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Does your current fencing have... • • • • •

the Smallest knot, proven to be 24% stronger than other knot configurations? a smooth non-abrasive free surface? a single piece vertical wire? XTRALIFE Zinc/Alu coating? and is it manufactured from primary metals?

These McVeigh Parker customers do...

Poultry XFENCE Free range farms Nationwide

Lagoon XFENCE Perimeter fencing in Somerset

Otter Highway XFENCE Snowdonia National Park

TB Exclusion XFENCE Harper Adams College Dairy Building

Horse XFENCE Leading nationwide studs and polo establishments

Security XFENCE WWWII gun emplacements, White cliffs of Dover

Highway XFENCE Llandysul Bypass,Wales

Zoo XFENCE Creating safe environment to contain Hippos and Cheetahs, Hampshire

Deer XFENCE Forestry protection in Worcestershire

Badger/Boar XFENCE Protecting monuments, roadways, dairies,gardens etc nationwide

Fishery protection Otter XFENCE near Bristol

Premium horse XFENCE used by many leading polo studs in the UK

Proven tests have shown XFENCE to be the wire choice for both its strength and longevity Can you afford to not use XFENCE?

Xfence Premier Wire Netting