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Getting the wrinkles out (and making free throws) since 1970

Go MCAC Wildcats! While you can't travel on the court, we wish you safe traveling to the court.


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118KADA S. Mill Mill Street 118 S. Street

Mishawaka, IN 118 S. Mill Street Mishawaka, IN46544 46544

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Girl’s Varsity

MCAC Team Team R 20122008/ –2

NAME NO. HT. AGE* Girl’s Varsity RBasketball No. 1 Age AYNA DOBRODT 5’ 8”as of179/1/12 ANN BEACHY 5’ 5” 14 17 Kaelyn Barlow 3 2 J ORDYN CAUDLE 5 5’ 7” 16 Anastasia Bradley 14 16 NAOMI HARLESS 10 5’ 3” 17 Cidney DoBrodt TARA JOYCE 25 13 5’ 9” 17 16 Kaitlyn Elmerick ELISE STOGDILL 10 14 5’ 4” 16 15 J ENNY C OCKERILL 15 5’ 11” 14 Rachel Kline 15 16 NICHOLE VANDERWERF 22 5’ 10” 14 Ashley Muhlenkamp 21 16 ALLISON BEACHY 23 5’ 6” 14 Caitlin Muhlenkamp CIDNEY DOBRODT 13 25 5’ 6” 14 13 B EKAH A DAMS 54 5’ 6” 15 Alayna Quigley 23 16 Coach: Randy DoBrodt Girl’s Varsity Assistants: Randy Beachy & Randy DoBrodt N AME HT. AGE* Girl’s Junior High Basketball NO. RAYNA DOBRODT 1 5’ 8” 17 Rachel Badowski Girl’s Junior High 3 13 ANN BEACHY 2 5’ 5” 17 AYLA KLINE 2 5’ 7” 4” 13 12 Anna Barlow 12 5 JKORDYN CAUDLE 5’ 16 M ADDIE L EEPER 4 5’ 3” 12 N AOMI H ARLESS 10 5’ 3” 17 Becca Broadwick 5 13 K AITLYN E LMERICK 10 5’ 3” 12 5’ 9” 13 16 Elyona DoBrodt TARA JOYCE 15 13 R EGAN C ARNAHAN 11 5’ 0” ELISE STOGDILL 14 5’ 4” 13 15 Kinsey Muhlenkamp 11 12 C IDNEYCD OBRODT 5’ 6” 12 13 JENNY OCKERILL 15 5’ 11” 14 A NA B RADLEY 14 5’ 2” 12 Faith Mullen NICHOLE VANDERWERF22 22 5’ 10” 13 14 JAENNY C OCKERILL 15 5’ 11” 14 LLISON B EACHY 23 5’ 6” 14 1 Katrina Sakimoto 12 A LLISON B EACHY 20 5’ 6” CIDNEY DOBRODT 25 5’ 6” 14 13 Allie Taberski 14 A SHLEYAM UHLENKAMP 4 21 5’ Girl’s Varsity B EKAH DAMS 54 5’ 4” 6” 12 15 ICHOLE VANDER WERF Coach: Randy DoBrodt NN AME N22 O. H5’ T. 10” A14 GE* Coach: Randy Beachy Assistants: Randy Beachy & Randy DoBrodt R AYNA D O B RODT 1 5’ 8” 17 Girl’s Elementary Basketball Assistants: Phil Muhlenkamp Randy DoBrodt 5’& 5” 179 Ashley Barlow ANN BEACHY 5 2 JORDYN CAUDLE 5 5’ 7” 16 Girl’s Junior High Cayley Cripe 11 12 Girl’s Elementary NK AOMI HKARLESS 10 2 5’5’3”4” 17 AYLA LINE 12 Cassidy Elmerick TARA 4 11 E LYONA D O B RODT 0 4’ 2” 9 J OYCE 13 5’ 9” 16 Girl’s Varsity MADDIE LEEPER 4 5’ 3” 12 K INSEY M UHLENKAMP 1 4’ 4” 8. E LISE S TOGDILL 14 5’ 4” 15 O HT. Kyra Krusemark KAITLYN ELMERICKNAME13 10 11 5’ 3” N 12 M ORGAN L EEPER 3 4’ 9” 12 JENNY C OCKERILL 15 5’ 11” 14 R AYNA D O B RODT 1 5’ 8” R EGAN C ARNAHAN 11 5’ 0” 13 Annie Seida 21 9 RISTA KDANDER LINE 0” NK ICHOLE WAERF 2210 5’5’ NN BEACHY 2 5’ 5” C IDNEY V OBRODT 12 5’10” 6” 1410 13 Mary Seida 1 2311 9 A ALLISON BABERSKI EACHY JORDYN 5’4’ CAUDLE 5 5’ 7” ALLIE NA BT RADLEY 14 5’6”6” 2” 1410 12 E MILY D K ERN 12 1” 13 11 CIDNEY BRODT NAOMI10 5’5’ Aimee Smith 9 H25 ARLESS 10 5’ 3” JENNY CO OCKERILL 15 5’6” 11” 14 C ARI CDAMS LARK 13 4’ 6” 9 B EKAH A 54 5’ 6” 15 T ARA J OYCE 13 5’ 9” A LLISON B EACHY 20 5’ 6” 14 Libby Taberski 2 11 K LMERICKEDoBrodt 14 5’ 12 Coach: Randy LISE STOGDILL 5’ 4” AAITLYN SHLEY MEUHLENKAMP 21 5’ 3” 4” 14 12 Regan Vance 3 21 & Randy 10 C MVUHLENKAMP 4’ 6”DoBrodt 10 Assistants: Randy JENNY COCKERILL 15 5’ 11” NAITLIN ICHOLE ANDER W ERFBeachy 22 5’ 10” 14 Coach: Phil Muhlenkamp N ICHOLE V ANDER W ERF 22 5’ 10” –16– Coach: Randy Beachy Assistants: Randy Beachy & Randy DoBrodt AHigh LLISON BEACHY & Randy23 5’ 6” Girl’s JuniorPhil Assistants: Muhlenkamp DoBrodt CIDNEY D2 OBRODT5’ 4” 25 5’ 6” KAYLA KLINE 12

Team R 2008/

Team R 2008/2

AGE* 17 17 16 17 16 15 14 14 14 13

Team Rosters 2 – 2013

Boy’s Varsity Basketball

AGE* 17 17 16 17 16 15 14 14 14 13 15

DoBrodt AGE* 17 17 12 16 12 17 12 16 13 15 13 14 12 14 14 14 14 13 12 15 A14 GE*

DoBrodt 17 y DoBrodt 17 16 1712 9 1612 8 1512 1412 13 1410 13 1410 12 1311 14 9

Zack Broadwick Nick Foy Daniel Holdeman Austin Layman Clayton Pendl Tim Seida

Team Rosters 2008/2009

Boy’s Junior Moses Bradley Kjellen Gedde Dylan Layman Nick Logan Ross Quigley Grant Quigley Matt Seida

Team Rosters 2008/2009

No. Age as of 9/1/12 17 5 18 3 14 17 Boy’s Varsity 20 15 NAME NO. 15 HT. 13 JOHN CLARK 3 5’ 9” 42 16 JP REINHARDT 4 5’ 11” KYLE MORRIS 5 5’ 6” BJ L EICHTER 11 5’ 9” Varsity Basketball JACOB CREPINSEK 13 14 5’ 5” 44 JONATHAN BRANDT 14 14 5’ 9” 12 CHRIS AEMMER 15 5’ 7” 15 15 MICHAEL CLARK 23 5’ 1” 24 NATHAN COCKERILL 42 14 5’ 11” MORGAN BOLT 1 44 14 6’ 2” SAM SCHERTZ 4 45 14 6’ 0” 23 & John Clark 13  Coaches: Mari

Boy’s Varsity

AGE* 16 15 14 15 13 14 17 12 16 16 15

NAME NO. HT. AGE* J OHN C LARK 3 5’ 9” 16 Boy’s Junior High Basketball Elementary JPBoy’s REINHARDT 4 10 5’ 11” 15 Matthew Elmerick 4 BYLE RYCEMR EYNOLDS 2 4’ 10” 12 K ORRIS 5 5’ 6” 14 5 Zach Krusemark 13 NICK LOGAN 3 4’ 11” 10 BJ LEICHTER 11 5’ 9” 15 Jack Murphy 15 GREPINSEK ORBICS 4 13 5’ 4’ 5” 8” 13 10 JACOB C 13 Ryan Quigley 11 14  JAMES D E M ECURIO 5 4’ 9” 11 ONATHAN BRANDT 14 5’ 14 Weston Sage 21 12 JCARED D ODD 10 4’ 5” 8 HRIS AEMMER 15 5’ 7” 17 ISAIAH SWAIN 11 11 5’ 4’ 1” 6” 12 9 John Seida M ICHAEL CLARK23 23 THOMAS DOCKERILL EMECURIO 14 13 5’ 4’ 11” 9” 16 10 N ATHAN C 42 Matt Seida 25 ICHAEL B COLT LARK 23 5’ 2” 1” 16 12 MORGAN 44 6’   Will Dodd Varsity SBoy’s AMCoach: SCHERTZ 45 6’ 0” 15 Boy’s ElementaryNBasketball  Assistants:Mari Jason Swain & John AMECoaches: NOClark . & Roger HT. Antoniu AGE* Colten DoBrodt 25 7 5’ 9” 16 JOHN CLARK 3 Matthew Elmerick 4 - DANA JPARTHLETIC EINHARDT 4 DO10 5’ 11” 15 DIRECTOR BRODT KYLE 14 Jared Krusemark 14 9 5’D6” ABoy’s SSM ’TORRIS ATHLETIC DIRECTOR 5- RANDY OBRODT Elementary BJBRYCE LEICHTER 11 5’ 9” Jeff Murphy 10 11 REYNOLDS 2 4’ 10” 1512 J ACOB C REPINSEK 13 5’ MCACW ILDCATS @Y AHOO . COM John Seida NICK LOGAN 23 3 11 4’5” 11” 1310 JONATHAN B RANDT 14 5’ 9” ILDCATS.COM4 8 4’ 8” 14 JWWW ACOB .MCAC-W GORBICS 3 10 Zac Taberski CHRIS A EMMER 15 5 5’4’7”9” 1711 JAMES DEMECURIO MJICHAEL CLARK 2310 5’4’1”5” 12 8 –17– ARED DODD NIATHAN C OCKERILL 42 5’4’11” 16 9 SAIAH SWAIN 11 the 6” and Then you will live a life that 44 honors Lord, MTORGAN B OLT 6’ 2” 1610you wi HOMAS DEMECURIO 14 4’ 9”in every please Him by doing good deeds: bearing fruit SAM SCHERTZ 45 6’ 0” 15 good

Team Rosters 2008/2009


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Emily ill Cocker

Joined MCAC 2009

Favorite Verse

Joshua 1:6-7 Be strong and courageous, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land that I swore to their fathers to give them. Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go.

Future plans

I plan to attend Purdue University or Bethel College and major in Biology or Zoology with a minor in theatre.

Advice for the team

Never give up and never quit. No matter how much you want to. Listen to your coach, encourage your teammates, and remember you are playing for His glory.



Cidney DoBrod t

Joined MCAC

I joined the Wildcats Basketball in 2003 and Volleyball 2009

Favorite verse

1 Corinthians 12: 9-10 He said to me “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

Future plans

I am strongly considering Taylor University, Bethel College, IWU or… somewhere else and for sure majoring in Music. Maybe Psychology, Youth ministry, professional sand castle making…or whatever else God has planned. It doesn’t matter what I plan, God’s will trumps mine every time.

Advice for the team

Your teammates are your family on and off the court. Be committed, be forgiving, have patience, trust, sacrifice for each other and LOVE. Cherish the moments you have with those around you because time flies and next thing you know you’re a senior! Listen to your coach! Most of the time he (dad) or she (mom) knows what they’re talking about. ;) Always remember to play for HIS glory, whether you are sitting on the bench with an injury or in the game, whether you play 30 seconds or 32 minutes. Remember the game of volleyball or basketball is just a tool to use for God’s kingdom. God #1 Team #2 and you #3. And don’t go a day without laughing…even if that means doing the hokey pokey at practice. –23–


Nick Foy

Joined MCAC

2011-2012 Varsity Basketball 2012-2013 Varsity Basketball

Favorite Verse

Phillipians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Future Plans

Attend either The Ohio State University or Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers to study Professional Golf Management to become a PGA class A pro. I can then manage a golf resort as head pro and give swing lessons. I’d like to live and work in Florida where the weather is nice year round.

Advice for the team

Work hard at everything you do in life, giving your best all the time.



Laura Mullen

Joined MCAC

I have been with MCAC since the start of the Volleyball program in 2009.

Favorite Verse

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for man. Many times in life I find myself complaining about having to do something that I don’t personally enjoy doing, so I tend to do a half way job, just enough to make whoever happy. This verse reminds me that in ALL I do I should be giving 110% not 50%. Because I should be working for the LORD, not for man.

Future plans

I am not 100% sure how it all fits together yet but I feel that God is calling me to work with children as well as doing something with prosthetics (a device that replaces a missing body part, such as an arm or a leg). I would also like to get involved in public speaking so that I can be an encouragement to others and share the love of God. Whether that be opening a clinic for children, working with those overseas who don’t have the opportunity to get a prosthetic, talking at various hospitals or schools...I just don’t know yet. But I do know God has a plan for me and I am excited to see what it is. Another exciting part of my future plan is to continue my training in paralympic sitting volleyball and hopefully represent our country in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

Advice for the team

Not only make your time with MCAC a time you play the sport you love, but make it a time where you strive to grow in your relationship with the Lord. Be willing to better yourself and listen to what your coaches tell you. When a coach tells you something they are not only trying to make you a better player, but they are giving up time their time for you because they care about you and want to see you succeed. Be sure to give them the same respect, even if you think something they have you do is silly and won’t help, they have a reason for telling you to do it. Also be committed to your team, on the MCAC program when you join a team you become part of the family. There will be ups and downs just like at home. But don’t ever give up on them. The most important thing to remember in all that you do is to keep the Lord your #1 focus and do everything 4 HIS GLORY!! –25–

MCAC SENIORS 2013 Daniel n a Holdem

Joined MCAC

I started with MCAC in 2008 and have been on the junior high, junior varsity and varsity teams.

Favorite Verse

Hebrews 12:1-17 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart. Hebrews 12:1-3 I love this passage because it shows you how to run the Christian race/life

Future Plans

I’m going to college next fall, I just don’t know where or what I’ll be studying. There are things I am thinking and praying about. So please pray for God’s leading in my life as I look to take the next step.

Advice for the team

Basketball and life are a lot alike. You will only get out what you put in to it. So fill your life with good things and put Christ first in all you do.


We “R” Where You AUTO “B”

A PROUD Sponsor of the Michiana Christian Athletic Club!

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Retirement: Ready or not. Ready is better.

Good luck WILDCATS! Have a healthy and successful season.

Shawn M Stevens, AAMS®

Dr. Jason & Kirsten Marker

Financial Advisor .

505 E Ireland Road Suite 1 South Bend, IN 46614 574-299-1287

Family Medicine with Obstetrics in Wyatt, IN and

Mustard Seed Farm Mishawaka, IN

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Campbell Dental Group KEVIN T. CAMPBELL, D.D.S. JOSEPH E. HICKEY, D.D.S. UNIVERSITY GARDENS 6910 N. MAIN ST., BLDG. 1, UNIT 58 GRANGER, INDIANA 46530 (574) 277-4235 OFFICE (574) 277-5189 FAX


team photos Boy’s jr. varsity & varsity Basketball Team

Front row (left to right): Nick Logan, Ross Quigley, Grant Quigley, Matt Seida, Nick Foy, Zack Broadwick Second row (left to right): Coach Paul Holdeman, Kjellen Gedde, Moses Bradley, Tim Seida, Austin Layman, Daniel Holdeman, Clayton Pendl, Dylan Layman, Assistant Coach Tim Barber –32–

Boy’s JR. High Basketball Team Front row (left to right): Matthew Elmerick, John Seida, Ryan Quigley Second row (left to right): Jack Murphy, Matt Seida, Zach Krusemark, Coach Chris Elmerick Absent from photo: Weston Sage

Boy’s elementary Basketball Team Front row (left to right): Jared Krusemark, Colten DoBrodt Second row (left to right): Matthew Elmerick, Jeff Murphy, Zac Taberski, John Seida, Coach Chris Elmerick

Girl’s varsity basketball team

Front row (left to right): Kaitlyn Elmerick, Caitlin Muhlenkamp, Ashley Muhlenkamp, Anastasia Bradley, Second row (left to right): Coach Randy DoBrodt, Cidney DoBrodt, Alayna Quigley, Kaelyn Barlow, Rachel Kline, Assistant Coach Ike Muhlenkamp –33–

girl’s Jr. High Basketball Team Front row (left to right): Kinsey Muhlenkamp, Elyona DoBrodt, Rachel Badowski, Allie Taberski Second row (left to right): Assistant Coach Tim Taberski, Faith Mullen, Anna Barlow, Becca Broadwick, Coach Phil Muhlenkamp Absent from photo: Katrina Sakimoto

Girl’s elementary basketball team Front row (left to right): Regan Vance, Cassidy Elmerick, Kyra Krusemark, Aimee Smith Second row (left to right): Assistant Coach Karen Seida, Ashley Barlow, Libby Taberski, Mary Seida, Annie Seida, Coach Tim Taberski Absent from photo: Cayley Cripe

girl’s varsity volleyball team Kaitlyn Elmerick Cidney DoBrodt - captain Elyona DoBrodt Gabby Koebel Laura Mullen - captain Faith Harner Back Row: Jacquelyn Gonder Marena Stair Ellen Marker Katelyn Stansbury Hannah Edwards


girl’s Jr. varsity volleyball team Junior Varsity Front Row: Bethany Mullen Rachel Breuer Alyssa Stair Ashton Stansbury Emily Cockerill - captain Juliana Gonder Hannah Edwards - captain Back Row: Angelina Williams Katelyn Stansbury Hannah Baldwin Brooke Hallam

girl’s jr. high volleyball Team Front Row: Jessica Allard Sarah Breuer Sophia Stockwell Alyssa Stair - captain Grace Logan Back Row: Faith Mullen captain Meredith Thomas Absent from photo: Cassidy Elmerick

girl’s elementary volleyball Team

Dana DoBrodt MCAC Volleyball Coach Athletic Director

Front Row: Dreylin Schertz, Hope Mullen, Rachel Logan, Ashley Hallam. Back Row: Heather Engel, Hannah Reimer, Grace Hallam, Amy Breuer, Sierra Engel –35–

Randy DoBrodt MCAC President

Welcome the unexpected in life, learn to bend with grace.

Let yourself grow to be humble and never forget to look for the beauty changes can bring… Cidney, ten years with the Wildcats took us to more than 556 volleyball and basketball games in nine different states; and included mission trips, fundraisers galore, tons of birthday parties, tow trucks, service projects, new friends, missed meals (we should own McDonalds by now) and many hotel stays. But, most importantly, we got to watch your relationship with the Lord grow, not only as your parents, but also as your coaches and teacher. We are truly feeling blessed! Love – Mom and Dad I love you sis!! #0 Elyona Many memories, I am always here for you! #1 Rayna


Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah!

Ana Bradley

Moses Bradley

Go get em!!

Go get em!!

Love Grandma Pam & Don

Love Grandma Pam & Don

Good Luck!

Good Luck!

Moses & Anastasia!

Ana and Moses I’m so proud of you!!

Have a great season!!

Love Meema

Love Grandpa Bradley

Congratulations Cidney From winning the first MCAC tournament championship, to carrying you off the floor when injured, to eating at Subway too many times thanks for many great memories!

Allison and Coach Beachy


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Elyona -

Colten -

Have a great 7th season!

Welcome to the Wildcat clan!

We love you! Mom and Dad

Thomas E. Panowlcz, LLC Attorney at Law

• Wills and Estates • Creditor/Debtor Matters • Bankruptcy

1717 South Bend Avenue South Bend, IN 46637


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MCAC Wildcats Program 2012 - 2013  
MCAC Wildcats Program 2012 - 2013  

Game program for the MCAC homeschool basketball program