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Streamlined Building Process By Sheryl Kornman Dave Winsor worked in home construction for 28 years before he joined BFL Construction in 2008. Though he’d worked his way up to VP of two major homebuilders, after the recession hit and housing starts fell, he was laid off. A few days later, he was on the job for BFL as a construction manager in Green Valley for Fairfield Homes. Today he is VP for BFL. A sister company – Preferred Apartment Builders – is building single-family luxury rental homes in gated neighborhoods at 11 locations in Southern Arizona. The work requires precise production construction scheduling, with eight housing starts a week. Winsor said the concept is well designed and engineered to make construction move easily from start to finish. He hires the same subcontractors site

to site, guaranteeing work flow for PAB and ongoing employment for the subcontractors. PAB is completing each of the homes in about two months. Because all housing units are located at the same parcel, Winsor is able to obtain all the housing permits at once. “By the time the first 40 homes are built, we have all the rest of the units in the ground,” Winsor said. The schedule allows three superintendents using Smart Phones and IPads to monitor the construction of 184 units at once. “It’s very efficient,” he said. “Water and sewer for the entire site come online at once. Electrical is phased in as homes are completed. It’s not a classic commercial or residential product. It’s a hybrid.” Project managers are also the project estimators and they continued on page 190 >>>

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