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Let’s make the rooster sing!

by MC Hito

Copyrigth 2012 by MC Hito Il·lustrated by Adelaida Guevara Catalan to English translation by Laura Gil

Smashwords Edition


Once upon a time, there were four children who lived on a farm: Laura, Sílvia, Noel and Emma, and they woke up every morning when the rooster sang:

-Cock-a-doodle-do! Cock-a-doodle-do!

But one day the rooster didn’t sing and the children didn’t wake up. No matter how hard their parents tried; they called them, they asked them, they even pestered them… but they didn’t wake up.

Then, the parents went to the rooster’s and they were open-mouthed: they saw the rooster hadn’t woken up either! -Wake up, rooster! – They ordered him – the children haven’t got up yet!

But the rooster didn’t wake up… Many attempts their parents did to make the rooster awake, but any answer they got from that rooster, who didn’t do anything but sleep.

Then, they called all the animals from the farm to make them the rooster arise‌

-Cow, please, wake the rooster up! – They asked her.

-said the cow

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Let's make the rooster sing!  

Sample book of Let's make the rooster sing! Why the kids don't wake up? Because someone didn't make his job: the rooster was!Who is going t...

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