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Teens crave Teens crave independence. independence. Parents love Parents love family time. family time. Five-day boarding school delivers both. Five-day boarding school delivers both.

Boarding school is so much fun! Students enjoy the independence that comes from living on their own—and parents gain a relationship with Boarding school is so much fun! Students enjoy the independence that their kids that leaves laundry, room cleanup, and “taxi service” out of the comes from living on their own—and parents gain a relationship with conversation. Five-day boarding families reunite on the weekends, when their kids that leaves laundry, room cleanup, and “taxi service” out of the “quality time” is most meaningful. conversation. Five-day boarding families reunite on the weekends, when “quality time” is most meaningful. • Powerful preparation. Our • Dedicated adults. Teachers, unique, modern curriculum coaches, advisors, and dorm • Powerful preparation. Our • Dedicated adults. Teachers, teaches essential skills across all parents ensure student unique, modern curriculum coaches, advisors, and dorm aspects of campus life. engagement in classes, sports, and teaches essential skills across all parents ensure student other activities, all week long. Dedicated collegelife. counseling. of campus engagement in classes, sports, and • aspects Personal attention means students • All inclusive. access other activities,Complete all week long. • Dedicated college counseling. identify and win acceptance at to our 150-acre campus, just Personal attention means students • All inclusive. Complete access colleges that offer the best fit. steps from shops, salons, and identify and win acceptance at to our 150-acre campus, just restaurants. Housing, meals, • Top sports. colleges thatCoaches offer thedrive best athletic fit. steps from shops, salons, and athletics, and social events—it’s all performance—and also teach restaurants. Housing, meals, • Top sports. Coaches drive athletic part of boarding school life. lessons in leadership and teamwork. athletics, and social events—it’s all performance—and also teach • Extensive programs. After part of boarding school life. lessons in leadership and teamwork. classes, students pursue their own Five-day boarding at Tilton • Extensive programs. After passions, through arts, clubs, and delivers an awesome classes, students pursue their own Five-day boarding at Tilton more than two dozen sports teams! experience for students, and passions, through arts, clubs, and delivers an awesome Stages and studios, laboratories quality family time for all. more than two dozen sports teams! experience for students, and and workshops await! Stages and studios, laboratories Less than two miles off all. I-93, quality family time for and workshops await! Tilton is 20 minutes north of Less than two miles off I-93, Concord and just 90 minutes Tilton is 20 minutes north of from Boston. Concord and just 90 minutes from Boston. | tiltonschool.org

| tiltonschool.org

Schedule a Tour Today! Schedule a Tour Today!


So, you’re considering an independent school for your child. Good call. Now more than ever it’s essential that students be prepared for change, equipped for lifelong learning and eager to embrace the challenges of life. They need a sense of independence that is guided by the experience of mentors and guarded by a great institution of learning. Ask parents why they chose an independent school for their children and the list of reasons is long: great teachers, smaller classes, more personal attention, a welcoming atmosphere, and the chance to explore new opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Independent schools are where many of our best academic professionals can be found, and, after all, how successful or well prepared could any of us be without the right teachers and advisors to show us the proverbial path? These men and women are there not simply to teach the correct answers but to impart the ability to ask the right questions in the first place. Talented educators and academic professionals provide the tools we need — parents and children alike — to make the wisest choices for ourselves. To find the independent school best able to meet your needs, read on. Consider the myriad winding paths you can follow, and then take your own first step. The schools and educators within this Independent School Guide are there to light the way.


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Independent Schools 101 School Profiles Frequently Asked Questions School Listings Associations and Resources

Thanks to the Association of Independent Schools of New England (aisne.org) for its help and resources in putting this guide together. independent school guide

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Independent Schools 101 Before you can find the right place for your child, it’s important to understand what an independent school is. Though types and styles of schools are varied, the basic principle applies to each — “They are a particular kind of nonprofit private school, distinguished by having a freestanding board of trustees that is solely responsible for the school and by being independently funded, primarily by tuition.” This is the definition supplied by the Association of Independent Schools in New England, a helpful resource for prospective students and their families. With more than 2,000 independent private schools throughout the country, which range from pre-K through high school, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by choice. Within the New England Association of Schools alone, there’s a huge number of options, from small elementary schools to large boarding schools. So how to find the right one? Before you begin your research, you and your family should create two lists: First, write down the particular school features you want for your child, and then outline your child or children’s specific needs as well as their interests. From there, you can request a copy of a school’s mission statement — all schools affiliated with the Association of Independent Schools in New England have such a statement, which can help you narrow your search. When starting the search for an independent school, it can be hard to even know what to ask. The following list is an excellent place to start, and can help you identify important questions you’ll need to answer before choosing a school. Source — New England Association of Schools and Colleges: neasc.org

4 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide

of students receiving financial aid and geographical distribution (especially for residential schools)?

PROGRAM OF THE SCHOOL: ■ Does the school’s program suit your child’s academic needs? ■

Does the academic program have the breadth

H ow are the most able students challenged? W hat is unique about the academic program? ■ I f this is a denominational school, how is that ■ ■

W hat does the school offer in co-curricular areas such as athletics, dramatics and community activities? D oes the overall program of the school include learning experiences of residential life (when applicable)?

Are there programs for exceptional children? Learning disabled children? Those with physical or emotional handicaps?

STUDENTS ■ What kind of students does the school seek, and with what results? ■

Is a student profile available, including racial and ethnic characteristics, percentage

Are there examples of students participating in school-sponsored volunteer community projects?

reflected in the program? ■

If the school has a denominational affiliation, what percentage of students are from that denomination? What other denominations are represented?

and depth to challenge the range of students admitted?

Where do students go following graduation or completion of the program? How does the school stay in touch with them?

PARENTS What degree of involvement is expected of parents in school activities and other supporting roles? Involvement with sports? Academic support? Advising? Participation in clubs or functions?

QUALITY OF LIFE Is the atmosphere that of a “tight ship” or is it informal?

If this is a residential school, then what is residential life like?

independent school guide

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Independent Schools 101 (CONTINUED)

Are students required to participate in some form of organized athletics? Dramatic projections? Other schoolwide activities?

W hat is the school’s policy on substance abuse? Alcohol use? Smoking?

What types of infractions are considered H ow do the personal and educational guidance and advisory systems work?

PROFESSIONAL STAFF ■ What is the typical class size, particularly in English, foreign languages, mathematics and science? ■

W hat is the individual teacher load, including numbers of students as well as preparation and other duties? I n what professional organizations do individual faculty members participate?

PHYSICAL PLANT Is the physical plant — including classrooms, library, laboratories and physical education facilities — adequate for and compatible with the mission of the school?

Is the plant well maintained and does it show signs of people caring about the physical environment? (Include dorms and individual rooms if this is a residential school.)

W hat is the student attrition rate? What are the reasons?

serious and what disciplinary procedures are used? ■

FINANCIAL BASE What is the annual tuition?

■ ■ ■

I f tuition doesn’t meet all costs, how is the balance made up? W hat is the school’s tuition refund policy? I s there a tuition insurance plan? W hat is the amount and purpose of the endowment?

Does the school have an annual giving program?

In the operating budget, what are the percentages and categories of expenses? (This may indicate some school priorities.)

For what purposes are annual funds requested and expended?

Who is asked to participate in annual giving?

GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATION I s the school separately incorporated, not for profit, proprietary, a member of a school system such as a diocesan system or affiliated with a parish or parishes?

■ ■

W ho establishes policy for the school? W ho is the chief administrative officer of the school?

Is the food service area clean and are

certificates of appropriate health and sanitary inspections displayed?

W hat is his or her background and experience? H ow long has she or he been at this school? W ith what education-oriented associations is the school affiliated?

6 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide

W hat percentage of the per-student operating cost of the school does the tuition meet?

B y whom is the school accredited?


Spiritual development, academic excellence and a commitment to serve others At St. Catherine of Siena School, students receive the intellectual, spiritual and moral foundation needed to achieve their full potential. Our faculty creates a safe and nurturing environment where students may develop their unique talents and abilities. The spiritual identity of St. Catherine’s is grounded in its Catholic faith and reflected in all aspects of our educational process, but we are also a place where students of all faiths are welcomed and respected. We offer a challenging curriculum, preparing our students to become lifelong learners and contributing members of society. Our students participate in numerous service projects throughout the year, instilling in them a sense of lifelong responsibility to the greater community. St. Catherine’s is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), offers an on-site aftercare program and summer camp, and provides a variety of extra-curricular activities. Come see the SCS difference! Enrolling for 2021-22, Pre-K to Grade 6. Call for a tour!

scsnh.com (603) 622-1711 Manchester, NH 03104

independent school guide

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Redefining Middle School Heronfield Academy is an independent middle school intentionally designed for grades 6-8. Situated in the Seacoast of New Hampshire on a beautiful 13-acre campus, Heronfield Academy is easily accessible to many communities in Mass. and Maine. The faculty takes great pride in understanding and recognizing the academic, emotional and social needs of adolescents during these important middle school years. With small classroom sizes, Heronfield Academy can provide a rigorous curriculum that allows students to take risks while feeling supported with each step.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” — Albert Einstein

Hampton Falls, NH 03844 • (603) 772-9093 • heronfield.org

Preparing Children for a Changing World Shaker Road School (SRS) is a familyfocused community dedicated to developing the whole child. SRS provides an individually oriented, academically rigorous curriculum for students from infants through ninth grade. By combining academics with programs to foster self-worth and respect for others, SRS prepares each child to contribute positively to a rapidly changing world. SRS resides on a 63-acre campus and offers an extensive athletics program, fine and performing arts instruction, and diverse travel opportunities.

Concord, NH 03301 • (603) 224-0161 • shakerroadschool.org 8 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide


Welcome to Cardinal Country! Bishop Guertin High School is an independent, private high school in the educational tradition of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. True to its mission of whole-person formation, BG is a community where every student is known, valued and treasured. With more than 20 AP courses, 35 sports programs and extensive extracurriculars, as well as a 100% graduation and college acceptance rate, our graduates leave Bishop Guertin prepared, confident and ready to transform the world. Contact the Office of Admission at admit@bghs.org today!

Nashua, NH 03060 • (603) 889-4107 • bghs.org

Dublin School, where joy is earned. Our school is located on 500 acres with world class trails for Nordic skiing, running and mountain biking, two lakes for crew and sailing, ski hill, writer’s cabin, observatory, art gallery, robotics lab, dance studio, theater, maker space, outing club and more ... Our students are curious, intelligent, engaging, kind, funny, willing, open-minded, thoughtful, collaborative, competitive, creative individuals who love to learn and try new things.

Dublin, NH 03444 • (603) 563-7075 • dublinschool.org independent school guide

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One school, two campuses, many opportunities Saint Christopher Academy is a pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 8 Catholic academy in Nashua. Students are immersed in an academically excellent, authentically Catholic education within the embrace of a safe, joy-filled community. Our dual campus model allows students to move seamlessly between upper and lower grade campuses; rich with expanded resources, programming, and athletic opportunities, all while keeping a distinctly different, age-appropriate experience. The academy is one school, two campuses, many opportunities.

Nashua, NH 03064 • (603) 882-7442 • saintchrisacademy.org

Fostering the Absorbent Mind Newport Montessori School is now accepting 20212022 enrollment applications for the following grade levels and classrooms: junior classroom (sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students), upper elementary (third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students), lower elementary (first- and second-grade students) and primary classrooms (pre-kindergarten and kindergarten). The Newport Montessori School is located at 96 Pine St., Newport, New Hampshire. For more information about NMS or to request an enrollment packet, please call us.

Newport, NH 03773 • (603) 863-2243 • newportmontessori.org 10 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide


Awareness • Resilience • Engagement We educate our students to seek truth and fulfill their highest potential, to impart meaningful purpose to their lives, and to contribute courageously to the positive development of the world. • Bus routes available — ­ east, west, south • Over $3 million in financial aid each year • Coed day (preK–grade 12) and boarding (grades 9–12) Visit us! PreK–Grade 8: pinehill.org/visit Grades 9–12: highmowing.org/visit

HMS is fully equipped to function safely and ethically oncampus and remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wilton, NH 03086 • (603) 654-2391 • pinehill.org • highmowing.org

Igniting Potential Learning Skills Academy offers a comprehensive, coeducational school experience, grades three to 12, providing tutorials in the basic skills of literacy and mathematics, while facilitating higher order thinking skills through our theme-based content area instruction. We provide pragmatic language instruction within a meaningful social context. Adventure-based learning — designed to improve communication, increase a sense of community and build leadership qualities for success — is an integral part of our program. LSA is approved to grant diplomas upon completion.

Rye, NH 03870 • (603) 964-4903 • learningskillsacademy.org independent school guide

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Grades K-8

Join the Learning sed programs Revolution

At Acton Academy, your child is destined to be a world-changer. Acton Academy helps K-8th grade students discover and grow their unique strengths.

ns to • Adaptive game-based thinking programs for core skills • Socratic discussions to ld projects strengthen critical thinking • Hands-on real-world projects enticeships • Life-changing apprenticeships

IN THE LEARNING REVOLUTION Laconia, NH 03246 • (603) 609-0535 • actonacademynh.org

n St, Laconia, NH (603)609-0535 w.ActonAcademyNH.org Faith, Scholarship, Character Trinity High School is a Diocesan Catholic high school. Our academic and co-curriculum programs reflect this tradition. Education is an integrative process involving the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical elements. Through our Covid-19 Safe School Protocols, we maintain an engaging and rigorous learning environment.

Tradition of Excellence

Trinity has a 100% college acceptance rate, with the class of 2020 receiving 259 academic scholarship offers totaling $14 million. We are proud of our cultural and economic diversity. Schedule a tour today! Contact our Admissions Office at admissions@trinity-hs.org.

TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL Manchester, NH 03104 • (603) 668-2910 ext. 226 • trinity-hs.org/admissions 12 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide


The Best Private School in New Hampshire is Right Here in Nashua World Academy is a progressive, NEASC accredited, independent school for students from infant through grade eight. Our cutting edge 55,000-square-foot campus is located on six beautiful acres and serves nearly 500 families with a team of more than 75 highly-credentialed teachers. Our mission is to prepare our students for personal success in the rapidly changing global future through a transformative 21st century education, a whole child focus and family engagement. We’ve been operating full-time for our students because their growth can’t wait.

Nashua, NH 03062 • (603) 888-1982 • worldacademynh.com

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independent school guide

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Frequently Asked Questions Are all independent schools the same?

How diverse are independent schools?

Within the Association of Independent Schools in New England membership, there is an extraordinary range of schools, from small elementary schools to big boarding schools, and everything in between. While most schools are coed, a number are single-sex. Many schools have a particular religious affiliation or follow a particular educational philosophy. Some schools define themselves as traditional in their approach; others see themselves as progressive. There is much more variety within the world of independent schools than there is in public schools, because public schools must all follow the same standards and prepare for the same standardized tests.

AISNE member schools report an average of 18% students of color and an average of 25% of students receiving financial aid. Few suburban public schools could claim to be as racially and socioeconomically diverse. So the independent school down the street may well be more reflective of the diversity of the “real world” than your public school.

What does it mean to be accredited? An AISNE-accredited school has undergone a rigorous and thorough process that includes the creation of a self-study document that describes current practice and establishes a set of priorities for future action in all areas of the school, such as curriculum, staffing, admissions, finance, governance, health and safety. After completing the self-study, the school hosts a team of teachers and administrators from other independent schools who visit the school for three days and prepare a comprehensive report that includes both commendations and recommendations for future action. Schools are expected to address the recommendations over the next few years. There are interim reports and an interim visit scheduled during the 10-year cycle to monitor progress. What’s involved in applying to an independent school? There are a number of steps to follow, including doing your homework to pick the schools that will be a good match, visiting the schools, filling out an application, filling out financial aid forms, arranging for any required testing, and arranging to have your current school send records and evaluations. Remember that the admission professionals at our schools are there to help you every step of the way.

What does parent involvement look like? You will be treated as a full partner in the education of your child. That means regular communication via different media, early notification whenever there is a concern, face-to-face meetings with teachers and administrators as needed, and an acknowledgment that you know more about your child than anyone else. Independent schools want you to be active participants in the community, to actively engage in the life of the school. Every school will have a wealth of volunteer opportunities, from chaperoning to fundraising to helping the school get greener. You will always be welcome at school. What’s the importance of class size? Many of our independent schools have low student-teacher ratios. This is designed because having fewer students allows the teachers to: 1) get to know each student in depth 2) be able to closely monitor the student’s progress, and 3) have the time to help when a student has difficulty. Do you have to have a low income to receive financial aid? Do schools have much financial aid to give out? “No” and “It depends.” Financial aid is based on your need and many families with above-average family incomes are surprised to find that they do qualify for some support. The amount of available aid varies from school to school. The average AISNE school provides financial aid to 25% of its families and the average grant is about $20,000 (note that this includes boarding schools with higher costs). If you know that you will need financial aid, be sure to ask about it when you visit schools.

Source: Association of Independent Schools in New England – aisne.org 14 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide

INDEPENDENT SCHOOL LISTINGS List consists of members of the Independent School Association of Northern New England, isanne.org and advertisers.

SCHOOL (see our profile on page... A)


Acton Academy NH M 791 N. Main St. Laconia, NH 03246 actonacademynh.org • (603) 609-0535


The Beech Hill School 20 Beech Hill Rd. Hopkinton, NH 03229 thebeechhillschool.org • (603) 715-5129

Day 5-8 Co-ed

Bishop Brady High School 25 Columbus Ave. Concord, NH 03301 bishopbrady.edu • (603) 224-7418

Day 9-12 Co-ed

Bishop Guertin High School J 194 Lund Rd. Nashua, NH 03060 bghs.org • (603) 889-4107

Day 9-12 Co-ed

Brewster Academy 80 Academy Dr. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 brewsteracademy.org • (603) 569-1600 Cardigan Mountain School 62 Alumni Dr. Canaan, NH 03741 cardigan.org • (603) 523-4321





Boarding 9-12 Co-ed

Boarding/Day 6-9


Community School 1164 Bunker Hill Rd. South Tamworth, NH 03883 communityschoolnh.net • (603) 323-7000

Day 6-12 Co-ed

The Cornerstone School 146 High St. Stratham, NH 03885 cornerstoneschool.org • (603) 772-4349

Day T-8 Co-ed

Crossroads Academy 95 Dartmouth College Hwy. Lyme, NH 03768 crossroadsacademy.org • (603) 795-3111

Day K-8 Co-ed

The Derryfield School 2108 River Rd. Manchester, NH 03104 derryfield.org • (603) 669-4524

Day 6-12 Co-ed

independent school guide

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SCHOOL Dublin School J 18 Lehmann Way Dublin, NH 03444 dublinschool.org • (603) 563-8584




Boarding/Day 9-12

The Founders Academy 5 Perimeter Rd. Manchester, NH 03103 thefoundersacademy.org • (603) 952-4705


Day 6-12 Co-ed

Hampshire Country School Boarding 3-12 Male 28 Patey Circle Rindge, NH 03461 hampshirecountryschool.org • (603) 899-3325 Hampstead Academy 320 East Rd. Hampstead, NH 03841 hampsteadacademy.org • (603) 329-4406


Heronfield Academy I 356 Exeter Rd. Hampton Falls, NH 03844 heronfield.org • (603) 772-9093

Day 6-8 Co-ed


High Mowing School L Boarding/Day 9-12 Pine Hill Waldorf School L Day Pre-K-8 222 Isaac Frye Hwy. Wilton, NH 03086 highmowing.org • pinehill.org • (603) 654-2391 Hollis Montessori School 9 S. Merrimack Rd. Hollis, NH 03049 hollismontessori.org • (603) 400-1515


Co-ed Co-ed

Day Pre-K-9 Co-ed

Holderness School 33 Chapel Ln. Holderness, NH 03245 holderness.org • (603) 536-1257

Boarding 9-12 Co-ed

Kimball Union Academy 7 Campus Center Dr. Meriden, NH 03770 kua.org • (603) 469-2000


9-Post Graduate


Learning Skills Academy L Day 3-12 Co-ed 1247 Washington Rd. Rye, NH 03870 http://learningskillsacademy.org • (603) 964-4903 Monadnock Waldorf School 424 Old Walpole Rd. Keene, NH 03431 monadnockwaldorfschool.org • (603) 357-8663

16 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide

Day Pre-K-8 Co-ed





Mount Zion Christian Schools 132 Titus Ave. Manchester, NH 03103 mountzionnh.org • (603) 606-7930

Day Pre-K-12 Co-ed

Namasté Montessori 535 Mast Rd. Goffstown, NH 03045 namastemontessori.net • (603) 627-3503

Day Pre-K-4 Co-ed

New Hampton School 70 Main St. New Hampton, NH 03256 newhampton.org • (603) 677-3400


Nashua Catholic Regional Junior High School 6 Bartlett Ave. Nashua, NH 03064 ncrjhs.org • (603) 882-7011

9-Post Graduate


Day 7-8 Co-ed

Newport Montessori K 96 Pine St., PO Box 1006 Newport, NH 03773 newportmontessori.org • (603) 863-2243

Day Pre-K-8 Co-ed

North End Montessori 698 Beech St., PO Box 1006 Manchester, NH 03104 northendmontessori.com • (603) 621-9011

Day Pre-K-8 Co-ed

The Oliverian School 28 Becket Dr. Pike, NH 03780 oliverianschool.org • (888) 922-5565 Phillips Exeter Academy 20 Main St. Exeter, NH 03833 exeter.edu • (603) 772-4311

Boarding 9-12 Co-ed


9-Post Graduate


Pinkerton Academy 5 Pinkerton St. Derry, NH 03038 pinkertonacademy.org • (603) 437-5200

Day 9-12 Co-ed

Portsmouth Christian Academy 20 Seaborne Dr. Dover, NH 03820 pcaschool.org • (603) 742-3617

Day Pre-K-12 Co-ed

Proctor Academy 204 Main St. Andover, NH 03216 proctornet.com • (603) 735-6000

Boarding/ 9-12 Co-ed Day

independent school guide

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Sant Bani School 19 Ashram Rd. Sanbornton, NH 03269 santbani.org • (603) 934-4240

Day K-8 Co-ed

Shaker Road School I 95 Shaker Rd. Concord, NH 03301 shakerroadschool.org • (603) 224-0161

Day Infants-9 Co-ed

Southern NH Montessori Academy 1E Commons Dr., #28 Londonderry, NH 03053 snhma.org • (603) 818-8613

Day T-8 Co-ed

St. Catherine’s H Day 206 North St. Manchester, NH 03104 scsnh.com • (603) 622-1711 St. Christopher School K 20 Cushing Ave. Nashua, NH 03064 stchrisschoolnh.org • (603) 882-7442



Day Pre-K-6 Co-ed

St. Paul’s School 325 Pleasant St. Concord, NH 03301 sps.edu • (603) 229-4600

Boarding 9-12 Co-ed

Tilton School (inside front cover) 30 School St. Tilton, NH 03276 tiltonschool.org • (603) 286-4342


Waterville Valley Academy PO Box 186 Waterville Valley, NH 03215 wvbbts.org • (603) 236-4811

Boarding 6-12 Co-ed

The White Mountain School 371 West Farm Rd. Bethlehem, NH 03574 whitemountain.org • (603) 444-0513 Wolfeboro School 93 Camp School Rd. Wolfeboro, NH 03894 wolfeboro.org • (603) 569-3451

9-Post Graduate



9-Post Graduate


Summer Boarding




6 weeks-8


World Academy N 138 Spit Brook Rd. Nashua, NH 03062 worldacademynh.com • (603) 888-1982

18 new hampshire magazine  |  independent school guide


INDEPENDENT SCHOOL ASSOCIATION OF NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND (ISANNE) Representing a diverse group of schools — day and boarding, suburban and rural, prestigious college preparatory and institutions with specialties from learning disabilities and emotional support to skiing and outdoor education — ISANNE provides guidance to families exploring private education opportunities in living and learning, academic programs, extracurricular activities and financial aid.

NEW ENGLAND ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES A voluntary membership organization of public and independent schools and colleges with a mission of assessing and promoting the quality of education through the accreditation of its members.

Laurie Hurd, Executive Director 619 High St.; Bath, Maine 04530 (207) 564-2333 • isanne.org

FAMILY RESOURCE CONNECTION A New Hampshire State Library program addressing current issues of concern for families with children offers a library with more than 5,000 titles on subjects ranging from financial assistance to learning disabilities to parenting issues to special education laws and rights.

ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOL IN NEW ENGLAND (AISNE) With an ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion, AISNE shapes the educational landscape for independent schools through leadership, education, service and strategic advocacy. Steve Clem, Executive Director 222 Forbes Rd., Ste. 106; Braintree, Mass. 02184 (781) 843-8440 • aisne.org NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS IN NH The NAIS Private School Review provides free, detailed profiles of USA private day schools and their surrounding communities. The site evaluates schools relative to each other and to statewide private school averages for several key criteria like teacher:student ratios. The site can be particularly helpful for families who are moving and need to evaluate several potential schools, or for all parents who are exploring different pre-college educational options for their child. NAIS Private School Review 244 5th Ave., #J-229; New York, NY 10001 privateschoolreview.com

3 Burlington Woods Dr., Ste. 100 Burlington, Mass. 01803 (781) 425-7700 • neasc.org

Family Resource Connection New Hampshire State Library 20 Park St., Concord, NH 03301 (603) 271-1188 • nh.gov/nhsl/frc NH ASSOCIATION FOR GIFTED EDUCATION Offering resources for gifted children and promoting gifted education in the state of NH. P.O. Box 10432; Bedford, NH 03110 nhage.org NH FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Introducing young people, ages 9 to 14, to the fun and excitement of science and technology. 200 Bedford St., Manchester, NH 03101 (603) 666-3907 • firstlegoleague.org ACADEMY OF APPLIED SCIENCE Young Inventors’ Program “Fueling the Spark of Genius” Pamela Hampton, Director 24 Warren St., Concord, NH 03301 (603) 228-4530 • aas-world.org

independent school guide

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WISDOM TEETH? Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to develop and are located in the back of your mouth. If you do not have enough room for your wisdom teeth, infection, pain, and damage to other teeth can occur. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION to determine if you or your child would benefit from wisdom tooth removal.


VISIT US AT OUR OFFICES IN: Nashua, NH Salem, NH Manchester, NH Concord, NH Exeter, NH North Shore, MA