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1'500 Jobs at risk in Saanenland


Feel Good


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Services de table un aperçu choisi des services de table en porcelaine peinte à la main réalisés par:

Rezi dÊOrléans et Bragance Caroline de Pierpont

Vernissage le vendredi 30 juillet 2010 de 17:00 à 20:30 chez Menus Plaisirs, Dorfstrasse, 3792 Saanen. Exposition-vente jusqu’à fin août 2010 – ouvert du mardi au samedi de 14:00 à 18:00 ou sur rendez-vous. Renseignements: Chalet Farb Menus Plaisirs

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Letter from the Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 In-depth article 1'500 Jobs at risk in Saanenland . . . . . 5 Local News Fit for the summer - with MBT . . . . . . . 6 Memories of the church fire on June 11th 1940 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 K.U.H. in Lauenen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 New chairlift project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad 2010 . . . . . . . 8 Women's power in the Gstaad tournament office . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Across the desk with Toni Knecht . . 9 Oldtimer Club 40th Anniversary . . . 9 Events Events calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Local Personality Peter & Joanna Burri . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Local News How to behave in an Alpine meadow .13 Swatch FIVB beach volleyball Grand Slam Gstaad 2010 results. . . . . .14 Column The big deep garbage heap . . . . . . .14 Local News BKW ISP AG presents showroom . . 15

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Letter from the Editor - Life’s a Swiss beach service is available in English, lists the bathing resorts, and highlights the water and air temperatures. Sometimes referred to as the “water tower” of Europe, Switzerland is the source of some 6 percent of all continental Europe‘s fresh water. Most of this water is in fine drinkable condition, at source. This is thanks to a well-represented group of federal scientific stations who rigorously survey rivers and lakes around the country, keeping tabs on, amongst other things, water purity.

Photo: jbach / www.fotolia.de

Skiing and hiking are obvious associations with Switzerland, however one has to stretch the imagination somewhat to conjure up images of a beach life in this Alpine land locked country. Every summer however, tourists and locals alike enjoy endless days of bathing in the lakes and rivers found all over the country, whether they be in the mountains or in cities. Swiss tourism lists over 900 bathing opportunities in and around Switzerland and provides an online information service dedicated to weather forecasts for beaches and swimming pools. The

The higher mountain river and lake water is often colder than on the plateau, however the reward of a secret beach high up in mountains surrounded by breathtaking landscape, is hard to beat. Juxtaposed to this scene, along the shores of Lac Leman in neighboring canton Vaud, as well as at the lake of Zurich in the north, a Mediterranean atmosphere abides for the summer. Well-populated lido‘s, natural beaches, shoreline restaurants, quaint harbors, fishing boats, water skiers, and sun worshippers all play their

part in the joyous summer lakeside tapestry. The Aare river, which rises from the Aare Glacier of the Bernese Alps below the Finsteraarhorn, is a tributary of the Rhine which impressively drains an area of 17,779 square km. This bracingly fresh river runs at around 5 knots through the city of Bern where it is a popular for locals to dive into its glacial waters and be carried downstream from one side of the city to another. And so the stories go on, whether in Basel, Lucerne, Thun, Biel/ Bienne or the Saanenland‘s very own Aarnensee, people are out on the lakeside and riverside beaches enjoying the cocktail of warm sun, cool water and lazy days. According to Swiss tourism, as long as summers continue to heat up, Switzerland and its beach life will continue to become more popular, thus stretching the tourist season and boosting the economy. Now who said a beach is unproductive?

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Wishing you happy summer days.

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“In the Saanenland 1’500 jobs are at risk” ADAPTED & TRANSLATED FROM THE ARTICLES BY ANITA MOSER AVS 23.04.2010, 30.04.2010 & 04.05.2010 The Trade Union of canton Bern has launched a “fair tax for families” initiative. A particular point within the initiative calls for the abolition of flat rate tax. Opposition has formed in the Saanenland and a public briefing about the possible consequences has been held. “The local industry is concerned that the abolition of the flat rate tax could put 1‘500 jobs at risk in the Saanenland,“ said Hans Wanzenried of the Bauwerk AG. In this light interested individuals congregated to consider the issue. Timorously, Peter Geiger and Toni Amonn, both experts in the field of Swiss and international tax laws, addressed the public during the arranged information evening about the economic consequences on the abolition of the flat rate tax. “Affected are employees and the employers. The abolition of the flat rate tax is not about fair taxation, but about jobs,” stressed Jürg von Allmen, Board Member of the trade union. “That‘s why we must fight together against the initiative: We‘re all in the same boat,” he said. “Economic loss would be significant“ “The overall losses would be significant,“ said Amonn. According to a survey done by the association “Value Added Switzerland“ people paying a flat rate tax spent a total of SFr 4.5 billion (investment and consumption) in 2008 throughout Switzerland and generated 35‘000 jobs. Including in this are 18‘000 jobs in construction and related trades, 6‘000 through direct employment and 11‘500 jobs in trade / business. “Wealthy foreigners invest over SFr 1.5 billion a year in the

mountain region, and each foreigner paying a flat rate tax creates 10 jobs in the Bernese Oberland,“ says Amonn. “Should the flat rate tax in the canton Bern be abolished, then the whole mountain area could lose up to 2‘000 jobs of which 1‘500 are in the Saanenland. These workers would have to move into a city with their families and seek a new life. Unions and left wing parties promote the migration from the mountain region,” Amonn added. “In the canton of Zürich, where the public voted for the abolition of the flat rate tax in February 2009, roughly half of the flat rate tax payers left the canton or the country within a year,“ said Amonn. All local trades are affected “It concerns agriculture, ski instructors, service industries, retail and particularly the construction industry. Not only would a major investor in the construction sector drop away, but also foreign individuals who would reduce their presence and thus the whole economy and an important source of income would be lost,” says Hanspeter Spychiger, President of the Trade Union. Dangerous Package For counselor Bethli Küng, the flat rate tax is not unfair. “The flat rate tax payers are not working entirely in Switzerland. If they earn money in another country, then that country makes sure that they pay taxes there.“ She criticizes the instigators of the initiative “fair tax for families“. The initiative consists of three elements: the abolition of the flat rate tax, the increase of child deductions and the rescission of the recent decision to reduce the general income and capital gains tax.

Bethli Küng‘s wish is that the voters see that the “ordinary citizen“ is being cheated. It is her view that this initiative is a dangerous package. “On the one hand SFr 20m are being put at risk with the abolition of the flat rate tax and on the other the taxpayers are not being granted a tenth.” Even the treasury loses If less money is spent, the returns of the affected firms would lessen which would have an effect on the tax revenue. Exacerbating this point is that unemployment is a burden on the state coffers. Not only does the municipality of Saanen benefit from the flat rate tax, but also the government and the canton via burden sharing; thanks to a healthy financial budget in the municipality of Saanen, a large amount flows into financially weaker communities. The cantonal parliament is against the abolition of the flat rate tax In the spring parliamentary session the Grand Council rejected the abolition of the flat rate tax with 90 votes against 63. It was to this that the “fair tax for families initiative” was actualized. “The unions and especially the Unia who betray workers in the Bernese Oberland, are responsible for this,” says Toni Amonn frustratingly. A lengthily ordeal “This initiative must be fought,“ said Andreas Hurni on behalf of Gstaad Saanenland Tourism who criticized the populist nature and method, by which the trade unions and left parties address the issue. “Dangerous,” was how the opponents were described of the flat rate tax in the cantons of Basel, Schaffhausen,

Lucerne, Thurgau, and St Gallen, where the flat rate tax only plays a moderate role. Geiger stressed that if the next election is not won, then things will become difficult. It must be clearly explained what is at stake. The city people have to be informed what the flat rate tax means to the mountain region and we must hope for their solidarity. One must also see that the settlement of wealthy individuals in Switzerland in the present economic environment is of strategic importance. “The question is whether these people are still welcome in the future or not,” he added. Shoulder-to-shoulder On April 30 2010 a delegation of roughly 120 members from the Saanenland consisting of employers and employees from various trades as well as politicians, demonstrated shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the Unia headquarters in Bern. The date of the demonstration was no accident. On May 1, the Trade Union started their petition for the cantonal tax initiative, which includes the abolition of the flat rate tax. “Father“ of the tax initiative of the Bernese left wing party is Corrado Pardini, co-President of the cantonal Trade Union and member of the Unia management. Why not commute to Thun? For Pardini, the flat-rate tax is an old hat that needs to be discarded. He is convinced that the majority of the flat rate tax payers won‘t move away, as feared in the Saanenland, and spoke of scare tactics. In an interview with the “Berner Oberländer,” Pardini said that he did not expect a significant increase in unemployment. Particularly unsettcontinued on Page 7


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ADAPTED & TRANSLATED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ERICH GEHRET AVS 11.06.10 Erich Gehret remembers on the day, 70 years back when the church of Saanen burnt down on June 11 1940. “My sister Adeline and I were eating that night (our parents were still working) when we heard two very loud thunders. I was frightened and went to check around the house if everything was ok. It was then that I saw the church on fire. A lightning bolt had hit the church tower. The fire department of Saanen didn’t have any electrical water pumps and by the time the fire department from

Château-d’Oex arrived, the whole church was on fire. The heat of the fire was so immense that even the church bells melted. Only the pulpit and the wooden columns from the entrance arcade were saved. It was terrible to watch and the whole atmosphere in the village was very tense as during this time France had been occupied by the Germans and we, in Switzerland, beyond our borders, were surrounded by Hitler’s efforts and afraid to be invaded by the German troops.

Perhaps in the past you have participated in fashionable diets or the latest exercise methods to shed those excess winter kilos. This year there is a new solution for a kick-start into summer fitness: Physiological footwear. Anyone who wore MBTs, recorded not only a significant weight loss, but also had less or lighter common neck, back and knee complaints. In this case, Prof. Dr. Erich Mueller, who led the studies at the University of Salzburg says, “Wearing MBT shoes significantly reduces stress on joints in the lower limbs. We also found that, whilst wearing MBTs the stronger leg muscles work to stabilize the legs and ankles, increasing the effort of energy. This condition further improves through slow running. In summary, because there is less strain on the joints, slow running with MBTs is a great workout for everyone and especially overweight people.�

About MBT The patented sole construction of MBT simulates barefoot walking on soft, uneven natural soil. This simulation activates the all-important small muscles throughout the body. The support and postural muscles are strengthened, the back and joints are relieved, the body streamlined and the metabolism activated. MBT can help alleviate back and joint pain, improve the figure, increase performance or make comfortable, a long day spent on your feet. MBT was developed in 1998 in Switzerland and is worn by millions of people in more than 30 countries. Many Hollywood stars such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Antonio Banderas as well as several top athletes are among the fans wearing MBTs. A large selection of MBT shoes can be found at Romang shoe store, Gstaad. More info on www.mbt.com.

Photo: zvg

From ancient times in the Saanenland: Memories of the church fire on June 11th 1940

Fit for the summer - with MBT

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continued from Page 5 ling to the Saanenland delegation was Pardini‘s statement that he was sure that all concerned would find a new job within the canton and that it should be within reason, to commute from Gstaad to Thun. In

Pardini‘s opinion companies from Gstaad should be able to work in other parts of the canton. This statement just caused all concerned to shake their heads. The market in Thun and surrounds is already saturated according to local entre-

preneurs who have considered this. Positive outcome - the fight carries on “We have given a clear signal and voiced our opinion in Bern and the media coverage has played to our

IN-DEPTH ARTICLE advantage,” said Wanzenried and von Allmen. Corrado Pardini has accepted an invitation to the Saanenland. The debate on the flat rate tax will continue locally.

Photo: Frank Müller-Brand

Charges laid against unknown suspect for vandalism on the Gstaad Promenade ADAPTED & TRANSLATED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ANITA MOSER AVS 18.6.10 Vandals have once more raged on the Promenade of Gstaad. The target of the attack was again, flowerpots. The damage amounts to about SFr 1’000. The ‘Werkhof’ Saanen confirmed charges were laid

against unknown suspects. Otto Tritten, Operations Manager of the ‘Werkhof’ asks the public for support. “Anyone who hears or notices anything, should inform the police immediately and not wait.“

Once more vandals targeted the flowerpots on the Promenade

K.U.H. in Lauenen

New chairlift project

ADAPTED & TRANSLATED FROM THE ARTICLE BY JOHN STUCKI AVS 15.6.10 K.U.H. stands for culture and craft (Kultur und Handwerk). The association was founded in May 2005. Exactly five years later the energetic board of directors, especially its president Amelia Addor, is delighted to have been awarded the prize of SFr 3’000 for innovation in the mountain agriculture economy by the national board of the Bernese Oberland. The association, existing of 180 members (a considerable number are from outside of the region)


was established for the purpose to promote the sale of traditional and local products and to support local arts and crafts. The shop sells jewelry, woodwork and many other artifacts crafted by local farmers, artists and craftsmen. In addition a series of cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, courses and lectures are carried out. Everyone finds something to his/ her taste in the K.U.H. shop. A visit can be accompanied with a walk to the Lauenensee.

Despite the incessant rain, representatives of the communities, authorities, financial partners and the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad AG, joined hands for the groundbreaking ceremony of the new chairlift Vorderes Eggli Chalberhöni project during the afternoon of June 16. “The new covered four seat chair lift is a key project in the overall concept ‘concentration‘,” said BDG director Armon Cantieni. With this concept the BDG wants to modernize its service, offer snow guarantee and

remain competitive. The chairlift will initially transport 1’200 people per hour and in the final stage, a maximum of 1’800 people. Armon Cantieni thanked all the parties involved, as without their involvement and support this project would not have been possible. “The masts will be installed in August and September 2010 and the installation of the cable should be completed on November 19th 2010. The chairlift will be operational if everything goes according to plan,” said Samuel Matti. Photo: Christine Eisenbeis

Photo: John Stucki

Sonja Boss, Matthias Bergmann, Amelia Addor (club president) & Erna Westemeier (from left).

(From left): Johnny Wyssmüller, Ruedi Wehren, Christiane Griessen, Armon Cantieni, Bethli Küng, Hansueli Grundisch, Traugott Perreten, Urs Lüthi, Roman Antoni and Simon Moratti.


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Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad 2010 ADAPTED FROM INFORMATION FOUND ON WWW.ALLIANZSUISSEOPENGSTAAD.CH Since 1915, some of the biggest names of tennis have fought it out on the clay courts of Gstaad. Amongst the top players for 2010 are Fernando Verdasco, Mikhail Youzhny, Nicolas Almagro and Tommy Robredo. The public can meet these stars of the tournament and others on Saturday, July 24 at 17h00 on the Kapälliplatz.

Philippe Pascoët (Geneva) and Lucien Montarlier (Lausanne). Inside the village a formula 1 car from the Renault team will be exhibited during the week of the tournament. Entertainment and competitions are planned in conjunction with racecar exhibit. Also located in the tournament village is a tennis serving radar where the public can test their service speed.

Every year the Allianz Swiss Open Gstaad brings, to tennis lovers, this rare tournament; the only natural clay tournament of this professional level, in Switzerland. This year a variety of entertainment will embellish the breaks between matches and the evenings in and around the tournament village. As the 1st of August falls during the weekend of the finals, the organizers have planned festivities in connection with the Swiss National Day and have many surprises in store for the public. The traditional 1st August brunch, as well as a market selling local products, will be moved inside the tournament village. The meals will therefore have a particularly Swiss touch. Further on the Saturday of the final, the PC-7 Swiss air force team will present an aerial show for the pleasure of the spectators and the residents of Gstaad.

“STOP RARE”, and The Allianz Swiss Open Gstaad, pairing a passion for sports with a noble cause. The Allianz Suisse Open proudly announces its support for the “STOP RARE” foundation, founded by Mondobiotech. According to the foundation, over 622 million people worldwide are affected by what is categorized as rare diseases. This statistic alone explains the motivation behind the foundation whose task it is to make the general public aware of rare diseases (also known as orphan diseases) and to supply support to the unacceptably high number of people who suffer from them. The foundation wishes to create a platform upon which patients can share their experiences and to put into motion projects that will improve their quality of life.

For any questions concerning the Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad, contact +41 (0)33 748 08 60 or visit: www. allianzsuisseopengstaad.com

Women‘s power in the Gstaad tournament office ADAPTED & TRANSLATED FROM THE ARTILCE BY CHRISTINE EISENBEIS AVS 25.06.2010 The Alliance Suisse Open Gstaad takes place from July 24 to August 1. Shortly before then the tennis players arrive in the Saanenland, the many volunteers move into their quarters, the courts are being prepared and the office of Caroline Schwenter and Heidi Raaflaub Solenthaler gets extremely busy. Stars of Tomorrow “Here in Gstaad the future stars play against the current champions; such an opportunity is only on offer at Grand Slam tournaments," says Caroline Schwenter. Fernando Verdasco, Mikhail Youzhny and Tommy Robredo are amongst the three top-20 players coming to Gstaad. In the future the winners of the Roland Garros juniors tournament in Paris will receive a wildcard for Gstaad. The new tournament slogan is: “Today‘s Champions Meet Stars of Tomorrow.“ Special Ticketing Heidi Raaflaub is responsible for the special ticketing, that is all season ticket orders or group orders. Season tickets and tickets for locals are available at a 30 percent discount. A season ticket costs SFr 343. There is also a Supporters Club membership for SFr 2’500. Members receive several invitations to special events during the tournament and of course, two tickets to the VIP tribune for the games.

350 Volunteers Caroline Schwenter will be responsible for up to 350 volunteers who will help out at the tournament. Both women are very optimistic that the tournament will be a great success, with exciting games to delight the audiences. Photo: Christine Eisenbeis

Chocolate, Formula 1 and speed radar. Chocolates and truffles refined with fruit, herbs, spices and liquors, united under the theme “Le carrés des chocolatiers” five “maîtres chocolatiers” will present their individual creations in the VIP tent of the Allianz Swiss Open Gstaad. Present will be Christophe Renou (Chexbres), Francis Jacot (Valde-Travers), Blaise Poyet (Vevey),

A day for the tennis loving family. Being made possible by the organizers of the Allianz Swiss Open Gstaad is an unforgettable day on the occasion of the Swiss tennis family-day. Planned for the day is entertainment for children and a meal in the evening at the tournament restaurant. This offer is available to those who attend the tournament on Tuesday 27th July 2010 with their family of which at least

one of the members of the family is in possession of an active player’s license of Swiss tennis.

Still standing: Caroline Schwenter (left) and Heidi Raaflaub Solenthaler.

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Private Banking in Switzerland : Quo Vadis ? ACROSS THE DESK WITH TONI KNECHT ten outsourced. The Private Banking sector is highly fragmented, though the top end of the market is concentrated, with the top two players UBS and Credit Suisse and 11 larger private banks. According to the SNB, approximately SFr 2.2 trillion, or 56 percent of the total securities holdings in Switzerland, relate to non residents (offshore clients), however one has to remark that this does not include the cash holdings of HNWIs (High NetWorth Individuals). Using the SNB statistics for nonresident securities and holdings and the findings of the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, we assume approximately half of the non-resident securities holdings are EU clients, of which 80 percent are undeclared in Switzerland, resulting in 40 percent of the non-resident securities holding from EU-clients being “at risk”. We assume, the risk for the Swiss Private Banking industry of losing 20 to 25 percent of the figure stated above,

to be the worst case. Given the current challenges for Private Banking in Switzerland, it is likely that consolidation in the sector will gather pace this year, particularly for the foreign owned subsidiary banks and small to medium sized private banks. This is the market’s sector which is: highly fragmented, under the regulators microscope, suffering from relatively poor performance and ultimately, where the competition battle may be won or lost. Off-shore banking has come under increasing pressure. This has encouraged private banks to look beyond and favor a strategy paying attention to on-shore business. The client and bank can have a very different perception of value in a private banking relationship. For example, banks proudly state that their values lie in stability, brand etc. However, clients tend to place a higher value on more tangible items such as excellent and error free reporting, being one way in concretely measuring

Photo: Sanet Sonnekus-Williams

One year after succumbing to international pressure over tax evasion, the Swiss financial sector stands at a crossroad as it tries to pick a patch out of the wreckage. Plans to turn Switzerland into one of the top three global financial centres faded during the financial crisis, and the new priority is to keep afloat. However, some observers still believe opportunities for further growth exist. Swiss banks manage around a tenth of all global assets - a staggering SFr11.3 trillion - making it the third largest market for wealth management. Back to chocolate for the Swiss? Private banking will above all need to differentiate itself by so-called “value drivers”. Specifically, the core value proposition is based upon client servicing as well as being specialized in at least one area of Research, Porfolio and Asset Management. Less client facing activities such as Fund adminsitration and Custody Services, as well as IT and Infrastructure, are of-

Toni Knecht, Head of Private Banking at Saanen Bank what is done with their assets. This value should not be underestimated. It remains to be seen whether risk and compliance departments can cope with the new focus, greater workload and pace of change, or whether there might alternatively be a trend towards outsourcing these tasks. Compared to foreign competitors, the Swiss Private Banking market can clearly offer greater authority, stable political environment, legal and economic conditions as well as a good reputation, coupled with the strongest currency worldwide for decades.

Oldtimer Club Gstaad-Saanenland: 40th anniversary – weekend of veterans ADAPTED & TRANSLATED FROM THE ARTICLE BY ANITA MOSER AVS 29.06.10 The oldtimer anniversary car rally, with a record-participation of 80 vehicles, was held recently in beautiful summer conditions, during the last weekend of June. On the occasion of the anniversary, the rally started this year on Friday in the Jurassic town of Fleurier. The second leg on Saturday led from the Gstaad Palace to the Lauenen lake and back. In the afternoon, the oldtimer cars remained in the garage and their owners and passengers got to look at the Saa-

nenland from various perspectives - from the train, the toboggan, on a scooter, the flyer bicycle or from the air. What was born 41 years ago as an idea at the Palace bar is today an integral part of the summer season at the Palace. The foundation for the Oldtimer Club Gstaad-Saanenland was laid by Fred Rölli, Arno Mark and Ernst Andrea Scherz. For some years Chopard has been the main sponsor and all the participants were invited to visit

the watch manufacturer on Friday before they were sent on their way precisely at 13h30, to Gstaad. Due to road closures between Saanen and Schönried the skills test took place on the Palace parking instead of the Rellerli parking area. The second stage of the rally led the contestants from the Gstaad Palace to Lauenen, around the Lauenen lake and over the Gmündten back to the Palace. The above-mentioned road closure meant that all oldtimer cars had to

be parked in the garage and all 160 participants were transported to Schönried by train and proceeded by foot to the Rellerli gondola. The Berghaus awaited the participants from across Switzerland, Germany and England with a delicious lunch. In the evening all participants met again at the Gstaad Palace for the gala dinner. The successful weekend was concluded on Sunday with a brunch at the five-star hotel and a subsequent prize-giving.


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Events Calendar

Friday July 16 2010 until Friday August 6 2010

FRIDAY, JULY 16 – SUNDAY, SEPTEMSATURDAY, JULY 24 SATURDAY, JULY 31 BER 05 19h30: Menuhin Festival Saanen church: 10h30: Menuhin Festival Kapelle Gstaad: Moonlight Serenade. Rate SFr 40-125. Res- Andrey Baranov, Violin. SFr30. Contact +41 54th Menuhin Festival Gstaad. A classical music festival with world-famous artists. Differ- ervation possible, phone +41 (0)33 748 83 38. (0)33 748 83 38. ent locations. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38 or SATURDAY, JULY 24 – SUNDAY, SATURDAY, JULY 31 info@menuhinfestivalgstaad.com AUGUST 1 19h30: Menuhin Festival Lauenen church. Allianz Suisse Open Gstaad, Tennis Giuliano Carmignola, Violin & Yasuyo Yano, FRIDAY, JULY 16 Tournament. This high-class tournament has Fortepiano. SFr30-70. Contact +41 (0)33 748 19h30: Menuhin Festival Gstaad: András a reputation for great men’s tennis in beautiful 83 38. Schiff I – Opening Concert. Rates: SFr40 – surroundings. For more information, contact SFr160. Locality: Saanen Church. Reservation SATURDAY, JULY 31 +41 (0)33 748 81 81. possible, contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38. 10h30: Matinée des Jeunes étoiless III at SUNDAY, JULY 25 the Kapelle Gstaad. www.classicpoint.ch FRIDAY, JULY 16 - WEDNESDAY, 19h30: Menuhin Festival: Top of SwitzerSATURDAY, JULY 31 JULY 28 land – Night Somorities at the church in Gsteig. 11h00: Platzkonzert der Musikgesellschaft Exhibition Robert Schumann in the foyer of Rate SFr30-70. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38. Gstaad, Tennis village. Free entry – collecthe hotel Landhaus Saanen. The Swiss trip of the 19-year old student of Heidelberg. For tion. Phone +41 (0)33 744 09 40. TUESDAY, JULY 27 more info contact +41 (0)33 744 44 43. 19h30: Menuhin Festival at the Rougemont SATURDAY, JULY 31 SATURDAY, JULY 17 Climbing day on the Oldenegg. Cable car, coffee & dinner SFr53. Phone +41 (0)79 481 65 61 for more information. SATURDAY, JULY 17 10h30: Menuhin Festival Gstaad: Leonard Elschenbroich, Cello at the Kapelle. SFr30. Reservation possible at info@menuhinfestivalgstaad.com or contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38. SATURDAY, JULY 17 19h30: Menuhin Festival: Choir & orchestra concert at the Saanen church with soprano Rachel Harnisch. Rates SFr40-160. SUNDAY, JULY 18 10h00: Summer feast of folk music at the Col du Pillon Restaurant, Gsteig. For reservation, contact +41 (0)33 744 56 39. MONDAY, JULY 19 19h30: Menuhin Festival Gstaad with Nicola Benedetti, Violine & Alexei Grynyuk, Piano at the Vers-L’Église church. Rate SFr30-70. Contact +41 (0)33 748 8338. TUESDAY, JULY 20 19h30: Menuhin Festival Gstaad: András Schiff II (Pianist) – Folk Style at the Saanen church. Rate SFr40-125. Contact +41

church with Fiori Musicali (Soprano). Rate SFr30-70. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38.

19h30: Beethoven: Lauenen church. www. classicpoint.ch

WEDNESDAY, JULY 28 19h30: Menuhin Festival at Lauenen church: Chopin – Ballades with Dejan Lazic, Piano. Rate SFr30-70. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38.

SUNDAY, AUG 1 Swiss National Day in Lauenen on the Geltenhornplatz. An evening for everyone – fire, live music, etc. Contact +41 (0)33 765 91 81. lauenen@gstaad.ch

THURSDAY, JULY 29 14h00: Pre-conert-talk 2010 with Alison Balsom (Trumpet) in the artists lounge at Basta, Bernerhof hotel. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38.

SUNDAY, AUG 1 22h15: Fireworks at the hotel Palace on Swiss National Day.

THURSDAY, JULY 29 19h30: Menuhin Festival Gstaad church, with Alison Balsom (Trumpet). SFr40-160. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38. THURSDAY, JULY 29 & SUNDAY, AUGUST 1 09h30: Open Tipi day at the Talstation Reusch Gsteig. SFr40-59. Food included. Phone +41 (0)79 328 32 80. THURSDAY, JULY 29 19h30: Trompetenglanz at the Saanen church. www.classicpoint.ch

FRIDAY, JULY 30 11h00: Menuhin Festival Saanen church: (0)33 748 8338 for reservation. Public rehearsals 2010. Admission: locals, WEDNESDAY, JULY 28 – AUGUST 25 students/AHV SFr10, free entry for children unAlp visit with breakfast above Gsteig – der 15 yrs. Unnumbered tickets, no pre-selling, every Wednesday in July & Aug, with fam- open cashpoint _ hour before rehearsals. ily Walker. Adults SFr16, Children SFr8.50. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38 for more info. Contact +41 (0)33 755 8181. FRIDAY, JULY 30 THURSDAY, JULY 22 19h30: Menuhin Festival: Metamorphosen 19h30: Menuhin Festival at the church in with Giulliano Carmignola (Violin), at the Saanen: András Schiff III. Rate SFr40-160. Saanen church. SFr40-160. Contact +41 (0)33 Reservation possible, contact +41 (0)33 748 748 83 38. 83 38. FRIDAY, JULY 30 – SUNDAY, AUG 15 SATURDAY, JULY 24 Circus Gasser Olympia: Tent in Ebnit, 10h30: Menuhin Festival Kapelle Gstaad: Gstaad. A breathtaking show. Reservation posJinsang Lee (Pianist) – winner of the Géza sible. Door open 1 hour prior to the start. Phone Anda Competition 2009, Schumann prize. Rate +41 (0)79 372 91 71. SFr30. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38.

SUNDAY, AUG 1 18h00: Swiss National Day in Turbach on the Wintermatte-Beizli. Contact +41 (0)33 748 81 81. SUNDAY, AUG 1 Dance in the Restaurant Heiti, Gsteig with Buddy Dee & Band. Phone +41 (0)33 755 11 97. SUNDAY, AUG 1 Swiss National Day in Saanen village: An evening for everyone. Contact +41 (0)33 748 81 60. SUNDAY, AUG 1 Swiss National Day in Gstaad-Schönried village. – An evening for everyone! FRIDAY, JULY 16 19h30: Menuhin Festival Gstaad: András Schiff I – Opening Concert. Rates: SFr40 – SFr160. Locality: Saanen Church. Reservation possible, contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38. MONDAY, AUG 2 – SUNDAY, AUG 8 Menuhin Festival Gstaad: Youth Orchestra week in Gstaad. Reservation possible. For more information contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38. TUESDAY, AUG 3 19h30: Menuhin Festival Saanen church: A baroque journey with Daniel Hope (Violin). SFr40-125. Phone +41 (0)33 748 83 38.

WEDNESDAY, AUG 4 19h30: Menuhin Festival Lauenen church: L’Arpa Latina with Xavier de Maistre (Harp). SFr30-50. Phone +41 (0)33 748 83 38. THURSDAY, AUG 5 Concert of the Seeländer Jugend Brass Band with 30 young dedicated musicians. Kapälliplatz Gstaad. Only if the weather is good, no admission. www.sjbb.ch THURSDAY, AUG 5 19h30: Menuhin Festival Saanen church: Piano virtuoso par excellence. Arcadi Volodos, Piano. SFr40-125. Contact +41 (0)33 748 83 38.

ROTARY CLUB GSTAAD-SAANENLAND Meetings every Monday 12h00 Palace Hotel Gstaad (033 / 748 50 00), President: Rot. Ernst Niederhauser (033 / 744 21 90), Program: Rot. Andreas Hurni (033 / 744 36 28) LIONS-CLUB GSTAAD-SAANENLAND Meetings normally each first and third week of the month on Thursdays, either at 12h00 a.m. for lunch or at 7h00 p.m. for dinner. Meetings in Wellness & Spa-Hotel Ermitage-Golf, Schönried, Tel. 033 748 60 60. For details and program contact Urs Wittwer, president, 033 748 99 11, info@wittwer-fleurs.ch, htttp://gstaad-saanenland.lionsclub.ch CHURCH SERVICES St Peter’s English-Speaking Anglican Church, Château-d’Oex Sun July 18 17h30 Reverend Penny Frank. Evening Prayer Sun July 25 17h30 Reverend Penny Frank. Evening Prayer IMPORTANT NUMBERS Ambulance 144, Police 117 Police office 033 356 84 31 Fire-brigade 118 Saanen Hospital 033 748 02 00 Château-d‘Oex Hospital 026 923 43 43 Car accident service 033 744 88 80 Veterinary 033 744 35 31 Medical emergency 0900 57 67 47 Dental emergency 033 748 02 00 For additional useful numbers please visit www.gstaadlife.ch/usefulnumbers For the latest local weather forecast visit www.gstaadlife.com/weather

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Come and Fly with the Grand Hotel Park The Grand Hotel Park celebrates its 100th birthday this year and is undergoing a year full of transformation, events, and of course, the grand re-opening on December 17th. Even though the Grand Hotel Park’s present structure itself is young, officially built in the late 1980s and re-opened in 1990, the hotel’s history allows it to celebrate this important 100th anniversary. The renovation program at the Grand Hotel Park is not the only event of great interest this year however. One of the highlights is the Grand Hotel Park’s hot air balloon, recognized by its decoration with the centenary logo of the hotel. The bespoke Grand Hotel Park’s hot air balloon is a celebration of a part of the unique history of this splendid hotel, which invites everyone to discover with them, the beautiful region of Gstaad from up above. Despite the fact that the hotel is closed during the summer, the hot air balloon is available for the pleasure of the hotels long standing guests, patron’s, friends and new visitors to the region. The hotels bespoke balloon pilot Monsieur Christian Dupuy, well-known in the re-

gion, eagerly awaits his guests and looks forward to getting airborne and providing gentile, memorable ballooning experiences. For reservations or more information, contact: Le Grand Hotel Park, Wispilestrasse 29, CH – 3780 Gstaad, Tel : +41 33 748 9800, E-mail: ballon@grandhotelpark.ch


Friday 16 July 2010 Page 12 Photos: zvg

…Out in Africa… BY TESS LAROSSE After landing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital, I took a short hop on a little plane over to Arusha where I found myself jumping straight into a totally unplanned safari by gatecrashing a charming chap from Latvia’s Jeep. Luckily he was very pleasant, willing to share, and only slightly bewildered by the intrusion.

TL - Peter, what brought you to this part of the world? PB - I was looking for a new challenge and this position came up. I was fascinated by Africa’s history and the great explorers like Kirk, Burton, Livingstone and Stanley. We run the Kasha Boutique Hotel here in Matemwe.

Nine dusty days later I flew from the mainland and on to the neighbouring island of Zanzibar, where I caught up, quite unexpectedly, with Gstaad boy Peter Burri and his wife Joanna, who now live on the NE coast of the island in Matemwe, a magical place steeped in history and teeming with local culture.

TL - How do you cope with the culture difference here, do things runs as smoothly as the Swiss MOB? PB - Ha haaa… no, it’s much slower here. ‘’Pole pole’’ is one of the first

You may remember that Gstaadborn and bred Peter ran the Rialto restaurant for several years prior to moving to the Seychelles, and then last year relocated to the mysterious, exotic island famed for its white sandy beaches, wonderful spice gardens, pristine waters and its capital, Stonetown’s, notorious involvement in the slave trade. So what on earth are they doing here?

phrases I learnt: slowly slowly is the motto, and ‘’hakuna matata’’: no worries. No-one gets angry at work, there’s not much point complaining. One example is the recent power crisis that we had here in Zanzibar, the whole island was totally out of electricity. Can you imagine, the whole island - three months without power. There was also a petrol and diesel shortage, and water was contaminated. The lucky ones in business who had generators were fortunate to be able to struggle on. However, the people of Zanzibar muddled through though; we all pulled together; can you imagine if that happened in Gstaad? We take everyday things like our lights and electrical appliances for granted… TL - Joanna, the decoration is fabulous here, did you bring your own touches to it? JB - Many of the objects were collected by me, yes. For example, the old clocks and the salvaged dhow boats came from the beaches and were restored. We also had items like candlesticks and tables made from the old fishing boats. Our curtains in the open air restaurant are made from natural canvas, like the

Husband and wife team: Peter and Joanna Burri sails billowing in the wind. These Kasha trunks are a real local item and are traditionally given to the brides and filled with treasures including beads, money and gold before the wedding. They are all made in Stonetown and intricately carved by the craftsmen there. I also had all the staff uniforms made from

ters for snorkelling and swimming, dolphin tours, kiteboarding and then there are great days out to some of the numerous spice farms, and of course a trip to historical Stonetown.

the cheerful local fabrics, all slightly different. We really want our guests to feel that they are immersed in the local culture here. I also filled our shop with local objects like cow-hide sandals, kangas, Zanzibar spices and oils and banana leaf paintings. TL - Tell me about this beautiful garden, is it true you started from nothing and designed it yourself? JB - Oh yes, it was totally wild...it’s now brimming with bougainvilleas and aloe vera, all delivered by donkey. I also have a great team working with us from the local village of Matemwe here. If you look down to the beach there, you’ll also see the village ladies’ collection of seaweed. They spend all day in the saltwater under the hot sun... much of it is exported and goes to the cosmetic industry and some for pharmaceuticals, it’s incredible.

mooners and then your visitors from the UK, South Africa, France and Italy, Holland … all over, really.

TL – It’s all very well if you’re on honeymoon here, and want to float away and be pampered, but what is there to do if you’re a more adventurous spirit? PB - Oh, lots. We have top class diving, some of the most stunning wa-

TL - Who are your clients? PB - I’d say about 80 percent honey-

TL - So what do you miss from home, Saanenland, and don’t say cheese? PB - I do, I miss the cheese and we have a limited food choice. It can be also isolated here. It’s certainly different. JB - I do miss my friends and family sometimes. You know, calling up a girlfriend to pop out and have a coffee with and I also miss certain cultural activites. It’s been 5 years that we’ve been away now, but what an experience. www.kasha-zanzibar.com

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Conflicts between animals and hikers are rare, yet ignorant hikers can compromise their safety and incidents can occur and have increased recently. Hiking trails regularly cross fields where cattle graze. Cows, in particular when accompanied with calves, may act aggressively when disturbed. Suckle cow-husbandry is a natural way

of keeping cattle close to where calves and their mothers are, following birth in the barn or in pastures. In the suckle cow-husbandry environment the herding and nurturing instincts of the animals are very strong. Mother cows see humans or dogs as intruders. Males within the herd are just as dangerous as a mother animal protecting her young. Because of this, domestic animals with disturbing behavior are not allowed to wander on open meadows. Dogs must be on a leash, because a free-running dog can trigger panic amongst the cattle. Sheep and goat herds require an increased protection against wolves by livestock trained dogs. They protect the herd by marking their territory with deterring barks and a dominant behavior. The livestock dogs behave very friendly towards other dogs however hikers often do

not know how to behave when encountering these dogs. The measures listed below help to avoid problems between humans and animals in Alpine meadows and help prevent injuries: Code of conduct for walkers and hikers in Alpine meadows: · Follow the instructions and guidance given by shepherds and Alpine herdsmen if you encounter one. · Read the information on the notice boards when entering the meadows. · Remain on the hiking trails. · Observe threatening animal behavior, which includes lowering of the head, pawing or bellowing. · Pass any animal quietly and unobtrusively and keep ample distance (20-50 meters). · Under no circumstance touch calves.

· Keep dogs on a leash. · Do not frighten the animals and do not look them directly into the eyes. · If an animal approaches you, remain calm, do not turn your back on them, and slowly walk off the meadow. · Do not fidget with a stick. If animals react unpredictably, consider the following: · Remain calm. · Should an animal attack whist you have a dog with you, take the dog off the leash. · In an emergency, hit the cow on the nose with a stick. · Report your observations to the Alpine staff. · When necessary apply first aid and if necessary alert Rega (ph: 1414). · Report incidents to the BUL centre. Photo: lube / photocase.com

Hiking is the perfect way to observe nature and admire the landscape. With the Alps among the most valued recreational spaces in Switzerland and with the most beautiful places only being able to be reached on foot, landscapes are actively used by hikers. Alpine meadows have also been used for centuries for livestock grazing and parts of these meadows harbor suckle cow-husbandry, bulls and dogs that protect the herd from wolves and bears.


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Like most people, I love the sea. Though I often fear what lies beneath–more so now than ever, what with all the pollution, oil spills, and cruise ships. Now that summer is here I find myself daydreaming about bathing in a cool blue sea more and more. But my fantasies of late quickly turn to dread when I think of cooling off in an ocean tainted as it is by rampant pollution.  The defilement of our beloved oceans is infuriating and has become impossible to ignore. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only idiot who realizes it. One hears little murmurs here and there but no drastic improvements are reported. Swimming and the prospect of swimming is becoming less and less appealing. Even fishing, or eating fish, can produce

pangs of guilt that spoil the pleasure I derive from the ocean. Despite the evidence of pollution, that has been around ever since I can remember, I have been going on long swims since I was a child. My brother and I have a little mantra we chant when our fear of the big deep overtakes us. We have to, swimming is practically in our blood, we are Greek after all, and summers have always been spent on the water. Despite its depth and enormity, there is something about the sea I find deeply calming. I always have. For some it is the mountains, for others it is the desert. Being near an ocean makes me truly happy. I could sit for hours and watch the water without a hint of boredom. I often do. All my worries seem to float away.  There are still places in Greece that are pristine, especially when the currents are right, though one can almost always find a floating plastic bag or an old soda can along the beach or the ocean floor in seemingly unspoiled areas. I wonder why no one picks them up. I always do, though I imagine another bit of garbage soon replaces what I am able to collect. Same goes for the rest of the Mediterranean, which is only getting

worse. Cruise ships, mega yachts, jet skis, and dirty or infested waters rife with trash, sewage, oil, runoff, and infestations of jelly fish seem to be on the rise. The plastic mass in the Pacific, the effects of over-fishing, and the monstrous disregard for the ocean one encounters across almost every over-built coast is a sign of what’s to come. The outlook is grim, and anyone who denies this is bananas. A young English aristo, one David Rothschild, seems equally troubled by the issue. He has gone so far as to navigate across the Pacific on a catamaran made of plastic bottles to bring attention to the growing mass of waste. Lets hope his journey makes a difference. If all else fails, perhaps he should use his money and influence to get other billionaires to do the right thing and buy sailboats for their jaunts in St. Tropez instead of mega yachts. The ongoing BP leak in the Gulf of Mexico is blood-curdling. Apparently the best engineers in the business are working on capping the leak. But I wonder if it isn’t Mickey Mouse down there. Neither the government nor BP have found a solution. One can only assume they are part of the pro-

blem. There is no indication to think otherwise. The slick has hit the coast. The toll on the environment and the people along the coast who depend on those waters is going to be huge. There hasn’t been much of a scandal. One wonders why. As always, it’s really all about money. The cost to the environment is second because so many depend on rivers and oceans for business and survival. In one way or another every industry is contingent upon shipping, and so unless businesses by some miracle become interested in sustainability rather than profit, minimizing the effects of pollution are unlikely. It saddens me to think of what our aquatic resources will look like in twenty or thirty years’ time. More and more chemicals are getting dumped into the sea. Strange customs like the annual baby seal slaughter in Canada continue. Thousands of pounds of unconsumed marine life are killed and dumped back in the sea. Oil spills and the like will continue. Few people want or know how to give up or moderate the pleasures they enjoy from the ocean. Human populations are increasing rapidly. Soon there will be little left unspoiled. What is a girl to do?

Swatch FIVB Beach Volleyball Grand Slam Gstaad 2010 Photos: Jonas Bach

The men‘s-podium with the winners Rogers-Dalhausser in the middle.

The women-podium with the winners Larissa-Juliana in the middle.

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A new jewel in Gstaad – BKW ISP AG Gstaad presents new showroom Photos: Jonas Bach

ADAPTED AND TRANSLATED FROM THE AVS 18.06.2010 BKW ISP AG – Electric-Telematics-Planning - 24h-Service at 50 Lauenenstrasse in Gstaad has expanded into its attic and offers a new and more modern showroom. In the future, architects and their clients can get an accurate idea of the possible lighting concepts, multimedia and communication possibilities for their homes. When buying a new sofa one can just go into a furniture store, choose one among many models and even do a “sitting test” before making the final decision. It is similar with many other products. But anyone building a new house has to decide on the correct electrical installation which is a bit more difficult. What should the light switch in the future home look like? What are the possibilities when it comes to household connections, lighting concepts, electrical installations and communication networks? "Electrical equipment and installation elements cannot easily be presented in an attractive way,” says Louis Lanz, director of the BKW ISP AG Gstaad with a smile. But in this respect, the innovative company has now come up with a concept. The new showroom on the Lauenenstrasse fits perfectly into the

Various material to simplify the selection in the new showroom. chalet style construction and shows the customer with its modernity that anything is possible in the field of electrical installations and communication networks. Here, customers can get a "real live" picture and don’t have to rely on photographs in a catalog. The showroom was finished in May and proofs to be a real gem. "This is quite unique in the Saanenland," says Lanz. From now on customers can make informed decisions. "When a customer leaves our showroom, he should know what lighting concept fits his new home and what multimedia options he has." But be careful! This showroom offers many exciting possibilities and quickly excites

Which light switches should it be?

the eye of the beholder. Ultimately it is a financial matter about how multifunctional the apartment or house can be equipped. Very popular today is LED-lighting. "We are up-to-date and have a good know-how," says Lanz. A big issue is also, how electricity can be saved. At ISP we advise on solar energy. Photovoltaic solar cells convert the solar rays into electrical energy without waste, without noise and without emissions. A photovoltaic system can be installed on almost any roof. "We hope more such systems will be used in the future." As a leading SQS-certified service provider (ISO 9001) ISP claims that customers can rely on the building infrastructure.

so exciting," he says. That ISP offers a 24-hour call out service and technical assistants, goes without saying. "This has been the case for decades." A special highlight of the new building, however, remains the stylish showroom. Anyone who is planning electrical installations, interested in safety, or the latest communications equipment should come and see for themselves. Visits during office hours are always possible. www.ispag.ch

"We do everything from major projects such as the Alpina to light installations in a barn,” says Lanz. "The projects here in Gstaad and surrounds are very interesting of The modern staircase to the Showcourse. And this makes the work room with a blue-lit handrail.

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