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Camps & Trips 2017


McLean Community Center

Camp Program Contacts Camp McLean Camp Director Andrew Carter 703-448-8336, TTY: 711

Are You an MCC Tax District Resident? You are a McLean Community Center resident if you live within the following boundaries:

McLean Project for the Arts Summer Art Camps Education Director Christina Girardi 703-790-1953 703-847-1953

North: East: West: South:

Summer Fun Weeks General Programs Director Margaret Shea 703-790-0123, TTY: 711 Old Firehouse Teen Center Camp Camp Director Andrew Carter 703-448-8336, TTY: 711

The Potomac River. The Arlington County Line. Difficult Run. Route 66, Route 7 or Dulles Access Road (whichever is furthest north).

…still not sure? Check the district map on the Center’s website,, or call 703-790-0123, TTY: 711, prior to registering.

McLean Community Center is an agency of Fairfax County Government and is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of disability in all County programs, services and activities, and will provide reasonable accommodations upon request. To request special accommodations, call the Center in advance of the camp you wish to attend.

All Hands On Deck for Adventure!


Camp McLean 2017

Our dynamic Camp McLean program provides a wide array of fun experiences for your children. Children ages 3 to 10 can enjoy trips and performances, explore the world of fitness and much, much more! During each two-week session, our staff of highly-qualified facilitators will lead campers on some unforgettable adventures and provide enrichment opportunities from crafts to science to just plain summer fun! Camp will be held at a Fairfax County Public School in McLean. (TBD) Session I July 5–July 14

Session II July 17–July 28

Session III July 31–August 11

First Mates’ Camp 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

For children ages three to four years old. Camp participants must be toilet-trained and have turned three years old by June 5, 2017. Each session will include one in-house entertainment event and one to two days of water play per week. Three- to four-year‑old campers will participate in arts and crafts, outdoor play, story time, singing, dancing, small group games and more. Campers will remain onsite at all times. The camper/staff ratio is one adult to six campers. Maximum enrollment is limited to 24 campers per session.

First Mates’ Camp’ Tots’ Session 1 (8001.117) July 5–July 14 (No camp on July 3 & 4) $385/$340 MCC district residents Tots’ Session 2 (8002.117) July 17–July 28 $425/$375 MCC district residents Tots’ Session 3 (8003.117) July 31–August 11 $425/$375 MCC district residents



Clippers’ Camp 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

For children ages five (by June 5, 2017) to six years old. Each session includes two trips to a local pool, one in-house entertainment event and one field trip. Each session, campers participate in specialist-planned activities. The camper/staff ratio is one adult to six campers. Maximum enrollment is 24 campers per session.

Swashbucklers’ Camp Swashbucklers’ Session 1 (8007.117) July 5–July 14 (No camp on July 3 & 4) $520/$490 MCC district residents Swashbucklers’ Session 2 (8008.117) July 17–July 28 $575/$525 MCC district residents Swashbucklers’ Session 3 (8009.117) July 31–August 11 $575/$525 MCC district residents


Clippers’ Camp Clippers’ Session 1 (8004.117) July 5–July 14 (No camp on July 3 & 4) $520/$490 MCC district residents Clippers’ Session 2 (8005.117) July 17–July 28 $575/$525 MCC district residents Clippers’ Session 3 (8006.117) July 31–August 11 $575/$525 MCC district residents

Swashbucklers’ Camp 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

For children ages seven (by June 5, 2017) to eight years old. Each session includes two trips to a local pool, one in-house entertainment event and one field trip. Each session, campers participate in specialist-planned activities. The camper/staff ratio is one adult to six campers. Maximum enrollment is 24 campers per session.

9 a.m.-4 p.m.

For children ages nine (by June 5, 2017) to 10 years old. Each session includes two trips to a local pool and two field trips. Campers will participate in specialist-planned activities. The camper/staff ratio is one adult to eight campers. Maximum enrollment is 24 campers per session.

Quartermasters’ Camp


Quartermasters’ Camp

Quartermasters’ Session 1 (8010.117) July 5–July 14 (No camp on July 3 & 4) $535/$505 MCC district residents Quartermasters’ Session 2 (8011.117) July 17–July 28 $590/$540 MCC district residents Quartermasters’ Session 3 (8012.117) July 31–August 11 $590/$540 MCC district residents

Camp McLean & The Old Firehouse Summer Camp Refund Policy • The center will issue a full refund when a camp program is canceled by the center.

• If a replacement cannot be found, a refund of the processing fee will not be issued.

• Requests for withdrawals and/or cancellations received before Friday, April 7, 2017, will result in a patron receiving a full refund.

• All withdrawals, refunds and cancellation requests MUST be submitted in writing to

• Requests for withdrawals and/or cancellations received after Friday, April 7, 2017, will result in a patron being charged an $100 processing fee, which will be deducted from the total amount paid. The patron will receive a refund of the remaining amount.

Additional Requirements

• If a replacement can be found to fill the space vacated by the cancellation and/ or withdrawal, the $100 processing fee will be refunded to the patron.

Please note: All forms must be completed and turned in to camp before your child/children will be admitted to camp. No exceptions will be made.

Camper Forms Camper forms should be submitted one month prior to the start of camp. This gives you time to complete any missing or otherwise incomplete forms prior to camp.



Camper Forms Include:

How to Register

(Forms will be available on the Camp McLean webpage.)

Registration begins on Monday, Feb. 6, 2017, for MCC district residents; Monday, Feb. 13, 2017, for all others. Spaces fill quickly, so please register as soon as possible to ensure your space.

• Camper Information Packet. • A current and completed Certification of Immunization. • A Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Physical Examination Form signed by a physician. A copy of the form is acceptable. Campers under the age of six years old must submit a Physical Examination Form that is dated after August 30, 2016. • In accordance with Virginia law, camp staff members are required to witness a document with proof of your child’s age. You must bring one of the following items in when you register your child for camp. Note: Please do not leave the originals. –– A certified copy of his or her birth certificate. –– A U.S. Passport (or State Department-issued documentation). –– A Virginia school report card. You may drop the completed forms off at The Old Firehouse, 1440 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, VA 22101. Parent Handbook The Camp McLean Parent Handbook contains important information about our camp, its policies and the campers code of conduct. It can be found online on the Camp McLean page of the website, Please read it thoroughly.


Be first in line, register online! Online registration starts at midnight. Go to and click on the green “Register” button or the highlighted, seven-digit activity code associated with the camp you seek. You may also register in person at the McLean Community Center or The Old Firehouse. Camp McLean registrations and camper forms will not be accepted prior to Monday, Feb. 6, 2017.

McLean Project for the Arts

For ages 7–9 and 10–12 Full-day, week-long sessions. This summer MPA is offering STEAM (Art + STEM) week-long programs integrating classic elements of art with computer coding fundamentals. Campers will discover new, inspired ways to approach both the material and digital worlds by exploring common themes in both environments. Campers will gain a solid understanding of the approaches to both art and computer science in an inspiring and supportive environment where they will recognize the similarities and differences between the respective creative approaches. For half of each day, campers will learn about and create art in MPA’s professional studio. The other half‑day campers will learn how to write their own code, at their own pace,


Summer STEAM (Art + STEM) Camp 2017

using algorithmic and process-oriented individualized instruction based on their own interests. Campers of all artistic and coding experience are welcome! Stay tuned for more details on the MPA website: summer-art-camps. Schedule: 9 a.m.– 4 p.m. Week 1: June 19–23 Week 2: June 26–30 Week 3: July 5–7 (short week–three days) Week 4: July 10 –14 Week 5: July 17–21 Week 6: July 24–28 Week 7: July 31– August 4 Week 8: August 7–11



Sculpture: 2D & 3D Creation Weeks 1 and 7

Art: Construct your own crazy creatures, zany structures, imaginary machines and moveable mobiles working with clay, wire, plastic, different papers and up-cycled found materials. Through spatial problemsolving and experimenting with different textures and mixed media, you will experiment with 2D and 3D assemblage methods to add to, subtract from and expand your creations. We will also learn what it means to be an environmentally friendly artist by reimagining uses for household materials that we throw away every day and recognizing how to conserve artist materials.

Coding: Flow through the steps of the software development cycle when you plan, design, code and debug your own 2D Rube Goldberg Machine, perhaps using some of those same structures created at MPA! Kick off your 3D experience by solving puzzles to navigate a character through a 3D world using Swift, the programming language used to code iOS applications.



Ancient to Modern Myths Weeks 2 and 6

Art: Draw, print, collage, paint and construct your way through ancient and modern-day lore and folktales from across the world, including Roman, Greek, Celtic, Native American and Eastern traditions. Learn how colors have different meanings, depending on the culture, and practice proportion and rendering techniques with your subjects. Discover stories and imagery inspired from these different cultures, which will inspire you to create your own legendary tales through 2D and 3D art with your own mythological characters and settings. Coding: Inspired by a folktale you discussed at MPA or want to create one of your own? Remix it using Scratch and Minecraft mods! Recreate the characters, write your own story and build quizzes with fun facts and questions to ask your friends and family. Top it off by creating your version of the items and potions used in your favorite ancient legends and introducing them in your Minecraft world.

Exploring the Elements of Art & Coding Weeks 3* and 5

*Week 3, July 5–7, will be a shorter “survey” week packed with fun covering the fundamentals– a great intro to our new program and partnership! Art: Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of art while drawing and painting with different materials, focusing on observation, value, texture, color, realism and abstraction. Work with pen, graphite, charcoal, pastels, acrylic and watercolor paints, and collage techniques while you learn about influential artists and how to problem-solve through the artistic process. Coding: Master the fundamentals of coding by learning to code in Scratch, Swift, Python or Java. Discover sequences, for-loops, parallelism, conditionals and data manipulation through a series of coding projects designed to develop new coders and accelerate advanced coders.



Heroes & Villains: Create Your Own Adventure Weeks 4 and 8

Art: Who is a hero in your life or imagination? What despicable traits does a villain possess? Craft a fantastic adventure story this week as you learn about character development, storyboarding, emotion and expression and storytelling through images. Fly through drawing, painting, collaging and 3D construction as you create your settings and characters, both good and bad, to fuel your saga. Coding: Bring your characters to life through coding! Use the Scratch programming language to create characters and have them move, talk and interact in their own digital world. The coding fun continues as you create custom items, armor and costumes for your heroes and villains in Minecraft.


New Camp Location MPA has been in residence at the McLean Community Center (MCC) for more than 25 years. While the MCC undergoes an extensive renovation, MPA will relocate to a temporary location, MPA@ChainBridge, located at: 1446 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA (in the Giant Shopping Center). 703-790-1953 703-847-1953

McLean Project for the Arts


For teens ages 13–18 Full-day, week-long session M-F, August 14-18, 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m. For any young artist with the desire to learn classical drawing. No previous experience is necessary. Join us as we welcome back Kerry Vosler and her highly regarded atelier studio for the second year in a row! This workshop will introduce the young artist to a classical atelier program of instruction. Students will learn to draw through direct observation led by master instructor, Kerry Vosler. Students will draw a variety of pictures in charcoal throughout the week,

including copy work from the late 19th century Bargue-Gerome Drawing Course, culminating in a session with a live model on Friday afternoon. The Bargue drawings this year will include different content on the human skull and muscles of the face and neck. Students will have at least two finished portfolio drawings by the end of the week, and parents and families are encouraged to attend the closing certificate ceremony on Friday. During lunch, guest artists will be invited to speak to the students. Stay tuned for all details and daily schedule on the MPA website: education/summer-art-camps.



The Old Firehouse

2017 Summer Camp Trips Camp will be held Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. On certain trips, the return time will be later due to the trip’s location. Trips depart and return to The Old Firehouse Center, 1440 Chain Bridge Rd., McLean, VA 22101. Campers may want to bring additional money each day for snacks and incidentals. Please Note: Trips may change due to weather conditions, location availability or other unforeseeable issues. The Old Firehouse will make every effort to ensure replacement trips are as similar as possible to the trips originally planned. For Rising 5th-9th Graders With the end of the school year quickly approaching, there’s no need to worry about keeping your child active and happy this summer. The Old Firehouse Summer Camp has you covered with eight weeks of fantastic trips and memorable experiences. Be sure to sign up early as these weeks sell out fast. For your convenience, there are three ways you can register: online, by phone or at The Old Firehouse. All forms and waivers will be available at The Old Firehouse prior to the camp. Old Firehouse participant contracts must be submitted one month prior to the first day of camp. All forms must be completed and turned in before your child/children will be admitted to camp.


Week 1 June 26–30 8101.117 $445/$395 MCC district residents Monday: Climbzone * ** Tuesday: Roundtop Mountain Resort * ** Wednesday: Dave & Buster’s ** Thursday: Indoor Go Karting * ** Friday: Movie Double Feature **

Week 2 July 5–7 8102.117 $270/$240 MCC district residents Monday: Center Closed - 4th of July Holiday Tuesday: Center Closed - 4th of July Holiday Wednesday: Baltimore, Md. (Hard Rock Café & Seadog Speedboat) ** Thursday: Water County USA Friday: Roller Skating & Movie ** *���Waiver Required ** Lunch Included


Week 7 August 7–11 8107.117 $445/$395 MCC district residents Adventure Park USA ** Baltimore, MD: Hard Rock Café & Aquarium ** Wednesday: Autobahn Indoor Go Karting * ** Thursday: Rehoboth Beach, Del. Friday: Medieval Times & Egyptian Theaters ** Monday: Tuesday:

Week 3 July 10–14 8103.117 $445/$395 MCC district residents Monday: Crofton Go Cart & Movie ** Tuesday: XP Laser Sport * ** Wednesday: Splashdown Waterpark ** Thursday: Busch Gardens Friday: Bowling & Movie **

Week 4 July 17–21 8104.117 $445/$395 MCC district residents

Week 8 August 14–18 8108.117 $445/$395 MCC district residents Indoor Trampoline/Hibachi * ** Timeline Arcade & Turkey Hill Experience ** Wednesday: Dave & Buster’s ** Thursday: Sahara Sam’s Indoor Waterpark Friday: Movie Double Feature ** Monday: Tuesday:

Monday: Treetop Adventure * Tuesday: Schooner Woodwind Wednesday: Dave & Buster’s ** Thursday: Ocean City, Md. Friday: Medieval Times & Egyptian Theaters **

Week 5 July 24–28 8105.117 $445/$395 MCC district residents Monday: Funland Fredericksburg ** Tuesday: City Food Tour ** Wednesday: Splashdown Waterpark ** Thursday: Hershey Park Friday: Rockin’ Jump * **

Week 6 July 31–August 1 8106.117 $445/$395 MCC district residents Monday: Zavazone Adventure Park * ** Tuesday: Massanutten Indoor Waterpark Wednesday: Paintball * ** Thursday: Kings Dominion Friday: Skate N Fun Zone **



MCC Summer Fun Weeks

For ages 7–11, 8–12, 11–16 and 10 –17. This full-day outdoor adventure camp is an off-site camp. Each day, we transport campers to a new location to discover the wonders of the outdoors. Fish & Explore will provide all gear and necessary equipment for each camp. For itineraries and more, visit or contact John Lipetz with any questions at 703‑609-8083, or send an email to Lead by Fish and Explore Staff. If you have any questions about Summer Fun Weeks, send an email to: or call 703‑790-0123, TTY: 711.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Please make checks payable to McLean Community Center. Staple check for camp fees to this form. If faxing form, complete credit card information. Mail, fax or bring form to: McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean, VA 22101. PHONE: 703-790-0123, TTY: 711

★ FAX: 703-556-0547

To register online or to submit an application by email, visit our website:

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Adult or Parent name) LAST FIRST D.O.B. _____________________________________________________________________ HOME PHONE ___________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________ WORK PHONE ___________________________ CITY STATE ZIP CELL PHONE ____________________________ MCLEAN TAX DISTRICT RESIDENT NON-RESIDENT CHECK HERE IF ADA ACCOMODATION IS NEEDED.


Activity Name

Registration begins:

Name of Registrant

Residents: Monday, Feb. 6 Non-residents: Monday, Feb. 13





How did you hear about this camp? _____________________________________________________________________________ MC




CVV #_____

Expiration date: _________________ Signature ________________________________________ Print Name __________________________________________________ (As it appears on credit card) The McLean Community Center reserves the right to photograph and videotape all of its activities, events, classes, programs and facilities for promotional purposes. FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Check # ________ Check Amount $ _________ Written By _______________ Materials Check # ____________ Check Amount $ __________ Check Returned __________ Check Refunded _____ Other Notes _____________


Camp Registration Form

The McLean Community Center

1234 Ingleside Ave., McLean VA 22101 703-790-0123; TTY: 711

2017 MCC Summer Camp Guide