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Water-reducing Admixtures Defined Water reducers are one of the classifications of concrete admixtures used to reduce the water content or delay the setting process of the concrete mixture. According to the experts of Concrete Admixture Manufacturers UAE , admixtures are generally used to improve the properties of concrete and make them flexible when working by hand or other procedure.

How do water-reducing admixtures work? The role of water reducers is to act as dispersant on cement mixture. They provide the needed hydration of cementitious components in the concrete matrix.

Categories of water reducers Corromix admixtures water reducers have two categories based on the amount being used in concrete and the desired decreased in weight of water. -

Low range plasticizers (regular plasticizers) High range plasticizers (superplasticizers)

Low range plasticizers are also referred as “regular water reducer� because they are widely used in the field. This type of admixture uses small portion i.e. around 0.1% of the total weight of concrete so that the concrete mix increases to 50-85 mm and amount of water decreases. High range or super-plasticizers are also water reducers. They decrease the larger amount of water without having an effect on the slump value of concrete. According to construction chemical manufacturers, high range water reducers are mostly used in construction projects where the high strength of concrete is required for the construction of high rise buildings, markets, malls and other commercial spaces.

Effects of low range or regular plasticizers -

Reduction of around 5-10% of the required amount of water. Improve the workability of concrete mixed with the same amount of water to cement ratio.

Effects of high range or super-plasticizers -

Add more increment in slump value ( tells how workable the concrete is) When slump value is higher, the concrete is a lot easier to handle, it is well compacted and produces uniformed concrete.

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Water reducing admixtures defined  
Water reducing admixtures defined