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7 Glorious Days & Nights on the Norwegian Spirit all for just $987




Explore Exotic Destinations, Enjoy Great Company, Wonderful Speakers, Discussions & Classes, Visit Mayan Ruins, Shop Humble Villages, See Rainforest via Treetops, Tube Through a River Cave . . . the options are endless! Discover ancient wisdom, empower healthy ideas, reconnect, co-create and PLAY in ways that will strengthen our holistic community and help us stay connected after we get home!

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Free Bone Scan Did you know that bone loss can start as early as 30, but bone density tests are not usually covered by insurance? Visit Whole Foods Market and have your bone density measured in under 1 minute. Learn more about lifestyle, diet and nutrition choices you can make to protect your health.


For a Free Bone Scan Visit: 601 N Main Street, Providence, RI Wednesday, July 6 @ 3pm–6pm P: 401.621.5990 261 Waterman Street, Providence, RI Wednesday, July 6 @ 10am–1pm P: 401.272.1690 151 Sockanosset Cross Road, Cranston, RI Thursday, July 7 @ 10am–4pm P: 401.942.7600

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Natural Awakenings is your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. In each issue readers find cutting-edge information on natural health, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, creative expression and the products and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

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by Judith Fertig


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by Lauressa Nelson


A Practical Guide to Choosing and Using Sunscreen Effectively by Brian A. Guadagno

24 SHARING OUR WORLD Simply Sharing Can

Solve Big Challenges


by Neal Gorenflo and Jeremy Adam Smith




by Jayne DeRouin


Here’s How to Pay Less for AC by Brita Clark Howard



by Helen Graves

natural awakenings

July 2011




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appy summer! For many of us, these few months are the reason we deal with the less than optimal weather all winter long. The simplicity of no winter coats, no shoveling, locally grown vegetables, walks in the park, cooking on the grill, and so much more brings us easy peace. Our editorial theme this month, “Living Simply” is very appropriate. It seems our world has become so complicated with things that were designed to make life easier. As we become more and more reliant on the technological wonders of computers, cell phones and global positioning devices, we are losing some basic skills. Our handwriting and spelling is deteriorating quickly since so much is done on the computer, our memory for phone numbers has all but disappeared over the last 15 years as we rely on our phone to remember the numbers for us. Finding our way from place to place no longer requires street names and memory or maps, we can just plug in the address and the little GPS unit tells us where to go.. Check writing, balancing our accounts, adding, subtracting, and other math skills, all gone with the use of calculators built into every device we carry. Do these things really make our lives simpler? What happens when the computer goes down, you lose your phone and your GPS goes on the fritz? Can we really use the opportunity to slow down and smell the proverbial roses? I think so, but we need to make it a conscious thought and remember that we do not have to be “on” all the time. Thanks to the wonders of yet another device designed to make life easier, I have been reading Louisa May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’ from a free download on my Kindle electronic book reader. I must have read it the first time when I was around nine or ten. Many of the things I’ve mentioned were not around then but I do remember it being a rather large book. It is so much easier to read it on the Kindle, and carry it around wherever I am. But what is striking me is the simplicity in the book, and I’m not missing the irony of how I’m reading it. The simple life they led was based around family and community. They recognized and embraced that the love they had was more valuable than all the possessions they might amass. We so often run around as if on a perpetual hamster wheel doing more and always having more to be done. One of the things we try to do with Natural Awakenings is talk about balance in our lives. Not just working all the time but recognizing the importance of spending time with family, nature and ourselves. I hope you’ll take some time this month to leave the cell phone behind, take a walk in a park or nature preserve, pick some berries or vegetables, remember the people around you and the days just a few years ago when things were a little simpler. The peace it brings is immeasurable; the love it engenders is amazing. July is here. Enjoy New England!

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Maureen Cary, Publisher

Natural Awakenings is printed on recycled newsprint with soybased ink.


Rhode Island Edition

newsbriefs All That Matters Hosts Indigenous Instrumental Duo


osted by All That Matters in Wakefield, Martin Klabunde and Wing Man Rita Law will present an entire weekend of original, indigenous music on African instruments and more. The first of this special musical event is called The Sounds of Indigenous Music, and runs from 7-9 p.m. on July 22. Martin and Wing Man’s performances are both upbeat and meditative, while Martin Klabunde introducing the Adungus (Ugandan harps), the Akogos (Ugandan Kalimbas), the Djembes (Guinea drums) and the Native American drum and Australian didgeridoo. Cost is $12 by July 21 and $18 thereafter. The weekend-long celebration continues with Drums of Transformation: Trance Dance, on Saturday, July 23 from 7-8:30 p.m. Participants will honor the divinity and free the spirit within themselves through a powerful meditation of sound and movement. Cost is $12 before July 22; $18 thereafter. This musical event continues through the weekend, July 22-24, with Awakening Through Music, which recognizes the long and powerful history of indigenous music. Participants will experience the ancient practices of music and drumming as powerful tools for transformation during this adventurous and meaningful weekend of drumming ceremonies, speaking presentations, music performances, and symbolic activities. Klabunde and Law believe that “immersion in the inspirational vibrations of music and drumming can unlock the doors to inner wisdom and heal emotional, physical, and spiritual beings.” No drumming experience is necessary and instruments will be provided or participants can bring their own. All three programs cost $350, visit website for more information. Martin Klabunde and Wing Man Rita Law have many decades of musical immersion, healing, shamanism, and psychology around the globe. Their mission is to promote greater emotional well-being through music and higher states of consciousness within communities. All That Matters is located at 315 Main Street in Wakefield. For more information call 401-782-2126, email or visit For more information about Martin Klabunde and Wing Man Rita Law, visit See ad page 32.


Seeds to Trees ORGANIC LANDSCAPING and personal gardening

401-641-0948 Zachary Paquette

THINK BEFORE YOU BUY: make the green choice.





Offering Holistic Therapies that Integrate the Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit


fi n






h in yo ur


Shari Bitsis • 401-465-4249 • Call or e-mail for appointment or more info Located in Seekonk, MA


For more information or call


INDIVIDUALIZED LESSONS FOR INDIVIDUALS! Barbara Bourgette, photographer natural awakenings

July 2011


newsbriefs Waterman Eco-Challenge ‘Come Out & Paddle!’

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Intensive at Motion Center

xtreme Big Wave World Champion, Garrett McNamara and Hawaiian Lifesavers will join Narragansett Surf Rescue to host the Waterman Eco-Challenge 2011 on Saturday July 16 and Sunday, July 17 at Narragansett Town Beach to raise awareness toward ocean and sun safety. Everyone is invited to come down and enter a 3 mile open ocean paddle race. Proceeds will support the Narragansett Surf Rescue Junior Lifeguard Program.   This event will serve to further promote Narragansett Town Beach, Narragansett Parks & Recreation and Narragansett Surf Rescue as the premier venue and programs in the Northeast for responsible summer fun and Ocean Safety. Over the past decade Narragansett Surf Rescue has continued to grow its platform of professionalism and excellence, both competitively and daily through beach safety operations. This platform has given Narragansett Lifeguards the opportunity to team with the Hawaiian Lifesavers and introduce WaveJet, a jet powered eco-friendly rescue board to lifesaving in a Professional Rescue Clinic.   On Saturday, July 16, events will include a three-mile open paddle race (cost is $40), a Stand Up Paddle Board clinic, Narragansett Surf Rescue Ocean and Sun safety  patron clinics, a P.W.C./Wavejet Professional Rescue Course and more. On Sunday, July 17, tents will remain up and the previous day’s events will be repeated.

or thousands of years, yoga has been taught from teacher to student on a one-to-one basis. Traditionally, a student has been taken through his or her own development at an appropriate pace. This method is still used in Mysore, India where Sri K. Pattabhi Jois taught this method, and his grandson, R. Sharath Rangaswamy, teaches today. Beginning July 18 through July 22, Motion Center will host a Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Intensive from 7-9 a.m. each day. Cost is $108 and is limited to eight students. In Mysore classes, students are taught individually in a group setting. Jill Manning, who has devoted herself to the practice of yoga since 1988, will guide both beginners and experienced practitioners. Each student will work within the traditional series, but with integrity at his or her own pace. Manning recently received her certification to teach Ashtanga yoga. She is one of only three certified instructors in the Northeast, and the only in Rhode Island.



Motion Center is located at 111 Chestnut Street in Providence. For more information or to register, call 401-654-6650, email or visit

For more information, visit


Concordia Searching for the purpose of your life?

If questions keep coming up for you, the answer may be closer than you think. If the messages of Eckhart Tolle, Louise Hay and Dr. Michael Beckwith resonate with you, you’ll feel right at home with us.

Sunday Celebration Service 9:15 – 10:30 am Youth Program ages 5 & up 9:15 – 10:30 am Childcare provided for children under 5 Community Fellowship immediately following

Reverend Ian Taylor Spiritual Leader

Learn how to get control of your life through nutrition. Balance your Mind; Balance your Body; Balance your Life.

Healing Heart Meditation Service Wednesday 7:00 to 8:00 pm

Located at 292 West Shore Road, Warwick, RI 02889 (401)732-1552 ● ● Affiliated with United Centers for Spiritual Living


Rhode Island Edition



Matrix Energetics Offers Transformative Seminars


his summer and fall, Matrix Energetics will offer several transformative healing seminars around the country. Introductory seminars will take place in Baltimore, Denver, San Diego, Boston and Chicago, with advanced seminars scheduled in San Diego, Newark and Fort Lauderdale. Matrix Energetics, a consciousness technology supporting insight, healing and spiritual growth, was born from a set of energetic treatments discovered by Dr. Richard Bartlett in his chiropractic and naturopathic practice. Using principles of quantum and energy physics, Bartlett says this teachable, transferable system helps individuals shift into a more balanced state and create fresh possibilities in their lives. “Matrix Energetics offers easy-to-learn techniques and strategies for enhancing all areas of life, such as health, family, career, relationships and finances,” he explains.” Once you learn to catch the wave of Matrix Energetics, it can become whatever you let it. Some of my students have developed abilities I’ve never dreamed of having.” Bartlett is the author of several books, including Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation; The Matrix Energetics Experience; and The Physics of Miracles. For seminar locations and registration information, call 1-800-269-9513, email or visit Friday night demonstrations are always free and open to the public, space permitting.

watch your business


Let us help you live each day to its fullest! Do you suffer from: CHRONIC PAIN,


At The Center For Preventive Medicine we do not differentiate between the mind, body, and spirit. Our treatments follow the ancient strategies of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine integrated with modern health care technology and healing practices.

Call now for your free center for Consultation Evaluation preventive

Why suffer another day?


191 Nashua St, Providence RI 02904


natural awakenings

medicine July 2011



Peace Love and Harmony Summer Camp Series

Join Pat Hastings on Holistic Cruise


at Hastings, author of Simply a Woman of Faith has been selected to be one of the speakers on the Holistic Community Cruise to Mayan Country being organized for January 8–15, 2012. During the cruise, Hastings will present “How to Say No to Others and Yes to Yourself.” The Norwegian Spirit cruise ship Pat Hastings will depart from New Orleans to tour the Western Caribbean with visits to Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico, as well as Belize City, Belize and Isla Roatan, Honduras. Each of these ports are home of Mayan Ruins. “We’ll nurture and empower ourselves and each other,” says Hastings. “All are invited to share and reinforce healthy ideas and Universal Principals that make living on Earth a privilege and a joy. We’ll play and network in extraordinary ways that will continue to keep us connected even after returning home.” In addition to the first class all-inclusive dining and entertainment, the group will share in inspiring events and fun activities that will deepen self-awareness and deepen connections with each other. For more information, email or visit and click on ‘Cruise.’

Not feeling well? Whatever your health issue,

get to the root of the issue with Asyra

Testing & Energetic Homeopathic.


m Kids Yoga Center is teaming up with Zabinski Music Studio for a fun-filled summer of yoga, art and music. Children will participate in yoga and music classes, drum circles, and games that will help them learn techniques to help them breath and relax. Craft projects include yoga mat painting, guitar pic collages, thankful boxes, chalkboard murals, jewelry making and more. The first session will be held July 11-15 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for kids age three to five. Session two will take place August 1-5 from 1:30-4:30 p.m. for 6-10 year olds. Cost for each session is $175, which includes yoga and music classes, snacks, crafts and a yoga mat. Om Kids Yoga Center is located at 999 Main Street, Suite 702. To reserve, call 401-303-3667. For more information, visit See ad on page 33.

Biological Energetic/Biofeedback Testing

is understood, accepted and widely used at the most progressive institutions throughout the world. It is based on the Chinese Medical theory that improper energy flow through the acupuncture meridians causes energy imbalances in the body.

It is endorsed by many doctors.

• Comprehensive Analysis • Hormone Evaluation • Allergy Analysis • Sleep Disturbances • Digestive Maladies Also includes evaluation of over 5,000 items such as: Bacteria, Viruses, Cell Salts, Chemical Toxins, Fungi, Heavy Metals, Neurotransmitters and Parasites.

• Naturopathic Consulting • Ionic Foot Baths • Hair Analysis • Far-Infrared Sauna • Reflexology • Electromagnetic Therapy

54 High Street, Westerly, RI 02891 / 401-596-5700 / 8

Rhode Island Edition

Two For One at Inner Health


nner Health Colon Hydrotherapy has added a second Angel of Water machine to reduce waiting times for appointments and accommodate clients’ requests for sessions more quickly. To commemorate the addition, Inner Health is offering a two-for-one special for new clients and their family or friends—two clients for the price one during the month of July. “The machines are in separate rooms, so they will still have the utmost in privacy, and can take advantage of the ‘buddy system’ to realize what ends up being a 50 percent savings,” says Lori DeLang, certified colon hydrotherapist. DeLang has more than eight years of experience and is I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists) certified. Inner Health is located at The Healing Center 450 Chauncy Street (Route 106) in Mansfield, MA. For more information, call 508-261-1611 or visit See ad on page 23.

Green Envy Eco-Boutique

Feel Good about what you buy. Everything we sell is organic, fair trade or eco-friendly

Did you know clothing made from BAMBOO feels like CASHMERE? SAVING THE








223 Goddard Row, Brick Market Place, Newport, RI 401.619.1993

A Journey of Hope, Rejuvenation & Peace Within Radio Host Panel

SHARING THEIR WISDOM TO RAISE ENLIGHTENED AWARENESS This Event is a True Creation from a Higher Source We are Coming Together in Service To Inspire Come Fill Up with a Beautiful Love Energy that Will Stay With You

45 $ 40 ifSeptpaid1.before $

includes lunch

Sponsored By

October 1, 2011 • 9am-4pm The Lantana, Randolph MA Open Forum Hour / Special Time to Connect Special Surprises / Delicious Boxed Lunch

Speakers Deborah Beauvais

Turn Your Present Power into Enlightened Action

Roland Comtois

The Power of Eternal Love

Laura Lester Fournier

The Four Essential Energies That Will Make This Time of Your Life the Best Ever!

Ada Marie

Plucking Out Your Negative Vibrations

Susan Baker

The Healing Power of Proper Nutrition for Cancer

For Tickets and to learn more, go to or email A PORTION OF THE PROCEEDS DONATED TO: HORIZONS FOR HOMELESS CHILDREN natural awakenings

July 2011


newsbriefs Summer Proof Hair With Sun Care

Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island Now Offering Services


irst Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island has opened its doors to the community. The church is the first in Rhode Island focused on spiritualism—a belief that centers on a continuous life, a life that lives on even after death. Services are held on Sundays from 10–11:30 a.m. at Positive New Beginnings in East Providence. The new community-based church will feature a different speaker each week, as well as meditation during the services. The goal of the Spiritualist Church is to help each person discover their own understanding of God, the Divine, and Spirit through the science, philosophy, and religion of Spiritualism. The church offers a safe place for anyone seeking their own spiritual path, while being supported by unconditional love. Each week, members of the church who are healers offer laying-on-of-hands healing services. In addition, the church will offer special classes and events in addition to their weekly services. First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island’s services are held at Positive New Beginnings, 873 Waterman Avenue in East Providence. For more information, visit See ad page 44.

Yoga on the Square


ody Kneads Yoga is offering yoga classes all summer long at the gazebo at Garden City Center in Cranston. It is free to participate, but donations to Big Sisters of Rhode Island are gratefully accepted. Classes start at 3 p.m. on Sundays, June 26, July 10, July 24, August 7 and August 21. Classes are open to everyone. ChildPlay Yoga classes will be offered simultaneously, so individuals are encouraged to bring the kids along. Attendees will receive a Whole Foods Market goodie bag. No pre-registration is necessary—just drop by with a mat and a smile!


osebud Salon is offering customers a way to cleanse, restore and protect their hair this summer with the Aveda Paraben Free Sun Care Line. The line includes Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser, designed to cleanse salt and chlorine from the body and hair; Sun Care AfterSun Hair Masque to restore sun-exposed hair; and Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, which protects hair with 16 hour, water resistant sun defense. Natural sunscreen ingredients include cinnamon bark and wintergreen—all a must for the beach bag. Rosebud Salon is an AVEDA concept salon offering a full range of services including cut and style, hair color, manicures and pedicures, makeup application, organic waxing, and much more. Rosebud Salon is located at 90 Spruce Street in Providence. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 401-272-4676 or visit See ad page 15.

For more information, call Body Kneads Yoga at 401-632-0878 or visit

Sarah C. Whitehead, MA Meditation, Shamanism and Natural Health

Richard Sylvester, MA

Sacred Tradition Evolves

The Providence Institute for Contemplative Study and Natural Health

Contemplative Psychotherapy Meditation and Group Therapy!/Prov_Institute

18 Imperial Pl. 6A, Providence, RI 02903 | 401.270.5443 | 10

Rhode Island Edition

A Weekend with Bhagavan Das


antosha Yoga Studio will host “The Temple of Sound,” a three-day Kirtan and Nada Yoga workshop intensive with Bhagavan Das, a Master of Nada Yoga, on July 15-17. All are invited to come experience the heart and mind open as participants meditate, chant and share in the extraordinary workshop. The Kirtan Celebration will take place Friday, July 15 from 7-10 p.m. Cost is $25 in advance, or $30 at the door. On Saturday, July 16, the workshop, “The Wisdom of Devotion, Part One: Consecration of the Lower Triangle,” Bhagavan Das will be held from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., and resuming from 3-6 p.m. Cost is $140 in advance or $150 at the door. Also on Saturday, a Satsang titled “The Flame of Living Love. What is the Guru?” will be held from 8-10 p.m. Cost is $30 in advance or $35 that evening. The weekend will wrap up on Sunday, July 17 with “The Wisdom of Devotion Part Two: Sanctification of the Upper Triangle,” from 11-1 p.m. and continuing at 3-6 p.m. Cost is $140 in advance/$150 at door. Bhagavan Das is a teacher, performer, counter-cultural icon and lover of God. As Ram Das’s mentor (author of Be Here Now) he ushered in the New Age Spiritual Movement as the first Kirtan artist in America. Living as a sadhu in India for six years, Bhagavan Das studied the ancient science of Nada Yoga under the guidance and direction of his Guru, Neem Karoli Baba. Santosha Yoga Studio is located at 14 Bartlett Avenue in Cranston. For additional information, call 401-780-9809 or visit



GAY BEN TRE´ D.Ac., M.A.O.M., R.N.

Acupuncture * Herbs * EFT * Energy Medicine * NLP * Hypnosis


• Reduce Anxiety and Stress • Relieve All Types of Pain • Balance Hormones Naturally • Transform Sexual Trauma • Make Peace With Your Weight • Overcome Obstacles and Self Sabotage 159 Gibbs Avenue, Newport 1 Richmond Square, Providence 401.207.4670

Being with Ron Ash Being explores the various modalities associated with self help and spirituality, master Divine guidance, connect to source energy and expand your consciousness.


Listen to Being with Ron Ash weekdays at 11am on WNRI 1380AM and WNRI.COM. Free Psychic Readings Mondays Katherine Glass / Tuesdays Joseph Lobrutto III Wednesdays Astrologer Tisch Aitken / Fridays Darshini and Medium Sherry Hopson For a complete show schedule and archives go to

a welcoming, comfortable and healing environment where quality time with patients is our priority • HERBAL MEDICINE • NUTRITIONAL THERAPY • AROMATHERAPY • ACUPUNCTURE • TUINA • SKINCARE • REIKI • MASSAGE THERAPY • PERSONAL CHEF •

Getting ready for the beach or a special summer event?

Kerri Parks MASTER ESTHETICIAN Skin Care to Prevent Sun Damage Bikini Waxing Skin Care to Repair Sun Damage

401-398-2933 5784 Post Road, Suite 5, East Greenwich, RI • 401.398.2933 •

natural awakenings

July 2011


Enza’s Hair Studio & Day Spa


Feel Your Tension Melt Away

Summer Reading Program Performances

Hair • Skin • Nails • Massage • Reiki • Reflexology

with one of our Facials, Massages, Body Treatments, Reiki, Reflexology, or a combination of these available services.

$50 off Simply Smooth Keritan Smoothing System helps control frizz and bulk $5 off JOICO Hair color has amino acids in the color that help condition hair and add shine


647-HAIR 90 Danielson Pike, North Scituate, RI 647-4247

Visit us online at

Empathic INSIGHTS Spiritual GUIDANCE & HEALING • • • •


By appointment:

MARY GRILLI RN Located within Santosha Yoga

14 Bartlett St, Cranston


hanti Muthu, owner of Manisha Yoga, Dance and Holistic Center, will take part in the 2011 Summer Reading Program Performances offered by Ocean State Libraries. Muthu will begin offering programs—which include 20 minutes of performance and 30 minutes of storytelling wherein participants will “dance out” the story—beginning August 1. Shanthi Muthu, formerly a software engineer, now follows her passion of wellness consulting Shanti Muthu through Authentic Yoga, meditation, Indian Dance, vegan/vegetarian cooking, Sanskrit chants, stress management workshops and more. She offers Indian culture classes in schools, and India-themed birthday parties with Henna, Kolam floor designs, and participatory storytelling through yoga postures and dance movements, enabling viewers to explore their body and to create various hand gestures for depicting objects, emotions, actions and ideas. For more information, visit


ealthy aven



Kathi Thiboutot

-Free Gluten re to Food S 80 Main Road, Tiverton, RI 02878

Sampling Event: by Amande & Artic Zero Saturday, July 23, 2011 from 10:30am to 4:00pm

Come enjoy Amande’s almondmilk yogurts in a variety of flavors, that are dairy, casein and soy-free and Artic Zero Ice Creams in a variety of flavors. All are lactose free, contain zero fat and are only 37 calories per serving.




Metaphysical, Spiritual, Self-Help & Natural Healing Books Unique Jewelry & Unusual Gifts Crystals, Natural Stones, Cards & Candles Music & Meditation CD’s, Kirlian Aura Photos

“An Old House Welcomes The New Age”


17 W. Main Street Wickford, RI 02852 Phone: (401)294-3981 Open Sun. & Mon. 12-5

Rhode Island Edition

Tues.-Sat. 10-6

Introduction to Mindfulness


nnie Geissinger, MA, LMHC, will present “Introduction to Mindfulness,” a class that will introduce the effective tools of Mindfulness meditation, body scan and gentle yoga. Participants will discover a means to reduce stress, while becoming more aware of authentic being, and learn ways to develop a steady practice to deeply support mental, physical and emotional health. Annie Geissinger, Materials include practice CDs MA, LMHC and handouts for home practice. The class is adapted from the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course created by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the UMass Medical School. The class is designed to support people with no previous experience of yoga or meditation, as well as those who practice regularly. Cost is $118 per session. Classes will be held at three different locations. The Healing Circle, located on the east side of Providence, All That Matters in Wakefield and The Swansea Center for Psychotherapy, in Swansea, Mass. For more information, call 401-226-5583 or email Visit our Mark Your Calendar listing on page 37 for specific dates and times.

Middletown Yoga Studio Offers Teacher Training Program


oga Alliance registered instructors Patti Doyle, E-RYT and Liz Lindh, ERYT will be leading a 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Program at the Innerlight Center for Yoga and Meditation in Middletown. The program begins on July 21 with three four-day intensives and runs one or two weekends a month from September through December. Teaching techniques and methodology including demonstration, smart sequencing, and assists with a strong emphasis on anatomical intelligence from a hands-on perspective will be offered. Participants will learn the meaning of Vinyasa—the union of breath and movement—and how to apply it to all of life. Some not-so-traditional postures will be taught as well as correct alignments, creative flow sequencing, and how to develop the ability to communicate physical and philosophical instructions clearly. An introduction to anatomy in relation to yoga will be offered along with meditation, pranayama and room-centering techniques that include Sanskrit chants. The meaning of the chakras and how they are influenced by specific asana and pranayama will be explained. Related subjects in the curriculum include yogic philosophy and lifestyle as taught in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and BKS Iyengar’s Light on Yoga, simple Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and nutrition, the code of ethics and standards to become a yoga teacher, and the business of yoga. The 200-hour training program costs $2600. Registration can be completed at Innerlight, 850 Aquidneck Avenue in Middletown or online at InnerlightYoga. com. For more information, call 401-849-3200. See ad on page 35.

Are you pleased with the levels of success in your life...

We can guide you in developing a path to your success and the achievement of your dreams.

…in your relationships, your career, in the fulfillment of your goals and dreams?

David Monson 181 Main Street, 2nd Flr Blackstone, MA 01504

Are you on a heading consistent with your view of a ‘Wonderful Life’?


Relieve pain

and improve function without medication Focus on retraining, restoring and maximizing your body’s natural movement patterns. OrthOpedics | pOst-Op rehabilitatiOn | nutritiOn and Fitness prOgrams

Charlestown Physical Therapy and Health Services Dr. Sara Michaud PT, DPT, ATC

3939 Old Post Rd., Charlestown, RI 02813



Faster Fat Loss in 14 days!! Try our 14 day fat flush and It’s Possible, get results- guaranteed!! Safe, Effective This is not a diet!! AND Affordable!! This works!!! for more info email:

Jen Zatorowski

NASM, Certified Personal Trainer


A new look starts for you NOW at


1102 Pontiac Ave, Cranston, RI 02920 • natural awakenings

July 2011


newsbriefs Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour Returns to Rhode Island


ircus Smirkus, Vermont’s award-winning international youth circus, returns to Rhode Island with Front Page Follies: Big Top Big News! Circus Smirkus will raise their Big Top at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Richmond on July 25 and July 26; with two daily shows at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. Proceeds from ticket sales support the Meadowbrook Waldorf School.

The traveling, non-profit youth circus will perform approximately 70 shows this summer, from the mountains of Vermont to the shores of Maine, with stops in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and upstate New York. Thirty stars, ages 10 to 18, bring youthful exuberance and polished skills from all parts of the country and the world. Circus Smirkus is the only American youth circus to put on a full-season tour under its own Big Top—a colorful, one-ring, European-made circus tent that seats 750. The touring company consists of some 80 people including the performers and coaches, counselors, costumers, tech crew, roustabouts, circus chefs and a live circus band. The show is full of exuberant talent and dazzling spectacle, with aerials, acrobatics, high wire, juggling, trapeze, clowning, live music and an array of brilliant costumes. This year’s tour continues the tradition of theme-based shows with a circus-style take on the news biz. Tickets can be purchased online at, at 877-SMIRKUS (877-764-7587) and at the Meadowbrook Waldorf School during school hours. See ad page 15.

Bayside Chiropractic Welcomes Dr. Meghan Schaffer to Eastside Practice


r. Meghan Schaffer has joined the staff of Bayside Chiropractic in Providence. Schaffer specializes in women and children’s whole body wellness care, including pregnancy, birth, and post-partum support. She also treats newborns and babies for feeding, colic, sleeping and birth Dr. Meghan Schaffer trauma concerns. Dr. Schaffer has completed post-graduate training in treating cranial distortions including plagiocephaly and torticolis. In addition, Dr. Schaffer utilizes Sacro-Occipital Technic™, a gentle whole body technique to balance the relationship between the Sacrum (tailbone area) and Occiput (base of skull). It is especially helpful for headaches, mobility issues like arthritis and joint pain, physical traumas, growing pains, orthodontic discomfort, digestive distress, PMS, menopause, stress, and much more. A patient’s first visit includes a complete physical, neurological, and orthopedic exam from a respectful, holistic approach. Dr. Schaffer will utilize non-intrusive indicators to determine the body’s needs, and how they should be treated. Dr. Schaffer is a professional member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and Sacro-Occipital Research Society International (SORSI). She is also a member of Rhode Island Birth Network (RIBN). Bayside Chiropractic, PC is located at 291 Waterman Street in Providence. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 401-223-0111 or visit


of Holistic Healers

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globalbrief Peace Prayers

Dalai Lama Leads Ritual Kalachakra for World Peace For the first time, His Holiness the Dalai Lama will confer the Kalachakra for World Peace ritual in our nation’s capital this month. “We believe it is capable of creating... peace of spirit, and therefore peace in the world,” he says. The Capital Area Tibetan Association is sponsoring the event, intended to inspire harmonious relationships and abiding peace in the hearts of all people, in gratitude to those that have supported the preservation of Tibet’s rich cultural heritage. Together, participants will act to promote the strength of compassion and wisdom so urgently needed to reduce conflict in today’s world. The 11-day event launches July 6, the 76th birthday of the Dalai Lama, recipient of 84 humanitarian commendations, including the Nobel Peace Prize. The occasion will begin with site consecration, chanting prayers and creation of a sand mandala by the monks of Namgyal Monastery. The Dalai Lama will then teach the foundations of Buddhism for three days, followed by the Kalachakra ritual dance and three days of empowerment. The ceremony will close with prayers on July 16.

rosebud Protect Your Hair salon and Skin with for women and men

‘s Natural Sun Protection Products.

Aveda Sun Care Line is a MUST this Summer!!! Protective Hair Veil is a sun screen for the hair with natural sun filters cinnamon bark and winter green giving your hair 16 hour defense.

Hair and Body Cleanser removes chlorine and salt from the hair and body maintaining moisture balance.

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If still available, tickets are sold at the door starting 1 hour before showtime.

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Adults $19 Children $17 July 2011



The Beauty of SUMMER BOREDOM Recapturing the Golden Days of Childhood by Lisa Gromicko

Remember those endless hours of imaginative play during your youth—tree climbing, making mud pies, flying kites, fishing, building forts/tree houses/lemonade stands, swimming, watching clouds, playground swinging, tea parties, making and then launching sailboats in the creek, catching fireflies/butterflies/ frogs, playing jacks and pickup sticks, jumping rope, hopscotch, rolling down hills, daisy chains, skipping rocks, backyard camping, neighborhood baseball games (with self-made rules), twilight games of hide ‘n’ seek and flashlight tag?


he summers of childhood are potent, enabling children to find their personal bliss and cultivate interests and memories that can last a lifetime. The gifts of less-structured summer days are precious, allowing time and space for the possibility of magical activities. Both children and parents benefit from unscheduled breathing room to revisit the forces of creativity and restore resiliency. Yet, according to a University of Michigan study, today’s children have as much as 12 hours less free time per week than 30 years ago. Kim John


Rhode Island Edition

Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting – Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids, urges parents to simplify their children’s schedules, to establish for them, “… islands of being, in the torrent of constant doing.”

We all require downtime to function well. Payne maintains that, “Rest nurtures creativity, which nurtures activity. Activity nurtures rest, which sustains creativity. Each draws from and contributes to the other.” More, boredom is a gift for children, “… a rare fuel to propel them forward,” writes Nancy Blakey, a columnist for Seattle’s Child magazine. Bonnie Harris, author of Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids, cites a lack of boredom in children today as the reason that many graduates flounder in the “real” world. Boredom works to spark the discovery of one’s own passions, inner resources, ingenuity and ability to be self-directed—all critical lifetime skills. Overscheduling often substitutes stimulation for experiencing self-discoveries that unlock the tremendous stored potential of a child’s inner resources and imagination. Remarks Payne, “A child who doesn’t experience leisure— or better yet, boredom—will always be looking for external stimulation, activity or entertainment… [and] a culture of compulsion and instant gratification. What also grows in such a culture? Addictive behaviors.” So, how do we find our way back to those simpler days? Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, likes, “The dugout in the weeds or leaves beneath a backyard willow, the rivulet of a seasonal creek, even the ditch between a front yard and the road—all of these places are entire universes to a young child. Expeditions to the mountains or national parks often pale, in a child’s eyes, in comparison with the mysteries of the ravine at the end of the cul-de-sac.” He recommends allowing children the time to be in nature to take walks, listen, play and learn. Time in nature allows the senses to become enlivened again. Sue Palmer, author of Toxic Childhood and 21st Century Boys, observes, “The loss of outdoor play and everyday adventures is particularly significant for children who have a tendency to be easily distracted or impulsive.”

Ch’i Spa

Eternal Energy

July Specials: Purchase any 90-Minute Massage and receive 50% off your next 90-Minute Massage

FAVORITE FAMILY PLAY DATES by April Thompson Join a family nature club: Meet up at Richard Louv’s Children & Nature Network has helped launch more than 100 nature clubs across North America and beyond. Member families make individual and collective play dates in area parks, gardens, hiking trails and other green spaces. Take an animal home tour: Start with Countless animals make their homes in or near our yards, yet they often escape our notice. Help children tune in to the many forms of shelters around them, from birds’ nests and tree hollows to beehives and burrowing holes. Make a green hour a daily highlight.

One of the biggest benefits of a slow summer, for everyone, is ‘play’ itself. There is compelling evidence of the essential need for this age-old childhood pasttime. So, encourage children to engage in the simple pleasures that will potentially create and strengthen the most glorious, blissful and ‘boring’ memories of their childhood summers—and we’ll likely rekindle our own. Lisa Gromicko has been a Waldorf early childhood educator for 16 years and has enjoyed spending many long summers with her sons, now 21 and 18; she looks forward to many more. Connect at

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July 2011



their peak later in summer. Both types help reduce inflammation, especially in occurrences associated with gout.

BERRY GOOD Reap Big Benefits from Summer’s Tiny Gems

by Judith Fertig


resh berries, nature’s little gems, full of flavor and flavonoids, reach their peak during the warmer months. Each berry’s burst of juicy deliciousness carries antioxidants, vitamins C and E, riboflavin and fiber that work to fight obesity, protect brain function and promote urinary health. The red, blue and purple pigments in berries, known as anthocyanins, also help our bodies detoxify, repair damaged DNA, fight cancer and help lower LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, levels. The Department of Food Science and Technology at Oregon State University cites scores of studies that point to the many health benefits from consuming a variety of fresh berries. Each berry offers not only a unique flavor and color, but also a particular health protection.


Rhode Island Edition

BLACK RASPBERRIES: The dark purple member of the raspberry family grows on low shrubs and ripens in summer. This member of the berry corps helps fight oral, esophageal and colon cancers. BLACKBERRIES AND MARIONBERRIES: Members of the rose family, these berries grow on shrubs and ripen in mid-to-late summer. Both help digestion and prevent salmonella growth. BLUEBERRIES: Powerhouse blueberries also grow on low shrubs and generally ripen in early summer. This renowned berry offers whole-body protection against many diseases and aging. CHERRIES: Sour cherries ripen in early summer, while sweet cherries reach

GRAPES: Dark purple Concord grapes, often found in home gardens or at farmers’ markets, ripen in the fall. Their resveratrol content is a key help in combating the effects of aging. STRAWBERRIES: These delicious favorites ripen throughout the year in various parts of the country. Strawberries help fight breast and cervical cancers. Home gardeners that grow berries know exactly what fertilizers and natural pesticides have been placed in or on them. Buying organic berries at the local farmers’ market or the grocery store ensures that the health benefits of fresh berries are not undercut by infiltrated pesticides or anti-fungal chemicals used by agribusiness, both here and abroad. Right before serving, berries may be gently rinsed, and then patted completely dry; they will keep well in the refrigerator as long as they are not crowded together. Summer berries can star in cool treats throughout the day. At breakfast, they’re a welcome wake-up flavor for cereal or yogurt. As a snack, they’re perfect whether eaten by the handful or turned into frozen yogurt pops. Seasonal berries can be combined with quinoa or couscous for easy summer salads. They also add a special note when friends and family toast the end of the day with an iced tea, enhanced with fresh blackberries and mint. Pairing berries with low-fat ingredients, whole grains, fresh produce and natural sweeteners makes for fast, fresh and fabulous summer dishes that keep us cool all summer long. Judith Fertig is a freelance writer in Overland Park, KS; see AlfrescoFood

Courtesy of Driscoll’s ©2010; all rights reserved.

Blueberry Couscous Salad with Mango, Onion, and Lemon Dressing This cool summer salad, with its fresh flavors, is easy to make and a pleasure to eat. Serves 4 ½ cup orange juice 1 /3 cup water ½ tsp natural salt, divided ¾ cup whole wheat couscous 1 package blueberries 1 cup fresh mango cubes 1 /3 cup chopped red onion 2 Tbsp chopped fresh mint 2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 /8 tsp black pepper Combine orange juice, water and ¼ tsp of the salt in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil. Stir in couscous; cover, remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes. Transfer couscous to a bowl and fluff with a fork; cool 10 minutes. Stir in remaining ¼ tsp salt, blueberries, mango, onion, mint, lemon juice, olive oil and pepper; mix well. Serve immediately or refrigerate until serving. Source: recipe library.

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

MOBILE Non-Dairy Soft Serve and Vegan Treats soft serve • shakes • floats frozen lemonade • candy bars

This blend, made even more delicious with a natural sweetener, is a summertime variation of homemade yogurt with fruit. If desired, freeze the mixture in a frozen pop mold to make individual frozen treats.

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safe container and freeze, uncovered, for 40 minutes. Using a fork, break up ice crystals and return to the freezer for 1 hour or until firm. (Alternatively, freeze in an ice cream maker, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.) Transfer to the refrigerator 15 minutes before serving. Serve in glass sundae dishes, garnished with strawberries and rose petals.

Serves 6 3 cups strawberries, hulled 1¾ cups plain yogurt 2 Tbsp liquid honey or 4 tsp agave syrup Additional strawberries Untreated rose petals In a blender, purée strawberries until smooth. Add yogurt and a natural sweetener of choice; pulse until evenly blended. Pour into a shallow, freezer-

Source: 175 Natural Sugar Desserts, by Angela and Ari Dayan, ©2007 Robert Rose Inc.; reprinted with permission.

Staying Healthy Never Tasted So Good! • Anti-aging, energy-boosting & invigorating! • Highest available antioxidant value per ounce • The most economical price & the best taste. • Provides support to the immune system. Distributors wanted! Call 401-497-0740 No restrictions on buying or selling! No membership fees! • natural awakenings

July 2011



Up Fitness, in St. Petersburg, Florida. “But unlike either of those, SUP combines low-impact and weight-bearing exercise; and it includes balance and strength training.” “My balance has improved 100 percent; I can stand on a board today that I could not stand on one year ago,” affirms 73-year-old renowned surfer and board shaper Mickey Muñoz, of Capistrano, California, who paddles with his 65-pound dog aboard.

Stand Up Paddling

More than a Workout

Courtesy of Nicole Ware

No Surf Required by Lauressa Nelson


hile some frustrated commuters are inching along on rush hour highways, hoping to afterward work off stress at overcrowded gyms, others are stopping off at the nearest lake, river or bay for a workout that many call therapeutic. Promoted by Olympic athletes, moms and septuagenarians alike as an effective total body workout and mental release, stand up paddling, or SUP, is the fastest-growing sport across the nation, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. Stand up paddling was first developed by improvisational Hawaiian “beach boys,” that would stand on surfboards and use outrigger paddles to navigate alongside tourists learning how to surf. However, the sport can be enjoyed with or without waves, or wind on virtually any body of water because the paddler, rather than Mother Nature, provides propulsion. It’s luring enthusiasts of other water sports as well; surfers, kiteboarders and windsurfers appreciate new opportunities to get on the water more often, while canoeists and kayakers enjoy the alternative of standing.


Rhode Island Edition

SUP is equally adored by nonathletes. “This isn’t the kind of sport that requires a lot of lessons to enjoy,” advises Jeff Robinson, owner of Olde Naples Surf Shop, in Naples, Florida, who offers a 15-minute tutorial on the basics with each rental.

Exercise in Disguise

“One of the best aspects of SUP is that it is low impact, making it a lifetime sport,” emphasizes David Rose, owner of Paddleboard Orlando. In fact, that’s why just about anyone over the age of 5 can participate. The paddler controls the speed and intensity of the experience, from recreational cruising to aerobic athletic training. “We call it exercise in disguise, because there’s so much going on that you don’t realize when you’re doing it,” explains Mike Muir, president of Riviera Paddlesurf, in San Clemente, California. The 54-year-old took up SUP after a hip replacement and credits it for relieving him of chronic lower back pain, as well as excess pounds. “It’s the cardio and calorie-burning equivalent of swimming or running,” explains Brody Welte, owner of Stand

Payoffs, however, go well beyond the physical. SUP fans that characterize it as a great escape from their daily milieu mention social, psychological and spiritual benefits, as well. “When you’re out paddling, it’s easy to find solitude,” muses Hawaiianborn Dave Chun, founder of Kialoa Paddles, in Bend, Oregon. He suggests that its Hawaiian roots imbue stand up paddling with a spirit of aloha, humility and respect. At the same time, “It’s one of the few sports that allows people to maintain a conversation,” says Dan Gavere, co-creator of SUPInstruction. com. Having discovered SUP in the paddling mecca of Oregon’s Columbia Gorge, he considers it an ideal family recreational sport. In any case, the activity remains mentally engaging because the standing position allows views in every direction, including into the water. “It’s like walking on water. You really get to see what’s around you,” observes Shelly Strazis, a 43-year-old Long Beach resident who began paddling after having multiple accident-related surgeries on her left knee and right shoulder. “It’s such a relaxing workout. I used to mountain bike, but I can’t do that with the kids,” explains Francine Adams, the mother of 5-year-old twins. “I’m afraid of waves and some ocean creatures, but these boards are so stable that it doesn’t matter.” After her first SUP outing with a moms’ group, this Orlando, Florida, resident introduced her husband to the sport. Within three months, the couple had purchased their own equipment. They now paddle together with one of their twins on each of their boards.


ra dow al T $30 Person r $80 o or 3 ssions f Se

Jennifer L. Mello, Owner 1639 Warwick Avenue Warwick, RI 02888 401-732-2899

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Personal and Group Training offering:

The length, width and thickness of paddle boards determine their degree of maneuverability and gliding characteristics. At about 30 inches wide and four to five inches thick, beginner boards for use in flat water average 10’6’’ long and 25 pounds for females, 11’5” long and 28 pounds for males. Paddles are typically six to 10 inches taller than the paddler. Adams adds, “As part of our vacation planning now, we scout locations where we can bring our boards.” Most likely, the Adams family will be able to enjoy their boards almost anywhere in the country. SUP groups in locations as unlikely as Idaho and New Mexico can be found on Meetup. com. “No body of water is off limits for stand up paddling,” says Gavere, citing its biggest growth trends in the Rocky Mountains, where kayakers and whitewater rafters are using inflatable boards on rivers and lakes; the Great Lakes, where people do yoga on boards on flat water; and Texas, where some folks fish from their boards or ride small Gulf of Mexico waves. SUP enthusiast Lauressa Nelson is a contributing editor for Natural Awakenings and a freelance writer in Orlando, FL.

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Cutting Through the SPF Label A Practical Field Guide To Choosing & Using Sunscreen Effectively by Brian A. Guadagno


he waters surrounding the sunscreen category became a bit clearer last month. The FDA finally released the long awaited, updated sunscreen regulations.  Though the new regulations are a bit less comprehensive than many had hoped, they should begin to bring many companies› label claims back down to earth.  These new regulations, which will take effect by summer 2012, will help consumers ensure they are getting better UVA and UVB, ‹Broad Spectrum› protection.  For summer 2011 at least, consumers are still left trying to decipher how to choose and use sunscreen effectively.  In a nutshell, there are two types of ultraviolet rays of concern to our skin; UVB and UVA. UVB rays are primarily responsible for reddening or burning of the outer layers of skin and cellular damage. UVB damage from sunburn can cause skin cancer. UVA rays, the “tanning” rays, are deeper penetrating and responsible for long term skin aging, wrinkles and generation of free radicals. UVA rays are


Rhode Island Edition

now believed to be responsible for the most aggressive and potentially deadly form of skin cancer, Melanoma. To easily remember the effects of the two types of ultraviolet rays, think; UVBburning/sunburn and UVA-aging/tan. The fact is, skin cancer rates continue to rise in the U.S., as does the use of sunscreen. There may indeed be contributing factors that have nothing to do with sunscreen or its application. That said, the single most important job of an effective sunscreen today is to attain and maintain balanced Broad Spectrum protection.  Broad Spectrum protection refers to a product’s ability to effectively mitigate the harmful effects of both UVB and UVA rays.   This summer, there are still two areas of concern all U.S. consumers should be aware of. First, there are no regulation requirements with regards to UVA protection. The SPF number (Sun Protection Factor) only correlates to UVB protection and has no bearing on UVA protection.  Furthermore, there is no standardized rating system for

UVA protection in place until 2012; a cause for potentially misleading claims. Often, retail shelves offer sunscreens with excessively high SPF numbers, but relatively weak UVA protection.  Second, the FDA-mandated SPF tests for sunscreen are conducted in a controlled environment using a specific amount of product, whereas the average sunscreen user often applies one quarter of this necessary amount of formula. This common mistake will reduce protection to below SPF 5, rather than the SPF 30 shown on the label.   As long as consumers continue to choose high SPF number sunscreens with relatively weak UVA protection— and apply inadequate amounts of even the best broad spectrum sunscreen product—skin cancer rates will continue to rise.

How to Choose Sunscreen Effectively Choose Broad Spectrum UVA Protection. Don’t let the term ‘Broad Spectrum’ on the label make the sale yet. There are 18 FDA approved active ingredients in sunscreen that provide protection. While many of these offer UVB protection, only four offer UVA protection. Look for UVA active ingredients: Avobenzone (Parsol), Mexoryl SX, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide. Look for Zinc Oxide percentages to be over 18 percent.   Use SPF 30(+), beware lower or higher numbers. It is a widely accepted that SPF 30 is the benchmark needed to provide adequate UVB protection. Extremely high SPF claims may provide a false sense of security.   Choose ‘Very Water Resistant’, a proven track record, and use caution with spray on products. The term Very Water Resistant is regulated by the FDA.  It represents a sunscreen’s ability to remain effective after 80 minutes exposed to water, while Water Resistant refers to 40 minutes. Waterproof and All Day Protection claims are misleading and

will not be allowed next summer. Use caution with spray or powder sunscreens, the applicators expel excess amounts of chemical ingredients which may be inhaled and pose a potential safety hazard.

How to Use Sunscreen Effectively Sunscreen is the last line of defense, not the first. It is imperative that a complete approach toward sun protection is used, contrary to popular belief; no sunscreen alone will keep you totally protected. It is always suggested to stay out of peak sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., seek shade and wearprotective clothing and hats. Avoid extended periods of exposure, never allow exposure to sunburn and avoid a deep tan.    

Apply the correct amount. In order for sunscreen to be effective as advertised, the correct amount must be applied.  The FDA regulates that all sunscreens must be SPF tested in the amount of 2mg of formula per square centimeter of skin.  What this means is that an adult wearing only shorts must use one full ounce of sunscreen per application to cover all the exposed skin properly.   Apply early, reapply often. The vast majority of sunscreens require early application, at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure to be effective. Reducing this time period will reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen. It is imperative to reapply sunscreen often, at least every ninety minutes during long periods of sun exposure. any water exposure, sweating, or towel drying.

Growing up on the beach in Narragansett, Brian Guadagno became an ocean lifeguard at age 16. Seventeen years later, this graduate of Fordham University serves as the Senior Lifeguard Captain at Narragansett Surf Rescue. His passion for the ocean and ocean safety drove him to years of research and development of his own chemical free, performance-driven sunscreen, Raw Elements USA. For more information, visit

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share power, dialogue and knowledge, such as workplace democracy, citizens’ deliberative councils, unconferences, open spaces and world cafés are getting more attention, aided by innovative Web 2.0 tools and other means. Scores of new websites are designed to help us share real stuff, and it’s possible to create a complete lifestyle based on sharing. We can live in a co-housing community, work in a co-op, grow food in a neighbor’s yard and travel to the open space town council meeting via a local car-share. Want to know about the nuts and bolts of how to build a shareable life? Read The Sharing Solution, by Janelle Orsi and Emily Doskow.

Shareable Cities A revolution is underway in our understanding of cities; they are becoming the focal point for our collective hopes and dreams, as well as for all kinds of innovation needed to avert a worsening climate crisis. In the past, we tended to see cities

SHARING OUR WORLD Simply Sharing Can Solve Big Challenges by Neal Gorenflo and Jeremy Adam Smith

Sharing is the answer to some of today’s biggest questions: How will we meet the needs of the world’s enormous population? How do we reduce our impact on the planet and cope with the destruction already inflicted? How can we each be healthy, enjoy life, and create thriving communities?


istorically, we are all connected by climate, roads, fisheries, language, forests, cultures and social networks as part of life on this planet. In recent decades, the rules of access and ownership have shifted in new directions, making sharing more convenient, necessary, fulfilling and even profitable.


Rhode Island Edition

Sharing as a Lifestyle Ways to share in everyday life seem to be multiplying like rabbits, but perhaps the Great Recession is forcing all of us to pay more attention to its importance these days. There’s car sharing, ride sharing, bike sharing, yard sharing, co-working, co-housing, tool libraries and all kinds of cooperatives. Ways to

as dirty, unnatural, isolating places; today, citizens and urban planners alike are starting to see their potential for generating widespread well-being at low financial and environmental cost. There’s an increasing appreciation for the benefits of public transit, urban agriculture, making room on the streets for pedestrians and bicyclists and for civic engagement. The very thing that defines a city—its population density—makes sharing things easier, from cars to bikes to homes.

Social Enterprise and Cooperatives Social enterprises, both nonprofit or for profit, offer products or services that aim to advance social or environmental missions with benefits for all. This industry is small, relative to the overall economy, but growing extremely fast in some sectors. The Social Enterprise Alliance reports that nonprofit earned income grew

by more than 200 percent, to $251 billion, between 1982 and 2002, reflecting a continuing trend in their expanding engagement with their publics. Meanwhile, Cleantech Group research shows that investment in clean-tech ventures nearly trebled, to $5.2 billion, between 2004 and 2008. At the same time, fair trade goods sales doubled between 2004 and 2007, to around $4 billion, according to the Fair Trade Federation. Gar Alperovitz, author of America Beyond Capitalism, says that more than 11,000 worker cooperatives have emerged in the last 30 years. Many embrace pro-social missions and are managed, governed and owned by the people who work at them.

The Nonprofit Sector Nonprofits are an increasingly important way for people to share their wealth and labor. Independent Sector reports that, in the U.S. alone, charitable donations to nonprofits more than doubled between 1987 and 2007, to $303 billion; about 75 percent came from private individuals. The National Center for Charitable Statistics further reports that the number of nonprofits increased 31.5 percent between 1999 and 2009, to 1.58 million. Data from Volunteering in America shows that in 2010, 63.4 million volunteers dedicated more than 8.1 billion hours of service.

Microfinance This form of capitalization is a powerful innovation that extends small loans and financial services to help the world’s poorest people rise out of poverty, serving customers that traditional banks largely ignore. Kiva, a U.S. nonprofit peer-to-peer microfinance sensation, facilitates around $5 million in no-interest loans per month to entrepreneurs in developing nations through its website. Microfinancing is yet another way the world is learning to share its wealth.

The Internet It’s easy to take it for granted, but the Internet’s potential as a sharing platform has just begun to unfold. The Internet itself would not be possible if people did not share labor, software and infrastructure. No one owns it or runs it. It’s built

and it operates on free and open source software and open standards. Data travels over networks and is routed through servers owned by private individuals and corporations that share transport and routing duties. This global commons enables the creation of tremendous value. Harvard Business School Professor John Quelch estimates that the economic impact of the Internet is $1.4 trillion annually in the United States alone. Last year, the Computer & Communications Industry Association calculated that companies and nonprofits relying on “fair use” (such as search engines, web hosting and social media) employ 17 million people and generate $4.7 trillion a year, one-sixth of the country’s gross domestic product.

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

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FOSS and the Internet have a symbiotic relationship. The Internet would not have been possible without FOSS, and the growth of FOSS relies on the Internet to power its peer production and distribution model. For example, more than 270 million people use the Firefox browser, a shared, freely available tool. Half the world’s websites, about 112 million, are hosted on Apache’s open source server software. A quarter million websites run on Drupal, a leading open source content management system. That’s just scratching the surface. Today, the more than 200,000 open source projects operate on nearly 5 billion lines of code that would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to reproduce. Visit the Infoworld Open Source Hall of Fame website for more on desktop favorites. Today, millions of individuals and organizations rely on FOSS in performing their daily work, as do a growing number of governments. It’s a pervasive part of life in the developed world; because of its low cost, open source software may become even more important to developing countries.

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Audubon Society

of Rhode Island

NATURE & GIFT SHOPS RETAIL THERAPY WITH AN EARTH-FRIENDLY CONSCIENCE! • Nature lovers wanted: full selection of bird, bat and butterfly houses, feeders, quality birdseed • Optics • Recycled Handcrafted Jewelry • Repurposed artistic paper, art pads and noteboods, cards • Educational and scientific toys and books for children and adults • Your source for New England Field Guides • Unique, nature-inspired gifts

Proceeds go to support the Conservation and Educational mission of The Audubon Society of Rhode Island The Nature Shop at Powder Mill Ledges 12 Sanderson Road, Smithfield, RI 02917

401-949-5454 x3027 M-F 9-5pm, Sat 10-5pm

The Open Way Inspired by the success of free and open source software, the values and

The Nature Shop at the Environmental Education Center 1401 Hope Street, Bristol, RI 02809

401-245-7500 x3118

M-Sat 9-5pm, Sun 12-5pm (Sun 9-5pm June 1-Oct31)

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SHARING HELPFUL WEBSITES The Internet is a vast repository of information, and even with the help of search engines, navigation can be daunting. These links address topics of interest noted in “Sharing Our World.” Bike Sharing: Car Sharing: Co-working: Ride Sharing: Sharing Directory: how-to-share Source: Civic Engagement: 242yaja Cohousing: Cooperatives: 4m7vqx2 Urban Agriculture: la558s Yard Sharing: Source: Business/Government/Education: Car Sharing: Home & Family Life: Neighbor Home & Garden: ShareSome InfoWorld Open Source Hall of Fame: Microfinance: Neighborhood Rentals: Rentalic. com Open Government Directive: Open Source Tractor: OpenFarm OpenStreetMaps: OpenStreet Peer-to-Peer Knowledge: blog. Social Media: Yard & Garden: Hyperlocavore.


Rhode Island Edition

media, and 96 percent of Generation practices of open sourcing—making Y has joined a social network, where information and innovations publicly sharing is a way of life. In these poweravailable—are being applied in a dizful ways, social media has taken sharing zying number of ways. In the past few mainstream. years, open, or peer-to-peer, sharing strategies have gained significant traction in science, business, culture, education Generation Y = Gen G and government. Now that a shareable world has a Applications range from the obserious foothold, all that’s needed is a scure, like the Open Source Tractor, to willing population to scale it up. There’s the everyday, like the OpenStreetMaps a strong argument that Gen Y is the project. It’s a tough trend to quantify, generation that can bring it to fruition. because it is so viral and self-organized. Roughly 100 million strong in The Obama administration’s Open the United States, Gen Y grew up on Government Directive is the Internet and brings currently one of the most values and practices, We are rethinking its visible of these efforts, at including sharing, into least in the United States. ourselves through the real world. Last year, The directive orders each sharing, linking executive department called them Gen G (for and agency to identify and collaborating “generous”) and said and publish online, in an they are accelerating a in new ways. open format, at least three cultural shift where giving high-value data sets; creis already the new taking. ate an open government web page and They may not reach their full sharing respond to public input received via potential until later in life, but there that page; and develop and publish an are promising indicators that they are Open Government Plan that describes already having a telling impact. how they are improving transparency An online study by Cone Inc. and and integrating public participation and AMP Insights concluded that 61 percent collaboration into its activities. of 13-to-25-year-olds feel personally

Social Media Sharing is the currency of social media. Socialnomics author Erik Qualman alerts us that, “Social media is bigger than you think.” The public uploaded more usergenerated video to YouTube in a recent six-month period than the three major TV networks produced and distributed in the past 60 years. Now with more than 500 million users, Facebook would represent the third largest country in the world by population. Wikipedia contains more than 9 million articles in 250 languages, all written by volunteers—and with an accuracy that studies like that at Harford Community College, in Bel Air, Maryland, indicate approaches that of leading commercial sources (80 versus 95 percent). Creative Commons has made it easier for creators to share their work; they’ve licensed more than 130 million creative works in 50 countries since 2002. By 2008, one in eight couples who married that year met through social

responsible for making a difference in the world. Eighty-three percent will trust a company more if it’s socially and environmentally responsible. Volunteering by college students increased by 20 percent between 2002 and 2005, with nearly one in three contributing their time. Business strategist Gary Hamel believes that this massive generational force, which outnumbers baby boomers, promises to transform our world in the image of the Internet—a world where sharing and contributing to the common good are integral to the good life. William Strauss and Neil Howe, authors of Millennials Rising, believe that Gen Y is a hero generation, coming of age in a time of crises they’re already helping to resolve, largely by applying the tools and mindset of sharing. Neal Gorenflo is the publisher of, a leading online magazine about sharing that includes the Web’s largest collection of how-to-share articles. Jeremy Adam Smith is the editor of

Simple Living With Keeping It Simple! by Jayne DeRouin

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy,” is the opening line to the George Gershwin aria composed for the 1935 opera, Porgy & Bess. The summer season does invoke an easy sort of living; a feeling of simplicity. Our clothing is lighter, the sun shines longer, the weather is milder and we tend to take time to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. Maybe we choose to sit with a good book under the cool shading of a big oak tree or just take a leisurely walk around our neighborhood enjoying the sunshine. Simplicity or livin’ easy, however, is not just something to enjoy for only a few months out of the year. Simplicity can be a way of life. Simple living starts when we become more consciously aware of our choices and how those choices are affecting our daily lives. Simple living can be achieved as we make a daily effort to reduce and de-clutter our lives, which in turn restores the balance to our everyday lives. To achieve and create the simplicity we desire in our lives, we must take time to reflect and assess the choices we are currently making to determine if they are in line with our goal

of simplicity. For example, we could say we want more quiet time at home with our family, but we make decisions that keep us away from our home. One of the steps to simplicity is to set boundaries and to reduce the amount of time spent on needless activities. We can’t get away from meeting a deadline at work or waiting at a doctor’s appointment. However, we can start by saying no to some things that aren’t in line with our desire for simplicity in our daily lives. Over committing ourselves and saying yes to the many extra curricular activities that we think we need to do sabotage our time, taking us further away from those things that we truly want to do. By putting a fence around our yard we are clearly defining our personal property. When we say no, we are clearly setting our personal boundaries. De-cluttering our life is another important step toward living simply. De-cluttering our life does not only mean clearing up and cleaning out our physical space. It is also about clearing out and cleaning out our mind in an effort to bring greater clarity. Our thoughts play a direct role, along with our actions and our feelings, in creating our reality. The carefree attitude that we embrace in the summer is a mind-set of living simply. When we incorporate that carefree mind-set beyond summer, by changing our thoughts about our lives, we are moving in the direction toward bringing simplicity into our lives. If our attitude toward life during the summer is carefree, or free of care, then shouldn’t that translate into believing that we don’t have a care in the world? Shouldn’t we believe, if we have that mind-set, that we have the power to take care of ourselves in any situation? Maintaining that carefree mind-set comes when we change the way we think. “What you see reflects your thinking. And you’re thinking but reflects your choice,” is a quote from the worldrenowned inspirational speaker and author, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Making the decision to change what we think about a situation in our lives allows us to see that situation differently. Simple living involves making new choices and possibly making some changes in our life, too. As we change our choices and change our thinking, we move ourselves closer to simplicity and the balance we are looking for in our every day lives. Simplicity may not always be easy; however, when we strive to keep things simple, we can begin the process to living less complicated lives. Jayne M. DeRouin is the author of Keeping It Simple! ~ Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life, a workshop leader and guest speaker. For more information or to order a copy of her book, visit or

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Stress – relief. It’s therapeutic massage. It’s all about you. MASSAGE | REFLEXOLOGY | FACIALS | LA STONE CUPPING | ROSSITER

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Don’t ever feel uncomfortable about your weight. We are not here to judge - we are nurturing and therapeutic. Love who you are! A


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COOL Here’s How to Pay Less for AC by Brian Clark Howard


gram. More than Remember: The higher the ecord sumtwo-thirds of U.S. mer heat EER (Energy-Efficiency Ratio) households have waves are air conditioners, already occurring and SEER (Seasonal Energy- which set us back more often and more than $10 will be even hotter Efficiency Ratio), the more billion each year and more frequent over the next 30 efficient the appliance. Always in electricity bills, according to the years, according to a study by Stanford look for Energy Star models. American Council for an EnergyUniversity scienEfficient Economy. tists that have run climate simulations of temperatures Passive Cooling a Priority across the United States. The study There is a better way to stay comfortcomes on the heels of a NASA report that concluded that 2000 through 2009 able using both active and passive was the warmest post-industrial decade strategies. The first requires specialized equipment, while the second uses the on record. windows, walls, floors and roof to col The hotter it gets, the more people lect, store and distribute natural heat run their conventional electric air from the local environment. conditioners (AC), releasing even more The basic principles of passive solar global-warming gas emissions from design have been understood for milpower plants into the atmosphere. Cooling accounts for nearly half the en- lennia. From Mexico to the Middle East, people have built homes with thick walls ergy used by the average home during to slow heat transfer, observes Doron the summer, reports the Environmental Amiran, former development director Protection Agency’s Energy Star pro-


Rhode Island Edition

of the Solar Living Institute. The Pueblo Indians constructed their cities to maximize solar warming in winter and screen the strongest rays in summer. Many of these ancient techniques were abandoned in the age of cheap fossil fuels. “We build our houses for curb appeal or for the view, not thinking that all those windows facing south in the summer are going to cook the inside of the house,” says Amiran. Daniel Aiello, chair of the nonprofit Arizona Solar Center and a principal of Janus II Environmental Architects & Planners, helps homeowners create vertical shading on east and west exposures with manmade screens or shrubs, trellises and vines, which have the added benefit of letting light and heat in during the winter, if they are deciduous. “Each side of the building is going to look different,” notes Aiello, who uses overhangs or awnings over southfacing windows in warm climates. Aiello also points out that on a home’s exterior, light-colored surfaces reflect more heat than dark-colored ones. He adds that textured surfaces stay cooler than flat ones, due to small-scale shading and the breakup of the interface between warm air and the surface. Inset windows are cooler, as well. It’s all important, because 35 percent of a building’s potential heat gain stems from the direct action of solar rays striking surfaces, according to Aiello. Incorporating such passive solar design elements into buildings can reduce heating bills by as much as 50 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Another passive technique is to use cross ventilation by opening opposing windows. Take this a step further by installing vents to allow hot air to escape from high spaces and cool air to enter at lower ones. Also, make sure walls and windows are well insulated against outdoor air. Inside, shutters, light-colored blinds and curtains can also make a big difference. Also consider glass with low-emittance (low-E) coating, which reduces heat transfer. The position of light-colored gravel, pools and other reflective

Helpful Websites Arizona Solar Center: Rocky Mountain Institute: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: U.S. Green Building Council:

surfaces are important because they can bounce heat; consider putting up a screen to block the energy.

Effective Active Cooling Comes Next Alex Wilson, editor of Environmental Building News and author of Your Green Home, says the easiest and most efficient option is to use portable floor fans or install ceiling fans, which use 90 percent less energy than air conditioning. Fans can cool a room by a perceived seven to 10 degrees simply by moving air, which effects greater evaporation of perspiration. The next step in terms of low price and high efficiency would be to use a whole-house attic fan, which blows hot air from inside the entire structure outside. However, Wilson points out that such devices are only able to provide substantial heat relief under certain conditions—usually at night and when the humidity isn’t too high. A less comprehensive solution is simply to push hot air out of the attic, which will also help cool the house. According to the utility Austin Energy, reducing the attic temperature by 10 degrees or more saves up to 30 percent on AC costs; solar-powered attic fans are available. Some other alternatives to conventional, compression-cycle, central and room AC units are emerging, such as evaporative coolers, often called “swamp coolers.” These draw air over wet pads, and the resulting evaporation causes cooling. Wilson says they only make sense in dry climates, because they add moisture to the air. They typically cost 50 percent less than traditional AC and use 75 percent less energy, although they do

require more maintenance. The most energy-efficient and initially expensive way to cool your home and heat it in the winter is with a geothermal heat pump that takes advantage of the Earth’s subterranean heat gradient. Although they have a hefty upfront installation cost, operating costs are much less than conventional AC. Finally, don’t set the home’s thermostat below 78 degrees Fahrenheit, and install a programmable model. Utilize dehumidifiers, bathroom fans and heat-producing appliances sparingly; switch to compact fluorescent and LED lighting instead of heat-emitting incandescent bulbs; and keep those AC filters clean.

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Brian Clark Howard is a New York Citybased multimedia journalist and the co-author of Green Lighting and Geothermal HVAC. Build Your Own Wind Power System will be released in 2011. BEFORE Services we specialize in and offer: Connect at YOU BUY: • Upper Cervical • Wellness and prevention/Nutrition


• Massage Therapy • Fibromyalgia • Headaches • Vertigo • Stress Management • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Spinal trauma certified • Sleep Analysis • Appropriate footwork • Special Services provided for children and families struggling with the difficulties and experiences of ADD/ADHD

make the green choice.

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turn your passion into a business... own a Natural Awakenings magazine!

As a Natural Awakenings publisher, you can enjoy learning about healthy and joyous living while working from your home and earn a good income doing something you love! Your magazine will help thousands of readers to make positive changes in their lives, while promoting local practitioners and providers of natural, earth-friendly lifestyles. You will be creating a healthier community while building your own financial security. No publishing experience is necessary. You’ll work for yourself but not by yourself. We offer a complete training and support system that allows you to successfully publish your own magazine. Be part of a dynamic franchised publishing network that is helping to transform the way we live and care for ourselves. Now available in Spanish as well. To determine if owning a Natural Awakenings is right for you and your target community, call us for a free consultation at 239-530-1377.

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just waiting to receive it. It disempowers clients when we choose to believe they can’t or won’t invest with a practitioner unless prices are low.

You’re a Healer Doesn’t Mean You’re Supposed to be Poor

Alignment Action 3 – Offer services in packages rather than by the hour or session

by Helen Graves

It is difficult to believe that the Universe, with all its magnificent abundance, intended for poverty and lack to be the “spiritual” choice. We humans created the concept of money to represent expressions of gratitude and value. Somewhere along the way in our social evolution, having (or wanting) money took on rather non-spiritual, even immoral, overtones. Individuals could be “good” or rich, but not both. The truth is, if we want to help more people and create a bigger impact, it’s crucial to get our relationship with money into positive alignment. It’s hard to share our gifts and let spirit flow when we’re worried about where the next client is coming from or how we’re going to pay the bill. This tends to send the brain straight to thoughts of “there’s not enough.” The biggest demonstration of misalignment that seems to be repeated

with spirit-centered coaches, practitioners and healers is undercharging. The intent behind it is one of caring and generosity, of course. The problem is, they can’t create the deepest level of transformation in clients until they’ve learned to be generous to themselves as well. Following is a list of three positive actions practitioners can take to align themselves with the practice of receiving more, which will ultimately lead to giving more.

Alignment Action 1 – Start valuing your time and your gifts That means stop giving them away. No matter how much we give of our time, expertise and services, some folks will always want more, leaving us drained and even resentful. The desire to help people is actually diminished when we believe their needs are more important than our own.

Alignment Action 2 – Raise fees Undercharging is another form of giving time away. Others won’t see the true value of what we have to offer until we value it first. What we offer has the power to transform lives and people are

People don’t really want our time; they’re looking for a particular result. When we offer our services by the hour or the session, we are, in effect, selling our time, not the outcome. When we instead bundle the session with other non-time dependent services or amenities to create a specific end result, it expands our ability to deepen the experience clients receive. We have to give and receive in order to complete the cycle of giving again. One’s desire to serve is at the heart of what they do. Yet, if we shy away from receiving what the Universe has to offer in return in the form of higher fees, we send a signal that we don’t want more abundance, more freedom or more prosperity. When we acknowledge that creating wealth in our own life allows us to serve others more deeply, we open the door to amazing transformation. Helen Graves, founder of the International Association of Spiritual & Energy Practitioners, is an expert at teaching spiritual, intuitive and energy practitioners how to transform their passionate purpose into a lucrative business. IASEP specializes in helping holistic and soulaligned professionals fill their practices by connecting the heart of healing with the soul of money. For more information, call 928-284-1737 or visit See ad on page 29.

No Ammonia. No Parabens. No Plastics. No Thioglycolates. No Animal Testing. Lasts Longer! Superior Gray Coverage! • Facial Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage • Aromatherapy & Feng Shui Services & Consultations • Dream & Life Coaching

Bodywork & Energy Shifting for Soulful Living. 575 East Main Road | MiddlEtown | 401-848-9825

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yoga + holistic health center

yoga and pilates

Yoga on the Beach Each Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday at South Kingstown Beach in Matunuck July & August

Awakening Through Music With Martin Klabunde & Wing Man Rita Law July 22 - 24

Little Dancing Yogis™ Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Marsha Therese Danzig Begins July 30th Wisdom of Ayurveda Workshops & Yoga with Maria Garre August 5 - 7 315 Main Street South Kingstown, RI 02879 401.782.2126 |

Laughter for Health

Laughter Yoga active & playful

Laughter Meditation



atha Yoga is a fairly slow-paced, gentle and mellow form of Yoga that focuses on simple poses that comfortably flow from one to the other as well as well as simple breathing exercise and perhaps seated meditation. Hatha is good for beginners to learn basic poses and relaxation techniques or as a way to wind down at the end of a hard day. The word hatha means willful or forceful. Hatha is also translated as “ha” meaning “sun” and “tha” meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of masculine aspects— active, hot, sun—and feminine aspects—receptive, cool, moon— within all of us. Yogi Swatmarama, a yogic sage in the 15th century in India, introduced Hatha Yoga. It is the basis from which many other styles of yoga developed, including Ashtanga, Bikram and Kundalini. Today, Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular and well-known styles of yoga in the West. It is primarily practiced for health and vitality, offering an excellent way to exercise and stretch the body and reduce stress. It is also considered to be a powerful tool for self-transformation.

cleansing for both personal & business spaces

introspective & healing Guided physical and mental laughter exercises that make your whole self smile.

Chris Belanger

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader - Kripalu Yoga Teacher Visit for a full description of these laughter practices

401-261-7242 32

Hatha Yoga

Rhode Island Edition

YOGA WISDOM: By embracing your mother wound as your yoga, you transform what has been a hindrance in your life into a teacher of the heart. — Phillip Moffitt


by City

bristol Body Magic Yoga and Fitness Studio 580 Wood St 401-743-08490

Coventry Simplify Yoga 2076 Nooseneck Hill Road 401-419-1298


Body Kneads Yoga 1145 Reservoir Ave, Suite 200 401-632-0878 Santosha Yoga Studio and Holistic Center 14 Bartlett Ave 401-780-9809

Find the power within yourself, come practice with us.

Studio Exhale 1263 Oaklawn Ave 401-383-0839

Yoga Teacher Training and Cymatron™ Sound Bed, and Shake Your Soul® Yoga Classes too!

Cumberland A New Day Yoga 2374 Diamond Hill Rd 508-596-2974

2374 Diamond Hill Road • Cumberland, RI • 508-596-2974

The Yoga Studio of Blackstone River Valley 99 Pound Rd at the Zen Center 401-658-4802

East Greenwich Absolute Fitness 2727 South County Trail • 401-884-0330

Foster One Yoga Center 142 A Danielson Pike • 401-368-YOGA

HOPKINTON Ananda Center for Meditation & Yoga 40 Collins Road 401-308-8745

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naturalpet Johnston Unique Total Body 190 Putnam Pike 401-233-2348

Live a Centered Life

Yoga with Lora 1665 Hartford Ave, 2nd Floor Multiple Locations 401-829-9148

Eyes of the World Yoga Center

Lincoln Healing Hands of Rhode Island 101 Higginson Ave, Suite 101 401-722-8400 Sunsalutations 401-632-7254

Middletown Innerlight Center for Yoga 850 Aquidneck Ave 401-849-3200

One Park Row Providence


Dr. Jody E. Noé,


PAWTUCKET Breathing Time Yoga 541 Pawtucket Ave 401-421-9876

OM Kids Yoga Center Hope Artiste Village, 999 Main St 401-305-3667 Shri Studio Urban Revitalization Yoga 21 Broad St 401-441-8600


• Nutritional Medicine • Diet & Lifestyle Counseling • Thyroid/Adrenal Stress • Spiritual Assessments and Counseling

Specializing in Integrative Oncology, HIV/Aids and Chronic Disease

Warren The Yoga Loft 16 Cutler St., #106 401-245-0881



The Journey Within 1645 Warwick Ave, Ste 224 401-215-5698

Serenity Yoga 21 College Hill Road 401-615-3433

Eyes of the World Yoga Center 1 Park Row 401-295-5002 Iyenar Yoga Studio 200 Allens Ave, Suite 4A 401-461-6665 Motion Center for Yoga, Dance and Massage Therapy 111 Chestnut St 401-654-6650


Village Wellness Center 422 Post Rd 401-941-2310 West Shore Wellness 1648 Warwick Ave 401--734-9355 Whole of the Moon Yoga Multiple Locations Chris Belanger, RYT 401-261-7242


Japanese Acupuncture in the style of Kiiko Matsumoto

High Street Yoga 44 High Street 860-501-8970

Gregory P. Fessenden, MBA, MS, LAc


Doctor of Acupuncture, Board Certified


401-596-1770 917-882-6262 Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine

Yoga One 3 Progress St 508-336-1300

58 High Street, Westerly, RI 02891

Reiki Services Brining balance to your mind, body and spirit.

All That Matters 315 Main Street 401-782-2126

Tenth Gate Center for Yoga and Meditation 1016 East Main Rd 401-683-9642

LICENSED NATUROPATHIC PHYSICIAN • Pediatrics • Women’s Health and Hormones • Botanical Medicine • Homeopathy


Herbs & Angels

Makeup Applications Look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.


• Practitioner of Reconnective Healing™ & the Reconnection® • Mediumship and Angel Messages • Positive Energy Program • Meditation and Seminars • New Age Spiritual Gifts

Ashley Gentes • 401-996-1465


Rhode Island Edition

1989 A Plainfield Pike, Johnston, RI



by City

Bristol Aull Pilates & Movement Studio 259 Thames St. 401-253-7778 EVOLUTION Pilates and Nutrition 685 Metacom Ave • 401-396-9331

Lincoln Rhode Island Pilates Studio 622 George Washington Hwy, behind the Lincoln Mall 401-335-3099

middletown Aull Pilates & Movement Studio 1077 Aquidneck Ave 401-619-4977

Pawtucket Jen McWalters Pilates Studio 1005 Main St, Ste 111 401-475-0084


A photographer gets people to pose for him. A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves. — Terri Guillemets

Breathing Time Yoga Where Affordable Yoga is Affordable Health Care 

Yoga for Brand New Beginners  541 Pawtucket Ave, Pawtucket, RI


natural awakenings

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calendarofevents NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by the 10th of the month prior to publication and adhere to our guidelines. Visit to submit Calendar events or email for guidelines.

Saturday, July 2

East Bay Pug Meetup Group – 2-3pm. Pug meetups offer a great opportunity for our pugs to interact & socialize with others of their own kind. $5. Alexandra Morgan’s Animal School, 84 Cutler St. Unit #7, Warren. 401-434-3687.

Tuesday, July 5

Out of the Box Networking – 5-7:30pm. Bringing the Business, Arts, and Wellness communities together. Light Appetizers, Cash Bar, Door Prizes. $5. Discover You/WRIK Entertainment, Hotel Providence – Rooftop Terrace, 139 Mathewson St, Providence.

Wednesday, July 6

Spend a Day With the Angels – 10am-3pm. Angels 101: An Introduction to the Messengers of light will run from 10am-12pm. After lunch from 1-3pm: Angels 301-A Continuation. Angelic attunement included. $55/both, $33/each session. Angel Whispers Rhode Island, The Wellness Center at Gold Plaza, 917A Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-741-2278. Medical and Therapeutic Qigong – 11:45am12:45pm. New daytime class – 12 week course. Offered for the summer session only. Suitable for beginner and experienced levels. $210. The Way of the Dragon, 877 Waterman Ave, East Providence. 435-6502.

Monday, July 11

Guided Meditation Night – 7-8:30pm. This month we will have a Silent Meditation. There will be no guided instruction, simply soft music in the background to help enhance your experience. $10. Heavenly Hugs, 917 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-935-8451.

Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners – 5:30-6:45pm. Learn Vinyasa (flow) yoga from the ground up. Slower paced class has plenty of instruction to get you started. Build strength and flexibility while reducing stress. $88/8, $80/by July 4. Breathing Time Yoga, 541 Pawtucket Ave 2nd Fl, Pawtucket. 401-421-9876.

Saturday, July 9

Tuesday, July 12

Healing the Earth class – 10am-3:30pm. Fun class offering tools & techniques to empower and connect with the Earth for the purpose of healing. Topics: energy principles, spiritual laws and ascension. $55. Spirit of Agape, Shari Bitsis, Seekonk, MA. 401-465-4249.

Mark White DJ Yoga Party – 6pm-8am. Check website for details and more amazing workshops coming soon. Price TBD. High Street Yoga, 44 High St, Westerly. 860-501-8970.

Friday, July 8

Get Rolling with Your Wheel – 10am-12:30pm. Roll into summertime with some guidance and support to help you open into the deliciously expansive pose of Wheel, or Urdhva Dhanurasana. $30/ before July 2, $40/ after. Innerlight Center for Yoga & Meditation, 850 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown. 401-849-3200.

Open House – 2-5pm. Afternoon of food and drinks, health and wellness education, an opportunity to take a class, and learn about what we do at AA Fitness. Prizes, summer training deals and more. Please RSVP by July 2nd to Free. AA Fitness, 1102 Pontiac ave, Cranston. 401-474-7982.

Guided Imagery Meditation – 7-8:30pm. For relaxation and focus, group meditation meets twice a month on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. July 6th & 20th. For more information please call. $10. Path 2 Harmony, 133 Old Tower Hill Rd, South Kingstown. 401-742-2354.

Sunday, July 10

Thursday, July 7

Usui Reiki I Training for Teens – 10am-4pm. Your Teen will receive a Reiki I Attunement, learn how to give & receive Reiki, sense how to feel energy, create Reiki Art, and much more. Visit website for more info. $60. Heavenly Hugs, 917 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-935-8451.

Book Club – 1-2pm. Join us for our book club. All are Welcome. Reading Cutting for Stone, by Abraham Verghese. Light refreshments will be provided. Free. Mobley Family Chiropractic, Briarwood Plaza, 30 Olney St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-0408.

Healing Art of Thai Yoga Massage – 3-6pm. Sacred and ancient form of yogic healing that combines elements of massage, acupressure and meditation. No prior massage or yoga experience necessary; bring a friend or come alone. $35. All That Matters, 315 Main St, Wakefield. 401-782-2126.

Free Community Yoga at the Lake – 10-11:15am. Free and gentle summer yoga in the elements of nature at Meshanticut Lake, 2nd Sunday only. Alternate Sundays @ Studio Exhale $5 Donation. Free. Studio Exhale, Meshanitcut Lake, Cranston. 401-383-0839.

Lunch time Reiki Share – 12-1:30pm. Reiki practitioners of all levels welcome to give and receive healing. A time to be supported as you support others. Please contact Adriene if attending. $5 donation. Angel Whispers Rhode Island, The Wellness Center at Gold Plaza, 917A Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-741-2278.

Introduction to Mindfulness – 7-8pm. 4 weeks. Meditation, body scan, and gentle yoga are effective tools that support your wellbeing. Learn how to develop a steady practice to support your mental, physical and emotional health. $118/4 classes. All That Matters, 315 Main St, Wakefield. 401-782-2126.

Wednesday, July 13

Heated Core Vinyasa – 5:30-6:45pm. Heated flow class with a strong focus on the core – physically building strength and stability, energetically radiating out from your center, and mindfully practicing. $88/8wks, $80 by 7/6. Breathing Time Yoga, 541 Pawtucket Ave 2nd Fl, Pawtucket. 401-421-9876.

The Art of Mystic Relaxation – 6-8pm. Two consecutive Wednesdays, course will teach deep concentration techniques essential for achieving and sustaining all stages of meditation and mystical development. $125. Tenth Gate Yoga Center, 1016 East Main Rd, Portsmouth. 401-683-9642.

Mother Mystic natural eco-Friendly spa Personal Training Studio, Massage, Reiki, Thai Yoga, Skin Care, Zumba, Yoga, Spa Parties, Mani/Pedi, Shellac 190 Putnam Pike, Johnston



Rhode Island Edition


Visit us for your Custom Spiritual Bath!


Reiki- Energy Share – 7pm-9am. Information and Energy Sharing Session for all that are interested in energy therapies. All levels and modalities are welcome. Call for more information. $5/Donation. Path 2 Harmony, 133 Old Tower Hill Rd, South Kingstown. 401-263-1107. Self Love Workshop – 7-8pm. A Meditation of Self Love with the intent to heal self-punishing thoughts and transmute them into Light and Healing. $15. Healing Hearts, 1542 Main St, West Warwick. 401-615-2423.

Shamanic Journey Circle – 7-8:45pm. Deepen your journey practice and gain insight to your own guidance. Bring a journal, pen, and something to lie on. Knowledge of how to journey is required. $10. Katharine Rossi, 578 Wood St, Bristol. katharine@ 401-924-0567.

Thursday, July 14

Meditation Circle for Kids 6-12 – 6-7pm. Lessons in awareness, spiritual growth and the basics of relaxation and centering. Every Child can benefit from learning and using these tools. Please call to register. $10. Path 2 Harmony, 133 Old Tower Hill Rd, South Kingstown. 401-658-6637.

Ayurvedic Psychology Introduction – 7-8pm. Ayurvedic view of mental/emotional illness, and the remedies used to restore balance to the mindbody system. Free. Partners for Wellness, 250 Scrabbletown Rd, North Kingstown. 401-398-8944.

Yoga Nidra – 7-8:30pm. Access the deepest areas of the subconscious mind, creating the deepest levels of relaxation. No yoga experience necessary. Included in membership, $15/non-member. Santosha Yoga Studio, 14 Bartlett Ave, Cranston. 780-9089. Tong Ren Guinea Pig Class – 7-8:30pm. Energy therapy developed by Tom Tam that directs chi to blockage points by tapping on meridian points on a model thereby releasing blockages and restoring vitality. $10/requested donation. Spirit of Agape, Shari Bitsis, Seekonk, MA. 401-465-4249.

Friday, July 15

Kirtan & Chanting with Bhagavan Das – 7-10pm. Experience call and response chanting with a Master of Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound). No experience or singing voice required, just bring an open heart and mind. $25/advance,$30/door. Santosha Yoga Studio, 14 Bartlett Ave. 2nd Floor, Cranston. 401-780-9809.

Saturday, July 16

The Heart of Gratitude and Expanding Our Fields – 9:30am-12pm. & 2-4:30. Join us for one or both. One to open the heart, foster feelings of hope and joy and the other to expand the aura and energetic field. $45/each. All That Matters, 315 Main St, Wakefield. 401-782-2126. Magnified Healing® Refresher – 10am-2pm. Open to all Magnified Healing Master-Teacher Initiates. Great class to come re-connect with other Initiates. Visit website for agenda and more info. $44. Heavenly Hugs, 917 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401935-8451.

Reiki I Certification – 12-4pm. Also Sunday, July 17. Learn the history & art of Reiki, receive 4 attunements & practice using Reiki. 8 NCBTMB CE Hours. Julianne Eanniello, $150 plus $15 for book and materials. Blissworks Yoga, 228 State St, New London, CT. 860-448-9642. Satsang with Bhagavan Das – 8-10pm. “The Flame of Living Love: What is the Guru?” Spend an evening chanting & sharing stories about the spiritual path with Bhagavan Das, student of Guru Neem Karoli Baba. $3/Advance,$35/Door. Santosha Yoga Studio, 14 Bartlett Ave. 2nd Floor, Cranston. 401-780-9809.

Sunday, July 17

Kirtan, World Music, and Poetry – 7am-9:30pm. Inspired evening of Kirtan is a unique, uplifting and rockin’ journey of music, stories, chanting and mystical poetry. $20/Pre registration, $25/Door. All That Matters, 315 Main St, Wakefield. 401-782-2126.

markyourcalendar Introduction to Mindfulness Class introduces the effective tools of Mindfulness meditation, body scan and gentle yoga. Materials include practice CDs and handouts for home practice. $118 per session Contact 401-226-5583

tuesdays, july 12, 19, 26, aug 2 All That Matters – 7-9pm. 315 Main St, Wakefield.

Wednesdays, June 29, July 13, 20, 27 6:30-8:30pm.

saturdays, July 9, 16, 23, 30 10am-12pm.

mondays, July 11, 18, 25, aug 1 The Healing Circle—10am-12pm. Providence. Swansea Center for Psychotherapy 7:15-9:15pm. 25 Market St., Swansea, MA

Divine Play – 10am-3:30pm. Liberate your sense of spirit and creativity through stimulating the imagination, awakening the heart, and re-shaping the brain. Learn and implement the “7 Golden Keys of Sparkle Training”. $65. All That Matters, 315 Main St, Wakefield. 401-782-2126. What’s Up with the Sky? – 7-8:30pm. An Evening of Astrology. Allice Haidden will bring personal insight to the cosmic patterns that are influencing us all. $20. Innerlight Center for Yoga & Meditation, 850 Aquidneck Ave. Middletown. 401-849-3200.

Monday, July 18

Yoga in Season -- Summer Practices – 5:306:45pm. Focus on cooling us down and restoring the energy we use to make the most of the summer months. $88/8 weeks, $80/by 7/11. Breathing Time Yoga, 541 Pawtucket Ave, Pawtucket. 401-421-9876.

Changing Lives

. . . one breath at a time

Lorna McCoy 401-533-2860

Joanne Salem 401-490-1732

INTEGRATIVE HEALING THERAPIES Certified Practitioners in: Reflexology, Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Guidance, Reconnective Healing® Foot Detox, Relaxation Packages and Workshops also available 1308 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, RI

natural awakenings

July 2011


Happy Birthday


Ancient Wisdom – 6-9pm. Learn about Spiritual Healing as it feeds the soul. Create sacred space in which to work and allow spirit to guide our day. $47. Positive New Beginnings, 873 Waterman Ave, Providence. 401-432-7195. Shamanic Journey Circle – 7-8:45pm. Build and maintain your journey practice to access inner wisdom and guidance. Knowledge of how to journey is required. Bring a journal, pen, and something to lie on. $10. Katharine Rossi, Mill at Shady Lea room 204, North Kingstown. 401-924-0567.

Tuesday, July 19

Intro to Magnified Healing® – 6:30-8pm. Info only class to show you the practice, the many benefits & how it can help you in your everyday life. If this class has been calling you, join us to learn more. $10. Heavenly Hugs, 917 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-935-8451.

Thursday, July 21

Green Drinks – 5-8pm. Environmental Networks monthly gatherings provide an opportunity to talk with people who are personally and/or professionally interested and involved in a variety of environmental, conservation and sustainability issues. Free. Green & Cleaner, 147 Elmgove Ave, Providence. Yoga and Meditation – 6-7pm. Gentle yoga practice will end with a guided meditation to find stillness, inner peace and complete relaxation. Everyone is Welcome. $10. Serenity Yoga, 21 College Hill Rd, Warwick. 401-615-3433.

Free Reiki Share on the Beach – 6:30-8pm. Open to all levels of Reiki practitioners. Misquamicut State Beach. Cross the dune at pole # 11, to the left of the entrance. Bring a table if you have one. Free. Holistic Health Center of Westerly, Questions? Contact Julianne. 401-315-0254. Meditation and Mystical Experience Ancient Bath – 7-8pm. Come and experience for yourself this bath sound and mediation group. $10. Healing Hearts, 1542 Main St, West Warwick. 401-615-2423.

Crystals & Their Healing Properties – 7-9pm. Explore crystals & what they can do for you. Design your own crystal healing bracelet. Interactive workshop. $35/Includes materials. Changing Lives, 1308 Atwood Ave., Johnston. 401-490-1732.

Saturday, July 23

The Path of a Shamanic Artist – 10am-5pm. Also July 24th. Connect with shamanic techniques of inner vision by journeying for an animal guide and making a plaster strip mask from the journey experience. $120. Colleen Kelley, 578 Wood St, Bristol.


Rhode Island Edition

Usui Reiki I Certification Weekend – 10am-6pm. Also July 24th, 12-6pm. Receive a manual, learn the history, hand positions, gain knowledge of the chakra system, be attuned to the Reiki energy & practice time. $150. Changing Lives, 1308 Atwood Ave, Johnston. 533-2860.

Monday, July 25

Circus Smirkus – 1-3pm. Also 6-8pm. Vermont’s award-winning youth circus, is back, continuing the tradition of bringing joy and magic to towns all over the Northeast. Shows at 1 and 6 pm. $19/adults, $17/children. Washington County Fairground, Richmond. 800-764-7587.

Meditation and Mystical Experience Ancient Bath – 7-8pm. Come and experience for yourself this bath sound and mediation group. $10. Healing Hearts, 1542 Main St, West Warwick. 401-615-2423.

Intro to Healing the Earth Class – 7-8:30pm. Class will feature a condensed overview of the 5 hr class. Topics: energy principles, spiritual laws and a demonstration of the visualization techniques. RSVP. $10. Spirit of Agape, Shari Bitsis, Seekonk, MA. 401-465-4249.

Friday, July 29

The Shaman’s Drum Guided Meditation – 6:308pm. Using the Native American pow wow drum, the didgeridoo, ceremonial shakers & bells. Live Music with Martin Klabunde, Collective Awakening. $25. Serenity Yoga, 21 College Hill Rd, Warwick. 401-615-3433.

Traditional Thai Massage – 7-9pm. Learn a simple Thai massage routine to share with your partner or friend. Come alone or with a partner. No experience necessary. Wear loose, comfortable clothing. $30/Per person, $50/Per couple. One Center for Yoga and Wellness, 142A Danielson Pike, Foster. 860-617-1234.

Tuesday, July 26

Saturday, July 30

Circus Smirkus – 1-3pm. Also 6-8pm. See July 25th for details. $19/adults, $17/children. Washington County Fairground, Richmond. 800-764-7587. Connecting with Divine Signs – 6:30-8pm. Learn to see the divine signs all around you and how to connect with your spirit guides. Mary and Dr. Dave DiSano will discuss excerpts from their new book “Divinely Touched: Transform Your Life”. $10, call to reserve. Healing Hearts, 1542 Main St, West Warwick. 401-615-2423.

Wednesday, July 27

Yoga for Beginners – 6-7:15pm. Four Week Series introducing students to basic Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. $60. Tenth Gate Yoga Center, 1016 East Main Rd, Portsmouth. 401-683-9642. Women’s Workout Night - 6:30-7:30pm. Personal Trainer shares her techniques and tips for women that will make every workout you do a better workout. Free. 2727 South County Trail, East Greenwich. 401-884-0300. Shamanic Journey Circle – 7-8:45pm. Build and maintain your journey practice to access inner wisdom and guidance. Knowledge of how to journey is required. Bring a journal, pen, and something to lie on. $10. Katharine Rossi, 194 Waterman St, Third floor, Providence. 401-924-0567.

Thursday, July 28

Kefir – 1-2pm. Learn the benefits of and how to make your own Kefir. Probiotics are essential for good health and Kefir is one of the best probiotics available. Free. Mobley Family Chiropractic, Briarwood Plaza, 30 Olney St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-0408. Messages from the Divine – 6:30-8:30pm. A gallery-style event full of channeled messages for you individually & the group as a whole. Come experience this wonderful energy & hear their messages for you. $25 Please RSVP. Heavenly Hugs, 917 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-935-8451.

Women’s Retreat – 12:30-5pm. “Come Home To Yourself & the Divine Power Within” A time to come away, slow down, pray, go within and connect to your true self and purpose. $60. Simply a Woman of Faith, 113 Wyndham Ave, Providence. 401-521-6783.

markyourcalendar AUGUST 1-5 Kid’s Fitness – 9-11am Kid games and fitness, zumba, yoga, healthy snacks and more. Parents receive a free week membership. Register week of July 22nd with Jennifer. $75. BIA Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899


Waterplace Park Art Festival – 10am-5pm. Over 100 Contemporary American Art and Craft artists, strolling entertainment and FREE children’s activities! Free. Festival Fete, Waterplace Park, Providence. 401-374-3899.


East Greenwich Art Festival – 10am-5pm. 100 Contemporary American Craft artists along with strolling entertainment, festive food and a Farmers Market!. FREE. Jennifer Neuguth, Along Rector St. & Church St, Next to Academy Field, East Greenwich. 401-374-3899.

Friday, October 7

Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training – 9am-6pm. 3 day training certification will cover the benefits of yoga for children: child-friendly yoga poses, games, themes, stories, breathing and relaxation exercises and so much more in this 30 hour comprehensive course. $795. Om Kids Yoga, 999 Main St, Pawtucket. 401-305-3667.


Farmers’ Markets information compiled from



Johnston Farmers’ Market – 2-6pm. July 18 October 24. Memorial Park, 1583 Hartford Avenue.

Westerly/Pawcatuck Farmer’s Market – 10am2pm. June 16 – Oct 20. Just past The Bridge Reastuarant, 85 Main Street, Westerly. 315-2610.

Providence/Hope Street Farmers’ Market – 9am12: 30pm. June 4 – October 29. Lippitt Park, Hope Street and Blackstone Blvd. 932-9007.

Providence / Capital Hill Farmers’ Market – 11am-2pm. July 21 – Sept 22. RI Statehouse lawn at Gaspee St & Francis St, Providence. 222-2781 x. 4517

Coastal Growers Farmers’ Market – 9am-12pm. May 14 – Oct 29. Casey Farm, 2325 Boston Neck Road, Saunderstown. 295-1030.

Whole Foods - University Farmers’ Market – 3-7pm. May 2 – October 24. 601 North Main St, Providence. 621-5990. East Greenwich Framers’ Market – 3-6pm. June 20 - October 24. Church Street and Rector Street.

Tuesday Blackstone River State Park Farmers’ Market – 2-6pm. July 19 to October 25. Visitor Center Route 295 North in Lincoln 222-2781 Marina Park Farmers’ Market – 2-6pm. May 4– October 26. Marina Park, South County Hospital exit off Rt. 1. 2 Salt Pond Rd Wakefield. 789-1388. Barrington Farmer’s Market – 3-6pm. June 14 – Oct 25. Ace Hardware, 156 Country Road. 635-4274. Whole Foods - Garden City Farmers’ Market – 3-7pm. June 7 – October 25. 151 Sockanosset Cross Road, Cranston. 621-5990.

North Kingstown Farmer’s Market – 1-5pm. July 14 – Oct 27. Smith Castle, 55 Richard Smith Drive, 295-0912. Middletown/Aquidneck Grange Farmers’ Market – 2-6pm. June 2-Oct 27. Aquidneck Grange 499 East Main Road Middletown. 847-2202. Friends Meeting House Farmer’s Market – 3-6pm. June 16 – Oct 27. Friends Meeting house at Olney Street and Morris Ave in Providence. 635-4274. Armory Farmer’s Market – 4-7pm. June 2 – October 27. Cranston Armory. Parade St and Hudson St in Providence.

Barrington Farmer’s Market – 9am-noon. June 4 – Oct 29. Barrington Congregational Church, 461 County Rd. 529-9501. West Warwick Farmer’s Market – 9am-noon. June 11 – Oct 15. Cowesett Plaza, 289 Cowesett Ave. 487-4848. Scituate Farmers’ Market – 9am-12pm. May 21 – October 1. Village Green, Scituate Art Festival Grounds, West Greenville Rd And Silk Lane, North Scituate. 647-5547. Pawtuxet Village Farmers’ Market – 9am-12pm. May 7 to November 19. Rhodes on the Pawtuxet Parking Lot 60 Rhodes Pl, Cranston. 461-2618.


Burrillville Farmers’ Market – 9am12:30pm. May 21 – October 15. Levy School 135 Harrisville Main St, Harrisville. 568-6821.

Charlestown Farmer’s Market – 4-7pm. June 17 – Sept 9. Cross Mills Public Library, 4417 Old Post Rd. 364-9124 x.23.

Charlestown Farmer’s Market – 9am-noon. June 17 – Sept 9. Cross Mills Public Library, 4417 Old Post Rd, Charlestown. 364-9124 x.23.

Providence/Broad St Farmers’ Market – 9am – 1pm. July 9 – October 29. Algonquin House 807 Broad St Providence 312-4250.

Woonsocket Farmers’ Market – 4-7pm. July 5 – October 25. Thundermist Health Center 450 Clinton Street, Woonsocket. 312-4250.

Goddard State Park Farmers’ Market – 9am1pm. May 6 – Oct 28. Goddard State Park 345 Ives Rd, Warwick. 222-2781.

Sakonnet Growers’ Market – 9am – 1pm. June 18 – October 1. Rte 77 And East Rd Tiverton.

Wednesday Aquidneck Growers Farmer’s Market – 2-6pm. June 8 – Oct 26. Along the shaded walk, Memorial Blvd and Chapel Street, Newport. 932-9007. Haines State Park Farmers’ Market – 2-6pm. May 4 - October 26. Haines Memorial State Park, Haines Park Road, Barrington. 222-2781. Hartford Avenue Farmer’s Market – 3-6pm. July 6 - Oct 26. Perry Middle School, 370 Hartford Ave in Providence. Exeter Farmer’s Market – 3:30-6pm. July 20 – Oct 5. Exeter Public Library, 773 Ten Rod Road. 294-4109. Lippitt Park Farmer’s Market – 3:30-6:30. June 4 – Oct 29. Lippitt Park, Hope St and Blackstone Blvd. 932-9007.

Pastore Complex Farmers’ Market – 10am2:30pm. July 22 – Sept 23. RI Department of Labor and Training, 1511 Pontiac Ave, Cranston 222-2781 x.4517. Providence/Downtown Farmers’ Market– 11am2pm. June 3 – October 28. Kennedy Plaza at Fulton St. and Exchange Terrace, Providence. Colt State Park Farmers’ Market – 2-6pm. May 6 – Oct 28. Colt State Park. Hope St and Asylum Rd, Bristol. 222-2781. North Providence Farmer’s Market – 3:306:30pm. June 3 – Oct 21. Governor John Notte Memorial Park, Rte 7 at Wenscott Lane, North Providence.

Saturday South Kingstown / URI Farmers’ Market – 8:30am – 12:30pm. May 7-October 29. URI East Farm, 2095 Kingstown Road, South Kingstown. 789-1388.

Richmond Farmers’ Market – 9am-12:30pm. May 14 – October 29. Richmond Town Hall, Route 138 at Route 12, Richmond. Aquidneck Growers’ Farmers’ Market – 9-1pm – June 4-Oct 29. Newport Vineyards and Winery 909 East Main Road, Middletown. 932-9007.

Sunday Fishermen’s Memorial State Park Farmers’ Market – 9am-1pm. May 1 – October 30. Fishermen’s Memorial State Park, 1011 Point Judith Road, Narragansett. 222-2781. Elmhurst Farmers Market – 11-2pm. June 12 – Oct 30. Fargnoli Park, 925 Smith St, Providence. Pawtucket Farmers Market – 12-3pm. July 10 – October 30. Slater Mill, 67 Roosevelt Avenue, Pawtucket. 312-4250.

natural awakenings

July 2011


ongoingcalendar Sunday

Hot Power Yoga – 8:30-10am. Rigorous, empowering flow. Challenge your body, free your mind and detoxify! Room is heated to 90-95 degrees. $14. Yoga One, 3 Progress St, Seekonk, MA. 508-3361300.

Kripalu Yoga – 9-9:45am. Postures, breathing and core work to stretch, strengthen and relieve tension. Donations accepted. Church of the Mediator – a UU Fellowship, 50 Rounds Ave, Providence. 401-941-3070. Sunday Celebration Service – 9:15-10:30am. Concordia where hearts come together as one. Free. Concordia Center for Spiritual Living, 292 West Shore Rd, Warwick. 732-1552.

Sunday Meditations – 10-11am. We come together to deepen our understanding that, without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. $8. Serlingpa Meditation Center, 339 Ives St, Providence. 401286-9760.

Shambhala Mindfulness Meditation – 10am12pm. Open community practice of basic mindfulness meditation, with chants (participation optional) Instruction offered at 10:00 am. Free. Providence Shambhala Meditation Center, 541 Pawtucket Ave., 2nd Floor, Pawtucket. 401-305-0762. Shambhala.

Shri Stretch and Strengthen – 9-10:15am. Designed and taught by the studio director with the use of balls, bolsters and great music. Develop greater flexibility and core strength. Long seated meditation included. $15, $10/Pawtucket YMCA members, $45/5 classes. Shri Studio, Urban Revitalization Yoga, 21 Broad St, Pawtucket. 401-441-8600. All Level Yoga (Vinyasa) – 10-11:15am. Moderately paced Yoga flow, with deep stretching, to energize, tone, and strengthen the body. $14, $96/8. TheYogaStudio of Blackstone RiverValley, @The Zen Center, 99 Pound Rd., Cumberland. 401-6584802. Meditation at Lunchtime – 12-1pm. Take a real break at lunchtime to rejuvenate. $8. Serlingpa Meditation Center, 339 Ives St, Providence. 401-286-9760. Noon Time Yoga -- Mon ~ Wed ~ Fri – 12-1pm. Balance out your workout with a different theme creating the ideal components of restoring fitness at any age: Strength, flexibility and balance. $15, $96/8, $200/20. Breathing Time Yoga, 541 Pawtucket Ave 2nd Fl, Pawtucket. 401-421-9876.

Ananda Sunday Satsang – 10am-12pm. Spiritual fellowship through meditation, chanting, talks, veggie potluck lunch. Saturday Workshops. Yogananda’s teachings. Kriya Yoga. Donation. Ananda Center, 40 Collins Rd, Hopkinton. 401-308-8745.

Magnified Healing® Circle – 7-8:30pm. 1st Sunday. Energy circle for self and healing of Earth. Magnified Healing Practitioners only. Call for more info. Donation. Path 2 Harmony, 133 Old Tower Hill Rd, Wakefield. 401-263-1107.


Early Morning Ashtanga Mix Yoga – 7:158:15am. Wake up, get dressed, brush your teeth, splash some water on your face and come practice yoga. Heated room ready for you. Protein bars & shakes for nourishment to go. Showers on site. $12. Body Kneads Yoga, 1145 Reservoir Ave, 2nd Floor, Cranston. 401-632-0878. Pilates Flex, Stretch and Tone – 9-10am. All levels, full body movement class for flexibility, muscle tone and balance. $15. Pilates West Bay, 5 Division St., East Greenwich.


Rhode Island Edition

Aikido for Juniors – 6-7pm. Ages 7-12 Focus on balance, rolling techniques, practical escape techniques, Japanese Reiho incorporated for respect development. $60/Monthly. Kyoshi: George Kasper, 118 Littlefield St, Pawtucket. 401-724-2250. MartialArtsComplex.Com.

Belly Dancing with Mahdia – 6-7:15pm. Get in shape and explore the Middle Eastern style-Raks Sharqi. $13, $60/6. Village Wellness Center & Heart in Hand, 422 Post Rd, Warwick. 401-941-2310. Learn Ho’ Oponopono – 6:30-7:30pm. Learn/practice the ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono. Release, cleanse & heal in four easy steps. Bring peace within, without and among nature. $20/Call to Register. Under The Sun Meditation Center, 31B Bridge St, Newport. 401-339-6092.

Vinyasa Flow – 6:30-7:45pm. Connecting the breath & movement while strengthening the core. More challenging poses and deepen your practice. $13. Serenity Yoga, 21 College Hill Rd, Warwick. 401-615-3433. Vinyasa – 6:30-7:45pm. Play with challenging and invigorating asana sequences for a deepened experience & understanding while adding to your “feel good” toolbox. $13,Class Cards & Monthly’s available. Body Magic Yoga and Fitness Studio, 580 Wood St, Bristol. 401-743-8490. Women’s Spirituality/Intention Group – 7-9pm. 2nd Monday. Dynamic group to share intentions and dreams. Open to all seeking a deeper connection. $15. Pat Hastings, Providence. 401-521-6783.

Hatha Yoga – 10:30am-12pm. Develop balance, strength and flexibility and awaken your body awareness. All levels. $14, $9/with package. RI Pilates Studio, 622 George Washington Hwy, Behind Lincoln Mall, Lincoln. 401-335-3099. Urban Bhakti Groove – 3-4:30pm. Up-beat vinyasa flow class with meditative chanting and deep relaxation. $15, $5 to a city based charity. Shri Studio, Urban Revitalization Yoga, 21 Broad St, Pawtucket. 401-441-8600.

Environment Council of RI Meeting – 5:307:30pm. 1st Monday. Check website for schedule changes. Free. Environment Council of RI, The Department of Administration Bldg, Conference Room B, One Capitol Hill, Providence.

The Healing Breath – 1-1:30pm. Starting 7/11. Practice breathing techniques to awaken the natural healing power of the body. Bring a blanket and pillow if you like. Free. Mobley Family Chiropractic, Briarwood Plaza, 30 Olney St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-0408. Kundalini Yoga for All Levels and Ages – 4-5:15pm. Bend of postures, pranayam, mantra, music, meditation, which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. $10. Hamilton House, 276 Angell St, Providence. DeviDyalKK@ 401-722-3230. Anusara Yoga with Sara Davidson – 5-6:30pm. With one of the 300 most experienced anusara teachers in the country. Heart-oriented, spiritually inspiring using Universal Principles of Alignment. $10, $99/11, $45/5. Shri Studio, Urban Revitalization Yoga, 21 Broad St, Pawtucket. 401-441-8600. Vinyasa Yoga – 5:30-6:30pm. Challenging, dynamic style of yoga in which breath is linked with movement as we flow from one posture to the next. All levels welcome. $14, $9/with package. RI Pilates Studio, 622 George Washington Hwy, Behind Lincoln Mall, Lincoln. 401-335-3099.

Deeksha Oneness Blessing – 7-9pm. 2nd and 4th Monday. Open the heart, heal relationships, quiet the chatter of the mind, and initiate a process of Awakening into Oneness where there is no longer a sense of separateness. Donation. The Providence Institute, 18 Imperial Place, Providence. 401-270-5443. Heated Vinyasa Yoga – 7:30-9pm. Series of postures that will strengthen you, build endurance and flexibility while bringing you to a state of deep inner calm. $14. Yoga One, 3 Progress St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-1300.


30 Minute Training Express – 8-8:30am. A bit of everything, free weights, cardio drills, machines, boxing & more in 30 minutes. $5/call to register. B.I.A. Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. Yoga in the Park – 9-10:15am. Enjoy scenic Bristol while practicing yoga outdoors. Sunny days meet at Independence Park, for rain meet at Studio. All levels are welcome. $8/cash or check. Body Magic Yoga and Fitness Studio, 580 Wood St, Bristol. 401-743-8490. Nia Technique Class – 10:30-11:30am. Great music, easy routines, lots of Joy & a great workout. No shoes bring water. 401-596-2894 x112. YMCA (call). Wendy Rappaport, 95 High St, Westerly.

Nia Class – 10:30-11:30am. Dance movement combined with martial arts class to music. $4/ members,$8/nonmembers. Smithfield Community Center, One Williams J. Hawkins Jr. Trail, Smithfield. 401-487-6977. T’ai Chi – 12:30-1:30pm. Beginners classes in T’ai Chi, Short Form. Donations accepted. Dr. Michael Gottfried, 1272 West Main Rd., Middletown. 401-849-7011. Intrinsic Strengthening – 1-1:30pm. Learn intrinsic stabilization and strengthening exercises to support your spine, reduce injuries and decrease pain. Free. Mobley Family Chiropractic, Briarwood Plaza, 30 Olney St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-0408. Svaroopa Yoga – 4-5:30pm. Very gentle, deeply healing. Focus is on releasing the muscles along the spinal column. Pre-registration is necessary. $17, $112/8. Blissful Moment Yoga, 1006 Charles St. #10A, N Providence. 401-742-8020. Yoga for Everybody – 5-6:15pm. Less than 8 students per class. Clear instruction. Heal injuries, shapeup, get strong Call for more info. $25/3 new student special. Yoga With Lora, 1665 Hartford Ave, 2nd Floor, Johnston. 401-829-9148. Vinyasa Yoga – 5-6:30pm. Detoxify and strengthen your body while uplifting your heart and spirit. $45/6, new student special. One Yoga Center, 142 A Danielson Pike (Rt. 6), Foster. 401-368-9642. Beginner’s Yoga – 5:30-6:30pm. Strengthen and stretch with focus on alignment. $12, $60/6. West Shore Wellness, 1648 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401734-9355. T’ai Chi – 5:30-6:30pm. Beginners classes in T’ai Chi, Short Form. Donations accepted. Dr. Michael Gottfried, 1272 West Main Rd., Middletown. 401-849-7011. Ananda Yoga-Joy is Within You – 5:30-7pm. Enjoy blissful Yoga integrating body’s subtle energies for physical and spiritual wellbeing-gentle postures, beautiful affirmations, meditation and breathing. $10. Ananda Center, 40 Collins Rd, Hopkinton. 401-308-8745. Hatha Yoga – 5:45-6:45pm. Mixed levels, beginners welcome. Ask about new student specials. $14, $72/6. Village Wellness Center & Heart in Hand, 422 Post Rd, Warwick. 401-941-2310. Zumba! – 6-7pm. Latin-inspired dance aerobic program that anyone can learn and have a good sweat, burn up to 750 calories while having a great time. $12, $80/8. Unique Total Body, 190 Putnam Pike, Johnston. 401-233-2348.

Ultimate Frisbee – 6-7pm. All ages and experience levels. Free. Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, Riverside Mills Park, 50 Aleppo St, Providence. 401-861-9046. All Level Yoga – 6-7:15pm. Combination class: Deep, yet gentle stretching (Yin Yoga) with a moderately-paced Vinyasa flow. Open to Beginners. $14, $96/8. The Yoga Studio of BlackstoneRiverValley, @The Zen Center, 99 Pound Rd., Cumberland. 401-658-4802. Yoga in Ballard Park – 6-7:30pm. The setting is nothing short of magical, students place their mats on the grass. It is a wonderful way to end a summer day. $10 – Cash or check at the Park only. Innerlight Center for Yoga & Meditation, Ballard Park, corner of Hazard & Wickham, Newport. 401-849-3200. Zumba – 6:30-7:30pm. Latin inspired dance workout. Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, Calypso, and more! $10. BIA Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. RI Sierra Club Monthly Meeting – 7-8pm. 2nd Tuesday. Get involved with grassroots conservation activities. Free. Sierra Club, 17 Gordon Ave, Suite 208, Providence. 401-855-2103. Meditation Nights – 7-8:30pm. 1st, and 3rd Tuesday. Deep breathing, relaxation, visualization, chanting and time-tested meditation techniques of concentration. All are welcome. Donation. West Shore Wellness, 1648 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401734-9355. Yoga for Everybody – 7-8:30pm. No worries about your size or shape or level of fitness. $45/6, new student special. One Yoga Center, 142 A Danielson Pike (Rt. 6), Foster. 401-368-9642. A Course in Miracles Study Group – 7-9pm. Learn how to bring miracles into one’s life. Drop-in. $5. It’s My Health, 2374 Mendon Rd, Cumberland. 401-405-0819. Weight Loss Program with EFT – 7:15-8pm. 2nd and 4th Tuesday. Release negative emotions, make better food choices and eat mindfully. $20. Greenville Family Counseling, 3 Austin Ave, Greenville. 401-949-2917. Providence Laughter Club – 7:30-8:30pm. Explore, nourish and share intentional laughter as a means of cultivation wellness, healing, playfulness and connection in ourselves and our communities. Free/Donations appreciated. The Providence Institute, 18 Imperial Place, Providence. 401-270-5443.

Nicole Marie LeBlanc, ATP®

S 508.649.4321

Healings l a r piMind, Body, Spirit

Angel Therapy Practitioner® Law of Attraction Life Coach Spiritual Healing for Indigo Children & Adult


Early Morning Ashtanga Mix Yoga – 6:157:15am. See Monday at 7:15am for details. $12. Body Kneads Yoga, 1145 Reservoir Ave, 2nd Floor, Cranston. 401-632-0878.

Sunrise Yoga – 7-8am. Great way to start your day, whether you are a beginner or advanced. $12, packages available. Simplify Yoga, 2076 Nooseneck Hill Rd, Coventry. 401-419-1298. Meditation Support and Sitting Group – 8:309:15am. All levels are welcome to drop-in. All proceeds go to End Child Prostitution and TraffikingUSA. Donation only. Focus Yoga, Ann Porto, PsyD, 63 Cedar Ave, East Greenwich.

Tai Chi Beginner Level Classes – 1-2pm. Twelve week course. Also available Saturday, 12-1pm, starting 7/9. Continuation tai chi classes – same time. Registration is now open for these summer classes. $210. The Way of the Dragon, 877 Waterman Ave., East Providence. 435-6502.

Somatic Meditation – 1-2:15pm. Guided experiences working with consciousness in the body, connecting with the energy around us. With Sarah Whitehead. Bring a blanket and pillow, or Zafu/Zabutan if you have one. $5/Suggested donation. Mobley Family Chiropractic, Briarwood Plaza, 30 Olney St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-0408. Hour of Power Yoga – 4:30-5:30pm. A rigorous 60 minute fun flow. Come challenge your body, free your mind and detoxify!. $14. Yoga One, 3 Progress St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-1300. YogaOneInc.Com. Moderate Yoga – 4:30-5:45pm. For yogis looking deepen their practice and challenge their body and mind. Unite your breath with graceful movement sequences & play w/open mind. $13,Class Cards & Monthly’s available. Body Magic Yoga and Fitness Studio, 580 Wood St, Bristol. 401-743-8490.

Whole Foods Waterman St Neighborhood Night – 4:30-6:30pm. Taste something special from every department, new theme every week. Free. Whole Foods, 261 Waterman St, Providence. 401-272-1690.

Westerly Arts Night – 5-8pm. 1st Wednesday. Downtown galleries and studios open in unison to exhibit new works. Free. Artists Cooperative Gallery, 12 High St, Westerly. 401-596-2221. Yoga for Kids – 5:30-6pm. All experience levels welcome. Free. Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, Riverside Mills Park, 50 Aleppo St, Providence. 401-861-9046.

Balance Yourself with Holistic Wellness Jewelry Essence of Heaven-N-Earth Abalone Shell Necklace Labradorite Earrings • Chakra Necklace Hand crafted, made in Rhode Island

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natural awakenings

July 2011


Meditation Group – 5:30-7pm. Manage stress, awaken intuition & connect to spirit using guided breath control, visualization & sound. $20/Call to Register. Under The Sun Meditation Center, 31B Bridge St, Newport. 401-339-6092. Vegetarian Dinner | Zen Meditation – 5:308:30pm. 5:30pm Public dinner 6:15pm Meditation instruction class 6:30pm Special Chanting 7:00pm Regular Chanting 7:30pm Sitting and walking meditation until 8:30pm. Free/Donations. Providence Zen Center, 99 Pound Rd, Cumberland. 401-658-1464. Kundalini Yoga for All Levels and Ages – 5:457pm. See Monday at 4pm for details. $10. Hamilton House, 276 Angell St, Providence. DeviDyalKK@ 401-722-3230. Gentle Yoga – 6-7pm. Mind-body awareness, posture and alignment and breathing techniques. Beginners welcome. $12, $60/6 weeks. West Shore Wellness, 1648 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-734-9355. PhysicalFusion Barre Tuff Class – 6-7pm. Create a lean body with light weights, ballet barre. Also 8:30am Sat. PhysicalFusion Lite (less tuff) 9:45am Th & 9:45am Sat. $15. Pilates West Bay, 5 Division St., 2nd floor, East Greenwich. Aikido for Juniors – 6-7pm. See Monday at 6pm for details. $60/Monthly. Kyoshi: George Kasper, 118 Littlefield St, Pawtucket. 401-724-2250. Svaroopa Yoga – 6-7:30pm. See Tuesday at 4 for details. $17, $112/8. Blissful Moment Yoga, 1006 Charles St. #10A, N Providence. 401-742-8020. Shambhala Mindfulness Meditation – 6-7:30pm. Open community practice of basic mindfulness meditation, with chants (participation optional). Free. Providence Shambhala Meditation Center, 541 Pawtucket Ave., 2nd Floor, Pawtucket. 401-305-0762. Zumba – 6:15-7:15pm. See Tuesday at 6:30pm for details. $10. BIA Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. Yoga for Adults – 6:15-7:30pm. All experience levels welcome. Free. Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, Riverside Mills Park, 50 Aleppo St, Providence. 401-861-9046. Meditation Group – 6:30-8pm. 1st and 3rd Wednesday. Guided mediation with positive affirmations. $5/Donation. Positive New Beginnings, 873 Waterman Ave, East Providence. 401-432-7195. Empowered Living Circle – 6:30-8pm. 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. Includes one or more of the following


atios and ore

401.949.4872 42

Rhode Island Edition

experimental exercises: Chanting, singing, drumming, meditation, guided meditation, dancing, creative movement and much more. Free. Serenity Holistics, 1635 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-7772. Meditation Service – 7-8pm. Affirmative message and guided meditation, join us for a mid week spiritual lift. Free. Concordia Center for Spiritual Living, 292 West Shore Rd, Warwick. 401-732-1552. Hot Power Yoga – 7:30-8:45pm. Challenging vinyasa class for everyBODY, athletes, golfers come to create balance and the highest level of energy, vitality and freedom in the body! $13. Studio Exhale, 1263 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston. 401-383-0839.


Sunrise Yoga – 7:15-8:15am. Gentle fusion practice incorporating flow and meditation. Practice early for a productive day. $13,Class Cards & Monthlys available. Body Magic Yoga and Fitness Studio, 580 Wood St, Bristol. 401-743-8490. Star Healing and Channeling – 9am-7pm. Come hear what Arch Angel Michael has to say or Learn Intergalactic Star Healing. BrandNew Advanced Healing Available Now With Kelly Hampton, Nationally Renowned. $75/half hour, Star Healing/$350. Herbs & Angels, 1989A Plainfield Pike, Johnston. 401-383-2344. Mixed Level Yoga – 9:30-11am. Flowing movements and deeper holds. First Class Free. One Yoga Studio, 142A Danielson Pike (2nd Floor), Foster. 401-578-4162. Vinyasa Flow – 9:30-11am. All levels. Focusing on linking alignment and breath creating meditative flow. Stretch, strengthen and center inviting energy, grace and ease. Small classes, individual attention,. $17, $128/8. Rivers of Light Studio, 410 Neck Rd, Tiverton. 401-816-0024. Svaroopa Yoga – 9:45-11:15am. See Tuesday at 4pm for details. $17, $112/8. Blissful Moment Yoga, 1006 Charles St. #10A, N Providence. 401-742-8020. Barre and Ball Class – 10-11am. Ballet barre (30 min) and Pilates on stability ball (30 min) moves to lengthen and tone muscles. $14,$9/with package. RI Pilates Studio, 622 George Washington Hwy, Lincoln. 401-335-3099. Tai Chi – 10:45-11:45am. Experience the benefits of Tai Chi and QiGong. Wear Comfortable Clothing. Call ahead if possible. $5/Suggested donation. Mobley Family Chiropractic, Briarwood Plaza, 30 Olney St, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-0408.


Yin (Gentle) Yoga – 4-5pm. Quiet practice using floor postures to stretch and stimulate. All levels. $10, $45/5, $99/11. Shri Studio, Urban Revitalization Yoga, 21 Broad St, Pawtucket. 401-441-8600. Kids Yoga Club – 5-6pm. Fun filled class emphasizing breath, postures and meditation. Ages 5-12. (Younger kids or siblings are welcome if accompanied by an adult). $10. The Yoga Loft, 16 Cutler St, Warren. 401-245-0881. Beginner Iyengar yoga – 5:30-7pm. Strengthen and stretch with focus on alignment. $5 off first class. $16, $14/student. Motion Center, 111 Chestnut St, Providence. 401-654-6650. Deepening Somatic Consciousness – 5:30-7pm. Shamatha-vipashyana, (calm abiding and clear seeing) and walking meditation. Guided experiences working with consciousness in the body, connecting with the earth, relaxation, and cultivating a sense of unconditional presence. $14, $70/prepaid for 6. The Providence Institute, 18 Imperial Place, Providence. 401-270-5443. Ananda Yoga & Meditation -Yogananda – 5:308pm. Ananda Yoga Class weekly 5:30pm, Group Meditation & Chanting 1st & 3rd Thurs 7pm. Ananda Wakefield near E. Matunuck Beach- for directions-401-286-2345. Donation. Ananda Center, 40 Collins Rd, Hopkinton. 401-308-8745. Yoga for Stress Reduction – 5:45-7pm. Learn Hatha yoga postures that reduce the effects of stress on the body. Suitable for all levels. $14, $96/8. The Yoga Studio of BlackstoneRiverValley, @The Zen Center, 99 Pound Rd, Cumberland. 401-658-4802. Zumba – 6-7pm. See Tuesday at 6 for details. $12, $80/8. Unique Total Body, 190 Putnam Pike, Johnston. 401-233-2348. Soul Chill – 6-7:15pm. Move like a gentle wave, opening with restorative centering, warm-ups, moving into fluid posture and soulful movement. Explore new edges and settle into sweet awareness. $13. Studio Exhale, 1263 Oaklawn Ave, Cranston. 401-383-0839. Vinyasa Yoga – 6-7:45pm. See Tuesday at 5 for details. $45/6 classes, new student special. One Yoga Center, 142 A Danielson Pike (Rt. 6), Foster. 401-368-9642. Bike Rides – 6-8pm. Leave from the bike path at Hillside Ave in Johnston, to the Providence Place mall and back. Free. Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, Hillside Ave bike path, Johnston. 401-861-9046. Zumba Toning – 6:15-7:15pm. Join the party with a Latin inspired dance workout! Salsa, Merengue,

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Reggaeton, and more. Zumba toning sticks are used with this class. $10/call to register. B.I.A. Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. Pilates w/Props – 6:30-7:30pm. Promotes deeper awareness, concentration, stability and control. $15/ or purchase a pass. Pilates West Bay, 5 Division St, Bdg D, East Greenwich. 401-261-4137. Hatha Yoga – 7-8:15pm. See Tuesday at 5:45pm for details. $14, $72/6. Village Wellness Center & Heart in Hand, 422 Post Rd, Warwick. 401-941-2310. Gentle Yoga – 7-8:15pm. Gentle and peaceful practice. Special focus on using the breath to relax the body and mind. Mediation and Reiki. $13. Serenity Yoga, 21 College Hill Rd, Warwick. 401-615-3433. Kundalini Yoga – 7-8:30pm. Postures, pranayam, mantra, music and meditation for relaxation, selfhealing. $12, $10/students,$100/10. St Martin’s Church, 50 Orchard Ave, Great Hall, Providence. 508-376-6206. Amrit Yoga Posture Clinic – 7-8:30pm. 1st Thursday. Focus on specific details and alignment in the Amrit Yoga method. All levels. Included in membership, $15/ non-member. Santosha Yoga Studio, 14 Bartlett Ave, Cranston. 780-9089. Yin Yoga – 7:45-9pm. Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation class. Slow, steady holding of postures to enhance natural healing systems of the body and mind. $17. Eyes of the World Yoga Center, One Park Row, Providence. 401-295-5002.


Sunrise Yoga – 7-8am. Great way to start your day whether you are a beginner or advanced. $12, packages available. Simplify Yoga, 2076 Nooseneck Hill Rd, Coventry. 401-419-1298. 30 Minute Training Express – 8-8:30am. See Tuesday at 8am for details. $5/call to register. B.I.A. Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. Zumba Toning – 9-10am. See Thursday at 6:15pm for details. $10/call to register. B.I.A. Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. Walking Group – 10:45-11:45am. Walk the path with a group for about an hour!. Free. Woonasquatucket River Watershed Council, The Red Shed, 50 Aleppo St, Providence. 401-861-9046. Beginner Yoga Lunch Hour – 12-1pm. Practice yoga on your lunch hour with Samantha Lebeau. Relieve stress from your day and return to work

Phillip Lowry CAGS, LMHC, RYT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Registered Yoga Teacher 1 Richmond Square, Ste. 109-C Providence, RI 02906


refreshed. $10. Shri Studio, 21 Broad St, Pawtucket. Kids Yoga – 4-5pm. Imagination and creativity expand as bodies are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d with yoga poses, breathing exercises, partner poses and yoga games in a playful, friendly format. $12, $40/4 weeks. One Yoga Center, 142A Danielson Pike #5, Foster. 401-368-9642. Zumba – 5:30-6:30pm. Latin-inspired, easy-tofollow, calorie-burning, dance fitness-party. Wear comfortable support sneakers, bring a water bottle and towel. $15. The Yoga Loft, 16 Cutler St, Warren. 401-245-0881. Dance Fusion – 6-7pm. Open and flow with innate joy, based on Body Energy Chakras. All ages and levels. $8/class. Newman YMCA, 472 Taunton Ave, Seekonk, MA. 508-336-7103. Women’s Spirituality/Intention Group – 7-9pm. 2nd Friday. See Monday at 7pm for details. $15. Pat Hastings, Providence. 401-521-6783.


Zumba – 8:30-9:30am. See Tuesday at 6:30pm for details. $10. BIA Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. Yoga in the Park – 8:45-10am. Moderate Vinyasa will warm you up for the day. $15, please bring exact change. Breathing Time Yoga, Lippitt Park, Corner of Blackstone Blvd and Hope St, Providence. 401-421-9876. Yoga Basics – 9-10am. Designed to effortlessly strengthen and tone the body while increasing flexibility and suppleness of the joints. Great for beginners!. $12,$80/8. Unique Total Body, 190 Putnam Pike, Johnston. 401-233-2348. Yoga at SeaView Terrace – 9-10am. Start your day with yoga amidst the grandeur of this historic Newport mansion. SeaView Terrace is a sprawling French Renaissance château located on Cliff Walk. $15/or use your Innerlight Account. Innerlight Center for Yoga & Meditation, Seaview Terrace, Seaview Ave, Newport. 401-849-3200. Pilates For Kids – 9:30-10am. Aimed to give children a foundation for a lifetime of health and well-being. Open to children ages 5-11. Drop-ins Welcome. $8,$120/20. RI Pilates Studio, 622 George Washington Hwy., Rear parking lot of Lincoln Mall, Lincoln. 401-335-3099. Kripalu Yoga – 9:30-10:30am. Mixed levels, beginners welcome. New student specials. $14, $72/6. Village Wellness Center & Heart in Hand, 422 Post Rd, Warwick. 401-941-2310. All Level Yoga – 9:30-10:45am. Blend of posture flows to music and deep floor work to tone, strength-

en, release tension & energize. $14, $96/8. TheYogaStudio of Blackstone RiverValley, @The Zen Center, 99 Pound Rd, Cumberland. 401-658-4802. Free Tour of Alternative Food Co-op – 10-11am. Eat organic, whole foods and conserve natural resources. Cooking demo. Free. Alternative Food Co-op, 357 Main St, Wakefield. 401-789-2240. Nia Class – 10-11am. See Tuesday at 10:30am for details. $3/members, $6/non members. Johnston Community Center, 1291 Hartford Ave, Johnston. 401-487-6977. Chair Yoga – 10-11am. Gentle poses are modified with guidance. Chair is used for support and help with balance . Enjoy a guided meditation & Reiki. $10. Serenity Yoga, 21 College Hill Rd, Warwick. 401-615-3433. Vinyasa Yoga Mixed Level Class – 10-11:30am. Focusing on linking alignment and breath creating meditative flow. Stretch, strengthen and center inviting energy, grace and ease. Small classes, individual attention given. $17, $112/8. Rivers of Light Studio, 410 Neck Rd, Tiverton. 401-816-0024. Kids Zumba (ZumbAtomic) – 10:45-11:30am. Crank it up, shake it up, and turn up the fun with Zumba! Kids will have fun with Hip Hop, Salsa, Calypso, Merengue, Cumbia, and more. $5/call to reserve. BIA Fitness, 1639 Warwick Ave, Warwick. 401-732-2899. Pre-natal Yoga – 10:45am-12pm. Explore changes and prepare for childbirth in a supportive atmosphere. $16, $104/8. Motion Center, 111 Chestnut St, Providence. 401-654-6650. Psychic and Mediumship Readings – 12-5pm. With Connie Ouellette. Half hour and hour long sessions. Also available on Wednesdays. Call for appointment and more information. Magick Mirror, 17 State St, Bristol. 401-254-2200. Grandmother’s Empowerment Group – 1-3pm. Usually the 1st Saturday. Based on A Call to Power: The Grandmothers Speak: finding balance in a chaotic world. Donation. The Healing Circle, Providence. 508-292-2798. CPR Certification – 2-4pm. Last Saturday. Learn how to save a life. Class will cover all you need to become proficient. Nationally recognized certification card will be issued upon successful completion. $50. It’s My Health, 2374 Mendon Rd, Cumberland. 401-405-0819. Seagrave Observatory Public Night – 8-10pm. Viewings through a variety of telescopes every clear Saturday Night, weather permitting. Free. Skyscrapers, 47 Peep Toad Rd, North Scituate.

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Adults and Adolescents Individual and Family Evening Appointments Only Holistic Approach towards improving mental health and wellness • Mindfulness-based approaches incorporating psychology & yoga • Cultural Competency Accepting: Blue Cross/Blue Shield Neighborhood Health Plan United Healthcare • Cash

Create a calm and inviting space for your home at Serenity Holistics Art, Crystals, Herbal Tea, Jewelry, Incense and Reiki Treatments & Attunements

Serenity HoliSticS

1635 Warwick Ave., Warwick R.I. 02889

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For rent Office Space. Room available full or part time within a holistic health center in East Greenwich. Rent includes: wi-fi, utilities, web presence, some advertising and shared voicemail box. Call 401-398-2933, Jewel Sommerville, D,Ac., voicemail #1 for more information. Space available for a qualified hairstylist to rent. Enza’s Hair Studio and Day Spa. Call 401-647-4247 and ask for Enza.

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help wanted DISTRIBUTORS – Become an Acaiberri distributor. Health and nutrition interests preferred, but not required. Selling is also a plus. Potential distributors can contact Angelo at 401-497-0740, or email Visit for more information.

massage Rolf Structural Integration, Thai Massage, Therapeutic Bodywork, Relaxing Swedish Massage. Rob Martin offers bodywork at Motion Center @ 111 Chestnut St. Call 401-654-6650.


anti-aging FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH ENERGY Look and Feel Young at Any Age Anti-Aging Coach Leslie Simon Haduch 401-742-0512

Turn back the clock of your cellular age to that of a 20 year old! Clear your mind, cleanse your body, drink pure alkaline water and NOW with a recent breakthrough in anti-aging science, remove oxidative stress by 40% in your first 30 days!


Jessica Albernaz, MS, CAC Serving RI and MA 860-558-3988 Ayurveda is an ancient system of holistic medicine from India. It is completely natural, relying on diet, lifestyle, yoga, and herbs to treat mental/physical imbalances. Achieving balance in body and mind strengthens immunity and activates the body’s natural healing power. As a Certified Ayurvedic Consultant, I can help you determine your own personal balance and provide natural treatments to help you achieve it.

Keeping It Simple!

Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life Jayne M. DeRouin Are you ready to remember your authentic self? Are you looking for a way to live an uncomplicated life? If so, let Keeping It Simple! guide you on your journey to yourself. Through my personal stories of divine intervention and angelic experiences I will reveal the spiritual keys that have guided me to a life filled with an abundance of love and joy. Purchase your copy today and

Simply a Woman of Faith:

How to Live in Spiritual Power and Transform Your Life Pat Hastings, Spiritual Life Coach, Speaker, RadioTalk Show Host Do you want to live in Spiritual Power and transform your life? Pat’s story is about a woman who chose Love instead of fear and is now living her passion and dream. Her story will make you laugh and cry, give you hope, deepen your faith and prove without a shadow of a doubt that you are loved and never alone. Her book can be purchased at or

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Time Rental Book your On-Going Program or Training Seminar all-inclusive at contact George 261-2552.

790 Aquidneck Ave Middletown RI 401-324-6167 • Are you suffering from Sleep Disturbances, Anxiety, Fatigue, Depression, Low energy, Low Libido, PMS, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Focus and Memory loss? We will work with your doctor. For Men and Women. Consultations available Monday through Friday 10am-5pm with Rene St.Laurent Rph/certified clinical nutritionist and hormone consultant.

Massage Therapy • Reflexology • Reiki Craniosacral Therapy • Iris Analysis Health Consultations • Ear Coning

17 West Main Street Wickford, RI 02852 401-294-3981

Books on Spirituality, Metaphysics, Psychology, Shamanism, Alternative Healing, Gourmet Vegetarian Cooking. Kirlian Aura Photos. Meaningful jewelry with crystals and gemstones, Angels, Buddhas, Tibetan Singing bowls, Native American sacred herbs, dreamcatchers. Candles, incense, cards and beautiful music on CD. Psychic and Tarot Readings - Call for appointment. See ad on page 12.



Vitamins … Herbs … teas HomeopatHic remedies personal care products . . . local Honey

Check our website for Class Schedules 2374 Mendon Rd., Cumberland RI • 405-0819 • Rhode Island Edition


Aquidneck Nutrients & Wellness Center

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Your Holistic Center for the Mind, Body and Spirit REIKI TREATMENTS SPIRITUAL COUNSELING GIFTS & METAPHYSICAL ITEMS 873 Waterman Ave East Providence, RI


CHIROPRACTOR Bayside Chiropractic, PC

Dr. Meghan V. Schaffer 291 Waterman Street Providence, RI 02906 (401) 223-0111 At Bayside Chiropractic, I believe my goal as a physician is to help each of my patients reach their optimal level of health. I use Sacro-Occipital Technic (SOT TM), a gentle Chiropractic and Cranial method of adjusting that enables me to treat a wide variety of patients. I especially enjoy treating pregnant moms, infants and kids.


COLON HYDROTHERAPY Inner Health Colon Hydrotherapy Lori DeLang, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist 450 Chauncy St., Mansfield, MA at Rtes. 95, 495 & 106 508-261-1611 •

Cleanse your colon with privacy and dignity, using the premier Angel of Water system. The large intestine (colon) is cleansed by instilling purified water into the lower bowel through a disposable nozzle. The water initiates natural movement of the colon to eliminate waste. You remain in control of the flow of water at all times.  Remember: The Road to Good Health is Paved with Good Intestines! See ad, page 23.

Chiropractic Physician Dr. Michael Gottfried 1272 West Main Rd. Aquidneck Chiropractic Middletown, RI 02842 401-849-7011

My purpose is to support you by listening to you; providing you with gentle, low force chiropractic care coupled with stress management, nutrition, and exercise information to assist you to take action on your road back to health. With 30 years of experience doing what I love to do in a supportive environment, miracles can happen.


Dr. Belinda Mobley Briarwood Plaza 30 Olney St, Seekonk, MA 508-336-0408


Holistic counseling using hypnosis to access the root cause of imbalances and transform your relationship with others and self.  Depth Hypnosis works with your inner wisdom to heal and create lasting change.  Phone and office sessions available.

Alexandra Morgan’s Animal School 84 Cutler St, #7, Warren, RI 401-434-3687

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. At Mobley Family Chiropractic we use gentle but specific chiropractic techniques to locate and remove the barriers to true health and have a variety of options to assist you on the road to better health and vitality. See ad page 29.

Alexandra Morgan’s Animal School, located in the heart of Warren, RI, offers dog daycare, social boarding (play all day!), private lessons & group classes for puppies through advanced CGC. Rescued animals also available for adoption. Home made food, treats, and more! You love your dog. Your dog loves you. We’ll help you keep it that way.




Guidance in Achieving Your Goals David Monson 181 Main Street, 2nd floor, Blackstone, MA 508-883-1007 As a certified Life Coach, I have been coaching individuals and groups for many years in the areas of Successful Communication, Personal Relationships and Life Strategy Development. Men and women alike often wonder if they’re using their gifts effectively to contribute to themselves, those they love or others in their environment. We offer without obligation a complimentary consultation to determine if we can assist you in co-developing a focused path toward greater success, attainment of your dreams and a more fulfilled way of living. See ad page 13.

Laura P. Clark, lcmt, cpia, cfr, cia 401-848-9825

Bodywork & Energy Shifting for Soulful Living. Laura uses an integrative holistic approach that helps you shift your energy, and allows your joy to shine through while working on the challenges of your life. Massage, Facial Reflexology, Feng Shui, Aromatherapy, Dream Coaching and more.

See ad on page 15.

light soul therapy

Jackie Van Dusen AM, RHP Wakefield, RI 401-284-0363 Everything is energy. Dissolving the stagnant energy within our body’s electromagnetic fields can move us from where we are to where we want to be. Call Today to begin feeling great.

Katharine A. Rossi


Body-Wise Therapeutics

Paws N’ Go Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Ashley Gentes 401 996 1465

Providing in home pet care so you and your pet can be at ease while you’re away. From 1-3 visits daily, which includes fresh food and water, walks or cleaning the litter, plenty of play time, and lots of love and affection! Experienced and insured. “Providing Love & Care When You’re Not There!” since 2005.

Esthetician Marissa Cote

Innisfree Body Works 18 Post Rd Pawtuxet Village, Warwick 401-461-3788 Whether it’s an organic facial, a natural nails service, or a Brazilian wax, Marissa knows how to make her clients enjoy their spa experience. With years of honing her skills in treatments with different product lines, Marissa has come to understand the importance of using only all-natural, organic skin products. Call to make your appointment and enjoy a relaxing unique experience.

healing arts center Magick Mirror Healing Arts Center Connie Ouellette & Kevin Moniz 17 State Street, Bristol, RI 401-254-2200

Look into the Magick Mirror and experience the healing energies of crystals, gemstones, jewelry and gifts from around the world. Psychic readings, candles, books, incense, music, herbs, fairies await you. Lift your spirits through our mediumship and metaphysical classes! Magick, Tarot (3 levels), Herbs, Wicca, Reiki, Angels, Shamanism and much more. Join our co-op of holistic healers forming now!

holistic guidance Angel Whispers Rhode Island

917 A Warwick Ave., Warwick, RI 401-741-2278 Offering a variety of holistic energy therapies, which can be scheduled at Wellness Center at Gold Plaza in Warwick, private homes, businesses, hospitals, and nursing homes. Adriene also conducts Reiki certification courses and workshops on a variety of topics related the wellness. See ad on page 27.

natural awakenings

July 2011



Christine McCullough, MA Newport, RI 401-847-6551

Let me help you move through times of transition and transformation in your life. I offer integrative, holistic insights and solutions customized to your needs. Holistic Tarot, Spiritual Astrology, Energy Healing, Reiki II, Body Talk, Ear Coning, Life Coach, Non-denominational Celebrant.

holistic healing and education Sun Rose Healing, LLC 401-619-2993 Rose Napoli has been practicing and studying mind-body science and holistic healing for nearly 40 years. Trained in a variety of modalities, she specializes in and teaches Thai-Yoga-Massage and Guided Imagery. Sun Rose Healing is based on Ayurvedic science, Buddhist philosophy, Shamin ways and Western science and offers a unique balance to help improve emotional and physical well-being.


VIBRANT KIDS & FAMILIES Natural Awakenings’ August edition will be packed with special tips for raising a healthy family.

hypnosis Mark Ashley Hypnosis Health & Wellness

Consulting Hypnotist, Coach & Motivator 401-623-6709 • Motivation by means of hypnosis. Achieve amazing success with weight loss, fitness goals, stress management, insomnia, motivation, procrastination, anxiety, phobias, smoking and compulsive behaviors.

John Koenig, Board Certified Hypnotist

110 Jefferson Blvd (Suite B), Warwick, RI 02888 401-374-1890 Hours: Tuesday and Thursday All Day - 9am to 7pm Wednesday & Friday Mornings - 9am to 12pm Saturday Morning - 9am to 11am

interfaith minister INTERFAITH MINISTER

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401-709-2473 46

Rhode Island Edition

Rev. Natalia de Rezendes Slatersville, RI 401-766-8316

Create the Wedding ceremony of your heart’s desire with Rev. Natalia! Whether it be traditional or non-traditional or an Interfaith marriage. All types of love unions welcomed! Rev. Natalia co-creates ceremonies with you and enhances the beauty of your traditions: weddings, baby christenings and namings, seasonal healing rituals, memorials and funerals.

naturopathic physicians Sheila M. Frodermann, MA, ND, FHANP

Providence Wholistic Healthcare 144 Waterman St., Providence, RI 401-455-0546 • Holistic family health care: your comprehensive natural medicine clinic offering diet and nutritional counseling, herbal and homeopathic medicines, and acupuncture. Optimize health and wellness naturally! See ad on page 17.

Keri Layton, N.D.

111 Chestnut St., Providence, RI Also at All That Matters, Wakefield, RI 401-536-4327 • Naturopathic medicine at its best. Diet and nutrient therapy, herbal medicine, NAET, homeopathy. Safe and effective treatments for men, women and children of all ages.

Nature Cures Naturopathic Clinic

Dr Cathy Picard, N.D. 250 Eddie Dowling Hwy • North Smithfield RI 401-597-0477 • Whole-person health care for the entire family using safe and effective natural medicines. Meeting your health care needs with homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition and biotherapeutic drainage. Focus includes pediatrics and childhood developmental issues including autism and ADHD.

nutrition Samantha Lebeau – Health Coach

401-688-9181 As a health coach, Samantha will help you use the food you eat to combat stress, chronic fatigue, weight gain, depression, or a just a general lack of vibrancy. Learn how to fall in love with foods that serve your well-being! Specializing in counseling women. Call or email for a complementary health history consultation.

physical therapy Charlestown Physical Therapy and Health Services Dr. Sara Michaud PT, DPT, ATC 3939 Old Post Rd., Charlestown, RI 02813 364-2020

At CPTHS we focus on retraining and restoring your body’s natural movement patterns to relieve pain and maximize performance. We do not use aides or assistants. All patients are treated with licensed professionals. Services are offered in rehabilitation, reconditioning, nutrition, fitness and massage. See ad on page 13.

reiki Amanda de Rezendes

Reiki Master & Teacher Slatersville, RI Amanda is a certified Reiki Master available for sessions and training workshops. She brings a compassionate and intuitive understanding to her Reiki practice and works to empower her clients with the knowledge of their own ability for self-healing. Experience this ancient and non-invasive healing art to know your own energy, reduce stress and create balance.

Sylvia Collins

Reiki Master & Teacher Warwick RI 401-921-4397 I would love to open your hands, your heart and your mind to the wonderful healing energy of Reiki. I am a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, who would like to help you on your journey of personal growth through this safe, non-invasive healing modality. Because I have always had a deep connection with animals, I am also available to offer Reiki to your pet. Please contact me to learn more.

therapeutic massage Innisfree Body Works 18 Post Rd Pawtuxet Village, Warwick 401-461-3788

Founder of Innisfree, David Walsh has been practicing massage therapy for more than 14 years. His hands speak multiple languages, and still he feels it all comes down to instinct and touch. His spiritual intentions and focus in deep tissue create a love for giving thorough treatments. Gift Certificates available. Call for yours today!

It’s Your Body’s Symphony

2051 Plainfield Pike • Johnston RI 02919 401-464-6100 • ITS ALL ABOUT YOU. You deserve the BEST The journey begins. Enter a new plateau @ ITS YOUR BODYS SYMPHONY We offer: A variety of massage therapies including La Stone, Cupping, Thai, Ultimate pumpkin & back facials, Reflexology… We look forward to your arrival. See ad on page 27.

Jane McGinn, BA, LMT

1648 Warwick Ave., Warwick, RI 401-734-9355 Jane’s massage style incorporates relaxing Swedish strokes and deeper pressure as needed. Her techniques loosen tight muscles and bring about a sense of well being - mentally, emotionally, physically. Her work has helped those new to massage as well as those familiar with massage, including therapists and practitioners. New clients are encouraged to experience Jane’s warm, friendly approach and excellent results.

cathryn moskow, lcmt 145 Waterman St., Providence (at Hope) 401-808-0837

Put your aches and pains into my hands… They’ve had 10,000 massages worth of experience. Since 1993. “Best of Boston”

weight loss Laurie Kraus

Barrington, RI 631-834-7786 Get support from Laurie Kraus, a result oriented Isagenix coach with much success behind her. Isagenix addresses two factors, which lead to excess weight and disease in a way that no other health and supplement company has: they are TOXICITY AND NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY. Isagenix products contain the highest quality natural botanicals, herbs, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, minerals and protein in the correct proportions to first cleanse on a cellular level, then deliver optimal nutrition. See ad on page 6.

wellcare collaborative IT’S MY HEALTH

Marie Bouvier-Newman 2374 Mendon Rd., Cumberland, RI 401-405-0819 •

Connecting you to the leaders in natural healthcare and green living in our commmunity. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide, call 401-709-2473 for guidelines and to submit entries

yoga a new day yoga

Marilyn Scallon RYT, CYT, Reiki Master 2374 Diamond Hill Road, Cumberland RI 508 596-2974 • Offering Weekly yoga classes, Shake Your Soul(R)/ Yoga Dance, Private/Create Your Own Yoga Class, and vibrational sound healing. Our yoga classes are gentle as well as offering Hatha Yoga Flow. Teacher training also offered. Come and be inspired. See ad on page 33.

Chris Belanger, RYT

We provide much more than products, services and education. We provide the tools you need to optimize your health in a comfortable environment. We care. See ad on page 44.

wellness center Village Wellness Center Heart in Hand Massage Therapy 422 Post Rd, Warwick, RI 02888 401-941-2310

A holistic wellness center featuring Yoga instruction therapeutic massage, skin care and hair removal, Reiki, Karate, Belly Dancing and Acupuncture. Located 5 minutes from the airport and Providence in Historic Pawtuxet Village. We believe in a hands-on approach to health. Our 9 massage therapists, acupuncturist, skin care professional and instructors will help you feel your best. Online scheduling available at See ad on page 23.

401-261-7242 Offering Kripalu Yoga, Laughter Yoga, Yoga in the Park, Men’s Yoga, Gentle Yoga & Senior Yoga throughout RI – Classes are suitable for all levels. Explore your body, breath, mind & spirit. Chris is now offering Yoga for Vets - a program to thank vets for their service, while providing a valuable wellness tool for the mind & body. See ad on page 32.

yoga and holistic health center ALL THAT MATTERS

315 Main Street • Wakefield, RI 401-782-2126 • Choose from 45 yoga classes each week. Enjoy a variety of therapeutic health services. Experience workshops on yoga, meditation, self-care, selfdiscovery and the healing arts. See ad on page 32.

Ellen Heath ID # 18104235 Independent Consultant Cell: 401.339.2652 Email: Find Us on Facebook


natural awakenings

July 2011



The City Art Festival

Rebecca Green

Art! Food! Merriment! August 6th, 2011 • 10am to 5pm

Biltmore Park, PRovidence

Across from the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Providence Join us for over 100 art and craft artisans, festive food and strolling merriment! partner sponsor

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Learn more about Festival Fete by snapping:

July 2011 Rhode Island Natural Awakenings  

Living Simply

July 2011 Rhode Island Natural Awakenings  

Living Simply