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ARAMEX International Ltd, a Jordan-US based International Courier Company. Expo Express Services Ltd (a sister concern of Expo Lanka group) became the Exclusive Franchise of ARAMEX International in Bangladesh with effect from 1st August 2002. Background of the organization: ARAMEX started in 1982 as Total Transportation Solution (express & logistics operator) provider rapidly establishing itself into a global brand recognized for its quality service and unique multiproduct offering. In January 1997, ARAMEX became the first Arab-based international company to trade its shares on the NASDAQ (USA) stock exchange. After five years of successful trading, ARAMEX returned to private ownership in February 2002 and continued to expand and excel as a privately owned company, establishing global alliances and gaining stronger brand recognition. In June 2005 ARAMEX went public on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) as Arab International Logistics (ARAMEX) with its shares traded under ARMX. Today ARAMEX and its worldwide alliance form an extensive transportation network that spans the four corners of the globe. With offices strategically located in major cities, ARAMEX offers customers around the world comprehensive transportation solutions that range from international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, logistics and warehousing to publication distribution and specialized shopping services such as the Shop&Ship U.S. mailbox and Shop the World catalog shopping. The ARAMEX-led Global Distribution Alliance (GDA) brings together 40 independent express companies from around the world, each specializing in their own region and together covering the world with the same, unified standards and business procedures. The network has more than 12,000 offices, 33,000 vehicles and 66,000 employees serving alliance customers and attending to the details of their business round the clock, around the globe. A completely integrated information and communication technology infrastructure connects ARAMEX’s worldwide operations, enabling a seamless flow of information between ARAMEX and its alliance members and customers. The network is empowered by the state-of-the-art ARAMEXdeveloped tracking system that has become the backbone of ARAMEX’s business processes. ARAMEX also develops an array of customized IT solutions for its clients and trains their staff on working with the technology. ARAMEX has designed and implemented a quality management system that demonstrates its ability to consistently provide enhanced services. The DQMS (ARAMEX Documented Quality Management System) complies with the requirements of the international standard of ISO 9001:2000 and includes also a set of effective systems that measure customer satisfaction in order to ensure continuous service enhancement.

As a solution provider ARAMEX invests in building knowledge workers rather than employees. Only the best and qualified people are recruited by ARAMEX to provide its clients with customized services. ARAMEX trains its people extensively and continuously and empowers them to act as creative solution providers, providing the best quality service for their customers. Innovation drives the daily work at ARAMEX. It dictates everything ARAMEX does to ultimately serve customers with efficiency and care. Whether by devising better ways to communicate with customers or faster ways to track their shipments, innovation leads the process. This innovation originally stems from listening to customers and addressing their needs. Small ideas and big ideas coming from all levels of the company continuously feed and are fed by this creative atmosphere. ARAMEX is an environment where creativity is celebrated and rewarded. ARAMEX contributes to the progress of the communities in which it operates through supporting the same qualities it nurtures in its internal environment. It encourages and rewards innovation and achievement in the community through support for sports, education, entrepreneurship and literacy. The services of ARAMEX Express: International Express: ARAMEX provides a global solution for moving time-sensitive documents and parcels around the world, door-to-door, within committed transit times that meet your needs and expectations. The International Express service of ARAMEX is available every day of the week to customers worldwide together with the ability to track shipments at anytime of the day through the advanced online tracking system available at Worldwide Document Express The extensive ARAMEX network, short transit times and competitive shipping rates ensure door-todoor delivery of urgent documents to any destination in the world. Worldwide Parcel Express The most valuable objects are specially packaged and handled by ARAMEX, taking it fast through customs to make sure it gets there on time. Cash on Delivery ARAMEX collects on your behalf the full value of the sold goods upon delivery. Fees, payment method and schedules are arranged with you on a case-by-case basis.

Return Service ARAMEX offers this service for retailers who wish to include a free return service with the delivery of their goods and for customers who want to send an item to get it fixed and have the repair company return it without incurring shipping charges.

Domestic Express: ARAMEX Domestic Express offers a cost-effective solution for express delivery of time-critical shipments within a country or city. Whether it is an important document, a fragile item, a temperaturecontrolled package or any other item requiring special care, ARAMEX picks it up and delivers it, in its pristine condition. Same-Day Domestic Service Companies or individuals who wish to send a package and have it delivered the same day find this service to be perfect. Provided clear instructions are given regarding closing times at destination, ARAMEX guarantees the shipment is delivered the same day. Overnight Domestic Service Shipments are picked up and delivered within 24 hours in all the major cities (48 hours in other areas within the country). Domestic Document Return If you have a busy schedule, ARMEX offers you this convenient service in which it picks up that important document that needs to be signed, delivers it to the addressee and then returns it without delay. Cash on Delivery This service combines two advantages in one: speedy delivery of your products to your customers and a convenient and reliable payment method in which ARAMEX collects the value of the sold goods upon delivery. Domestic Distribution Services ARAMEX handles the distribution of your monthly invoices, marketing and promotional materials such as brochures, corporate and private invitations or any other mass distribution items. Depending on the number of items and the timeline, we quote a price and set a delivery schedule that is convenient for you. Mailbag Services If your company has a large number of correspondence between its many branches ARAMEX becomes your mailman by handling all incoming and outgoing mail between the headquarter and the branches on a regular basis or as specified by you. Freight: ARAMEX has one of the most extensive sea, land and air freight forwarding networks in the Middle East. Teams of cargo professionals provide global services and local expertise to ensure a complete and hassle-free service that includes customs clearance and delivery to the final consignee. Having multiple transportation modes—air, land and sea—allows ARAMEX to provide you with the most cost-effective transportation method that meets your delivery need.

Our track and trace technology and our network of offices around the world allow total traceability and visibility of your shipments from the moment a job is booked till its delivery at the final destination. The multiple freight forwarding capabilities of ARAMEX combined with its logistics, warehousing and domestic distribution capabilities allow you the ability to outsource your none-core supply chain capabilities to one company and to one delivery network. Door-to-Door This product is designed to offer you a complete, hassle-free transportation service from your door to the consignee’s by combining forwarding, clearance and documentation. Door-to-Airport If you prefer to use a pre-assigned customs broker ARAMEX can arrange pick-up from your door and provide forwarding up to the port of arrival. Airport-to-Airport When you purchase goods on FOB or FCA basis, ARAMEX can take over the goods at the port of dispatch and arrange dispatch up to the port of destination. Expedited Air When timing is absolutely critical, ARAMEX can provide you with a next-flight-out service where the fastest flights from airport of departure to airport of arrival will be used. Wholesale Co-Loading For freight forwarders who do not have agents within the Middle East and Asian Subcontinent, ARAMEX makes its network available for providing origin or destination service to include consolidation, customs clearance and freight charges collection. Charters For your shipments that must move quickly or exclusively, ARAMEX offers you chartered aircraft services for any weight and to any destination around the world, anytime. Exhibitions Handling When participating in exhibitions or when organizing one, the local know-how and extensive worldwide network of ARAMEX allow for effective on-time availability of your goods on the exhibition stand while meeting the local customs rules and regulations.

Special Projects Combining its multiple freight handling services, ARAMEX customizes a freight solution to cater to the requirements of any special project. LOGISTICS & FULFILLMENT SERVICES: ARAMEX supply chain & logistics services: Freight-Forwarding & Custom Clearance Through ARAMEX’s extensive freight forwarding network and total transportation solutions, we offer you door-to-door delivery from one or multiple suppliers into the warehouse with smooth delayfree customs clearance.

Warehousing We understand the importance of warehousing within the wider supply chain! Aramex will store and manage your inventory in our strategically located state-of-the art logistics centers offering bonded or duty –paid options to cater for the different needs of customers in all industry segments. powered with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that your storage requirements and inventory management needs are met while providing real-time visibility at all levels to help you control your stock levels, streamline purchases and improve your order cycle time. Facility Management ARAMEX’s Facility Management should be your choice, if you have your own storage facility, but feel that it is not operating up to its optimum efficiency level. Here, Aramex facility planning team will take on the task of fully managing your facility, minimizing waste, creating better space utilization, selecting the right equipment, Streamlining running expenses and raising the service standards. Value-Added Services We can customize your products closer to the point of sale to ensure orders are fulfilled faster and keep your costs to a minimum. Aramex value-added services range from labeling, kitting, to light manufacturing and software installation. Distribution Our services extend beyond the walls of the warehouse. You can rely on Aramex distribution service to deliver your products to your customers through a dedicated fleet of GPS-equipped trucks that operate over a massive land network offering comprehensive supply chain solutions and providing visibility through AWB tracking. Professional Engineering Design Aramex provides you with a complete plan for your warehouse through architectural, electrical, mechanical and piping designs, while ensuring a suitable layout for storage, material handling and operational areas. Aramex will also go the extra mile to prepare your tender documents, send them to appropriate vendors and evaluate received tender application.

Consulting Services SOPs, JOPs & KPIs. Aramex will develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Job Operating Procedures (JOPs) for your facilities or re-write existing ones, we can also install Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor performance and keep management informed. Facility Evaluation. Utilizing our experience in logistics, we can evaluate your existing facilities; carry out revamping and setup of new equipment. Supply Chain Strategy Analysis. Aramex with its advanced operational research models can help you reduce logistics costs while maintaining your promised customer service levels. IT Services ARAMEX’s WMS (OPTILOG). Take your warehousing operation to a new level by using our warehouse management system OPTILOG, which will help you increase efficiency while providing management with visibility and access to information through online portals and various automated reports.

SPECIAL SERVICE ARAMEX' dedication to customer service is best reflected in its ability to create new ways of meeting wholesale and retail client needs. The Special Services product began as a special favor to some clients and has developed into a growing venture. Due to its existing distribution and information network, ARAMEX station can obtain and deliver a variety of items, be it medication, spare part or computers, from any marketplace in the world, visa and document legalization, flower delivery, repair and return services, sophisticated logistical mobilizations ARAMEX can handle any business every step of the way. Purchasing services You know what you need; we can help you get it. With ARAMEX offices around the globe, hard to get items are just a phone call away. Your car, VCR or washing machine just broke down and the spare part is not available locally, your favorite band just released a new album, you need special medication urgently and it is only available in its manufacturing country. ARAMEX will deliver. So the next time you are in urgent need for an item from abroad, call ARAMEX. We will look for it and once we find your item, we will tell you the purchasing price, the delivery charge and any customs requirements before we make the purchase. Upon your approval we will buy the item and deliver it right to your doorstep. Commercial services The details of your business demand your time and attention but often they distract you from more strategic issues.You're having a hard time locating a supplier for items you want to import, you placed an order with a manufacturer and you need the response urgently, your LC did not clear or your wire transfer was delayed for five days, ARAMEX can help. With ARAMEX offices around the globe we can act as your international business representative, from the initial communication to importing the goods; from clearing the goods through customs to delivering them to your warehouse, we can handle your every business need. ARAMEX SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Supply Chain Management Defined Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the entire value-added chain, from the supplier to manufacturer right through to the retailer and the final customer. SCM has three primary goals: reduce inventory, increase the transaction speed by exchanging data in real-time, and increasing sales by implementing customer requirements more efficiently. ARAMEX Supply Chain & Logistics solutions ARAMEX is the leading transportation and logistics company. We combine our local know-how, state-of-the-art technology and international standards to provide you with a comprehensive solution for your logistics and supply chain requirements. With one of the largest logistics and transportation networks in the region, Aramex is a dependable ally that will relieve you from the burdens of your complex day to day supply chain challenges and provide you with a cost effective tailor made solution for your supply chain. With our end-to -end supply chain and logistics solutions, we efficiently manage the transfer of products, information and funds between your suppliers and customers providing you with that extra needed time to focus on reaching the full potential of your business. Aramex will cover all stages of

your supply chain from the moment your inventory leaves your supplier until the moment it reaches your retailer or final customers. Shop & ship The ARAMEX Shop&Ship mailbox service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a mailing address in the US or the UK without actually living there. This service offers you a personal mailing address in the US and the UK where you can receive your correspondence as well as personal and business packages such as Internet orders, gifts, magazine subscriptions, bank statements and more. ARAMEX then forwards the mailbox contents to you at very competitive rates, saving you time, effort and money. Shop&Ship service is the latest of the customized innovative solutions offered by Aramex. The service was developed as a solution to the difficulties customers encountered while placing their online orders from US UK sites. A great number of these sites either do not offer overseas shipping or charge high shipping rates; to make things more complicated most websites require a local US or UK address to complete the transaction. Shop&Ship mailbox service also caters to the personal needs of people who resided in the US or the UK, and who need to maintain a mailbox address there for personal or business use. Shop&Ship is also ideal for students, and businessmen. ARAMEX’s International is the leading provider of total transportation solutions in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent offering express package delivery, freight forwarding, logistics and other transportation services. Aramex has in its twenty-one year history formed an extensive global network with presence in most major hubs and cities worldwide. ARAMEX’s is the transportation company of choice for tens of thousands of world-class companies in the Middle East due to the unique way ARAMEX’s conducts its business and the special advantages it extends to its customers. ARAMEX’s is unique in the variety of transportation services it offers under one roof; it is unique in its creative and flexible style of management that enables it to customize its solutions to accommodate the specific transportation needs and requirements of very one of its customers. ARAMEX’s and its global alliance of companies cover the world through one of the largest transportation networks; strategically positioned to serve you and attend to the details of your business around the clock, around the globe. The ARAMEX’s transportation network utilizes state of the art communication technologies and delivery systems making it completely integrated and online throughout the world 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. About Shop&Ship: Shop&Ship mailbox will make Internet shopping truly enjoyable; you will no longer need to worry about your favorite site not offering International shipping or charging you high shipping costs. Subscribe today and start enjoying the following great benefits from Shop&Ship: Convenience: Whether you’re ordering CD’s, DVD’s, a T-shirt or the latest MP3 player, Shop&Ship is hassle free, fast, and reliable. Affordability: Aramex will ship your mailbox contents straight to you, three times a week, at very competitive rates.

Tracking: Our online tracking system enables you to monitor your shipments every step of the way from the convenience of your office or home; you can know where your shipment is and what is inside your mailbox at any given time. To complement your Shop&Ship experience, Aramex also offers a Web Surfer Card; which is a pre-paid Master Card that provides you with a secure online payment facility. You can determine the limit of your card and can change that limit at any time. How does it work You can start using your mailbox address in the US or the UK as soon as you subscribe to Shop&Ship and receive your personal mailing address. Every item you receive at your mailing address will be scanned and the information will be uploaded on the system so you can know what is inside your mailbox. The packages and correspondence in your mailbox will be collected and forwarded to you three times a week. The moment your mailbox contents are shipped out, you will be able to monitor your shipment online until it arrives at the Aramex office in your city. Aramex will notify you via SMS messaging or telephone as soon as your mailbox contents arrive at your country of residence Shop & Ship offers you convenience and affordable prices backed by the reliability and efficiency of Aramex Shop & Ship benefits: More than one reason to use Shop&Ship:  Enjoy shopping online even from sites that do not offer international shipping.  Take advantage of our special and affordable international shipping rates.  Maintain a mailing address in the US or the UK without living there.  Enjoy the special rates offered by online merchants to residents in the US/UK  Follow your shipment every step of the way and know what is inside your mailbox at any given moment.  Friendly local customer service ensures your full satisfaction. PACK PLUS SERVICE ARAMEX is pleased to launch the new PACK PLUS service. Whether you are moving house from one street to another, from one town to another, or from one country to another, you can rely on ARAMEX PACK PLUS service. We will pack, crate and haul your household, then deliver, unload and unpack all your belongings at your new address anywhere in the world! Whether you are an individual, a small business or a multi national corporation on the move, ARAMEX has the 'right' package for you. A tailor-made solution to suit your specific moving needs. When leaving the country we will handle all the necessary documentation and custom formalities at ends, origin and destination. ARAMEX PACK PLUS offers you any or all of these services to ensure you have a smooth, swift moving experience

          

Free pre-packing survey. Packing and crating of all household goods and personal effects. Haulage by trucks to the new address, if moving locally. Customs clearance and forwarding, if moving abroad. Shipping by land, sea or air. Insurance recommendations. Storage facilities. Unloading, unpacking and setting up your effects. Removal of debris. Follow up on your shipment both at origin and destination points. Door-to-door services.

So the next time you need to move your belongings from one place to another, relax and let ARAMEX do the work. We will be more than happy to serve you. E-SERVICES As we all know E-commerce nowadays is vital for all businesses to compete and survive. Aramex makes it easy and affordable for any business to get online and prosper in today's competitive web market place, enabling it to establish an effective, direct connection with its online customers and suppliers. ARAMEX provides a comprehensive suite of e-commerce solutions to buyers and sellers. These solutions include complete "e-logistics" services that provide third party logistics, storage, and shipping. They also include express courier, freight forwarding and distribution and delivery services for everything from components and spare parts to finished products. The first business-to-business e-commerce portal established in the Middle East, placed Aramex at the forefront of the region's e-business market. OTHER SERVICES 2.10.1 Shop with ARAMEX Enjoy a great shopping experience with Aramex! Aramex provides you with a choice of shopping options to suit your needs. Whether you have a credit card or not, Shopping with Aramex is easy! Aramex @ Home It is free online delivery service! With this exclusive service, ARAMEX delivers food from a variety of the best restaurants in town right to your doorstep. Aramex @ home also delivers flowers, videos and medication. Shop the World Online It allows you to shop from the world's best catalogues and websites! Order the latest in fashion for you and your entire family in addition to home furnishing and accessories, from the finest European and American catalogues and US websites. The specific competition of the ARAMEX both locally and internationally TOP COMPETITORS IN BANGLADESH  DHL  FedEx  UPS  TNT

TOP COMPETITORS IN GLOBALLY            

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Integers Worldwide Logistics Seko Worldwide Dec Express Unique And Custom Logistics Air Courier Dispatch Expedited Logistics Freight Service DHL FEDEX UPS TNT DPEX Advanced Express Services Advanced Express City Express, Inc. Diamond Transportation Group, Inc. EVERSON, CHB, INC. International Bonded Couriers, Inc. (IBC) Paramount Courier, Inc. Us Express And Logistics, In

The management philosophy of ARAMEX Team work: In mid 90’s ARAMEX restructured its sales team and became a team based organization that provide customers with “one stop shop” with:  Multi product offerings  Personalized service  Team is responsible for the full delivery  Each team has its own cycle, P&2 “People one to deal with one company one person”. Open Door Policy: Open door policy advocates sharing all needed information with their customer’s transparency of information. Federation structure: The impact of Federation structure re s follows:  Station operated s independent profit centre  Country/ station managers operate as CEO & make their own decision.  The key reasons of ARAMEX success is for its federal structure. “People are allowed to do what is best for the company, they are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and take risks within a big fame of rules and regulations that are expected to follow”. Developing people: It includes:  Opportunities for students Chances for fresh graduate Promotion from within “Helping people going up the ladder”.

Quality Assurance: Quality at ARAMEX is every body’s job. They commit to fully understanding their customers needs, fulfilling their expectations on time and delivering a service that always delight them. ARAMEX believes on

Safety the Customers

Understand their requirements

Do it Right the First time every time

Continuous improvement

ARAMEX and the community: It includes:  Environment  Sports  Donations  Internship program  Presence in critical situation. The legal status of ARAMEX ARAMEX - Bangladesh is a Pvt. Limited company. In June 2005 ARAMEX- International went public on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) as Arab International Logistics (ARAMEX) with its shares traded under ARMX. The vision and mission of the organization. Vision: We will be recognized by our customers to be the first and most flexible in our chosen markets. We will partner with our customers and suppliers to deliver flexible, cost-effective and quality services by efficiently utilizing our global information network, best people and leading-edge technology. Mission: To be recognized as the 5 th global logistics and express transportation service provider by the year 2010. ARAMEX Value:  ARAMEX is the company that believes in people.  People are the main assets of ARAMEX. They value their people, trust and respect them.  ARAMEX believes communication and transparency.  ARAMEX is a total transport solution provider.  ARAMEX believe in empowerment in decision-making.  ARAMEX is customer centric.  ARAMEX contribute to society.  They committed to quality.  ARAMEX recruit talented people.  ARAMEX is an integrate part of society. They exist in.  It is a flat organization.  ARAMEX believe in investing leading edge technology.  ARAMEX believes is partnership between customers and suppliers.  ARAMEX develop the ability to cope with change and anticipate it.  ARAMEX is a trust-based system.  ARAMEX value in long-term relationship with their clients.

FIGURE: 01 - Information of all branches of ARAMEX Dhaka Office CEPZ Branch House#80(Ground Floor), Old Administration Building BEPZA Road#2, Banani, Chittagong Export Processing Zone Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh Chittagong. Phone:02-9873274,9893547 Phone: 031-741691 Fax: +880(02)9871280 DEPZ Branch Chittagong Agrabad Branch BEPZA Building; Suit no. 72 Madina tower Phone: 02-7788230 Phone: 031-727006 Uttara Branch Motijeel Branch Uttara tower; Jashim Uddin Road; Uttara 74, Dilkusha, Dhaka-1000 Mob:0152474045 Mob: 018170741183. Mirpur Br. Narayangonj Branch Begum Rokeya Sharoni, Shaurapara, Kanpur, Chashara Mob: 01817141386 Phone: 7612282 ARAMEX TECHNOLOGY Information and communication technology has always been a key enabler and a success factor in the history of ARAMEX. Today, ARAMEX ICT systems link its customers and employees globally, all riding on a digital network, working together and interacting seamlessly to achieve common business goals. Business Applications ARAMEX deploys powerful applications that meet business needs and provide full automation of the business process. These applications are open for integration and customization to be able to cater for the continuously emerging needs and future developments. Technology Solutions for Customers ARAMEX provides a variety of solutions tailored to cater for different customers’ business needs. Moreover, ARAMEX can train the customer’s staff on using the technology. System at ARAMEX:  Info axes: Express tracking system  ACCPAC CRM: Customer management system.  DIS: Domestic product.  FTS: Freight tracking system.  ACCPAC: Finance and account system.  HR System: a) On line application b) Leave system c) Travel system d) Payroll system e) Personnel action f) Clearance and exit system.

QUALITY POLICY OF ARAMEX Quality statement The company's commitment to total quality and continuous improvement is best identified in the corporate Vision, Mission, and Strategy statements as defined by top management and deployed through the DQMS. Strategy statement To be the service provider of choice by offering total transportation solutions in the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent. DQMS (Documented Quality Management System) As an ISO 9002:1994 company registered by BSI, ARAMEX adopted a Corporate Quality Management System in 1997 that houses all of the ARAMEX Corporate Policies, Quality of Service Standards, and procedures within the DQMS (Documented Quality Management System). The DQMS is implemented throughout ARAMEX and maintained corporately to ensure customer satisfaction and quality service is provided to its customers every day of the year. ARAMEX Culture ARAMEX is driven by a dynamic, active, flexible culture radically opposed to fixed bureaucratic management structures, allowing it to swiftly cut through any barriers that stand in the way of its growth. ARAMEX fosters creativity and entrepreneurship by creating a stimulating work environment where ideas coming from any member of the organization are encouraged, no matter how small. If people were to describe ARAMEX as a person they’d use words like innovative, self-motivated, ambitious and initiative-taker. Diversity at ARAMEX Being a global company has its perks, and we don’t mean economic ones. We’re talking about a wealth of a different kind… one that paints the face of ARAMEX with cultural and linguistic riches and exudes a sense of a truly global culture that’s tightly knit with one thread.People from every part of the world work under the ARAMEX banner, and that by itself demonstrate the globally of our company and our ability to appeal to everyone on this planet. Social Life The ARAMEX Social Club involves itself in strengthening familiarity among employees, organizing events to give employees the chance to interact together outside of the work environment. Different kinds of events are organized on a regular basis and families are invited to share the fun. Work Abroad Working at ARAMEX literally makes the world your office with work abroad opportunities present to any employee possessing the necessary drive and skills to take on that highly esteemed position in that highly desired country.

CHART: 01 Organization structure of ARAMEX (Station Model) The corporate structure of ARAMEX

Station Leader Service Deliver Domestic Operation

Quality Assurance

Express Operation


Quality Council Freight Operation Support Functions Training

Customer Management Calling Center

Information Technology Credit Control

Customer Managemen t


Catalog Shopping



Receivable & Collections

RECRUITING & MOTIVATING POLICY In today’s competitive business environment, the quality of human resources makes the difference. The commitment of ARAMEX International Ltd is to attract high quality persons to work for it is reflected in the efforts of the courier. In the face of today’s globalization, the company envisages to develop highly motivated workforce and equip them with latest skills and technologies. The company evolves human resources development strategy with a view to ensuring good working environment, a high level of loyalty and commitment, devotion and dedication on the part of the employees. ARAMEX International Ltd believes in professional excellence and considers its working force as its most valuable asset and the basis of its efficiency and strength. ARAMEX welcomes applications from ambitious, hard-working individuals from any part of the world, with or without experience. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply as ARAMEX believes in fostering young potential and creating an engaging work environment where they can flourish as the company grows. Begin your brilliant career at ARAMEX and apply for a position today… the rewards are as big as your ambition. ARAMEX Benefits Once anyone join the ARAMEX team he/she become part of a global family of achievers and leaders, working in a friendly and motivating environment that presents he/she with many incentives to put your best foot forward and move ahead in your career. Career Advancement At ARAMEX, a person will find himself/herself on the fast track of climbing the corporate ladder with vacancies opening up to employees from within the company. So the more he/she achieve, the faster he/she thrive.

Long Service Remuneration Long service is highly revered at ARAMEX. Team members who hit the 5, 10, 15 or 20 year mark are presented with special service awards and benefits as a token of appreciation for their commendable devotion. Performance Recognition & Rewarding No effort is ever gone unnoticed at ARAMEX. Bonuses are granted twice a year, and the size of the bonus depends on one’s merit. Moreover, employees who demonstrate exceptional performance are rewarded monetarily and non-monetarily with one or more of the many accolades including Employee of the Quarter, Achievement and Innovation awards. Medical By partnering with the finest insurance companies throughout the world, ARAMEX offers its employees the best medical plans for their well-being and that of their families. ARAMEX Training Believing its people are its most valuable asset, ARAMEX invests in building knowledge workers rather than employees. ARAMEX trains and empowers its people and prepare them to act as creative solution provider, as entrepreneurs in their own right. Upon joining the ARAMEX team, employees undergo extensive orientations that familiarize them with the company’s business and corporate culture before they proceed to training in their own departments. Throughout the course of your employment you will receive a number of internal and external training courses to polish existing skills and gain new ones. The request for such training is either initiated by ARAMEX or by employees themselves. Key function of ARAMEX Standard courier services The standard courier services that most of us are familiar with are the ones that can involve shipping to places all over the world. This company has processes and steps that they take to make sure those documents and packages get safely and securely from one place to another. Though from the consumer’s point of view the process of sending documents or packages is pretty straightforward – you give something to the courier service and it arrives where you send it – the actual process is much more involved. For instance, when you bring a package to a large courier service, the first thing that they will do is take down the pertinent information Overnight and same day courier services There are courier services functions that specialize in overnight and express shipping. Though clients will pay more for this type of courier service, it is often worth it when clients want to make sure that something is going to arrive in a very short amount of time. Though almost all large worldwide courier services will provide overnight and express shipping, there are companies that have specialized in this type of service all along. Making sure that a package or document arrives overnight is no small feat. Personal courier services Personal courier services are usually defined as those services that send actual “messengers” from one place to another. As in the bike messenger example, the courier is usually only one person, and this person takes the message, package, or document from one place and delivers it personally to another place. These, of course, are smaller courier companies, and in some instances may involve only a few people who provide this service to established clients on a regular basis. When a company has a main headquarters in one part of a city, and an office on the other side of town, or a couple towns away,

they can give a package or documents to a personal courier and this courier will use a vehicle to travel to the destination. International courier services Though almost all large courier services are international, there is one type of international courier service that stands out as different from the rest. This is the type of courier service that employs one or two actual people to deliver the shipment by traveling to the destination personally. These people are called “international couriers”, and they add a much more direct and personal touch to the delivery. Becoming an international courier can take some time, but the couriers themselves often find this type of work very rewarding. When you are employed as an international courier, you often get to travel to many different types of places for free, or for a greatly reduced cost. Working for a courier service When you work for one of the standard courier services, there are plenty of departments that are available to work within. Delivery Confirmation A special service that provides the date of delivery or attempted delivery for Priority Mail and Standard Mail parcels, Bound Printed Matter and Library Mail. Direct Mail A form of advertising often employed by businesses to reach targeted groups of potential customers by mail. FIGURE: 02 SL.



Strategic Management Customer care

02 03 04 05 06 07

Finance Accounts HRD National Sales National Operations IT

Description of the department: Specific areas

No of Employees Supervisor Management Saman Gunawardena 01 (Country Manager) Customer services, freight, 08 FDO Shah Alam Munshi & Accounts, Collection, 12 Enayet Hossain Khan HR recruitment, selection, 08 administration Rahat Sikdar Sales & Marketing Graham Tucker 16 Dispatching and delivery 43 shipment Shah Alam Munshi Manage all kinds of system 01 work Saiful Islam Total no. Of employees 89 Up to January’07

SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Completing a SWOT analysis helps me identify ways to minimize the affect of weaknesses in my business while maximizing my strengths. Ideally, I will match my strengths against market opportunities that result from voids in my competitors' products and/or services. A SWOT analysis confines strengths and weaknesses to my company's internal workings while opportunities and threats refer only to the external environment.

In SWOT analysis Strengths and Weakness are determined by internal elements, while external forces dictate opportunities and Threats. Opportunities and Threats ought to be identified first in order to more quickly highlight the product “Strengths or Weakness”. For example, if it is quickly highlight the product where discovered that a competitor is losing certain licensing rights to a product in the next year, this information could be used to quickly fill that gap in the market. “Strengths and Weakness” should focus upon the following:  Company’s philosophy or mission.  Product features, benefits or quality.  Product’s competitive advantage. (Is there a competitive advantage?)  Distribution methods or distributor satisfaction.  Pricing structures. (Is it priced much higher or lower than the competition?)  Target market’s awareness of the product.  Target market’s attitudes toward the product.  Target market’s brand loyalty.  Competition’s activities (for example, new service of product launches, price changes, new companies)  Overall market trends (shifts in needs, trends, and behaviors).  “Opportunities and Threat analysis” should focus upon the following:  What problems do customers currently have with the product that could be addressed by improvement? These improvement areas may not be immediately obvious or explicitly stated.  What steps does the buyer go through the purchase, use, and dispose of the product? This method might be bring to light new product ideas (or just enhancements or packaging), services, or other value options.  What are the consumer’s desires?

Strengths 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.

Brand recognition and effective marketing and distribution channel. Total transportation solution. Availability of resourceful people. Profitable. Congenial environment. Environmental facilities available. Continued growth in net income and net sales. Quality services and good overall reputation. The strong management team and diversified workforce. Intensive supervision by management. Strong marketing capability. Strong cooperation from channels. Corporate reputation for quality services. Transportation facilities are very high. Leadership in the running courier service sector. Customer loyalty. Positive response to challenge. Ability to make decisions quickly. Strong desire to succeed.


20. Dynamic in the workforce.

Weaknesses 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Not market leader. Account Receivable / bad debts amount is high. Lack of coordinating among a department to another department. Cruelty and uncompromising behavior. Natural calamity accident. Deficiency in implementing of marketing strategies. Insurance does not available. Insufficient equipment. Extending credit too freely.

Opportunities 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Total Transportation Solutions. 25 years of Innovation. Well brand image. Internationally distribution channel. Lower service cost then other courier services. Due to growth in international business, courier sector market expands rapidly. Every time they can expand their business. Enough opportunity to expand as profit is high. Increasing sales due to the strengthening of the economy. Shift in customers preferences from their demand and needs. Saving an enormous amount of money. Proven advantage of good location. Resource and capabilities are already known. Explore innovative marketing at home and abroad. Development of new technologies with regard to methods, inputs and skills are silently undertaken. Works well in fast-growth Company. Improved communication channel. Reward and promote innovative personnel. Collect techniques of technologies to adapt. Formulate business ideas and concepts.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Very low price is being offered by inferior companies at risk More competition grew by the using advertising. Competitors are offering better price. Trend of switching better job of resourceful sales people. Dollar rate increasing highly. Malpractice in the market place. Free market economy. Should be more dynamic to catch their current business If they do not advertise their products, the people will not buy their services. Technology is cheaper than people. Technological evaluation is always makes a good command to these sector.


12. 13. 14. 15.

Risk of administrative barriers. Dependency on the local suppliers. Growing up overhead cost. Does not suit or interfere other companies’ threat.

ANALYSIS & FINDINGS ANALYSIS Service Quality in Courier Sector Service quality can be defined as the difference between customer (who can be customer and their attendant) expectations of the courier service and perceived service. If expectations are greater than performance, then perceived quality is less than satisfactory and hence customer dissatisfaction occurs. In ARAMEX INTERNATIONAL LTD, the service quality of the courier services can be explained in 6 dimensions of SERVQUAL Model. In the Context of Bangladesh, customer satisfaction has not been understood. What people say and why they feel may be different matters. In the courier context everything may look straight forward, but underneath the surface lays complex process. However, it is consistently seen that satisfaction is linked to evaluations of service quality, expectations, and emotions. Customer satisfactions Factors for Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction has become an establish indicator of quality courier service clients satisfaction as a special form of consumer attitude- that is, a post experience phenomenon reflecting how much a customer liked or disliked the service . It has been assumed that “satisfaction” embodies clients’ evaluation of services. Customer satisfaction is not necessarily exactly the same thing as a quality courier services that any customer can receive in any international courier organisation. Nevertheless there is a direct link between satisfaction and perceived service quality. In this report, Customer satisfaction has been shown to be linked with their general expectations about services or with previous experiences with the customer care system that they get in ARAMEX. Perceptions of satisfaction may be based on many variables, including a facility’s environmental aesthetics, the availability of high tech equipment, a management comforting beside manner, the answers given to questions, or a facility’s amenities including parking and accessibility to public transport. If the actual performance exceeds expectations, consumers are likely to form strong feelings of satisfaction. Here the concepts of quality, expectations and satisfaction customers’ expectations have two levels: desired and adequate. The desired service level is the service the customer hopes to receive. It is a blend of what the customer believes “can be” and ‘should be’. The main customer of ARAMEX is all classes of people including firms and individual. The adequate service level is that which the customer finds acceptable. It is in part based on the customer’s assessment of what the service “will be” that is the predicted service. Here in ARAMEX, the adequate service is the minimum satisfactory service that a customer can get in any international courier in Bangladesh.

Personal Service Philosophies

Tangibles price, accessibility Doctor’s reputation, previous experience Encounters

Perceived Service alternatives

Personal needs

Expected Service Desired Service Zone of Tolerance Adequate Service

Predicted Service

Perceived Service


Figure 3 Model for the Determinants of customers Expectations of Service (Based on the model by Zeithaml, Berry and Zeithaml, 1993) Data Analysis Factors effecting to decide an international courier Chart-03 Cost wise classification Effect of cost to decide an int'l courier Not important



Highly important 28

No of respondents

25 20

20 15 10 5


0 Not important


Highly important

The chart shows that from 50 respondents, 4% respondent who gave low importance on choosing an int’l courier, whereas 40% respondents believed that cost is important but 56% respondents believed cost is highly important to choose an int’l courier.

Chart- 04 Transit time wise classification Factors effect for deciding an int'l courier Not important


Highly important

No of respondents

30 25



20 15 10 5

5 0

Not important


Highly important

The chart shows that from 50 respondents, 10% respondent who gave low importance on transit time for choosing an int’l courier, whereas 50% respondents believed that transit time is an important factor but 40% respondents believed transit time is highly important to choose an int’l courier. To select an international courier, most of the respondent believes that transit time is a very important factor Chart- 05 Discount or rebate on shipment wise classification Factors effect to decide an int'l courier Not important


Highly important

35 30

No of respondent

30 25 20 15 10



5 0 Not important


Highly important

The chart shows that from 50 respondents, 20% respondent who gave low importance on discount or rebate on shipments, for choosing an int’l courier, whereas 60% respondents believed that discount or rebate on shipments is an important factor but 20% respondents believed discount or rebate on shipments is highly important to choose an int’l courier.

Chart- 06 Quality of customer service wise classification Factors effect to select an int'l courier Not important


Highly important




The chart shows that from 50 respondents, 14% respondent who gave low importance on quality of customer services provided by the courier company’s, for choosing an int’l courier, whereas 70% respondents believed that quality of customer services provided by the courier company’s is an important factor but 16% respondents believed it is highly important to choose an int’l courier. FINDINGS OF THE REPORT In this internship report we tried my best to focus ARAMEX International ltd and its performance through working with it as customer care executive and observe the performance very closely. The major findings from the report are Marketing is done through target market but in many case the target sales does not match with target.  Most of the client who order label in ARAMEX is all well known brand.  Sales differ in different area. Where the company is maturity label there the sale is higher than those areas where the company is in introducing label.  The relationship between the personnel is very good but there are some exceptions.  ARAMEX often recruiting inexperience and fresh graduate people in the company  The communication system is excellent and all the personnel have very ability to communicate with foreigner and the local clients both in telephone as well as e-mail and face to face.  As the company’s network system the country head can easily communicate with the corporate office at any time.  All the employees are expert in computer and use of any software  Many employees are creative and they have the ability to solve the problem instantly.  Most of the companies are not much more reliable on ARAMEX for large quantity shipment.  The company has a great opportunity with its brand image in the global market.  The delivery time of shipment should increase.  Customer expectation does not match with the company’s provided services.  Most of the clients are not exclusively uses ARAMEX. Beside ARAMEX they use other international courier.  The local agent fails to deliver shipment on time.

 Company believes on innovative ideas.  Maximize capital investment in inventory and equipment by efficiently utilizing space, labor and equipment  Increase order velocity and accuracy by providing immediate feedback to employees through face to face or e-mail alert.  Support inbound and outbound advanced shipping notifications  Integrates online communications with infoaxes system and ensure real-time position and status reports

 Streamlines dispatch operations, administrative and management functions  Improves load planning and execution accuracy given driver hours of service, equipment, maintenance, shipper and receiver constraints

CONCLUSION, RECOMMENDATION CONCLUSION For promotion of the company, company could use some promotional tools such as advertising, rebate, personal selling, new credit policy etc. ARAMEX today is an extensive network that spans the four corners of the globe. With operations strategically located in major cities and hubs, ARAMEX is able to service the world swiftly, efficiently and on time. ARAMEX offers its express delivery services on an international basis to both retail and wholesale express clients with the ability to track their shipments on the worldwide web through the company’s web site. From the practical implementation of customer dealing procedure during the whole period of my practical orientation in ARAMEX International limited we have reached a firm and concrete conclusion in a very confident way. We believe that my realization will be in harmony with most of the experts. It is quite evident that to build up an effective and efficient service to the highest desire level computerized system is must. It consist significantly more money to attack new customers than it cost to maintain existing customer relationships so there is substantial payroll.      

Take extra step to be sure customer return to the business. Send them reminder or notices of special sales. Give them incentives and discounts for repeat business. Find out what are the regular customers to buy and keep those items in stock. Be sure that the services are dependable, timely, and reliable If the companies have delay, apologize immediately and offer to compensate customers for the inconvenience.  Display center should be open to the important location of the country where most of the companies are situated.  The activities should be prompt. Though there are some drawbacks in implementing Credit facilities in ARAMEX International Limited, it can be further developed in light of the recommendations being discussed above. Finally it can be argued that the results achieved so far not dissatisfactory, real marketing strategy is a modern technique for enhancing ARAMEX International limited strength and there lies the opportunities to make it more effective in the future.

In an increasingly global economy the future prosperity of a country depends more and more on the international competitiveness of its firms and industries. A firm’s competitiveness is usually explained in terms of the characteristics of the firms themselves, including their resources and costs compared to others and how these affect the ability to succeed in international markets The company may be able to increase sales by add other items that complement the items that regular customer buy. Try to build customer loyalty and find ways to encourage the customers to return. The value of good customer service cannot be overstressed. RECOMMENDATION Taking the consideration of 80-20 rule that says that 80% of the business comes from 20% of the customers. It is much more important to build customer loyalty than it is go after new customers. It consist significantly more money to attack new customers than it cost to maintain existing customer relationships so there is substantial payroll.

 Courier is a service-oriented marketing. Its business profit depends on its service quality.  

                

That’s why the authority always should be aware about their service quality. The price should be competitive. One of the business strategies is promotion. Successful business depends how they can promote their products or services to the customer. In this connection to improve the business status company should introduce more promotional programs such as discount, special rates, as well as motivational tools like ARAMEX clock, mug, note pad etc. The authority should be conscious about their marketing strategies. Should need more advertisement in the content of whole Bangladesh focused on TV, billboard, print media, and web ad. etc. The company should offer special rates for special countries where shipments deliver in frequently. Need regular communication among clients and sales persons. Customer service should be more efficient than the others company. To provide quality service to the customer it is necessary to have a trained team of an organization or an institution. For this reason the company should recruit more fresh, bright and energetic persons such as MBA, BBA, PhD. etc. The company should offer more facilities to the customers as per customized requirement. Data Base Networking is the most modern technology to transfer data from branch to branch or branch to head oppose and vice versa. So they should use upgraded technology in IT Department of the company. The company should have to ensure good use of fund. Credit collectors should be more alert about the outstanding payment. To delivery quality service, top management should try to mitigate the gap between customer expectations and employee’s perception. Customer convenience should receive priority over others. Use appropriate technique to measure customer needs. Evaluate customer needs from their perspective and explain logically shortcomings. Time consuming at service level should be minimized at optimal level. To play a more active role and increase co-operation in shaping the future of trade in the region. Each firm controls resources it uses to perform production and/or distribution activities. But firms are not islands, they are not self-sufficient. To be able to compete, firms cooperate with other organizations to access required inputs and they compete with rivals to establish cooperative relations with these other organizations. Firms need specialised inputs from other organisations to create and deliver value in the form of products and services to end users. various types of channel intermediaries and

customer organisations further down the value system; and complementors, that supply complementary products and services,  There is a need to develop and maintain effective relations with other organizations on which they depend for creating and accessing valued inputs. Often this requires the development of close cooperative, long-term relations, rather than relying on arms length market transactions, in order to realize the benefits of resource and product adaptation; effective communication and coordination of activities; and knowledge transfer and creation.  We can improve customer service by finding ways to meet most customer needs promptlyand providing some level of service even when we cannot meet their needs.

 This all boils down to what we heard many times before- listen and express genuine concern when customers have a problem. When we cannot give customer what they exactly want, suggest options and alternatives so they will see we want to help them.

 Customer service is being evaluated every time customers or potential customers have contact with the company. Be sure that know hoe to make the customers feel welcome, important, and respected.

 Customer must be greeted politely and courteously. Learn customer’s names and call them by name.

 Customers need to be treated Farley and with respect. Be sure; know how to suggest alternatives when people cannot meet the customer’s need. . Web site: 1. 2. 3. 4.

www.aramex .com

Publication/articles: 1) Bangladesh courier council monthly report (JANUARY’07)

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Case study on aramex international limited  

ARAMEX International Ltd, a Jordan-US based International Courier Company. Expo Express Services Ltd (a sister concern of Expo Lanka group)...

Case study on aramex international limited  

ARAMEX International Ltd, a Jordan-US based International Courier Company. Expo Express Services Ltd (a sister concern of Expo Lanka group)...

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