opportunity to experience fencing on real fencing strips called pistes. Bouts will be presided by many of our lower mainland’s top coaches and elite fencers. The public is invited to drop in and see what the sport of fencing is all about and cheer on our own Meadowridge fencing team.

Event Details: Date: Sunday, April 14th, 2013 Place: Meadowridge School Gym Time: Events take place from 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM Events: All three weapons will be featured throughout the day (foil, epee and sabre) Fencers from ages 10 – 16 years old will be competing. If you have any questions, please contact: Gareth Mason (Volunteer Parent Coach) at or 604-878-1076

Meadowridge Fencing Families - Register your child now for the first ever Meadowridge Youth Fencing Open! A good part of the fun and skills development for fencers comes from participating in competitions. For those who haven’t done many (or any) tournaments yet, they give the young fencer a chance to vary their style against new opponents, and develop the tactical side of the sport. This year, we are hosting what could become a significant youth event in this area, the new Meadowridge Youth Fencing Open 2013, covering all age-groups from Y10 to Cadet, and all 3 fencing weapons. To participate, all fencers need to have BCFA membership, which Year 2 onwards fencers at Meadowridge need to have anyway, as we are a BCFA affiliated club (for insurance etc.). This tournament would be great preparation for later events, including the Provincials in June/July. As always, our coaches and staff will be there to support the kids (and parents!) through preparation and the tournaments, help with questions, equipment, learning and encouragement. We know it’s new for a lot of people. Here are the links for more information, if you’d like to take this up and register:

Get BCFA membership ($22.50 for Canadian CFF + $40 for BCFA) here (if you haven’t before): and click on the link under BCFA/CFF Registration Your CFF membership number will be emailed to you within a week. If you have to take out a membership, please do not leave this to the last minute. You need your membership number to register on

Get a user ID for your child on the fencing results and events database (FRED) here (if you haven’t before):

Register for the Meadowridge Youth Fencing Open here:

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I dreamed a dream... When we first started our rehearsals for Les Misérables back in September, I don’t think anyone involved in the production was able to fully visualize what the show would look or sound like when we finally got it to the stage. It initially felt like opening night was too far away. We sat together in the music room, learning the big group numbers and getting to know each other. We giggled over some of the silly lines, argued about how to pronounce “women,” and blushed our way through “Lovely Ladies.” As the months progressed, I was amazed by the progress our students made; they took more risks and fully engaged with their characters. Students who initially proclaimed they could not sing were suddenly belting out show-tunes. Each rehearsal, I was awed by the students as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zones and rose to every challenge we gave them. There even came a time when they accomplished something I previously thought was impossible for them: marching in time! Of all the adjectives that could be used to describe Les Misérables, ‘easy’ will never be one of them. The work required of each of these 50 students is immeasurable, and that they can pull off a show of this calibre while maintaining high academic standards, part-time jobs and athletic championships is amazing. For every frustrating moment, there are a hundred fantastic memories. From the moment the curtain opened on the first night to the final bows on closing night, our students surpassed my expectations. From the feedback and the standing ovations, it is clear that the audience was equally impressed. I hope that each student involved is as proud of their contribution as I am. I am so honoured to have been on this journey with our cast, musicians, crew, and production staff, and I could never appropriately express my thanks for their involvement. - Ms. Jennifer Higginson, Artistic Director & MYP Teacher

At its core, Les Misérables is a story of love and redemption: romantic love, familial love and love for your country. It takes us back to a time of despair; years after the French Revolution was supposed to make citizens ‘free and equal,’ the government was still oppressing its people. Jean Valjean, our hero, becomes a victim of these circumstances after he steals a loaf of bread to feed a starving child. The show begins as Valjean is facing freedom for the first time in 19 years. He returns to a society where jobs and food are scarce, and finding employment was an impossibility for a convict. After breaking his parole, he spends the rest of his life seeking redemption for his sins. One act of compassion forces Valjean to reexamine his life, and he eventually becomes the mayor of a prosperous town and a loving adoptive father. No matter how successful he becomes, he cannot hide from his own past, or the relentless and honour-bound inspector chasing him. As a novel, in many movies and as a stage musical, Les Miserables has captivated audiences for over a century. There is something in the story that speaks to all of us, and we feel the pain, loss and hope of these characters as they struggle to survive in unforgiving times.

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This year, please help us

Grow our home.

Les Misérables in Pictures

“The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.” Victor Hugo

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Introducing our Deputy Head After a detailed and thorough search we have recently hired Mr. Jason Parker to join Meadowridge in the position of Deputy Head beginning July 2013. Mr. Parker has a variety of experiences, including time at Meadowridge, that has made him a great choice to fill this position and rejoin the Meadowridge community. The role of Deputy Head will be to assist the Headmaster in leading the school and to posses the need for visionary, instructional, managerial, collaborative and moral leadership. The Deputy Headmaster will be expected to fully embrace the International Baccalaureate model of learning and our own Vision and Mission. Below is a letter and brief biography from Mr. Parker. If you have any questions, please contact our Director of Human Resources, Mrs. Kalie Whitaker at We are excited to welcome Mr. Parker back to Meadowridge!

Dear Meadowridge Friends and Families, My name is Jason Parker and I am very proud to be returning to Meadowridge School in July 2013 as Deputy Headmaster. Our school is, indeed, world class in terms of the calibre of education it offers our students. Likewise, my experience is that Meadowridge staff and parents are among the most dedicated I have had the pleasure of meeting, and working with, during my nineteen years of experience as an educator. I live in Vancouver with my wife, Nancy (whom I met while teaching in Colombia, South America), our son, Liam (now in Kindergarten), my sister, Carolina and our fish, Rodney. I am currently the Principal of Abbotsford Traditional Middle School in School District #34, which is a public school of choice that offers a purposefully small format, with a student uniform and a focus on character development. Working as a public school Administrator for the past seven years, I also have extensive experience in independent school settings, both domestic and international. I’ve had exposure to American, Canadian, British and the International Baccalaureate (IB) curricular models. In addition to teaching, I have enjoyed employment as a Grade Team Leader, Curricular Department Head, Community Service Program Coordinator, Chair of Professional Development, Vice Principal and Principal. Previously employed at Meadowridge for a period of three years, I taught Spanish, Social Studies, P.E. and chaired our Staff Professional Development Committee. I also completed my graduate work during this time. Meadowridge has been a key influence in my professional and personal life, shaping the values I have taken forward into other environments. Critically important to me, has been the opportunity that schools like Meadowridge provide to “do good in the world”, by serving and working alongside others. I look forward to meeting you in person and co-creating a path forward with you, as our school continues to set both local and global standards as an exemplary IB World School. I know Meadowridge to be a school where attention to instructional excellence, and a focus on helping youth to develop the skills and qualities required to live well, with others and for others, all combine to create an unparalleled educational experience. Kindest regards, Jason Parker

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Grow our home.

Council of International Schools (CIS) Accreditation and Tour

Meadowridge School has embarked on an accreditation journey to qualify for membership with the Council of International Schools. On May 6th, Meadowridge will welcome visitors to engage in an evaluation of our practices to determine whether we are Mission driven and Vision led, focused on student learning and well-being, and are committed to Internationalism to foster global citizenship. Membership will offer an opportunity to raise our profile among a highly desirable population of young people, all of whom are eager to learn more about study opportunities abroad. Higher education membership in CIS is an exceptional value for institutions committed to international education. We are hopeful that we will soon be welcomed to the ranks alongside other prestigious International schools and feel that the daily experiences of a Meadowridge student already reflect the characteristics that CIS looks for in its applicant schools. - Ms. Christine Bickle, Advancement

From their website: The Council of International Schools (CIS)... ... a membership community committed to quality international education. The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a global non-profit membership organisation that provides services to elementary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and individuals focused on international education that have the following in common: • a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens; and • a commitment to high quality education To achieve this goal, our members must infuse international and intercultural perspective into their programmes and offerings so that students can move forward with the attitudes and understanding that will provide them with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them. Elementary and secondary school members must further commit to undertaking an ongoing quality assurance process to enhance student learning.

For more information, you are encouraged to visit

Diploma Programme Update On February 12th a Diploma Programme Information session was held for the parents of the Grads of 2015 (next year’s Grade 11s). During this time parents had the opportunity to go through an introduction to what the Diploma Programme is as well as the courses that are being offered at Meadowridge. Since this is a new programme there were many questions and all parents left with a better understanding of what their child’s Grade 11 and 12 years will look like. Since this meeting was only open to next year’s Diploma students’ parents, I will be holding an open information session on May 7th for any parent within our community who would like more information about the Diploma Programme. I welcome all of you to come and learn about the newest IB programme that Meadowridge offers. - Mrs. Kristal Bereza, Academic Director

May 7th Diploma Programme Information Session: Open to all parents.

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Student AChievements Keith H. (Grade 12) Senior Football Bowl

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Math 12 students came bounding into my classroom with the biggest smile on his face – his excitement was contagious and I could not help but get excited with him at his news even though I did not fully understand what it was all about: he told me that he had made it to the Senior Football Bowl, which is a province wide all-star game. I immediately decided that this news had to be shared, but before I could write this piece I had to gain some understanding of what this achievement involved. Over several emails and a very quiet discussion whilst sitting next to Keith during our last lockdown drill, I discovered a side to Keith that I never knew existed. This is what I found out…

The Senior Bowl consists of the top football players in the province, divided into two teams. Keith has been playing football since 2009 and is very committed to excelling in this sport. He belongs to a Football league called the Vancouver Mainland Football League (VMFL) and his team, known as the ‘Langley Stampeders’, is a part of the midget division which is for 1618 year olds. In his division there are 14 teams from all over the Lower Mainland, with three from Vancouver Island and one from Vernon. The football season starts on Labour Day weekend and lasts until early November for about 10 weeks, with games every Sunday. He told me that in addition to this they would also have one or two pre-season games. The playoffs start in early November and last until the first weekend in December and the top 12 teams make the playoffs with the top four earning a bye in the first round. The top two teams get to play in the provincial final on the first Sunday in December. Keith’s team made it all the way to the finals but unfortunately they lost. During the season he practices twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 hours. They also have film and a light walk through on Wednesday with another walk through on Saturday and the game on Sunday. He told me that he is also in the gym on Monday and Friday evenings. During the off season he maintains his fitness and strength by working out in the gym three nights a week and on the field for an hour on the weekend. Keith explained to me that for the Senior Bowl it is the top football players in the province, divided into two teams, who play against each other. He went on to add that there is also the Star Bowl which he made as an alternate; the Star Bowl is the all-star game for all of the players from his league. Keith, you should be commended for your commitment and dedication to football, congratulations for your achievement. We wish you every success in your future football endeavours! - Mrs. Carolyn Green, MYP Teacher

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Alia V. (Grade 10) A Star of Our Own

Alia had quite the surprise this past week when it was announced at the Vancouver ISTAR Ceremony that she was the winner of the Youth Leadership & Community Service Award. Held across Canada, the ISTAR program is designed by the Aga Khan Education Board of Canada to motivate and inspire Ismaili Muslim youth to strive for and achieve excellence. Alia gives of her time generously. At her Mosque, she is a Team Leader, working with and guiding the Junior Leaders to run their regular events. Within her community, she also teaches Bollywood dance.

The ISTAR program is designed by the Aga Khan Education Board of Canada to motivate and inspire Ismaili Muslim youth to strive for and achieve excellence. Here at Meadowridge, Alia is just as busy helping others. She brought together a group of students to form the “Sandwich Club,� which makes and distributes sandwiches for the Salvation Army. The Junior Service Gryphons are now working to make this a regular part of their club. As part of her school-related service, she also spends Mondays with local seniors at Greystone Manor. Congratulations, Alia, on winning this prestigious award, and thank you for all you do for those around you! - Ms. Carolyn Sapach, Advancement

Grade 10 & 12 Students

Canadian Open Mathematics Contest Seven of our students competed in the Canadian Open Mathematics Contest and we are pleased to report that three of these students attained certificates of recognition. Adrian S. did exceptionally well and was invited to a day of activities at the University of British Columbia (UBC) as a result of his performance. The following students competed and should all be proud of their efforts:

Adrian S. (Grade 12): Performance with Distinction Ming H. (Grade 12): Performance with Honours Jennifer A. (Grade 10): Performance with Honours Kavya S. (Grade 12) Gurshaan S. (Grade 10) Benjamin C. (Grade 10) Douglas Z. (Grade 10)

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Meadowridg 2012 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge The Canadian Mathematical Society in partnership with

with Honour


The University of British Columbia awards

Adrian Spira Adrian S. Meadowridge School, Maple Ridge

- Mr. Kevin Wells, Head of Mathematics

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Performance with Distinction

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Meadowr idge Schoo l

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A Strong Community Re-registration Update

Re-registration was once again solid this year and we are pleased to announce our projection that Meadowridge will open in September to record numbers. The quality of applicants is impressive this year as well. Upwards of 80 students have already been assessed including the 35 that attended on Saturday, February 16th. These families are anxious to hear good news about their children and we will offer seats and solidify placement in the coming weeks. At this time of year, we also reflect on the exciting prospects of our graduating class as they consider offers to post-secondary schools near and far. It is bittersweet to consider that soon we will watch them cross the stage and receive their diplomas; departing for new adventures with promises to write and visit often. Along with other friends who will be leaving at the end of the year, we console ourselves with the fact that new families will be joining us very soon and look forward to when we can warmly welcome them to the Meadowridge Community. - Ms. Christine Bickle, Advancement

Warming up the Coldest night Grade 12 Students at The Caring Place Fundraiser

Two teams of Meadowridge Grade 12 students participated in the Coldest Night of the Year fundraiser for the Caring Place in Maple Ridge. “The Salvation Army Caring Place is a safe haven where compassion and faith reveal that all things are possible and healing begins. The Caring Place exists to support individuals and families in our community struggling with poverty, addictions, mental illness, hunger and housing.� The teams were sponsored with a generous donation to the Caring Place by Mr. John McLaughlin. - Mr. Alan Graveson, MYP Teacher & Graduation Coordinator

Participants clockwise starting on the left were David N., Maddison E., Marlena O., Mr. Alan Graveson, Adrian S., Janine d., Colton M., Lauren C., Caja B., and Ashwin S.

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Harlem Globetrotter in the House Globetrotter Dizzy Grant Visits Meadowridge On Tuesday, February 5th, Meadowridge students up to Grade 8 had a surprise visit from the Harlem Globetrotters! Dizzy Grant stopped in to talk about “The ABCs of Bullying Prevention,” teaching some lucky volunteers basketball tricks in the process. Action, Bravery and Compassion were discussed as ways to support one another against bullying. A is for Actions like telling a responsible adult, B is for being Brave by standing up for someone being bullied, and C is for being Compassionate, by imagining how the person being picked on might feel. For sharing their ideas to help stop bullying, students Julian, Claudia, Riley and Emma got to join in the “Magic Circle” with Dizzy and Mr. Diniz, where they used teamwork to complete a circle of tricks, just like the Globetrotters do. I am sure no one will forget Mr. Diniz’s special dance: the running man, shake it to the left, shake it to the right, bring it on forward, take it to the back. He may have stolen the show! - Ms. Carolyn Sapach, Advancement

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Parent Guild UPDATE As I sit down to submit the latest Parent Guild “Get Connected” article, I gaze out of my office window to see the first signs of spring. It is such a welcome relief from the long nights that seem to start as soon as the kids get out of school. My spring bulbs are beginning to peek out and the trees are showing signs of buds. So it seems fitting to announce that the Parent Guild is excited to once again offer locally-grown hanging baskets to our Meadowridge Community, their friends and families. These flower baskets are magnificent. I have been a customer for almost 10 years and I have never been disappointed. We are pleased to be able to offer the baskets at the same great price as last year and significantly lower than you will find in the retail nurseries. The delivery date is Wednesday, May 8th, making it a perfect Mother’s Day Gift. Remember to order one for yourself so you can enjoy the beautiful flowers all summer and well into autumn. This year we are offering another option to spruce up your garden with the addition of flats of annual flowers to our selections. Please watch future communications for details of the products offered and the order sheet. The deadline to order is April 19th.

Feast-ival: The New Parent Guild Fair The Parent Guild council members have begun to plan for our newest community event, Feast-ival, scheduled for September 29th, 2013. Thank you to those that have already expressed their willingness to be a part of this event. We are very pleased that we are getting such a positive response. There are still lots of opportunities to get involved. We will need help from those that can spare a little time and from those that are able to take on more involved roles.

The planning has just begun! If there are parents who would like to get involved, please let us know by emailing

Whether your kids have just started in Junior Kindergarten or they are entering the final years, there are many good reasons for parents to volunteer. We encourage our children to help out and this is a great way for parents to show their kids that they take an interest in their school, their education, and it is a great way for parents to Get Connected to other families. There will also be lots of opportunities for students to volunteer and earn their service hours. If you can help us, we would love to hear from you. Email

Parent Guild Safety and Training Courses The Meadowridge Parent Guild is pleased to offer several Health and Safety Courses. This year we are offering the FoodSafe, Emergency First Aid and the Red Cross Babysitting programme. Space is still available in the FoodSafe and Emergency First Aid training sets for April 7th, 9:00am to 5:00pm. The cost is $95, including lunch for both courses. These courses are suitable for students 12 years and older, parents and staff. If you are interested in registering for one or more of these courses please email

Les Miserables As it is every year, whether on the stage or behind the scenes, the theatre production encompasses many MYP students and our teachers. I saw the cast and musicians practicing every day after school and I'm sure most weekends. The amount of work that goes into the school theatre productions is staggering. The Parent Guild supported this year’s musical by providing refreshments and nibbles for all four productions. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did and the accompanying refreshments. My wheelbarrow and rake are calling for me... I am headed outside to tidy up and prepare my gardens for those new annuals I will be planting in May. Enjoy the longer days was we head into Spring. Eileen Karmali Chair, Meadowridge Parent Guild

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IB Learner Profile Feature Why is the IB Learner Profile so important? “The beliefs and values of the PYP are represented in the form of the IB learner profile. This profile lists, as attributes, the learning outcomes of the curriculum and focuses attention on the fact that student learning is the purpose of schools. The IB learner profile also represents a synthesis of the essential elements of the PYP. Throughout the primary years, the students engage in structured inquiry that synthesizes knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes and action. In doing so, they develop the attributes described in the learner profile. This profile provides powerful goals that serve learning across all areas of the curriculum.” (From Making PYP Happen)

We will be featuring two IB Learner Profiles in each Mini Gryphon with a description of each Learner Profile and how you can role model the profile at home.


Students who are PRINCIPLED have a sense of fairness and are honest with themselves and with others. They understand that sometimes there are rules and they follow them. They have an understanding of moral reasoning. How can parents help to develop students who are Principled at home? • Involve your child in deciding on the rules for a game or activity and then ensure that they stick to the ones that have been decided upon. • Encourage your child to play games that involve teams. Discuss with your child the qualities of a team player. What sort of person would they want on their team? • When your child wins a game insist that he or she is a well-mannered winner. They might thank their opponent or shake hands with them if it’s appropriate. • When playing a game, don’t change the rules or let your child win. Being a gracious loser is just as important as being a good winner.

Risk-Taker Students who are RISK-TAKERS have the daring to try new things. They try to solve problems in a lot of ways. They have the bravery to tell people what they think is right. How can parents help to develop students who are Risk-Takers at home?

• If your child is feeling uneasy about trying something, encourage them to attempt it and then reflect on both whether they liked the activity and how it felt to try something new. • Your child might want to set some short-term goals. Consider activities that make him/her nervous. What are realistic goals for the week? • Your child might set a goal to: • Offer an opinion in class • Spend one recess with someone they might not usually play with • Order something different from the lunch menu • Try an activity they haven’t tried before • Be careful to explain to your child the difference between being a risk-taker by trying new things and doing dangerous things. - Mr. Terry Donaldson, PYP Director of Academics

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AROUND MEADOWRIDGE Junior Kindergarten SPCA Visit We were very lucky to have Carolyn, a presenter from the SPCA, come to our class with Max. Max is a 5 year old Standard Poodle who has been helping with the SPCA’s “Bite Free” presentations since he was a puppy, and has greeted over 1000 children in these presentations! Max and Carolyn talked to the Junior Kindergarten students about the proper way to approach and greet dogs, what to do if they are approached by a dog, and keeping themselves safe around animals. The children watched a short DVD followed by a great discussion where they learned to Stand Like a Tree or Lie Like a Log when approached by a dog they don’t know. After that, they practiced the proper way to greet a leashed dog. Each child had the opportunity to greet Max responsibly by first asking Carolyn for permission, offering Max their hand to sniff, then giving Max a little scratch under the chin or behind his ear. The children were happy to be rewarded with a little dog-kiss! We are very proud of our young risk-takers for showing that they are so responsible and caring! - Ms. Tricia Liversidge, PYP Teacher

Grade 5 Nutritionist Talk On February 12th, we had the pleasure of inviting Patricia Dominguez, a Registered Health Natural Nutritionist to speak to our Grade 5 classes about their digestive systems and how to keep their bodies healthy. Students were informed about the importance of healthy nutrition and how to maintain good energy levels, optimum health and prevent disease. Our students connected this lesson to their Unit of Inquiry “The Human Body” where they study body systems. They were able to recognize the digestive system as the one responsible for nourishing the other nine systems of the body. At the end of the lesson they demonstrated their knowleadge of nutrition by preparing their own healthy salad and eating it for lunch! - Ms. Michelle Brookshaw, PYP Teacher

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Grade 3 A Walk To The Forest Led by their teacher, Mr. James Willms, the Grade 3 class took a trip to their own backyard to look at Latimer Creek. Mr. Willms asked the class what they see for the future of the area. As the discussion turned to the creek itself students asked about the possibility of fish in the water. Mr. Willms let the students know that our community partner Alouette River Management Society (A.R.M.S.) had just tested the water and it passed! Our creek water is healthy and ready for salmon and trout fry to be released. One of the children even offered to donate their goldfish to begin the process! - Mrs. Christy Mooney, Advancement

Grade 6, 7 & 9 Design & Technology Classes Grade 6 students used a lot of recycled wood to build a box which was later beautifully decorated in Art. For most students it was their first time ever using hand tools, and thus the learning curve was huge.

Grade 6

Students discovered the importance of correct measuring, squaring and cutting. Very few fingers were banged while hammering, but many, many nails were bent and many pieces of wood were recut. The enthusiasm and energy with which the grade sixes attacked this project was astounding, and was reflected in the great boxes produced. Grade 7s completed their very difficult task of moving water from one container to the other. Usually this project has a low success rate, but this year the students used the design cycle very well and most groups managed to move the required quantity of water. Some groups moved 1000% more water than was needed, much revamping and redesigning took place, and more than a drop of water was spilled, but the project was extremely successful. The Grade 9s were very successful in designing and building a toy to improve fine motor skills. These toys were tested by various PYP groups and then donated to that group for use in their classroom. The Grade 9s dedication and attention to detail ensured that their products were of excellent quality and would be enjoyed for many years to come. - Mr. Darrel Lester, MYP Teacher

Grade 7

Grade 9

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LIBRARY UPDATE The Meadowridge Library is very busy with a number of highlights this month right up until Spring Break:

• March 7th: PYP Book Swap • March 8th: Scholastic Book Fair Preview • March 11-15th: Reading Week Reading Week Highlights include: • March 11th to 13th: Scholastic Book Fair (11:45-12:45) and (3:30-4:30) • March 13th: PYP – Norden the Magician • March 14th: MYP/DP - Dress up as your favorite book character • March 15th: Guest Readers, MYP/DP Book Swap, PYP Readathon and Pajama Day

Author Visit On February 6th, award winning local author Pam Withers visited our library and ran an inspiring writer’s workshop with our grade seven students. Pam has written fifteen bestselling sports and adventure books for teens. During the workshops, she spoke about her experiences as a writer including interviewing experts for books, perseverance and tips to begin the writing process. Students took part in a hands-on workshop interviewing their peers and created a piece of writing. Many of our students shared their work in front of the group. Feel free to drop by the library and check out many of Pam Withers’ books.

Volunteers are the Heart of the Library February was a special month where we took the opportunity to extend our thanks to our dedicated library parent volunteers. We are very thankful for their hard work shelving books, checking in and checking out resources, tidying, organizing, dusting, wrapping books and much more. With their support and hard work they truly make our library the “heart” of the school.

Bring a Book Back From Your Trip

Scholastic Book Fair As part of Reading Week, we are excited to host a Scholastic Book Fair! The Fair will be open for sales from Monday, March 11th to Wednesday March 15th. Stop by the Library at lunch (11:45-12:45) or in the afternoon (3:30-4:30). All visitors will be entered into a $50 Door Prize draw; $25 for yourself to shop and $25 for your classroom teacher. There will be some other contests running throughout the Book Fair, including a ‘Random Acts of Reading’ where students caught reading will be awarded with a prize.

Take me on an adventur e with you Find a book all shiny and new Send a photo of you and I Now I bet you’re wonderi ng why

Donate your book To the Library and you’ll see The picture you took of you and me. Happy Travels,

P.S. Send your photos to librarians@mead

Pictured on the Front: GryPh enjoyinG a book in the MeadowridGe School library Meadowridge School 12224-240th Street, Maple Ridge, BC V4R 1N1

What are you doing for the Spring Break? Staying local or travelling to an exotic location? Either way, do not forget to bring Gryph along! Drop by our library and pick up the Gryph postcard. Take this with you on a trip, buy a book to donate to the library, take a picture of you and Gryph and send it to librarians@meadowridge. Your book will be given a personalized book plate with that picture in it and sit proudly on our library shelf waiting to be checked out. Happy Travels!

Learning to live well, with others and for others, in a just community.

To My Meadowridge Friends,

Meadowridge Student wherever you may travel in the world

Visit the Meadowridge Library online at

Thank you to everyone who donated the new and gently used books this month. Our special thanks to Antalya M. (Grade 7) for her donation of “Huntress”.

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GRYPHON COUNCIL UPDATE The month of February was filled with many different exciting lunchtime events. Students in Grades 9 to 12 celebrated World Nutella Day (February 5th) by having an event where students had to hold a bread stick in their mouth, dip it in a cup of nutella, and then eat it; all of this without using their hands! The house with the fastest times won the most house points. Cupcake decorating also took place on Valentines Day. Students were able to decorate, and of course eat a delicious cupcake while they collected their matchmaker forms. Rock Band also took place on February 21st. Students rocked out on the guitar, drums, and microphone, while competing against each other for house points! Finally, Casino Royale, this year’s Winter Formal took place on February 22nd. The turnout was fantastic, and students had a great time dancing with their friends, and getting pictures taken by Mrs. Devantier. Alice K. (Grade 12) and Sydnie S. (Grade 10), the Activities Gryphons, put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that the dance was a success, and all the hard work paid off!

Students enjoyed playing Rock Band for House Points.

- Omar V., Media Gryphon

Penny Drive For Poverty With the help of Grade 5 leaders, the Junior Gryphon Council is hosting a Penny Drive! Not only can you donate your pennies to go towards a good cause you can also earn House Points! At the time of publication Kanaka and Alouette were neck and neck, but Whonnock and Fraser are not far behind. Make sure to drop off your pennies before March 11th. The goal is to collect enough pennies to purchase some of the following items for families in need in Africa: Goats ($75 each), newborn checkup ($12), two pigs ($90), mango trees ($15 each), clean water for a family ($75), bee keeping kit ($55), or rainwater harvesting tank ($500). - Mrs. Christy Mooney, Advancement

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VANCOUVER MODEL UNITED NATIONS Meadowridge Club Excels at Student-Run Conference On the weekend of February 1st to 3rd, sixteen Meadowridge Students attended the Vancouver Model United Nations Conference (VMUN) at the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver. This is the largest student-run conference in Western Canada, with over one-thousand student delegates in attendance. Organized by Mr. Kevin Kennedy, our students had an amazing experience, and three came home with awards: David, “Minister of Health” in the House of Commons, Canada, Jessica, representing Canada in the UN Environment Programme, and Emily, representing the Kingdom of Norway in the WHO, all came home with “Honourable Mention” awards. This is quite the achievement, since less than ninety awards were handed out to all delegates. When I asked about their experiences, I was expecting answers about politics, world issues and developing a passion for these areas. While these were mentioned, the majority of the participants had broader reasons for attending the VMUN, and gained furtherreaching outcomes than just general knowledge. Emily and Jessica spoke about how they won their awards. “You have to stand out right away by participating early on,” they agreed. Confidence, networking, and positioning themselves strategically were key. In Committees upwards of one-hundred delegates, if you don’t speak up, you will get lost in the crowd. Building confidence was one of the reasons Nicholas attended the VMUN. He was also interested in the formal rules of the actual debates. “I was so nervous before I spoke,” he admitted, but felt his confidence building as the weekend went on. “I really learned to think on the spot,” he said. You can’t have a thoughtful debate by just reading your notes, you need to know your subject completely as well as the procedure for debating in order to act quickly and successfully.

Our students truly seemed to make the most of their experience, jumping in and playing their part. Networking with international peers, quick thinking, following procedure, quality research, negotiating, strategy, confidence, world knowledge, collaboration and working under pressure were all mentioned as important parts of their weekend.

You can’t have a thoughtful debate by just reading your notes, you need to know your subject completely as well as the procedure for debating in order to act quickly and successfully. Would they go back? They all would - “it was FUN!” As serious as the weekend was, they insisted they spent a lot of time laughing and making new friends, too. Shaq’s eyes lit up every time he remembered the experience. He was even invited to return next year in a leadership role. We are proud of them all for preparing and participating in such a huge event, but even more proud of them for what they came home with: stronger skills and deeper passions for life and learning. - Ms. Carolyn Sapach, Advancement

VMUN Participants: Top row, left to right:

Zameer D. (Grade 10) Gurshan S. (Grade 10) Anky G. (Grade 10) David G. (Grade 11) Ray X. (Grade 10) Evan Z. (Grade 11) Rijk M. (Grade 11) Emily S. (Grade 11) Mehar K. (Grade 11) Alex H. (Grade 10) Jessica J. (Grade 10) Bottom row, left to right:

Shaq D. (Grade 11) Nicholas H. (Grade 11) Mark (YuShan) C. (Grade 9) Not Pictured: Andy G. (Grade 10) and Jennifer A. (Grade 10)

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Lines Shapes Created by DP 11 Art Students

March 5th - March 15th, 2013

The E. Boyd & H. Burke Gallery at Meadowridge School

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20 13 / 20 1 4 S CH O O L C A L ENDA R 2013/2 2 014 SC CHOOL CALEN NDAR DATE


Septemberr 3, 2013  Tuesdayy  Septemberr 18, 2013  Wednessday  October 14 4, 2013  Mondayy  October 18 8, 2013  Friday  Novemberr 8, 2013  Friday  Novemberr 11, 2013  Mondayy  December 13, 2013  Friday  December 14, 2013 to Jaanuary 6, 2014  January 6, 2014  Mondayy  January 7, 2014  Tuesdayy  February 6 6, 2014  Thursdaay  February 7 7, 2014  Friday  February 1 10, 2014  Mondayy  March 14, 2014  Friday  March 15, 2014 to March h 30, 2014  March 31, 2014  Mondayy  April 18, 20 014  Friday  April 21, 20 014  Mondayy  May 1, 201 14  Thursdaay  May 19, 20 014  Mondayy  May 23, 20 014  Friday  June 20, 20 014  Friday 

EVENT Classes Beegin    Annual Geeneral Meetingg   Thanksgivving (School Clo osed)  Province W Wide Pro‐D (Cllasses not in seession)  Parent/Teeacher/Student Interviews – (Classes not in n session)  Remembrrance Day (Schhool Closed)  Last Day SSchool is in Sesssion before W Winter Break  Winter Brreak (Classes not in session)  Pro‐D (Claasses not in sesssion)  Classes Reesume  Parent/Teeacher/Student Interviews (C Classes not in ssession)  ISABC Proo‐D (Classes no ot in session)  Family Daay (School Closed)  Last Day SSchool is in Sesssion before Sp pring Break  Spring Breeak (Classes no ot in session)  Classes Reesume  Good Fridday (School Clo osed)  Easter Moonday (School Closed)  DP Studennts off Timetab ble (Only Gradee 12)  Victoria D Day (School Clo osed – except G Grade 12)  Last day oof Regular Classses for DP Stud dents  Last Day oof School for Sttudents  05/03/2013 


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