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August 26, 2016 - Issue 6 – CHF 3.50


Saanen Church Renovation


New Offices at Airport


Diamonds, Dreams & Destiny

Superbe appartement neuf de 204 m2 5,5 pièces en duplex www.staubgstaad.ch Your local interior decorator with the most exclusive brands.

En résidence principale ou secondaire Château-d’Oex – Vallée de Gstaad Finitions de haut standing Ascenseur Vue panoramique Large balcon Grande cave Garage Réf. 200 D8 – CHF 1 850 000.– CF Immobilier Compagnie Foncière SA Rue du Village 40 – 1659 Rougemont – 026 925 10 00 info@cfimmobilier.ch – www.cfimmobilier.ch taille minimum 20 mm



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19.08.16 08:27

After spending my first year in Switzerland 15 years ago, I was convinced the country was lovely, but just too sterile and tightly regimented for my taste.

Photo: drsg98 – Fotolia

That Old Autumn Embrace The old joke that “Switzerland will be a beautiful country as soon as it’s finished” seemed especially funny to me at the time. Wherever I looked, there was another seemingly perfect building being renovated, or another impeccable stretch of highway being repaved before it was even necessary. But maybe that’s the secret to Swiss comeliness–one ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. On that note, GSTAADLIFE takes a look at all things renewed in the Saanenland in this issue. Remaking History Several renovations have recently been completed, from the old post office and Hotel Bären in Gsteig to Saanen Church. On four pages, we bring you all the details of these re-lookings, including a focus on traditional architecture in our Summer Series. If you don’t know much about historic shingle roofs, you certainly will after reading this issue.

Evens, head of the billion-dollar Evens Group and founder of a creative line of luxury jewellery available here in Gstaad – Goralska. As a woman who believes in destiny and isn’t afraid of the hard work necessary to make it happen, Evens is proof that some women do in fact have it all.

Les Arts Gstaad has taken a big step forward and the dossier is now in the hands of the canton for approval. Whether you are a fan of the large project or would prefer a smaller, more traditional venue, one can’t deny the building would make architectural history here.

Women are also a big topic in the region’s politics, as two women will soon sit on Gsteig’s municipal assembly. It remains to be seen how many women will sit on Saanen’s municipal assembly, but we’ll have an exact count after the general elections in October.

Inner Glow Gstaad Palace’s Salle Baccarat has emerged from a delicate four-month operation with a fresh gleam on its historic features. Our article gives you the backstory on this unique room, the largest in the hotel.

Athletes and Amateurs With a focus on sports this month, GSTAADLIFE brings stories of the Ladies Cosmo Cup golf tournament, a preview of Pop-Up Fitness, and an exciting summary by Karim Ojjeh of his latest race at Spa.

Speaking of facelifts, one very special man has left the Saanenland. Januaria Piromallo shares her memories of celebrated surgeon Dr Ivo Pitanguy, a longtime Gstaad guest who recently passed away at age 93. Destiny Bound This issue boasts a profile on Corinne

Our traditional off-season lasts through mid-December, when our first issue of the winter will arrive. Though we feature only previews on our website at www.gstaad.life or www.gstaadlife.com during the summer and winter seasons and full access is available only to subscribers, we’ll be featuring several free articles per week during the off-season. If you enjoy our magazine, why not subscribe to read our full digital magazine online or have it delivered straight to your home anywhere in the world? In the next few months, we’ll be lucky to witness what makes Switzerland one of the most beautiful countries on earth– her full embrace of the seasons. As life here in the Saanenland changes with the seasons, so do we. And that doesn't seem so sterile and regimented, after all.

If sailing floats your boat, we have a wrapup of the Gstaad Yacht Club’s busy summer season. In addition to the club’s annual “Rallye & Yachting” competition, you can read about their Trio for Rio and their performance at the 2016 Olympic games. Best regards, Same Time Next Season I’d like to thank you, dear readers, for your support during this summer season.

Alexis Munier Editor in Chief



Photo: Cécile Ringgenberg


READER'S PAGE This photo shows the beautiful view from my chalet in Les Diablerets. In the background you can see the impressive Les Diablerets massif – which includes the Glacier 3000 we share with Gstaad – still topped with snow even in mid-summer. Les Diablerets is just a half hour drive from Gstaad and makes a wonderful day trip. The village has retained its traditional charm and is full of lovely little shops and restaurants. But that’s not all–there’s plenty of hiking in the summer and excellent skiing in the winter in our majestic setting. I encourage all of you to visit Les Diablerets and discover a well-preserved little paradise just across the Col du Pillon. Cécile Ringgenberg - A lawyer, art lover, and music aficionado, she describes herself as GSTAADLIFE’s biggest fan. She was featured in a lifestyle article in the magazine’s 5 August 2016 edition. Since 2011, Cécile has kept her law office in Geneva while making Les Diablerets her permanent home. She adores the tranquillity of the village, yet still frequently visits the Saanenland for classical concerts, exhibitions, and meetings with friends. If you would like to share your photograph of the Saanenland, please send it with your contact details and a brief description to info@gstaadlife.ch.

Photo: Sebastian Devenish

Your Vision of Gstaad

Photo: AvS


3 Letter from the Editor by Alexis Munier 4 Reader's Page 22 Events Calendar

Local News

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Gstaad Living

8 Hotel Bären Gsteig Project 9 Cloud 9 for Mount 10


10 Diamonds, Dreams & Destiny

Arts & Culture


12 Ring-a-Ding-Ding Renovation 14 Summer Series – Architecture 15 Saanenland Political Update 15 To Dehorn or Not to Dehorn

Sports & Leisure

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16 A Weekend of Firsts 17 A Summer of Jubilees 19 Catch Her While You Can 19 Ladies Cosmo Cup




2 0 Gstaad Goes to Panarea 21 "God Will Enjoy Your Company"

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Back to Baccarat

This summer, the most-talked about facelift in town doesn’t belong to just any celebrity. The Salle Baccarat, the largest room in the Palace, emerged from a delicate four-month operation with a fresh gleam on its historic features. BY GSTA ADLIFE

“After more than 25 years since its last update, it was time for a careful renovation,” says Andrea Scherz, General Manager and Owner, Gstaad Palace, on the recent unveiling of the refurbished Baccarat Room. The room, one of the largest spaces in Gstaad, has played host to numerous events over the years, from celebrity weddings to local political events. In the off-season from April to June, significant work was done on the room, both internally and externally. "When in a castle, our guests want to encounter a castle hall,” jokes Scherz, “it’s important to them.” Back to Baccarat The room’s signature chandeliers, handmade from thousands of Baccarat

crystals, have been modernised but still retain their former sparkling glory. Scherz points out that the room–which was known as Chez Maxim in his parents’ time–was first restored in 1990, at which time it was fitted with new chandeliers from Baccarat.

Photo: AvS

Gstaad Palace's Signature Space Gets Spruced Up

Being friends with the owner family of the famous French crystal company, Ernst Scherz hoped for a good price. His decision to rename the room Salle Baccarat had just this effect. The owners of the Baccarat company were so pleased with this gesture and the publicity it would provide for their crystals, they decided to offer the chandeliers. In return, the Scherzes sent a framed Goldvreneli (a traditional Swiss gold coin) and a certificate of gratitude. Both gifts have remained on display in the lobby of the Baccarat factory to this day. Glamorous Extras Additional cosmetic changes to the Salle Baccarat include the sanding and restaining of the sculpted wood in a lighter colour. To frame the room’s large windows, thick, luxurious new curtains were sewn.

Andrea Scherz in the newly renovated Salle Baccarat Last but not least, a technical overhaul including a new beamer with 4k technology, as well as a high-resolution canvas screen, were installed, which had to be ordered from the US, as a similar product was not available in Europe. www.palace.ch

All Men, All Brothers?

Podium Discussion to Ponder Religion and Culture In addition to hosting a wealth of classical music concerts under the umbrella of the Menuhin Festival Gstaad, the festival tent will play host to an important podium discussion. The discussion, entitled Alle Menschen Werden Brüder–Alle? Brüder?, All Men Become Brothers–All? Brothers?, will explore the conflicts that divide mankind, namely religion and culture. BY GSTA ADLIFE

Important leaders of several religious communities will participate in the annual podium discussion, which is not directly managed by the Menuhin Festival, but takes place in the tent during the


Festival’s two-month-long run. Guests include president of the council for the Federation of Protestant Churches of Switzerland and Swiss Council of Religions Dr Gottfried Locher, writer and philosopher Dr Michael Schmidt-Salomon, Imam of the Liberal Islamic Federation Rabeya Müller, and Zurich-based lecturer and Judaism specialist Michel Bollag. The discussion will be moderated by Dr Norbert Bischofberger, producer and host at Swiss Radio and Television (SRF). To honour this, the anniversary celebration of Menuhin Festival Gstaad, the podium discussion will dive deeply into


themes that were of high importance to founder Yehudi Menuhin himself. It will be held on the eve of a concert featuring Beethoven’s 9 th Symphony, and fittingly, will investigate the words to Friedrich Schiller’s Ode to Joy, which serves as the words for the final movement of the piece. In Ode to Joy, Schiller speaks of friends and family, with brotherhood before the creator in his “glorious universe” a uniting factor. All Men Become Brothers–All? Brothers? will take place 3 September at 11am. Though the discussion will be held in German, it will be simultaneously translated into English and French.

Les Arts Gstaad Moves Forward Les Arts Gstaad, the proposed firstclass cultural centre aimed at making the Saanenland a cultural mecca, is now one step closer to completion.

Photo: AvS

Landmark Project Goes to Canton for Approval


The Saanen City Council has unanimously approved the dossier that contains building plans for the Les Arts Gstaad project. The large cultural centre's building plans have been handed over to the Office of Communities and Planning of Canton Bern for further review. Last October, the Les Arts Gstaad trustees and the municipality of Saanen agreed to develop the project in a combined method to optimise land improvements. After changes are made to the future buildings structure and setup, the dossier goes now forward for a second public assessment process. Three-Part Project A complex project with a three-part structure, Les Arts Gstaad includes building tunnels, rail, and the cultural centre itself. According to a recent press release from the Les Arts Gstaad team, the project was approved by Saanen city council on 12 July 2016. Now, it is Canton of Berns turn to judge the project in a preliminary examination and evaluation period. “Only when this second version is evaluated, any objections are considered, and financing is assured will a meeting be convened by the municipality,”said J. Markus Kappeler, Foundation Board President. “This meeting will decide

Les Arts Gstaad will host concerts, exhibitions, and more access to the appropriate loans and contracts for the project.” Originally the reprints of the project were planned for last spring, however requested adjustments resulted in a slight delay. At the suggestion of local authorities, there has been improved access to the overall building complex, as well as bus station access for pedestrians. Challenges Remain Financing remains the greatest challenge. The project will only go before the people if funding is secured. Kappeler emphasises that around CHF 100 million must still be acquired. For the CHF 105 million needed for the construction of the sub-project Kulturbau, CHF 55 million have been secured: At the end of June 2016, a total of CHF 45 million in donor funds had been secured. CHF 10 million have been promised by the Swiss Lottery fund.

Financing of the infrastructure portion of the project, including transport, parking, bus station, and underpass will be paid for by the municipality. "We want to present a project at the community meeting that is not only architecturally excellent, but has identified financing and a long-term guarantee,” stresses Kappeler. Definitive Dossier After careful review and adaptation, the trustees of Les Arts Gstaad can now finally lay a consolidated building application in front of the community. With the project dossier in a definitive state, it may help to find the financing that Les Arts Gstaad must still secure. "I am convinced that this will make the calls (to donors) easier,” says Kappeler.

Country Night Gstaad American and Swiss Musicians to Feature

Country Night Gstaad is the biggest attraction of its kind in Europe, and draws country music buffs from Germany, England and beyond–all excited at the prospect of a weekend full of beer, burgers, and the best entertainment country western music has to offer.


This year, the event will be held 9 –10 September and host a line-up of big American names with a touch of Swiss for good measure. The award-winning Lee Ann Womack will headline, while "New Artist of the Year 2014" Brett Eldredge and experienced group Diamond Rio will also

grace the Saanenland’s stage over the course of the event. Womack returns for the second time to Gstaad, after her first appearance early in her career. Local Swiss artist Paul Mac Bonvin will also play his blend of country-rock. www.countrynight-gstaad.ch



Photos: AvS

The Hotel Bären boasts one of the most ornate exteriors in the region

Gsteig Village Shows Off Historic Buildings Shine After Renewal

The village centre of Gsteig has revealed its historic splendour after a brief rehabilitation. The old post office, hostel, parsonage, and Hotel Bären now shine since specialists removed years of dirt and grime from their formerly faded façades. BY GSTA ADLIFE

The renovation was celebrated in style at an apéro in Gsteig this summer. Benz Hauswirth, whose elegant coffee-table book of Saanen architectural history is the inspiration for GSTAADLIFE’s “Summer Series” (see page 14), was on hand to regal guests with the buildings’ history. “Today’s hostel was built in 1661 and served as a rectory,” he noted about the now residential building. “It originally stood in Grund.” Leading by Example The old post office has an especially interesting history, according to Hauswirth. It was built in 1669 in a typical Saanen style, which includes three floors and a two-sided staircase, and is embellished with two large reddish-black rosettes. After the first stagecoach passed through Gsteig in 1876, the village decided that a post office be constructed in the building. Using monies from the Rubi-Fund, the cantonal heritage trust and the municipality, the work done on the façade of the hostel and the resto-


ration of the parsonage did more than just beautify the village–they inspired the owners of the old post office, the Perreten-Kihm and Kihm-Marmorosch families, to hire the same team to work on their property as well. Hotel Bären Renovating the Hotel Bären was no easy task, as its ornate façade tested the skills of painters Anita Raaflaub, Sandra Walker, and Erhard Hauswirth. The three said they were happy to work on buildings with such a long historic tradition. The classic wooden chalet-style hotel was built in 1756, and has been run as a hotel since its beginnings. "The front of the Bären is more complex than the others, as paintings almost cover it entirely," Benz Hauswirth explained to interested listeners. The inscription informs about the owner and master carpenter, as it is the case on many other chalets in the region. The representation of the crane and the Bernese bear is common to traditional wooden houses. The inn’s sign pictures the crane and bear kissing, a symbol of the village and the canton. The design is tongue in cheek, and Hauswirth claims it is not a truthful representation of the state of mountain village and cantonal affairs at the time.


Detail of the ornate paintings

Bären Reborn The hotel is operated by British chef Stephen Dedham and his wife Margo, who took over the facilities in December 2015. After two seasons with the Dedhams at the helm, the hotel seems to have regained its former glory. The family has focused on putting the Bären back on the gastronomic map, creating both classic and modern cuisine with a focus on locally sourced ingredients. A rare treat is their open-fire raclette, which boasts a flavour unlike any other, available in the Raclette and Fondue-Stübli on the ground floor. Those who prefer fine dining will appreciate the first floor restaurant with its subtle dishes and extensive wine list.

Photos: AvS

The company's new building, the Operation Control Centre, is the site of their new offices

Cloud 9 for Mount 10 New Building at Saanen Airport

Amidst a CHF 30 million total renovation and reconstruction project, the Saanen Airport is now home to a new building occupied by the firm Mount 10. BY GSTA ADLIFE

Mount 10, the company that safely stores digital information for some of the world’s most important entities, has just opened full-service offices in the Saanenland. Their recently constructed building at Saanen Airport is part of the location’s renewal process, which began last year. The building, known as OCC–Operation Control Centre–hosts the company’s first office capable of hosting and meeting with clients in the Saanenland. The region is already home to Mount 10’s Swiss Fort Knox installations. Thanks to teamwork with local partners including the municipality of Saanen, engineers, construction workers, artisans, and specialists, the building was finished in a

record 18 months. After 18 years of planning to open full-functional local offices, Mount 10 is thrilled with their current setup and the positive reaction from clients. “Many of our customers extend their technical stay in the Saanenland, ” says Christoph Oschwald, CEO of Mount 10. “…or come back as guests to the region.” The OCC The Operation Control Centre was built with the most modern and technologically advanced systems in place, which allow direct access to the company’s Swiss Fort Knox datacentres. It hosts offices as well as meeting rooms for customer interaction. Because the building stands on the aviation zone, Mount 10 has an underground garage and hangar for three medium-sized airplanes or helicopters.

with regards to the generous space,” says Oschwald. The company had originally planned to build bunkers on the Oberbort in Gstaad but when that fell through in 1994, Mount 10 began renting several old military buildings at Saanen Airport. When the airport renovation master plan was approved two years ago, the company received the construction permit at the same location.

“The building is trendsetting and the company will be very happy in the future

Swiss Fort Knox Swiss Fort Knox is Switzerland’s largest and most secure datacentre. Consisting of two installations built deep into the Alps. Built ten km apart, both locations are connected via a fibre optic cable with speed of light data transfer. State-of-the-art Swiss Fort Knox is resistant against all military, terrorist, and civilian threats, as well as nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare, and electromagnetic influences; it even has its own climate system and is hermetically sealed, in addition to being free from environmental risks such as earthquakes, flooding, and landslides.

Christoph Oschwald (l.) and Hanspeter Baumann (president of the board)



Photo: Henrik Jessen

Corinne Evens is the head of the Evens Group and founder of Goralska, a creative line of luxury jewellery

Diamonds, Dreams & Destiny Interview with Goralska's Corinne Evens


Just call her Madame Goralska. Whether she’s acting as a powerful businesswoman, generous philanthropist, or inspired artist, long-time guest Corinne Evens sparkles. This cultural crusader might very well be the symbol of her latest endeavour, Goralska, a unique line of fine jewellery designed with fancy and aplomb for truly international women. From her home base and office in Paris to the company’s facilities in Israel, Poland, and Belgium, Evens is a globetrotter at home amongst different countries and cultures. But between managing a billion-dollar business and creating works of fine, wearable art, she admits her greatest goal is to bring people of all walks of life together. GSTAADLIFE interviewed Evens in Gstaad this summer, where she is spending equal time relaxing and working in the Saanenland sunshine.

Corinne Evens: Goral means “destiny” in Hebrew, while “ska” is the feminine suffix in several Slavic languages. Loosely translated, Goralska represents female destiny. GL: Do you feel that you yourself represent this successful female destiny, as head of the Evens Group? CE: The company was originally founded by my father when he was rough diamond trader in Antwerp. It diversified through the years and I’ve been managing it for the past two decades. I manage the Group, which holds real estate, private equity, and investments, as well as Goralska, our jewellery company. We also have impact investment and philanthropy sections. And, yes, the name somewhat embodies and projects my own destiny, because my first duty was to manage and grow the family’s assets before granting myself the space and time to create and design Goralska’s line. GL: When was the jewellery line established, and why?

GSTAADLIFE: Goralska is an unusual name. What are its origins?


CE: I took over management of the Group


from my father, who passed away in 1996. We had always wanted to start a jewellery line but we were so busy with other projects we simply didn’t have time. But it stayed on my mind, and I was determined to make it happen, and in 2013, I did. GL: Do you consider yourself an artist? CE: I have a real creative side, so the design comes easily to me. Goralska’s pieces are really artistic creations, not your standard jewellery.

GL: Does your family have a Slavic background? CE: I was born in Antwerp to Polish parents, who were from Warsaw. They left Warsaw just one week before the German bombings and destruction of the city. My parents were both members of the Resistance but met again seriously after leaving Poland, at which point they moved to France. Then they came to Belgium in the early 50’s, where I was born. My uncle had a diamond business in Antwerp, so my parents eventually joined him there.

We also have specific programmes to encourage women, through microcredits, who are often neglected professionally in the region. Corinne Evens

GL: Is Polish your mother tongue? CE: Unfortunately my Polish isn’t very good, but I’m told I have quite an authentic accent…it’s a very difficult language. I do speak French, Flemish, and English though. GL: You have a scientific side as well, don’t you? CE: Yes, I studied mathematics at the university including theoretical and abstract concepts. Maths is actually a very creative field. It helps with both the business side and the artistic side of jewellery making. GL: Where are you based at the moment? CE: I moved to Paris in the 80’s but came back to Belgium to start in the family business around 1990. I came back to Paris in 1998, where one of the Evens Group offices is based. I started in real estate in Paris before taking over the Group, so it seemed like a logical step, needless to say from an artistic and cultural viewpoint, Paris is a major hub. GL: In addition to the family businesses, you have created the Evens Foundation, is that correct? CE: The Evens Foundation was conceived and founded by my family and some close family friends in 1990. It’s a Belgian foundation but we work all over Europe. We give prizes every two years in various fields. The four prizes include honours for media education, peace education, neuroscience and conflict behaviour, as well as an art prize. Besides

the prizes, the foundation initiates all sorts of programmes in media, peace, and civil society throughout Europe. GL: And your relationship with the Jewish Museum in Warsaw?

CE: Our philanthropic department has worked closely to establish the new Polish Jewish Museum (Polin) in Warsaw, which is truly an extraordinary place. To support the museum we created the European Association of Polin. The museum tells the story of Polish Jews and their relation to Poland itself. Poland has a complicated history in Europe, as do the Jews of course. The museum is not just filled with artefacts; it’s highly interactive and in each gallery you can dive deeply into the details with multimedia displays. It has also an important educational goal to fulfil. We have already 1 million visitors per year from all Poland as well as all over the world. GL: Does the Evens Group only focus on Jewish causes? CE: We have projects on the Palestinian side as well as in Israel. Evens Group has an industrial park which is a real estate impact investment that’s a private-public partnership with both French and Palestinian companies in addition to the French government. We hope to boost entrepreneurship in Palestine and help young Palestinians to develop their business ideas and company infrastructure. The idea is to open up relations to Palestinians with the Western world and build a cultural bridge. We also have specific programmes to encourage women, through microcredits, who are often neglected professionally in the region. Evens Foundation supported the Menuhin Festival in years past, and Yehudi was a wonderful man with important cultural significance. GL: Where can one find Goralska jewellery in the Saanenland? CE: I am a regular long-time guest in Gstaad and I think it’s a fantastic place for

Goralska. We have a great working relationship with Lorenz Bach, where Goralska jewellery is available for purchase. GL: Is there a plan to expand Goralska further? CE: Our designs are available in Paris at our boutique and also select partner stores, and we hope to expand to London and New York shortly. Although since the Brexit vote, our UK plans are somewhat up in the air. GL: Does Goralska feature certain stones or special designs? CE: We are launching a new line called the “Earth Line” any day now. We are also developing a new line called “Missible” which is high-end with a lot of small diamonds and sapphires. I did create some special designs, in a line called “The Day” after the tragic events in Paris last year, which has two pieces created specifically in commemoration of those lives lost. GL: Fitting with your personal beliefs, do you ensure Goralska jewellery is made in a way that does not support conflict in developing countries where stones are sourced? CE: Making jewellery is a complicated process. First you need the raw materials. I try to source them in a responsible way, which is more complicated for the small stones than for the larger stones. Still, this aspect of the business is very important to me. GL: How do you spend your time in Gstaad? CE: My favourite thing to do in the Saanenland is…nothing! I have a chalet outside Rougemont and it’s a lovely simple place to relax. I enjoy meeting friends as well, but most of all, the region is a place to recharge my batteries. GL: You’re here now in Gstaad to enjoy a holiday? CE: Yes, but I’m also here working to present Goralska to the greater public. We have a space in the Menuhin tent this year, where I invite all your readers to stop in, say hello, and discover our jewellery.



Photo: S. Aebischer

Saanen Church is a historic building that hosts religious services as well as chamber concerts throughout the year

Ring-a-Ding-Ding Renovation Saanen Church, the emblem of the quaint, historic village, is currently undergoing a three-part renovation. BY GSTA ADLIFE

After several months of being covered in scaffolding, the tower of the region’s loveliest church has just been unveiled. In this initial phase, the clock dial, steeple roof, façade, and spire were also renovated. In the second phase, renovations will continue at the nave, and later in the third phase, at the chancel. All work is expected to be finished by spring 2017. Mauritiuskirche, as it’s officially known, is the oldest structure in the region. It was first mentioned in literature in 1228, but dates back possibly centuries earlier. Built in a Romanesque style, it boasts colourful medieval frescoes and sculpted woodworking. In addition to serving as the local house of Protestant worship, the church plays host to Menuhin chamber concerts as well as musical events throughout the year.


Main Renovation Lightning struck the church in 1940 and the resulting fire destroyed the tower roof. The organ, pews, and sections of the gallery fell victim to the flames, which also decimated the nave. In addition, the church clock lost all function and the bells melted. Rebuilding was completed in 1944 and later in the 1970s, the nave was freshly covered with shingles. At this time, the tower shingles were still in reasonable condition, and were left asis. Shingled roofs have a 30 to 40 year life expectancy, and by the time renovation planning was finalised by the parish council in 2015, the deadline for replacement had been exceeded. Renovation work with the scaffolding around the tower was begun in April 2016, with the Company Mösching, of Saanen, in charge. They developed a framework for the belfry, which had a net weight of 20 tonnes and had to meet strict official requirements for occupational safety. Wiederkehr, a Lucerne-based company


Photos: AvS

First Step in Major Project for Saanen Church Completed

The church tower in scaffolding

experienced in large scaffolding projects, helped building the framework around the roof. In the past four months roofers, plumbers, metal workers, carpenters, painters and scaffolders as well as specialists for bells and clock dials have worked to ensure the steeple is technically proficient and now shines in new splendour.

Shingles After years of exposure to rain, snow, humidity, fungus, and insects, it was clear that the old shingles urgently needed renovation. The roof construction under the worn shingles was surprisingly well preserved and could be retained to attach the new shingles. The good condition is due to the steep construction, which prevents standing water, according to Thomas Frautschi, site manager for the project. Upon close inspection, it’s clear that there is a slight difference in the shape of the shingles, which are not technically shingles, but Schipfen made from local wood. Schipfen are worked in a trapezoidal manner, and stored in wire containers before being

Bells The copper bells required little to no improvement, and only clapper storage was optimised. After high-tech measurements were taken, the church was able to conserve the appropriately targeted clapper bell material. The belfry was mended in several places and stability was secured without having to redevelop the entire supporting structure.

Steeple The steeple spent four weeks without its tower cross. Plumber Ueli Reichenbach and the company Gehret Metallbau performed the necessary work, ensuring that the 300 kg iron cross was free from rust and completed with weather-resistant colouring. Defects on the weather vane were repaired with copper and chrome steel.

Machine Power Workmanship has changed since the roof was redone 70 years ago. Now, shingle bundles were used and carried up to the roof with a mechanical lift and helicopter.

immersed in water immediately prior to processing. This prevents cracking when the Schipfen are being nailed to the roof. For a perfect shingle roof that is dense and durable, it takes up to four layers of offset shingles. There are over 540 square metres of shingles installed on the turret roof alone.

This new form of transport saves time and manpower, which allowed the renovated tower cross to be installed in record time. In less than six minutes, workers were able to mount the cross on its bracket.

Clock The church clock was dismantled and sent to Sumiswald for rehabilitation. The company Muribaer AG that specialises in church art led all the Saanen church clock revision. The clock face with a diameter of four meters was dismantled in four pieces and together with the pointer was sandblasted to a clean finish and primed with coat of resistant paint. Lastly, the gold-leaf ornate stripes on the hands were restored and screws holding numbers on metal rings were introduced. The copper bolts are more visible than one might think.



Photo: Mark Nolan

Tower and Amthaus, Saanen

Summer Series – Architecture Saanen Village: Tower und Amthaus Saanen

In 1596 the government of Berne was looking for a good place to build a prison. It should be visible and close to the village. Though being a prisoner must have been a terrible experience anyway, the new tower may have been an improvement to the dark and narrow cells in the basement of the Landhaus. ADAPTED BY MARKUS ISELI

The tower dates from 1596. It was originally built as a prison with a height of 20 meters and a square basis of almost 9 meters. A torture chamber and a powder magazine were also part of the tower– as it was usually the case at this time.

In 1734 the tower was restored with a reduced height of 4 meters. Together with the annexe westward from the 19 th century, the construction lost the appearance of a tower. Since the closure of the prison in 1996, the tower has been used for residential purposes. In 1932 the courthouse with its traditional, local style, and hipped roof, was attached to the tower. Today it is the seat of the district governor of Obersimmental-Saanen, a district created in 2010, as well as the location of the Oberland collections office. Photo: Collection Bendicht Hauswirth

In 1730 a prisoner illegally climbed up to the attic in order to have a smoke. The gunpowder stored there ignited and

several occupants died in the huge explosion that ensued. The unlucky smoker is reported to have been hurtled over several neighbouring houses.

The tower around 1870



Saanen – ein historischer Dorfführer In August last year a book on the history and architecture of Saanen was launched (see GSTAADLIFE, Issue 5, 2015). Saanen – ein historischer Dorfführer by Bendicht Hauswirth and co-author Brigitte Leuenberger-Jaggi contains all texts in German and French and is available for purchase in all the book shops in the region and at Müller Medien, which worked with the authors and the municipality to develop the book project. The 28 locations discussed in the book can also be visited in the village, where panels provide the most important facts. Beginning and ending on the village square, the tour takes you through hidden gems of the village, its history and its architecture. In July 2016 an audio guide was launched, which is available for download onto smartphones to listen to it as one is making the tour through the village. For everybody who is not visiting Saanen anytime soon, the guide is also available via your computer. Visit http://www.gstaad.ch/en/ enjoyment/tradition-handcraft/architecture.html

Saanenland Political Update General Election Date Set for October

General elections will be held Sunday, 23 October in Saanen. Nineteen candidates are in the run for the eight city council seats, and it appears that Toni von Grünigen will run opposed for the position of mayor. Additionally, voters will decide on five members of the control committee, including president and vice-president. BY GSTA ADLIFE

Election day in the municipality of Saanen will feature a vote for eight municipal assembly members, as well as a vote for the highest office of the region, mayor. Current mayor Albert Bach, who took over for Aldo Kropf last autumn after his early departure, but has declined to run for election, stating professional reasons. The right-wing SVP Swiss People’s Party, will present Toni von Grünigen for this office. His election seems indisputable and at the moment there is no challenger to his run for the position. If he is elected, von Grünigen must resign from his current position as president of the municipal assembly. The only party to present a candidate for this position is the FDP, Federal Democratic Party, with Louis Lanz. Municipal Assembly Several assembly members are due to retire, including Hans Schär and Christian Gafner of the FDP and Rolf Schwenter, Independent.

Amongst the nineteen candidates for municipal assembly are candidates from the two major parties as well as a third “free list” with nominees of various parties. The FDP has nominated Walter Heer, Philipp Bigler, Isabelle Giovanella, Corinne Reuteler, Michel Wichman, Thomas Frei, and Marco Zürcher. The SVP will offer Peter Brand, Therese Mösching, Vreni Müllener, Emanuel Raaflaub, who are all experienced members, and new candidates Ueli Schopfer, Beat Mösching, Renate Bach, and Roland Reichenbach. The “free list” will enter Eliane Bachmann (no party), Daniel Bach (GLP–Green Liberal Party), Martin Hefti (SP–Socialist Party), and Hans-Peter Schwenter (FGB– Free Community Citizens) into the race. "We are positioned in the middle and see ourselves as the only third force in the many years of the SVP and FDP composite council," says Daniel Bach. For the control committee elections, Niklaus Würsten has mandatory retirement. The FDP will present Lotti Schär as a replacement candidate for Würsten. Other nominees include Martin Hefti, Matthias Brunner, Michele Broggi, and Andreas Mösching. If Martin Hefti is elected to the

municipal assembly, he will have to resign as GPK president. Gsteig Political News Updates have been made to the Municipal Assembly of Gsteig, which will include a second female representative in Barbara Kernen. From 1 January, 2017 there will be two women on the nine-member council. City councilman Adolf Schlunegger has left his position under mandatory exit rules, and Kernen was chosen in a silent vote. Kernen, an Independent, will succeed Schlunegger, who served for eight years on the council. Kernen grew up in Gstaad and has lived in Gsteig for several years. While she has not been heavily involved in community affairs until now, the nomination for assembly member will serve to introduce women to local government and upgrade their visibility in community involvement. From the start of the new year, the council will feature the following members: Markus Willen (Municipal and Council President), Toni Bühler, Simon Graa, Marietta Jaggi, Roger Kohli, Ernst Reichenbach, Urs von Siebenthal, all of whom were re-elected, and Barbara Kernen, who was elected to her first term.

To Dehorn or Not to Dehorn Initiative to Pay Off Farmers Who Abstain from the Practice

The interest group Hornkuh submitted over 120'000 signatures this spring for an initiative that demands subsidies for farmers who don't remove the horns of their cows and goats. BY GSTA ADLIFE

A whopping 90% of dairy cows in Switzerland are dehorned. While farmers who support the practice claim this is for both the animal's safety and financial reasons, naysayers believe it's

cruel and unusual punishment for our beloved bovines. Hornkuh Initiative Armin Capaul, a farmer who launched the initiative, has been actively opposing this trend in agriculture for six years now. For Capaul, no less than the dignity of the animal is at stake. Silvio Nüesch, who supports Capaul in his cause, laments that many children believe hornless cows to be the norm.

The initiative seeks to change this by subsidising farmers who desist from dehorning their cows. Luckily in the Saanenland, such cows are not a common sight. Goats without horns, however, are found aplenty in the region. The famous Saanegeiss is not dehorned–it is a naturally hornless breed. It remains to be seen how many sly farmers with Saanen goats will apply for subsidies if the initiative is successful.



Photos: zVg

Saanenland resident Karim Ojjeh is a semi-professional racing driver and businessman

A Weekend of Firsts Local Racing Driver Karim Ojjeh's Spa Diary

The 69 th edition of Spa was a weekend of firsts: my first time driving in Spa in a night race, first time I had a tire alarm that turned out to be a puncture, first time having to creep up Eau Rouge in the middle of night, and first time restarting the car in desperation to finally make it back to the pits. I don’t believe that I’ve ever had so many new experiences in one race! BY K A RIM OJJEH

Bronze Session: I had a spin at Les Combles that ended up in the tire barrier. The front of the car was damaged, but I was able to bring it back. However, the complete bronze session was lost, and my co-driver did not get to drive. What happened? I tried braking 12–13 m later. It all worked well until I hit the apex too quickly and the car spun. Driving, especially racing cars, is all about weight transfer. Free practice: It was all wasted, as an engine sensor that cut the engine’s power took hours to be identified. The bronze session’s crash most certainly damaged the sensor. Race: Less than two minutes into the race, a full course yellow (FCY) was deployed by the race director for a Ferrari stock in the gravel. A FCY requires all the cars to limit their speed to 80 km/h. Within 3.5 hours, 2 FCY and one safety car had been


deployed. I was the fourth driver out and after 3 laps, got an alarm from my rear left tire. I thought it was mistake and called it in but I went one lap too many around the circuit with a punctured tire. We lost five laps repairing it. I went out again til 10:30pm, showered, had a massage, and went to bed before I was awoken at 1:30 am to take over my second stint. However, my co-driver had been driving his entire stint under the safety car (again!) and we decided to refuel and send him back out. So it was another hour before I jumped in the car at 2:30 am. The team had warned me that the clutch was but when I tried to start the car, trouble arose. I was at the end of the pit lane and it was too late to stop. I creeped up Eau Rouge at 23 km/h as cars were passing me at full speed. Suddenly I lost power and became a sitting duck at the top of Eau Rouge, without lights, and cars passing me at 230 km/h. I tried desperately to restart the car, using a number of different tricks – cutting the master switch, rebooting … etc. But nothing worked and I was stuck in first gear. Finally the marshals came out and towed me. As the clutch was broken and the car was stuck in first gear, the car hook broke. My engineer explained a number of procedures using the AGS (Auxiliary Gear System) button to put the car in neutral. The AGS is a way to bypass the car’s ECU (software) to manually fiddle with the


gears. The objective was to at least put the car in neutral for the marshals to move the car. After several tries, I got it. Then I tried to engage first gear again to get back to the pits. That did not work. I tried desperately trying to get the car to move and finally decided to leave the AGS on, something that you are not allowed to do. I figured that I might try something new. I left the AGS on, put the car in first gear and tried to roll the car. IT WORKED! I let the team know that I was on my way to the pits. Once in the box, the car was repaired and the team took the time to change the brake pads – a mandatory procedure under the new rules. I then went out, but again was stuck under a FCY, a car had hit the wall on top of Eau Rouge. Upon restarting I drove my lapse to the end of my stint. Driver change. Shower, massage and back to bed. It was 4:45 am and I was due back in the car at 7:45 am! At 8 am I was awoken and informed me that we had abandoned with a broken clutch. We managed to race 14 hours.

Our next and final race is at the Nurburgring on the third weekend of September. The season is slowly coming to an end. Videos are available at: http://w w w.endurance-info.com/fr/video-les-meilleurs-moments-du-debutde-course-des-24h-de-spa/ and endurance-info.com.

Photo: © Juerg Kaufmann

The GYC’s Trio from Rio at the Olympic games

A Summer of Jubilees Sunshine for Rio and Annual Rally & Yachting

This summer was an exciting time for the Gstaad Yacht Club, with our 10 th Rally & Yachting, and the Trio for Rio competing in the Rio Olympic Games. BY GSTA AD YACHT CLUB

Since 2006, the Gstaad Yacht Club has organised an annual classic car rally, combining a beautiful drive with remote-controlled model boat sailing. After the success of these one-day events, the GYC announced a two-day event for the 10 th anniversary edition. Instead of the normal 120 – 140 km, this year’s roadbook guided the participants for nearly 400 km. On Friday evening, all the pilots and co-pilots met at the Gstaad Automobile Club for the traditional get together and registration. Followed by an aperitif, the competitors exchanged their experiences and tried to guess where the roadbook would take them. The next morning, all the cars were nicely lined up for the start in front of Le Grand Bellevue – what a great impression. After coffee and croissants at the clubhouse, the participants started their engines and headed to their first special stage at the Fondation Hervé in Aigle, a lovely collection of classic cars. Resetting their tachos, they followed the route passing through Châtel down to

Evian, where a tasty lunch was served and the model boat sailing competition prepared. In the afternoon, all the cars left for Haute-Savoie region – the “green” valley to the final destination Montriond, driving a section of the Tour de France route. In a fabulous reconstructed farm, the evening faded away with an aperitif and dinner party. One of the highlights awaited all participants on Sunday morning; the participants of this year’s GYC Rally & Yachting were one of the first who had the privilege of driving through the car-forbidden, unique mountain resort of Avoriaz before returning via the Col de Corbier and the Forclaz back to Gstaad. To conclude this exceptional weekend, the pilots and co-pilots, together with their friends and families, attended the prize-giving BBQ at the GYC Clubhouse.

Trio for Rio While GYC enjoys the summer here in Gstaad its most competitive sport members were fighting in Rio for medals in different sailing categories. Seventh place and a diploma at the 2016 Olympics was the outcome for the GYC Nacra 17 Suisse team with Matías Bühler at the helm and his crewmember Nathalie

Brugger. They won two races and they were wearing the yellow jersey after the first day. “This 7th place is the result of four years of hard work,” said Matías Bühler. “We are very proud of what we did – we earned a diploma!” The Rio Olympic games were challenging for French GYC member Billy Besson too – he finished in 6th place together with crewmember Marie Riou. Unfortunately, Billy suffered from a herniated disc that kept him from reaching his World Championship level. This test was probably the hardest that the two have lived in their journey to the Olympic Dream, and yet they still went home with an Olympic diploma for France. In the most successful year of his career, Australian GYC member Will Ryan and his helmsman Mat Belcher just wanted the Olympics to last a little longer. After the first medal race day with no wind, they went out and brought the silver medal home for Australia. Congrats to all the Olympic competitors for their hard work and success. The GYC racing team is made up of members from several different countries and will now form a new delegation for the next four years.



WITTWER FLOWERS Wittwer Flowers has been known as «Your florist for all events» for a long time. However, not only do we offer the perfect floral displays for occasions such as weddings, birthday parties and opening events etc., we can make your environment come into bloom the whole year through.

Photo: Mark Nolan

A successful mix of established and new

Monika and Urs Wittwer are now retired, although local florist Agnes Röthlisberger and her team make sure that the highly regarded Wittwer philosophy continues to thrive. Three florists (five to six during the winter season) and one gardener satisfy the individual customer requests thanks to their extensive know-how and creative flair. What’s more, the Wittwer team demonstrates its skills by contributing its wide-ranging experience to support a variety of events, some of which it also sponsors. Two apprentices enjoy a very diverse training programme thanks to the extensive offering at Wittwer Flowers.

Mooser (florist), Dominique Rippstein (florist). (from left; Christa Nydegger, gardener, is not featured on the photo)

cony plants and seasonal plants as well as popular winter decorations. Our hire plants will create the right atmosphere for your event, whatever the season. As a Fleurop partner we can also deliver your bouquets around the world. Since twenty years, our all-round expert Miguel Coimbra ensures that deliveries

Photo: Peter Rölli

You can visit us at Rialtostrasse 7 (behind the Catholic church) in Gstaad at any time and discover our colourful floral bouquets, creative arrangements and decorations for all occasions – or simply as a treat for yourself. We also offer bal-

Maura Zumbrunnen (in 3rd year of apprenticeship), Agnes Röthlisberger (Manager), Melanie

arrive at the required destination in perfect condition and on time. For ecological reasons, we have joined forces with the delivery service of Blumen Stricker; however rest assured that Wittwer orders will always be composed of Wittwer flowers that have been arranged according to your preferences. Wittwer Flowers provides locals and guests, private individuals and business people with ongoing inspiration throughout all the seasons. When are you going to see for yourself? We look forward to offering you our expert advice.

Wittwer Blumen-Fleurs SA

Since twenty years, our all-round expert Miguel Coimbra takes care of our delivery service; on the photo with Livia Reuteler (gardener + florist in 2nd year of apprenticeship)



Rialtostrasse 7 · Kirchenfeld · 3780 Gstaad Tel. 033 748 99 11 · Fax 033 748 99 10 www.wittwer-fleurs.ch info@wittwer-fleurs.ch

Catch Her While You Can Famed personal trainer and health expert Olivia Cooney will make an appearance in the Saanenland from 2–5 September. BY GSTA ADLIFE

Cooney, who’s known for her Pop-Up Fitness project, will team with the Grand Hotel Park to offer the chance to train in style and luxury as part of the hotel’s Ultimate Luxury Fitness Retreat. This bespoke four-day retreat will see the highest standard of fitness training combined with alpine luxury. Daylong sporting programmes aim to re-energize the body with outdoor boot-camp and high-intensity interval training, in addition to calmer activities like pilates and yoga. Meals are a “clean” treat and feature gluten-, wheat-, dairy-, and refined sugar-free gourmet cuisine prepared by chef Giuseppe Colella.

Cooney’s celebrated retreats, which take place worldwide, are growing in popularity. Yet there are still a few spots left for those who’d like to join the full programme, as well as locals who might choose to participate without lodging at the hotel.

Photo: Grand Hotel Park

Cooney Pops in to Lead Luxury Retreat

If you’re still not convinced, Cooney assures a four-day fitness spree is a perfect way to jump-start your energy levels and achieve balanced physical and mental health. “These programs will provide you an escape to paradise,“ assures Cooney. “They’re a true retreat to detox and rejuvenate.”

www.pop-up.fitness www.grandhotelpark.ch/popup-fitness

Olivia Cooney has a cult following for her detox and fitness retreats

Ladies Cosmo Cup

Gstaad Golf Club Celebrates Annual Tournament One of the highlights of the golf season in Saanenmser is the Ladies Cosmo Cup, held this year on Tuesday, 16 August. The event was organised by long-time Gstaad guests and golf buffs Margarite Fischer, and Vicky Barnes, with assistance from the Cosmo team of international members of the Gstaad Golf Club. BY GSTA ADLIFE

Mix & Match As it does each and every year, the game format presents a challenging feat. Rather than the normal full set of clubs, the ladies are only allowed three clubs and a putter. It’s then that the thought-provoking process starts. Which to choose? With no driver, should it be a 3-wood? Or would a 5-wood be more proficient? A sand or a pitch wedge? “This year I chose a 5-wood, 7-iron, pitch, and putter,” says organiser Mar-

garite Fischer. “Actually, when the choice is limited, one just makes do and the results can be quite unpredictable. “

Melanie Bach, in addition to star sponsor Elia Huschka of Gstaad-Mykonos Properties.

Fischer went on to stress that the real challenge is to play well enough to lower one’s handicap, which is seldom achieved but a real coup when successful.

Winner Takes it All This year, Renee Rubli of Saanenmöser made the lucky dip. For her efforts, she was rewarded with a surprise offering from Huschka–a weeklong stay for two in a 5-star Mykonos villa. Rubli was quite overwhelmed by winning such an extraordinary prize, and planned to redeem the prize with her husband Hans Peter. Known as “Nisi ton Anemon”, which translates as Island of the Winds, Myknonos is the jewel in the Cyclades’s crown, adored by the international yachting crowd–and now golfers, too.

Golfing Guests The tournament welcomed guest Fiona Fischer from Catalonia, Spain who brought a blend of Swiss, Scottish, and Spanish culture along for participants to enjoy from Cellar Laurona Falset. Already a generous past sponsor, this year Fischer spoiled the ladies with award-winning wine from winemaker Rene Barbier, the pioneer of the Priorat appellation. Sponsors included the Grand Hotel Park, Restaurant 3780, Marti Interieurs, La Haut de la Montagne Saanen, and

Plans are already underway for the Cosmo Cup, which will be held mid-August 2017. www.gstaad-mykonos.ch



Gstaad Goes to Panarea Panarea, lounge of the Raya, is one of the most spectacular terraces in the Aeolian Islands. The children of our regular contributor, Januaria Piromallo, could not have a better venue to celebrate.

Photos: zVg

Fabulous Birthday Fête for Local Family


It was the 18 th birthday and sweet 16 of Kamalei and Tiare von Meister, children of Albrecht von Meister and the Marquise Januaria Piromallo Capece Piscicelli di Montebello dei duchi di Capracotta, to once give her full title. The family, themselves residents of Gstaad, invited many of the region’s jetset. No presents were given, but the family urged contribution to the Aeolian Preservation Fund to preserve the beautiful Mediterranean. We at GSTAADLIFE, too, wish Kamalei and Tiare a bright future.

Birthday boy Kamalei and sweet 16 Tiare von Meister, with mother and grandmother


Order now online at www.kalendersaanenland.ch

Müller Medien AG


Kirchstrasse 6

3780 Gstaad

Tel. 033 748 88 74


Fax 033 748 88 84



"God Will Enjoy Your Company" Brazilian doctor Ivo Pitanguy, the world’s most renowned plastic surgeon, was adored by the rich and famous. But it was his early work in Europe after WWII and his dedication to helping his own country’s less fortunate in the favelas that has ensured his place in history.

Photo: Sebastian Devenish

Legendary Surgeon Ivo Pitanguy Passes On


He held on, waiting for the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. His hand was trembling but his look was fierce–the wheelchair moved slowly but when holding the Olympic flame torch, his touch was firm. There was a standing ovation in the stadium for Ivo Pitanguy, who for over half a century was the undisputed number one plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeon, a phenomenon beyond all imagination. Dr Ivo Pitanguy was the father of plastic surgery

I knew Ivo fairly well. I met him for the last time at his home in Gstaad over one year ago for a tea. Charming and charismatic, he played with his iPhone with the skill of young boy. Dressed in grey and black Hogan jogging suit, he kept fit by doing daily exercises with weights and elastic bands. I stretch one and he shows me his little antidote to the merciless law of gravity– it’s the one that made him a millionaire. When everything sagged downward– faces, necks, breasts, and behinds–Ivo pulled it upward again. "I cannot correct the age on passport,” he laughed once. “I just try to reposition the facial features to find a way of harmonious blend between youth and maturity.” They called him “the scalpel of Michelangelo”, and he is the only surgeon in the world for whom the French have coined a term, pitanguiser (pitanguizzare), and the only one to have inspired a hit US television series, Nip / Tuck. At our tea, he

made me feel his muscles, which were very strong for his age. "So, is this the Ivo secret?" I asked. He smiled, “I've always been an athlete–a black belt in karate, a swimmer, a tennis player, and a skier." One of his last lectures at the Academy of Medicine of Rio was entitled "Maintaining the dignity of the body during the aging process." Age, said il maestro Ivo, is relative. He also explained the concept of beauty from a philosophical point of view. "It is transcendental…you cannot explain it,” he replied, when I asked him to define beauty. “And when you try, it runs away.” He then added, “Real beauty is much more than skin deep.” Ivo was an extraordinary man, received three times by Pope John Paul II, and even awarded the Red Cross’s Peace Prize for Culture for his work treating deformed children. Ivo began his own career reconstructing limbs that were mutilated during WW II. Decades later, using what he learned in Europe, he was still operating at the public hospital Santa Casa da Misericordia of Rio, where he charged no fee for the poor of the favelas.

At the school clinic in Rio that bears his name, Ivo trained more than 600 surgeons who studied a three-year programme to learn restorative surgery first, then aesthetic. The doctor gave conferences around the world, from Harvard to the Sorbonne, and boasted over 900 scientific publications and 40 books translated into all languages. The last time we spoke, he was reading “E disse" by the famous Italian writer Erri De Luca, which is a re-interpretation of the Ten Commandments. Ivo had his own 11th commandment, embroidered on a little pillow with the King of Swords, “King of What’s Left.” What’s left now is us. We all miss you, Ivo. Photo: Januaria Piromallo

For Ivo, the ceremony and global broadcast was for his fans–his last close-up. As soon he arrived home, his heart could not handle such great emotion. He flickered out like candle at age 93. Among all the farewell messages, I just loved that of the writer Paulo Coelho, "God will love your company."



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Open-air theatre, every Friday and


Church Services

Chästeilet, 10am

At the Heimatwerk Saanen 26.8. – 3.9.


A Swiss tradition

Martin Loosli, Wed, Sat, Sun 2 – 5pm



Gstaadlife is available in these Hotels



Guided Village Tour

For further details please visit:

Every Thursday, 4pm



Place your classified ad here for CHF 17.– per line (plus CHF 20.– for the highlight box). Contact us at eliane.behrend@mmedien.ch.

** * HOTEL SPITZHORN +41 (0)33 748 41 41, spitzhorn@spitzhorn.ch

*** SAANEWALD LODGE +41 (0)33 744 69 69, info@saanewald-lodge.ch *** SPORTHOTEL VICTORIA +41 (0)33 748 44 22, info@victoria-gstaad.ch HOTEL RESTAURANT BÄREN +41 (0)33 755 10 33, welcome@baerengsteig.ch HOTEL GELTENHORN +41 (0)33 765 35 91, brand@hotel-geltenhorn.ch HOTEL VIKTORIA +41 (0)33 755 10 34, hotel_viktoria@bluewin.ch HOTEL WILDHORN +41 (0)33 765 30 12, hotel@wildhorn.ch

Chaletbau Immobilien


Special offer in Château-d’Oex Festival Tent Gstaad

Splendid apartments 2½ to 5½ rooms


2 n d & 3 rd AUGUST 2016

Authorized for sale to foreigners and for use as secondary residence

«BEETHOVEN4ALL» the 9 with Antonini & Lockwood World Premiere th

A giant musical firework will be the highlight of this year’s 60 th Gstaad Menuhin Festival. With «Beethoven4all», the glamorous anniversary celebrations on September 2 nd will all be characterised by youth and joy. For this occasion, children from all over the canton of Bern, supported by contemporary musicians and dancers - are giving the famous 9 th Symphony by Beethoven a new musical livery. In the evening, the original masterpiece will finally be performed, conducted by Giovanni Antonini. For the grand final show on September 3 rd, an illustrious group of violinists representing various styles will play on the occasion of Yehudi Menuhin’s - our founding father - 100 th birthday and close the festival with a premiere of Didier Lockwood’s «Violons croisés».

Ideally situated in calm residential area close to the village. Moderate prices.

Exceptional location with superbe panoramic view. Finishings to be arranged.

Tickets: 033 748 81 82 – www.gstaadmenuhinfestival.ch

Tel. 033 744 27 54 www.reichenbach-ag.ch

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18.08.16 14:10

Galerie Paltenghi Route de La Ray 28, 1660 Château-d’Œx

Exposition Fernando Ferreira

jusqu’au 17 septembre 2016 Ouvert de mardi à vendredi de 14h à 18h30, samedi de 14h à 17h et sur rendez-vous Tél. 026 924 68 01 ou 079 379 54 19 • galerie.p@bluewin.ch



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Saanen-GStaad DorfsTrasse 66, 3792 saaNeN, Tel +41(0)33 744 20 12 fax +41(0)33 744 72 38 gstaad@hastensstores.com Bern BuNDesgasse 20, 3011 BerN, Tel +41(0)31 311 24 24 fax +41(0)31 311 06 44 bern@hastensstores.com Genève rue Du rHôNe 65, 1204 geNèVe, Tel +41(0)22 300 08 87 fax +41(0)22 300 08 89 geneve@hastensstores.com GSTAADLIFE // ISSUE 6 // AUGUST 26, 2016

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GSTAADLIFE, 26. August 2016  

The exclusive publication about the good life in Gstaad.

GSTAADLIFE, 26. August 2016  

The exclusive publication about the good life in Gstaad.

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