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SuMMEr 2012

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Salute The 2012 WBENC WBE Stars .............................................................. P.30 WBENC’s America’s Top Corporations........................................................ P.32 Do’s & Dont’s of Going Green............................................................................. P.34 Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce .......................................................... P.36 South Central Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council............................... P.36 Women’s Business Development Council of Florida................................................. P.40

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MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue


from the mbeconnect team...

Welcome to the Summer 2012 Issue While every edition of MBEConnect Profiles magazine is unique and important, this issue is especially notable. Original content in this issue focuses on two separate but important topics: Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and going green for small business. This issue is being released in conjunction with the 2012 WBENC National Conference and Business Fair in Orlando, where the organization will celebrate 15 years of advancing women business enterprises (WBEs) in the United States. An interview with WBENC President and CEO Pamela Prince Eason and articles about WBENC award recipients are included in this issue to commemorate this event. MBEConnect is pleased to serve again as a media sponsor for this important event. We’re pleased to work with this wonderful organization and the many WBEs, corporations and government agencies it serves. Our second theme, the green business movement, demonstrates what an important factor environmental responsibility has become for businesses and consumers alike. The enduring longevity of the green movement proves that it is not a bandwagon trend, but a legitimate business tactic. As always, we are proud to feature many talented and versatile women- and minority owned businesses in our Business Profiles section. We salute all of these businesses and extend a special recognition to those companies that offer eco-friendly products and services. We invite you to embrace a new green tradition of eschewing paper by experiencing this magazine on your favorite technology platform. Now more than ever, MBEConnect Profiles is placing an emphasis on interactive content in order to engage our audience and bring the most exposure possible to our featured M/WBEs. Be sure to visit our website to experience all of the audio, video, links and other interactive content. Go beyond the printed page to truly experience our featured M/WBEs, original content and everything else that we have to offer.

- The MBEConnect Team


Why Going Green Makes Good Business


By Nancy Donnaperna

Natural resource sustainability and environmental protection are becoming growing factors in modern day business practices. According to a 2011 report based on U.S. Census Bureau data, green businesses in the United States comprise a $175 billion industry that employs nearly two million workers. American businesses have come a long way, but many businesses have yet to make their mark in the green space.


MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

With increasing environmental consciousness taking root at both the consumer and government level, more and more businesses are being challenged to review and address their own environmental impact. As sustainability becomes less theory and more common day practice, companies are increasingly looking to integrate environmental thinking into their operations. And the incentive goes beyond just ethical motivation; government agencies across all levels are progressively altering regulatory environments to incent eco-friendly policies and practices.

gaining influence in consumers’ purchasing decisions. That’s supported by a Cohn & Wolfe 2011 consumer perception survey that revealed no less than 73 percent of American consumers say it’s important to buy from green companies. A major contributing factor is consumer belief that unhealthy or unsustainable products threaten their well being. Increasingly, consumers are looking for products that are reliable, high quality, trustworthy and sold by companies that care about their customers.

Fundamental changes are occurring in business behavior, such as the shrinking amount of energy, water, and toxic materials that are used in production practices; increased construction of green buildings; production of more energy-saving technologies; shifts in the auto industry to build hybrid and electric vehicles that consume less fuel and emit fewer pollutants; actions by businesses to incorporate metrics to measure their environmental responsibility practices, and a new era of government regulatory compliance designed to tackle climate change.

For those companies that choose the green path, they stand to benefit from:

Business leaders are taking greater note of the advantages to be gained by going green in an era where environmental considerations are

» Cost savings whereby cutting waste such as unnecessary energy use means money saved.

» Brand loyalty in that more people are opting to stay loyal to brands that demonstrate a commitment to the environment. » Competitive advantage whereby being recognized as a green leader can differentiate a company’s brand among competitors. » Employee retention in that environmentally conscious employees are more likely to identify with an employer whose principles are aligned to their values.


MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

If you do choose to offset your energy-related carbon footprint, be sure to look for an energy provider that invests in projects that meet the highest environmental standards such as Green-e certified renewable energy credits, and carbon offset projects that are CAR (Climate Action Reserve), VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), or ACR (American Carbon Registry) certified.

» About the Author: Nancy Donnaperna is a business writer with close to 15 years of experience in corporate, B2B, and direct marketing communications in the insurance and energy industries. She has written for a variety of internal and external audiences managing a broad range of messages from corporate social responsibility policy, to brandbuilding, to crisis communications, and a variety of material in between. Currently, Nancy leverages her expertise at North American energy retailer Just Energy where she leads the communications and social media portfolios, and serves as a major contributor to the company’s public relations campaigns. A penchant for creative prose, Nancy has penned several fictional pieces with contributions to short story anthology, Wordstruck.



In the building industry, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is also gaining influence. A globally recognized standard, LEED provides verification that a building or community has been designed and built to improve performance and reduce emissions. New and existing buildings can earn points towards LEED certification by offsetting their energy consumption through high quality carbon offset and/or REC products.

More than ever, organizations are making the link between energy efficiency and increased profitability according to a 2011 Carbon Disclosure Project report. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership asserts that “the voluntary purchase of renewable energy credits allows business…to help grow the U.S. renewable energy capacity in a way that is most cost-effective and offers a compelling, verifiable and transparent way for an organization to meet its environmental goals.” Paul Simpson, CEO, Carbon Disclosure Project adds that “managing carbon emissions and protecting the business from climate change impacts is fundamental to achieving sustainable and strong shareholder return.”


According to the Cohn & Wolfe study, consumers intend to purchase more environmental products in the auto, technology and energy sectors compared to years past. Available from some utilities and energy retailers, companies and individuals are turning to carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs) to reduce the energy-related environmental impact that results from their everyday activities such as driving, heating, cooling and lighting their homes and businesses. For example, by investing in renewable energy such as wind or solar power projects, consumers can offset their own carbon emissions that are produced by conventional, brown energy sources. Businesses can demonstrate their environmental responsibility by offsetting their emissions through carbon credits, that is, compensate for the carbon dioxide they emit by preventing the same amount of pollution from happening elsewhere.




“ALOM’s world-class team has allowed us to become the service and quality leader in supply chain. To our Fortune 100 clients, we are a valued partner executing and delivering throughout our clients’ supply chain worldwide.” Hannah Kain -PRESIDENT/CEO ALOM

Managing the Global Supply Chain with Excellence About Us

Hannah Kain - President and CEO Kain’s unwavering focus is on customer satisfaction and quality while challenging her team to deliver for the client. This focus has led the team to excel, and led to the successful ISO 9000 certification for ALOM within a year of starting the business, adding the ISO 13485 certification in 2011. It has also fostered long-term business relationships. Kain is a board member of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and of Watermark. She is also a believer in giving back to the community, serving as board chair with Women’s Initiative Silicon Valley and as such supported the start of approximately 400 women-owned companies in 2011 with same number expected in 2012. She is also on the advisory board of multiple companies and on Astra’s Global Committee.

With its extensive global footprint, award-winning systems and prestigious Fortune 100 client base, ALOM is a recognized supply chain leader. ALOM functions as a partner to its Fortune 100 clients by expertly and seamlessly conducting their key business functions from manufacturing to marketing. Its prestigious, brandconscious clients are leaders from the technology, medical, automotive, and government/utilities sectors.

Prior to founding ALOM in 1997, Kain held various management and executive positions since 1983. Kain holds three university degrees, is a frequent lecturer and speaker, and is a published author. Kain has won numerous international and national awards, including the 2011 Vistage Leadership Award. In 2012, Kain was named a WBENC Business Star by Astra.

Establishing long-term relationships, ALOM provides its clients with supply chain services ranging from order management, online shopping carts and customer support, all the way through e-commerce fulfillment, reverse logistics, and advanced digital media and print solutions.

Starting with clients’ business goals, ALOM allows clients to get their global operational goals met with one supplier, one contact, one comprehensive client portal with real-time information, and one team that understand the goals.

ALOM enables global product and service delivery, management and oversight—no small feat when a corporation works in multiple markets and product lines around the world. In addition to meeting client’s shipping and delivery needs with 16 locations worldwide, ALOM provides powerful tools for them to track and oversee each step of their product or service trajectory. Its advanced systems and responsive team enable ALOM’s clients to focus on two of their most important goals: anticipating their customers’ needs and fulfilling their financial responsibilities to their employees and shareholders. By creating efficiencies across the organization and among functions, ALOM helps them do both. 8

MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue


Seamless Global Material Flow ALOM’s program management ensures an optimized and seamless global material flow. Going from planning and optimization through execution, ALOM’s program managers work in an iterative process with clients, clients’ customers and suppliers worldwide. Clients have full 24/7 visibility through ALOM’s state-of-the-art client portal, Compass.


Online Order Management Advanced Web design capabilities, seamless order flow and full-service management of data, funds, reporting and products are some of the key ingredients that have made ALOM’s online portal design and execution popular with its Fortune100 clients. Procurement and Vendor Managed Inventory ALOM works in a collaborative effort based on forecasts to optimize the supply chain, using clients’ preselected suppliers or through ALOM’s own highly qualified vendors. Getting the right materials in on time, in the right location and keeping track of them is a necessity. In order to achieve this, ALOM works with high quality vendors, specifies the product and other requirements carefully, and keeps track of and expedites deliveries. Inventory—ALOM works with its clients to ensure that ALOM holds the right amount of components and finished goods available to meet their customers’ requirements, without building up unnecessary and costly overstock. Production—Using a demand-driven concept, ALOM’s contract assembly produces millions of units each month to exacting standards, and most work orders are completed within 24 hours— independent of the global location. To accommodate this volume and turnaround while maintaining control and uncompromising quality levels, ALOM relies on stringent quality practices and strong systems. Digital Media—Having built one of the U.S. largest digital media duplication centers, ALOM has the advanced equipment, processes and knowledge to duplicate complex, high-volume SD cards, micro-SD cards, and USB memory. Fulfillment and Logistics—ALOM ships millions of units accurately and on time with approximately one-third of all shipments going to international destinations. International shipments can be done from our U.S. headquarters or from one of our other 15 locations worldwide. Print Management ALOM’s One Print Portal encompasses cloud-based asset management, collaborative tools, online ordering of customized and non-customized print, as well as fast and flawless printing, and delivery worldwide.

What Makes ALOM Different?


Supply chain industry leader with a global reach Strategically located in the U.S. and worldwide with 16 global locations Proven track record of performing with excellence on very large contracts Highly credentialed team of strategists, engineers, and specialists with a commitment to continuous improvement philosophy Award-winning IT systems Flexible, adaptable, and resourceful to provide the right solution for clients ISO 9000 certified since 1998, ISO 13485 since 2011

RECENT awards


2012 WBENC (Astra Women’s Alliance), Women’s Business Enterprise Star 2011 Vistage Leadership Award for Collaboration 2011 Watermark Award, Women Who Made Her Mark 2011 Astra Global Excellence Award 2010 Top 500 Woman Owned Business in the US 2010 Top 100 Woman Owned Business in California 2009 Stevie Award, Global Sales Team of the Year 2009 Enterprising Women of the year Award

BUSINESS STATISTICS industry business data


561910, 541870, 323115, 323111, 518210, 493110

naics codes Business financial data 2010






sales growth %

Business & diversity certifications business/ technical certifications Diversity Certifications




chapter/ affiliation



Astra Women’s Business Alliance







FORD, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, VMWare


ALOM 48105 Warm Springs Blvd.

email: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Global Supply Chain Management, Print Management Solutions, Marketing and Operations Support

Fremont, CA 94539-7498 phone: 510-360-3600 fax: 510-226-7617

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Our Commitment

Our “Commitment” is to deliver construction services beyond our client’s expectations and to do this with a cost-efficient approach to safety, quality and on-time performance. Our services are provided in both the public and private sectors. We are one of the largest minority-owned contractors in the United States.


Outstanding Performance is the Rule About Us

The Azteca-Omega Group is comprised of Azteca Enterprise, Inc., Omega Contracting, Inc., Azteca Steel, Inc., Horizon-Omega, LLC, and Horizon-West Coast, LLC with our associate company Collegiate Development Services, L.P. Each company within our group is designed to offer our clients unique services. These unique characteristics, individually or in combination, assure our client’s needs are met and exceeded. We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas with satellite offices throughout the United States including Las Vegas, to better serve our customers.


LUIS SPINOLA- PRESIDENT/CEO “In construction and program management, what really makes you a success or failure is the way you solve and approach problem solving. We are known for our can-do attitude. Our customers know that in spite of difficulties and problems, we’re always a leader.”


Pre-Construction Services Construction Management Program Management Design/Build General Contracting/Construction Structural Steel & Misc Steel Site Work & Utilities Concrete Work

Self - Perform ŸŸ Structural, Miscellaneous & Ornamental Steel ŸŸ Site Work ŸŸ Underground Utilities ŸŸ Concrete ŸŸ Paving ŸŸ Interior Finishes Project Control We utilize state-of-the-art project controls to maximize project specific planning, tracking, reporting and documentation. ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ

Estimating Accounting Scheduling Document Control

Luis Spinola is a genuine leader and has led the AztecaOmega Group through 24 years, more than 800 projects and over $1 billion throughout the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean, employing over 450 individuals with great respect for ethnic diversity.

10 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue




Azteca Enterprises, Inc. provides program management, construction management and general contracting services. Azteca Enterprises is certified by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency and DFWMBDC as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). We are also certified as a prime contractor and MBE with the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). Our clients consist of local, state and federal government agencies as well as private sector clientele at the regional, national and international levels.


Collegiate contracting


Collegiate Contracting specializes in pre-construction, construction management, program management, design/build and general contracting services for universities with student housing needs and multifamily apartments.


Started in 1989, Azteca Steel, Inc., an MBE, provides services in structural, miscellaneous and ornamental steel fabrication and installation, as well as tilt-wall concrete an pre-cast concrete construction. As a union contractor, and we employ the most highly skilled and qualified Union Labor around the country. Azteca Steel is capable of handling highly complex projects in the multi-million dollar range.




2011, Dallas Business Journal Minority Business Leader Awards ­“Corporate Advocate of the Year” 2011, Dallas Area Rapid Transit ­“Successful Entrepreneur” 2010, DFW Minority Business Supplier Development Council: ”Mega Deals Recognizing Minority Business Capacity Azteca Omega Group & Parkland Health & Hospital System, DFW International Airport & DART Green Line” 2010, Latino Leaders ­“Maestro Award” 2010, TEXO Association ­“W/MBE Firm of the Year” 2009, Dallas Business Journal - “Minority Business Leader Award” 2006, Ernst & Young, “Entrepreneur of the Year” National Nominee 2006, Ernst & Young, “Entrepreneur of the Year” Hospitality/Real Estate/Construction (Southwest Region) 2006, Ranked 55th “The Largest U.S. Hispanic Owned Companies” National Hispanic Business 500 2005, DFW International Airport ­“CEO Award” 2005, DFW International Airport ­“Leadership-Mentor Award”


naics codes

236220 237310 238120

Business & diversity certifications business certifications


Omega Contracting began in 1993 as an MBE company, to provide services in commercial and government heavy civil construction projects. Omega Contracting has earned an outstanding reputation with the Texas Department of Transportation, on projects up to $60 million thus far, as well as our other clients including the City of Dallas, DFW International Airport and Nueces County, Texas.

Building & Civil Construction

Diversity certification


chapter/ affiliation








Nevada MSDC



Cities of Dallas, Irving, Ft Worth, Las Vegas, DFW International Airport, Dallas Love Field, FAA, GSA, TxDOT, US Dept. of Defense, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD), Dallas Independent School District (DISD), Cowboys Stadium, Hensel Phelps, MGM Mirage, Planet Hollywood, CBS Outdoor, University of North Texas, Texas A&M University, Private Business/Developers



Horizon-West Coast, LLC is a certified Nevada MBE that has established an outstanding reputation in the industry providing services to private sector clients in the hospitality industry including hotels, casinos and restaurants.

CONTACT US: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

AZTECA OMEGA GROUP 2518 Chalk Hill Rd. Dallas, TX 75212 Phone: 214-905-0612 Fax: 214-905-0828

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Diversifying Your Success About Us

Certify My Company (CMC) provides certification assistance to diverse business owners by guiding and assisting them through the arduous process of becoming certified as a Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), or LGBT Business Enterprise (LGBTBE). We confirm your eligibility for certification, work with you to determine the right certifications for your business and alleviate the burden of assembling your application package. We submit your application packages and monitor it until you are approved. Our trained Certification Specialists work directly with you to help you get certified or re-certified. We also review your rejected application allowing you to resubmit it for success.


HEATHER COX President & Chief Operating Officer Within small to medium sized businesses, Heather Cox is an accomplished sales and operations executive with more than a decade of experience. Currently, she is Co-Founder and COO of Certify My Company, a diversity consultancy. Heather, along with her Co-Founder, wants to be able to help women, minority and LGBT business owners that qualify; certify their businesses to become part of the ranks and privileges that certification brings. To those ends, Certify My Company was born with the goal of inspiring and helping diverse businesses grow while having more fun and time doing it. 12 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Certify My Company provides the inspiration needed for business owners by helping them get their qualified businesses nationally certified, helping link them with large corporations and each other to increase revenue, connecting them to events and sharing expert knowledge and motivation. Additionally, Certify My Company is the comprehensive resource for Corporate Diversity Managers to grow and reach their diversity goals. Heather and her team are in a unique position offering the opportunity to liaise between the corporations and their diversity vendors. Heather is the mother of a 3-year-old girl and a 1-year old boy. When she is not working with diversity business owners, she enjoys sharing not-so-quiet moments with her effervescent little ones. Robert, her husband, number one fan, and partner in parenthood rounds out the edges of an entrepreneurial life. In addition, Heather tries to find time for yoga, boot-camp and baking. As a former acro-gymnast, tight rope walker and juggler, she finds exercise helps her have a balanced life. Heather earned her BA in Spanish Language from the University of Texas at Austin.


Certify My Company is your comprehensive resource for increasing revenue through leveraging your diversity certification(s). We offer the following services: ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ

Certification Re-certification Supplier Diversity Portal Registrations Creation of an Internal Diversity Program Identify potential new clients Manage your company’s diversity related public relations Attendance of diversity events Diversity Marketing Initiatives Identify and increase opportunities for winning awards and other accolades Business connections


Why is Certification Important?

A differentiated marketing strategy is key for any business. Consumers have a plethora of choices. What makes one florist different from another, one printer, one painter, one IT company? Service, cost? It all sounds the same.

If you are a women, minority or LGBT- owned business, differentiating yourself by certifying your company as such will separate you from the pack. Thousands of certified companies have reaped the benefits of being certified for the last 10 years. Now it’s your turn. We make this important business decision painless and you too will see the results. Minority businesses are looking for additional opportunities to do business with Fortune 500 companies and Federal Government agencies. That is terrific, because many of the Fortune 500 companies through their supplier diversity initiatives have annual diversity spend goals. These goals serve to promote the inclusion of diverse suppliers into their supply chain. Certification is key to winning those contracts! These large organizations can ONLY count spend with CERTIFIED suppliers. Therefore, being a certified diverse supplier is a competitive advantage. Actively seeking out certification is key to winning these contracts!

Diversity Representation and Internal Program Consulting

Certify My Company also helps companies effectively position and market their products and services to the government. We assist companies to increase their sales opportunities to the government by identifying, securing, negotiating, managing and marketing government contracts at the federal, state and local level. By providing the best possible guidance, connections, and assistance, companies seeking business growth through government contracts are able to successfully navigate the long process.

certify my company VIDEO Watch this video online at


Diversity Representation offers our clients the ability to take advantage of our connections within the diversity world and accelerate your companies sales opportunities. We will accompany you to the various conferences and introduce you to the procurement managers within your target companies. We then follow-up with the connections made at each conference and hand them off to the appropriate sales representatives within your organization. Moreover, Certify My Company becomes your eyes and ears throughout the conference and other networking events inside and outside your scope of contacts.

corporate capabilities

Government Services

Certify My Company helps companies achieve their Supplier Diversity spend goals by leveraging the suppliers they are currently doing business with. Certify My Company works with corporations that have completed a preliminary evaluation of the diversity status of their suppliers and have a significant level of spend with companies that are “certifiable” but haven’t gone through the formal third party certification process. Certify My Company works directly with these suppliers to guide them through the certification process.


naics codes




Business financial data

sales growth %




140 %



Business & diversity certifications business/ technical certifications diversity certifications/ AFFILIATIONS



chapter/ affiliation









Headquarters PHONE: (973) 272-4159 email: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

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MARY FOX DONNELLY President - Encompass Elements

“2012 Women’s Business Enterprise Star” About Us

Encompass Elements has been an industry leader in multi channel marketing solutions for over 50 years. Through the use of cutting edge technology and real time data tracking, Encompass Elements sets the bar high while exceeding its client’s expectations in all aspects of the business relationship.


Mary Fox Donnelly - President Mary Fox’s success as a business entrepreneur is a product of overcoming tragedy and the ability to persevere against adversity. Mary had been a teacher for 14 years but it was brought to a sudden halt due to kidney failure. Mary was in a coma and on a dialysis machine until the transplant of one of her sister’s kidneys. After the operation and facing a mountain of medical bills, Mary would spend her days working in the office of her father’s book binding business and at night she learned screen printing and printed T-Shirts. These trials and introduction to a new business endowed Mary with a life-perspective that has shaped her moral approach to doing business and developing a familial atmosphere at Encompass Elements. “I expect our people to treat our clients like family, so that is our culture, I consider my employees my family, and my employees consider our clients family.” With adversity behind her, and a can-do attitude in front

14 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

of her, when the opportunity came to pick up a major contract with McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a Johnson & Johnson company, Mary and her 12 employees moved her entire operation to new premises to comply with the required audit for pharmaceutical industry work. “When I’m really going through trials, I ask myself, what was worse? Being on a dialysis machine, or working through this? My answer is always, I’ll get through this. And that is what I do.” The new facility was approved, and eight million packages were processed in six weeks. Over ten years later, Johnson & Johnson is still a major client for Encompass Elements. Mary’s family approach to business has helped her manage the company well and maintain profitability despite the economic turmoil in the country. Through Mary’s vision and perseverance, the WBENC recognized her as an industry leader and rising star in 2012. WBENC has provided her with both opportunities and inspiration. “Through the years, I’ve met many inspirational women who have shared experiences through this network and I have been able to grow as a businesswoman because of it.”


Mary Fox Donnelly has taken a small print shop and turned it into a growing enterprise. With over 25 years of industry experience, Mary grew the business out of a small t-shirt printing shop which now occupies a 60,000 square foot facility in Colmar, PA and an additional 150,000 square foot facility in New Castle, DE. Encompass Elements is able to quickly and efficiently produce, ship, and store components for any job. From strategic planning, creative design, database management, and personalization, these innovative marketing solutions have ensured EE’s continued growth and success for years to come.


Encompass Elements is one of the best kept secrets of the print industry. As a full service provider of direct marketing support services, EE is a leader in many facets of multimedia marketing. Through the use of technology and their ability to strategically apply resources, Encompass Elements is able to generate high performance results for many different industries. For over 50 years, Encompass Elements has provided user friendly interface tools, innovative campaigns, and successful direct marketing campaigns.


Mail personalization has been taken to a new level through the use of digital print. Equipped with the latest in HP technology, Encompass Elements uses variable image printing to customize any piece through the use of: ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ

Continuous roll lasers equipped with MICR and duplex capabilities One color cut sheet lasers with spot colors Seven color digital print personalization High-speed Inkjet

With Encompass Elements, it is all about accuracy and efficiency. EE utilizes bar code scanning to increase productivity in receiving, inventory, picking, packing, and shipping. Through the use of unique bar code scanning, EE is able to capture all relevant data throughout the process for surveys, questionnaires, or direct mail tracking. Encompass Elements, through the use of RepLink360, maintains a controlled storage and handling environment to ensure the tracking of all products and samples from receipt to final shipment. RepLink360 is the front end software of choice that allows for real time inventory control and reporting. Encompass Elements is cGMP compliant and trained, FDA registered, DEA certified, and Board of Health certified as a Food Facility. Accessibility and convenience are not the only areas where Encompass Elements stands out, but as a data management company, there are few better. Data Driven marketing is a mainstay of the success Encompass Elements has seen, allowing them to more effectively market, yielding better results. With the most advanced data processing, and management, EE is able to integrate all data resources which enables them to form a customized, focused solution for clients. What good would data be if it is not properly secured? Rest assured knowing that Encompass Elements plugs information leaks before they are made. A HIPAA compliant company, Encompass Elements has 24/7 security monitors, off site disaster recovery, firewalls in place, and an intrusion detection system both network and host based with tripwires to prevent any breaches of data. External and Internal vulnerability tests are run frequently to expose any problems, instantly informing our help desk to maintain data integrity. Encompass Elements maintains ties to county, state, and federal computer crime law organizations and actively participates in their sponsored ISACs.

Encompass Elements VIDEO Watch this video online at


Cross Media Marketing and Fulfillment; Lettershop, Print on Demand, Structural Design and Kit Assembly; Web and Data Solutions

naics codes







Business financial data sales growth %




Business & diversity certifications business/ technical certifications



chapter/ affiliation

diversity certifications

8 yrs





NEW CASTLE, DE 1500 JOHNSON WAY, NEW CASTLE, DE 19720 PHONE 302.322.5200 FAX 302.323.9970

From strategic planning, creative design, database management, personalization, and lettershop, Encompass Elements is equipped to be a leader in its industry. Encompass Elements delivers innovative marketing solutions to promote and enhance the success of diverse businesses across all vertical markets. CONTACT US: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue


COLMAR, PA 185 Discovery Drive, Colmar, PA 18915 phone: 215.822.5775 fax: 215.822.7977

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An Interview with WBENC President Pamela Prince-Eason Pamela Prince-Eason is the current President and CEO of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and has brought a newfound sense of purpose to the organization. As the organization celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2012, MBEConnect Profiles conducted an interview with her to reflect on the accomplishments of the organization and look to what lies ahead. Q. A.

April marked your one year anniversary as President and CEO of WBENC. What changes have you seen WBENC experience in that year? I am proud to say that we have seen three major accomplishments this past year.

First, we are deepening our role as a key partner to corporations and government entities in developing their women’s business enterprise programs. I spend a good deal of time meeting with our Corporate and Government Members in person, to hear more about their business goals and how access to WBENC’s deep pool of certified WBEs can help them meet the needs of their customers and constituents. At Walmart, we are working closely to support the company’s plans to substantially increase its purchases from woman-owned suppliers. This effort is part of a larger strategy to support Walmart women internally as colleagues as well as utilize more women suppliers. I am proud to support this transformation at Walmart on an advisory basis. We are also partnering with Shell Oil Company to enhance their access to credentialed WBEs to advance their work in areas such as energy exploration and development that require highly technical and engineering expertise. And at Toyota, which has committed to increase its spending target for WBEs to better align with other companies in the automotive and non-automotive industries, WBENC has been helping it to define and develop its WBE initiative. Second, in concert with the Board of Directors and many working committees, we have mapped out key parts of our strategic plan, the WBENC Roadmap to 2020, to drive innovative partnerships among our Corporate and Government Members and WBEs. This in turn will enhance their products and services towards fueling the economy and creating jobs. We have seen a really exciting engagement on the part of our entire community to contribute to this and make it the best that it can be. The third key accomplishment has been WBENC’s appointment by the SBA as a certifying organization for its Federal Contracting Program for Women-Owned Small Businesses (WOSB). Thanks to the focused work of our RPOs, board members and WBENC certification staff, we were able to bring the program to life with great speed and effectiveness. We were notified in July and started to certify WBEs with WOSB certification in September.

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WBENC is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. What does this milestone mean to WBENC?


I am proud to say that at this milestone anniversary, we are deepening our role as the leading authority on and advocate for women’s business enterprises as suppliers to the nation’s top corporations and government entities. Fifteen years ago we couldn’t have anticipated the billions of dollars being spent today with women businesses. And we could not have foreseen the commitment they have made to drive women’s business growth. Today WBENC is in the position to enable growth among our Corporate and Government Members through innovative partnerships with WBEs. We, as an organization, are also encouraging WBEs to pursue business with other WBEs.

Q. A.

What is the Roadmap to 2020 and how does it impact WBENC, its certified WBEs and its corporate members? The WBENC Roadmap to 2020 is a comprehensive strategy to direct our organization forward. It will define how we deliver our COR values of Certification, Resources and Opportunities – with Recognition and Technology.

We have built that strategy to engage all members of the WBENC family – Corporate and Government Members, WBEs and RPOs – and to identify how each can participate in specific and meaningful ways. Corporations – and increasingly government agencies – can use certification to enhance their brands before business and consumer audiences. They can tap into the potential for WBEs to create flexible, innovative solutions to their clients’ needs. WBEs can create more partnerships and alliances with other WBEs. WBENC, our Members and our RPOs can provide the education and mentorship to help WBEs enhance capacity. This is an extremely important point and gets to the heart of how WBEs can scale up sufficiently to increase revenues and add jobs.

Q. A.

The annual list of Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises contained a record 29 companies this year. What innovations and trends led to this record number? They have built best practices that mentor, cultivate, and enable women’s business success. They have provided women’s businesses better access to the corporate marketplace, and in many cases they have supported WBEs in becoming larger and better equipped to serve their clients.

This year, our Top Corporations Awards ceremony focused not on the award itself, but rather on the tremendous strategies and accomplishments that the award reflected. We presented an interactive panel discussion with their senior executives to delve into the most important issues they are facing today in advancing WBEs as suppliers. The discussions focused on topics such as how Top Corporations: »

Drive the principles and commitment to doing business with WBEs from the senior most levels of the company throughout the organization. This includes ensuring accountability in the integration of WBEs into the supply chain.

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Build Capacity in WBEs, which can include educational and mentoring programs.


Expand Opportunities for WBEs, and Multi-Tier programs.

We will be leveraging these insights by embedding them in our programming for the 2012 National Conference & Business Fair. We will also capture them for web enabled content so that the WBENC community can access it in the future.

Q. A.

Last year, WBENC was selected as a third party certification agency for the WOSB certification. Describe what this means for WBEs? For WBENC? This has been a tremendous opportunity for WBEs to broaden their scope and distinguish themselves among a broader population of potential clients. Interestingly, I think this has also challenged WBEs to create new ways to deepen their capacity and broaden their capabilities so that they can become more competitive.

What this means for WBENC is that we – and our RPOs – have the opportunity to provide more training and education on doing business with Government Agencies. We have also been involved in conferences and business fairs attended by government agencies. The response from the government sector has been overwhelmingly positive. From the SEC to the Air Force, we have created alliances with government agencies impacting women across the country.

Q. A.

Q. A.

The 14 WBE Stars were honored at the Summit & Salute to WBEs in March. What does it take to become a WBE Star? In conjunction with our RPOs, WBENC selects our WBE Stars for their outstanding business acumen, innovative business growth, leadership in the business community, and their role in mentoring other WBEs and young women. In sum, the 14 WBE Stars represent the passion and energy that makes the WBE sector a key engine of growth for our economy. The WBENC 2012 Conference & Business Fair will take place in Orlando in June. What exciting things are in store for this conference? We have many things in store – from our outstanding keynote speakers to our robust workshop tracks to the largest business fair of its kind in the nation. All are directed at engaging all our participants in the beneficial experiences in the event; and all are aimed at ensuring that they leave the event with new knowledge, determination and contacts that will lead to business growth.

We are proud to offer one of the best attended conferences that not only brings people together for informal networking, but also provides results oriented venues for business development – such as our Business Fair and MatchMaker sessions with Corporate and Government Members and WBEs.

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Supplier Diversity

Sp tlight Turner M/WBE participation as a McCainConstruction Foods Supplieruses Diversity Program: building block for success. More than Skin Deep


urner Construction is a leader in cCain Foods was founded in criteria McCain uses to evaluate them the construction industry and has Florenceville, New Brunswick, as suppliers. The growers believe that 46 offices the Unitedand States and companies that work with growers, Canada in across 1957 by Harrison Wallace abroad. is also a company with a robustlike McCain, ConAgra, and Simplot, McCain. It The company is the largest history of inclusion for minoritypotato processor in the world, andand a will contract the acreage to grow women-owned business enterprises leader in frozen food production as their products without their having well. With and 50 factories the the to make the disclosures essential for (M/WBEs) one thataround emphasizes world, it’s processing facilitiesand arepreparing certification. Eakins is hoping that importance of partnerships foundbusinesses on six continents and generates assistance from the National Minority small to do business with worldwide sales of $6 billion CDN. Supplier Development Council larger firms.

Although our first approach to Calvin was unsuccessful, we did not get discouraged.” Inter-City went out to McCain’s plants and interviewed their people. When they felt that had enough information about McCain and its needs, they presented the company with a detailed budget.To make sure they fulfill their contract on time and on budget, InterCity created three distribution centers that gave them valuable proximity to McCain plants.

(NMSDC) will help make the growers McCain has been a global supplier to aware of the benefits and the value of Gerri McQueen, the Community Affairs certification. McDonald’s restaurants for over 30 Director at the City office of Turner years. Today, theKansas McCain/McDonald’s Construction, notes that diversity relationship still runs deep: McCainand Gerri McQueen Hilton O. Smith inclusion have long been a part of Turner Foods is the largest worldwide supplier Persistence, coupled with research, Community Affairs Direcor Senior Vice President for Corporate and of French fries to McDonald’s. fact, knowledge gathering and Construction’s business plan. In “Turner Turner Construction - Kansas City Community Affairs at Turner Construction one in every three French consumed infrastructure improvements allowed Construction’s history offries community around the world aremore from than McCain. Inter-City to land a contract with outreach goes back 40 years andfounded make it ainsuccess. 1969 to help small business People are as important as the bricksMcCain and Foodswas to the days when major projects in McCain has a history of working with owners acquire skills needed to compete mortar; without the people, you don’t get urban areas were carried out with little minority growers. According to Calvin “It’s crucial that a company does its and qualify subcontractors on Turner the job.” community involvement, ” says McQueen. Eakins, McCain’s supplier diversity homework and studies itsas potential projects. More thanto15,000 students from “Turner made its presence known, stayed manager, the company relies on its customer to determine how best the 30 cities in which TSCM is offered have Because of its impressive M/WBE participation visible, forged links with the community, Potato Farmers Initiative to locate provide what a company needs, ” notes graduated from the program. Each eightand joint venture figures, Turner Construction subsequently, producing a nationally minority white and sweet potato growers. Bruce Fleisher of Inter-City Supply. Calvinmore Eakins “Calvin opened doors at McCain so by Turner staff and week course is taught than 100 awards for renowned community affairs program that has received Supplier Diversity & Indirect Purchasing Calvin Eakins has a lot of experience in ” Manager we could talk includes to staff and gettopics the as risk management, such leadership in utilization of M/WBEs from has garnered numerous national awards, supplier diversity. Before being hired information we needed to create an safety and effective construction estimating, organizations across the country. In 2012, adds McQueen. by McCain to grow their diversity spend Outside of the grower population, effective Turner Construction has been selected as plan.”marketing. “This is Turner’s way of giving and increase their exposure to diversity there are many other minority suppliers back to the community and working towards one of “America’s Top Organizations for Since 1979, Turner Construction’s contract suppliers, Calvin worked in supplier who have become familiar with “That’s the kind of thinking I expect pool of capable M/WBEs in Multicultural Business Opportunities” for awards and involvement with M/WBE joint development and diversity at ConAgra McCain Foods and are becoming more MBEs to bring increasing to the table,the ” says Eakins. the construction industry, the third consecutive year. “If you create and venture projects has totaled over $18.3 Foods in Omaha, NE and served as the interested in doing business with them. “Bring ideas; be creative. Do more than ” says McQueen. billion. On all projects, TurnerPlains Construction maintain a positive image in the communities Board Chairman of the Great just tell me what your goods and prices M/WBEs interested serve, the word gets around. This leads strives for 20 percent M/WBE participation, MSDC. Jackieyou Dyess, President of Inter-City are. Jackie Dyess was the first MBEintodoing business with wanted to know more me with ideas about working Turner Construction can get prequalified notCo. only to repeat clients butabout also toapproach new and often exceeds that goal. For the pastSupply Currently, minority make-up McCain Foods andknow was convinced there It’s with I joined the Chicago online. Applications are reviewed by a clients who your reputation. all McCain about when eight years, Turner growers Construction has 50% of the company’s diversity spend. had to be an opportunity forinto an InterMSDC Council.Purchasing ” Manager. Interested business building relationships partnerships, ” says reached one billion dollars in M/WBE McCain’s goal is to increase its minority City-McCain collaboration. owners are invited to attend programs Mr. Smith. utilization. supplier spend to 5% over the next two As Eakins will admit, timing is and networking events hosted by to three years. “Afterall, toilet paper is an essential everything and he encourages M/WBE outreach organizations attended “The key to Turner’s success in doing business Hilton Smith is the Senior Vice President supply and Inter-City has the best toilet MBE’s to be patient. But rest assured, by Turner Construction. with M/WBEs has been perseverance and for Corporate Community Affairs at Turner Eakins has found that there is some paper available,” said Jackie Dyess. “I supplier diversity at McCain Foods innovation, ” says McQueen. In addition to Construction. As part of his duties, he resistance among minority growers to had to demonstrate to McCain how it has the unequivocal support of senior partnerships, Turner Construction oversees the company’s become certified, which isM/WBE part ofprogram. the coulddirect save money and gain efficiencies. management. Learn more about supplier diversity

“Life in the business world relies on partnerships,” says Smith. “We are always looking to enhance or partnerships in order to bring about the best M/WBE utilization.

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has implemented outreach and education programs to help improve the economic viability of growing M/WBEs. The Turner School of Construction Management (TSCM)

at Turner Construction: • •

List of Diversity Awards Subcontractor Preregistration


Hensel Phelps Construction Co. congratulates

L UIS S PINOLA & A ZTECA ENTERPRISES for their committed, continuing service as

economic growth & development


of the Hispanic & minority business community. Azteca is a partner you can trust to deliver construction services beyond client expectations.

S a v e e n e r g y. S a v e m o n e y. S a v e n o w.

7 easy steps to ENERGY EFFICIENCY The EnergyWorks KC program takes a holistic look at your business and uncovers any and all energy inefficiencies. To get started today, here is all you have to do:

Call 816.531.SAVE


Contact Scott Burnett, the EnergyWorks KC commercial energy expert, at 816.365.6664 or Scott will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have.


Schedule a preliminary energy audit. Scott will help you access the last two years of your energy records.


Select a certified energy efficiency analyst. You can find a list of more than 15 certified professionals at


Schedule your energy analysis. The energy analysis will identify specific improvements to help you achieve the most energy savings possible.


Shop around and compare contractor bids. Make the suggested energy efficiency improvements.


Schedule and complete a postinstallation analysis to verify improvements have been made correctly.


Complete and return the rebate application form, which you can find at


EWKC Large Map Click on map below WinnwoodSunnybrook

Central Industrial District


EnergyWorks KC Makes Energy Efficiency Easy About Us

EnergyWorks KC is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. Available to Kansas City, MO, home and business owners, EnergyWorks KC was developed through a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, managed by the City of Kansas City, MO, and is implemented through the Metropolitan Energy Center, Mid-America Regional Council and Bridging The Gap. EnergyWorks KC (EWKC) provides all of the tools and support you need to live more comfortably, save money in the process and improve your environment by saving energy. EWKC connects you to the many energy efficiency programs available for making home and business energy improvements. Our expert customer service representatives personally walk home and business owners through rebates and financing incentives and helps you complete the necessary paperwork. The EnergyWorks KC initiative provides a range of resources to those in and across the City of Kansas City, MO, with an emphasis in seven targeted neighborhoods: „„ Central Industrial „„ Eastwood Hills „„ Green Impact Zone „„ Ruskin „„ Washington Wheatley „„ Westside „„ Winnwood-Sunnybrook 22 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Washington Wheatley Westside Eastwood Hills Green Impact Zone

Seven simple steps

EnergyWorks KC makes the process of achieving energy efficiency simple. These seven steps will move you toward increased energy efficiency. I Ruskin






1. Call EnergyWorks KC at 816.531.SAVE to speak with an energy expert. Your energy expert will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have. 2. Visit EnergyWorks KC to complete the registration form. Make sure to have your gas and light bills handy – these show your annual utility consumption. You will receive a confirmation number and email after completing the form. 3. Select a certified energy efficiency analyst. You can find a list of 30 to 40 certified professionals at, and a more detailed list at 4. Schedule your energy analysis. The energy analysis will identify specific improvements to help you achieve the most energy savings possible. 5. Shop around and compare contractor bids. Make the suggested energy efficiency improvements. 6. Schedule a post-installation analysis to verify improvements have been made correctly. 7. Complete and return the rebate application form, which you can find at EnergyWorks KC offers a comparable program for commercial properties. Commercial properties include multi-family, faith-based, hospitals, schools, libraries, businesses and non-profit organizations. Contact Scott Burnett, the EnergyWorks KC commercial energy expert, at 816.365.6664 for more information.



When your home or business is more energy efficient, you:



The cornerstone of EnergyWorks KC is a comprehensive home energy analysis. It’s the valuable first step that reviews your property’s system-wide energy performance. Professional energy efficiency analysts have an in-depth understanding of all of the energy components and requirements for an efficient home or business. They will go over your home or business from top to bottom. The analyst will look for your home’s air leaks, evaluate mechanical equipment performance and safety, check your insulation levels and test your overall air quality. Your energy analyst will provide a comprehensive assessment that details your home or business problem areas and will recommend fixes. The analyst will also share insight into what will be needed to accomplish energy efficiency improvements.


EnergyWorks KC offers a variety of financing incentives to make achieving energy efficiency improvements affordable. Incentives are available for energy efficiency building improvements that achieve at least 15 percent projected energy savings, based on a professional energy analysis.

Improve comfort throughout. Update your home or business’ problem areas to ensure you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Temperatures should be consistent from room to room. Create a healthy home or business. By implementing energy efficiency improvements, you can reduce allergens and asthma-causing irritants and increase the health of your home or business for your family, colleagues and guests. Save money and increase your home value. You should not lose money through cracks in the wall, a poorly insulated attic, outlets, doors or windows. Once you have identified and fixed the energy and water wasters in your home or building, you may lower your year-round utility bills, maximize the use of your energy dollars and might be eligible for rebates from EnergyWorks KC and the utility companies. Generate local jobs. The EnergyWorks KC program aims to create or retain at least 200 jobs, helping to better our local economy. Trained workers learn valuable skills, earn pay and restore our neighborhoods. Conserve U.S. resources. Last year, the buildings in which we work and live used about 40 percent of the energy in the U.S. economy at a cost of more than $400 billion, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Through these energy efficiency improvements, we can make these buildings better places to live and work.

Building owners must complete an energy analysis prior to selecting improvements and a post-improvements analysis follows to verify work has been completed properly. (816) 531.SAVE

email: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

EnergyWorks KC 414 E. 12th St., Suite 2404 Kansas City, MO 64106

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Kelly Computer Supply Company offers a wide variety of ergonomic products and solutions including Viscoflex memory foam wrist supports, copy holders, adjustable footrests, under-desk keyboard trays, mouse pads, CPU stands and much more. Many of our products contain postconsumer recycled content which exceed the guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. You will also find a large number of KellyREST Brand products are made in the U.S.A.

“Work is a necessity and comfort is essential.”

Robert Kelly Sr. - PRESIDENT/OWNER


Kelly Computer Supply Company

The Science Of Comfort History of Kelly Computer Supply

Kelly Computer Supply Company was founded in 1983 in a small two-bedroom apartment in Lauderdale, Minnesota by CEO Bob Kelly. Kelly is an enrolled tribal member of the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota. Kelly Computer Supply Company is a certified Minority Supplier by the Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC) and by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). OfficeMax offered Kelly the opportunity to sell KellyREST Brand products through their general line catalogs, which expanded the company’s nationwide exposure and experience in supporting the needs of large corporate consumers. Corporate America is increasingly requesting that its vendor base be reflective of its growing ethnic customer base. Simply put, it’s good business to be inclusive and provide opportunities for minority- and women-owned business that didn’t exist a few years ago.


Wrist Support Ergonomic Accessories Mouse Pads Under Desk Drawers Keyboard Trays Monitor Arms

Kelly wrist supports, keyboard and mouse trays provide relief from prolonged mouse use by utilizing revolutionary extreme high density ViscoFlex memory foam. Developed by NASA in the 1960’s, and now widely used in the Healthcare and Sleep Industries, ViscoFlex memory foam is slow to recover and does not bounce when pressure is released. It also adjusts to evenly distribute the pressure load from your hands and wrists, reducing pressure points. The importance of using an adjustable keyboard tray cannot be overlooked. Trays such as the Leverless Lift-N-Lock natural keyboard tray offer the flexibility to tilt and move the tray into the most comfortable and ergonomically correct position. This reduces the pressure on your wrists, helping to avoid or relieve some theKeyboard symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Leverless Lift Nof Lock Tray with Oval Mouse Platform

Model No: KCS69575

About Us

• Leverless Lift N Lock articulating arm with eight inch vertical height range, rotates and swivels • Easy to view tilt gauge and height indicator dial with 10 degree positive/15 degrees negative tilt • Soft to touch ViscoflexTM memory foam wrist support and pad with AegisTM AntiMicrobial protection • Low profile design for optimal leg clearance and under desk storage • All steel, 22” deep friction free teflon mounting track, meets BIFMA/ANSI standards • Mouse tray can be mounted on left or right hand side, rotating guard rail keeps mouse from falling off platform • Removable Lycra covered memory foam mouse pad reveals optical surface

Kelly has been the answer in ergonomic office supplies for over 20 years. Our products are direct derivatives of the needs of consumers - the needs of comfort and convenience. Whether you’re a distributor or consumer, you’ll find dependability and functionality across the spectrum of Kelly products. As the industry continues to create scientific solutions for comfort, we will continue to help you revolutionize your work environment.

55.88% Total Recovered Post consumer and industrial recycled content

List Price: $369.95 Each

24 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Tilt gauge and height indicator dial

Anti-Microbial Protection

Soft to touch wrist pad with anti-microbial protection

Benefits and Features: Kelly Brand Leverless Lift N Lock Phenolic keyboard tray with optically sensitive mouse platform with rotating mouse rail and removable mouse pad. One step operation for height adjustment, simply lift-n-lock with easy to view height indicator gauge and eight inch height range. Low profile design for optimal leg clearance with steel 22” teflon track insures smooth friction-free tion. The phenolic tray is capable of both 10 degree positive and 15 degree negative tilt, rotates 360 degrees, space permiting. Rotating mouse platform can be used on either side of the keyboard tray, convenient for left-handed or right-handed mouse users. Mouse guard keeps the mouse on the oval platform with removable Viscofex mouse pad revealing a optical mouse surface. Keyboard tray includes soft to touch ViscoflexTM Memory Foam wrist support. Wrist pad is positive angled, with contoured


HELPFUL HELPFUL ERGONOMIC TIPS ERGONOMIC TIPS Creating an ergonomic workstation is easier than you think. These helpful tips from Kelly’s can help you work your best.

1. Work Area:

Curved Copyholders reduce eye strain from overhead glare



Flat Panel Monitor Arms improve positure, site lines and free up desk space

Leverless Lift N Lock Keyboard Tray with wrist support


• Proper lighting, heat/ventilation and noise levels will help promote comfort, privacy and productivity • Allow adequate space for the furniture & equipment while being able to freely move and exit, secure wires and cords.

2. Laptops:

• For occasional laptop use angle the keypad so that it raises the monitor and aligns the wrists • For extended laptop use, raise the screen and attach a full-sized external keyboard and mouse

3. Keyboard & Mouse:

Business Statistics • When typing or using a mouse the wrists should be in a straight alignment INDUSTRY BUSINESS DATA • Consider using a keyboard tray or raise the chair height and use a footrest if the work surface is too high, Consider using a wristrest PRIMARY BUSINESS or a footrest when the surface is to high Office Supplies PRODUCTS/SERVICES

4. Desk: CPU stand helps to prevent back strain from over reaching


Adjustable footrest improves positure by elevating the feet



Kelly has received many service awards over the past twenty years including:


5. Chair:

2009 operating 2010 • Should feel comfortable and be in good condition 2011 • Adjust the seat and back-cushion height, and regularly or SALES GROWTH 28% 32.8% recline10% lean back to reduce back strain • It Number is also really helpful to flex your legs and move every of Employees 7-12and get up 7-12 7-12 chance you get, if your chair is elevated, use a footrest BUSINESS & DIVERSITY CERTIFICATIONS 6. Monitor: • ISO standards recommend placing the top of the screen eye-level orBusiness/ lower, tilting the screen towards the eyes also helps Chapter/ Technical Organization • Adjusting the screen colors,Years brightness & contrast can improve Affiliation Certifications legibility, consider using a glare screen

7. Lighting:

Need help contact us at 1-800-447-2929 or


• Size, height & shape must be large enough for all required equip NAICS Codes 337127 337214 ment to support the hands, arms and legs • Arrange frequently usedDATA items so they are easy to see and reach BUSINESS FINANCIAL

2001 Minnesota Indian Corporation of the Year 2002 Minority Advocate of the Year 2005 selected as one of the Top 100 Minority-Owned Businesses in America by 2008 Top Minority-Owned Businesses in Minnesota as selected by

• Adjust the overhead lights to a low setting and use task lighting Minnesota/ when needed, use a copyholder that reduces overhead glare 1987-2011 NMSDC Board Diversity Member Certifications Native 1983-2011 American






OfficeMax, Office Depot, STAPLES, W.B. Mason, Grainger, Fastenal, United Stationers


Email: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

KELLY COMPUTER SUPPLY COMPANY 3584 Hoffman Road East Saint Paul, MN 55110 Phone: (651) 773-1109 Fax: (651) 773-1381

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This Profile Sponsored By:


“Let your determination to succeed overcome your fear of failure”

local market and across the nation as well. Virgie’s goal of giving PERSONALIZED-EXPERIENCED SERVICE to all of her customers, makes for a great business relationship with each and every customer.

Virgie L. Dillard - PRESIDENT/CEO Missouri Office Systems & Supplies, Inc.

We want to thank you if you are one of our current customers and we encourage you to call us if this is your first time meeting us. You will learn, as our customers have, we work very hard to earn your business.

Small But Mighty!

meet the team

About Us

(From left to right) Juanita Thedford, Elmer Clary, James Boomer, Greg Carleton, Marlene Fetter, Virgie Dillard, Linda Hubbard and Burt Dillard. Not Shown (Jackie Jolliffe).

Shop the internet, but call us for the most reliable service today. While technology continues to change our methods of doing business, our goal to provide quality products with convenience and reliability remains the same. So go ahead and call us old fashioned, we’re used to it. Now is your chance to get used to us providing name brand products without the worry. Check our products page and learn for yourself why our customers remain year after year.

Our mission is to provide “PERSONALIZED-EXPERIENCED service ” to each of our valued customers.

Since 1993 Missouri Office Systems & Supplies, Inc. (MOSS) has been using their brand of service to make your life easier. MOSS has a broad range of expertise, ranging from Network Design and Integration to I.T. supplies, along with a multi-line of office furniture. When you choose MOSS, it means competitive pricing with quick delivery of more than 50,000 products.



VIRGIE L. DILLARD - PRESIDENT/CEO Founder Virgie L. Dillard managed the equipment supplies department for an office machines company for 10 years before starting MOSS. Knowing she had reached her limit for advancement at that company, she launched her own computer sales and supply business in 1993. Although Virgie had several years of experience in the computer and office supplies business, this was her first venture into this market as a business owner. With the understanding of how to help companies get the products they need, MOSS began building visability in the

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Office Furniture • Complete line-contemporary/traditional • Workstations/cubicals (floor plans included) Laser & Ink Jet Printers and Supplies • Facsimile machines and supplies • Multifunction machines • Scanners hardware/software Copiers and Supplies • Developer/toner • Drums • Fuser oil

BUSINESS STATISTICS industry business data

Magnetic Media • DVD/CDR • Data cartridges • Optical disks • USB drives • Cleaning cartridges



naics codes

Office Machines and Supplies • All major manufacturers











Business & diversity certifications business/ technical certifications

Point of Sale Supplies • Automatic coin wraps (blank and custom) • Kiosk supplies • MICR cartridge and ribbons • NCR paper rolls (blank and custom) • Specialty spooled ribbons and cartridges • Thermal paper and ribbons

Diversity certification

Wireless Mobile Products, Televisions, Digital Cameras Computers, Networks and Peripheral Products • Computers (brand and white box) • Servers • Storage/Back-up solutions • Software, including maintenance • System integrators/Network design • Nationwide service affiliations

federal certification




chapter/ affiliation
















Self-Cert. SDB






GSA Schedule 75 #GS-02F-0230X

Ameristar Casino, Convention & Visitor Bureau –KC, James B. Nutter & Company, KCMO School District, Multi Service Corporation, KCATA, Shawnee Mission School District, Smithsonian Observatory, Local, State & Federal Government


• • • • • • •

MED Week; Supplier of the year (twice) MAMSDC; Supplier of the year (twice) USDA; Supplier of the year K.C. Business Journal “25 Women Who Mean Business” Small Business Monthly; “25 Under 25” Black Chamber of Commerce; Business Woman of the year Kansas City Greater Chamber of Commerce Herman Johnson Graduate


email: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue


Missouri Office Systems & Supplies,Inc. 941 W. 141st Terr, Ste. B Kansas City, MO 64145 PHone: 816-761-5152 FaX: 816-761-5170

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Eric A. Hardy - President/cEO w3r Consulting

Powering Technology Empowering People LEADERSHIP

Eric A. Hardy - President & Chief Executive Officer Mr. Hardy, one of the original founders of w3r Consulting (WebRunners, Inc.), brings leadership, passion and a drive for delivering unique business solutions. The last several years have seen the organization grow and transform into a talented consulting company that embodies integrity, discipline and commitment in every technical solution. These are values Mr. Hardy has worked hard to instill in each employee as well as incorporate into the company vision. During his tenure as CEO, the company has seen 400% growth over the past four years.

Keith Echols - Executive Vice President Mr. Echols brings close to two decades of experience in networking and computer systems. Mr. Echols united with w3r approximately one year after being founded to provide greater technical depth. Mr. Echol’s primary responsibility at w3r consulting focuses on quality, fulfillment and service delivery. Patrick Tomina - Chief Financial Officer Mr. Tomina, one of the original founders of w3r, brings a wealth of organizational acumen and drive to the organization. Patrick’s primary responsibility at w3r Consulting focuses on managing all day to day operations, HR, accounting, and finance.

28 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

About Us w3r is a seventeen-year-old privately held Technology

Consulting firm headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. Combining many years of diverse industry experience and exposure, w3r can objectively view our customers’ challenges and recommend a solution that meets their current and future needs for portfolio management, data analytics, integration Services and Support. “Our Goal is not to be your biggest vendor, but your most important vendor,” states Mr. Hardy, CEO.

w3r Consulting uses this mantra and brands itself as a company driving change in the world of information technology. w3r supports this dynamic environment by aggressively exploring new technologies, developing great talent and delivering unique business solutions that will support our customers at all points of the engagement. This passion and dedication from the executive leadership team has allowed projected revenues topping over the $100 million mark in the next 3-5 years. Solutions and Services

Advisory Services: ŸŸ Program/Project Management Excellence ŸŸ Data & Predictive Analytics ŸŸ Project Risk Assessment/Audit Services ŸŸ Independent Verification & Validation Services Technology Services: Architecture/Application ŸŸ Enterprise Application Architecture (SOA) ŸŸ Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture ŸŸ Custom Application Development ŸŸ Mobile Application Development Business Intelligence/ Data Warehousing ŸŸ BI/Search & Dynamic reporting ŸŸ ETL, Data Warehousing, BI Solutions



Infrastructure ŸŸ Cyber Security ŸŸ Cloud Computing ŸŸ Virtualization ŸŸ Sharepoint Staffing Services: ŸŸ IT Staffing and Consulting ŸŸ Contract-to-Hire Options ŸŸ Permanent Placement Options ŸŸ Supplier Diversity Programs



Health Services/Medicare Claims Cost Recovery Financial Services Banking Insurance Manufacturing Automotive Public Sector


naics codes

Financial, Insurance, Health Care, Government 518210










Business financial data





sales growth %




number of employees




Business & diversity certifications business/ technical certifications

Fastest Growing 6x Award Winner

Supplier of the Year 3x Award Winner

Diversity certification



chapter/ affiliation










Federal certifications






Supplier of the Year


email: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Headquarters 29777 Telegraph Rd Suite 2200 Southfield, MI 48034 PHONE: (866) 585-4100 FAX: (248) 358-1005

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Saluting The

2012 WBE

As the number of women businesses continues to grow, it is important to acknowledge the achievements as the economy strives to recover.

New statistics from the State of Women Owned-Business Report indicate that the number of women-owned businesses is increasing at a rate 1.5 times greater than the national average. The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is committed to advancing these businesses and encouraging the start of new businesses through its core values of certification, opportunities and resources. WBENC honors some of its excellent women business enterprises (WBEs) through its annual

30 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Stars WBE Star award to encourage the growth, success, and development of WBEs across the country. WBENC selects some of its best and brightest women business owners from across the country as its WBE Stars. Honorees are presented an award during the Salute to Women’s Business Enterprises Awards Dinner during the annual Summit and Salute event. WBE Stars serve as national spokeswomen for WBENC and promote the many benefits of certification, including access to corporations and government agencies; business and educational opportunities; events; and powerful network connections.

Each WBENC Regional Partner Organization (RPO) selects one of its certified WBEs for the award. WBE Stars are chosen based on their leadership within their business community, inspiration to other women business owners, and their dedication to lead active roles within their businesses. Winners combine strategic vision, business acumen and talent to meet the needs of corporate clients. WBE Stars represent not only the best in their industries, but also serve as advocates for the growing community of women business owners in their communities and across the country. Congratulations to these exemplary business leaders, who represent a wide variety of products and services. Here is the complete list of the 2012 WBENC WBE Stars:

Hannah Kain, CEO, AlOm Technologies, representing Astra Women’s Business Alliance Lianne Lami, CEO, Bocci Engineering, LLC, representing the Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance Patti Massey, President, MYCA Group, representing the Ohio River Valley Women’s Business Council Mary Moslander, President & CEO, LiveHealthier, Inc., representing the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization-DC Mary Parker, President & CEO, ALL(n)1 Security Services, Inc., representing the Greater Women’s Business Council Kathryn Petty, President, White Lion Tea, representing the Women’s Business Enterprise Council-West

Julie Sue Auslander, President, cSubs, representing the Women Presidents’ Educational Organization-NY

Cassandra Sanford, CEO, Kelly Mitchell Group, Inc., representing the Women’s Business Development Center-Chicago

Carmen Castillo, President, SDI International Corp., representing the Women’s Business Development Council of Florida

Juli Sinnett, Principal, Swervepoint, LLC, representing the Center for Women & Enterprise

Cathi Coan, President, Techway Services, Inc., representing the Women’s Business Council – Southwest Mary Fox Donnelly, CEO, Fox Specialties, Inc. dba Encompass Elements, representing the Women’s Business Enterprise Council–PA-DE-sNJ

MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Lynn Tilton, Managing Member/President, Dura and Global Automotive (Patriarch Partners), representing the Women’s Business Enterprise Council-Great Lakes Lee Youngblood, Partner, McIntyre & Youngblood, representing the Women’s Business Enterprise Council South


Celebrating The Top Corporations For Women Business Enterprises Corporate members play an important role in the with WBEs. In addition to offering equal access to Women’s Business Enterprise National Council business opportunities, the award winners should (WBENC) organization and provide its certified have a proven track record of conducting a high women business enterprises volume of business with WBEs. (WBEs) opportunities to compete, grow, and thrive. In addition to the The 2011 America’s Top 14 WBE Stars honored during the Corporations for Women’s of r be m u n annual Summit and Salute program, Business Enterprises had A record WBENC also honors its top member several notable milestones in its e er w s corporation corporations for their inclusion thirteenth year. A record-setting NC honored by WBE efforts. The annual list of America’s 29 companies were honored to on ti a ic ed d r Top Corporations for WBEs has this year. Three companies ei th for s ie it n become a popular tradition for and their subsidiaries, Energy u creating opport WBENC, and the 2011 list marks the Future Holdings (formerly TXU siness bu en om w r fo thirteenth year of the award. Corp.), UPS, and AT&T, have been recognized every year owners in 2011. WBEs drive innovation and the award has been handed competitiveness in today’s out. Avis Budget Group and marketplace, and corporations Chevron have each won the are creating strategic development programs to award 12 of the 13 times. Many other companies have appeared on the list multiple times. capitalize on these advantages and increase WBE participation. America’s Top Corporations for WBEs is the only national award that honors corporations Newcomers to the list include BP America; Ford for their efforts to level the playing field for WBEs Motor Company; Pitney Bowes, Inc.; Pacific when competing for corporate contracts. Applicants Gas and Electric Company; Staples, Inc.; Target must demonstrate how they have proactively Corporation, and United Airlines, Inc. Ford Motor integrated WBEs into their supply chain and Company is the first automotive corporation to implemented innovative or effective programs and receive the award, and has more than doubled its policies to create productive business partnerships sourcing with WBEs since 2009. 32 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

All of the 2011 Top Corporations for WBEs were honored at a ceremony at the Landmark Theater on March 22, 2012 in Baltimore during the WBENC Summit and Salute events. Here is the complete list of WBENC’s America’s Top Corporations for Women’s Business Enterprises:


Ernst & Young LLP

PepsiCo, Inc.


Exxon Mobil Corporation

Pfizer Inc.

Avis Budget Group

Ford Motor Company

Pitney Bowes Inc.


IBM Corporation

Shell Oil Company

BP America

Johnson & Johnson

Staples, Inc.

Bank of America

Kelly Services, Inc.

Target Corporation


Manpower Group

United Airlines, Inc.

The Coca-Cola Company

Marriott International, Inc.


Dell, Inc.

Office Depot


Energy Future Holdings

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Congratulations to all of the honorees. Applications for the 2012 list will be sent to WBENC corporate members at the end of the year. MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue


Do’s & Dont’s of Going Green

make the right Choices When Going Green

By Caroline Knecht


oing green has become much more than a trend for small business owners to adopt; it has become the standard mode of operations for many businesses. The increases in productivity, marketability and cost savings makes going green a question of when, not if, for most businesses. Going green can improve your business reputation, create brand differentiation, reduce business cost, lead your industry in best practices, and meet consumer preferences all while helping to conserve energy and resources. Starting a green renovation for your small business can be overwhelming and lead to unintentional problems without a solid execution plan. Avoid these potential gaffes and take advantage of tips to help make your transition to a green business as smooth and lucrative as possible.

Do Implement a Broad Green BusIness plan You can’t really label your business as green if you just start a recycling program and install energyefficient light bulbs. Identify a variety of green initiatives across several areas of your business. Look at waste reduction, transportation efficiency improvements, environmentally friendly products, water saving, alternative energy sources, carbon credits, facility improvements, and manufacturing efficiencies. There are dozens of ways to go green; try to apply as many as possible to your business.

Don’t try to do everythInG at onCe Avoid overspending and green overload and implement your plan in phases, rather than a sudden overhaul. Trying to do everything at once, especially more consuming tasks like major renovations, purchasing new equipment, and hiring new services, can become overwhelming. Implement a green initiative roll out that lays out changes in a step-by-step manner. By starting small and working your way through a plan, the smaller changes make larger changes seem less daunting in the future. The cost savings from waste reducing measures can help you bankroll larger projects down the road.

Do looK at the no-Cost and loW-Cost steps

Going green doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking; in fact, it can create significant cost savings across the board. Waste is an easy target to

34 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

tackle aggressively and eliminating it will reflect in your budget almost immediately. Examine all aspects of your business to eliminate wasted energy, excessive inventory or materials and inefficiencies of all kinds. Reduce so-called vampire equipment that drains energy when not in use, turn off equipment before you leave, turn to internet-based cloud software applications to eliminate the energy and inefficiencies associated with running your own servers. These simple steps add up to major cost savings quickly.

Don’t Be afraId to spend some money Sustainability and green efforts can save you lots of money, but some efforts require spending money and waiting to see long-term results. Don’t be shocked at the sticker prices on top green products, and look at the long-term energy and cost savings. Also consider how some of the low-cost actions above can help offset the price of larger, more expensive projects. In addition to lower energy and overhead costs, larger projects can lead to major tax breaks for your company. Take advantage of federal, state and local tax break incentives, such as the popular five-year payback until 2017 under a government stimulus program for energy and green investments.

Do share your Green status Share your new business efficiencies and practices with the world once your green strategy has been implemented. Use your green status as a marketing tool and point of consideration when going after business. Tell the world about your green initiatives on your website, issue a press release when your company completes its green

MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

transformation, and include some of your day-to-day green activities in your social media updates. If you have a company vehicle, especially one with your company logo on it, get a hybrid or electric vehicle to share the message even more.

Don’t GreenWash Don’t just talk green, take meaningful actions. Consumers are savvy enough to know when a company doesn’t live up to its claim of being green. “Greenwashing”, that is saying your business is green when it has huge gaps in green practice, can become a disaster for the brand reputation. Expect clients to be able to identify true environmental responsibility, compare products and services to competitors, and ask detailed questions. If your company does not implement solid green policies and practices, don’t bother saying anything on the topic.

Do use the strateGIes that WorK Best for your Company Only you know what decisions are right for your business. If a green initiative doesn’t fit your business, don’t feel obligated to do it. Also, keep sight of your brand identity and strategy during your green plan implementation. Refrain from going overboard or completely rebranding your company around your green initiatives. Unless your company’s focus has always been green products and services, you don’t need to switch to a green colored logo or use icons with leaves to convey your greenness.

Don’t leave your Customers out of the solutIon Listening to your customers is always a top priority for a business owner, and green initiatives are no different. Ask your customers about their opinions on green initiatives and what environmentally friendly actions they expect from a company. A simple survey, social media poll, or asking directly around at networking functions can help you understand what customers expect . Engaging your customers in this manner can make them feel good for doing their part in helping the environment and part of a solution.



Mission Statement


FSHCC mission is to promote the economic advancement Florida’s Hispanic community, with a focus on economic and political empowerment, and public advocacy to improve the quality of life in the state of Florida.

Together We Are Stronger



About Us

Julio Fuentes, President and CEO, established the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in 2000 as the first and only statewide business advocacy organization concentrated on the Hispanic business community in Florida. Ever since, FSHCC tremendously developed into one of the state’s most powerful organization of employers, chambers of commerce and associations. Today the chamber represents a diverse business community with millions of fundamental Latino members as well as a cross section of business relationships in Florida. FSHCC brings together various sectors of Florida’s business communities including Hispanic owned and operated businesses, businesses with Hispanic workforces, and businesses serving Hispanic Consumers. FSHCC actively serves Florida’s Hispanic business community with legislative, social, political, and public advocacy tools. The chamber has a long history of active work within the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of state government, advocating for legislation critical to the continuation and sustainability of Florida’s Hispanic business communities’ economic development across the state. FSHCC commits to helping its membership create and grow job opportunities, and continue to diligently attempt to defeat legislation threatening Florida’s small business community.

36 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Mr. Fuentes, of Cuban descent, received his degree in Business Administration from Iona College, located in New Rochelle, New York. After graduating, he began his career as an Investment Associate with Merrill Lynch from 1990-1992. For the next six years, Mr. Fuentes continued his career on Wall Street as an Investment Banker. Then in 1999, he joined the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce as a Membership Specialist focused on the Hispanic market. During this time, Mr. Fuentes recognized the need for an organization exclusively dedicated to the Hispanic business market, and thus, he founded the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The Latino American Who’s Who Recognizes Julio A. Fuentes

Business Opportunities

The Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce open doors for Hispanic businesses, giving them the opportunity to improve and excel. The chamber is a highly regarded advocate of the issues that matters the most towards your business. Research shows that consumers frequently search through chambers of commerce’s websites for local area businesses. When affiliated with a chamber, key industry studies show that prospective customers are more willing to buy a company’s product. Through your membership in the FSHCC Online Business Network, we can offer incredible cost effective and highly targeted brand messaging directly to your intended audience.


Access Florida Capital

The only Florida-wide, Access To Capital program, specifically designed for Florida Entrepreneurs. Access Florida Capital is your very own step-by-step guide for starting a brand new Florida business or growing an existing Florida business. The goal of the program is to help you plan, organize and present your business to potential business funding sources. Access Florida Capital is about helping you raise the funds you need to make your dream a real Florida business reality.experience in the computer and office supplies business, this was her first venture into this market as a business owner. There is no cost to enroll in the Access Florida Capital. Get started on the road to success today, register now.

save with ups

The Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce recently partnered with UPS to provide members discounts for their services. FSHCC members can save up to 28 percent on shipping! You can create an account today and sign up to start receiving discounts for shipping through our website. If you already have an account with UPS, you can use your account to receive discounts as well without creating a new one. Save with UPS today.

why invest in the chamber trustee?

Chamber Trustee plays an important role in the development of Florida’s Hispanic Business Community. This is truly a partnership between Florida’s most outstanding and influential Hispanic business advocates and Florida’s most outstanding and successful companies. What Are Some Benefits of being a Chamber Trustee? ŸŸ Special CEO meeting with executive officials ŸŸ Participation on the FSHCC Board of Governors ŸŸ Sponsoring and Advertising ŸŸ Executive Networking Opportunities ŸŸ Opportunity to request targeted introductions to businesses throughout the state ŸŸ Highlighted Visibility and recognition as a top Investor and Community Champion Leader ŸŸ Showcase Directory Listing ŸŸ Company Name and logo on our website with links ŸŸ Exclusive Statewide Events and Sponsorship opportunities throughout the year ŸŸ VIP Trustee Receptions throughout the year

b digital agency offers “tradigital solutions”

The Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce partners with b digital agency, inc. to offer discount pricing on assistance to market your company. The “tradigital solution” can increase your advertising campaigns by 35 percent or more. The package includes free brainstorming session, website assessment, and marketing assessment. You also get focused landing page, custom Facebook tab, and customized email marketing. Click here to contact John Garcia or Lynn Finn to benefit from this wonderful opportunity to grow your business.

insurance benefit registry

The Insurance Benefits Registry is a full-service resource guide at the fingertips of both well-established businesses and start-up companies. Our intention is to offer often the best insurance products with many exclusive programs and discounts only available to Chamber Members. Our insurance products represent any coverage a business owner or individual would need from auto to health insurance. Along with offering the highest quality and most cost-effective priced products, we remain available anytime as a resource for Chamber Members.


CONTACT US: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

FLORIDA STATE HISPANIC CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 8461 Lake Worth Road Suite 419 Lake Worth, FL 33467 PHONE: (561) 790-7501 Fax: (480)247-4578

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Where Partnerships Begin and Innovative Solutions Emerge

darryl alan peal President -scomsdc

“When you join the South Central Ohio Minority Supplier 
Development Council, you join a world class organization, 
and the ranks of the most premier MBEs and corporations of our region.” message from the leadership

Since the establishment of the Council in 1972, SCOMSDC has worked diligently to grow value-driven partnerships between our certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) and Corporate Members. Over the course of the past four decades, we have been a bridge between Corporate America and minority owned businesses. Now, we are proud to be the focal point of a vibrant community of MBEs and corporations that do business together for the mutual economic advancement of their organizations, and the economic growth of the communities we collectively serve.


Our purpose is to Certify, Develop, Connect and Advocate. We grow and foster relationships between minority business enterprises, corporations, and government entities. We grow value-driven partnerships between our certified MBEs and Corporate Members. The South Central Ohio Minority Supplier Development Council (SCOMSDC) is an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC). The Council is a non-profit organization funded privately through corporate membership dues and contributions, as well as generated revenue from special events.

38 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

Our focus is to assist the development and maintenance of effective corporate supplier diversity programs. Our most important function is to connect corporate purchasing and procurement departments with minority business enterprises. Results driven and strategic in our efforts, we bring unparalleled value to our membership base. Our massive scope and influence adds to the value that we bring to MBEs and our corporate members. Our impressive membership consists of nearly 500 quality Minority Business Enterprises and over 150 corporations and government entities; including several Fortune 500 companies and multinational corporations.


The mission of the SCOMSDC is to create and foster an environment for the development of mutually beneficial relationships and opportunities between Certified Minority Business Enterprises and Member organizations.


The vision of the SCOMSDC is to become a world class organization comprised of member organizations and certified Minority Business Enterprises that elevate economic development in our communities.


For four decades, the SCOMSDC has been and continues to be the most recognized proponent for minority business utilization and development in the region. SCOMSDC remains laser focused on changing the public and private mind-set on supplier inclusion from one of social obligation to one predicated on business competitive advantage. SCOMSDC, in its current form, is the result of a 2002 merger of minority supplier development councils in Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati. Today, SCOMSDC serves 50 of the 88 counties of Ohio and has offices in all three cities. The headquarter office is located in downtown Columbus, Ohio on the 24th floor of the Chase Tower.



Corporate Members ŸŸ Access to industry leading and innovative MBEs (500 regionally & 16k nationally) ŸŸ Enhance supplier diversity programs through training, development, and access to best practices ŸŸ Increased visibility and promotion of corporate brand ŸŸ Personalized outreach services and industry specific summits MBEs ŸŸ Gold standard certification ŸŸ Business growth and networking opportunities ŸŸ Access to regional and national MBE networks ŸŸ Real time announcements on private and public RFPs

supplier diversity is a business imperative

Why Supplier Diversity? ŸŸ Increased opportunity for greater savings and higher quality goods and services due to increased competition ŸŸ Access to a larger pool of qualified suppliers ŸŸ Opportunity to enhance your ethnic market sales initiatives ŸŸ Minority-owned businesses generate an estimated $495 billion in annual revenue and employ nearly 4 million workers. Minority suppliers are the country’s fastest growing business sector. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, by the year 2020, the minority population will represent 34.4% of the total U.S. population. As the minority population continues to grow, those corporations that are comfortable with cultural diversity and change, and are responsive to their customers, will be the ones that thrive. How does SCOMSDC Grow Your Supplier Diversity Program? We provide assistance in developing or improving your company’s supplier diversity programs. ŸŸ We showcase your work and provide added recognition by stakeholders and the local community of your strong corporate citizenship ŸŸ Help you to meet the demands of your customers, and/ or government compliance requirements ŸŸ We provide resources to help you achieve a supplier base that more closely reflects your customer demographics ŸŸ We provide resources to make doing business with MBEs easy and simple

programs & Events

Through the dedication and continuing support of SCOMSDC’s staff and Board of Trustees, MBEs, Corporate Members and community supporters, the Council provides an ever-increasing scope of programs and services. These programs and events include: ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ ŸŸ

Corporate Open Houses MBE Orientation Sessions Quarterly MBE Meetings Annual Awards Gala Annual Golf Outings Industry-Specific Summits Corporate & MBE Information Sessions Ohio Business Opportunity Fair (OBOF) Educational Seminars One-on-one Networking Opportunities Executive Education Scholarships Breakfast with the Board Executive Straight Talk


“Being a member of SCOMSDC has benefited the Kroger Co. Supplier Diversity program through discussions of benchmarking and best practices with other corporations which allowed us to evaluate our own program and implement improvements. It has also given us a deeper understanding of the needs and challenges of MBEs and how we can better assist them with the tools they need prior to introductions to decision makers. The “Conversation” was especially helpful in both areas.” Denise R. Thomas, Director Corporate Supplier Diversity The Kroger Company





upcoming events


September 14 – Driving ‘Fore’ Business and Economic Growth Golf Classic at the Wetherington Country Club, Westchester, Ohio SCOMSDC 2012 | Celebrating 40 Years Of Excellence

November 9 – Annual Awards Gala & Silent Auction at the Savannah Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

contact a team member

MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue


HEADQUARTER OFFICE: The Chase Building 100 East Broad Street, Suite #2460 Columbus, OH 43215 phone: (614) 225-6959 fax: (614) 225-1851

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The WBDC Florida is committed to providing our WBEs, Corporate Sponsors and partners with opportunities for business development and access to each other.

g. NANCY ALLEN - President and CEO

Women’s Business Development Council of Florida

Changing the Face of Business... One Woman at a Time MISSION

The mission of the Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC) is to assist in the establishment and growth of women in business. We offer business development programs and training designed to develop skills and knowledge for women in business. The WBDC strives to foster and cultivate relationships between our members, corporations and the government.


G. Nancy Allen , President and CEO Nancy has the honor of being selected as the U.S. Small Business Administration’s South Florida District 2011 Women in Business Champion of the Year. She credits this award to the women business owners she has met and worked with over her many years at the Women’s Business Development Council of Florida. Nancy claims that she has the distinct honor and privilege of working in the company of women. Nancy Allen was born in Haiti and raised in South Florida. She is bilingual in English and French and is fluent in Spanish and Haitian Creole. Nancy has been working in the fields of international, community and economic development for over 20 years. She holds a Master’s Degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. 40 MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

We believe that success is a two way street and we provide the following programs to ensure opportunities for success: Corporate Close-Up A Corporate Close-Up is organized by one of our corporate sponsors or partners in order to provide information to our WBEs on how to do business with their company. At these events, you have an opportunity to meet buyers, managers, and/or supplier diversity executives. Matchmaker Events Matchmaker events are another one of our most valuable services to our WBEs. These events are designed to bring corporations and WBEs together in a one-onone format. New and Noteworthy 2012 is a banner year for the WBDC Florida because we have the honor of being the Host Council for the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair. We are excited to welcome over 3,000 women business owners, women in business and sponsors and partners who support them to Orlando Florida from June 19-21, 2012. The Florida Host Committee members join the Board of Directors of the WBDC Florida in encouraging you to attend the conference. Highlights of the conference include incredible and inspirational keynote speakers; networking opportunities; educational workshops; a tradeshow where you will have the ability to meet corporate representatives and pitch your product or service; and one-on-one matchmaker meetings with corporate decision makers.


FL Host Committee Members - Orlando 2012

Click on each picture to hear a message from the members. Host Committee Chair Joyce Landry, CEO Landry & Kling Cruise Event Services

Carmen Castillo, President SDI International Corp

Claudette Stroble, President Orlando Conference Management Group, Inc.

Tammy Giaimo, CEO Software Resources, Inc.

Patty Klein, President & CEO A-Plus Meetings and Incentives

Terri White Bruno White Entertainment

Ann McNeill, President MCO Construction & Services, Inc.

Terri Hall President & Executive Producer Doubletake Studios Inc.

Lisa Somerville, President RESTOR Telecom

Denise Walthers, Founder & President The DW Group Inc.

Patricia Dominguez, President & Founder Triage Partners, LLC BLOG BIO

Lorri Nicholson Bruno White Entertainment CONTACT US: MBEConnect Profiles | Summer Issue

WBDC/FL 13155 SW 134 Street, Ste. 205 Miami, FL 33186 Phone: (305) 971-9446 Fax: (305) 971-7061

Access all interactive content at 41

s s i m s t ’ n do year’ ! this bration cele


tueSDaY, June 19 tHrougH tHurSDaY, June 21, 2012


2012 sponsors aS oF aPriL 26, 2012

2012 Co-CHairS

FeatureD SPonSorS

Contributing Partner SPonSorS

accenture act-1 group altria group, inc. arbill aSaP Solutions group LLC bP america CableLinks, inc. Cenergy Charlie bravo aviation Chevron Digital Hands energy Future Holdings ernst & Young LLP exxon Mobil Corporation ibM imagen KellyMitchell group, inc. Manpowergroup Microsoft Mirror Show Management ntSg, inc. olsa resources, inc. PepsiCo, inc. Pfizer inc Pitney bowes inc. Private eyes PS energy group, inc. raytheon Company Quigley-Simpson Shell oil Company Smead Manufacturing Company Strategic Staffing Solutions Superior Staff resources, inc. target the Coca-Cola Company trans-expedite inc. transPak inc. Wal-Mart Stores, inc. WeConnect Canada Welcome events Women’s business enterprise Council of Pa-De-snJ Women President’s organization

LeaD SPonSorS

at&t CSS building Services, inc. CVM Solutions DeMartino Construction Company general Motors Corporation Hired by Matrix, inc. robert Half international, inc. Staples, inc. Verizon W. W. grainger, inc.

PrograM SPonSorS alcatel-Lucent archer Daniels Midland Company bank of america Johnson & Johnson Kraft Foods

HoSt CounCiL

Women’s business Development Council of Florida

HoSt CoMMittee

Landry & Kling events at Sea Host Committee Chair a-Plus Meetings & incentives bruno White entertainment Doubletake Studios, inc. MCo Construction Services, inc. orlando Conference Management group, inc. restor telecom SDi international Corp. Software resources, inc. the DW group, inc. triage Partners LLC

PLatinuM SPonSorS aflac allstate insurance bMW Manufacturing brocade ConocoPhillips Creative resources Crescent Construction Services Dakkota integrated Systems LLC Ford Motor Company JPMorgan Chase & Company Kaiser Permanente Macy’s Marriott international MasterCard Worldwide Meadows office Furniture Co. Pacific gas and electric Company time Warner inc. toraLab, LLC toyota Motor north america united Wells Fargo

register today! online registration Closes Friday, June 5!

For more information, please go to

experience: • A chance to conduct at least 40-50 percent of your company’s annual prospecting in two days • A ccess to procurement representatives ready to make buying decisions • T ime for formal and informal face-to-face networking • T raining to give you an edge in a competitive business environment

MB EC Su mm ONNE er 20 CT PROF 12 Iss ILES ue


With a uniqu nationa ely eq l netw ork uippe d to of profes SERV unde ECCO ICES rstan sionals, EC d the result Select co marke CO Selec tplace t is need s by conn ntinues to gro . CO Se and of excepti ecting w top hu lec expe on man t is tie reven rts enter al projec r talen ue and inform in a va a premi t with drive prise t ma y ere co rie ati ty Ac so resou on tec nsult of pro coun lution nageme dynami superio y nt, bu r c co s. Marke ting an firm rces, ma hnology fessio ing ser y siness mpan nal dis vices pro d Fin rketin ting , acc Tra includ vides firm ance ou cons ies in cip g nslat ulting ing Fo huma and ad nting/fin lines inc provid ions ance, rtune n capita ministra luding ing GOVE y Hu ECCO hu tive 500 l ECCO RNM y Tra man Re servic man comp to local source EN adop Select pro and anies sector Select ha T SO y Ad ining natio es. The t s . to ex your vis vides hig nal clie minis integ projec s a succe LUTION ec ion trativ nts ts chall ute a pro as the hly tra rat e Se attrib ors. Co with Go ssful his S ined en rvi ces tor ve direc ges, su ject, a ir own. and rnm y of clientsuted to ntinued Wh sp savvy pp t de repea growt ent ag to be hires, EC lemen ecialist ether encie livering cons as well t bu to ass you ne people st su CO Se tal sta h in pu ulting sin as s an wh it yo the d lar blic ur org lect tai ffing to ist with ed a tea o servic new ag ess, increa Gove ge sys We ha m encie rnm aniza lors the ensure busin es. ECCO ent ess s uti sed ser tion. tim busin your ve cultiv sector tem lizing vic follow Select ess arr ely res need ated is ECCO es with is pr s. a tal ing ange ults or ex ’s ex agen oud to ent ments cepti isting IT SE pool cies prov y onal that and ide Depa ECCO RVICES is pre our grou y servi pared ps: Depa rtment of netw Select is ces to me y ork to th Fede rtment of Defense clients of tec a nationa et e y ral Av Agric Fede have . Our roo hnical bu l provid ral Re iation Ad ulture y er of deep sin ts FDIC hu serve mi expe are in Inf ess pro COM Bank nistratio y Int fessio man cap rienc orm y ER ern ny ita e in: ation na ECCO MUN IT Techn ls ready l with a Munic al Reven y Ap P Impleme contr Select is Y/CIVI y ue Se ology to ser Educ ipalities y IT plication ntation rvice ve (IT ), natio ibutes to grounde C INVO ation Secu Devel so we na rity al Ins opme y Pro by ex l and the commd in givingLVEM titutio nt int EN y Tec ject/Prog ns enco ample an ernation unity – back an T ura thr y Inf hnical Arc ram Ma Medic ged an d has fos al organ ough d routin 32 nage rastru local, ely MBECo hit ment and al Cente d recog tered a cu izations. cture ecture nne pri nized Jeane state, reg ct Pro ltu Mana safety mary ber has be files by all re wh ional, tte ha geme en | MA ere -ne MSDC nt by ser s led create t he neficiar chosen its tea alt m SPECIA y are pre a healt hcare, for the as ECCO memb vice is L EDI TION sented hier Ka healing ir uniqu ’s comm ers. Tru man un annu nsas Cit and pre e appro y. ach ity partn ally in co to aid In addit ventive er mb stude ion, sch appro aches ining nts in ola need rship do to . llars

ENT, Th ECCO SELE Solue Human CT tions Ente Exper rpri ABOU ts se T US EC



WWW.MBECONNECT.COM A Diverse Supplier & Vendor Network

MBEConnect Profiles Magazine Summer 2012  

The Summer 2012 Issue of MBEConnect Profiles magazine features an exclusive interview with WBENC President and CEO Pamela Prince Eason, orig...

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