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Rare Book

Table of Contents Research 1.0

Introduction 1.0 Abstract 1.1 Objectives 1.2

Creative 2.0

Strength 2.0 Brand 2.1 Research 2.2 Mood Board 2.3 Development 2.4

Style Guide 3.0

Logo 3.0 Typography 3.1 Colors 3.2 Imagery 3.3

Final Designs 4.0

Website 4.0 Social Media 4.1

Style Guide 3.0

Logo 3.0

There are many aspects that where taken into account for the creation of the Rare Design logo. One of the major aspects taken into account was the popularity of the logos of competing companies such as Ron Jon Surf Shop and Cocoa Beach Surf Company. These logos are easily recognizable, and are popularly created into stickers that

people use to place on their cars, or that rebellious kids put up on stop signs, walls, and other surfaces to vandalize and express themselves. This type of expression could be useful to promote the brand, and because of this is was very important in the designing process for the logo to be easily transferable into a sticker format that can stand out.

The next major aspect important in the design of the logo was for it to represent the company. Rare Design is a surfer style clothing company, and because of this it was important to represent the beach in the logo. After many designs, the one that stood out the most was the one where the Rare Design “R” was being crashed over by a wave.

After further development, the wave was able to be converted into the “D” for Design. In the ideal logo version with full color the wave is colored blue, and the “R” is colored sand to almost represent a Yin-Yang of the sand meeting the water.

The last consideration taken into account was for the logo to be easily resizable into many different sizes. Weather the logo was going to be silk screened on to the back of an XXL T-shirt, or embroider the size of a dime to a shirt similar to Ralf Lauren’s Polo logo, the Rare Design logo had to be easily visible to these sizes.