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What fencing timber to buy... Most customers spend time deciding what specification of wire to buy and what labour to use when planning their fence requirements. Whilst this tends to form the main expenditure of their project, the timber stakes are an afterthought with their cost usually the main issue prior to purchasing. Stakes are as important if not more important to the longevity of the fence and time should be taken to fully consider the options available before commencing. This very competitive market has numerous variants and knowing exactly what they are is complex. We have listed some of the options available to you with a brief description on their make up and their expected longevity, which we believe will help you avoid the disappointment of having to prematurely replace your fence. Ideally any timber in ground contact needs to have the very best form of treatment, whereas rails (out of ground contact) do not need the same degree of treatment. For strength, cleft, although rustic looking, is the strongest form of fencing as it is taken from the natural grain of the timber. However, market demands and price dictate that peeled, machine full round, half round and sawn timbers are the preferred options in both stakes and rails.


UC4 – User Class 4, kiln dried redwood Recommended (15 years desired life)

Timber kiln dried to a moisture content of less than 28%. Only selected redwoods are used and pressure treated in accordance with the European regulations and guidelines. Supplied in regular sizes rustic cundy or machined finish. Kiln or air drying the timber prior to treatment is essential; it enables the treatment plant to monitor all aspects of the treatment process including the essential moisture content prior to the fixation process. This form of treatment will provide a desired life of 15 years in line with British standard specification. This is a more recognized form of quality, timber redwood only, selected kiln dried timber, then a controlled treatment process providing the ideal in-ground post products to give you a durable, long lasting fence. Cost comparison – 30% more than merchantable, 15 years desired life. Guaranteed to BS8417.

Creosoted pressure treated

Selected suitable redwoods only, dried to less 28% then pressure creosoted, this age old process has long been the choice of many orchards and equestrian establishments. The life expectancy of these exceeds 25 years. Beware of cheaper products which use whitewood which will not offer the same service life. Supplied in standard regular sizes in cundy peeled rustic finish. Cost comparison – 55% more than merchantable, desired life in excess of 15 years.

Chestnut timber

English coppiced woodlands provide an annual source of fencing timbers. Chestnut coppiced in the winter will give the longest life, ideally sitting for a year then tar dipped; or coated in Tuffdip. However this process is laborious and costly. Supplied in quarters, halves and full rounds mixed. Chestnut tends to be sawn rather than cleft, it then can be susceptible to splitting naturally. Cost comparison – Equal to merchantable. Longevity, winter cut should give 15+ years.

N.B The life expectancy and cost comparisons is only meant as a guide. McVeigh Parker are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information contained in this publication. And therefore will not be liable for any loss or consequential loss arising out of this in anyway.


SC4 - Sector 4 (30 years desired life)

We can offer sector 4 equivalent British standard specification on redwood timber which offers a desired service life of 30 years. This is available in both pressure creosoted or pressure treated. Pressure creosoted preservative will comply to BS EN 13991, with penetration and retention levels in accordance with the relevant provisions of BS 8417. Any other acceptable type of formulation treatment, the penetration requirements for all timber species will be in accordance with the relevant provisions in BS 8417 (30 year specification). This form of treatment is only available to order, in certain rustic cundy or sawn timber sizes. Cost comparison –250% more than merchantable, 30 years desired service life, guaranteed to BS8417 (30 year specification).

Merchantable Quality mixed species

Treatment may vary, dependant on winter cut or summer cut timber and these tend to be air dried to a moisture content of between 35% to 28%, then treated. However it is important to note that the moisture content reading is formed from an average selection of the products to be treated. The mechanical strength of whitewood is half of what you would get from redwoods. A merchantable quality is a mixed species of white and redwood selected, and treated to market guidelines. Whilst every care is taken to comply with the guidelines, without the costly exercise of kiln drying it is not possible to offer a guarantee on longevity of this product. Due to market demands and competitive pressures this type of timber tends to be price sensitive and although it will suit most situations, any doubt to its longevity or application then User Class 4 or Sector 4 timber should be purchased. Ideal for pipelines, rented ground or where initial costs is priority. Cost & longevity comparison – competitive, longevity dependant on ground condition, timber species, treatment process. Variable service life.

FSC – (Forestry stewardship council)

Your assurance of quality, once you have chosen your preferred timber you can be assured that all our timbers are sourced from FSC approved managed woodlands. Proof of FSC, PEFC and treatment documentation is available on request at time of ordering. Once you have chosen your selected timber then you need to select your wire… X™ fence® offers the greatest value and longevity.

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What Timber To Buy  

What timber to buy for the rigth job.

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