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COVER STORY Dr. Jennifer Walden Building a Legacy as a 6th Generation Austinite “First and foremost, I’m a mother, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman and I’m a plastic surgeon”





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- Fostering a Contender Mindset in Your Team



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- 5 Tips for Making Friends on Twitter


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By: [JESSIE MOORE] Are you completely new to this platform? Or have you been a passive member for years without ever really engaging with anyone? Twitter is a wonderful social tool, but harnessing its powers for good can be a little tricky for beginners. Most new users are intimidated by its stream-of-consciousness format and the sudden conversations that erupt out of it. How do these people know each other? Is everyone on Twitter friends? So, how does a new person break into these established cliques and get some followers? Twitter does have cliques, but unlike real life, these friendships are fluid. The rules of social engagement are far more relaxed here. People don’t use Twitter to stay huddled in small groups forever, they use the platform to expand their social reach and make new friends. So, follow the tips below to learn the rules of engagement and unlock the full potential of Twitter for yourself. Tip 1: Join All Conversations That Catch Your Eye This is easier said than done. Beginners are always hesitant about intruding and giving offense. But, joining random conversations uninvited isn’t considered rude here – it’s what Twitter was built on.



So, go beyond liking and retweeting things you appreciate, and engage with the content. Give your opinion on the tweet with an “@reply” and start a conversation. There will be times when your reply is ignored, but don’t be discouraged. The more you do this, the more people will reply to your statements, and soon you’ll meet users who share your wavelength. Tip 2: Find New People to Engage With When you first join Twitter, you might know very few people. Unless someone takes you by the hand and introduces you to a bunch of active users, you are likely to stand in a quiet corner and watch hopelessly as others interact around you. There are a few things you can immediately do to remedy this: #1 Check out the trending hashtags on the side panel. Is there anything that you feel strongly about? Once you find a hashtag, click on it, and check out the tweets others are posting under it. Yes, these are strangers, but they are tweeting in the hopes that someone replies. And you totally should! #2 Use the search feature on Twitter. Look up bands or movies or books that you have interest in, and see what people are saying about them. Talk to these people! #3 Another way of using the search bar is to simply look up a question mark.

A search for “?” gets you every recent tweet where someone asked a question. Usually, these questions aren’t addressed to specific people. They are sent out to the Twitterati in general. Find a question you like and let the asker know that their tweet was noticed. The important thing to remember when questing for tweets to reply to is that you shouldn’t choose something just for the sake of it. Successful social interactions are never built on lukewarm opinions. Tip 3: Tweet Regularly As mentioned above, Twitter is fluid. People engage in passionate, fun conversations with complete strangers, follow each other’s account, and then look forward to similar interactions in the future. But none of that will happen if you abandon your Twitter account for weeks or months, and then come back to post one update about your life. No one will wait around for that. If you really want to utilize the full potential of Twitter, then you must make a habit of tweeting at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be an update. If you have nothing to share, then just find someone to reply to. This minimal interaction will keep your toes dipped into the waters. You’ll be surprised at the number of conversations you get pulled into just by being present.

Tip 4: Be Original Find subjects you can tweet about without running out of steam. It’s important for your twitter feed to have more original content than retweets. It’s good to share opinions and GIFs you love, but it’s more interesting for your followers to read your own words. Don’t worry about being witty and fresh. Let your real personality shine through. Here is some advice on how to go about it: #1 If you want people to reply to your own tweets, then you have to post about subjects that invite opinion. Talk about something you heard on the news, an article you recently read, or a show you just watched. Give your own take on it, and then ask the world what they thought about it. #2 If you create your own content, then share them on Twitter. But don’t just stop at pasting the link to your video or blog post. Talk about the subject on your feed. Utilize Twitter’s hashtags to drum up interest in what you have to say about the subject. Automated shares on Twitter don’t count as interactions and rarely get



people’s attention. #3 If you’re on Twitter to talk about something specific, then educate yourself on every aspect of that subject. Niche accounts get a lot of followers when they are informative and helpful. Be the user people go to on Twitter when they want answers. Tip 5: Be an Active User Not a Passive One You could be creating amazing daily content and never see that follower count go up. Why? Because Twitter thrives on interactions. You have to engage with others for them to be invested in your content. #1 So, answer all replies on your tweets! You are not obligated to continue conversations indefinitely, but you should always be polite and acknowledge the replies. #2 Ask a question or run a poll for your followers. If your query is on a topic you are clearly interested in, people will be far more likely to answer. #3 Be bold about tagging people

you know will want to be part of the conversation. The purpose of tagging is to let the person know that something interesting is being discussed. Whether or not they choose to be a part of it, you can be the one who gives them the opportunity to make new friends. #4 Just check in with your new friends at some point in the day, so you don’t miss their tweets amongst the others in your feed. Friendships on Twitter need as much attention as those in the real world. #5 Introduce people to each other. Sometimes, you come across users in different conversations who clearly have a lot in common. Be somebody else’s Twitter mentor and help them make more friends. Twitter is a brilliant tool for bypassing social awkwardness and making new friends. With a little effort and some consistency, you’ll soon be part of your own fluid cliques and a veteran of the platform. All you need is a willingness to engage.

Dr. Jennifer


Building a Legacy as a 6th Generation Austinite BY RUDY ARISPE



r. Jennifer Walden says when asked to describe herself.

The Austin native, who has appeared in Texas Monthly, Vogue and on national TV networks, such as NBC, CBS and Fox News, is also the owner of a busy surgical practice, Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, along with The MedSpa at Westlake in South Austin and the soon-to-open MedSpa at NW Hills in North Austin. And despite an eight-year stint working in the Big Apple, it wasn’t long before her heart yearned to return to her Texas roots. “Patients always ask if I’m a native Austinite because they read about it. Then they tell me I’m a rare unicorn”. Descended from pioneers who settled on Bull Creek in the 1850s, Dr. Walden relates her family history in



Texas: “On my father’s side of the family, they migrated here in the mid-1800s. We’re sixth-generation Austinites; we bought 160 acres on Bull Creek for $2 an acre and sold it in 1960.” She adds, “I wish they hadn’t have sold it! But

who knew Austin would become the boomtown it did?” Dr. Walden also possesses another skill that surgeons sometimes have that her patients find interesting.



“AS FAR AS BEING A SURGEON, I’M AMBIDEXTROUS. I CAN USE BOTH HANDS INTERCHANGEABLY WHILE I OPERATE.” “I can use a scalpel blade in my right or left to make an incision, and I can throw a suture with my right or left hand as well. So that works out well when changing sides of the table.” Still, being a single mom to two young boys remains a priority while her career as successful cosmetic plastic surgeon comes in second. “I have a sense of responsibility, and I always want to provide them with a good life,” Dr. Walden said, adding that her mother, who raised five children, has always been her role model. The doctor loves to perform surgery and feels most comfortable in the operating room but confides, “Having a nonsurgical cosmetic medspa practice is also nice and perhaps provides me with an exit strategy as I get older and want to spend time with my sons before they go off to college.” When she’s not busy with work or raising her twin 7-year-old sons, Dr. Walden also told us about another littleknown passion of hers: she likes to ride horses for relaxation and pleasure. “It’s fun. It’s something I did whenever I got a chance to do when I was a youngster,” she said. “Anyone who knew me well when I was a little girl knew I wanted to have horses when I was older.. that was my fairy tale… along with being a surgeon,” she laughs. Dr. Walden, whose father was a dentist and whose mother was a surgical nurse, received her medical degree from the University of Texas



Medical Branch at Galveston. After completing her residency, she moved to the Big Apple to complete a oneyear, cosmetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, a prestigious institution with a legacy of superstars in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. After falling in love with the City and practicing nearly eight years in New York, she moved back to the Lone Star State in 2011 and made her mark in as a cosmetic plastic surgeon in Austin with her surgical practice in Westlake and two medspas. Her second cosmetic medspa, The MedSpa at NW Hills, is scheduled to open late this summer. It will offer the same noninvasive, cosmetic procedures as the one at Westlake, including cosmetic injectables like Botox and soft tissue fillers, noninvasive body contouring, laser hair removal and skin resurfacing, anti-aging and acne treatments, vaginal rejuvenation, among other cosmetic services. “We are also rolling out more along the lines of sexual wellness services such as bioidentical hormone replacement and BioTe pellet insertion in my Westlake practice and plan to extend that to the



second medspa location as well”, Dr. Walden adds. “We really grew our medspa at Westlake in South Austin beyond the bounds of what it could hold,” Dr. Walden explained. “For many of our patients in Austin, traffic is so congested that a drive across town can be long and frustrating. So we decided to open a medspa in the Northwest Hills neighborhood of Austin to better serve our patients who live and work in this area, as well as those in North Austin, Georgetown, Cedar Park and Round Rock.” In addition, cosmetic injection specialist Kristin Gunn, who is known to many patients at the Westlake locale, will offer Botox and cosmetic fillers at the NW Hills center several times a week. Her laser technicians and aesthetician team will also be there, and of course Dr. Walden herself will frequent the second location often as well.



By the way, the Austin native is no stranger to the Northwest Hills neighborhood. “These are my old stomping grounds,” she said. “I grew up a few houses down on the street where the new MedSpa is going to be located. I’m very comfortable opening in this area, and I know the demographic well with many personal and family friends close by”. Dr. Walden adds, “My family was there so many years ago, there were only one or two businesses located on Far West [the street the medspa will be on]… you should see the old photos!” Austin, all grown up…and we’re along with Dr. Walden for the ride!

For more information visit drjenniferwalden.com, themedspaaustin.com, or call (512) 328-4100.





In business and in life, you can be a Pretender or a Contender. Pretenders know the rules and go through the motions. Pretenders come to work, day after day, with the best of intentions. They understand the concept that “the customer is always right” and chase customer approval. But when push comes to shove – as it inevitably does with customer service interactions – Pretenders crumble. And when they do, your business loses. Contenders are different. They can handle stressful situations with grace and calm. They think on their feet, pivoting negative customer interactions into positive – or at least neutral! – ones with ease. They refuse to let negativity distract them from goals. Contenders understand on a deep level how to best deliver effective, efficient, and relationship-building customer service. You may be thinking the difference between a Pretender and a Contender is training. And skills are, of course, important. But in working with hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs and their employees, I have realized that the true difference between Contender and Pretender comes down to one simple thing – mindset. Mindshift is the Difference It’s impossible to leave every part of



your personal life at home when you go to work. We are not robots – we come to work with our whole self, not just the aspects of our personality that have been okayed by the corporate training manual.

CONTENDERS CONSIDER HOW THEIR PERSONALITY HELPS OR HINDERS HIGHTENSION SITUATIONS. CONTENDERS IDENTIFY AND DECONSTRUCT THEIR DEEPLY-HELD BELIEFS ON HOW PEOPLE TREAT ONE ANOTHER. They know that past experiences influence present behavior. Contenders aren’t just going through the motions of life – they understand themselves on a deep, complex level. Pretenders can’t and don’t. This is why Pretenders crumble under the pressure of difficult customer service interactions – they’re transposing their personal baggage onto clients. They are emotionally

charged and reactive.

Know the Why I have owned many businesses over the duration of my career; at one point, I owned a chain of shoe stores called Foot Solutions. One of my employees was a soft-spoken, focused man who was previously a highly ranked, wellrespected military man. But over the first few months of his employment, I noticed he increasingly fit shoes with a dulled, unhappy expression. He never sold add-ons, like insoles or socks. I watched more and more customers walk out completely emptyhanded, likely turned off by the negative energy he brought into each interaction. I sat him down and asked – “Why are you so upset by customers?” He described his childhood in poverty and the struggle to make something for himself. He spoke of his many promotions within the army, how his fellow soldiers honored him. “Customers do not know me. They do not respect me,” he said. “I am unimportant again.” It was up to me, as his employer, to make this Pretender into a Contender. He was going through the motions at the shop, but his personal baggage was transferring onto my business. We began to run special discounts

for servicemen and women. I had him do off-site sales at the local military base. I helped him craft a strong narrative that he could tell customers – he began introducing himself as a former military man who understood what the pain of being on your feet for fourteen hours a day. “I don’t want you to feel like you’d rather crawl on your hands and knees,” he would tell customers. “I want you to walk proudly like you have an important job to do, and you’re doing to do it well.” He pivoted into one of my best employees and my customers’ favorite shoe fitter.

Figure Out – and Work On – Employee Mindset If you want your team to deliver amazing customer service, you must take the time to work on not just skills, but also mindset. And as the leader of your team, you must constantly work on your own mindset as well. Mindset training is worth the investment of your time and energy,



as everyone bring their whole self into work. Everyone is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all, rote manual about mindset training. It’s a complex topic with many layers. Here are some things to consider: Does your employee perform well under pressure? If not, work with them to figure out why they crumble. Is it the fear of retribution? Do they not understand their autonomy within the organization? Do they need additional training on communication skills? Does your employee need a lot of praise or attention? Everyone needs positive reinforcement; different people prefer different types of praise. Some people enjoy public displays of approval – like at a staff meeting – while others would really appreciate a handwritten letter. Does your employee struggle with feeling not good enough? Perhaps there are ways that you can fulfill your employee’s emotional cup

while increasing your bottom line – for example, a new project. Does your employee want the customer to validate their purpose within the organization? It can signal big mindset problems if your employee has the notion that happy customers mean she’s doing a good job. After all, she can do the best job ever and a few customers will still find reason to be upset. It’s important that you train employees like this to approach each customer service interaction with a fresh mindset. Above all else, remember that excellent customer service isn’t just about skills – it’s about a person’s emotional well-being. It is often necessary to line up certain employees with a mindset coach so they can do more personalized training. This will build up their armor so they feel safe, secure, and confident. Focused mindset training will pivot them – and your business – from Pretender to Contender.



By Going through a divorce is hard, and the myths swirling around the process make it even harder. Misconceptions are often spread by well-meaning friends and family that are trying to help but end up doing just the opposite. If you’re considering divorce, it’s important to separate fact from fiction so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

2. You’ll Lose Everything If You Cheat Cheating on your spouse might lead to divorce, but you won’t lose everything if it does, and it’ll only affect custody arrangements if your children were exposed to inappropriate situations because of the affair. The only time cheating would affect the distribution of marital assets is if the cheating spouse used them to support the affair.

Here are five common misconceptions about divorce. 1. Half of All Marriages End in Divorce Half of all marriages end in divorce is a statistic that hasn’t been true for decades. Divorce rates hit their peak in the 1970s and 1980s and have steadily declined ever since. In fact, couples who married in the 1990s and 2000s have about a 75% chance of staying together for life.

3. You’ll Have to Go to Court The vast majority of divorces are finalized without either party ever entering a courtroom. You’ll have to file papers with your state to finalize the divorce, but your lawyer will handle that. A divorce only goes to court if both parties involved can’t reach an agreement about how to divide assets or assign child custody.



4. Women Usually Get Custody of the Kids Women were more likely to get custody of the children in the past, but this is no longer the case. Custody decisions are now based on the best interests of the children instead of the gender of the custodial parent. Joint custody, an arrangement in which both parents get an equal amount of time with the children, is becoming increasingly common. 5. Divorce Is Always the Answer Troubled marriages don’t have to end in divorce. It’s sometimes the best solution but not always. A good marriage counselor can help. She can teach you better communication skills and suggest ways to improve your relationship. Making decisions based on misconceptions about divorce can cost you time and money while causing significant emotional damage. If you’re considering divorce, it’s important to learn the facts. A good counselor, lawyer, or mediator can walk you through the process and help ensure it’s as painless as possible.



When it comes to business security, video surveillance has long been considered a must-have for crime prevention. While real-time video monitoring is a best practice surveillance model, some business owners may balk at investing in this technology. Here are three surprising benefits of video surveillance that may help you convince key stakeholders of the importance of surveillance technology. Staff can focus on their jobs knowing a deterrent is in place: Without a video surveillance system, staff must focus on identifying threats. Their attention can be divided, leading to a decline in performance and productivity. When all employees know that a real-time video monitoring system is in place, they won’t worry so much about taking on the responsibilities of threat monitoring. Staff can then perform better by



focusing on what they truly need to do, and the business remains protected from threats. Visible cameras are a first-line defense: Most thieves “case the joint” before they steal anything. A would-be thief who passes by your warehouse or office will see the real-time cameras clearly mounted outside the business. The mere presence of these cameras will make any thief pause and reconsider targeting your business. Just by investing in video cameras, you can deter theft in the first place. In

some cases, you may be able to lower insurance premiums by demonstrating that you have a strong surveillance system to deter theft. Surveillance makes insurance claims easier: While you don’t want to suffer a business loss, of course, it can happen even with a good video monitoring system in place. In the event that you must make a claim with your insurance company, surveillance footage can streamline the claims process so you get you your funds faster. The cost of protection is a small price to pay for peace of mind that your business assets and intellectual property are protected. Thanks to a wide range of video surveillance tools, including surveillance as a service tools, business owners can best protect their premises at a price point they can afford. For more information visit: www.dyezz.com


BEAUTIFUL WEDDINGS ON A BUDGET By: [THE RESERVE AT DANCING ELK] Every couple dreams of having the perfect wedding, but the day of the bride’s parents footing the bill is slipping away.


Planning your own wedding will ensure that things are exactly the way you want them, without the expense of hiring a wedding planner for a “unique” wedding (which usually isn’t). Free



online wedding planners are available to guide you through the necessary steps. The most lavish wedding doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage. You’ll have enough time for being broke later when you have children!

Pare Down the Guest List This is the special day for the bride and groom, and for those nearest and dearest to you to celebrate your union, not an occasion to entertain those people you only get a Christmas card from or whom you feel obligated to invite. Keeping the guest list small creates a more meaningful and intimate wedding day, and gives the bride and groom time to mingle with all the guests. Invite only those closest to you, those whom you can’t imagine getting married without them being there.

Make Your Own Flower Arrangements To save big money over professionally arranged flowers, do the arrangements and bouquets yourself or ask a friend who is skilled in the craft. Flower

arranging supplies are available at most craft stores. Silk flowers can be as beautiful and realistic as fresh flowers, and the floral arrangements can be done weeks ahead of the wedding and stored in a dust-free environment until the wedding day. After the wedding service, ask the groomsmen to move the arrangements to the reception area, and your flowers can do double duty.

Serve Favorite Finger Foods Skip the professionally catered buffet or sit-down luncheon in favor of finger foods and cake. Your guests came to see you get married, not eat. Ask family members if they will pitch in some of their favorite recipes, foods they know people enjoy. A good friend experienced in cake decorating will be thrilled to create your wedding cake, or look up a local cake-decorating class and ask if they have a student or teacher who would create a cake for the experience (plus the cost of supplies). If you have your heart set on a sit-down dinner, ask a group of friends want to give you a gift if they would cater the reception for you

Party Favors Make your own party favors, if you must have them. (This is a great excuse for the ladies involved in the wedding to get together for an enjoyable afternoon.) For example, purchase inexpensive clear glass votive holders and candles that match the wedding colors, cut round pieces of white net, and tie them in little bundles with matching bows. Small, inexpensive frames can be decorated with tiny silk flowers and can serve as place card holders at the reception. Keeping Reception Costs in Line Choose a site for your reception that includes chairs and tables, since these can be expensive to rent. Dollar stores are an excellent place to find white china, basic stemware, linens, and decorations at very reasonable prices. A CD boom box and CD’s can provide music for the wedding ceremony and reception. A karaoke machine can accompany the wedding singer and provide entertainment at the reception. Ask a friend who has a good digital



expensive, but if you shop sample sales you may be able to buy a designer dress for a fraction of the original price. Consider shopping resale shops (my daughter found a gorgeous beaded gown for $75) or buying a white prom dress. Beautiful wedding dresses don’t have to break your budget. Don’t obsess over the dress, you’re only going to wear it once. Forget the penguin attire, and put the groom and groomsmen in sharp dark suits and white shirts that they can wear again for other special occasions.

camera to take wedding photographs and informal shots at the reception. Create invitations on your computer. If you don’t have any particularly talented friends, check with a local college for photographers, musicians, and printers who need experience and would provide their services so they can add them to their portfolio. Wedding Togs Wedding dresses can be quite

Get Family and Friends Involved Planning a memorable wedding day can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Don’t be a bridezilla and feel you need to have total control over every detail. Let friends and family take over part of the preparations, and thank them for doing so without nitpicking their choices. Be a relaxed and confident bride on your wedding day, enjoy your guests, and you will be creating wonderful memories for your friends and families!



Profile for MD Monthly

Dr. Jennifer Walden on NSIDE Magazine  

Dr. Jennifer Walden on NSIDE Magazine June 2018

Dr. Jennifer Walden on NSIDE Magazine  

Dr. Jennifer Walden on NSIDE Magazine June 2018

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