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Connections for Metro Denver’s Dental Profession

RMDC Edition 2012 Volume 16, Issue 3

RMDC EDITION Credit: Scott Dressel-Martin for the Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau

A Word from the 2012 RMDC Chairman The Part-Time Mom




2012 RMDC Just For You


The “Increasers” Versus the “Decreasers” Pulp Therapy: The Science is Changing



Dental Loupes: Selecting Loupes that will Improve Your Health…Not make it Worse!


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Fundamentals of Information Security (that no one is talking about) 24


Get hands-on education from the Pankey Institute right here in Denver! The Metro Denver Dental Society hosts the Pankey Institute’s Hands-on Introduction to Bonded Porcelain Restorations

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity. Space is limited to only 25 participants.

Register TODAY!

Instructors: Dr. Jim Kessler & Dr. Michael Fling Dates:

March 2 & 3, 2012


9am – 5pm each day


Gnathodontics 10488 W. 6th Place Lakewood, CO 80215

Fee: $2,400 MDDS Members $2,800 Non-members

In this course, all aspects of planning and delivering conservative, bonded, indirect restorations will be covered. The presentations will include case selection, treatment planning, tooth preparation, provisional fabrication, restorative material options, luting resins, and bonding techniques. Participation exercises will consist of tooth preparations and provisionals for anterior porcelain veneers and posterior-bonded onlay restorations.

Hosted by

Register at This course generously sponsored by:


Connections for Metro Denver’s Dental Profession

Volume 16, Issue 3

MDDS Articulator Editor Carrie Seabury, DDS Managing Editor Jason Mauterer

RMDC Edition 2012

Inside This Issue:

A Word from the 2012 RMDC Chairman ……………………..........………4

Creative Manager Chris Nelson

Non-Profit News...........…..............................22 6 Fundamentals of Information Security

Communications Committee Anil Idiculla, DMD, Chair Michael Diorio, DDS Karen Franz, DDS Kelly Freeman, DDS Brandon Hall, DDS Kyle Klepacki, DDS Jeremy Kott, DDS Maria Juliana DiPasquale, DMD Nicholas Poulos, DDS Maureen Roach, DMD


(that no one is talking about).....................…24

Part Time Mom.....................................................8

RMDC Event Calendar................................26

2012 RMDC Just For You...............................10

Great Paper Debate.......................................32

MDDS Executive Committee President Charles S. Danna, DDS

The “Increasers” Versus the “Decreasers” …14


Pulp Therapy: The Science is Changing..............17

2012 RMDC Exhibitors...................................36

President-Elect D. Diane Fuller, DDS Vice President Mitchell N. Friedman, DDS Secretary Larry Weddle, DMD

Dental Loupes ..............…...…...…...….............…....20

Treasurer Scott M. Maloney, DMD Executive Director Elizabeth Price, MBA, CDE Printing Dilley Printing The Articulator is published bi-monthly by the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society and distributed to MDDS members as a direct benefit of membership.

See Us at the RMDC! Meet the staff of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention.

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Back Row (Left to Right): Jason Mauterer, Chris Nelson, Jennifer Wissel, Elaine Maichle Front Row (Left to Right): Elizabeth Price, Shelly Fava, Korinna Milam, Debra Arneson

Meet the staff of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention. They have put in a year of hard work to bring you the stellar CE lineup, packed expo hall, fun events and other great new and old features of this year’s RMDC. Armed with an army of volunteers, they will be working tirelessly to make sure the 2012 RMDC is the best one yet. Don’t hesitate to stop one of them for any questions you may have, or just to say hi.

Member Publication


LEADERSHIP CORNER A Word from the 2012 RMDC Chairman By Ian Paisley, DDS


o here we are, the 2012 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention is upon us. I can't believe that the hard working RMDC Programing Committee began planning this event over a year ago. With the countless hours of hard work by the volunteers and staff we stand at the threshold of what will be the best Rocky Mountain Dental Convention ever. As the Convention Chairman, I have participated in or observed almost everything that goes into planning this meeting. The incredible line-up of world-class speakers is what I am the most excited about this year at RMDC. Having Pete Dawson himself actually giving the supremely popular and in-demand Dawson Part I lecture just blows me away. This course follows-up two years of successfully hosting the Dawson Academy. To also have the Pankey Institute join in on the fun this year, takes our unique and trend-setting educational program to a new level. I am very proud to tell people that the RMDC was the first convention anywhere to host the Dawson Academy and now to host the Pankey Institute as well. Now, if either of these two fine educational options don’t suit you, this year’s RMDC also offers lectures by a number of other very famous and well-respected educators. Gordon Christensen, Dennis Tarnow and Terry Tanaka alone would make for an outstanding selection of educational options. We have gone even further by sending your fellow MDDS volunteers scouting the nation’s top conventions to find the best and brightest up-and-coming speakers. Put this all together and I’m sure that you will not go home dissatisfied with your educational experience at the RMDC this year. The educational opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg when illuminating all that the 2012 RMDC will have to offer. As the youngest volunteer ever tasked to Chair the Convention Committee, I felt encouraged to bring new ideas from a new generation of leaders in the dental


field. I set my sights on rejuvenating the social experience offered at the RMDC. We have tossed aside a stale TGIF event and will debut CONNECT - The Friday Night Party. It will feature delicious food, lower-key entertainment provided by a talented pianist, and be highlighted by a music and dance party of epic proportions. We managed to acquire the talents of DJ Nick Skeet, the House DJ of Suite 200, one of Denver’s hottest night spots. We have also added another angle to the Friday Night Party and that is philanthropy. KIND (Kids in Need of Dentistry) is celebrating its 100 year Anniversary in 2012. MDDS actually began KIND and the groups decided to come back together for the

“I am very proud to tell people that the RMDC was the first convention anywhere to host the Dawson Academy and now will be the first to host the Pankey Institute as well." anniversary and help raise awareness and funds for this great organization. They will be featuring the “Unlock a Smile” fundraiser where keys can be purchased for a drawing to win one of many wonderful donated prizes. Keep an eye out throughout the convention to purchase these keys. They will be available for purchase at the Friday Night Party as well. If all of this wasn’t enough to make the 2012 RMDC a tantalizing event, the volunteers and MDDS staff have put their heads together to provide a number of new and exciting additions to this year’s Convention. Touching back on the social side of things, immediately following the Friday Night Party at the Hyatt there will be an official After-Party held at The Jet Club in the Jet Hotel. The entire VIP level has been reserved for RMDC attendees for more music, dancing and camaraderie. For those of you who like to stay up late, this is one that cannot be missed. RMDC strives to keep up with changing

technology to maximize your educational experience, and with this in mind we have made two other exciting additions. First, the inaugural RMDC Mobile App is now launched. This will put a limitless amount of pertinent information at your fingertips before, during and after RMDC. So whether you’re using a MacBook, IPad or smartphone you will be equipped to find out anything you want to know about your RMDC experience through the mobile app. The cyber benefits don’t end there. What better way to enhance your accessibility to instant information throughout the convention than through the internet? This year we will be providing free Wi-Fi access throughout the convention center thanks to our generous sponsor (BIOLASE). Needless to say, the way we do business at a dental convention is improving and the RMDC continues to lead the way for your benefit. As a convention that prides ourselves on higher education, we have learned from our experiences in the past. With that said, we have ELIMINATED on-site-only badge pick-up and will be mailing out attendee badges this year for those who have registered before Dec. 23. Classes will be ticketed just like at the ADA sessions. We are confident that this will result in a much smoother experience for our valued attendees. We have already expanded many classrooms that would have been full if we had not found out in advance of their popularity; this is the benefit of the ticketing system. Tickets will be available at the door of those classes that are not full, so don’t worry if you need to switch last minute. We will continue to have volunteers and staff available throughout the Convention Center to answer any questions you may have and make 2012 RMDC a rewarding event. I sincerely wish you the best convention experience ever, Ian Paisley, DDS 2012 RMDC Chairman


RMDC Edition 2012


GKAS is Coming!

Don't forget about the MDDF Presentation Center

February 3, 2012

As an MDDS member, you have free access to the MDDF Presentation Center. MDDF has giant toothbrushes, puppets like Ollie Z. Mutt with movable typo-dents, coloring/activity sheets, story books, videos and so much more. Please call Amy at (303) 957-3272 for more information.

Watch Dental Line 9 on Channel 9

Tuesday, January 24, 4:00pm – 5:30pm Thursday, January 26, 6:00am – 7:30am

REFLECTIONS Wax-On, Wax-Off By Carrie Seabury, DDS, MDDS Editor


n dental school, we are surrounded by mentors. The dentists who decide to teach at our universities are devoted to the future of dentistry. They give the gift of their big brains to their students and devote innumerable selfless hours to help them succeed. I know I never would have made it through my four years without the help of my mentor, Dr. George Gatseos. He brought me a solid, grounded perspective on my developing career and taught me to celebrate every single day we are given. Once we graduate from dental school, finding a mentor is a bit more difficult in our isolated work environment. We have the potential to lose that delicious relationship that keeps us inspired, sustained, confident, and at times, humble. The RMDC is one of the few occasions when the majority of our Denver Metro dentists are at one place at one time. This is the secret most valuable benefit of attending the meeting that is rarely advertised and frequently underutilized by most dentists. There is no better time than the RMDC to network. When networking, go find your colleague-soul-mates. Your dentalkindred-spirits. The people you can call to relay your life's victories and challenges. To reiterate, my new fresh faced colleagues need to go out to RMDC and find your karate dai-sensei. My more experienced colleagues need to grow a meticulously coiffed white beard


and find a young warrior to teach the skill set needed to catch a fly with a pair of chopsticks. If you are offended by this idea and wish no harm done to defenseless flying creatures perhaps you can offer a lesson in bonsai tree trimming, house painting or car waxing instead. I leave the choice to you. In a time long long ago, a profession was learned entirely through the art of apprenticeship. Either a family trade was passed down from generation to generation or a young person would go forth and find a mentor of awesomeness in order to learn a new

“The RMDC is one of the few occasions when the majority of our Denver Metro dentists are at one place at one time. This is the secret most valuable benefit of attending the meeting...� profession. This mentor was typically side by side with his apprentice until the mentor was ready to step down and the apprentice took over the business. These days, we typically work alone. When we are ready to sell a practice we receive advice from consultants and attorneys to make a lightning-quick exit. Apprenticeship is essentially dead to us. Think of all the knowledge of dental super powers that are never transferred to the next generation of dentists. I'm not really referring to technical skills or practice

management here. I'm talking about the philosophies our experienced mentors have developed over the years to ensure happiness, contentment and ludicrous amounts of joy while serving patients in their practice. Have you recently experienced a conversation like that? I had the honor to chat with Dr. Mitch Friedman (our vice-president of MDDS) the other day and it was very uplifting. He was adamant in declaring the practice of dentistry the second best profession you can choose (the first being a pro-golfer of course). With so many aspects of dentistry determined to bog us down, Dr. Friedman has risen above it all and projects a positive outlook on our field. I have six years of post dental school graduation under my belt and let me tell you - I truly appreciate hearing this message. I love my profession and have the greatest staff and patients I could ask for, and it feels fantastic to hear that I have a chance of feeling this way for my entire career. During this year's RMDC, try to reach out to another dentist. Invite a new graduate out to lunch and ask how he or she is balancing life. Come to the Friday night party and chat it up with an old friend. The more we support each other, the stronger our Denver Metro dental community becomes. Have a wonderful inspiring RMDC session and put some serious thought into that beard...and the bonsai. I mean, who doesn't love a good bonsai?


RMDC Edition 2012

Share Your Knowledge – Share Your Passion! Teach interested young students (ages 14-21) specific skills and help them understand how fulfilling a career in dentistry truly is. Volunteer to participate in the Metro Denver Dental Foundation 2012 Careers in Dentistry Explorer Post 269 this winter. Provide hands-on opportunities for young people to help them gain insights and practical experience while considering a career in dentistry. Giving students an understanding of what a dental career is really like can help them make the right educational choices now to succeed later. This program is co-sponsored by MDDF and the Colorado Dental Association through an alliance with Exploring, a national subsidiary of the Learning for Life program.

To get involved please contact Amy Boymel, MDDF Executive Director, at 303.957.3272 or

Visit Us At Booth 757


wIth 3D

Send your patients to us for state-of-the-art 3D dental imaging. In many cases, a cone beam CT scan may be necessary for more accurate diagnosis and planning. Dr. Debra Gander maintains a practice limited to oral and maxillofacial radiology with emphasis in imaging for dental implants. Expand your patient offerings without expanding the walls of your own practice.

Offer your patients precision 3D dental imaging by referring them to us.

Refer a patient. Collaborative Oral Care

Visit and click Refer A Patient. 303.741.3300


RMDC Edition 2012



The Part-Time Mom By Dr. John Rosemond


Dr. John Rosemond's courses at 2012 RMDC: • The Well Behaved Child: Parenting With Love and Leadership • The Well Behaved Child: Understanding and Managing Today’s Teen

journalist recently began an interview with me This is dangerous stuff, when children, especially male children, can with this question: “What is the biggest problem disrespect the most important female in their lives and said female in American parenting today? Is it sex, drugs, acts powerless and even deserving. If this isn’t corrected, it’s going to alcohol, cell phones, the Internet, what?” come back to haunt us all.

I answered, “Those are problems, but the biggest problem in American parenting today is the lack of a physical or emotional boundary between parent and child, and especially mother and child.” A physical boundary between people is essential to respect. To use a crass, but illustrative, example: Some men may like it that certain women establish no boundaries in male-female relationships, but those men have absolutely no respect for those women. I’m a member of the last generation of American children to grow up with mothers who clearly defined to us when we could and could not be in their “space.” Furthermore, their inviolate space expanded and contracted with their moods. One day, you could play in the house; the next day, your mom banished you to the outdoors until suppertime. Back in those days, it was clear to the child that “mother” was a part-time job. Furthermore, the mother, not the child, determined when she punched the clock. From all that I hear, I’m also a member of the last generation of American children to truly respect their mothers. We obeyed them. We gave them wide berth. We did not demand things of them. We did not take them for granted. And we never, ever yelled at them, called them names, or hit them. I am painfully aware that most of today’s moms are being disrespected in one or more of those ways by their kids, and on a regular basis. Furthermore, when this disrespect occurs, lots of moms ask themselves, “What did I do wrong?”

Before a mother can freely establish a physical boundary between herself and her child, however, she must establish an emotional boundary. This is the crux of the matter. For all too many of today’s moms, their children’s distress is their distress, their children’s problems are their problems, their children’s failures are their failures, their children’s successes are their successes, and so on. This is very destructive to both mother and child. It is a perfect model of co-dependency, and as such it results in a tremendous amount of enabling—of solving problems for children that they are capable of solving for themselves. And if they don’t solve all of their problems, so be it. Have you? Are you nonetheless okay? The lack of emotional boundary also causes a mother to experience the raising of children as the most stressful, anxiety-ridden, physically and emotionally exhausting thing she’s ever done. Parenting has become bad for the mental health of women not because of some feature that is inherent to the process, but because women aren’t taking good care of themselves. When a mother complains to me, as many do, that her children won’t leave her alone, she is hoping I can give her some clever, behavior-modification-based method she can “perform” on them that will cause them to stop constantly intruding on her. What I tell her is that her children are not the problem. She is. Therefore, she holds the solution in her very hands. It’s a two-letter word that begins with N.

Visit us at Booth 757 and receive your badge ribbon for a $5 donation to MDDF


Rebuild the lives of those who long to Smile Again® after surviving domestic abuse Teach students considering dental careers hands-on treatment skills Educate others about the value of good oral health for an overall healthy life 8


RMDC Edition 2012

GET CONNECTED INTRODUCING the 2012 RMDC FREE Mobile App! Features: • Speaker and Course Info • CE Code Tracker • Course Handouts • RMDC Schedule and Personal Scheduler

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Little Shop of Humor: Is Your Practice Laughing All the Way to the Bank?

A great dental practice has two secret weapons – talent and attitude. In today’s competitive market and challenging economy, one without the other simply is not enough. Let’s face it; getting patients in the door is already like pulling teeth. So, you must use every tool you have to create an environment which makes each patient glad to be your patient. Laughter is a natural pain reliever. It belongs in your practice. The ability to keep a light and friendly air in your practice benefits your staff, patients, patient retention and bank account. Join motivational comedian Karyn Ruth White as she regales you with examples of dental practices using humor for profit.

Featuring Ms. Karyn Ruth White Thursday, January 19 8:00 am to 9:00 am Colorado Convention Center Four Seasons Ballroom

She shares practical tips for inviting more humor into your practice and helps you remember that being a serious professional does not mean checking your sense of humor at the door. Ms. Karyn Ruth White is a nationally recognized motivational comedian and popular keynote presenter.


RMDC Edition 2012



JUST FOR YOU The RMDC has gone mobile in 2012 courtesy of Patterson Dental. Be sure to download the app for

easy mobile access to your schedule, courses, exhibitors, maps, CE verification and much more. To get the app, scan the QR code above or search for "RMDC 2012" on your iPhone, iPad or Android's app store. BlackBerry users can download the app at To complement the mobile access, this year we have

free Wi-Fi throughout the convention thanks to Biolase. To get free internet access, simply join the network labeled “RMDC2012”.

The acclaimed Dawson Academy has returned

with its Functional Occlusion – From TMJ to Smile Design, a 3-day course. We’ve been hosting the Dawson Academy for several years now, but for the first time ever, Dr. Peter Dawson himself will be teaching. Be sure not to miss this historic RMDC event.

This year we are hosting the Pankey Institute. It is

rare to find Pankey courses offered outside their Florida facility. This will be a must-attend event.

Say goodbye to scanning at the courses. We’ve

taken the advice of the ADA convention planners and started ticketing all of the courses. This will alleviate any


chance of bottlenecking or technical issues keeping you from getting into your courses. Because of this, we have already switched may courses to bigger rooms, insuring more attendees get into their desired courses.

TGIF has undergone a makeover and emerged as CONNECT: Friday Night Party brought to you by Henry Schein Dental and CARR Healthcare Realty. This year will be a particularly special occasion as it will be a benefit for Kids In Need of Dentistry™ on its centennial celebration. KIND™ was originally founded 100 years ago by MDDS.

You spoke and we listened! This year we are mailing the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention badges and tickets directly to you. Bring your badge

and walk right into opening session.

CE verification codes are back. Remember to get the code distributed at the end of each course. There will be a place to record the codes in the On-site Guide, or better yet, use the app to verify your CE immediately.

All of the great exhibitors are back, along with over 40 new ones. Be sure to join them for a beverage

at the Expo Hall Reception on Thursday, January 19th at 4:00pm.


RMDC Edition 2012

Play and Win with DDS Lab! Join us at the DDS Lab Casino Lounge across from booth 808 at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention Don’t miss out on the spectacular prizes and giveaways!

Expect more...

Check Out Our Newly Designed MDDS Website!

Karlton D. Childress, CFP®, helps dentists plan for their financial futures. He was raised in a dental family; he understands dentists. Karlton is another reason why you can expect more with us.



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Est. 1990




2011 revisited


at a glance


RMDC Edition 2012


RMDC SPEAKER HIGHLIGHT The “Increasers” Versus the “Decreasers” By Mr. Larry M. Chatterley and Randon Jensen CTC Associates


octor A had just turned forty-six years old. He operated a successful practice grossing about $600,000 a year. His income after expenses was about 46% of the gross collections, which enabled him and his family to enjoy a good living. He practiced four days a week. His practice was stable and maintained a steady flow of new patients. He had a nice house and drove a nice car to and from the office. He started to set aside money for retirement and some college funds for his children. In short, he had achieved what many would consider the American dream. Yet, he was not truly happy. Doctors are natural born achievers, very goal-oriented people. Pursuing these goals produces a sense of meaning to their lives, something to live for. The responsibilities tied to these goals seem secondary; but once the goals have been reached, the responsibility to maintain them becomes the primary focus. The biggest eye-opener is the realization that as goals are achieved, more responsibilities are incurred. As a goal-oriented person, you spend much of you life in pursuit of those goals, only to experience the “heavy” responsibility of maintaining them. You may feel like the practice runs your life. You may feel trapped, like you’re on a treadmill in a tunnel with no light at the end. You may also start to experience those Sunday night blues. You may need to decide whether you are an increaser or a decreaser. If you can’t wait to get back to the office Monday morning, if you still enjoy managing and motivating staff, or if you are constantly looking for ways to expand your practice and see more patients, you may be an increaser. On the other hand, if you find your body is in the practice while your mind is on the golf course, or if you have seriously entertained thoughts of cutting back your time at the practice due to stress and fatigue, or if you are bored with the practice and are just marking time, you are probably a decreaser. Many times decreasers start looking for options; options like hiring an associate. Perhaps you have tried your hand at “ambiguity-ships;” that’s when you hire an associate with no contract or a one-sided contract with no financial commitment from the associate and you giving none in return. However, hiring an associate is a viable option for a decreaser, as long as it is handled correctly and both the host and associate define their expectations in an equitable arrangement.


Mr. Larry Chatterley's courses at 2012 RMDC: • Practice Transitions: Part 1 For the Selling Dentist • Practice Transitions: Part 2 For the Buying Dentist

So the big question is how can a decreaser enhance his or her quality of life? There is hope and there are viable, time-tested solutions to such challenges. There are different practicetransition options that you may not have considered before. If structured properly, these options can give you more time and freedom without sacrificing your income needs. They can give you the time to explore other types of avocation and/or vocations. A practice merger transition is only one such option that can meet the needs of an increaser and a decreaser. For example, Dr. A age 45, a decreaser, merged his practice with a younger dentist, Dr. B. age 32, an increaser. Dr. A sold to Dr. B his practice for $400,000 and was putting this sum away in his pension while working three to six hour days. Dr. A was now able to give up administrative and management responsibilities. Due to lower stress, his production jumped from $250 to $350 per hour and he was able to take home $3,000 per week. He was able to take longer vacations without worrying about the overhead expenses. Dr. B, who was doing $400,000 before the merger and taking home $160,000 a year, now takes home $225,000 (after all overhead expenses and debt service of the practice purchase) and still has the same work load as before the merger. Structuring the right transition to meet the complementary goals of each professional can surely enhance the quality of life for both. It’s difficult for decreasers to a become increasers no matter how hard they try to talk themselves into it. The longer they wait, the worse it will become. However, once the burdens of ownership are taken off their backs, we have seen many decreasers really begin to enjoy dentistry again, and the more they enjoy it, the more relaxed and productive they become. Perhaps it is because they can take a stress-free vacation for the first time. Perhaps it is because they don’t have to see every weekend emergency patient. Perhaps it is because they can really focus on the quality patients in their practice. Perhaps it is because they can now take more time pursuing their other interests. Perhaps it is a little bit of all these reasons. If you would like to explore these options, you are invited to attend the Practice Transitions Part I workshop at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention on January 21 at 9 am. You can reach us at 303-795-8800 or visit our website at


RMDC Edition 2012

FREE RMDC Wi-Fi Access the Internet anywhere at the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention this year with free Wi-Fi courtesy of

Network "RMDC2012"

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RMDC Edition 2012


Visit Us At Booth 739

Pulp Therapy: The Science is Changing By Dr. Nelle Barr


here is a colloquial saying that the more things change the more they remain the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to pulp therapy. Although some concepts have been around for years, new materials and methods have fundamentally changed much of how we diagnose and what we do in pulp therapy. There is alot more information available and seemingly less time to read, digest and put these new concepts into practice. In this article and beyond it along with our presentation at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention hopes to distill the vast quantity of information on pulpal therapy and make it evidenced based, understandable and practical. Perhaps, even enjoyable? This article highlights the presentation at the RMDC to be given by Drs. Nelle Barr, Betty Barr and Don Kleier on “Recent Advances in Pulp Therapy for Primary and Young Permanent Teeth: New Materials/Better Results. The figures below illustrate an example of a direct pulp cap on #14 pre-treatment and with a 6 year follow-up. The second example is of #29 treated with regeneration therapy.

RMDC SPEAKER HIGHLIGHT Dr. Nelle Barr's courses at 2012 RMDC: • Recent Advances in Pulp Therapy for Primary and Young Permanent Teeth: • New Materials/Better Results: Part 1 & Part 2

on the editorial Board for Pediatric Dentistry and Journal of Dentistry for Children reviewing manuscripts on pulp therapy she will present the current science for pulpotomies on primary teeth. Her second topic is of great interest to most practitioners: the increasing incidence of enamel hypoplasia in the young permanent tooth. Betty will discuss the evidence for the possible etiologies of hypoplastic enamel and how best to restore these challenging teeth.

Figure 1. 11 year old female #14 pre-treatment 11/05/2004

Dr. Nelle Barr will discuss minimally invasive dentistry. When should you do an indirect pulp cap on a primary or permanent tooth? When is a pulpotomy or pulpectomy needed on a primary tooth? When is a direct pulp cap on a permanent tooth indicated? Should a tooth, primary or permanent be extracted instead? She will give you the necessary tools to make these decision and give the patient the best long term result. Nelle will show cases where abscessed primary molars have healed using pulp therapy with triple antibiotic paste. This technique has some very exciting and promising results. Dr. Don Kleier’s experience with necrotic immature permanent teeth has enabled him to not only teach the science of apexogenesis to the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine predoctoral students and the pediatric dental residents at Children’s Hospital Colorado but also to apply the science to his young patients in private practice. Dr. Kleier will discuss the concepts of apexification, apexogenesis and the latest evidence for the use of revascularization using the patient’s own stem cells as a means of allowing continued root development. Dr. Betty Barr’s topics are pulpotomies for primary teeth and the etiology and treatment of enamel hypoplasia in permanent teeth. As the author of the Pulp Therapy Guideline for American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and using her experience

Figure 2. #14 post-treatment pdl intact tooth tests vital 7/22/2010

Figure 2. #14 post-treatment pdl intact tooth tests vital 7/22/2010


RMDC Edition 2012


MEMBER MATTERS New Members - Welcome! Dr. Farnoosh Abbasi - Aurora

Dr. Tansneim Mohamed - Aurora

Dr. Soufian Askar - Aurora

Dr. Alexander Ochoa Falla - Aurora

Dr. Francis O. Badejoko - Denver

Dr. Bramaramba S. Paimagham - Westminster

Dr. Archana Bairi - Aurora

Dr. Nishma S. Patel - Westminster

Dr. Tatyana Chizhova - Denver

Dr. Hiren A. Patel - Aurora

Dr. Jo-ann Collantes - Highlands Ranch

Dr. Vidya Patuvilan - Centennial

Dr. Yehia El Gohary - Denver

Dr. Nora S. Serban - Denver

Dr. Jose R. Franco - Denver

Dr. Farshad Seyedein - Denver

Dr. Fadi K. Hasan - Aurora

Dr. Mario Silva - Denver

Dr. Lina Li - Denver

Dr. Xiaomei Sui - Denver

Dr. Lavinia C. Lin - Aurora

Dr. Margie L. Williams - Denver

Dr. Surinder K. Masown - Denver


Located in the Expo Hall Tripartite Lounge, Booth # 757 18


RMDC Edition 2012


RMDC SPEAKER HIGHLIGHT Dental Loupes: Selecting Loupes that will Improve Your Health…Not make it Worse! By Ms. Bethany Valachi

Ms. Bethany Valachi's courses at 2012 RMDC: • Fitness 101 for Dental Professionals: Secrets for Comfort and Career Longevity • Neck, Back & Beyond: Preventing Pain for Peak Productivity


he ergonomic advantages of magnification are increasingly being recognized as an important reason to invest in them. Students have been found to work in an ergonomically better posture when using magnification loupes compared to using regular safety glasses. (Fig. 1) But what are the ergonomic implications of improved posture? Consider that working with a forward head posture of only 20 degrees or more for 70 percent of the working time has been associated with neck pain. Most dentists and hygienists operate with a forward head posture of least 30 degrees for 85 percent of their time in the operatory. It should come as no surprise that the prevalence of neck pain among dentists and hygienists hovers around 70%. Properly designed loupes can reduce or eliminate neck pain by minimizing dangerous forward head postures with a set focal range combined with adequate declination angle. However, it is important to note that poorly designed or adjusted loupes can actually cause neck pain and increase risk of injury. Welldesigned loupes should enable a working posture of less than 20 degrees of forward head posture. Ergonomic Criteria for Loupes Selection To ensure your loupes will benefit your health, it is essential to understand the three most important ergonomic factors: declination angle, working distance and frame size/shape. Declination angle. From an ergonomic standpoint, a good Fig. 1 declination angle is the most important factor in selecting loupes. This is the angle that your eyes are inclined downward toward the work area. (Fig. 1) This angle should be steep enough to help you attain a comfortable working position with minimal forward head posture (less than 20 degrees). The further the head is positioned forward to see through the loupes, the greater the strain on the neck muscles and discs.


Fig. 1: Loupes with a good declination angle (red lines) will allow the operator to work with minimal forward head posture. Photo ©2008 from “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free”

Fig. 2

Most flip-up loupes have a much better declination angle than through-the-lens loupes. When assessing flip-up loupes, keep in mind that telescope position is critical. You can have loupes with the best declination angle on the market, but if they sit high in relation to your pupil, you will lose much of the ergonomic benefit, since you must lean further forward to look through the scopes. Therefore, vertical adjustment is an important feature with flip-up loupes. Some companies achieve this with a vertical slide mechanism (Fig. 2), a series of vertical mounting holes, or an ‘extender’, that greatly improves declination angle. Fig. 2 A good declination angle is useless unless the scope sits low in relation to your pupil. A vertical slide feature ensures that the scope can adjust low enough to obtain maximum declination angle. Photo ©2011 Posturedontics, LLC The worst declination angles I repeatedly measure, both clinically and in dental schools, are long barrel (high magnification, prismatic) scopes mounted in through-the-lens frames.(Fig. 3, left) It is extremely difficult for manufacturers to achieve even a fair degree of declination angle with this combination. Furthermore, the heavy weight of the long barrel exponentially increases the forces on the cervical spine when combined with poor declination angle. From a purely ergonomic standpoint, long barrel scopes are best mounted in a flip-up style loupe. (Fig. 3, right) Fig. 3 Left: Long barrel (Keplerian or Prism) scopes mounted in TTL frames, resulting in sub-optimal declination angle (28 degrees) excessive forward head posture and rounding of the upper back. Right: Long barrel scopes should be mounted in a flipup style loupe to obtain an adequate declination angle (50 degrees) that allows safe head posture. Photos ©2011 Posturedontics, LLC Working distance. The working distance is the distance from the Articulator

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eyes to the working area. If the working distance is measured too short, it can result in excessive neck flexion or hunching. If possible, measure the working distance in your own operatory, with a patient in the chair. Sit in neutral operating position looking into the patient’s mouth, with the occlusal plane at, or slightly above, elbow level. Have someone view you from the side and measure the distance from your eye to the work surface, or tooth. Working distances will vary for shorter operators (14 inches or less) to extra long working distances for very tall operators (more than 20 inches). Therefore, working distance should be tailored to the individual. Frame size and shape. Keep in mind that the lower the manufacturer can place the scope in relation to your pupil, the better declination angle they can usually achieve. Large frames

Fig. 3

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that sit low on the cheek will allow lower placement of the TTL scope than smaller oval frames. In general flip-up loupes will sit lower in relation to the pupil than TTL loupes. When placing your order, it is a good idea to request that the TTL scope be placed as low in the large frame as possible. Well-designed loupes can significantly improve posture and therefore help prevent numerous musculoskeletal disorders to which team members are prone. However, prolonged, static postures and weak postural muscles can still contribute to pain syndromes and MSDs. By combining ergonomic magnification with proper patient positioning techniques, correct seated biomechanics, chairside stretching and specific exercise, the multi-factorial problem of work-related pain in dentistry can most effectively be addressed. Bethany Valachi, PT, MS, CEAS will be lecturing at the 2012 Rocky Mountain Dental Association Convention. She is a physical therapist, dental ergonomic consultant and author of the book, “Practice Dentistry Pain-Free”. Bethany is CEO of Posturedontics®, a company that provides research-based dental ergonomic education and is clinical instructor of ergonomics at OHSU School of Dentistry in Portland, Oregon. She offers additional ergonomic resources on her website at


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NON-PROFIT NEWS Celebrating a Century of Service By Julie Collett, Executive Director of KIND


elebrating a centennial is impressive for any company, but it is especially impressive for a nonprofit. Kids In Need of Dentistry (KIND) has been looking forward to this historical year of celebrating 100 years of providing dental care to Colorado’s underserved children. KIND’s secret to their longevity is that while many things have changed over the last 100 years, the mission has continued to remain the same and that is to provide high-quality comprehensive dental care and education to kids in need throughout Colorado. In 1912, a group of dentists from the Denver Dental Society, today known as the Metropolitan Denver Dental Society, recognized the need for dental care amongst the children of low-income miners and railroad workers in Denver. It was their vision to start a clinic where families would be able to bring their children to receive dental care and be able to afford it. Their vision became a reality and Kids In Need of Dentistry was formed as well as a clinic was opened in the Denver Public Schools, which is still in operation today at Morey Middle School in Capitol Hill Today, the need for affordable dental care for children is still very real. KIND is able to serve thousands of children every year through generous support from foundations, corporations, individuals and dental professionals at their clinic. KIND operates comprehensive dental clinics located in Denver, Commerce City and Colorado Springs. The Miles for Smiles mobile dental program was established in 1999 as a major step in the battle against oral health problems in underserved populations of Colorado. Comprehensive dental services are provided in the mobile dental clinic for eligible children in rural and underserved urban communities statewide. The Chopper Topper, a school-based sealant program, travels to Denver area elementary schools to provide education, dental screenings and sealants to second graders. Schools are eligible for this free program if 50% of their students receive free or reduced lunches. Two years ago KIND developed a new partnership with the Colorado Orthodontic Foundation (COF) to expand the orthodontic program. Volunteer Orthodontists treat patients in the KIND clinic as well as in their own private practices. Addressing the oral health needs of Colorado's underserved


children remains KIND's primary mission. KIND aims to lower the prevalence of the tooth decay epidemic and increase the overall oral health of children regardless of status or family income. No child is ever turned away based on their family's inability to pay. Each year, KIND provides more than $1.5 million worth of comprehensive dental care to children from low-income families throughout Colorado. All children deserve quality dental care and KIND makes it happen every day. But this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for those caring dentists who 100 years ago believed in the importance of oral health care as well as all of the volunteers, donors and supporters who have supported KIND over the last 100 years. Kids In Need of Dentistry realizes how much the dental community, schools, other nonprofits, rural communities, the Denver Metro area and all as others who have contributed to the success of the organization. And to thank everyone for their continued support, KIND’s staff over the next year will be doing their own random acts of KINDness.


RMDC Edition 2012

During 2012 KIND has many celebrations planned. Please mark you calendars. To learn more about KIND please check out their website

100 Year Celebrations: Friday, January 20 - RMDC Friday Night Party Fundraiser April - Benefit Concert Featuring Dr. Louis Colanianna and Lisa Downing Monday, June 18 - The 25th Annual Strokes of KINDness Golf Tournament Thursday, August 23 - Wine Tasting Event in Colorado Springs Saturday, September 29 - Expressions of KINDness Gala - History Colorado Center October - 2nd Annual Dental Dash, 5K and 10K



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at the 2012 RMDC Friday Night Party. Buy a key for $25 (or 5 for $100) to unlock a kid’s smile and possibly win one of the fantastic prizes given away at the party. You must be present to win.


FRIDAY NIGHT AFTER-PARTY at The JET Lounge Hosted by Convention Chairman Dr. Ian Paisley

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(that no one is talking about)


oday’s medical offices store and use more data about our patients than we ever have in history. We are required to have this information to offer our patients the services they need, yet the simple act of collecting and storing the data puts our organizations at risk. In today’s world, a patient’s name and social security number has real value on the streets. Criminals are constantly trying to gain access to this information in order to misuse it for their financial gain. While our organizations need a lot of this data to function and provide services, we must be aware of the risks we face. Loss of this data can result in fines, mandatory notification of patients, civil penalties and a definite loss of brand integrity and reputation. While many organizations are rightly concerned about the risks they face, too often we fail to ask the right questions or take appropriate actions to address these risks. A good information security program encompasses your whole organization, and is a living program – not just a document that sits on shelf to fulfill a compliance requirement.


As you consider your information security program, consider the following points, and ask yourself if your organization’s information security program contains these necessary features: 1. Information Security is more than just IT Most of us think about Information Technology when we think about securing our information. Whether it’s because that is where our focus is on a day in day out basis, or because the IT industry is always trying to sell us a new tool, our minds naturally shift towards IT solutions. Information Technology is an important part of any holistic information security program, but it cannot be the only part. 2. Your Program has to be holistic Today’s criminals are using intelligence to their advantage. They don’t care about how good your IT security is. They don’t care about how good your compliance program is. They know you have information about your customers. That information is valuable both to your organization and the criminals that would misuse it. Your information security program must


RMDC Edition 2012

address risks to your information from multiple threat sources. Trustworthy human resources, physical and environmental security, asset management, and even incident response are all part of a holistic program. 3. Senior management has to drive Senior management is ultimately responsible for the organization’s information both from a legal and fiduciary perspective. If that information is compromised, and that trust breached, it is senior management that will ultimately be held responsible. It only makes sense then that senior management must be in charge of developing a sound information security program. 4. It applies to everyone Our organizations rarely stop at our perimeter walls anymore. In today’s connected world, we depend on vendors, contractors and other third parties to work alongside us to deliver a product. The precautions we take to protect information may prove worthless if a contractor we work with has none. It’s your brand integrity and reputation at stake. Make sure your program extends out to those around you. 5. Communicate. Educate. Train. Repeat. Despite the best intentions, our employees rarely do things that we haven’t explicitly trained them to do. When it comes to securing information, we are often asking them to perform in ways that are contrary to the ways we’ve always done things. We have to communicate our expectations, educate our employees on what we are doing and then train them on how to perform those tasks. 6. You can’t get in trouble for something you don’t have Information has value that criminals want to extract. So many cases over the last few years have been the result of data being breached that a company did not even need, but which they were still keeping around. Sometimes it’s out of apathy. Sometimes it’s because it’s the way we’ve always done things. Whatever the reason, your organization needs to identify where it is storing sensitive data, understand what data you are storing, ask whether or not you really need this information and how long you will continue to need it. Then, get rid of what you don’t need. It might be a little painful now, but it will save you a lot of heartache later. Mr. Bryan Thornton's courses at 2012 RMDC: • Securing Patient Information • Information Crime in Small Dental Practices


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RMDC EVENT CALENDAR Wednesday, January 18, 2012 Alpha Omega International - Denver Alumni Dinner 6:30pm - 8:30pm Daniels Foundation 101 Monroe Street Denver, CO 80206 Dr. James Kessler, The Pankey Institute Presentation on Occlusion

Thursday, January 19, 2012 American College of Dentists, International College of Dentists and The Pierre Fauchard Academy Joint Breakfast 6:45am - 8:00am The Peaks Lounge, 27th Floor Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 650 15th Street, Denver, CO 80202 Colorado Dental Association New Dentist Committee 5:30pm Katie Mullen's Irish Restaurant & Pub 1550 Court Place on 16th Street Mall @ the Sheraton Downtown Denver Appetizers, drink coupons and band. Please RSVP to | Expo Hall Reception 4:00 pm-5:30 pm RMDC Exhibit Hall

Friday, January 20, 2012 Alpha Omega International - Denver Alumni Breakfast 7:00am - 8:15am Crowne Plaza Hotel - Downtown 1450 Glenarm Place Denver, CO 80202 Dr. Michael Spector - President, Alpha Omega International Dr. Denise Kassebaum - Dean, University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine Christian Dental Society Breakfast 6:45am - 9:00am Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 650 15th Street Denver, CO 80202


Colorado Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Annual Winter Business Meeting & Luncheon 12:00pm - 2:00pm Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 650 15th Street Denver, CO 80202 Colorado Orthodontic Association Breakfast 6:30am - 9:00am Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 650 15th Street Denver, CO 80202 Colorado Orthodontic Association Luncheon 11:30am - 2:00pm Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 650 15th Street Denver, CO 80202 The DALE Foundation (DANB) Reception 5:30pm - 6:30pm Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 650 15th Street Denver, CO 80202 University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine Alumni Reception 6:30pm - 9:30pm Wynkoop Brewing Company 1634 18th Street Denver, CO 80202 Enjoy free food, play pool and reconnect with your fellow classmates and other CU Dental School Alumni! University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry Reception 5:00pm - 7:00pm Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center 650 15th Street Denver, CO 80202 Open to Alumni attending RMDC. Two complimentary drink tickets provided to each guest. CONNECT RMDC Friday Night Party 5:30 pm-8:30 pm Capital Ballroom, Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center RMDC Friday Night-After Party 9 pm-2 am The Jet Lounge, 1612 Wazee St.


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Western Caribbean Cruise! MAY 27 - JUNE 3, 2012 Round Trip from Port Canaveral, Florida

Invite your family and friends to join you on the beautiful beaches and sparkling blue waters of LABADEE (RCCL PRIVATE ISLAND), JAMAICA, GRAND CAYMAN and COZUMEL. 8 CEU’s offered to Dentists and Dental Team Members Education Fee: $350 Dentists and $195 for Dental Team

Hot Topics in Clinical Restorative Dentisty Dr. Henry A. St. Germain, Jr., DMD, MSD, MEd Associate Professor and Chairman, Adult Restorative Dentistry College of Dentistry, University of Nebraska Medical Center • Management of Tooth Discolorations • Basics of CAD-CAM Restorative Dentistry • Clinical Cases with Veneer Restorations • Caries Management by Risk Assessment – CAMBRA • Pulpal Considerations for Restorative Procedures • Caries Research Update and Occlusal Caries Detection

For more details about this and other events visit: Excellence in Dental Architecture

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EDUCATION Congratulations to the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine International Student Program Class of 2011!




MDDS would like to thank everyone who donated to our gift drive this year for There With Care® NICU babies. Along with the wonderful response, we received a very heartfelt letter from one of our member dentists, Dr. Kawasugi, that we want to share:

I remember the feeling I had the day my son, Kekoa, was born all too well. It was July 18, 2010, and I stood helpless amongst a team of doctors and nurses, who were frantically trying to stabilize my dying wife, while another team was working quickly to revive my newborn son. Being born eight weeks early and weighing only three pounds and five ounces, he wasn’t breathing and did not have the ability to breathe on his own. The birth of a child should be a joyous celebration, yet there are times when the unexpected can turn your world upside down. During the month he was in the NICU, we lived in survival mode. We did everything we could to keep up with our lives, provide a stable home for our 3-year-old and be there for our fighting preemie with frequent trips to the hospital. There were times when simply getting to the grocery store or cooking dinner seemed like an impossible task. Thankfully, we have wonderful friends and neighbors who stepped in to lend a hand without being asked. Unfortunately, there are other families in our community who do not have the same support systems available. There With Care is a local non-profit that provides a range of practical services to families of critically ill children in Boulder County, Broomfield County and the Denver Metro area. We are simply asking for kindhearted people to please join Stamm Dental to help make an impactful and positive change for other families in need. Kai Kawasugi, DDS Stamm Dental, PLLC

YOU SPOKE, WE LISTENED This year we are mailing the Rocky Mountain Dental Convention badges and tickets directly to YOU. There won’t be any standing in lines; just bring your badge and walk right into opening session. Go online to to register for 2012 RMDC TODAY!

Rocky Mountain Dental Convention


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The Great Paper Debate

RMDC SPEAKER HIGHLIGHT Ms. Laci Phillips's courses at 2012 RMDC:

By Laci L. Phillips

• The Great Paper Debate – Chartless vs. Paperless • Dental Billing and Coding Strategies That Work!


o be or not to be…paperless that is. Many Drs. and their teams believe they are paperless right now. Most likely, those practices are actually chartless and not paperless. What is the difference, you ask? That my friend is the Great Paper Debate.

In order to understand being chartless, let’s take a look at what having a chart means. The paper in a chart might consist of patient demographic information, a tooth chart for existing procedures, future treatment and a perio chart for probing. It may contain insurance forms and information. This paper chart may also have a pocket or sleeve for x-ray film and photographs of our patient. Over time this chart can become quite large and difficult to store. To become chartless, we must get rid of this paper chart and all the information in it. To do this most offices have a computer network or system and integration. Webopedia defines integration as the creation of links between previously separate computer systems, application services or processes. Basically, integration means all of your computer systems and applications are able to speak to each other. You can achieve this goal with a good practice management program or a PMP. Within a PMP you will find an electronic appointment book, a file for the patient’s demographic information, a ledger for the money and insurance, and a tooth chart for existing procedures, future procedures and perio charting. You can also add a digital imaging system for x-rays and photos or intraoral photos. Integration means all of those components can talk to each other and exchange information. No more paper in the chart, ah… chartless. Let’s move on to being paperless now. You may have noticed that being chartless has more clinical information. Paperless moves us more into the front office area and involves paper generated there. In a PMP there will be an electronic appointment book and the ledger for monies. Both of those modules are front desk driven, however, the appointment book should be used throughout the office. That relieves some paper weight at the front, however, what about the paper that the patient has? This is where 90% of dental practices today are not paperless. Many offices today hand the patient paper, then scan it in into a file in the computer or in the PMP, then shred the paper. Although this is a paper reducer, it is not paperless.



RMDC Edition 2012

It might be easiest to understand this concept by following the paper trail. Typically this is how paper works in a dental office now. The new patient calls the practice and makes an appointment. At this point one of two things happens. The office may mail out the patient forms and hope the new patient fills them out and brings them back into the office on the first visit day. Or, once the patient arrives they are handed a stack of paper work to fill out. This stack can include demographic information, Medical/Dental History form, HIPAA forms and perhaps a financial policy. The patient completes the forms and returns them to the front office, where a team member manually types them into the PMP. At this point the team member may make the paper chart we discussed earlier. Some of those documents must follow the patient to the clinical area. For example, a provider will need to review the medical information, medical alerts and allergies, and then sign off on them making them legal documentation. The provider may on occasion make notes to those documents as well. Once the dentistry is completed, the patient and the paper return to the front desk. If this is a paper chart it is usually filed away. There is the paper trail.

Thank you

for anoTher successful year

as the 2011 Disc seminar series has come to a close, we would like to thank our speakers, attendees and sponsors for another phenomenal year. We are looking forward to shaping up the 2012 seminar series by working alongside great sponsors and fantastic speakers presenting on new and improved topics of interest.

Now follow the paperless trail. The new patient calls the office to make an appointment. The front office team can now suggest the patient log on to the office website to fill out all of their forms online. Now their forms are done. The patient will come to the office for the appointment and our team at the front desk will hand them a tablet pc or they can use a signature pad to sign in. Once all forms are done, the patient is headed to the clinical area. The Dr. can have a tablet in the back as well. Providers can pull all electronic forms up on the tablet to review them, make any notes and then sign off on them making them legal. Once the dentistry is done, the patient goes back to the front office to finish up the appointment. No Paper. This is paperless.

For additional detailed information visit: And, remember to check back often. The 2012 DISC schedule, along with course titles and descriptions, will be completed by December 2011.

Most offices right now are chartless or steps away from being chartless, it is a simple process if you have all the information in place. Once you have that tackled, going paperless is seamless as well.

for aDDiTional inforMaTion visiT:

look for The new 2012 Disc scheDule

coMing soon www.knowleDgefacToryco.coM/DiscscheDule


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CLASSIFIEDS Aurora, Colo. Professional dental office spaces consisting of 900 sq. ft. and 1003 sq. ft. available for lease. Some existing dental equipment present in suites also may be available to purchase making for an affordable start up. Spaces currently are partitioned, plumbed, and wired for dental operatories, etc. Ideal location with high traffic visibility and easy access. Call Dr. Trompeter at: 303-688-3838 or e-mail at

Space Sharing: Broomfield, Colorado Share space in “high end” facility in excellent location! Future opportunity for practice purchase! Includes disposable

Space Sharing: Broomfield, Colorado Share space in “high end” facility in excellent location! Future opportunity for practice purchase! Includes disposable supplies and computer support! Digital radiography, Pano, Staff availability negotiable. Susan 303-973-2147 or SAS Dental Practice Brokers

GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE: Lakewood, Colorado Established practice with approx 1950 active patients! Owner dentist is retiring but willing to assist with the transition post sale. Good location, 4 treatment opts, plus 1 designated hygiene opt. Digital Radiography, new equipment, computerized, with modern treatment philosophy! This won’t last…Susan 303-973-2147 or SAS Dental Practice Brokers!

GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE: Northeastern, Colorado Established Practice 1 hour from Denver with the amenities of country living! Great Purchase Value at $242K. Owner willing to stay on pt after sale. Loyal staff and good location. Growth potential! Susan 303-973-2147 or SAS Dental Practice Brokers!

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Space Sharing opportunity in the DTC. Beautiful, new, all digital office in excellent location. 4 ops+ Perfect satellite office for a specialist or general dentist start up or part-time opportunity. Contact Cate at 303770-1116

GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE: Englewood, Colorado Lease to Own Startup with 50+ active patients. Great location near Swedish Hospital. Perfect for small startup, great lease opt, low cost investment. Must see before investing hundreds of thousands of dollars! Motivated Seller! Susan 303-973-2147 or SAS Dental Practice Brokers!

Micro-Etcher (Danville) needed. Used, good condition. Kids In Need of Dentistry, 303-733-3710 ext. 17 GENERAL DENTAL PRACTICE: Colorado Mountain Practice! Ski! Ski! Ski! Great transition opportunity! Annual collections $300K with good growth potential. Beautiful facility, newer equipment, digital and computerized! Established patient base. Seller refers out all endo, implant placement and orthodontics. Available now! Susan 303973-2147 or SAS Dental Practice Brokers PRACTICES FOR SALE: New Listings Available for 2012!! Stop by my Booth “239” at 2012 RMDC! Metro Denver, Pueblo, Southern Colorado, Cherry Creek and more! Also, call today for specific information. Inventory changes before my ads! Susan Spear, Practice Transition Specialist / Licensed Broker, SAS Transitions, Inc. SAS Dental Practice Brokers 303.973.2147 Hire me to SELL your practice! Choose a Broker You Can Trust! I get results! Ask your friends! I find the BEST Buyers and make you proud of your decision! Direct Sales! Associate to Partnerships! Associate Buy-outs! 17 Years Experience in Dental Practice Transitions! Practice Transition Specialist / Licensed Broker SAS Transitions, Inc. SAS Dental Practice Brokers 303.973.2147 Need Help BUYING a Practice? Help with Appraisals, Reports, Financing and More! I provide expert advice on how to Purchase Your Practice, Negotiate on your behalf, and help you successfully become the New Owner! Why go it alone? Susan Spear, Practice Transition Specialist / Licensed Broker SAS Transitions, Inc. SAS Dental Practice Brokers 303.973.2147 susan@ Enter the digital age for less cost! Both of these items are in perfect condition, up-todate servicing and available only because I have upgraded and consolidated equipment. PlanMeca Digital Pro Max Panograph with Tomography features. Best machine on the market, easily upgradable to 3D CBCT. Also, newer CEREC Acquisition Scanner/ CPU and all current software, Compact Milling unit and many accessories. Call Lori or Ann-Marie at Dr. Carpenter's office, 303427-4120. For Sale: MiniCam Plus Intraoral Camera with white cart and Sharp monitor. $350 works perfectly and looks like new. Please call 303-617-5212. Aurora, CO For information about the Articulator Classifieds contact Jason Mauterer at or call 303.488.9700 x3270


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When Pacific Continental bankers Scott Beard and Amanda Mombert talk to their dental-banking clients, they know the difference between a pano and an intraoral camera. Whether helping to grow a practice with a line of credit or just financing a digital x-ray, their dental knowledge makes a world of difference. At Pacific Continental, our bankers not only speak dental, they’re experts in delivering the financial services you need, when you need them…on your terms.

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Metro Denver Dental Society ~ 10 X 7.5 ~ 4C ~ Aug/Sept 2011 ~ Portland Dental ~ Scott Beard & Amanda Mombert





Course Subject: Non-Smoking HPV Associated Oral Cancer (2 CEU’S) Saturday, June 23, 2012 from 9:00am - 11:00am Robert O. Greer, DDS – doctor, author, rancher Dr. Greer is Professor of Pathology, Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center where he specializes in head and neck pathology and cancer research.



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DON’T MISS THE 2012 RMDC EXPO HALL RECEPTION! Thursday, January 19, 4:00pm – 5:30pm

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RMDC Edition 2012


The Colorado Orthodontic Foundation By Alexandra Gage, Managing Director, The Colorado Orthodontic Foundation On Friday, February 3, 2012, dental organizations and offices across the United States will be participating in the American Dental Association’s nationwide initiative to “Give Kids a Smile”. This initiative, which intends to highlight the ongoing challenges that disadvantaged families face in finding dental care, has been gaining momentum in recent years—there were close to 1,500 registered “Give Kids a Smile Day” events in 2011! The Colorado Orthodontic Foundation (COF), which aims to provide orthodontic health care to low-income families across the state, will be hosting their 3rd annual “Give Kids a Smile” screening day on February 3rd, 2012. On these screening days, local orthodontists generously donate their time and skill to determine whether these deserving patients are in need of orthodontic treatment. The idea in providing these free screenings is to educate families about the benefits of orthodontics as well as potentially enroll these patients into the COF orthodontic treatment program. With the help of orthodontists in the Colorado community, the COF has

been able to begin treatment on over 130 patients since its inception. In order to celebrate this day and bring awareness to this great initiative and to the COF’s orthodontic program efforts, Dr. Anil Idiculla and his Dream Team will be hosting a fundraiser that night entitled “Friday Night Bites”. “Friday Night Bites” will be held at Snooze A.M. Eatery, located in Downtown Denver’s ballpark neighborhood. Famous for their breakfast and brunch selections, Snooze will help to take this celebration and the breakfast for dinner concept to the next level! Denver's best pancakes and breakfast food, savory brunch cocktails, and great company will be the cornerstones of this unique event designed to entertain as well as recognize the important work that the COF does in providing orthodontic treatments to underprivileged families. Join us from 6:30pm-9:30pm for “Friday Night Bites” at Snooze on February 3rd, 2012—for more information and to buy tickets, please visit or contact Alexandra Gage, Managing Director of the COF, at 303-501-3691.


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