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German Faculty Coordinator Alexandra Zimmermann—

What can I do with a German Degree? Airline Representative Bilingual Educator Bilingual Officer Community Relations Cultural Attaché Cultural Officer Customs/Immigration ESL Instructor Foreign Correspondent Import/Export Trader Interpreter/Translator Media Consultant Mediator Settlement Officer Teacher/Educator

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Course Requirements: The Minor in German Studies consists of 3.0 credits including GM110, GM111, GM210, GM211, and 1.0 additional senior credit in GM courses and/or FS246, HI210, HI211, HI364 or PP263. The Minor in German offers the possibility to obtain a working knowledge of the language while presenting students with a cultural understanding of the regions where German is spoken. German can be used as a component of the Honours BA in Languages, as language III.

Course Offerings in 2013-2014 GM110Introductory German I

HBA in LANGUAGES Requirement with GERMAN as Language III: 2.0 credits in German

GM111Introductory German II GM210Intermediate German I GM211Intermediate German II

Why study GERMAN at Wilfrid Laurier? German is the third most stud-

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ied foreign language in the world. Only English and Japanese have more students worldwide. German is one of the three official languages of the EU German is traditionally a language of great importance in areas like classical music, philosophy, theology, science and history. German is used increasingly as a second language, especially since the reunification of East and West Germany, because of its major significance as a language of business, science, and technology. Johannes Gutenberg, Georg Friedrich Händel, Sigmund Freud, Walter Gropius, Albert Einstein, and Franz Kafka were all native speakers of German.

German brochure 2013  
German brochure 2013