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GBCS CareerLink Volume 2, Issue 1 Highlights:

Spring 2011

Full-time MBA Ranking Jumps

MBA Technology Transfer February 17 On-Campus Mock Interview Day February 25 Mock Phone Interview Week February 28— March 4

Mays Business School jumped to #44 in the world (up from #54 last year) and tied for the #21 U.S. program with Rice University (up from #33 last year) in the 2011 Financial Times rankings of full-time MBA programs. For programs offered by U.S. public universities, Mays ranks #6. Since 2007, the Mays program has risen 41 places in the Financial Times MBA ranking.

On the percentage postgraduation salary increase, Mays ranks #3 among U.S. public programs (tied for #9 among all U.S. programs) in the Financial Times rankings. The program’s commitment to career services is reflected in the fact that 93 percent of Mays MBAs are employed within 90 days of graduation, a statistic that ranks the program tied for

#4 among all U.S. programs. Mays also fared well in a Bloomberg BusinessWeek report in early January as it reached the top 30 and ranked as the #11 U.S. public program. Both the Financial Times and Bloomberg BusinessWeek surveys highlight that the Mays program provides an outstanding ―return on investment.‖

action‖ and to informally network with both the program and the students.

MS Communication Series

—Kelli Levey, writer and editor of Mays Business Online

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In conjunction with the Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship, the 9th annual MBA Technology Transfer competition will take place on February 17. The competition shifts this year to the analysis of existing firms rather than an assessment of the commercial viability of technologies. Each of the firms got their start with research at A&M, and each one has solid intellectual property and a CEO moving the firm forward. The challenge for our MBA students will be to deliver a 2 minute elevator pitch as well as a 15 minute ―Venture Pitch‖ presentation to judges from the business and academic community. We hope that many of you who were invited to participate as one of the 100 judges are able to do so. If you are not participating in that capacity, we extend the invitation to attend and view the event. This is a tremendous opportunity to see the Mays MBA talent pool ―in

Networking during a break in the schedule

Delivered by John Krajicek and Stacey Cole, this series is designed to educate students about effective and impactful presentations. The two-part Public Speaking workshop addresses professional use of PowerPoint and other visual mediums and teaches students how to better create and deliver a presentation that both engages the audience and fulfills the purpose of their topic. The Business Communication workshop will educate students on written business communication, including how to write documents such as executive summaries, business proposals, memos, and formal business letters. Other topics will include various modes of non-formal communication like e-mail, text messaging, and phone conversations. The goal is to strengthen the communication and develop polished business professionals as they enter the work force representing Texas A&M University.

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Faculty Perspective from MBA Term 2—Dr. Oliva Course Overview

“Education, in a professional school, must be about skill development.” — Dr. Oliva

Dr. Oliva is currently teaching INFO 614: Operations Management which offers students a foundation for dealing with operating issues as a general manager. The course is based on the premise that operations can be a significant source of competitive advantage for a firm and prepares students to identify and implement operating improvements that directly affect firm performance. The course objective is to help students understand the concepts, frameworks, tools, and intuition that enable an operating manager to diagnose an existing situation, identify its challenges and opportunities, and craft a plan of action that will result in a dynamic, distinctive advantage in the market place. Teaching Philosophy Dr. Oliva has taught almost exclusively in MBA and executive education programs since 1996; consequently, his

teaching philosophy has been honed to the unique requirements of an MBA class. He believes that future employers expect to hire professionals who have a set of concepts and frameworks they can bring to bear in a particular situation and who are capable of performing certain tasks related to managerial challenges. Through a series of questions, he acts as a facilitator, leading students through the analysis of the problem situation, making it a point to address multiple viewpoints, and allowing students to explore different courses of action. Dr. Oliva says that teaching with the case method is much more demanding than giving a traditional lecture. Having students fully engaged in class discussion, learning through self-discovery and honing their skills to communicate effectively and think on their feet is worth the extra work.

Dr. Oliva at MBA Orientation

Join our EMBA Program! The Executive MBA Program from Texas A&M’s Mays Business School is a comprehensive program that equips working professionals with the leadership skills and knowledge they need to excel in a rapidly changing environment. Our program gives you a fresh perspective – new methods for solving problems, enhanced leadership skills, and an expanded network of contacts. Built around the theme of ―Creating and Sustaining Value,‖ our

program challenges you to develop skills to add value to your organization. The program is delivered in 18 months of two years, running August through May of each year. Classes are held 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on Friday and Saturday of alternating weekends at our location in The Woodlands, just north of Houston. The structure allows you to earn the MBA degree as a full-time graduate student at Texas A&M University without

disrupting your career. Your in-class learning is condensed to only two weekends a month, affording you the opportunity to balance the program with your professional obligations and your personal life. We host monthly information sessions in The Woodlands and offer one-on-one Pre-Application Reviews. Please visit our web site at —Wendy Flynn, Director of Full-Time MBA and Executive MBA Admissions

Volume 2, Issue 1

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MS Department Updates MIS Department The mission of the Center for the Management of Information Systems (CMIS) is to provide a competitive advantage to its students, faculty, and industry members by facilitating an active partnership to enable robust, relevant educational opportunities, research support and corporate access. Companies looking to hire graduate students in MIS should consider the benefits of joining the CMIS corporate advisory board. Membership in CMIS provides the following benefits to the member companies: Provide input into curriculum development Identify students for careers through one-on-one conversations at various CMIS events Observe student problem solving and presentation

skills during annual case competition event Give in-class presentations as guest lecturers Interact with students during AITP company nights The center sponsors a number of events during the academic year that provide member companies the opportunity to interact with students in an informal setting. Please contact Dr. `Jon Jasperson (CMIS Director ) for more information.

HRM Department Six Sigma Yellow Belt training was added as part of the MS Human Resource Management program. This training will provide students with an understanding of quality-improvement systems used by organizations and prepare them to be competent members of a Six Sigma team.

Contact information Please contact Dr. Dwayne Whitten (Director of the Master of Science in MIS for questions related to the MIS program.

Masters Graduate Association (MGA) Make a Connection with MGA! As one of our premiere employers, the Mays Graduate Association at Texas A&M University would like to keep you informed about news as well as current and upcoming events so that you can remain connected with our activities. Date Auction On Thursday, February 10 from 7-9 p.m. Texas A&M faculty and students will gather for the first annual date auction, hosted by MGA. ―Date packages‖ for bid include donated gift certificates from local restaurants and an optional evening with an A&M professor or select student.

Proceeds will benefit both MGA and the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities (EBV) charity. Through this fundraiser, MGA hopes to expand career opportunities for graduate students and create lasting memories between faculty and students! —Lindsay Hall, Newsletter Chair

Volunteering at the March of Dimes Walk for Babies



Mays Graduate Association Connecting Talent with Business through Leadership

Upcoming Events Feb.10 Date Auction March 26 Big Event May 7 March of Dimes TBA Habitat for Humanity & Career Watch

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MBAs Work with Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)

A participant in the program

PEP is the ultimate human capital experience. As business plan advisers, we have the opportunity to facilitate the restoration of individuals who most of society has forgotten. Many of the men we work with have inflicted great pain upon society and want nothing more than to give back. Inmates from all over the Texas Penitentiary System vie for a small number of seats in each PEP class, with only the best being selected. Once inmates are selected, they enter comprehensive business training in accounting, finance, marketing, and information systems. Armed with a business tool kit, the inmates develop a business concept and are paired with a business plan advisor. Twelve members of the Mays MBA Class of 2012

are serving the program in this capacity. PEP has a saying, "What if you were remembered for the worst thing you ever did." It is a powerful statement for not only those inside but also all of us. As PEP continues to grow, many of the men in the system will be remembered for what they accomplished after PEP and not what they did before PEP which is a good thing! PEP has launched 40 plus successful businesses. Additionally, PEP graduates have the nation’s lowest recidivism rate in the nation and can boast an 84% job placement rate within 90 days of release (better than most MBA programs). —Adam Ward, MBA Class 15 Kickoff at the Cleveland Unit

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Members networking before a chapter meeting

The Texas A&M University chapter of SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, is an organization for both undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in Human Resources. The goal of SHRM is to stimulate interest in the field of HR, and our objective is to help members with their transition from college students to professionals in the human resource world. We provide leadership opportunities,

establish and support standards of excellence in HR management, and develop contacts with HR professionals, managers and other executives. SHRM is a great way to build a network with HR professionals from a variety of industries. Meetings give members the opportunity to learn about current HR topics and hear about job or internship opportunities. Members also have the opportunity to become

involved in the local Brazos Valley SHRM mentor program, where they are able to build a network and be mentored by local HR professionals. For more information about the TAMU chapter’s activities, please visit —Claire Poirier, President

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National Association of Women MBAs (NAWBA) Currently, women account for only 30% of enrollment in MBA programs across the country. It is the goal of organizations such as NAWMBA, the National Association for Women MBAs, to promote and encourage women to pursue an MBA. The mission of the NAWMBA chapter at Texas A&M is to give women an opportunity to lead and make an impact in the Mays MBA program. During the past year, NAWMBA has taken some initiatives to encourage females to not only apply to the Mays MBA program, but also get involved once admitted. The women in NAWMBA attended Super Saturday events to meet the admitted female students, answer any lingering questions about the program or the organization, and reassure them that they made the right decision by pursuing their MBA at Texas A&M.

Social events were also held to encourage interaction between first and second-year MBA students. These socials were a great way for the second year students to share their experiences, wisdom, and advice with the first year women. Finally, to empower women, NAWMBA with the help of the MBA Programs office and the Dean’s office sponsored Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo, in a speaker event. Nooyi spoke to undergraduate and graduate business students about the social responsibility of corporate America and how PepsiCo contributes to this effort. Indra Nooyi is a great role model, and her success can empower young women in business to strive to be leaders. In this upcoming year, NAWMBA hopes to build on the success of the Indra Nooyi event and sponsor other

powerful women speakers to reach out to and inspire Mays’ women in business. —Michelle Richard, VP of Marketing

Create a “purpose plan,” not a career plan. — Indra Nooyi

Nooyi is the chief architect of PepsiCo’s multi-year growth strategy, ―Performance with Purpose,‖ which focuses on delivering sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future

MBA Association (MBAA) The MBA Association plans to work toward establishing the group as a recognized student organization which will allow them to receive university funds for travel to cities to meet with professionals, alumni, and mentors. A prominent goal is for MBAA is to work with companies on combined networking/service projects. If you have any questions regarding networking events, please contact Joe Donnelly or Adam Ward —Joe Donnelly, President

Networking at the Career Management Conference & Career Fair New student orientation reception at the George Bush Library

Technology Transfer

Graduate Business Career Services Update Mock Interview Program

The on-campus Spring Mock Interview Day is scheduled for February 25 in the GBCS office. Interviewers will conduct an interview and afterward will submit a short individual feedback form. In addition, GBCS is rolling out a ―new‖ Mock Phone Interview Program that is set for the week of February 28 - March 4. In this format, employers will provide a valuable first step in interview preparation by volunteering to conduct mock phone interviews. For the Fall 2011 semester, GBCS is developing a virtual Mock Interview Program that utilizes the Perfect Interview system thereby minimizing travel for employers while continuing to provide necessary interview feedback to students. More details about program logistics and how to participate will follow in this summer’s issue as well as upcoming direct correspondence. Mays Outstanding Staff Award

Stacey receives the award from dean Jerry Strawser and assistant dean for finance and administration James Laird

Stacey Cole was awarded the 2010 Mays Outstanding Staff Award for her invaluable service to Mays Business School, our students and the business community in her position as Assistant Director in GBCS. Stacey manages 320 first and second year students in five graduate business majors within Mays Business School, working one-on-one with them to develop their career management plan and prepare for the intense recruiting process. Toward this goal, she developed a successful 5-step intake program for each incoming graduate business student that culminates with a one-on-one planning meeting. This advanced preparation and support for our Masters business students allows them to immediately engage in their career management efforts and has been one of the most significant reasons for the excellent ―placement‖ results for our Masters business students.

iTunesU Revamp GBCS implemented the Graduate Business Career Services (GBCS) iTunesU site which now incorporates two albums, one for MBA students and one for MS students, that contain downloadable videos, podcasts and materials relevant to the career management efforts of our students. GBCS was the first career center nationally to create an iTunesU site. To access iTunesU and hear some of the advice given to the students at Mays Business School, please go to and click on ―GBCS on iTunes.‖

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