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Dear Members,

P r e s i d e n t ’s d e s k

will become more expensive . The multiplicity of rates could lead to more issues and varied interpretations . Lack of digital literacy, inability to afford the software required for GST and poor connectivity and power cuts are the key challenges for the SME sector to become GST compliant. The number of GST returns that one need to file is 3 monthly returns totaling to 36 returns plus 1 annual return in a year which sounds mind boggling. Moreover, this applies to one state and if you function in different states, separate registration and returns are a must. The Industries in general and small traders in particular will be massively hit by these norms. As a Chamber, we are aware that this is the biggest tax reform ever made in India. While we welcome such a historical transformation, our only concern is that there is going to be lot of initial hiccups and issues, as the businesses will be in the learning curve for some time, especially coping with multiple rates, compliance processes, and handling new technologies. Hence our request to the Government is to be empathetic and not to be punitive for any initial lapses. After all GST is not just a Tax Reform, but a Business Reform as well. Chamber like ours would definitely render all support to our members to make this transformation as smooth as possible. We have already held various workshops for the basic understanding of GST. We are also well equipped with experts with knowledge and skill to impart sector specific trainings and to have exclusive workshops to our members on this subject. In fact, we would be more than happy to render our services to all our members and welcome the members to put forward their concerns and issues, seek our support and guidance in making the required transition in their respective organizations. It is crystal clear, that we have to learn quickly from each other, adapt to the new system and move forward swiftly in this GST journey together. It is a new journey for the nation. Let us work towards making it a success in our interest as well as in the interest of the country.

Ram Venkataramani President


Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

GST – The Game changer? All over India, the buzzword has been GST especially in the last week of June 2017. As the saying goes ‘All roads lead to Rome’, we found newspapers, television media, social media, discussing and debating only GST for the past few weeks. The faint hopes that GST might be deferred by few months slowly faded away and the business and the common man were getting ready for the inevitable. At the stroke of the midnight hour on 1st July 2017, the Good and Services Tax became a reality with Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi billing it as a “Good and Simple Tax”. (GST) Is it freedom at midnight from Tax Terrorism? We have to wait and watch…... The nation woke up on July 1st with a mixed feeling of anxiety, fear, confusion, eagerness , hope and the like. The strong belief is GST will play a vital role in creating a unified common national market, make India a manufacturing hub and generate more employment by increasing economic activity. It will also incentivize exports, help expand the tax net, contribute to the ease of doing business and accelerate the growth rate. The advantage for Trade and Industry is that there would be common procedures for registration, duty payment, return filing and refund of taxes. GST is expected to ensure seamless flow of tax credit from manufacturer/ supplier to user/retailer to eliminate cascading of taxes. Further, neutralization of taxes would make our exports more competitive internationally. The benefits of exemption/composition scheme for a large segment of small scale suppliers have been extended to make their products cheaper. The silver lines have started showing up. As many as 22 states had abolished border commercial tax check posts after the rollout of GST, marking a big step towards ‘One nation, one tax’ goal of this reform. This was one of the requests from the Chamber’s earlier study on Manufacturing Roadmap for TN, as it is bound to ensure ease of doing business. Media mentions that the stock market is surging after GST due to price cuts by companies and tax concessions for ITC under GST. This is stated to have lifted the spirit of the investors. Different sectors are reacting differently on GST. In the auto sector, for example, it is expected that Implementation of GST would reduce the cost of manufacturing of cars and bikes due to the subsuming of different taxes levied currently. Hence GST may be positive for the automotive sector, primarily because of efficiency and the removal of a cascading effect.” In line with the Anti Profiteering rules, many leading auto companies have started bringing down the prices of some of the small and family cars. This, in turn is expected to boost the auto components industry. However this does not mean there are no concerns or negatives. While the advantages may run into pages, the disadvantages are also in close competition. Each sector has its own grievances and concerns. Though input tax credit, the most significant reform is expected to curb inflation by avoiding tax on tax, the exporters are worried about new restrictions in using credit scrips. Healthcare operating costs would shoot up and the impact will be on patients, increase in consumer durables would affect the common man, telecom sector faces pressure of increase in tax, and in the auto sector, though the effect is neutral, hybrid cars

spe cia l prog r a m

GST Conference


The Chamber organized a one day Conference on “GST – The Historic Tax Reform” on 18th April 2017 at Hotel Raintree, Chennai Both the Houses of Parliament had approved the four important GST Bills. This Conference was organized for the benefit of the Industries to understand what this tax reforms mean and how that would work and to gear up for its implementation and compliance. M/s K. Vaitheeswaran & Co., Advocates & Tax Consultant was the Knowledge Partner for this Conference. Mr. Ram Venkatramani, President, MCCI welcoming the speakers and participants.

Mr. Ram Venkataramani, President, MCCI welcoming the participants. Others in the picture (L to R:- Ms.K.Saraswathi, Secretary General, MCCI, Mr. J. M. Kennedy, IRS, Commissioner of Customs & Central Excise and Mr. K.Vaitheeswaran, Advocate & Tax Consultant and Chairman, MCCI Indirect Tax Committee)

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Mr. K. Vaitheeswaran, Advocate & Tax Consultant and Chairman of the Indirect Tax Committee gave an overview of the GST Conference. Mr. J M Kennedy IRS, Commissioner for Customs & Central Excise, Chennai was the Chief Guest. He appreciated the efforts of the Chamber in organizing such conferences for the benefit of the Industries. He explained about how Department officials have been trained to implement GST once the GST is rolled out in July 2017. He urged the participants to come forward with their queries and to understand the nuances of GST and implement the same. Mr. K.Vaitheeswaran covered the CGST Act 2017, IGST Act 2017 in his first session. Mr. B. Sriram, Partner Ernst & Young LLP and GC Member

Mr K Vaitheeswsaran

Mr J Madhusudhanan

A section of the audience

made a presentation on the valuation under CGST Act 2017. Mr. P.R. Subramanian, Head, Indirect Taxes, L & T Construction Chennai made a presentation on Works Contracts and Construction. Mr. K.K.Sekar, Head, Indirect Taxes, Ashok Leyland addressed the participants on the Job Work under GST eHea Mr. Shailesh P Sheth made a presentation on the Place of Supply under IGST Act 2017. Mr. K.Vaitheeswaran in the concluding session made a presentation on Input Tax Credit & Procedural requirements under GST. The meeting was attended by 200 participants. The Chamber plans to hold a series of workshops on GST for the benefit of the members.

Mr K K Sekar

Mr. B. Sriram

Mr P R Subramaniyan

Mr Shailesh P Sheth

March/April 2017

MCCI CSR Certificate Program

In the month of March and April 2017, the Chamber organized an exclusive Training program on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the objective of helping the corporate executives to examine their current CSR programs, to innovate and develop an overarching CSR strategy that reflects the unique requirements and goals of the company. The course

s ow ing th e se e ds

The Conference on CSR – The Emerging Trends was held in March 2017 at Hotel Crowne Plaza. The MCCI CSR Vision was released during the conference and the members were informed about the exclusive MCCI CSR Certificate program to be launched exclusively for the Corporate.

Mr.Ashoke Joshi, IAS (Retd.,) Chairman, Srinivasan Services Trust delivering his Valedictory address

duration was for 3 days covering topics such as CSR Concepts and Strategy, Theme and Planning, evolution and laws governing philanthropy, legal aspects etc. 15 participants took part in the certificate course. The valedictory function was held on 8th April 2017. Mr.Ashoke Joshi, IAS (Retd.), Chairman, Srinivasan Services Trust, Chennai addressed the participants and distributed the certificates

31st May – 2nd June 2017

She leads Leadership program

The participants with the faculty of GLIM and representatives of MCCI and BDHC

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

The participants with the faculty

With the objective of identifying and grooming young women leaders, The Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry(MCCI) in partnership with the British Deputy High Commission of India, Chennai and Women of Worth (WOW) launched the She Leads Project. Starting with a nationwide social media campaign, and going through a rigorous 3 tier process, 10 winners were


sow ing th e se e ds Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017


selected from different educational institutions. They were awarded the She Leads title in a grand event at Chennai and had a networking dinner with Her Excellency, Lt. Governor of Puduchery, Dr. Kiran Bedi IPS (Retd). As part of the award, the winners were provided with intensive residential leadership training by the Chamber and the Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM) at the Great Lakes Institute campus. The

topics covered in the 3 day training program included emotional intelligence, development economics and topics to hone leadership skills. The classes were conducted by eminent professors of GLIM and the winners were provided a certificate by the partners. There was a positive feedback from the winners who had a unique experience of learning skills that would help them to become future leaders.

20th May 2017

Discussion on Banking Regulation Ordinance Under the auspices of MCCI’s Banking, Finance & Insurance expert committee, discussions on Banking Regulation Ordinance was organized on 20th May 2017 at the Chamber’s premises. Mr. V. Sriram, Chairman of the Banking Committee and Mr. M R Venkatesh, Partner, GSV Associates, participated and initiated the discussion. Mr.G.Ravindra Kumar from Lakshmi Vilas Bank also took part in the deliberations. Mr. Sankaranarayanan, Deputy Secretary of the Chamber welcomed the members and requested the Chairman of the Committee to lead the discussion. Mr. Sriram informed that the ordinance was not very clear on what it offers for the various stake holders and stated that further guidelines are awaited from RBI. He briefed on the background of the ordinance and suggested that the discussion should focus on the provisions of the Act from a legal, business and bankers’ perspective. In the discussion, it was agreed that several measures have been taken by the Central Government and by RBI to deal with the increasing number of stressed assets in the country.

Mr.M.R.Venkatesh, Director, GSV Care P.Ltd., & Columnist & Mr.V.Sriram, COO, iMACS interacting with participants

The Government had amended the SARFAESI Act and Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act (RDDB Act). Further, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 has been introduced. RBI has also introduced measures such as Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR), Special Mention accounts (SMA), Joint Lenders’ Forum (JLF), Strategic Debt Restructuring Scheme (SDR) and Scheme of Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets (S4A). However, the issue of NPAs and its fallout on the Banking system continues to be critical. The issue of poor loan growth contributed to the increased NPA percentage. The fact that there are no clear strategies that banks have to deal with NPAs has resulted in delays and indecision. The speakers informed that on this aspect, the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code will hopefully provide the right environment by bringing in a process for evaluating the company that has defaulted and evolve a resolution plan. Mr. M R Venkatesh and Mr. Sriram also suggested to the Chamber to conduct a symposium by inviting Mr. Vinod Rai, Chairman of the Banks Board Bureau and the concerned Deputy Governor/ Executive Director from RBI to discuss the details of this ordinance. Participants took part in the discussions.

17th June 2017

Discussion & Interaction on “Into GST and Whatzzz Up in Store” - Mr.N.Venkataraman, Senior Advocate s ow ing th e se e ds

5 Mr.Balachandra Datta, Member, MCCI’s General Committee & Vice President Corporate Affairs, Hyundai Motor India Ltd., making a presentation on GST. Others in the Dais are (l to r : Ms.K.Saraswathi, Secretary General, MCCI ; Mr.N.Venkataraman, Senior Advocate & Mr.K.K.Sekar, Co-Chairman, MCCI’s Indirect Tax Committee & Head – Indirect Taxes, Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Mr.N.Venkataraman, Senior Advocate interacting with audience on GST

A view of the audience

In the question and answer session, Mr. N.Venkataraman along with Mr. K.K.Sekar answered the queries. Mr. Venkataraman volunteered to clarify queries via email for the benefit of the Chamber Members. More than 200 participants benefitted from the above discussion and the meeting concluded with lunch.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

With the GST reforms all set to be rolled out on 1st July 2017, the Chamber organized a discussion and interaction on “Into GST and Whatzzz up in Store at Hotel GRT Grand, Chennai on 17th June 2017. Mr. K.K.Sekar, Vice Chairman, Indirect Taxes, MCCI welcomed the speakers and participants and raised a few queries for Mr Venkataraman to clarify after his address. Mr. B.C. Datta, GC Member made a presentation on the principles of GST and gave an overview of the GST Rate Structure. Further he explained about what the Industry should focus on to be GST ready and the main challenges the Industries would face. He also explained about the GST impact on Industry in general and automobile industry in particular. Mr. N. Venkataraman, Senior Advocate started his talk with an anecdote stating that “GST is like getting married where reporting has to be done every day”. He took forward his narration with the 3 important foundations, namely, Transformation, Transition and Tax Compliance and explained the same in detail. He informed that this is a milestone achievement and GST is not a concurrent taxation, but a simultaneous taxation. The event is one, levy is simultaneous appropriated by Federal Partners. The Goods & Services Tax Council {GST Council} has been created in September 2016 under Article 279-A of the Constitution of India. The main objective of GST is to develop a harmonized national market of goods and services. The Council will make recommendations to the Union and the States on important issues related to GST. It is essential for the Trade bodies and Tax payers to have technology readiness and technological ability in the GST regime to ensure smooth transition. He requested the Industry members to maintain their accounts in the same method and to attempt compliance to the best of their ability. He added that they can document their grievances, not individual but trade related problems and send the same to the GST Council for their necessary consideration. He urged the Industries to find ways and means to become GST ready. Further he informed for effective functioning of GST, the roles to be played by the GST Council includes being empathetic, preventive and remedial in its actions. They should not charge a penalty for a year allowing the Industry to adjust to this transformation.

24th June 2017

sow ing th e se e ds

Program on Reforms, Changes and Judicial Trends in Labour Laws


Under the auspices of HR & IR Committee, the Chamber organized a one day program on the “Reforms, Changes and Judicial Trends in Labour Laws” on, 24th June 2017 at Hotel GRT Grand-Convention Centre, Chennai. The objective of the program was to bring awareness and to educate the HR/IR Managers, Employers and other stake holders about the changes in the labour laws.

Mr. Anand Gopalan

Mr. Anand Gopalan, Advocate & Chairman of MCCI HR & IR Committee briefed about the Recent Judicial Trends and changes in Labour Law Cases.




Ms Madhri Guruswamy

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Mr.K.S.Venkiteswaran, Advisor, The Sanmar GroupCorporate Division made a presentation on Draft Code Bill on Industrial Relations Mr.Srinageshwar, Vice President (Group Industrial Relations), Simpson & Group Companies, Simpson & Co.Ltd. covered the topic Draft Code Bill on Wages. Mr.R. Govardhanan, DGMHR, Rane made a presentation on Labour Code on Social Security & Welfare

to the participants on the topic Sexual Harassment Act 2013 –An Exploration?

Ms. Madhri Guruswamy, Advocate, made a presentation

The program was attended by participants. The feedback was positive.

A view of the audience

28th June 2017

GST Training Session The Chamber had an exclusive session on GST for Thejo Engineering Ltd, a member of the Chamber at their request in the conference room of the Chamber. Mr. Gokul Dixit from R Subramanian & Co., Chartered Accountants along with his team conducted the exclusive session catering to the requirements of the member. The topics covered included overview of GST,

Mr. Sankaranarayanan, Deputy Secretary, MCCI introducing the speakers to the members of Thejo Engineering

specific business considerations, transition and migration to GST, post transition with case studies. 30 participants from Thejo Engineering gave a positive feedback to the session.

30th June 2017

Workshop on ‘Tally for GST’ I Matrix Technologies Ltd. (a 5 Star certified Partner for Tally) handled the sessions with topics that included the following GST concept Current VAT VS GST, Key Changes. GST Key Concepts GSTN / GSP, How works? Implementation of GST with Tally Tally ERP 9 Rel 6.0 Product Demo (GST Enabled)

The Chamber jointly with Tally solutions organized a workshop on ‘Tally for GST’ on 30th June 2017 at e-hotel, Chennai.

• • • • • •

Mr.Mohan, Chartered Accountant & Tax Practitioner, Mr.L.Venkat Raghavan & Mr.L.Gunasekaran representing from

The feedback from 80 + participants was positive.

s ow ing th e se e ds

While the Government was all set to meet its 1st June deadline of rolling out the Goods and Services Tax (GST), Tally Solutions launched its new software, a GST Ready accounting and compliance software. The software is to help businesses to gear up for GST from Day 1.


Mr.Mohan, Chartered Account & Tax Practitioner making a presentation

A view of the audience

17th April 2017

together we grow

The Chamber has always been active in skill development through its Vocational Training and Skill Development Centre set up during its 175th year . The USP of the Chamber is its close proximity to member Industries which enables the Chamber to understand the dynamic needs of the Industries and design the training programs to suit their needs, besides having an edge in helping the trainees get placed in the Industries. The Chamber has already rolled out few programs to improve the skill and employability of the TN youth. PanIIT Alumni Reach For India Foundation is managed by PanIITians that operates a chain of rural skill gurukuls to train and place underprivileged candidates, typically school dropouts, through a novel and innovative model. MCCI and PARFI joined hands to set up Joint Training facilities with the objective to train the unskilled youth and up skill the semiskilled work force in order to bridge the skill deficits, promote employability and enhance the availability of well trained and competent human resources at entry level to industries in Tamil Nadu The launching ceremony of ‘Skill Development & Training ” jointly promoted by the Madras

MOU signed by Mr.Ram Venkataramani, President, MCCI & Mr.Kalyan Chakravarthi, Founding Sevak & Executive Director, Pan IIT Alumni India

Chamber of Commerce & Industry & Pan IIT Alumni Reach for India (PARFI) was held on 17th April 2017 at the Chamber’s premises. Mr. Ram Venkataramani welcomed the participants for this launch and explained briefly about the objective of setting up this joint facility and the press who were invited clarified their queries in the interaction session. The Chamber entered into a MOU with Pan IIT Alumni Reach for India (PARFI) Mr. Ram Venkataramani and Mr Kalyan Chakravarthy, Founding Sevak & Executive Director, PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation signed the MOU on behalf of the Chamber and PARFI, respectively to take this initiative forward by leveraging the strengths of both the organisations.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Launching of MCCI-PARFI Skill Development & Training

tog e th e r w e g r ow

20th April 2017


Seminar on Reliable Remote Data Connectivity Services through VSATs”. MCCI jointly with Dun & Bradstreet The Chamber jointly with NELCO, a Tata enterprise organized a Session on Reliable Remote Data Connectivity Services through VSATS on 20th April 2017 at Hotel Accord Metropolitan, Chennai The objective of this session was to bring awareness on the importance of information on which number of business decisions is dependent. With the Nation going digital, staying on line increases the ease of doing business. Mr. Kaushik Mandal, Vice President, Head –Sales & Marketing of NELCO, made a detailed presentation on their VSAT service. He explained in detail about the different plans

Mr.Kaushik Mandal, Vice President, Head and Sales & Marketing, NELCO making a presentation.

which can be chosen depending on the requirements of the Industry. He stated that the NELCO VSAT provides solutions and options like increasing bandwidth and video conferencing. The 50 participants who took part in this session clarified their queries relating to the solution offered by NELCO. The program was followed by dinner.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

27th April 2017

Awareness Session on Energy Efficient Buildings and Sustainable BMS for Building Owners and Managers The Chamber jointly with Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST) organized an Awareness Session on Energy Efficient Buildings and Sustainable BMS for Building Owners and Managers on 27th April 2017 at e-hotel, Chennai. The purpose of this session was to bring awareness among the building owners and managers on the importance of energy efficiency in buildings and to educate them on sustainable building management system. Mr. J. Nagesh Kumar, Director, CEEP made a detailed presentation on the various energy efficient practices to the participants and clarified their queries. Mr. Johan Cheng, Area Manager, Regin Controls

Mr.S.Sankaranarayanan, Deputy Secretary, MCCI Welcoming the Speakers and the audience. Members in the dais are (l to r : Mr.J.Nagesh Kumar, Consultant in Energy Management and Environmental Protection & Mr.Johan Cheng, Sales & Technical Support – Asia Pacific Countries, Regin

Asia Pacific Pvt. Ltd addressed the audience about the available technologies for energy efficient practices. The 41 participants who took part clarified their queries and a few expressed their interest in following such practices.

29th April 2017

MCCI & KPL – 5th Trade Meet tog e th e r w e g row

The 5th Trade Meet was jointly organized by the Chamber with Kamarajar Port Ltd under the auspices of the Logistics Committee at Hotel Raintree, Chennai on 29th April 2017. The objective of the meeting was to convey the expectations and needs of the users of the Port and other stakeholders to the Port Authorities and to understand the upgraded facilities and services of Kamarajar Port Ltd. This meet was to facilitate interaction between the port authorities and the port users to enhance the EXIM trade by taking advantage of the various facilities offered by the Port. Mr. J. Krishnan, Partner, S. Natesa Iyer & Co. and Member of the General Committee welcomed all the representatives of the EXIM Trade.


Mr.M.A.Bhaskarachar, Chairman & Managing Director, Kamarajar Port Ltd., delivering the Special Address

Mr.M.A.Bhaskarachar, CMD, Kamarajar Port Ltd. gave an overall account of the Kamarajar Port growth story and its future projected trajectory.

The Chamber took this meet as an opportunity to felicitate Mr. Bhaskarachar and Mr. P.K. Das, by handing over a citation. In the technical session, Mr. V. Chandramoleeswaran, Director, Chettinad International Coal Terminal Pvt. Ltd made a presentation on the Common User Coal Terminal.

Mr.P.K.Das, IRS., Chief Commissioner of Customs, Chennai delivering the Inaugural Address. Others in the dais Mr.M.A.Bhaskarachar & Mr.J.Krishnan

Mr. N. Suresh, Sr.V.P, Chettinad International Bulk Terminal Pvt Ltd made a presentation on Multi Cargo Terminal followed by Capt. T. Jeyaraj, Head, Adani Kattupalli Port Pvt Ltd. and Adani Ennore Container Terminal Pvt. Ltd. presenting about the Container Terminal. Mr. Pankaj Gadhia, CEO, Lee & Muirhead Pvt. Ltd. made a presentation on the Break Bulk- Project Cargo. There were vibrant interactions by more than 60 participants.

A view of the audience

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Mr. P.K.Das, Chief Commissioner of Customs, Chennai inaugurated the meet by his address to the participants. A presentation was made by the representative from the Office of the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Chennai and followed by a presentation about KPL facilities from a representative of Kamarajar Port Ltd.

tog e th e r w e g r ow

26th May 2017


Hindu-Business Line & MCCI- GST –SME Conclave With the countdown on for the largest Tax reforms to be implemented, the larger companies have harnessed their resources to meet the roll out deadline. However, the smaller companies are at sea. The Chamber jointly with Hindu Business Line organized a Discussion on GST to help SMEs in the change over process, wherein SMEs could understand the concepts of GST and find the best way to manage the changeover at Hotel Accord Metropolitan on 26th May 2017. This SME Conclave brought together tax experts, representatives from excise department of the Government, technology companies, bankers, representatives of SMEs to examine the financial, technological, legal and procedural challenges in the GST. Mr. K. Vaitheeswaran, Advocate, Member of the General Committee of the Chamber explained the nuances of the GST regulations and explained that the compliance in the GST regime will be driven by buyers.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Mr.K.Vaitheeswaran, Member, MCCI General Committee & Advocate & Tax Consultant interacting with participant during the panel discussion

Mr. G. Ravindranath, Commissioner, Service Tax, Chennai Zone in his address requested the participants to welcome GST with a positive approach and discussed issues being faced by smaller enterprises in the transition including on boarding , filing returns and e-way bills. Mr. M. Palaniappan, Advisor, Lakshmi Vilas Bank stated that it may be necessary to have 10 to 15 % more working capital for

A view of the audience

the organizations and assured that banks would support the customers to meet the working capital needs. Mr. Raghavan Srinivasan, Editor, Business Line stated that though there were challenges in terms of multiple compliance steps and infrastructure for industries, the GST will unleash the huge potential of the Indian Economy. The meeting was attended by 200 participants and the queries were answered by the experts in the interaction session.

30th May 2017

Mediation Awareness Program Under the auspices of Legal Affairs committee, the Madras Chamber organized a discussion meeting on Mediation on 30th May 2017. Mediation is a voluntary, party-centered and structured negotiation process where a neutral third party assists the parties in amicably resolving their dispute with good communication and negotiation techniques. Mr.R.Vijayakrishnan, Ms.Chitra Narayan and Mr.A J Jawad, representing Foundation for Comprehensive Dispute Resolution (FCDR) participated and interacted with the members. After welcoming the members, they made a presentation on the importance of mediation and

Ms Chitra Narayan, Advocate & Mediator interacting with participants

the norms for following mediation process in settling disputes. The members who attended the program had a good interaction session with the FCDR officials and shared their experiences. The FCDR offered the services to set up a mediation desk for the benefit of the members in the Chamber.

1st June 2017

The Chamber under the auspices of the HR & IR Committee organized an interactive meeting with the PF Commissioner to bring awareness to the members on the new initiatives of the EPFO on 1st June 2017 at the e hotel, Chennai. Ms. K.Saraswathi welcomed the authorities from the EPF office and the participants. Mr.Salil Sankar, Regional PF Commissioner, Chennai addressed the participants on the various important initiatives introduced by the PF department. His presentation was followed by a presentation by Mr. A. Sankar, Accounts Officer who elaborated on a few initiatives for the benefit of the participants.

Mr.Salil Sankar, Regional PF Commissioner, Chennai making a presentation and interacting with audience

tog e th e r w e g row

New Initiatives by EPFO - Interactive Meeting with PF Commissioner, Chennai


The interaction was lively and Mr. Salil Shankar promised to look into issues /concerns raised by some of the participants. A section of the Audience

23rd June 2017

MCCI - Indo-French Manufacturing conclave The Chamber in partnership with The IndoFrench Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IFCCI), and Invest India organized a Manufacturing conference on 23rd June 2017 at The Westin, Velachery. The event consisted of Heads of French companies sharing diverse experiences and knowledge in the field of manufacturing, striving to further connect Indian and French companies for mutual benefits. The special invitees who attended the conference and addressed the gathering during the Inaugural Session were Mr. S. Sarathi, Sr. Vice President, Anand Automotive Ltd. & Chairman, MCCI Manufacturing Committee; Ms. Payal Koul, Vice President, Invest India; Mr. Philippe Janvier-Kamiyama, Consul General of France to Pondicherry. Leading French and Indian companies who participated in the panel discussions were Alstom India & South Asia; FranceCol Technology; Hygeia e-Services Pvt. Ltd.;

Mr.S.Sarathi, Sr. VP, Anand Automotive Ltd. and Chairman, Manufacturing Committee addressing the audience.

Cleanmax Solar; Priti Suri & Associates (PSA); Mecaplast India Pvt. Ltd.; Michelin India Pvt. Ltd.; Lactalis India and Renault India Pvt. Ltd. The sponsors for this event were Clean Max Solar, Priti Suri & Associates (PSA), MyHealth Valet, SAS Partners and Sri City. The topics for the two panel discussions were as follows:

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

There was a positive feedback for this interaction session from 80 participants.

doing th e h onor s

Co-Innovation - The future of the manufacturing industry: During the first panel discussion, it was emphasized that the importance of Co-Innovation comes at just the right time as India embarks on the Make in India initiative. The strategic location of India is undoubtedly a magnet for MNCs, owing to the demographic advantage, infrastructural facilities and various other initiatives that promote manufacturing as well as profitable investment. The pros and cons of Industry 4.0 and responding to clients needs while tapping the potential of India in becoming a manufacturing hub were some of the other points brought up during the discussion.

Industry: The panel discussed the importance of implementing integrated sustainability into corporate policy along with defining the planning process and having measurable and quantifiable goals. Sustainability is a journey rather than a goal. The focus on creating durable products in the automotive industry is on the rise as businesses seek to be more economically and environmentally sustainable. It was pointed out during the discussion that it’s not just what we do to become sustainable but how we do it that actually matters.

Sustainable Mobility - The Path to achieving Manufacturing excellence in the Automotive

The Program participants.


3rd April 2017





Meeting with Estonian Ambassador H.E. Mr Riho Kruuv

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

The Chamber had organized an interactive meeting with the Estonian Ambassador H.E.Mr.Riho Kruvv during his first visit to Chennai at the Conference room of the Chamber. Ms. Gayathri Sriram, Vice President of the Chamber welcomed the Ambassador and the discussion centered on industries in Estonia and the possibilities of trade relations between India and Estonia. Mr. S.G. Prabhakharan,

Interactive Meeting with H.E.Mr.Riho Kruvv , Ambassador, Republic of Estonia

Immediate Past President and Mr. Sarathi, Chairman, Manufacturing committee took part in the meeting apart from the Secretary General.

6th April 2017

Roundtable on Exploring Effective CSR Initiatives in Water and Sanitation jointly with Samhita & Arghyam

sustainab l e c hennai f o r um

The Chamber jointly with Samhita and Arghyam, organized a round table on Exploring Effective CSR Initiatives in Water and Sanitation in the conference room of the Chamber. Ms. K.Saraswathi, Secretary General, MCCI opened the discussion by providing an overview of the broad gaps in corporate interventions in the sanitation space. She stated that this round table would serve as a platform for corporate across city to come together with initiatives for water and sanitation.

Ms.K.Saraswathi, Secretary General, MCCI welcoming the participants

s us ta ina b le ch e nna i f orum

Ms. Jayamala Subramanian, CEO Arghyam gave an introduction to Arghyam’s approach to water and sanitation and explained about their various projects and their interests to help corporate to have an effective CSR agenda, aligned to the interest of the company. Mr. Anil Misquith, Executive Director of Samhita, presented the five sanitation models in details. He highlighted the key challenges in each location faced in terms of sanitation and how Arghyam and Partner Organisations addressed these challenges using a customized and holistic approach. A few participants shared their experiences in the area of water and sanitation during the interaction session.

Mr.S.S.Srikanth, Sr.Partner, Hauer Associates making a Presentation


17th April 2017

Steering Committee Meeting

In its 5th anniversary celebrations, city level workshop on Chennai Urban Observatory was held under the UK India Joint Network on Sustainable Cities by the University of Nottingham along with NIUA. After a detailed 2 day workshop, the presentations were shared with a high level panel to seek their suggestions and inputs for a way forward. A Steering Committee with the members of the high level panel and a few other experts were formed with the aim to develop the vision, objectives and goals, define the scope of the project, guide on the financial planning, raise funds and connect with the right partners etc.

Steering Committee Members interacting with Prof.Jagan Shah, Director, NIUA through Video Conferencing. ( l to r : Ms.K.Saraswathi, Secretary General, MCCI ; Mr.T.Shivaraman, Past President, MCCI & MD & CEO, Shriram EPC Ltd, Mr.Sivashanmugamm, Member & Chief Planner, CMDA ; Prof. Ravindra Gettu, Associate Dean IC & SR, IITM ; Dr.Rajivan Krishnaswamy, IAS ( R ) & Dr.Ajit Kaliyath, Indian Principal Investigator, UK-India Joint Network on Sustainable Cities representing NIUA.

The Steering Committee had its first meeting at Chennai in the Conference room of the Chamber. Mr. Ajith Kaliyath representing NIUA, briefed the Committee on the concept of Urban Observatory, services, potential activities and the key indicators for setting up the observatory. Further he presented on the human resource requirements, stakeholders, operational plan and the estimated costs. Prof. Jagan Shah, Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs joined the meeting in Video Conferencing. Mr. T. Shivaraman, MD, Shriram EPC Ltd.,Mr. Rajivan Krishnasamy, IAS Retd. Mr. Shivashanmugam, CMDA and Prof. Ravindra Gettu, Associate Dean IC & SR representing Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthy, Director, IIT along with Ms.Saraswathi attended the meeting. Based on the discussions, it was agreed that the Chamber and NIUA will work out the requirements from the Government as this concept would sell, only if the data collected and stored is utilized properly. Further the modus operandi or the operational plan will be discussed stage wise with the estimated cost for taking this forward.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

The Chamber celebrated its 5th Anniversary of the Sustainable Chennai Forum in November 2016. This was a follow up of the earlier Seminar held in 2014 on ‘Inclusive Urban Prosperity’ with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) as the Knowledge Partner wherein the concept of setting up a Chennai Urban Observatory was discussed.

15th June 2017 susta ina b le ch e nna i f orum

Green Freight Project Stake Holders Meet by MCCI & IIT M

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017


The Chamber in partnership with the Center of Excellence in Urban Transport, at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, organized a meeting on “Sustainable Urban Freight in Chennai” on Thursday, 15th of June, 2017 at GRT Grand, Chennai. Mr. J. Krishnan gave an introduction about the importance of Urban freight and the welcomed the participants. Mr. Ravi Gadepalli from Shakthi Sustainable Energy Foundation gave an introduction about their organization and explained about their involvement in sustainable green freight. Dr. Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Madras gave a briefing about the experience and findings from the from the research conducted by IIT M in the project titled “To develop a comprehensive freight-planning framework for Chennai” sponsored by Shakthi Sustainable Energy Foundation, Delhi. His team members presented the project in detail to the participants under the sub headings, Data Collection to build database, Creation of Geographic Information System(GIS), Time varying travel time maps for freight truck routing, Freight trip generation models and Truck emission data collection. This was a forum to bring together the stakeholders including government, industry, and academia and

Ms.K.Saraswathi, Secretary General, MCCI welcoming the audience. Speakers in the Dais (l to r : Mr.J.Krishnan, Member, MCCI General Committee ; Mr.Ravi Gadepalli, Shakti Foundation & Dr.Gita Krishnan, Assistant Professor , Dept. of Civil Engineering, IITM

serve as a platform to brainstorm and discuss various solutions to positively impact city logistics towards reducing congestion and emissions. The 25 participants included consultants on Infrastructure, senior representatives from CMDA, Corporation and Railways. The ideas and deliberations paved way for the shaping the scope and objectives of the next phase of this project.

24th June 2017

Interactive meeting with Mr.Suresh Prabhu, Union Railways Minister, GoI The Chamber organized a brief interactive session with Mr.Suresh Prabhu, Union Railways Minister, GoI during his visit to Chennai on at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Chennai. Mr. Ram Venkataramani welcomed the Union Minister and Mr. Udayabhaskar Reddy, Chairman, Logistics Committee raised core issues consolidated by the Chamber to the Minister. Mr. Suresh Prabhu informed the Chamber to get in touch with the GM- Southern Railways and stated that the

Members of the Chamber interacting with the Minister

issues which were highlighted would be looked into by the GM to whom he has delegated his powers to take necessary action.

g e ne ra l com m itte e

The Minister briefed on the Public Private Partnership which the Railways plan to introduce to redevelop the railway stations. He urged the representatives from the Chamber to organize a road show along with Railways and to provide the necessary inputs for the strategic report of the railways for 2030. With regard to policy issues, the Minister welcomed the inputs and suggestions. The meeting was attended by key members from the General Committee and Logistics Committee.

Hon’ble Minister Shri Suresh Prabhu addressing the members


General Committee In the General Committee meetings held from April to June 2017, GST was the topic which was discussed in detail and the Chamber has plans to create awareness for the members through various forums. A few seminars have already been held on GST by the Chamber.

Expert Committee • CSR • Manufacturing

OTHER MEETINGS l The liaison Committee headed by Mr. Ram Venkataramani,

President, MCCI had a meeting with Mr. Atultya Misra, Principal Secretary, Industries Department on 11th April 2017. The other members who attended the meeting included Mr. S.G.Prabhakharan, Mr. Ramkumar Ramamoorthy, Mr. Raghuttama Rao and Ms. K.Saraswathi.

l Ms. K.Saraswathi attended the Foundation Stone Laying

Ceremony of World Trade Center Chennai at Perungudi on 9th June 2017

l Ms. K.Saraswathi attended the meeting held by the delegation

led by Shri Niranjan Pujari, Minister (Industries), Government of Odisha on 22nd June 2017

l Mr. S. Sankaranarayanan, Deputy Secretary of the Chamber

along with Mr. Udayabhaskar Reddy, Chairman, Logistics Committee attended the interactive session organized by the Chief Commissioner of Chennai, Customs zone on the Ease of doing business.

l Ms. K.Saraswathi attended the South East CEO Conclave & Awards 2017 by Exim India Shipping Times on 30th June 2017.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

The Following Committees had their meetings in the month of December 2016, January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017.

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Challenges of transporting heavy lift consignments on Indian roads.


Mr. Pankaj Gadhia, CEO, Lee & Muirhead Pvt Ltd and Co Chairman, MCCI Logistics Committees Today with 660 MW and 800MW supercritical power plants being developed by NTPC, movement by road of generator stator packages weighing between 340MT to 460MT is not uncommon in India. Very sophisticated world class equipment are available for transporting heavy lift cargo on Indian roads. This is a boon to companies dealing in sensitive over dimensional equipment like transformers, generators etc. Any movements of single packages upto 100MT generally is a challenge with any hydraulic axle operator can manage depending on the terrain and the condition of bridges enroute. However, single package movement beyond 100MT needs extensive planning and study. Some of the challenges are as under: • Bridges:

Old, weak and damaged bridges enroute.

Multi-span long bridges

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

• Electrified Railway Level Crossings: height levels.

• Major constraint consignments:



ity in


Overhead structures (road/ rail overhead bridges, welcome boards, pedestrian foot bridges). • Toll Plaza’s: Sufficient lane width not available for over width consignments • Road conditions: Major section of national & state highways in India are double carriage with road width from 6 to 7 M with no dividers. This leads to avoidable accidents. Poses major challenge for haulage of over width consignments where width is more. Not uncommon to find packages with width of +6m. Suitable parking and reworking area is not at all available on double carriage roads. • Road Safety Awareness: Priority given by crew to road safety still inadequate which results in fatal accidents. Overall cost and revenue structure forces operators to cut corners.

Lack of reputed, professional and recognized training schools is leading to unskilled crew who learn while on the job. This in turn increases chances of accidents. • Low & High Tension Overhead wires: The average height of such overhead wires is 5 to 5.50M. Major constraint for over height consignments. • Transport Equipment: Some operators are still using old transport equipment. Some are even more then 15 years old, without proper maintenance record. This leads to several accidents en-route resulting in damage to both cargo and transport equipment’s. New generation transport equipment are available but some operators not willing to upgrade because of falling freight values. • Manpower: Educated youngsters are not attracted towards this sector for various reasons. The positive development to note on the other hand is that today there are operators who are willing to invest in skilled manpower & world class new generation equipment in order to meet the ever increasing challenges of transporting more and more over dimensional & over weight cargo. Further, MNCs customers in India have brought in a huge change in the mind set of operators expecting world class service with very detailed planning and not compromising on the quality of equipment, resources and test runs. This in turn has minimized room for error. Some of the new transport equipment available in India are: • Wind energy sector: Telescopic extendable semitrailers which can carry upto 85m long blades for wind mill industry. • Higher capacity hydraulic modular trailers with a payload capacity upto +40MT per axle line. • Girder bridge combination trailer to carry heavy and dense generators and transformers across multi-span long bridges. • Self-propelled modular trailers for maneuvering heavy loads in limited and restricted area like inplant haulage etc. • Drop deck trailers for transporting over height packages to reduce the over-all transport height. Specially for crossing over head structures. • High capacity prime movers with higher torque power to pull heavy weight packages.

Solutions to successfully execute haulage of over dimensional and over weight packages:

Apart from right operators, each of such over dimensional & over weight packages has its own challenges and requires detailed & unique planning for safe delivery to destination.

Feasibility study / route survey to conclude the most suitable and safest transport route and identify the constraints.

• Selection of suitable transport equipment to meet the challenges i.e. multi-span long bridges, electrified railway level crossings, etc. • Obtaining statutory clearances from various Govt. departments.

Deployment of trained and skilled manpower to operate new generation heavy duty transport equipment.

Once the transport planning including selection of suitable transport equipment is prepared, a very detained execution plan i.e. Method Statement is arrived in consultation with the owner of the packages. With the help of this execution manual, a successful transport solution can be designed. Coupled with precise execution with options for whatif scenarios, success is being achieved with complex transportation on Indian roads today.

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Domestic Enquiry vis-à-vis Enquiry under POSH Ms. Madhri Guruswamy, Advocate, T.S. Gopalan & Co. and Member, MCCI HR & IR and Legal Committee

Domestic Enquiry

However, if the employer receives a complaint of sexual harassment against an employee, the enquiry should be conducted in terms of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (“POSH Act”). An establishment should understand the difference between conducting a domestic enquiry and enquiry conducted under the POSH Act. Some differences are provided below: Enquiry under POSH

Enquiry Conducted Independent officer appointed Internal Complaints Committee (“ICC”) formed by by the Management conducts under the POSH Act conducts the enquiry. It the enquiry. is a statutory committee and has powers of a Civil Court Complaint Knowledge Employer:

A complaint is not compulsory There should be a complaint by an Aggrieved at all times Woman to

the The employer has knowledge The employer need not have knowledge about of the domestic enquiry the enquiry conducted by the ICC


A charge sheet is issued to No charge sheet is issued but the complaint the employee copy is given by the ICC/LCC as the case may be.

Show Cause Notice

A show cause notice is Summons is issued to the Respondent after issued to the charge-sheeted providing copy of the complaint employee


It is mandatory to provide the There is no requirement for the parties to come delinquent an opportunity to face to face during a POSH enquiry. cross-examine witnesses.

Role of Management It is necessary for Management to present witness and documents. The Management has the burden of proof

The Management has no role in a POSH enquiry and no burden of proof on the Management. The complainant would need to prove her complaint.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Industrial jurisprudence has mandated the employers to give an opportunity to an erring employee before initiating any action for any misconduct committed by the said employee. This means that an impartial enquiry officer must be appointed, documents should be shared, witnesses must be examined and crossexamined and sufficient opportunity must be given to the employee to defend his case by following the principles of natural justice.

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The Enquiry Officer only The Complaints Committee will give a finding provides whether the charges on the charges at the first instance. After are proved or not proved. sharing the finding with the delinquent also recommends the punishment to be given to the erring employee.

Second Show Cause It is a must to issue second The Complaints Committee can share its Notice show cause notice before recommendations and invite comments. imposing punishment Conciliation

No possibility of conciliation

There is a possibility of conciliation at the instance of the aggrieved woman but settlement cannot be monetary compensation.


The Disciplinary Authority/ The Complaints Committee will decide the Management will decide and punishment and the employer is bound to impose the punishment. follow the recommendation. Employer will not have any discretion with regard to the punishment.

While there is no time limit to complete a domestic enquiry, an enquiry under the POSH Act has to be completed in a time bound manner. Employers and employees make a common error of applying principles that are applicable to domestic enquiry to an enquiry under POSH Act viz., cross-examination of witnesses, examining whether there is a prima-facie case, issue of second show cause notice etc. It is therefore important for an employer to understand the difference between the enquiry conducted under the POSH Act and the regular domestic enquiry.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Introduction to new members Name of the company E Orchids Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd Skyhigh Arts Pvt. Ltd Saravana Global Energy Ltd ZRII Trust Waterfalls Institute of Technology Transfer

Classification IT / ITES IT / ITES Manufacturing Affiliate Affiliate

Aspiration Energy Pvt. Ltd Fumigation Services Pvt. Ltd HDFC Bank


Phoenix Legal


Service Banks

Athena Infonomics India IT / ITES Pvt. Ltd Gajra Pai and Zhu Pvt. Ltd Consultants Rattha Holding Company Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd Hanon Automotive Systems Automotive Industry India Pvt. Ltd K & S Partners Consultants Apollo Tyres Ltd Manufacturing BBSK Associates Chartered Accountants Omega Techniks India Pvt. Ltd


Mercato Trade House


Brief description Specializes in Web Application Development, Multimedia Services and Enterprise Collaboration Platforms. ISoftware publishing, Consultancy and Supply. Manufacturer of Alumina porcelain and Composite Insulators for all applications from 11kV to 1200kV CSR activities for Corporates and other institutions Scientific research in the areas of technology development, transfer, adoption, absorption and upgradation of technology and in particular environment friendly technologies; Solar Energy Services Fumigation Services Banking service Full service law firms, offering an extensive range of transactional, regulatory, advisory and dispute resolution services. Policy research and development analytics firm Market access consulting Building of complete constructions or parts thereof;civil engineering Manufacturing of Motor Vehicle Parts Intellectual Property Rights firm Manufacturers of Tyres Practicing CA Manufacturing Sheet metal press parts , Sheet Metal Fabrications (Light and Medium) and Sub assemblies for various applications Exporters of Palm Sugar , Organic Food and importers of Confectionary

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Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

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Govt. unveils new hydrocarbon policy


Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan introduced a new oil and gas block licensing policy that is expected to open up 2.8 million square kilometres of sedimentary basins to exploration and production activities. The lack of seismic sedimentary basin data had been hampering the oil and gas exploration and production sector, the minister said, adding that 52% of India’s sedimentary basins had not been appraised as yet.

Ordinance to amend SEZ Act likely The government is likely to bring in an ordinance to amend the SEZ Act to bring it in line with the Goods and Services Tax (GST), due on July 1. The Commerce Ministry is working on the same, a source said.

Volume 31, No. 1 – April 2017 – May 2017

Certain provisions in the special economic zone (SEZ) Act, 2005, are not consistent with the GST regime and need to be made compatible. For instance, the duty drawback norms, under which an exporter is compensated for duties during the course of production of goods, are required to be in sync with the new indirect tax structure. Under the current rules, SEZ units get a service tax exemption and the developers are exempted from customs or excise duty for development of zones for authorised operations.

Transfer pricing: rule on adjustment notified The Income Tax Department has come out with rules for operationalising the provisions of secondary adjustment in books of accounts to reflect actual allocation of profits between a company and its arm. The Finance Act 2017 has inserted Section 92CE in the I-T Act to give effect to the secondary adjustment norms, which are based on OECD’s transfer pricing guidelines for multinational enterprises and tax administrations. It is also provided that where the excess money available with the associated enterprise on primary adjustment is not repatriated to India within the prescribed time, it shall be deemed to be an advance made by the assessee to such associated enterprise.

CBDT seeks comment on PoEM rule changes Draft notification put up on website The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has sought comments from the public on some modifications and amendments it had made to the Place of Effective Management (PoEM) Rules. The circular has dealt in detail with the issues that a foreign firm is likely to face in its first year of constituting a resident in India owing to its PoEM being in India

Centre may extend sops for exporters They may be part of the FTP review With exporters raising concerns over the issue of working capital under the upcoming GST regime, the Commerce Ministry is expected to provide incentives such as enhanced interest subsidy to sectors like agricultural commodities to boost exports. The incentives could be announced as part of the foreign trade policy review, an official said.

Centre notifies rules on capital gains tax Acquisition of shares through IPOs, employee stock options, by venture capital funds and QIPs, exempt The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has come out with a final notification specifying the securities transactions that would attract capital gains tax where the securities transaction tax (STT) hasn’t been paid. An amendment has been made in the Finance Act 2017 to curb the declaration of unaccounted income as exempt long-term capital gains under the previous provisions of the Income Tax Act by entering into fake transactions. The amendment notification specifies the transactions on which the tax would apply and those on which tax would be exempt.

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Mcci intouch - April - May 2017  

GST – The Game changer? All over India, the buzzword has been GST especially in the last week of June 2017.

Mcci intouch - April - May 2017  

GST – The Game changer? All over India, the buzzword has been GST especially in the last week of June 2017.

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