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W Booth School 2021 Highlights

The Booth School continues to produce some of the most innovative and productive academic outputs within the Canadian university engineering ecosystem. Uniquely it blends high-value, industry and society-aligned applied research with practice-based education to deliver in-demand experiences and outcomes to students, partners, and other stakeholders. This report offers a sample of some of the most creative and productive outputs of 2021.

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Research Output Amin Rajabzadeh, Assistant Professor and Sesha Srinivasan, Program Chair, B Tech Software Engineering Technology, continue to draw high-value funding and collaboration from progressive industrial and global partners. Key highlights for 2021 include:

Eye3concepts Inc.

$795K for 3 years (2021-2024)

$1.35M over 3 years

Southern Ontario Pharmaceutical and Health Innovation Ecosystem

$136K for 1 year (2021-2022) Mitacs and Eye3concepts Inc.

$240K for 3 years (2021- 2024) Additive Manufacturing International Inc and Mitacs

$195K for 2 years (2021-2023) National Research Foundation of Korea

Mitacs Globalink Research Award 3

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Innovations in Practice-based Education Reworked Common Core in the Graduate Program Introduction to methods, perspectives, and case studies that are meaningful for a broader range of students and reflective of contemporary trends and movements. Provide a unique multidomain and integrated view of engineering practice Increase the number of guest speakers and reflect a stronger gender, cultural and specialization diversity Provide a pathway for program reach and sustainable growth

Engineering Entrepreneurship 3rd place by a McMaster Student Group in The Forge's Pitch Competition securing $10K of venture funding

Student expertise projects for efficient conversion of classic cars to a high affordable EV Health Science & MILO collaboration of framework development for joint entrepreneurship activities. Lightboard Depot company Lithium-ion Battery Modelling Software McMaster University |


Strategic Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities Tom Lee, Walter G. Booth Endowed Chair in Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation, is cross-listed with the Faculty of Engineering’s Experiential Learning Office (ELO) and through that connection, he has already begun influencing curricular modernization for the main cohort of BEng students in all departments. Details of this initiative and other key curricular and co-curricular innovations with roots in the Booth School include:

PERSEID (Performance + Environmental + Regulatory + Socio-cultural + Engineering Integrated Design): PERSEID introduces an innovative system-level design methodology for complex infrastructure system design as the core design project for the course.

MacACCESS: Development of a new microcredentialling

Framework for high-appeal programs for a global audience. Collaboration with S. Srinivasan and J. Fortuna.

New degree program in ArtsTech program

Joint initiative between Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Arts. A blended program drawing from applied software engineering and broad collection of arts and humanities courses.

Global Engineering Design Studio

New international version of the successful MacChangers program.


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Growth of the W Booth School Brand There is a broad strategic initiative within the Booth School to enhance its global reputation as an exemplary academic centre of modern practice-based education and applied research. To this end, the School is undergoing a comprehensive review of strategy and brand development. Specific outcomes for 2021 include:

Booth Research & Innovation Cluster: Creation of BRIC Workshops, BRIC Symposium Creation of committees for strategic planning and faculty awards. Nomination of esteemed colleagues for Canadian Academy of Engineering. McMaster University |


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