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Bandana Scarf Hat All seam allowances are Ÿ� (6mm) included already

Cut out fabric, noting that the long pieces (B) are cut on the fold of fabric

Note that piece (C) in the photo below, is cut on the fold of fabric at the top of the fabric, this is an important step

All pieces cut out include 2 Straps (B) 1 centre panel (C) 2 peak pattern pieces 2 Sidewall pattern pieces 2 Interfacing for peak pattern 1 Interfacing for band piece 1 buckram if you have it for a firmer brim


Stitch side panels to centre panel, right sides together, at panel seams. Press seam allowances toward centre panel. Topstitch on the outside is optional for a double stitching strength and finish


Fuse interfacing to wrong side of brim pieces. Pin brims right sides together, at outer edge, and stitch.


Turn brim right side out and press. You may add an extra layer of buckram, if you want, for a stiffer peak on your bandana scarf. I use my finished peak pattern piece below as a template to cut out the buckram, then I put it inside of the peak, and trim it back if required.

I then machine tack the open edge closed


Pin brim to right side of one band, at the brim seam, stitch brim to the band.


Pin band pieces, right sides together over brim. Stitch outer edge from raw edge to dot on one side pivot at dot and continue stitching to dot on other side, pivot and stitch to raw edge, clip to stitches at dots and trim corners. Turn right side out and press.


Pin raw edges of band to right side of panel, at crown seam, matching notches, at centre front and finished corners to dots, stitch. Overcast crown seam and back of panel, see picture. Press seam allowances toward panel, fold ¼’ hem on back to wrong side, pin and press. Stitch close to edge of hem and crown seam allowances.

If these instructions don’t make sense please email me, for further instructions. Back view

Front view

bandana scarf sewing instructions  

bandana scarf sewing instructions