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his has been another exciting year with our partners in Kenya. This past July marked the 10th year that we began our partnership in Kenya with Limuru Children’s Centre and Pat Dixson. With President Obama’s visit to Kenya, China’s growing influence and the rise of a stronger middle class in Kenya, many changes are taking place but there is still an ever-growing need for organizations like Global Connections to influence the lives of vulnerable children and the disadvantaged. ever-growing need for organizations like Global Connections to influence the lives of vulnerable children and the disadvantaged. By partnering with Global Connections you have decided to join us in our call to work in Kenya. We have decided that giving is so much more important that getting. We’ve decided to change one child’s life a time and then nurture that change so that they may do the same for others. We’ve decided that with great wealth comes great responsibility; we in America have great wealth. We’ve decided the only way to care for the disadvantaged is to disadvantage ourselves, which is almost always guaranteed to turn out to our advantage. We’ve decided to give when we thought we couldn’t, and we found out that we received more in return than we could have ever dreamed. We are excited to have Bobby and Brandy Reese join us in accomplishing this mission. We have had many teams volunteer in Kenya this year and many more volunteer here in the U.S., as always, thank you for everything you all do to contribute to our mission in Kenya. Sincerely,

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S trong performance for the 10 boarders sitting for 8th grade national exams first part of November (this determines whether they move on to high school or polytechnic school)

S mooth process for the construction of larger baby home

C rib sponsors to provide ongoing financial support for the baby home

H ostels for teens/young adults to help them transition to independence

O lder kids as they are preparing for life on their own

I ncreased funding for elderly feeding program



am experiencing quite a few “firsts” here in Africa, and the last 48 hours was no exception. My team and I hopped on a 12 passenger plane to go on a safari in the Masai Mara. I knew generally what to expect, but my mind was blown soon after we stepped off that plane. Vast plains and mountains that stretched for hundreds of miles. 20 different types of animals that I never thought I’d experience in the wild (not to mention up close). A sky that shed more color and beauty than I thought possible. Being able to fall asleep to the sound of monkeys jumping in the trees (and on our tent!). Driving in an open top jeep for hours while standing, taking in every scene that encompassed you. Witnessing one of the seven wonders of the world first hand- the Great Migration. Having “breakfast in the bush” and taking in the beauty of the Sand River. I want to remember every sight, every feel, every smell and every sound. I have always known about God’s power and greatness, but this - I felt like I experienced it on a whole new level. When He created this world He used so much creativ-



love spending my days at LCC - we have read books upon books, colored, sung songs about Jesus, played basketball, played numerous games in the play yard, cooked dinners; the list really could keep going. Just the other day we installed a little hand washing rig that consisted of a bar of soap inside some stockings

ity, but along with that creativity there is order. In my human mind, it is difficult for me to put the two together because you’re usually one or the other. But not God - He used a perfect blend of both. And I saw it. I witnessed miles upon miles of His handiwork that is untouched by human hands. All of the little details that make up the big ones. I witnessed a lion pride defending its territory against the wildebeests - it was so neat and surreal! I want so badly to give you all a taste of what I saw, but no post or picture will adequately do it. But here is a little insight I gathered from the last 48 hours that might challenge us all - it’s easy to see God in such instances where His creation overpowers. Whether that be the beach, the Rocky Mountains, the big Montana sky, or the Masai Mara. It’s not always so easy to see God in the every day details of our lives. So today - LOOK and find the beauty in each day He gives us. LOOK and see Christ in others. Choose to see God in everything because He is there.

Jenny that hang by the sinks. Kids wanted to wash their hands “just because.” They were more interested in that than they were playing outside! And good grief, you should have seen the smiles on their faces. They had HAPPY written all over them. Here’s the irony: while they are busy finding joy in all these things, I often find myself experiencing anger and bitterness because the thought of some of these kids being abandoned and left in pit latrines, sexually abused time and time again by their own relatives, and neglected just makes me mad, sad, and disturbed that someone could even think about doing such things. I think, “It isn’t fair for them, they don’t deserve this, why them.” The thoughts are endless. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that they were unwanted by their physical family. But very quickly the Lord reminds me that there once was a man who endured far worse than any

of these kids. A man who was rejected over and over again. A man who loved so fiercely that He endured the cross. A cross that was not for Him but for us. A cross that brings forgiveness, salvation, and life. No matter the tragedy or pain these kids experience, they can find meaningful life in the Lord. And the beauty of it all is that they

Thank you, Lord, for showing me your love through the eyes of these precious children. have! I watch the way the staff loves on these kids. I watch the way these kids talk about their faith and what God has done for them. I watch the way joy has taken over their life because they are LOVED.

- Jenny

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y first couple of weeks at the centre I spent the majority of my time with the younger kids primarily because I knew winning them over wouldn’t be too difficult- show them love and attention and you are a rock star. But I knew deep down I wanted to bond with all the kids, both young and old. I had some fears, but in my heart I knew I needed to make connections, particularly with the teenage girls. I was aware of the difficulties that encompassed them. Many were dealt a hand that was not theirs by choice, but yet they were suffering the consequences. The Lord had laid them on my heart, and I knew that by the end of my time there I wanted those girls to know that they were royalty in the eyes of the Lord and captivated by Him. Our last Sunday at LCC, Linda and I had the privilege of conducting a Bible study with the older teenage girls. To be honest, I was afraid of how it would go seeing as I had not spent much time with these girls, but I trusted that the Lord would equip me through His Spirit. While there was not much discussion I could tell their ears were attentive to things we had to share. There was one girl who I believe the Lord impressed on my heart that very morning. A girl who lacked self-worth and seemed to be a little lost. The ironic thing about it was that from an outside perspective this girl was adored by everyone around her. I remember watching her walk through the gates on Global Connections Day and a group of kids running up to her fighting to get up close and give her a hug. This is a girl whose smile and laughter can bring more sunshine to even the brightest of days. These things were so evident to me, but to her, they were hidden behind deep shadows of failure and fear. I knew that morning it would be my mission to shower her with the love that Jesus

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had shown to me. A love that shows us we are COMPLETE in Christ. Later that week I decided I was going to make a surprise visit to some of the girls at their boarding school - one of them being the school of the girl I just described. The previous weekend had gone by so fast and I was afraid it was not enough time to show them that I more than just cared about them. I wanted them

to know I was there to walk with them through their highs and lows. Their journey mattered to me and I wanted them to trust that. It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was carrying around a lot of anxiety leading up to the visit. I was afraid of how they would accept my coming- would they be happy to see me? Confused? Not care? I didn’t know what to expect, but again, I had to trust that God was bringing me there for a greater purpose; HIS purpose. As driver David pulled up to the school I witnessed many kids going about their afternoon activities: playing soccer, socializing, doing their homework, etc. I walked around the school

looking for this particular girl, and when I found her she was sitting by herself behind the school building listening to her music. It was at that exact moment all my anxiety went away because I knew exactly why I was there. Why HE had brought me there. The second she saw my face peek around the corner her face lit up, and she ran to give me what might classify as the world’s biggest hug. We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around her campus where I learned what a day in the life of those kids was like. I met many of her friends. In fact, at one point I was standing in a room with 14 other girls discussing their favorite Bible stories. Before I left that afternoon, I spent a couple of minutes reassuring her that she is loved by a Creator who thinks she is a precious jewel and that she had an earthly family at LCC and Global Connections who was rooting for her. It was a tearful goodbye, but I left with an overflowing, grateful heart. I share this story with you not to promote myself but quite the opposite. You see, when I share that story with others I am overwhelmed by the way God orchestrated that entire 2 hours. Nothing about it was me; it was entirely the Spirit of God bearing witness through me. That truth was something I had been struggling with before I left on this month long journey. Most of my Christian walk has been me trying to lead the Spirit, when in fact, the Spirit was sent to lead me. To lead you. I didn’t fully understand what that meant until I uprooted from the comfortable into the unknown - until I took out the noise and distraction and replaced it with the still and quiet. I believed the Spirit lived within me, but I didn’t own it. The Lord used this girl to show me just how powerful HE is. And Y’ALL- God is real. He is BIG. And His Spirit is mighty! It is my prayer that we can all hold fast to those unfailing, perfect truths.

- Jenny

HIGHLIGHTS AND UPDATES OF OUR OLDER KIDS Caroline is president of her class at Z-Tech College and has one more year of college to earn her degree in journalism. She was 2nd in her class this past term. Mary has a new career selling and delivering beauty products in Nairobi. She must complete one more exam to further her career.

Florence is working as a chef as she continues her schooling. She is presently taking a 1 day a week course on cake baking and cake decorating. Her plans are to next attend a short course on how to start your own business to prepare for her future. Hannah continues to teach sewing and


is contract sewing on the side.




efore going to Africa, I was focusing on James 1:27, which says we should look out for and help orphans and widows. That was a good reason to go: to help those less fortunate! But, what if that verse wasn’t about helping them at all? What if we are commanded to help US? What if, in reality, WE are the less fortunate? After returning from Africa, back to the “normal” of America, you realize we have it wrong. Here (in America) we can have close to anything

we desire, and yet we look miserable. We think money, possessions, and “likes” on our posts will make us happy, but it just isn’t working. The people there aren’t monetarily rich and don’t have the newest technology or the nicest name-brand clothes, but there is pure joy on their faces! We aren’t filled with this pure joy because we haven’t discovered what those people have: life is really about relationships and breathing in the creation all around us.


In the song “Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman it says “I want to leave a legacy. How will they remember me? Did I choose to love? Did I point to You enough to make a mark on things?” Not how much stuff do we give to them or how much money we spend to help them. Our legacy should be how much compassion we show them… how much we encourage them... and how much we show them the love God has for them. Sharing in this was amazing and life changing!

- Erica




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esterday, as we were on our way home from LCC, we passed a familiar face walking on the side of the road. We quickly turned around and offered them a ride home. When we pulled into the drive, this lady insisted we come in for a visit. She was insistent, so we eventually agreed to 10 minutes. (Side note - it’s not that we didn’t want to, but rather it was getting late and we didn’t want to impose on their Saturday night family time.) Despite our ten minute time limit, she asked us to come in for chai (tea) and a hot meal. We were warmly greeted by nine other smiling faces into a small house but neat Kenyan house. The walls held favorite verses from scripture. They were having chicken for dinner, and for those of you who don’t know, chicken is a rare meal for the people of Limuru. It is not cheap or affordable. This night, however, was special because this chicken had been given to them as a gift. A gift that could have easily been hoarded for family only, but they wanted to share it with us. Although we were not able to stay for dinner, that did not stop them from opening up their hearts and their home to us.

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love to read and talk about the “hospitable life.” And let me be the first to say it is not because I have perfected it (hence the reason I’m writing this post). It hasn’t been until recently - this trip to be specific - that I have realized I have not been giving a true hospitable YES. While I want my home to be a place where the door is always open and the table the heart of it all, I also want it to be clean and organized with a meal ready on the table. Then God brought yesterday’s teachable moment right into my path. The true meaning of the hospitable life is not about the home; it’s about the heart. It’s about a heart that welcomes others into a life that is willing and ready to be interrupted. It’s about sacrificing our comfort - in order to be filled you must pour out, and you must be willing to grow and give. As so perfectly stated by one of my favorite bloggers, “The hospitable life bears a cross.” If you want to make room in both your heart and your home, you have to put away the expectations and self-imposed demands. Put away the number of people you can comfortably seat at your table. Put away the white glove. Put away the guest list. Put it away, and fill your heart and home with Jesus.

After all, He is the definition of hospitable—he surrendered everything and welcomed us to His table. Over the past year, Global Connections’ leadership team has identified priority areas where we need to be investing resources and energy. The first is to strengthen the academic preparation of the children at the LCC to provide them with the best opportunities for education beyond primary school. This might mean high school, technical school, or university degree programs. The second priority is to provide enrichment programming for teenagers to help them transition successfully to adulthood (including spiritual development, relational skills and employability skills). Global Connections is pleased to announce the addition of Bobby and Brandy Reese to our team. After much prayer and several days of meeting together, we are confident that they are the right fit for Global Connections and the LCC. Bobby will serve as the Discipleship Coordinator and will implement programming for teenagers. Brandy will serve as the Education Coordinator and will implement literacy and tutoring programs as well as enrichment activities for the LCC children.

- Jenny



e are both so grateful to have the chance to join the Global Connections community as new partners with the LCC. Bobby is the son of missionaries and grew up in Zimbabwe. He has a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Brandy grew up in Illinois and also attended the University of Arkansas. She has a master’s degree in elementary education. We first met at church while in college and have been married for almost six years. God has given us hearts to serve children in need, and in 2013 we moved to Kenya to live out that passion. Previously, Brandy taught at a small international school in Tigoni, and Bobby worked with a Nairobi children’s home helping to complete p6 | Fall 2015

construction projects as well as teaching life skill classes. Over the past two years we feel like God has clarified our purpose in Kenya, and we are excited to pour all of our energy into the children at the LCC. While partnering with the LCC, Brandy will be launching a literacy program, focused tutoring and after school activities for the children in order to enrich their current education. Bobby will be focusing on the older children and implementing various programs at LCC such as discipleship, mentoring, life skills and vocational training. He hopes to help prepare the children to transition well from life at LCC to life beyond the centre. We thank God for the opportunity to be a part of Global Connections and look forward to serving these amazing children in Kenya!

Bobby, Brandi and Teacher David

Please join us in welcoming Bobby and Brandy and supporting their ministries with your prayers.

LCC BABY CENTRE UPDATE Dear friends, All of us at the baby home are enjoying a slightly slower pace than normal. Although the last few months have been filled with activity - the arrival of 5 new babies, wheelchairs and therapy for our special needs babies, fun with volunteers, and several adoptions - we are now left with 9 babies, who are in a good routine and have settled into life at the LCC very well. We are happy that our extremely hard working ‘moms’ are able to have a bit of a break and take their leave during this time (who knows when we will have a full house again!). We are so pleased to see how our special needs children are progressing. Ethan has taken his first steps, and is slowly becoming more

confident. Rebecca is increasingly mobile and interactive, and seems to respond more to familiar people. She is also showing more interest in books and toys, and spends more time in an upright position in her new special chair. Jabali is amazingly independent and is enjoying being on the same level as the other children in his wheelchair. Our 2 HIV + babies are also coping well with their medication and have been generally healthy, thank God! Several babies have gone for adoption in the last few months. Some of our little ones found it harder to bond with their new parents than others, but all are now settled and happy in their new families. Please pray for the adoption situation in Kenya which is currently undergoing lots of changes. We are grateful for all the wonderful families God has provided

for our babies, and pray He will continue to do so, for those that are waiting for their ‘forever family’. We are very excited about a plot of land that is being bought and donated to the baby home. Please pray for us as we are in the process of finalizing the purchase and will then start to design and build a new and more spacious baby home. God has been so faithful to provide for our needs. Thank you for your continued support, prayers and friendship. We couldn’t do it without you! Much love and God bless!

Tesni and team Baby Sponsors Needed LEVI *new arrival* MAMBA CRIB
 Levi has been with us a couple of months now. He was found abandoned in Naivasha next to a Mosque. He was weak and malnourished when he was found and spent a month in hospital before being discharged into our care. We have estimated him to be about 1 year old. He was very reserved and ‘suspicious’ with all of us upon arrival, but has since settled in really well. He loves focused attention and enjoys playing with balls, pushing bikes, or placing shapes in a shape container. He likes exploring his environment and is an active little boy. He has an infectious giggle and seems to be comfortable in his new home now. Other cribs available: Rhino (Kifaru Crib), Leopard (Chui Crib), Gazelle (Swala Crib) and the Cheetah (Chita Crib). Please contact Global Connections Office for further information.

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By Gerald Njuguna

By Becky Kasuu

By Peter Nyanjui

By Patrick Kungu

I came to LCC when I was a small boy about six years old. I went to nursery school at LCC where I was taught how to live with other people in a Christian way and I also learnt very many things like reading, writing, coloring and drawing. I graduated from nursery and joined Limuru Town Primary school where I completed class eight last year. Now I am in Githiga High school and feel very blessed to have come this far in life.

My godparent Louise Powers is one of the people I treasure most in my life. Since Louise Powers came into my life, it changed and changed to a better one. She is one of those that God gave a golden heart. A heart that does not only think of oneself but also thinks of other people. She is a true angel sent to me. Louise has been a good role model to me. She has taught me so much. I admire her caring and kind heart. I love her so much and I cannot imagine my life without her.

Since Hannah Kimbrough became my godparent my life has changed in a very big way. She has taught me so much. She taught me how to play football and be a good player, I love the game even more. She taught me how to pray and get closer to God, tell him about wanting to pass my exams. I am now in a very good private primary school where my marks have improved since I joined, all because of her believing in me and loving me. I believe that next year I will be joining a very good high school; I have been working very hard and believe that I will make it.

I never thought that I would ever join high school. I am very grateful for the support that LCC has given me through the years. They have educated me through nursery school, primary school and now I am in high school and things keep getting better and better. I go to Thigio Boys boarding school. I joined two years ago and since then I have discovered that I have so many talents and abilities in me. I love games and have participated in a number of games in my school which I did not know I had the capability of playing. I have always loved football and been a good football player. But I did not know any other games apart from that. When I joined high school there are so many games to play there and I participated in so many of them. Volleyball, Rugby, Hand ball and Badminton.

LCC has taken good care of me. They have provided me with love, a caring home and education. They also taught me the importance of being a Christian and a good role model back in the society. Now I am 15 years old and LCC continues to love and support me. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to be a part of the LCC. I pray always that God continues to bless LCC and enable it to continue helping others.

Children are a gift from the Lord: they are a reward from Him. ­â€” Psalms 127:3

p8 | Fall 2015

Hannah is a football (soccer) coach and she is the best football player that I have ever met. She has inspired me and I believe that I can do anything and be anyone that I want to be in future. She has encouraged me so much, she even visits me in school and at the LCC. I love her so much and am blessed to have her in my life. I am grateful to God always for meeting her. My life has changed and she is the reason.

Last term I went for a county tournament with my partner and we won position one in the doubles games in badminton. I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity LCC gave me. Pursuing my education from nursery and now in high school being able to discover new talents and abilities. I now see myself in a different light. I can do all things as long as the opportunity has been presented, just have to work hard and never give up or lose hope. I feel so blessed and have motivation for my future.



s you can imagine, there are numerous challenges associated with our work at the LCC. Patrick and his staff work hard to balance the importance of children maintaining their connections to their home villages and extended families there with maintaining the safety and security of our kids. Most of the LCC children have family members, and in some cases, the living situation allows the child to leave the LCC and reintegrate with family. As difficult as it is to say goodbye to these children, we know the love and support of their families is important. Over the past several years, a number of our LCC kids have been reintegrated. In these situations, Global Connections and the LCC remain committed to providing for the physical and educational needs of these children if their families are unable to cover these costs. In these cases, Godparents continue to play a vital role in these children’s lives even after they no longer reside at the LCC.

Another challenge we face is how to most successfully transition our teenagers to adulthood. This isn’t an easy process in the United States. Just consider the challenges facing the LCC with 20 children to every mom, teenagers attending boarding school (which is typical for Kenyan high school education), and the lack of family support. As our kids are beginning to age out of the child welfare system, we are realizing the need for a more intensive program that includes discipleship, mentoring, life skills, and employability skills. We believe this can best be accomplished through a combination of efforts. First, beginning in December, we will hold three intensive teen retreats each year, organized and led by adults who know and love these teenagers. These retreats will include seminars on a variety of topics designed to prepare the teenagers for adulthood. Additionally, small discipleship and study groups will be formed beginning in January for the 7th and 8th grade students who live at the LCC and any other teenagers who are not in boarding school. Finally, please join us in praying for the funding for a transitional home (referred to as a hostel in Kenya) where our teenagers could live in a home-like atmosphere with a Christian adult or couple to provide immersive discipleship and life skills training as they navigate the difficult years between adolescence and adulthood.

ES G N A H BI G R E N CE! C A E E L T K T LI MA DIFFE We want to take the opportunity to highlight some of the progress made at the LCC since our last newsletter: •

T wo cooks were hired to free up the moms to spend more time with each child in their care.

T he dorm moms are now on a seven day on / seven day off schedule to allow for greater consistency at the LCC.

A second social worker has been added to the staff.

A part-time nurse has been hired.

T he kitchen venting system has been complexly reworked and is successfully removing the smoke from our wood burning cookers.

B roken sinks, toilets, and drainage systems have been repaired.

T he broken clothes dryers in the Baby Home have been repaired.

A matron has been hired in the Baby Home to ensure employees are on task and that all needs are being met.

S oap dispensers have been installed at each sink, and the geese have been removed from the LCC campus. These measures will improve the health and sanitation of the kids.

- Kate

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ell, it has been an interesting time since the summer Global Connections team left. Things have been quite busy at the Centre and some chores at the shamba (farm). The kids enjoyed their August school holidays and are now back working hard in their studies. They are doing well in school and besides the cases here and there with our new high school students, they are very excited. Managing high school students is a challenge. We have not asked several of our girls to go visit with relatives due to the circumstances surrounding their stay away from the Centre where they may have too much freedom or negative influences. Please be praying for God’s direction and guidance as we parent our teenagers through this very challenging developmental period. As usual, we wish our candidates (8th grade students) well as this will be the term that determines their way forward come next year where they have to join high school or tech school as young adults. They will sit for the national exam in November. We appreciate your prayers for their success as well. Caroline has a pair of glasses which we hope will help her do better. Dan and Geoffrey have enrolled at Liit College for computer studies and hopefully this will open up new possibilities for employment for them. Mary Wanjiku has had to move from her relative’s rented house in Nairobi and now is living by herself. We provided for her items as a going away gift of a bed, mattress, blankets, stove, cooking pots, etc. She is taking care of the rent and managing well on her own. Lucy Wanjiku has accepted a job along the highway near her school, and she seems to be enjoying it. She has to come back to the Centre every evening. We can not let her leave too quickly as she still needs to grow a ‘hard skin’ to survive on her own? The plot for the ‘baby house is in the process of being purchased as the lawyers are now in control and we don’t expect a lot of speed on this. We are fortunate to have a kind donor and hope to have clear ownership of the property soon and be able to begin construction of the new and expanded baby centre. Please continue to pray for the LCC and all of its involvements. I’m just so happy that God is our witness and He owns this programme and He is in control. Lots of love to everyone,

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SUMMER TEAM HIGHLIGHTS We had a small but mighty team spend four weeks at the LCC in June and July this year. They accomplished an impressive amount. Here are some of the highlights of their work: •

A ccompanied the LCC kids to services at Limuru Town Baptist Church each Sunday

O rganized a church service at the LCC with the children leading worship through praise songs, prayer, and Bible readings. Our social worker, Lillian, preached the sermon.

S everal team members taught Sunday School for the kids

P reschoolers at the LCC and K-Branch enjoyed a number of Bible stories led by the team

M ore than 300 new books were added to the LCC library, and the team facilitated reading times at the library

V isits were conducted at Hope School, Body of Christ Orphanage, and the Cheshire Home for Disabled Girls

T he team enjoyed being with the LCC boarders each day and treasured the weekends when the teenagers were released from their boarding schools and able to spend time with the team

E ach Saturday had a special focus and extra activities including our annual birthday party for the kids and Global Connections Day. Events included a feast prepared by LCC cooks Frederick and Caroline

P urchased kitchen supplies for the LCC and K-Branch

P urchased new shoes for all of the LCC boarders and the pre-schoolers at the K-Branch

P urchased 32 mattresses for the Body of Christ Orphanage

P urchased rain jackets for all of the school-age children

B rought handmade hats for the LCC and K-Branch children

B rought sturdy backpacks for the LCC and K-Branch children

P urchased school supplies and new socks and underwear for the LCC and K-Branch children

L ed first aid classes for the staff and provided first aid supplies

F acilitated staff small group discussions and Bible studies

V olunteered at Pat’s Feeding Program

O versaw the installation of the kitchen ventilation system and the repairs to the clothes dryers in the Baby Home as well as resolved all plumbing repairs

Gifts that change the future

GIVE THE GIFT OF HOPE Give your friends and family the greatest gift of all – the gift of hope to others – and tell them the story of why their help is needed in Kenya. The Gift of Hope Program is a partnership and charitable giving program to support efforts to improve lives in Kenya. This year, our focus will be on providing the elderly and those living with HIV/AIDS with HOPE through the warmth of wool blankets. Many people don’t realize how cold it gets during the Kenyan winters, especially in the highlands of Limuru which is known as the coolest area of the country. Winter temperatures dip into the 40s and houses have no heat source and very little insulation. Through Pat’s Feeding Program, we’ve identified over 500 elderly and people living with HIV/AIDS to provide with new wool blankets who would otherwise suffer from the cold this winter. Blankets cost $3 each, so your gift of $30 would provide 10 people with this comfort and hope for their future. As with all of our Global Connections programs, 100% of your gift goes directly to serve the needs of the vulnerable in Kenya with no overhead or administrative costs deducted. The Gift of Hope program is available yearround, so please consider this option for birthdays, Christmas, graduations, and other special events. Your loved one will receive a note from Global Connections detailing your gift and its impact on people in need in Kenya. Gift of Hope is a meaningful way to honor your friends and family, and it is certainly a gift of both hope and love.

$30 d onation – gives a gift of hope and brings warmth to 10

people through providing them with wool blankets $45 donation – gives a gift of hope and brings warmth to 15

people through providing them with wool blankets $ 60 donation

– gives the gift of hope and brings warmth to 20 people through providing them with wool blankets

$75 donation

– gives the gift of hope and brings warmth to 25 people through providing them with wool blankets

$150 donation – gives the gift of hope and brings warmth to

50 people through providing them with wool blankets $750 donation – gives the gift of hope and brings warmth to

50 people through providing them with wool blankets $1200 donation – gives the gift of hope and brings warmth

to 50 people through providing them with wool blankets Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” Matthew 19:23-24

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Eliud is the only remaining child at the LCC who doesn’t have a Godparent. Eliud is a very quiet and humble seven year old and likes to keep to himself a lot. He loves learning and enjoys very much being in class. Won’t you consider becoming his Godparent?

See this year’s Gift of Hope on page 11

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